Xavier, A-Rod and our teams focus

Xaviernady_2It was really difficult losing a guy like Xavier Nady. He meant a lot to us in the time he was here and contributed big-time to our success. He mixed in well with the rest of the guys in the clubhouse and he was really coming into his own on the field this season.

Looking at it from the business side, Xavier played so well that he became a valuable bargaining chip when the club really needed it. That taxicab accident, a freak thing, was a huge blow for Duaner Sanchez and the team. Happening right on deadline, our front office did a great job by bringing back Roberto Hernandez in the trade with Pittsburgh.

You can?t really replace a set-up pitcher the caliber of Sanchez. The bullpen has been one of the strengths of our team and he?s been the guy that you can count on late in a game, night after night. But Roberto?s been

here in a similar role. He?s comfortable in this atmosphere, he knows what it takes to win and he?s obviously been very successful here.

Hopefully, Roberto will be able come in, pick up where he left off and the bullpen will remain one of the team?s strengths.

That other NY third baseman

A lot of people in New York seem to think Alex Rodriguez is struggling. It?s hard to imagine having such high expectations that you can be putting up A-Rod?s numbers and still not be satisfying the critics.

I guess he?s always going to be under scrutiny because of the contract he signed, and with the payroll over there the Yankees are expected to win the World Series every year.

Plus, when things go wrong in New York, even a little bit, they tend to get magnified. The fans in New York are passionate, knowledgeable about the game and they?re going to express their emotions. They don?t hold much back, good or bad.

But Alex and everyone else in baseball knows that he?s one of the top few players in the game and he does everything exceptionally Goingdeepwell. Alex is going to be fine. He?s a great player. It?s only a matter of time before he starts putting up those MVP-type numbers again.
When the wins start rolling in, he?s going to be right in the middle of it.

One game at a time

One of the keys the rest of the season now that we?re in August is to make sure we don?t become complacent. We have to be mindful of the things we?ve done to get the lead in our division. That means we have to keep taking it one game at a time, one series at a time. We can?t look in the rearview mirror and we can?t look ahead to October, either.

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(Posted courtesy of MLB.com during the game.)


  1. brdwydancer04@hotmail.com

    It ***** to lose a guy like Nady, and even Sanchez. He had been awesome all season. But you have to put it behind you and focus on what’s going on “Wright Now” lol. Just keep up the good spirits of the team and we’ll pull through and get to the world series. Keep doing your job on third base and keep hitting well, and the team will be fine. I’m going to a game next week. See ya then David!

    I love you! and Good Luck with the rest of the season


  2. jhnnangel13@cs.com

    I agree, Nady will be missed a lot and it just was a freak thing with the accident. I still love the team and the players and think that you guys are still doing great! Keep up the amazing work and can’t wait to see you guys the 20th!

    I love you David!


  3. thewrightfans@yahoo.com

    Weird posting in the middle of the game LOL all in the name of the blog…

    I liked Nady but oh well life happens. I hope Sanchez gets better soon. Speedy recovery for him.

    I was in Miami this past series and thanks for a fun time anyways 🙂 On to the rest of the season… one day at a time of course.


    The Wrightoholics

  4. demars79@hotmail.com

    Hey David,

    I was really upset when I found out that X was traded. My mom called me and told me and we were both devastated. I’ve never been on a high pressure team but I know what it’s like when you lose a friend that you spend all of your time with. Not like you guys won’t hang out but it still changes the climate of the clubhouse.

    Anyway, I was at the game tonight and I have to say that it was fun even though we lost.

    Since girls are telling you about their dreams I figured that I would fill you in on one that I had… you and I lived next door to each other in the City and our kitchen windows faced each other over the alleyway. We would talk out of the windows… think Honeymooners… it was really funny.

    See you on Tuesday… I need to be there for the return of my BDay twin Mike Piazza (he’s 11 years older but I still think that Sept. 4 Bdays feel each other).



  5. chantelcolumna573@hotmail.com

    When I heard about Sanchez’s accident I was stunned. Even more when I read about Nady…but things happen. your a great player and I’m truly one of your biggest fans ever. You guys are doing great!!!Good luck for the rest of the season…
    Keep up the good work….

    love always,


  6. crazichick31@aol.com

    Checking the Mets website every couple of hours to find out the new status of the trade situation i was shocked to see Nady leave. It was a disappointment becuase he was so much fun to watch and he looked like he was having a good time in New York, but Omar Minaya definitely knows more than i do. Anyway David, I came in from college to go to the Mets @ Marlins series, and watching you all play was amazing as usual. Baseball sure does have a way of fixing things…almost anything! Anyway the guys are great, especially Chris Woodward and Carlos Beltran who stopped to sign autographs for the kids after the game. Thanks for all you guys do..even if you dont realize what it is. Keep playing hard, and know that your fan base extends way farther than New York City. Go Mets!

  7. leftcoastenvy51@yahoo.com

    I was kinda shocked when I heard the Nady got traded. I dont know if many people saw that coming. And thanks for saying what you did about A-rod, no one gives him a chance and he is playing great. Its good to see that someone actually recognizes his great ability. Oh and I still think you are the best NY third baseman. Go Mets!!

  8. aerobabe21x@yahoo.com

    Wow, well david wright i dont really watch yankee game scuz my room is fulled with mets stuff so i therefore watchmets game na dhaven missed much, but knowing the arod is one of the most payed playeer in the league maybe he should be doing a little better maybe he just needs to find his time, and another thing abut xavier nady he was really something im just hoping u never get traded but i herad u were up to the four year contract next year along with jose reyes, ill be rooting for u forever and eevr no matter what!!

    Love Jenn polanco

  9. thewrightfans@yahoo.com

    Kudos to Valentin for signing also… as did Reyes and Delgado during BP.


    Want to be a Wrightoholic?

    E-mail me!

  10. lets_go_mets5@yahoo.com

    I was shocked when Nady was traded, I expected Milledge to be traded if anyone.
    About A-rod. The guy isn’t that bad but I think for what he’s being paid, he should be doing better. Or maybe he’d just not a New York player, it seems like some guys just can’t handle the pressure of NY fans.

    Let’s go Mets!


  11. rosey27@aol.com

    i feel really bad for nady… but i know you guys are gonna do just as great. still rooting for the best 3rd baseman ever! lets go mets!


  12. mlblogosphere@yahoo.com

    No, he didn’t post it during the game. MLB.com assisted in saving it for him as a post at the end of the game, as noted above.

  13. dancin_melon5@yahoo.com

    well although x-man was a big part of the team, you guys will still pull through! lastings seems to have a bit of an attitude but you guys can straighten him out. haha well i went to the mets vs. astros game awhile back on the 22nd. i was extremely disappointed to find that you weren’t playing. out of the very few games you miss the one i went to had to be one of them. but i saw you on the field after the game. i was the one on the first base line holding the “I’M YOUR MRS. WRIGHT” sign. well it is the truth! i’m praying for you to break out of your slump every night! hehe well good luck against the phillies!

    YOUR B~I~G~G~E~S~T *F*A*N*


  14. lets_go_mets5@yahoo.com

    I wanted to be the first one here to congratulate you on a great game this afternoon. Wow! That last play was great, you saved the game. Hope the cut it caused doesn’t hurt too much.
    Let’s go Mets!!!


  15. rockyourboat5455@aol.com


    wow i really can’t believe that nady is gone. it always seem that he came through at the right moment and so did sanchez which really ***** for you guys that both of them are gone. well u did pretty good today on the field just need a little more work with the bat = ]

    good luck tomorrow


  16. blondeshell522@aim.com

    hea David,

    I was so shocked and upset when I found out that Nady was traded….he was my second favorite player on the team.(your obviously # 1) I liked him and he was starting to come into his own shell. It stinks leaving a great team to one that is completely out for the year. The injury to Sanchez was just awful…I wish him a speedy recovery!

    I was at the game last night and was crushed that you guys lost….but at least the Utley streak came to an end! I was rooting for you so loudly that I almost lost my voice! I wore my David Wright Jersey. Todays game was awesome. Your defense was so amazin’ and that last play well….WOW!! It was nice to see you hit today and get and RBI. Good luck tomorrow in the rubbber match. I love you David!!


    -Lindsy (wifey)

  17. amw506@aol.com


    ….congrats on your success…i am gald to see support for a fellow ball player…keep it up…GO METS!!

  18. kirbyrulz890@yahoo.com

    Nady was one of my top three favorite players, and I’m still devastated that a freak accident cost him a run in the post-season and his fans a loveable player.

    Great comeback against Philly today, for some reason I find it sort of funny that you wrote this during the game.

    Here’s a drawing I did of your friends Jose Reyes to cheer everyone up:


  19. punker707@mchsi.com

    Hey David,
    I’m upset to see Nady leave, he was a good player. But you guys can still do it. I mean you guys will still get to talk to him once and a while right?

    GO METS!

    ❤ Erin

  20. ebilger02@hotmail.com

    Hey David,

    Great win today! We need another one tomorrow night on Sunday Night Baseball!!! I think this year’s squad is good enough that someone will step up and replace Nady but he will def. be missed! I am glad you guys are taking one game at a time! I am moving to New York in a few weeks and I am got my jersey yesterday….so I am ready to come and Shea and cheer you guys on! I can’t wait! Well good luck tomorrow and the rest of the season! LETS GO METS!!!


  21. pitcherperfect65@att.net

    It’s bad to say it, but as soon as i heard about Sanchez i said to my dad “it’s better last night than now” and i kno how bad that sounds, but it’s true. I kinda feel bad for Nady. It probaly wasn’t a good feeling going from 1st place to last place.
    good luck


  22. mickeysam100@aol.com


  23. pitcherperfect65@att.net

    and i have one more thing to say….what was he doing in a cab at 1:45 in the morning?!?!?
    i would like to kno


  24. katwalsh1@hotmail.com

    Hi David,
    I just discovered your blogs tonight from the whole season! I was so excited to see them and I’m so excited to be able to write you back. I didn’t know you blogged. I read them all. You are my favorite player and I’m so excited to be able to read things you write. It’s such a rare privilege. I loved everything you wrote. I love that you write a lot, too. It was great to read your views on everything. I am an English teacher/writer myself so I love to write as well. You’re a great Wrighter. Sorry…couldn’t help it! I have lots to say so bear with me…I have to make up for 4 months here.

    First off, I was at the game today…great job! Great defensive plays…especially the play that ended the game. I kept saying, hit a ground ball to Wright and it’s all over. And he did! What a great stop you made! And I loved the bloop hit…glad the sun got in their eyes or whatever happened. I was so sorry I missed the contest to name your blog…that kind of stuff is right (Wright) up my alley! Sorry. Your name is so easy and fun to play with, though! Let’s see…some of my favorite phrases I use frequently are…you’ve got The Wright Stuff, All the Wright Moves, you’re Wright on the Money, Wrighteous, you’re at the Wright Place at the Wright Time, etc. My sisters and coworkers tease me because I always say “Mr. Wright, looking for Mrs. Wright?” I’m sure you get that a lot, but I can’t help it. Love the double meaning there. My sister surprised me with a new shirt for the game today that said Mrs. Wright on the back with #5. Of course I love it and wore it with pride.. I can have fun pretending, right..I mean, Wright? ha ha

    But seriously, I think you are amazing and inspiring on and off the field. On the field, you are on your way to becoming our A-Rod. You’re on your way to greatness. I just know it. And you are so down to earth and humble about all of your success. You have such a great attitude about everything. I love the way you speak so nicely of your teammates and that it is such a team effort. It’s so nice to see. You guys definitely have “it” this year. I know it. You’re going all the way. I have been a Mets fan all my life. I see the magic this year. I see it and I’m so proud of all of you. I was sorry to see Nady go and what happened to Sanchez. I agree with your A-Rod comment…how anybody can ever boo him is beyond me. He is one of the best and he’ll be fine.

    You did an amazing job in the Homerun derby and in the Allstar game. It must have been surreal for you. 18 homeruns! You must have heard me cheering for you from NJ!And off the field, what you are doing with your foundation is magnificent. I might volunteer for it if I can. You are a breath of fresh air by giving back like that. It is wonderful the way you are changing so many people’s lives for the better.

    Well, I could go on all night…I probably just did. But just know I’m a diehard Mets fan and fan of you, behind you guys day in and day out, all the way. Come rain or come shine, I always have faith and I always BELIEVE. I have been a fan of yours since you came up and it’s so exciting to be able to write to you like this. You made my whole season with your blogs! Can’t wait to read your next blog. I’ll be cheering for you always. Good luck tomorrow night! –Kathleen

  25. katwalsh1@hotmail.com

    Hi David,

    I forgot to tell you one more thing. I do love that you chose “Wright Now” as your blog name. It does encompass what baseball is all about. You have to live in the moment because everything can turn in a heartbeat. Like Yogi said, “It’s not over ’til it’s over.” “Wright Now” also reminds me of the Van Halen song, “Right Now” from 1993-the Sammy Haggar days. “Right Now…there’s no tomorrow. Right Now…it’s everything…” That song always gets me pumped. Hey-they should play it at the ball park more often. I’m sure you could make it happen. I think you should play it when you come up to bat, actually! The Jumbo Tron could put Wright Now above your picture while it’s playing and while you step up to the plate! That would be awesome. (I used to be an Advertising Copywriter…this is the Copywriter coming out in me!)Then that will make everyone believe Wright Now he’ll hit the homerun…Wright Now he’ll get the RBI…Wright Now he rocks! Not that we need those words to remind us, of course. It’s all about the moment at hand and how you can’t look beyond until you’ve lived right now. You have the Wright (sorry) :)attitude with living in the moment in baseball. It’s the only way to be in baseball and in life, actually. Boy is your name awesome…as are you! Talk to you soon. –Kathleen

  26. prpowerfive@cox.net

    great win today!! you made some awesome defensive plays and nice hustle from first base to home on endy’s go ahead double!!! too bad we traded nady. he did great while he was with us. you are SUPER AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! congrats on being nominated for the Hank Aaron award. you deserve to be nominated. you have a great career going for you. it would so cool to like really talk to you. i’m like your BIGGEST FAN!!!!!!!!! you can email me at http//www.myspace.com/baseballfanactic5 or davidwrightsgurl5@yahoo.com lol =) =]. i have that email address because I LOVE YOU!!!! You are that awesome. hope to talk to you soon. good luck with the rest of the season!!!! hope you guys make it to the post season!!!!


    ~Amanda~ =) =]

  27. prpowerfive@cox.net

    great win today!! you made some awesome defensive plays and nice hustle from first base to home on endy’s go ahead double!!! too bad we traded nady. he did great while he was with us. you are SUPER AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! congrats on being nominated for the Hank Aaron award. you deserve to be nominated. you have a great career going for you. it would so cool to like really talk to you. i’m like your BIGGEST FAN!!!!!!!!! you can email me at http//www.myspace.com/baseballfanactic5 or davidwrightsgurl5@yahoo.com lol =) =]. i have that email address because I LOVE YOU!!!! You are that awesome. hope to talk to you soon. good luck with the rest of the season!!!! hope you guys make it to the post season!!!!


    ~Amanda~ =) =] LETS GO METS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. noblsavg@hotmail.com

    Xavier is a great guy but.
    There’s Lastings Milledge that

    I think he can fill RF position great that there’s any problem with Mets will go

    to PS I guess : In there,

    You still keep play on.

    Anyway. If you have enough time then I just want to see your reply even short.

    Sincerely, Kian.

  29. davidwrightluva05@hotmail.com

    Your right about all these things. You make a great point and i agree with almost all the things you say. About the A-Rod thing. I just think that people make him out to be this Superman sort of baseball player, so whenever he does something good but not GREAT they think hes doing bad. I personally do NOT like A-rod. There’s something about him I can’t stand. The only other thing I’ll say about him is -Conceided Much?- As you can probably tell from my e-mail address, Im a big fan. I hope we can win the owrld series this year. Thanx for just being an outstanding player and contributing so much to the mets.

    LL(Love and Luck)


    PS. Great job in today’s Game..Keep on keeping on D-Wright =]]

  30. dancin_melon5@yahoo.com

    amazing!!! that catch last night really saved the game! it was all you baby! without that catch, you have gone into extra innings at least. but it’s a good thing you saved it! you’re amazing!!! good luck tonight! i lo♥e you!

    YOUR B~I~G~G~E~S~T *F*A*N*


  31. queenzqt10@aol.com

    Hey David,
    I was upset when I heard we traded X. I was kind of in shock, too, because he performed really well for us. I guess it was something that the team had to do because of the Sanchez accident. I hope he gets better soon and is back to normal next year. I think it’s great to get Roberto Hernandez back. He was really great last year for us and is having a solid season this year, too. Anyway, about yesterdays game, you were AMAZING!! You made 3 terrific plays incuding the one that saved the game for us. Keep it up, your growing into such an amazing player. Good luck against the Phils tonight! I ♥ you!


  32. neny5081@hotmail.com

    hey David keep up the good job.. Sanchez will be back next season and he will be on fire then….but for now the team needs to win more and more….love ya!!!!!GO METS!!!!!

  33. iamlaron@yahoo.com

    Hey Dave, I just wanted to be the first guy to post a comment on your blog. haha! OK, well the third guy then.. .

    I’m glad to see you supportive of both X and Minaya as both are good men, it’ll be sad to see X go.

    A-Rod’s a good player as well, it seems that unfortunately he’s become the focus of Yankee fan’s frustration at their lack of being able to bank-roll a championship. People can be cruel, I’m glad you chose to speak up.

    You’re a fine ball player as well David. You’re defense yesterday in the Met’s victory over the Phills was awesome – what a great series this is so far! Keep swinging man, and keep your eye on the ball. 😉

    Let’s go Mets!


  34. isis324@gmail.com

    Hi David,
    It’s classy of you to speak up about the issues that surround A-Rod and show him that you’re supportive despite of what the critics say. That’s really cool of you. NY is a tough town, but your confidence in him shows that you’re a great sportsman.

    I was very disappointed when Xavier was traded. I really liked watching him play and he gave the team key hits and plays in the field. It’s gonna be weird not seeing him in Mets pinstripes. I wasn’t too thrilled hearing about Duaner Sanchez’s accident either, but I guess the team had to do what it had to do. Hopefully, things will get better.

    Yesterday’s game was great. I didn’t see it but I saw the highlights. Hopefully, tonight, when I go, it’ll be just as great! You’re doing fine! Just remember to keep doing the good that you’re always doing. The rest will fall into place.



  35. vaderfan220@aim.com

    hey David,

    They traded Nady? bummer. He was a good player. oh well, ther’s always Milledge. I’m still gonna miss him though and its gonna be awkward when you guys play him.

    A-Rod’s all anyone’s talking about. people have too high expectations of that team. All their past glory is going to their heads.

    Excellent game yesterday. You really saved the day. that was some incredible defense. You guys keep doing that well and everything will work out beautifully.

    From The only guy on this blog

    -Dan =)

  36. ilwright05@yahoo.com

    Hey David,
    When I heard about Sanchez and Nady I was really upset. Duaner was a crutial part of our bullpen and success, and Nady, well he was one of my favorites on the team. I know that the team is going through some adversites now but I know that we’re going to bounce right back and go deep into the playoffs.

    I really admire you talking about A-Rod as well, It’s not easy talking about something that controversial especially in New York. You really are mature beyond your years.

    I also just wanted to say great game yesterday. You did really save the day and secure Tommy Glavines Win. You really are doing everything right.

    I heard you always just signed a contract with the Mets today. I’m so thrilled that you are going to be here for at leats 6 more years, and hopefully your whole career. You are really the greatest, and I can’t wait to keep seeing you play.

    ♥ you biggest fan ever


    p.s. your my favorite<33

  37. ilovewright5@aim.com

    Hey David,
    Great job last night!That was a greatt stop you had!!!I was shocked when I found out that Xavier was gone.He was a good player.But Milledge is pretty good too.Well good luck tonight!



  38. jackeev75@aol.com

    Classy post Dave, as per usual. Keep your head up during this mini-slump, we all have faith that you will break out of it and raise a few eye brows once again. Yesterday’s game was just the beginning. WHAT A PLAY TO END THE GAME! Billy was lucky to have you in the hot corner.

    Also, congrats on your new contract! You’re a real New Yorker now David! Soak it up, have a great time, and keep doing what you’re doing because we all love you. Good luck tonight!


  39. lets_go_mets5@yahoo.com

    Hey David,
    Congrats on the contract! I know every Met fan is SO happy that you’ll be around for 6 more years. It made my day when I just saw it on the news. We all hope that your seasons to come are as amazin as what you’re doing now.

    Good luck!

    Let’s go Mets!


  40. waitingimpatiently@yahoo.com

    Hi David,
    I’m totally stoked about your 6 year contract! As a Mets fan, it’s awesome to know you’ll be around here, with the Mets, for the next 6…and hopefully beyond. Keep mashing and sparkling on D. You’re a huge asset to the makeup and the face of this fine city.

    Hopefully you can meet up with the Yanks in the series this year and send ’em back home on the subway! Go Mets!


    Eric in New York.

  41. dancin_melon5@yahoo.com

    i’m so pumped to the max!!! you’re gonna be with the mets six more years!!!! 😀 yay!!!! that just means the mets will be on top fpr the next six years!!!! yay!!!! i lo♥e you!!! good luck tonight!!!

    YOUR B~I~G~G~E~S~T *F*A*N*


  42. cristalicious929@aim.com

    HEYYyyyyy D CONGRATULATIONS ON THE 6 YR EXTENSION!!!!!! hope i get to meet u soon im gonna try 2 get a job when they build the new stadium..CANT WAIT!!

    Mucho mucho Amor y besitos


  43. cutestef@aol.com

    I was bouncing off my seat when I found out about your contract extension. Glad you and Reyes will be together for a while. You guys make a great team. I am possibly your #1 biggest fan, if not #1. I love to watch you continue to blossom. Maybe one day we can have a catch session, maybe my birthday this year? Setp 24.

  44. bean72992@netscape.net

    It is tuough to lose a guy like X but thats the game. I dont no if a guy like Millidge could take his place but i sure hope so because we need him. This mets ball club has been amazing and has been an amazing asset to my life. I love having u on my team and im looking foward to the next 6 years with you and hopefully more. Good job raising your rbies today…that was an awesome 4th inning.

    Much love forever


  45. kailey1722@optonline.net

    I am so proud of you without sounding idiotic…your chance at being a MET in the long run and REYES too! The lockup of the best players in baseball is important, especially for MET fans, since we’ve been ‘digged’ for so long especially in the past 6 years. Imagine: you walk into a deli and order a sandwich with the fact you have a MET jersey on in May. [I was reminiscient? of your hit off Rivera in the 9th to win the ball-game against the Yanks…Which reminded me of Wilson’s HR off Goose Goss when I was 7 y.o. at Shea.]You get harassed because your a ‘die-hard- since ’84 and the deli clerk tells you to leave because we don’t serve ‘your type’/ Please play your heart out because We Met-fans have been ‘dogged’ way too-many times, especially since 2000′. I am looking forward to giving a standing-o for my second-most-favorite Met ‘Piazza’ on Tuesday…but I wouldn’t mind you killing the opposition by 10 runs! Thanks David for your awesome existence to this club…long-awaited and well-deserved! Joy

  46. blondeshell522@aim.com

    hea David,

    Congats on your extension… I was so excited to see that you’ll be a Met for the next six years! I wish you all the best and hope that you’ll be hear for all of your career. I couldn’t imagine you playing anywhere else. Great game tonight! You really got it started in the fourth inning with that RBI double. I love you David!!



  47. bosoxmetsfan75@aol.com

    Hey David,
    Congradulations on your contract extension. My dad, who put your Dad through training in the Norfolk Police Department, and I were just discussing the other day on when they were going to sign you to an extension. I thought that it would be during the begining of next season as origionally discussed, but it is nice to know that you are safe for the next six years.

    P.S. I know that you went to Hickory, but even the people at Great Bridge are rooting for you. Some, including me, more than B.J. or Justin Upton.

  48. emberows@aol.com

    It absolutely made our day to hear that the Mets locked you up for the next six years (you’ll be there seven … and hopefully until you retire). We figured it would be done in the off season because they’d be crazy not to sign you. You are pure class, pure guts, and pure grit, and you and Jose Reyes have absolutely spoiled us Mets fans. Thanks for that. It’s just a matter of time until you’re locked back in at the plate, but just know that your sparkling defense is tiding all your fans over quite nicely. A player (and person) like you deserves the very best!

    The Burroughs Family

    Denver, Colorado

  49. mookie03@gmail.com


    First, you are absolutely right about Arod. He is one of the best in the league and has accomplished so much. The unattainable standards set for him are unfortunate and he really does not get the respect he deserves. You cant judge someone by their salary. It reminds me of the boos Beltran was hearing last year. Thanks for standing up for Arod.

    Also, congrats on the contract. You and Jose bring so much energy to this exciting Mets team. It is great to know you will be with them for a while…

    I have been a mets fan since 86 (when i was 5) and have to say i have never seen such an exciting and energized team w/ so much chemistry on and off the field. It must be great to actually enjoy it as much as u clearly do.

    Good luck w/ the rest of the season..


  50. emtes4@aol.com

    I’m also bummed about Nady. Quite apart from everything, he seemed like a nice fellow. I don’t suppose he may come back to us in an off-season or two. Such is the game. I HATE the trading deadline.

    Great game tonight, David (if by any wild chance you are reading the almost 60th comment!) That 4th inning was a blast. Hah.


    PS: I was wondering. NY effected so deeply by 9/11. Where were you (time and career-wise) when it all happened?

  51. southern_blondie04@yahoo.com

    I stumbled across your blog earlier & since I didn’t have anything better to do I decided to read it. =) I found your blog pretty neat & has changed my perspective of you. Being a Braves fan, I wasn’t exactly fond of you. Especially when you and your Mets beat us. (Watch out for us in September!) I was some-what amazed that you would actually take time out of your busy schedule to write a blog and give your fans a little insight into your life. And from the looks of it a lot of the fans appreciate it.

    Well, I’m here just to let you know that I think you’re an amazing player (even if you are a Met =]). You are a joy to watch and the fact that you’re quite a cutie is an added bonus. =)

    I never really bought into the talk about you possibly being NL MVP, but after watching you play lately I’m slowly seeing that you really do have a chance. And a good chance at that. You’re catch the other night against the Phillies was pretty awesome. Congratulations on your great season so far & I hope you continue to excel.

    -Kendra Nicole

    Oh yeah, I heard about your 6-year contract. Congratulations!

    I’m sure you’ll be seeing more and more marriage proposals

    now. Just keep your eyes open for gold diggers! =D

  52. sexyredroserican@aol.com

    It ***** that we had to trade Nady.He really did do stuff for the ballclub. And the accident with Sanchez *****. He was so good. But yeah. The ways are gonna do really well this year. O yeah congrats on the Contract extension. It looks like your gonna be the face of the Mets for a while.Your most def gonna be a future Hall of Famer.Keep up the good work!!!


  53. lisas@ecko.com

    hey David, congrats on the extension…When Reyes was extended I new you would be right behind him I just didnt think this quick considering you have a year behind him. Also I was at the game today.. what a great game.. Lets just keep winning series and we will be good. I will be at the next home series sunday game against the phillies.. Cant wait.. Good Luck with everything and keep up the great work. ps I still have that pic if you want..jk lol
    ~~LISA~~ #1 Mets Fan

  54. seany42o@hotmail.com

    To the gifted David Wright,
    Your attitude is what makes you the toast of New York my friend. A-Rod is undoubtedly great but he doesn’t symbolize Yankee-dom like you do the Mets. It’s unfortunate because you’re right, the man is probably the most all-around gifted athlete in the game. But Yankee fans have tasted success, many times, not long ago. Their recent, and very publicized collapses have caused an anxiety among Yankee fans who became somewhat complacent with winning. We Mets fans, and I am a diehard, had the beauty of being the underdogs. We haven’t tasted the promised land in 20 years and being a New York team that becomes agonizingly clear. But our fan base is among the deepest in baseball, combining new generations with the holdovers from the Dodgers and Giants. I believe our attendance will rival Yankee Stadium this year. Think of that in big, old endearing Shea. It will be tough to see her go. She’s an icon. But we prayed for great players and now we have them. And we can say they were home-grown. That’s what makes Jeter and Bernie so special. Thats what makes Mariano a regal figure among fans. The consistency. And the way you all handle the game, with a smile, is what makes the team so resilient. Everyone playing for the Mets and working with them have caught the good vibes we have, and its because of a promise. A promise the Mets ownership made to do things right, with dignity and consideration. Truly the rest of the league will lose sleep over you guys. Just keep following Mr. Randolph he’s a true Professional and a class act as well. And he loves his players. Your his kids. But you know that because you have humility. You never felt entitled to it you worked for it and your show of appreciation for what seems a modest contract for a player and person of your caliber, displays that wonderful quality which will only endear you and your teammates to all of us. Because you boys, only a year older than I, have truly saved the Mets and revitalized a sleeping Giant of a fan base. I’ve started saving for season tickets at the new stadium. To see the best club in town play. Go Mets.


  55. seany42o@hotmail.com

    to chris woodward, you have the ultimate song before an at-bat. Why nobody else thought of ‘Sultans of Swing’ is beyond me, but way to give props to Dire Straights. You could be our 2nd baseman of the future, man. Just watch old tapes of Craig Biggio because you remind me of him. You have the right attitude for this club just begin to consider yourself a legitimate candidate for the long-term job at 2nd base. It will be worth it when the Championships start piling up. I hate hearing about trading for a 2nd baseman when I know we have the sufficient talent within our organization and there would be no need to mix in a possibly damaging ego. If you reach your potential then the discussion over the future at 2nd base could be a moot point. Sincerely, STC

  56. seany42o@hotmail.com

    Dear Mr. Fred Wilpon,

    Thank you for giving us a winner. You invested in the right people and I hope it is paying off as many dividends for you as it has the fans. We love this team, Its coach Willie Randolph, and the General Manager Mr. Minaya who has been a natural talent-spotter ever since he became involved in baseball and with your support he is able to keep his prospects and aquire new ones. He was the reason Montreal was the ‘minor-league’ majors team. Because he got tons of elite players but had no support to maintain them. And so the Pedro Martinez’s and Livan Hernandez’s of the world won championships elsewhere. But here in a revitalized Mets nation he has flourished and shown both the aggresiveness to make the right moves and restraint in making huge sacrifices. You don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, as they say. Keep your youth from being wholesaled and more of them will be committed to staying and winning here. It’s New York without the massive yankee spotlight and guys can really shine in Flushing. Mr. Newman and Mr. Horwitz have done a phenomenal job reaching the fans and bringing them back. We believe in this formula and with a new TV network and Stadium on the way the Mets look to be the Class of the National League for years to come. To everyone in the Wilpon family God bless and keep up the good work. Good ownership is hard to come by so we really are grateful beyond words. Lets Go Mets!

    Sincerely, Sean.T.C.

  57. kusmog@hotmail.com

    Congratulations Mr. Wright on your recent contract extension! Seriously man, you deserve it. I can’t tell you enough how refreshing it is to see players like you in the majors leagues rise up to be stars. I’m talking about players that just come to play each day not whining about this and that like spoiled brats as if they aren’t getting overpaid. LoL You get rewarded by the work you put in. I hope you never change your attitude for the game and stay humble…
    I’m also sick of the A-Rod booing. I mean when I watch games I express my anger amongst my friends or my bro that A-Rod failed to come through in the clutch at that particular time, but to boo him? How the heck is that gonna make him any better? Which is why I think you players/sportswriters give NY’ers too much credit by calling us classy/knowledgeable fans (no offense to you either) Now I hear talk about ppl wanting him to get traded. GEEZ. Try giving him some f-in support first before ousting him or else maybe he’ll be putting up MVP-like numbers for *another* team (see Jose Contreras). You really can’t listen to the masses, and it just proves how difficult a GM’s job really is. Back when A-Rod was with the Rangers and in the trade rumors, ask the so-called fans who boo him now and it’s a no-brainer. Of course they want him. The man was frickin AL MVP last year edging Big Papi. Now ppl are hating on him… cuz of the money? blame the rangers for that! Now those fans wanna deal him or wish they had soriano back or wuever. If the fans were GM’s they’d prolly construct a team like the NY Knicks of last season. I want him! Oh **** he *****, let’s move him and get this guy, he’s better! The media doesn’t help. They like to brag about their so-called reports and predictions (as first reported by so and so) but they have the luxury of reporting what has for the present day and a near future outlook (remember talk about AL wild card not coming from the east this year… surprise surprise, White Sox are in a slump so bad they’re battling the Yanks and Bosox for Wild Card postioning more than the Tigers for the Central). and guesses they make for the long run whether right or wrong they usually have no consequences for depending on what they write. A GM could get fired.

    Like I said, David, I hope you never let all this garbage change you. There are some ppl that are just passionate fans, but there also alot of fans that are just idiots. You can’t avoid them. You should know this first hand from the Beltran situation. He’s hitting HRs now. Life is good. How convenient. Stay humble and play the game hard and you’ll always have my respect as a baseball player and in a perfect world, from any fan of the game really. hahha this is coming from a yankees fan. Sorry for typing this out so incoherently.

  58. trishtrosh@gmail.com

    Hey Davey…CONGRATS on the contract extension. I’m so thrilled that your gonna be a Met for the next couple of years!!
    Love Trish

  59. speedy782@yahoo.com


    Congrats on the new signing! It seems that you are doing very well. I think the reason you are getting a lot more respect in NY than ARod is that you are a classy guy. You are happy with what you are doing and you haven’t let your head get too big. Anyway, I hope that you get a chance to read this because I’d like to get in touch with you again. We really appreciated the spring training tickets and I’m wondering if we can work something out to come see you play. Hit me with an email at msc8r@yahoo.com if you get the chance. Chesapeake’s got your back!

    Mike Carey

  60. ilovewright5@aim.com

    Congrats on your extension!!I was sooooooooooooooooo happy when I found out that your going to be with the Mets longer!!

    Great job in the game last night!!



  61. cyborg3011@msn.com

    Nady was great loss….i really liked him and the fact that we actually gave him a chance to play im sure he really appreciated it…..

    and i am estatic that u and reyes were signed for the rest of the decade…..now if the organization was smart (which i think they are) they would lock u guys up for the rest of ur careers when those contracts are up…..

    i also see ur breaking out of that little skid uve been having which is always good to see…

    keep up the awesome work and bring home a world series for this met fan…


  62. annette

    I feel bad for Nady(esp. since he just got here), but pitching is what is needed. Sanchez is just irreplacible. I would hope he has a great recovery and would be back w/us for a long time as well. He will be greatly missed.

    A-rod is is A-Rod all players have their down times, look at Randy Johnson… I think NYorkers are just very quick to put them down. anyways..

    CONGRATS on the big contract, I know that is all you ever wanted is to be on the Mets. Keep up the hard work!!!

  63. wrightgirll552@aol.com

    Dear David,

    for my birthday in febuary my mom took me down to port saint lucie to see a few games in march. and i really only went down to get your autograph and try and meet you. and what really took me for suprise was that you came over and signed a ton of autographs. thank you for siging. i was sitting in the first row of the stadium and nady hit a foul ball right towards me and the guy behind me reached over and knocked it out of my hands. but the mets 1st basecoach came over and handed it to me.the day nady got traded i said to my mom we have to go to shea to get nady to sign the foulball that i got in florida. and her anwser was they just traded nady today bc sanchez got into a car accident and i was really mad that they traded nady.

    but david im one of your biggest fans and im going to the thursday so please get a hit.


    YOUR #1 FAN


  64. wrightgirll552@aol.com



    DAVID I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!


    EMILY K.

  65. nymetsgal1@aol.com

    Just want to Congratulate you and Jose Reyes. So happy to hear both of you guys will be with us for the coming years.

    Was at the game Sunday night. Really enjoyed it.

    Keep up the good work.

    Know the team has a long way to go, but I would love to take a day off from work and see you guys ride down the Canyon of heros in October.

    Good Luck!!

    LET’S GO METS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. jeannekc@mac.com

    You’re a real class act. Thanks for featuring your thoughts about losing the X-man in today’s blog. He will definitely be missed and I hope his career continues to bloom.

    Best of luck to you,


  67. Edward

    Congrats on the new contract, David! Can’t tell you how glad we are to have you for six more years!

    Losing X was a bummer and Sanchez a definite bad break. But hopefully Lastings and Heilman can step up and pick up the slack.

    Let’s go Mets!

    ~Eddie @ Willie Ball


  68. pocketaces010@yahoo.com

    Hey David,
    I just wanted to thank you for being kind enough to take a picture with me, my sister, and chirstina before the game on august 5th. It really ment alot to all of us!I hope you continue your great season and congrats on ure new contract!


  69. Becky

    Congrats to you and Jose for the contract extensions! I’m sure you’ve heard it 1,000 times so far, but I am happy to know you both will be w/ the Mets for years to come. You are one of the few classy ball players out there today, who play because they love to play and love the game. It’s very refreshing! So again, congrats and good luck against San Diego this week. We’re all pulling for you.

    ps.. nice job Saturday and Sunday!



  70. samkadam@aol.com

    hey David,
    First off i just want to say congradulations on that big contract!! When i heard about it on the radio last night i was sooooo excited. You and reyes are such big assets to this team and im glad that we were able to lock the both of you up!! And the best part of all is that i get to watch the games each night and see you gorgeous face (and tongue!!) for the next six or seven years!!! im sooo happy about that!! anyway i was at the game saturday and let me just say WHAT AN AMAZING GAME SAVING PLAY!!!! i mean i was screaming my head off when you made that play!! anyway im going to be in philly when you guys play there and im going to be sitting on the third base side!!! do you think you could sign something for me?? that would be my dream come true!!! so i will see you in Philly! Keep up the amazin’ work, your an AWSOME player!! I LOVE YOU!!xoxoxoxoxo ~Sam

  71. katwalsh1@hotmail.com

    Hi David,

    What a game last night! I loved your double…spectacular! And congratulations on that 6 year deal! That made my whole year. I am so happy that I’ll be able to see you on my favorite team for 6 more years. I hope you never leave the Mets. Before you, Rey Ordonez and Benny Agbayani were my favorites. I was devastated when they got traded, but I know that’s part of the game. I’m so glad I don’t have to worry about you for awhile, anyway. And I’m so happy about Jose’s contract, too. You two are something to watch.

    Hope that cut on your arm is okay. I noticed it last night. It must have been from that dive you made to end Saturday’s game. But hey, you’re tough, you can take it!

    Good luck against the Padres. It will be weird to see Mike Piazza in the other dugout. I’m sure it will be weird to him, too. Well, I love watching you and I love that I can write you. This is incredible. You are so awesome…talk to you soon.


  72. kyermichelle@yahoo.com


    Let’s just start this off by saying i am you’re biggest fan ever. haha you don’t even know. But seriously i’ve been a mets fan all my life and i have never seen us do so well and have so much fun as we are this season with Reyes and yourself joining the team. I can’t believe X-factor is gone, he really helped us out. Well keep up the good work!

  73. mia_metskat@yahoo.com


    Congrats on your contract. It’s good that I will get to see you and Reyes for several more years.

    Keep up the good work.

  74. nickstur@optonline.net


    Congrats on the contract, right after your buddy Jose. Glad I’ll be able to follow you for the next several years. It’s a shame I gave up baseball last year, we might’ve seen each other along the way. I could’ve been your best friend besides Michael Cuddyer :). Good Luck, bro, I’ll be cheering you on Thursday if you’re not given the day off.

  75. metnut9@aol.com

    David, congrats on the new contract. What is your take on John Maine as a hitter, what is he doing different now as opposed to earlier in the season? 23 innings without a run is impressive, makes me think of when I was a kind and Orel Hershisher was mowing them down the the Dodgers. Also, do you feel Milledge is defensively as efficient as X was?

  76. iggy_stewge@yahoo.com

    congratulations on your’s, and jose’s, contracts. you should know that, even though new york fans are fickle, we, like the mets management, are completely committed to you and jose and look forward to many more years of you two smiling out on the field. you both play with a lot of heart and that radiates through the entire season, good times and bad. it’s good to see that in the game, because, at least for myself, it makes me feel about baseball the way i felt as a kid…and that’s no easy feat.

    keep up the smiles and the good work.

    and by the way, beautiful play in the 9th inning saturday. you own that third base line!


  77. metsmom@comcast.net


    Your comments concerning Xavier Nady and A-Rod show what a class act you are. You are truly concerned about another person’s situation and that is why all the Mets fans love you so much. You are more than just a player for our team – you are a good and decent person. Keep up the great work at 3rd and congratuations on the new contract extension. We are all looking forward to watching you improve and with you and Jose on the right side, we are in good hands for years to come.

    Don’t stop being the nice grounded person that you are. A lot of media attention has come your way lately and you have handled it so well. All Mets fans are so proud of you and the reputation that you have. I am so glad, as a mom, to be able to watch a Mets game with my kids and show them that there are still good young players with great morals who exemplify what it is to act and be a professional in every sense of the word. For that David, I thank you.

    Best of luck to you and the Mets in the future – looking forward to your next post


    (fan since 1968)

  78. alisondalewitz@gmail.com

    Congrats on your contract now you can eat at Tao and all your other NYC favorites any day of the week! Wasabi crusted filet is the best! You are doing great! Keep up the good work…..Lovin the three Vitamin Water ads!!!!!!

  79. coquibaby91@aol.com

    Hi David, how u doing? I’m sad that Sanchez was in the accident. I hope he get better soon. We really need him, he done a great job for us. Congrats on your 6 year extension. I’m so happy that you are going to be with us until 2012. Looking forward to seeing you and Reyes for a long time. Well, good luck tommorrow against the Padres. I can’t wait to see Mike Piazza back home again. I know the fans are going to be cheering for him. Bye, love you.

    Let’s Go Mets!!!

  80. minniepumpkins@hotmail.com

    Congrats to you and Jose on each of your contract extensions! WOO HOO!! After the unfortunate news of Sanchez getting hurt and the X-man getting X-ed, it’s great to hear that the two of you will be part of the Mets for the next few years (and hopefully more to come). I wish Sanchez a speedy recovery and wish Nady all the best.
    Keep up the good work!!

  81. Zoe

    It was devastating to learn about Sanchez–and truly sad to lose the X-Man, or “X-ie” as I liked to cheer for him at Shea. But the team will continue to persevere. Also? WE GET YOU FOR SIX MORE YEARS! That’s enough to raise the spirits of any fan. Truly exciting for everyone–and many congrats.

    As to New York fans, I confess I *don’t* like when NYers boo their own team–even if that team’s the Yankees.

    Cliff Floyd said it best about Carlos Beltran at the beginning of the season: He said Carlos was his teammate, so if you boo him, you boo the team. It’s not like the booing is going to make a player play any better. (And look at Carlos now!!)

    Thanks for being so good to the fans, David!


  82. mattdiaz426@aol.com

    Its a shame losing X…but i we gotta do what we gotta do.
    I really liked Nady when he was with san Diego..cause i always knew he had potential…Arod is one of the best players in the history of baseball..and the Media is trying to sell there papers and there stories…most of them can’t even hit a baseball.

    Anyways Dave, keep up the Goodwork…we love you in NY and COngrats on the contract man..now you can buy me a Plasma…joke…no really you can !! Just stay healty, drink alot of water man…August and September isn’t a joke man..this is where MVP players and wannabe’s are tried !

    Remember..be patient…your fans are always behind you whenever you enter a slump !


  83. creativestarsg1@aol.com

    Congrats David with your contract extension. I know it’s hard losing a good player like Nady but at least Lastings gets more major league experience.
    I opened the the New York Post this morning (8/7/06) and what do I see, the Post parading Sonia and Paul’s divorce. If you do see him tell him everything will be alright.

    Keep up the good work and I’ll keep rooting you on. And because of you I’m going to try out for my high school’s softball team, and try to get to play third base. Go Staples Wreckers!!!


    The Team. The Time. METS!!!

  84. usabestsh0per818@bellsouth.net

    Congrats on your contract! I agree with you about losing Nady it’s hard. I saw you play in Miami, Fl. That was an amazing game even though the one I went to you guys didn’t win. I was so excited to see you play! You are an amazing player! I guess I can be sure next time I go to New York I’ll get to see you play since you’ll be there for a while! :] I really hope you guys make it to the world series! Good luck! Also, everyone at proplayer stadium (at least three fourths) of the fans were rooting for the mets including me ! haha It’s like your home away from home at the stadium! You have more fans there then the marlins do! It was also nice see past Marlins play again. Good luck and I’ll be watching!

  85. thewrightfans@yahoo.com

    Hey USA I was there too 🙂 Rocking Dolphin Stadium LOL

    Anyway to those out there who would like to support David on and off the field remember his foundation. A little goes a long way. As Wrightoholics we want everyone to know what he does to help out.



    Want to be a Wrightoholic?

    E-mail me!

  86. evan

    Hello David!
    I am really happy that the Mets gave you that major league contract. I was a little unhappy about last years extension, as expressed in my article at AMAZINE, (at MLB) “David Wright, the Bob Cratchet of Shea”in which I contrasted your Fantasy Baseball rankings with MLB salary rankings. Now those two will gradually come into alignment. This is a good thing. I have been a Mets fan since 1985, and I can’t recall any other player that makes it as much fun to be a Mets fan….at such a bargain price.

    I know what you’re thinking….If they pay me $400K for batting .315, what will they expect me to hit when I get $16 Million seven years from now? .999? Just remember Bob Cratchet from A Christmas Carol and say “God Bless Us Every One!” You’re worth it!

    Evan Pritchard AMAZINE

  87. sevresphinished@gmail.com

    I wanted to send my congratulations on your new contract. I am thrilled to see that you and Jose Reyes will be on the field for the first game in the new stadium, and many more to come.

    I also wanted to say that I especially enjoyed your comments a few weeks ago on SNY about learning more Spanish and visiting the Dominican Republic in the future. Many Mets fans rail against the “overly Latin” face of the franchise, and I think your comments help to keep the issue in perspective. The cooperation, friendship, and respect that you and Mr. Reyes demonstrate reflects the spirit of NYC, and especially that of Queens. I think the two of you are the borough’s best ambassadors, and I wish you both all best.

  88. mnshine135@hotmail.com

    Hey David. I just wanted to congratulate you on the contract extension. It’s great to know Met fans everwhere will be able to watch you man the hot corner for the next six-hopefully-seven years. Continued success to you and the team.

  89. rmona65@verizon.net


    Keep up the awesome attitude you have for the game. Sandy and I are looking forward to seeing you this Friday August 11 in DC.

    **** ROSE

    p.s. when you come home, contact me so we could go bowling!!

  90. ls2gtopower@hotmail.com

    it ***** to lose a guy like xavier…whenever i thought a game was pointless and we were gonna loose he came through with the big hit…..well keep up the work david its been great watching you play!ps im not a girl….i feel so outta place here haha…good luck for the rest of the season and playoffs dude!

  91. blondie57460@aol.com

    Hey David,

    I just wanted to say congrats on getting your extension,you deserve it. I think that you are an awesome player and I look forward to seeing you play with the Mets for the next 6 years. Keep up the good work you rock!



  92. maranokidsrock@aim.com

    Congrats for you and jose reyes.tell him i said hi nd ask if he remebers me i am the girl that toke a picture of him and than he did the things with the eyes to me when you put them up and dwn.my cousins loves you and jose reyes.i do tto.igot a plack of the 2006 players.and a got one of the small placks of you because that was all i could find..well i am a girl i think you know that.well i love your blog does different players have a blog.i love your website and you are doing alot they should make a movie about you ,,you can make a lot of money for the kids.xavier nady we all miss him he was good and we miss duanuer snachez i got a ball from him.i am going to spring taining i think.i want your autoraph if i yell your name please come over well alot of people are going to yell you name i am going to wear mets shirt it is organe and says wright on the back mets shorts.i even if i have them i will wear mets sneckars

  93. maranokidsrock@aim.com

    even to sya they were alot of money…i want to grt a picture with you so bad.
    havet a great game bet the padres and tell mike cameron and mike piazza that i said i missed them.her name is angela and for spring TRainging if i go i wil bring a camera so you can tKE A PIcture with me and m sisyer if my familt

  94. Kristie

    David, CONGRATS!!!!! How’s it feel to be playing for a team you have loved for so long??? It’s a wonderful thing for you, and all of us METS fans out here. I have been bouncing off the walls since hearing about first Reyes’ contract and then yours, it will be great watching the two of you for the next few years together. I’d love to see you as a life long MET. I don’t think there are many fans of the METS that surpass me, from my kitchen table to my bathroom to every room in between, when my girls out grow their jerseys on the wall they go, we even make their own METS shirts. They are 6 & 7 and went crazy when I told them you signed for 6 years, you’d be surprised how much they know about you guys. Its hard being a METS fan in a land of Sox and Yankees fans but I hold it down and slowly I am converting fans over to our side….lol Its hard not to when you walk into my house 🙂
    You are a great guy from everything you do for others and how you speak of both current and former team mates and those you play against… Good luck in the future and I will see you in many games to come

  95. alocin412@aol.com

    What a deal you got! Congrats!! I can finally breathe again! You deserve it, keep playing the way you do and you’ll go far.
    Your biggest fan in CT.


    Noank, CT

  96. maranokidsrock@aim.com

    you should get your song to.ridin because that was X’s Song and the song and she said becuse and she said the mets rock and yeah by usher because yeah we can hit a hmer and a rbi and everything to get a run in bye

  97. blondeshell522@aim.com

    hea David,

    I can’t wait till tonight’s game to see the huge ovation that Piazza will recieve from the fans. He did so much during his time in New York and many Met’s fan miss him. I’m so happy that you’ll be with the Mets for the next six years! You are such an amzin’ player and your fans appreciate evrything you do for this team.

    I also wanted to wish you all the luck in your fundraiser coming up at the bowling alley. It is just amazin’ that at 23 yrs old you’re so mature and have done so much to contribute and give back to the community! I love you David. It would mean the world to me if you could write me back. My email address is funnyblondechick22@yahoo.com.


    -Lindsy (wifey)

  98. mvines@grey.com

    Hey David,

    Let me be about the thousanth person to congratulate you on your new contract and of course the vitimin water deal.

    I know we are in the free agency era and you can count the players on one hand who recently have had successful careers with one team but if you and Reyes could pull that off you have no idea how much that would mean to mets fans. Well, keep doing what your doing and good luck for the rest of the year.

    And oh yeah, make sure Jose knows how much we appreciate him signing with our team! Go mets.

    -Dave from Manhattan

  99. ballercb25@aim.com

    Hey David,
    I just wanted to say I’m an aspiring baseball player, and I’m thirteen, and I just wanted to see if you could tell me about some drills you do to improve your hitting. If you have any time. I know you’re extremely busy but I would really appreciate it.

    YOUR #1 fan


  100. apillsbury@gmail.com

    Hi David,

    I just wanted to leave a note of congratulations on your new 6 year contract, and also for Jose Reyes’ new 4 year agreement! I’m a huge fan, as most people who post on your blog are, and I think that securing your young talent and obvious fan base was the best thing the Mets clubhouse could have accomplished this season. I hope that you have a long and happy career with the Mets, and wish you luck for the rest of the season, and beyond!

    With love,


  101. katwalsh1@hotmail.com

    Hi David,

    Great job tonight against the Padres! 3 for 4 and 2 RBIs…outstanding! Some people have been saying you haven’t been hitting too well since the All Star break..well now they can bite their tongues after tonight (no pun intended on your tongue shenanigans! ha ha) By the way, I saw you on Letterman..very funny. Nobody can escape his one-liners. You handled yourself very well there, as you always do with the press. I think you are very well-spoken and mature beyond your years. That’s refreshing to see. I think your parents did a great job raising you. We are all a product of our environments in some ways, aren’t we? I think being raised with the right values is so important. You’ve got that and it’s a huge testament to your parents. My parents have raised me with good values also, and it’s a trait I am very grateful to have.

    Don’t worry about that tricky hop in the 9th…sometimes the ball has a mind of its own, as you well know. 9.7 times out of 10 you are able to outsmart that sometimes crazy ball…just remember that if it ever frustrates you. It was nice to see Mike Piazza again…I’m glad the fans gave him the accolades he so deserves. Wish I was at the game tonight.

    I also wanted to tell you that it’s so nice to see you play the game with so much heart, drive and dedication. It shows in the way you play and prepare for each game, day in and day out. I remember when you went to the mini-camp last January in Florida when you didn’t even have to. That says it all. I can tell you love the game so much. Your talent, while magnificent in itself, isn’t enough for you sometimes. You are always striving to improve yourself and that’s very inspirational. You remind me of Daniel “Rudy” Rudiger in that sense, the Notre Dame player with all of that heart. He has been a huge inspiration to me in my own life, as are you. The way you are both so dedicated to make your dreams come true is very inspiring to me.

    Baseball is my passion, and you make me love it even more. I have been a Mets fan all my life just like you and it’s wonderful to see a fan such as yourself actually being able to play for the Mets. I’m sure it’s a dream come true for you and I’m so happy you are able to live your dream like this. I’m also glad you want to be a lifelong Met…there is no other team I want you to play for, either! If I were born a boy, I would have pursued playing professionally for the Mets as my dream. But, I wasn’t, so I have to settle for watching you live it for me. And that’s a very close second! (I was a softball star and then a track star for awhile, so that was great. And I can keep up with the boys in any sport, so I’m proud of my sports accomplishments, even if I couldn’t try my hand at baseball.) Your talent, drive, heart and dedication are incredible. Thank you for being you and doing all that you do. You encompass what a professional athlete should be and although I don’t know you personally, from what I’ve seen so far you are a great person as well. (Of course I’d love to meet you and get to know you, but I know that’s a long shot, so I’ll just keep writing. I know at some point you’ll read one of these and that will be awesome enough!)

    Good luck tomorrow night. I love being able to write to you like this. I know you’re very busy and probably won’t be able to read all of these, but even if you read only one of mine, I’d be satisfied. I still think it’s so amazing that you communicate with the fans like this. I know it’s a 2-way street…we love the contact with you and you love our well wishes for you. It must be great for you to read our posts if you’re having a rough week or a rough day. I hope they lift you up and remind you that no matter what, we are behind you and the Mets. We know you can do it, even if you struggle sometimes. It’s so great to be able to write you. Talk to you soon.


  102. dancin_melon5@yahoo.com

    😀 3-4 2 RBI’s!!! awesome game last night!! you’re definently out of your slump! i’m so excited that you’re gonna be with the mets SIX MORE YEARS!!!! it’s the best move they’ve ever made! i lo♥e you!!! good luck against the padres!!!

    YOUR B~I~G~G~E~S~T *F*A*N*


  103. mets31girl@aol.com

    Hey David!
    I’m sorry I haven’t sent you a comment in a while. (I was on vacation in Vermont.) When my godfather told me that the Mets traded Nady, I was so shocked. We’ll miss him a lot. On the bright side, I’m so glad that you’re going to be on the team for six more years! (: I was at the Padres game last night and you did great, 3-4, 2 RBI’s! (: You also made some really nice plays at third. (: It was great to see Piazza last night and he got such a huge standing ovation from the fans. My mom and I tried taking some pictures of you and Mike last night. Well, good luck tonight.

    I love you sooooo much!

    xoxo, Katie ❤

  104. blueshark508@aol.com

    Hey Wright Stuff,

    Ever since your name became big from last year i noticed that u were going to become a great big part of the mets organization. No i am not a met fan but you are one of my favorite third basemen because same as u i play third. I am a upcoming freshmen and i want to make it big like you some day and come part of any organization. Im going to the met game tonight i hope ill get ur signature. I got front row seats too. Nice job signing that 6 year contract u earned it bud. Wright back if u can peace kid

  105. katwalsh1@hotmail.com

    Hi David,

    Great game tonight! I loved your double! Don’t worry about the error…minor setback. Nobody can get them all. I loved the aggressive baserunning and stolen bases everybody did tonight. When you guys are aggressive, it’s even more exciting to watch. I loved the way you charged that bunt, also, and the way you come in to back up the pitchers a lot. You’re everywhere you should be, all the time! :)I was glad to see Mike Piazza get the 2 homeruns, but then I was nervous when he came up to bat the last time. He almost did a three-peat!

    Good luck at tomorrow’s day game. Let’s sweep them! I love writing to you. It’s such an honor. Until next time…take care. –Kathleen

  106. blondeshell522@aim.com

    hea David,

    That was a nice win….everyone did their part and we got the serie! Endy is really doing a great job for us. Good luck tomorrow in getting the sweep.



  107. dancin_melon5@yahoo.com

    great game yesterday!! lets finish it up and sweep those padres! endy’s on fire lately! he just won’t cool down! but it’s not like we want him to! hehe. well i lo♥e you!!!!

    YOUR B~I~G~G~E~S~T *F*A*N*


  108. hotshot313@verizon.net

    heyy david!
    great game yesterday! i think u guys are gona sweep them youve outplayed them by far. even though mike piazza hit those hrs. i was happy for him tho he used to be my favorite player until he was traded and then when you came and i saw you play u became my new favorite player:) i think this year you guys are going all the way to the world series you are so much better then last year. im glad you guys are better this year cus now everyone cant say the mets stink compared to the yankees. i think you guys are better then the yankees. well good luck to u guys today. ill be watching the game!! please if you find time comment me back. i know ur busy but if u have time i would appreciate it. take care. i ? youuuu

    ur biggest fan ever and i mean it im ur biggest fan ever!


  109. hotshot313@verizon.net

    heyy its deana again i forgot to tell you congrats on ur six year extension! im so excited to see you playing for the mets in the future!


  110. david_daniels75@yahoo.com

    Lau’s Laws on Hitting – Book Excerpt

    The Brain: It Can Help and Hurt Your Hitting

    Ever notice when you get into a slump in any athletic endeavor the amount of people are eager to help you? Fall into a 1-for-25 slide in baseball and it seems everyone has a solution for you, from your teammates to your coach to your wife. Your head is pulling out. Your stance is all wrong. Your bat is too heavy. You name it: Everyone?s identified the problem. The problem is, of course, that you can do more damage and prolong your slump by taking too much advice. Listening to everyone?s suggestions often only clogs the mind. This is when the brain can get in the way of hitting. If the brain is trying to process too much information, the message it finally sends to the body is slowed. And hitting is all about timing and quick reactions. You want that message from the brain to the body to occur instantly. The point is this: When mired in a slump, be wary of taking in too much advice. Don?t create an information overload.

    Hey, the truth is, everyone goes into a slump. Everyone. Even the great hitters. In baseball, as with any other sport, you have to accept a certain degree of failure. As you?ve probably heard a million times, the best hitters in the game, the .300 hitters, fail seven out of 10 times. What keeps a great hitter great is his ability to fight through slumps. As I?ve pointed out before, there often is a mechanical reason for why a hitter isn?t hitting well. Maybe he?s not starting his swing soon enough. Maybe his top hand has become too dominant. But sometimes slumps occur simply because of your mental approach. You can?t be successful at anything unless you first believe you can be successful. Yes, I believe in mind over matter. Your brain can do wonderful things if you let it and convince it to.

    Mental approach: Tunnel Vision is Good

    One way to assure self-confidence is to always go to the plate with a plan. Have an idea what you?re going to try and accomplish in each particular at bat. Are you going try to move the runner from second to third? Are you trying to lift a fly ball to score a runner from third? Focus on your plan. All the hours of batting practice and perfecting your swing are now behind you. It?s just you and the pitcher. And know that pitcher. Do your homework. Know your enemy. Have all that information and data processed before you step to the plate. Once you get to plate, clear your mind of any unnecessary thoughts and simply focus on the plan. Sometimes you can avoid slumps or pull yourself out of a slump just by returning to the basics. Wipe out the past and concentrate on the present: This at bat. Forget about the past failures and tell yourself that you will come through in this at bat. You?re better the pitcher. Show him.

    An excellent way to maintain that focus and block out all possible distractions is to use what I call the tunnel-vision technique. Envision a tunnel between the pitcher?s delivery point and the hitting zone. Mentally block out everything else around it. Your mind now will direct all its attention toward this tunnel. Track the ball in this tunnel. Prepare yourself to hit the ball when the pitcher?s lead leg touches down and the ball emerges from the tunnel and approaches you. Tunnel vision. The great thing about this approach is it not only eliminates all unwanted distractions, it can also improve your selection regarding which pitches to hit. If you can envision a tunnel that ends right at the strike zone, you probably won?t swing at many bad pitches because you?ve trained your mind not to respond to anything outside that tunnel. Any pitch that drifts out of the tunnel is ignored. Tunnel vision is a great tool to train your mind to concentrate on the task at hand.

    So, have a plan before each at bat. And benefit from tunnel vision. Many slumps occur because hitters lose their focus or get distracted. That?s where the expression “beating yourself?? derives from. Believe me, there are enough people wanting you to fail (namely your opponents). Don?t give them any help.

    A Little Cockiness is OK

    Sports is as much a battle of egos as it is a battle of physical ability. I?ve always believed that. A big ego doesn?t guarantee you?ll perform better than your opponent but understand this: Lack of confidence and self-doubt will beat you every time. If you think the pitcher is better than you, you have virtually no shot at getting a hit. That?s why a little cockiness and swagger isn?t such a bad thing. Feeling good about yourself often translates into performing well. Of course, don?t go overboard. Overconfidence can beat you just as easily as having no confidence. Just tell yourself: Hey, the pitcher?s good, but he?s not that good.

    Seize the moment

    Some hitters and some hitting instructors adhere to one of the most befuddling philosophies in baseball: Take that first pitch. I?ve never understood that thinking. Why take a pitch when it?s possible that the pitch might be the best pitch you?ll see all week? This is an absolutely silly mental approach that can without a doubt contribute to slumps. If you?re a serious baseball fan, you?ve probably noticed that Wade Boggs always takes that first strike. In other words, unless the pitcher is incredibly wild, Boggs starts many at bats behind in the count and at a disadvantage. Once again, this is a baseball philosophy that complicates hitting rather than simplifies it. It?s a little bit analogous to starting with a crazy launch position. Yes, some hitters can start in a crazy launch position and then get their bat back to the proper launch position and still be successful. And yes, Boggs has delivered over 3,000 hits and enjoyed a very successful hitting career in the big leagues. But just think for a minute about how many great pitches Boggs has let go by. How many more hits could he have produced had he been more aggressive?

    I prefer to preach aggressiveness at the plate. If you see a strike, if you see a pitch in your tunnel, go after it. Attack. Attack. Attack. Let me give you an example: How would you like it if suddenly the rules of the game were changed and hitters had to start each at bat down one strike in the count? How many hitters do you think would favor that rule change? Hitters would be furious. But that is essentially what you?re doing if your mental approach consists of taking that first strike. Being behind in the count, in essence, forfeits some of your power over to the pitcher. Being behind in the count makes you a defensive hitter. Bottom line? If you see a good pitch, hit the **** thing.

    Two kinds of slumps

    There is more than one kind of slump that hitters endure. Some slumps are simply numbers slumps. Sometimes you can be drilling the ball almost every at bat and have no hits to show for it. Sometimes you can have games in which you hit four line drives and each one happens to be right at a fielder. The next day, you?re 0-for-4 in the box score. Does that mean you?ve started a slump? Of course not. In reality, you?re actually in a hitting groove. The tricky part, however, is convincing yourself to ignore the numbers. That?s where trust comes in. If you believe in yourself and trust yourself, you will continue with the same mental approach even though the results aren?t rewarding. Some hitters, though, can get swayed into believing they need to start making adjustments because those line drives didn?t translate into hits. If you hit a line drive, you can claim victory no matter if it?s an out or a hit. Hitting a line drive or hitting a ball squarely is your goal. Don?t confuse achieving your goals with achieving a particular batting average all the time. Those line drives eventually will find a hole. Don?t worry.

    The other kind of slump, naturally, is a 0-for-20 type characterized by weak ground outs and pop-ups. Typically, in this kind of slump, your mechanics are out of whack. Your swing is messed up. You?re chasing bad balls. Your mental approach is poor. By the time you?re 0-for-20, you?re suddenly believing you?re never going to get another hit. OK, now you?re in a real slump that you need to address. Just know the difference.

    Success can breed slumps

    Believe it or not, sometimes hitters fall into slumps because of success. What happens in this scenario is the hitter becomes so confident in his hitting ability — he may be raking every pitch thrown at him — that he suddenly believes he is invincible. The hitter then starts swinging at balls out of the strike zone. And it doesn?t take much imagination to figure out what happens next. Once a hitter starts swinging at balls out of the strike zone, his swing starts to fall apart. This is the type of slump that a hitting instructor should be able to spot quickly. And fix quickly. Be aggressive at the plate and be confident. But be selective. Swing at strikes. Remember: You can?t put a good swing on a bad ball.

    Be wary of too much advice

    As I mentioned before, often times when you fall into a slump, you will start getting advice from every direction. Your hitting coach. Your teammates. Your relatives. Everyone suddenly has the answer. Well, the truth is, no, they don?t. Take advice only from those you trust, which, in theory, should be a short list starting with your hitting instructor. And hitting instructors, as I?ve warned before, don?t obsess or nit-pick your hitters during slumps. Look for simple solutions. Don?t overload the hitter with so much data to process that he starts to think too much during a slump about his mechanics. Quite often there are easy mechanical answers, such as starting the swing sooner. Or being more selective (swinging at strikes). And hitters should look within themselves for simple solutions, too. Block out all the ridiculous advice you may get from uninformed sources. Trust in yourself and your hitting instructor. The two of you should know the subject matter. So just identify the problem, mental or mechanical, and seek the simplest solution.

    Slump busters

    Once you?ve identified the problem, you?re going to need help from your brain to break out of a slump. You?re going to have to convince yourself mentally that you can succeed again. What I tell students and my hitters is that they need to accept a certain amount of failure. During the course of a season, failure is inevitable. So go easy on yourself. Accept some failure. After all, seasons are long affairs. They are marathons, not sprints. In the major leagues, you will get close to 650 at bats. During that span, you will slump. If you?ve convinced yourself of that reality, you?ve got a much better chance of breaking free from slumps. Accepting some degree of failure is step No. 1.

    Baby steps

    Step No. 2 may appear like something right out of a self-help book, but it has merit in baseball: Take baby steps. What I mean by that is when you?re trying to break out of slumps, seek small rewards at the beginning. Go into a game with a modest goal such as “Today, I want to hit one ball right on the screws. If I can do that, I?m going to be happy and sleep well.?? After a few games, you may tell yourself that you want to hit two balls hard. What this does is promote confidence. Slowly, as you continue to reach your modest goals each night, you begin to believe in yourself again. You are basically training your brain to think positively again. Instead of the negative thoughts that most likely were inherent during your slump, you begin to think you?re capable of succeeding again.

    Another element to remember about slumps is that as painful as they are to endure, they do make you stronger. The adage that what doesn?t kill you makes you stronger is true. Being able to fight through slumps makes you a better overall hitter. It matures you. It prepares you for future potholes, future slumps. Once you get through one slump, you can always tell yourself you can get through another.

    Situational hitting

    We now turn to the other aspect of a hitter?s mental approach to the game: Situational hitting. Not all of hitting calls for line drives to the gaps or three-run homers, though, as a hitter, you certainly wouldn?t turn those down. But some situations in baseball call for a different mental approach depending on where the runners are on base and how many outs there are. There are situations when grounding out to the second baseman is certainly OK, especially if it advances a runner from second to third and there are still less than two outs.

    The two most common forms of situational hitting come up when there is a runner on second base with no one out, and when there is a runner on third and less than two outs. In the first situation, naturally the hitter wants to get that runner to third anyway he can so the next hitter can possibly drive the runner in with simply a fly out. Does that mean the hitter should purposely swing weakly? No, because a base hit will not only get that runner to third, but it could also score him. But what we don?t want is a two-hopper to the third baseman or a routine grounder to deep short that doesn?t move the runner off second base. That is a wasted at bat. And that is called losing baseball. It is also selfish baseball and you see a lot more of it in baseball today than you did years ago.

    So how does the hitter get himself in the proper mental approach to advance the runner from second to third? Use that tunnel-vision approach we have discussed previously. You?re looking for a pitch in a specific location — on the outer half of the plate. You want a pitch there because you?re going to attempt to drive the ball in a direction that will allow the runner to advance. That direction should be anywhere from the left of where the shortstop is positioned, not necessarily just to the right of second base, as you probably were taught at an early age. If you hit a ground ball to the left of the shortstop, the runner on second should still be able to advance. And don?t necessarily assume you have to have a ground ball. If you put a good swing on the ball and drive it to the outfield in our specified direction, the runner still should be able to tag up and advance. You?re still accomplishing your mission even with a fly out.

    Back off the plate

    What should you do mechanically to drive the ball toward this specified area? Naturally, you?ll want to release your bat slightly later than normal (delay your start) to avoid pulling the ball. But you also need to take into account the pitcher?s motives at this point. The pitcher obviously is going to make your objective challenging by trying to pitch you inside. He will likely pound you pitch after pitch inside. How do you combat his tactics? Simply back off the plate with your stance. A few inches should suffice. This should give you the room you need to direct those inside pitches toward the specified area.

    Getting that runner home

    The other most common type of situational hitting occurs when there is a runner on third and less than two outs. Chances are, in a tight game, the infield is drawn in, hoping to make a play at the plate on any ground ball. As a hitter, you?re now being called upon to drive a fly ball deep enough to allow the runner to tag up at third and score. To me, the best place to drive a fly ball is from left-center field to the right-field line. Once again, you?ll want to release the bat a little later so you direct the ball to the specified area. You?re also going to want to hit slightly under the ball so you achieve some altitude, but not so dramatically that you collapse your swing. Just a slight uppercut. You?re aiming to hit the ball somewhere between about 4 o?clock to 8 o?clock on the “watch dial?? of the baseball. Hitting the ball there will provide the necessary altitude you need to get that ball to the outfield deep enough to accomplish the mission.

    Why would anyone switch hit?

    I want to close this chapter on the mental approach to hitting with a discussion on the theory of switch-hitting. The longer I?ve been around baseball and the more I have studied the concepts of hitting, the more I have questioned the basic theory behind switch-hitting. In fact, I have reached the point where I don?t see the value of switch-hitting at all.

    Think about this: Every switch-hitter who has ever played the game always has had a stronger, natural side of the plate from which he hits. Why would anyone purposely waste any at bats from their weaker side? Yes, yes, I know all the old-school theories on the value of switch-hitting: It is always better to have a breaking ball come toward you than move away from you, for vision purposes. And yes, it has been believed for years that it is far better to have right-handed hitters match up against left-handed pitchers (at least for offensive strategy) and vice versa. But the game is changing. And it has changed, thanks to the Lau System of Hitting. Statistics will bear out that hitters using the Lau method can hit right-handed or left-handed pitchers equally as well. This not only eliminates that whole righty vs. lefty maneuvering that managers love to overmanage with late in games, it eliminates the very premise of switch-hitting.

    Let me explain it another way: The reason switch-hitting really became popular in the ?40s, ?50s, and ?60s was because the primary school of hitting was the pull school of hitting, the Ted Williams pull school of hitting. Almost every hitter in the game was taught to be a dead-pull hitter. Of course, it?s a little tough to be terribly successful as a pull hitter against intelligent pitchers who are running curve balls away from you. As we have explained previously, when a pull hitter attempts to hit a curve ball away from him, the result is usually a weak ground ball. This is why switch-hitting rose in popularity. The dead-pull hitters found they could be more successful if they always had that curve ball coming toward them rather than moving away. So they switched sides of the plate. And even by hitting with their “weaker?? side of the plate, they improved their overall average slightly. But we no longer are shackled by just one school of hitting. We no longer are restricted by dead pull hitting. In the Lau System of Hitting, hitters can cover the entire plate no matter what direction the pitch is heading.

    To further illustrate my point, let me ask you this: Who was the last switch-hitter to flirt with hitting .400? Yet George Brett has. Larry Walker has. Tony Gwynn has. None of these great hitters are switch-hitters. And all three use the Lau System of Hitting. It makes little difference to any of those hitters whether they are facing a lefty or a righty because they have or had the ability to cover the entire plate. Here?s a more recent example. Chipper Jones, one of the more well-known switch-hitters today, is far better from his dominant side, his left side. From the left side, he hits .320 with 25to 30 homers a year. From the right side, he hits about .220 with homers. So why does he continue to switch hit? Only he can tell you. Another example is Royals rookie of the year Carlos Beltran, who in 1999 hit .300 with 15 home runs and 88 RBIs from his dominant left side, but hit only .265 with two home runs and 20 RBIs from his right side.

    It seems to me that switch-hitting is yet another old-school philosophy that needs to be put on a shelf, right next to back-foot hitting and rolling the wrists over.

  111. mets31girl@aol.com

    Hey David,
    Nice win last night. Piazza did really well too with those 2 almost 3 homeruns. Let’s go for the sweep today! I read online that you got the TYIB Award, so congrats on that! (: I heard you screaming “I got it, I got it” for a bunt last night on TV It was so funny. lol. Don’t worry about the error last night. By the way, nice double. (: Good luck today and against Washington.

    Your #1 fan,


  112. whoaxitsxkkrriisstteenn@yahoo.com

    Nice game last night! It was nice to see Piazza hit those 2 homers, he was my favorite player until he was traded, but ever since you joined the Mets… you are:) Haha, i love you:p I am your biggest fan!


  113. iluvkyosohma@aim.com

    My friend and I absolutely love you (We were actually fighting over you just yesterday haha). Anyway, I went to a Mets Vs. Marlins game on May 26th…and it was -i think- the first game you missed all year. it was terrible…and then Pedro lost his first game of the year too.

    Well…thats the past…i just really wish I was able to get your autograph ><.

    I’m so happy you and Jose got extensions thats great. I love the both of you.

    Email me plz at

    Cxa-luv@hotmail.com ^_^

  114. mrsdwrightmets5@hotmail.com

    heyy david…really great job today(the sweep of the padres)! You have always been my fav. player and i l?ve u forever! my whole room is u! my bedspread is that $50 blanket with ur face on it and mets sheet i have like a million posters of u on my wall and that i have like a section with a baseball signed by u nd jose reyes(which i got cause my uncle’s friend’s gizzy who works there got it!!) and a collage i made of u which is totally hott ?, ur statue and ur dog tag necklace and ur bracelet! also huge congrats on ur 6 year 55 million dollar, 7th option contract-so when they open the new Shea u will be there!? i kno a lot of girls say that they love u…but none can say they have a room like me and they can’t say that u and paul lo duca have been to places where i have been to in my town (paddy mcgees, coyote grill, and bridgeview yact club)! I’m going to see u there one day lolz!! Also, i feel for paul in that people should stay out of his personal life -its none of their business!!well have a great rest of the season and i will probably see you at like 4 more Met games this season!! o yea and im ur number in basketball!!!ur true number one fan nd ur wife(i have the shirt “hello my name is mrs. wright!”
    l?o?v?e?n?i?c?o?l?e?t?t?e </5

    [nicolette] </5

  115. katwalsh1@hotmail.com

    Hi David,

    Great job today! Two doubles! I love them down the line and I love them up the alley! Either way. I love that you got the RBIs again, too! Everybody played great. Congrats on the sweep. I saw you being interviewed after the game on SNY and you really are a team player. When they asked about your doubles, you talked about the team instead…that’s great.

    Oh yeah and last night they played the audio of you calling that bunt about 7 times. It was funny, but you can never say it too much, I think. I used to yell like that, too when I played softball and I was calling fly balls. Well, good luck in D.C! I know everybody says they’re your number one fan, but I really feel like I am, and my friends and family would attest to it a zillion times over! ha ha They’re way tired of me talking about you every day, but I don’t care. I even have my 2 year old nephew saying, David Wright! He mastered Let’s Go Mets already, and now he follows that up with David Wright and gives me a high five! Good luck tomorrow…you’re sensational. –Kathleen

  116. wrightlover23@newyork-mets.net

    Hey Davey!! I was so hurt when i heard that Nady was traded, i still can’t believe he’s gone but i guess that’s how business goes.

    You and the team are doing such a great job this season and we NY Met Fans are so PROUD of all of you.

    I just want to let you know that all your hard work on and off the field is really appreciated, there are not alot of people so down to earth and humble such as yourself.

    Just keep doing what you are doing, cause we are enjoying watching you grow into this amazin player you have come to be! Take care and LET’S GO METS!!!

    Jennifer M.

    Brooklyn, NY

  117. katwalsh1@hotmail.com

    Hi again David,

    More thoughts on the number one fan issue. On second thought, your family and friends will always be your number one fans, as they should be. Those of us who post here say we are, but I don’t think we can touch the kind of support your friends and family give you, nor should we be able to. It doesn’t matter anyway…we’re all fans and it shouldn’t be a competition, although it seems like it is, with all of us vying for your attention! 🙂 I know you appreciate each and every one of us, which is all that matters. Have a safe trip to Washington and good luck tomorrow night. –Kathleen

  118. park17j@optonline.net

    Hey David,
    It’s sad that Nady is gone, but you guys are still doing well and making all us Mets fans proud. I’m so glad that you and Reyes are here to stay for awhile. (I know I’m not the only one.) Keep up the amazing work.

    All my best,


  119. eaxt19@yahoo.com

    hey david–it was really was a bummer having to give up nady, but omar and willie are doing something “wright”, so you got to go with ’em—-my two cents on a-rod–i think the fact that the yankee fans won’t accept him as a “real yankee” is doing a job on his head and keeping him from coming thru in clutch situations–after everthing the guy has accomplished and has, he can’t get the thing he wants most–the acceptance of the yankee fans–i can’t believe they boo him–it’s crazy– anyway–CONGRATS on your new contract–i’m glad to see you’ll be a met for a long time to come–erin

  120. jaclynbellotti@yahoo.com

    Hey David,
    It totally cracks me up that so many of your comments are from admiring gals. I’m female and a big fan, but I promise no marriage proposals. I just would like to hear a little more in depth as to your life as a ball player and person. How about a funny story from the clubhouse, or something about how Homer’s doing. It’s just cool to see a glimpse into the life of a Met! Thanks!


  121. mets31girl@aol.com

    Hey David,
    Great job on sweeping the Padres! Hopefully you’ll do the same in Washington and Philadelphia. Nice RBI double in the 7th inning. (: You and the Mets are doing such a great job this year! Good luck tonight!

    Love, Katie

  122. dancer113@optonline.net

    Losing Xavier Nady was a dissapointment. He was a good player, and part of a winning team, and it stinks to see him leave. But you guys are still doing awesome. You swept the padres! Your first sweep at Shea! Congrats! You did so well during this series, doubles and singles, you were on fire! Me, my mom, and my brother, were cheering you on once again, rallying. Comical :]. But anyway, I’ve been reading a lot of comments and a lot of girls love you, including me, so i have some competition to go against. ;] I just finished my room, and i have no more wall space. You took over my room, haha, you did. Your everywhere, my brother thinks it’s crazy, but i think it came out pretty good. Oh and i read a comment, there is a blanket with your face on it, jese, more things! I guess i’ll have to beg my mom for it :] The last thing i need is a poster of you, which i am soon going to get at modells and that will complete my collection of you David. All i can say is that you have been doing amazing this year, and i enjoy watching you every single day. My friends think i’m wierd, because really what 13 year old girl watches baseball 24-7? Well i do, and there are others as well. I’m pretty sure i’m going to a met game on August 18th, and i’m determined to meet you, hopefully i will. I’ll have a sign :]. I can’t wait to go! You truly are an amazing baseball player. Well, remember when there are runners in scoring postition and you’re up at bat, my family and i, will be dancing like crazy, cheering you on, every single time, especially me. :]

    Your biggest fan, always

    Taylor ?

    P.S. – There are a lot of marriage proposals, but consider me in about maybe 10 years. Hey, you never know ;]

  123. ilovewright5@aim.com

    Wow! Great game yesterday!Great Job sweeping the Padres!what was with those jerseys today?! they were weird looking.”The New York Cubans”? whats that?

    Wow there are alot of girls on here that are obsessed with you and I have to say I am one of them but I dont have pictures of you on my walls of my bedroom(at least not yet anyway)But I DEF gotta get the blanket of you on it(if there even is one)Like Taylor I am also a 14 yr old girl who watches baseball 24-7 cuz I have no life.jk. Well anyway good luck tomorrow. If you get a chance could you email me back what those jerseys today were all about?I would LOOOOOVE it!♥



  124. katwalsh1@hotmail.com

    Hi David,

    Tough loss tonight, but I know you can’t win them all. Sometimes I think 1 run losses are worse than getting creamed, because it’s so close. You guys will get them tomorrow night. The uniforms confused me for a moment. I turned it on, and there was Glavine on the mound, in Braves colors that read NY. I thought I was in the Twilight Zone for a minute and had to rub my eyes! I realized you must have been honoring a team or something and then my dad said you were honoring the old negro leagues. I think that’s great.

    I saw that everybody had their pants rolled up and I know you like them down. But I bet you went with the flow because that’s how the old teams wore them.

    Well, I hope some of your family will get to come to this series since VA is pretty close to D.C. Hope you guys win tomorrow night. Good luck! Talk to you soon. –Kathleen

  125. onekimba@gmail.com

    Mr. Wright,

    i just dont understand why they chose Nady over the many other guys we have. Nady is the type of person on the feild who pushes hard for the win and he is a great guy for the Mets line-up. Since we received a 2 picthers i dont understand why we didnt trade one of the pitchers we had that doesnt put much foward for the team. Nady I feel is a huge loss. I truly am going to miss him. If the manager was in such a rush because he didnt want the pirates manager to find out about the car acident why didnt he trade someone of a lower standered….that way it would have been better for the Mets and not as well for the Pirates?

    I loved the uniforms last night. I personally think that when the socks and pants are put up like that it makes the ball players look more professional.

    Im one of those 16 year olds that loves baseball and i think you are a fabulous player! Keep up the good work and Keep playing strong. theres still a good chunk left of the season and as of right now even though there is a pretty nice lead i wouldnt like to see that blown.

    ive been wearing these bracelets for since monday and i never took them off and the mets kept winning. last night i had a sweet 16 for my friend and i was forced to take them off and sure enough the mets lost..i am never going to take them off again.

    I am a major fan of the mets and have been watching them ever since i could remember. !!!

    Love always,

    Kimberly Fries

    p.s. i love u

  126. mets31girl@aol.com

    Last night was a really tough loss, but who knows? Maybe you’ll win tonight. Those uniforms were pretty interesting last night. Well, good luck tonight!

    Love always,


  127. blondeshell522@aim.com

    hea David,

    Great win tonight. Maine pitched really well and I’m glad to see him improve every start…to bad the scoreless innings ended! Good luck tomorrow in the rubber match. Nice double by the way…great to see you hitting again! Love you David.



  128. Leslie

    David Allen! How do I get your attention so you read my comments? I saw your interview with David Letterman which was so great! I thought, what a great personality on top of being so handsome… I looked up the mets website and saw your link for your foundation for those with Multiple Sclerosis and that really pulled on my heart strings. My dad has MS and it made me wonder…with all the fame that you have come in to because of your great talent, and being a young guy, why would you take the time to create this foundation? I think it is an amazing thing to do…too bad we can’t have a conversation 🙂

  129. dancin_melon5@yahoo.com

    i watched letterman again! it’s even better the second time around! hehe. well we gotta win this game today. i have an audtion in new york so i might miss a little bit of it. but i’ll be thinking about you! i lo♥e you!

    YOUR B~I~G~G~E~S~T *F*A*N*


  130. dancin_melon5@yahoo.com

    i watched letterman again! it’s even better the second time around! hehe. well we gotta win this game today. i have an audtion in new york so i might miss a little bit of it. but i’ll be thinking about you! i lo♥e you!

    YOUR B~I~G~G~E~S~T *F*A*N*


  131. xolauren10ox@yahoo.com

    Dear Mr. Wright,
    I watch like every Mets game. I am a die hard Mets fan and have been all my life(a big fan of your’s also). You probably do not care, but anyway tomorrow is my birthday and once again there is no Mets game to watch. But, I think that i will be okay. Anyways, good luck in the rest of the season.Let’s win us a World Series,ayy?




    p.s. you are the best 3rd baseman in New York

  132. tekistheman33@hotmail.com

    i played another team from virginia….and lost again in a rough game. boo virginia teams!!!!
    ❤ ohio stef

  133. tekistheman33@hotmail.com

    move to ohio…..and u can live in jim thomes offseason neighborhood…..he lives pretty close to me. we can all be bffs. he goes to this batting cage i used to go to, and my grandpa met him there like 5 times. but i never got to!

  134. mets31girl@aol.com

    Hey David,
    Nice win yesterday in Washington! I was so excited when you scored the first run to tie the game for the Mets! (: Let’s go sweep Philadelphia this week! Good luck tonight. Let’s go Mets!


    Katie ❤

  135. metsfanny90@yahoo.com

    hiya david <33

    My sister was soooo sooo upset when Nady was traded and so was i! besides you and Pedro he was my favorite player on the team! But youre right he became a good trading chip and you got someone to “replace” sanchez, but NY will miss Nady!!

    I think A-rod has been struggling cause like you said the fans dont hold anything back…they expected great things from him and the pressure i guess got to him…oh well i really dont like the yanks but i do feel sorta bad for a-rod..but im sure he’ll get back into the swing of things soon

    its almost time for the playoffs and you guys are doing terrific!! i watch all the games i can from IN and hopefully ill be able to watch you guys in the playoffs and eventually the world series! The mets pitching is finally looking solid and the offense has been great! keep up the good work..my whole family and i are cheering for you and the mets! LETS GO METS!!!!

    Love ya david!! <33


  136. irsh4me4@yahoo.com

    Hi David,
    The Mets are my son’s favorite team and you are my son’s favorite player. We went to Binghamton to see you right after you had been moved up. Everytime he has seen you at Shea you have stopped your car to sign autographs. I know you have grown up loving the Mets, just as my son has. Although we moved to CT when he was just five, he is a die heart Mets fan. Most of his friends are Redsox or Yankee fans, but Matt has never waivered. He was lucky enough to have made it to the Eastern Regional finals for The Little League World Series. His team lost in the final championship game. To be that close to going to Williamsport was a heartbreak. He would love to hear a comment from you, to lift his spirits. You truly are a great role model for young boys to look up to David. Keep up the hard work, I know you’re going to have an exciting post season!

  137. katwalsh1@hotmail.com

    Hi David,

    Tough, tough loss last night…I feel bad for you guys. But these things happen and it has nothing to do with your ability as a team. It’s a fluke thing. I know you’ll just shake it off and focus on tonight’s game. That’s all you can do. Hope Pedro’s okay today. Sometimes they just have your number, no matter what you do. So all I can say is, Carpe Diem! Good luck tonight and don’t even think about last night.

    On another note, I read that you have a dog named Homer. That’s a great name. I also read an old article from January from the NY Post where the journalist went home with you to Virginia. It was nice to get a glimpse of your life there. Well, good luck tonight…hope you clobber them 13-0! Take care…–Kathleen

  138. samkadam@aol.com

    Hey David,
    What an awful game last night! especially since i was there! it was my first time in Philly, and my first time seeing you guys on the road, and i had to be at that game!! It hurt so much to be around all of those philly fans ragging on you guys, i wanted to yell at them soo badly. Everytime you came up to bat i was screaming for you, so i hope you heard it!! i was kinda upset yesterday because before the game i went down to the field level to try and get your autograph, but you went to sign for the people right next to me and you didnt come back our way. i was devestated!! i want to get your autograph sooo badly, but i guess for now its just not meant to be!! I still have my whole life ahead of me to get it so you can count on it that i will keep on trying. so to all you guys just shake off lasts nights game and go get them tonight!! show those phillys why you guys are the division leaders!! I LOVE YOU DAVID!!! xoxoxoxox ~Sam

  139. mets31girl@aol.com

    Hey David,
    Last night was a pretty tough loss. ): Hopefully Pedro will be okay. I was so disapointed. Don’t worry about it. (you can’t win them all, right?)

    I’m watching the game now, and it’s not too bad, at least Reyes hit a couple of homeruns for you guys. Keep up the great work! Let’s Go Met’s!

    Love you David!

    xoxo, Katie ❤

  140. dancer113@optonline.net

    I am looking forward for another 6 more years with you and another 6 more years of dancing and cheering like crazy people for you david. =]

    I love you!!

    You biggest fan,


  141. katwalsh1@hotmail.com

    Hi David,
    Yikes…another bad one last night. Don’t worry…tonight’s the night you’ll get them. I can feel it. Just wanted to tell you to keep your chin up, and don’t worry. We know you’re trying your best. Good luck tonight and let’s silence that stadium! Wishing you a big win…–Kathleen

  142. arctbear14@comcast.net

    Tuff series but don’t worry you’ll get them next time!!

    You might think I am extremely crazy but thats ok. I was just at a game um August 9. I brought you a package I really hope you got it because I gave it to the front desk but you never know. Then tonight while you where playing I called like a ton of hotels in Philly to see which one you stayed at. Unortunately I din’t find it which was probably because you had already checked out. Any way I just really wanted to know if you got a package with a shirt, mirror, and a college in it. I know you’re exremely busy but my e-mail adress in ArcticBear14@comcast.net if you have anytime it would be awesome just to know that you got it.

    When I was at the game a week ago you were siging autographs which was very nice of you. Well you were by the dugout which is where i was too. I couldn’t believe that I was so close to you but then people started throwing thing to sign at you so I guess you went into the clubhouse. Signature or not I was still happy too be so close to you.

    Good Luck back at Shea and don’t worry it’s always better at home

    I love you so much you are awesome #5 is #1 for ever and ever


  143. ehayd002@odu.edu

    David Wright…It’s been forever, but I just wanted to say Hi and let you know that I am proud of how well you are doing. It’s amazing how fast everything happened but you deserve it. Congrats and hopefully I will be able to make it to a game sometime. Email me if you ever get a free second 🙂 Emily Hayden

  144. mets31girl@aol.com

    Hey David,
    OMG the Phillies just keep beating you guys. At least last night it was a close game. Don’t worry about the errors you made. Hopefully you guys will win today. I would like to come to AT LEAST one more Mets game this year. Good luck today!


  145. madeleine_emmerson@hotmail.com

    Hi David
    It’s obvious from all these comments that a lot of fans worship you. And it’s just as obvious that they are all considerably younger than I am! So here goes with a granny comment. I have been watching you with great interest since you came to the Majors, and you seem to be an old-fashioned type of ball player. The sort personified in movies such as Field of Dreams. The type of player I really appreciate.

    From this I have gathered that your recent contract signing has not only made you very proud, and indicates the faith that the Mets organisation has placed in you, but has, in your words, made you feel humbled. Now – let that feeling go. You are playing as though you have to proove yourself. You have tightened up, and are trying too hard. Relax, be yourself, be confident, enjoy it again. You fully deserve to be where you are. In among the greats, a future hall of famer.

    By the way, I too will miss Nady. I think this year’s Mets have lost a little bit of their soul with his departure. I think it is Minaya’s first big mistake. It should have been Milledge for a good starting pitcher. Nady would have been better in the postseason, and the bullpen could have stood on who they had. And what happened to Owens – he seemed to do quite well to me?

  146. Jeff

    Hands too high? I know you’re a professional and have a lot of extremely talented people around you, but I just always feel that when you’re not going well you’re holding your hands too high and when you bring them down you tear the cover off the ball.

  147. jackeev75@aol.com

    Hey David,

    I know it kills us loyal Met fans to watch you struggle the way you have been. Just know that we all have your back and love you dearly (in that good ol’ fan-to-player way) and want to see you pull yourself out of this slump. Don’t get discouraged (even though that’s probably nearly impossible) keep your head up and keep that spark in your eye that we all love to see.

    Ignore the inevitable boobirds when you come home, just remember that your fans love you and your city loves you. Good luck tomorrow (hopefully you’ll get the day off!)


  148. mets31girl@aol.com

    Hey David!
    Nice win today against the Phillies. (: I knew you guys could do it. Don’t worry about the slump. I know that you’ll get out of it. Nice diving stop at third today in the sixth inning!! (too bad the runner beat it out.) Good luck tomorrow against the Rockies! Let’s go Mets!


  149. dahockeymaster27@hotmail.com

    David maybe u shud put your socks down tommorow thats a little league thing.. only LoDuca puts his socks up,i really hope u do great tommorow against Colorado, im only a H.S. player and your an amazing pro,but it looks like your swinging for the fences lately, or waiting for that perfect pitch, just do what you do best spray the ball to all fields and go the other way with 2 strikes,your like one of the bets hitters in baseball, and remember that and show Kim tommorow why.. Good Luck D-Wright

  150. arctbear14@comcast.net

    Hey Daivd,
    Great game you guys pulled through and did it. Maybe those sock do work(and they look good). Anyway good luck against Colorado. You can do it. Do what you know and don’t try to do everything. But homerun or strike out you’re still number 1!!

    Love Kellie<3<3

  151. scorpioweenie@yahoo.com

    on august19th i will be going to my first ever mets game (never been t any game) Im very excited to see the mets live! I watch the games on tv all the time! I became a met fan when i found a PINK mets shirt with david wright on it! (as pinks my favorite color) Im hoping Darrly strawberry will be there tomorow during this 1986 reunion f=of the fabulous mets!! Good luck tommorow David to you and all the guys! I hoping to see a very exciting game. Im going with friends that I work with at Stop and Shop in Farmingville Long Island…and let me tell you they are the biggest fans..so when they asked me if I would like to go with them to the game I was estatic! I hope theres tickets left or im going to be very disappointed because like i said before this is my very first ballgame!!!! take care , and Ide like to say youre a terrific player and I hope you get MVP! PS: I painted the mets emblem (skyliner) on my jeans with Wright #5 on the other leg! everyone loves them! once again: GOOD LUCK!!!!! Linda

  152. courtneyq35@yahoo.com

    On your david wright foundation website, i was reading that you love vitamin water…so do I!What are your favorite flavors??

  153. smfxoxo1292@aol.com

    wohoo u guys are division champs noww!

    i knew it since the start, u guys were just always AMAZINN’

    p.s – looked like someone was having fun with the champagne =] haha

    xo keepp up the awesome work in the post-season

    ♥ stephh ❤

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