A new name for my blog


I appreciate all the responses I received when I asked for your help naming my MLBlog. I probably got 50 or 60 different suggestions out of your hundreds of comments. Some of them were really clever, a few of them made me laugh and a couple had me shaking my head and wondering … but I?ve finally picked one that I consider the best fit — Wright Now.


"Wright Now" conveys the immediacy of baseball. You don?t look ahead, you don?t look behind, you just try to stay in the moment and take it one game at a time. So with the help of people like Shawn, who was the first of you to throw that suggestion out there, the name of my blog will help remind me of the mindset I need to take to the field every day.

Right now, for example, we?re putting this past weekend?s series with the  Yankees behind us and focusing on giving our best effort in our series with the Phillies. The Yankees series got a lot of attention and required a lot of energy. But the Phillies are in our division and playing very well recently, so we need to give our full attention to trying to beat them.

Our rotation has been banged up recently and we?re working through a stretch where we?ve had to make some adjustments, so it?s our job to make sure whoever we bring in to start is comfortable and prepared to give his best effort, whether it?s on a one-game basis or more permanent. The veterans on the staff have been doing a good job with that.

Philliesedited_1The uncertainty at the back end of the rotation doesn?t really put any more pressure on the offense, at least from my standpoint. No matter who?s pitching, we go out there pretty confident that we?re going to score runs. So far, we?re doing a pretty good job of working through the injuries and finding ways to persevere.

Our ability to weather injuries over the course of the season demonstrates the versatility and depth of talent on our club. General manager Omar Minaya and his staff have done such a great job of putting the pieces in place that no one is concerned.

We had two of our starters go down, but there was never any sense of panic or anything. We know we have the talent in the organization to fill whatever gaps may arise and we feel confident in whoever pitches on a given night, whether it?s a veteran from Triple-A or one of our younger pitching prospects.

As I?ve mentioned before, we have the luxury of knowing that we don?t have to necessarily be clicking on all cylinders to win. We have a good offense, good starting pitching and a good bullpen. If we falter in one area, the rest of the team will be there to pick us up.

One day, we?ll beat you with our offense, the next day it might be the speed game or the bullpen that comes through.

Ready for the next 1,000 at-bats

I didn?t even notice until someone told me that I just got my 1,000th at-bat for the Mets during the final game of the Yankees series. It?s happened pretty quickly.

Overall, I guess I?m pretty satisfied with that first 1,000. But the way the game works, you?re never totally satisfied with any aspect of your game. So although I?m satisfied in some respects, I also know that there?s plenty of room for improvement in my next 1,000 at-bats.

Hopefully, I?ll be more consistent with that next 1,000. I believe I have a good chance of accomplishing that because I?m in good position to improve with all of the quality veteran players surrounding me and our great coaching staff. I?m still learning every day.

At-bats are precious things in baseball. You try never to even think of wasting at-bats. But, realistically, when you look back, there are times when you don?t feel right or you feel like something?s wrong with your swing. But you try to learn from those experiences and prevent those things from repeating themselves.

You try to have a good plan every time you step to the plate and make the necessary adjustments with each succeeding at-bat. You?re naturally going to have better at-bats with experience because you?re constantly growing and learning in this game.

Prepping for the David Wright Foundation Golf Classic

Logo_white Off the field, I?ve been busy getting ready for my first charity golf tournament, which will take place on June 1 — less than 10 days away now. It?s called the David Wright Foundation Golf Classic and it will be held at the Leewood Golf Club in Eastchester, N.Y.

It should be fun. Some of the guys here and front office folks will come out to support the event and we?ll have a few other celebrities on hand to liven things up. We?ll have a live auction and a dinner in addition to hacking up the golf course, so I?m looking forward to the opportunity to have some fun and help raise funds for some worthwhile organizations.

If you want to find out some more about the golf tournament or my foundation, all of that information can be found at my Website — davidwrightfoundation.com. We?re always looking for some new sponsors!

Until next time …


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  1. same219@aol.com

    Hey David,
    Your last couple of games have been great. Keep up the good work. I know you will. I don’t know if you are superstitious or anything, but all the games I have gone to this year you have jacked one out. All of May you didn’t have one than on Sunday night when I was there aganist the yankees you launch one…So if you want to send some tickets this way. Lol. Good Luck and stay healthy.

  2. xtsnpatx@yahoo.com

    Hey David! I just wanted to say I’ve been a Mets fan my whole life, and you’re, without a doubt, in my top five favs of all time! I grew up watching the Mets, (you and I are actually only a few months apart in age) and I’ve never been so excited as I am this year! I was there on Sunday night against the Yankees, and it was the craziest game I’ve ever been to at Shea! Keep up the good work! You, and the rest of the guys, really make me proud to be a Mets fan!


  3. rocksport19@aol.com

    Hello Mr.Wright

    I just have a couple of questions. You don’t really have to answer them as I could tell by the overwhelming size of this message board, you probably have your hands full.

    1. When you were coming out of Hickory you had already commited to Georgia Tech, You had the full trophy case, you were slated to be the next Nomar. What happened? Were you just tipped that you would be a first rounder and that alone was good enough in your mind to enter the draft. Or was it the money? A couple hundred thousand isn’t that bad right. You said it yourself in SI Or was it the fact that since you saw Mike Cuddyer do it in 97 you said, I could do that too?

    2) Following your rise through the minors, Virginia has been a field of potential for solid baseball players. Weather it’s BJ or Justin, Verlander, Zimmerman, or any of those guys. Do you give yourself credit for that? I mean most would say that you started that chain.

    Anyway, just one last question, Who’s better you or BJ?

    That’s what I thought

    I ran into Emil a couple of days ago, I told him to tell you I said hi.

  4. doors28@aol.com

    Whats happenin dave? I was at the game on friday night (may 19th – subway series game 1). Your game winning single made my night! Just wanted to let you know that on the way out of the stadium and to the #7 train, i heard alot of people yelling out “D WRIGHT!”


  5. summerheart143@msn.com

    Hey David,
    About a month ago, a newsday article described you as the “Mets’ poster boy for everything good in the world.” My mom and I got a good laugh out of that, only because its so true. Well its true of the David Wright that us Met fans know. Ever since last year when you came to this team, the mets have i think improved drastically. and yes i know that a team is exactly that, a team but you, in my opinion, have contrubuted to it greatly. Ive been watching the Mets since i was old enough to pay attention and although Mike Piazza, Robin Ventura, and Joe McEwing will always have a special place in my heart(as corny as that sounds) im pretty positive, youve gained the number one spot. You’re an amazing ball player. Keep up the good work, us met fans are very proud of you and the rest of the boys.

  6. tylersapostle24@verizon.net

    Hey David,

    You guys played a barnburner of a game last night/this morning. And the best part was you guys played every inning like it was the top of the 1st. No signs of fatigue or anything. And for you to have posted in your blog today, after a huge game like that and another one tonight (right now actually) shows a lot of dedication to your fans.

    I’m glad to see you and your teammates aren’t letting the bullpen woes affect you too much. A team that can stick to its gameplan in rough patches shows a lot of promise. I’ve been a Mets fan as far back as I remember, and this is probably the best team I’ve seen. Even better than the 2000 World Series Team. So here’s hoping your success continues, and that this blog stays alive well into October.


  7. thewrightfans@yahoo.com

    ==TJ== you are everywhere huh? LOL Glad to see an update David! πŸ™‚ Keep up the good work


  8. lilpinkzz15@aol.com

    Hello! This is Diana and Rebecca!

    I, Diana, MET SARAH HUGHES πŸ˜‰ AND YOUR BROTHERS AT THE SATURDAY GAME AGAINST THE YANKEES! I didn’t know you had 3 brothers but the youngest one was so adorable with his braces! what a cutiepie!

    One quick favor, would you please introduce us to some of your baseball playing friends? Thanks…your efforts are greatly appreciated!

  9. lilpinkzz15@aol.com

    Oh, sorry to bother you again but I was talking to my friend Hallie and she would like you to introduce her to one of your baseball playing friends as well. So if you could find 3 that’d be great! Thanks!

  10. cbloom23@aol.com

    Hey David,
    I just want you to know that there are a bunch of Mets fans on my softball team who were all celebrating your game winning single. Even one of the biggest Yankee fans I know admitted that you are “pretty good.” For a huge Yankee fan to say you, as a Met, are pretty good is like saying you are a superstar. Just thought I’d let you know that your status is rising amongst Yankee fans as well as the many other avid baseball fans around the country. Keep up the good work!


  11. john546@gmail.com

    Hey David great game last night. (unfortunately I fell asleep in the 13th!)
    I think you’re a great all around player and the best two-strike hitter I’ve seen in a while. It’s really great to see a player take the time to write to the fans. I know you must be quite busy. Anway, keep up the good work and Go Mets!

  12. robbya725@yahoo.com

    Whats up David,
    I can’t believe you have hit 3 homeruns in the past 3 games. That is amazing!!! You are my favorite player ever!!! Keep up the good work, and I really like the new name for your blog!

    Good Luck the rest of the season,


  13. eb233967@muhlenberg.edu

    Hey david,
    I love the new name for your blog! My brother was at the game tonight;I was watching it from home, but we both enjoyed it immensely. Congratulations on everything in the past games, you’re on a roll! Give me an email or something so I dont have to just talk to you through comments! Hoping to hear from you,


  14. lgf111@aol.com

    OK David here’s a question fo ya….What are you thinknig about when you make those amazing plays? and How much practice do you think is too much?

  15. lgf111@aol.com

    OH and i’ll be there tomorow so step it up and show me a lil sumtin….shhh, im cuttin school with my fellow ball player Will Dubbs.. send a shout out kid…stay safe

  16. davidwright_obsession@yahoo.com

    Dave, great playing + effort these last games, and that’s a great first 1000 atbats you have under your belt, keep on doing what you’re doing and you can only get better; which would be amazing from what you already are :] ❀

  17. trogdor7889@yahoo.com

    Hey good last few games with the 3 homers and the stolen base. I kinda felt sorry for Ryan Madson after he pitched 7 scoreless innings in relief. I wonder why they didn’t pull him. Good win though. Tell Pedro to keep throwing the heat and keep winning games, 300 isn’t too far off.

  18. nymrulemlb@aol.com

    Hi David. Just wanted to say that seeing you having so much fun playing the game makes me watch more and more. I was born a Mets fan. I watch every season with the hopes of a great year. But watching you, Pedro, Reyes and others smiling and laughing brings me back to the ’84-’88 years when the Mets showed they could have fun and still focus on winning.Thanks and keep it up!

  19. brdwydancer04@hotmail.com

    Hey David! I like the new name…it’s catchy! πŸ™‚ Great last few days with all the homers! I was babysitting tonight and I turned on the game after I put the kids to bed and the first thing I see is your beautiful face at the plate and BAM…homerun! It made my night. Congrats on your 1,000th at bat, that’s really amazing. You’ve been my favorite since that first at bat and I’m so happy that you are a part of a team that’s been my favorite since I was born. Good luck with the next 1,000, and good luck with your Gold tournament! I’ll see you at Shea soon. πŸ™‚


  20. fatjoe224@yahoo.com

    Hey David,

    I was just wondering…do you know if your homerun from Sunday night has landed yet? I was at the stadium, saw it take off, but I have no idea where it went. That was a moonshot to say the least. Keep up the good work.


  21. sarahkazzy@yahoo.com

    I can’t help but think that any suggestion I (could have) made, had you shaking your head and wondering how someone could come up with something so awful… BUT on the bright side, not a career choice! Great job. keep it up.

  22. writerchick2002@hotmail.com

    hey david,
    clever name for the blog. you’ve been kicking butt on the field, good job. today at the mall i bought a wright bracelet at the mets clubhouse store, so i’ll be showing my support on my wrist for now on. keep up the good work. that’s awesome (and cute) that you do charity work too.


  23. kristen.finelli@quinnipiac.edu

    hey david,
    you played a great game tonight! 3 homeruns in 3 games, that’s amazing. its comforting to know that any time you’re at bat, you can give the team a run if its needed. keep it up, i love what i’ve been watching lately! also, good luck with your golf tournament. i live 2 seconds away from Leewood Golf Club, i wish i could see you. next friday is my birthday, so hopefully i’ll be able to go the game that night. good luck tomorrow!

  24. livebyfaith427@aol.com

    Hey David!
    I’ve been a Mets fan my whole life, and I think I’ve found my new favorite player! You and Jose are my new top two favorites.I’m so excited that there are two Mets that are actually close to my age (Im 20). I was at the “Sweet 16” victory on Tuesday night, and it was so awesome. Thanks for every single, RBI, HR, game-winning shot and great field plays you’ve already made this season for the Amazins. Keep up the good work.

  25. jackiebenavides@gmail.com

    I was at tonight’s game. Awesome homer and gamewinning single. When I got the game, the score was Phillies 3-0. I wasn’t worried at all though, because I knew you guys would catch up, and win it. Thanks for being a part of the team I can have so much confidence in. Let’s Go Mets!!!!!!!!

  26. maderolemodel11@yahoo.com


    Congratulations on your first 1,000 at bats! I think you’ve done a **** good job with them. I think I speak for all of the fans when I say that you play a big role in what this team needs. My Dad keeps telling me you’ll end up being the next Mike Schmidt if you keep playing ball like this hahah


  27. worldismine03@yahoo.com

    Congratulations on winning the subway series. Even though saturday should have been the mets win, its still ok you win some and lose some. The mets right now are giving hope and hapiness to the true Mets fans. Cant wait for tonights game. goodluck.


  28. james.cooper@fmr.com


    I just came across your blog for the first time and I have to say that I like the WrightNow name. As a Mets fan dating back to the early 80s I feel that this club is on the verge of something special again (think ’86). Your blog comments give Mets fans a sense of the ups/downs experienced by baseball players each day and an inside look into the current Mets team chemistry. I hope you continue your interaction with fans. Lets go Mets!

  29. Felix


    Im not too much of a Mets fan(go Yankees!) but I can appreciate the hustle and competitiveness that you bring to NY and the positive contributions you make to help your team win! Lets make it a all-NY October!

  30. kylevane@scovetta.com

    Hello there.

    So my buddies and I call you The General, because you’ll lead New York to the postseason. We have a pretty big following for the name so far.

    Anyway, how many handshakes do you have? And how do you go about practicing them?

    Thanks man. Lets Go Mets Go!!

  31. queenzqt10@aol.com

    Hey David!
    Man, you guys are smokin’ with the offense right now, especially those homers. I wanna see a sweep today, show those Phillies whose the boss of the NL East. =)

    Like the new Blog name.

    Good Luck!


  32. blakeweiss_2003@yahoo.com

    Well what i was wonderin was if u have any before or during game superstitions. Well my baseball team is on a really bad loosing streak we have lost 3 straight and our total record is 1-5. I have tried all of the stuff that ussually worked but i was just wonderin if u had any. well hope to hear from u soon. if u want to tell me any my email is blakeweiss_2003@yahoo.com. well l8ter.

  33. Daniel

    Hay David,
    You are hitting pretty well Wright now. I noticed your slumps seem to start and finish with the outside corner. I think the umpires were cheating you on that outside corner to help the slump from time to time. I have yet to see any opposing team consistinty challenge you inside. Why not crowd the plate a little more?

  34. Rose

    Hey david

    I Just wanted to say you played a great game this past few days.i love the mets i have been a met fan since i could remember i think your a great player..and i am so excited for the mets this year… good luck and have a great game today…

    Bye Bye


  35. fletcher.cr@neu.edu

    Hey David,

    Just an idea. Considering your new name for your blog, you could coordinate your entrance music at games with the blog, coming out to “Right Now” by Van Halen. Great song. Great player. Seems fitting.


  36. lafferty@rowan.edu

    Hi David,

    I have been a Mets fan since 1968 and I must say that it is so nice to see a young player like yourself so committed to doing it right. You truly understand what it takes to be a major league player, especially with your attitude toward the fans. You are my favorite player, since I wore #5 as a young girl playing 3rd base as well. Keep up the good work on and off the field. I am looking forward to many more exciting years with you and the Mets.

    Best of luck the rest of the way.


  37. jv4buffs@yahoo.com

    Hey David,
    As one of the only Mets fans in the great city of Sacramento, California I just wanted to say great job this season. You guys really seem to be coming together as of late.Keep up the good work!

    Biggest Cali Fan in Cali,


  38. blacknight712@yahoo.com

    Hey David,
    So your hitting like this and your still learning??::rubs palms together::Your not going anywhere,right??At least promise us you’ll never play for the ********(and dont pull a Damon!).I’d have a hard time hating you.Keep it up my fantasy team and myself thank you.

  39. wenrod624@yahoo.com

    WAT UP MR. WRIGHT?? :What a week you’ve been having ah? I told you(well I wrote you)that you would snap out of the slump, its very admirable the way you tend to handle this things, it says alot about your character and shows that not all young people(in any job)give up. I graduated High School(at last =})yesterday and my gift is to go see the Mets take on the Marlins here in Miami this weekend; hope to see you hit at least a homerun on Dolphin Stadium, is not that easy but I’ve seen you do it here before. Last but not least, I hope you raise a lot of ca$h next week with you foundation(another excuse to admire your character), hope you hit whatever it is that can be hit in golf(dont know much about it :>). Say HOLA to Soler and El Duque for me plis, both great acquisitions for the best team in the league. Keep it up David, you got it…
    W/ MUCH LOVE, Wendy R.

    PS:I like the name you chose, I think it represents the best baseball mentality one could have. Fits u perfectly ;>

  40. qtnise8@hotmail.com

    Hi David!
    I am a rookie fan of Baseball, let alone the Mets specifically, but a couple things this season really caused some passion for the game to bubble up. The first time I saw you at bat you hit a homer… I was floored. I was at the Subway series over the weekend (saturday) and even though it was a tough game and the yanks overcame (barely) it was electric. I was reading your blog also, and hate to admit that I was surprised at how well spoken and thougthful you are. You seem to just be a diamond in the rough. Your foundation is doing awesome things for people and you are extremely special in the world of sports.

    Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world- athletic, charitable, intelligence… it makes the world a better place to have people, in the public eye, doing good things and acting as role models for kids. You are only a couple of months younger than me, and as a young adult in the U.S., how you are living your life, publically, is a breath of fresh air compared to some others our age. Keep up the good work, as best you can, and hopefully we’ll get to keep you in N.Y… at least for a while! I’ll be cheering for you… whether its at the stadium, or at home!

    Your newly devoted Mets fan!


  41. jackeev75@aol.com

    hey david!

    I just wanted to let you know how much I admire you as not only a stellar ball player but as just a good, hardworking down to earth person. My little brothers watch you and they say to themselves, “this guy worked hard, look where he is! Maybe if I work that hard I can be just like him!” My family basically breeds Mets fans so they have alot of heroes including Robin Ventura and Mike Piazza but you’re the one they find the most relatable, like you’re not compltetly untouchable, you’re just like them.

    Thanks for being such a breath of fresh air and reminding everyone that the Yankees aren’t the only ball team in New York.

    Good Luck and we’ll be watching!


  42. friscofin@aol.com

    hi david
    was at tuesday nites game. thanks for signing my ticket during batting practice. the game was awsome as was your homerun. keep up the good work. it makes the drive in well worth too see someone really have there heart and soul in the game.

    mary [from ct.]

  43. wrightlover23@newyork-mets.net

    HI David!! I just wanted to say that i think you are an awesome player and a good hearted person, there are not many people out there like that and i am so glad that you are a part of the GREATEST TEAM THERE IS!!! You and the guys put your heart and soul into every game and i just wanted to say that as a fan we all appreciate it!! I wanted to ask you in your opinion what it means to you to be a New York Met. Is it all you expected it to be or more? Thanks and i wish you and the team lots of luck!!! Take care!!!

  44. davidwrightluva05@hotmail.com

    Hey david I just wanted to know if you really did have a myspace or if it was just someone who was really good at impersonating you.
    If you could just tell me id be happy but its ok if you dont. I know this was a little off the subject but please and thanks!

    Love your number 1 fan- Keri ❀

  45. melj18@nac.net

    Hey David!
    My dad is a HUGE mets fan. He’s crazy about “his team” haha! Well I’m in fourteen and i have to say that I’m the biggest mets fan in my high school. I guess my dad’s love for the team rubbed off on me.You are my favorite player! You have been an amazing player and helped the team through a lot of sticky situations. Especially this last week. Your playing has been amazing! You amaze me more and more every time you play! I’m begging my dad to take me to a few games this summer! haha he always goes by himself. Thats no fun. Well when I go you’ll hear me! haha! Good luck! Get those Phillies!

    Your Biggest Fan


  46. ilwright05@yahoo.com

    Hey David,

    You have been all over the papers recently. It’s been so exciting to see you play. Great Series against the Yankees and The Philies. Hopefully ill be going to more games soon. Keep up the good work.

    ❀ your biggest fan


  47. sldickinson@gmail.com

    Wow. I just realized June is a week away.

    You’ve been amazing the last few games; keep it up. What is it now? 4 games up?

    Oh, how did you stay awake for the 16 inning game? I know if I were in the stands, I would’ve been out by the 12th inning. I guess it’s different for the players.



  48. pillowhead44@aol.com

    Hey David,
    Awesome playing!! All these homeruns remind me of something I read on Mets.com last year, saying you bought a puppy named Homer. How is he??

    On a baseball note, I’ve noticed that even though you are such a good 2-strike hitter, you haven’t been in that hole as often this season? Are you trying to change that or have pitchers realized how dangerous you are?

    Tell Jose Reyes he’s amazing and keep up the good work!


  49. rmk516@yahoo.com

    Heyy David
    First i want to thank you for staying and signing autographs for me and my friends at batting practice during the 16 inning game. you are no doubt my favorite player and many others too. We stayed the whole game in the left field seats and will try to be at many other home games. Good luck

    From Ryan

  50. Arielle

    What’s up David?
    Congratulations on the series against the Yankees. I watched the Pedro game on Fox, and it must have been a tough loss for you guys, but the game was really good. (I can’t help following Pedro, Nomar, D-Lo, pretty much all of the guys from the 2004 team . . . including Mr. Damon)

    The golf tournament sounds exciting. I love it when players really lend themselves to the community and hold charitable functions. It is especially nice when a young guy like you (Although who am I to talk, I’m only 16) starts doing charity early on. Say hi to Pedro for me!



  51. mets_fan_4@yahoo.com

    Really like the name of your blog. You are one of my favorite players. Keep up the good work.

  52. simkli7@aol.com

    Hey David, you are the best thing that has happened to the Mets in a while. You?re awesome to watch. The enthusiasm and energy you have is a breath of fresh air. Keep it up!

    PS: hope you have your same awesome humbleness in ten years from now -when with God?s help you?ll be a ten time all star and sure of a spot in the hall of fame- as you have (W)right now;-).

    BTW do you really read these comments?

    Your greatest Fan Asher.


  53. softballgurlie6@aol.com

    Hey, good to have you guys back. And it’s good to hear that you guys go out there with confidence despite whose pitching. Keep up the good work!


  54. blondeshell522@aim.com

    hea David,
    Congadulations from winning the series against the Phillies even though you guys didn’t get the sweep. I enjoy seeing your dedication and hard work everytime you take the field! Even though you went 0-4 today you made it up in your great defense. Don’t worry, tomorrow you’ll hit a homerun!!{knock on wood} I love the new name for your blog. Its simple and straight to the point. It suits you perfectly. I saw that Lo Duca had on the high pants.ha ha! Tell Reyes that his homerun was awesome.

    I noticed that you like to chase sliders and breaking balls in the dirt and you have to be careful with that. I know that’s its tempting but you got to watch out. I hope your charity golf tournament is successful and it is great to see a young bright player use his position to help others.

    I love you so much and I’m your number one fan. Good Luck tomorrow against the Marlins. I smell a sweep.{Knock on wood} I kno you guys will be playing hard for the win. Take care and stay healthy. Your number one fan.

    GOOOO METS!!!!

    – Lindsy {your future wife}

  55. blondeshell522@aim.com

    Congradulations on your 1,000 at bat! Thats a great accomplishment to achieve and I know that I can speak for all your fans when I say that we are extremely proud of you and keep up the amazin’ work. I love the Mets and you guys are going to go places this year!!! Good Luck tomorrow night.


  56. ebilger02@hotmail.com

    Hey David!

    This is very kool that you let us know what is going on in your life! My favorite football player also has a blog and I love finding stuff out and seeing how many other people love you guys! So, I got my Sports Illustrated in the mail today! (The one I got from signing up for a credit card at spring training) I love the article on you…and all the pics!!! Spring training was great! Since I graduated a semester early from school and I did not have a job and my mom had a conference and Florida I joined her for the trip. And my only request to I wanted to see you guys play! So, we were at the last home game for you guys! When Perdo pitched?.it was great. Since it was on ESPN they were giving out free tickets in the lover lower right behind the dugout?.it was great! I am hoping to do it again next year! Oh I think I am turning my mom into a Mets fan! She likes the Phillies but on Saturday she was yelling at the TV? so, I am going to keep working on her! Well, she does know the batting order?.or at least who is before you! She said she would go to Shea for a game! Congrats on the 1,000 at-bat and the golf tourney sounds fun! Good luck in Florida and the rest of the season πŸ™‚ LETS GO METS!!!


    P.S. Love the name of the blog!

  57. slythrnbarigrl@netscape.net

    Hey David!

    You were amazing in the series against the Yankees. I live in a house divided-men are Yankee fans and women are Mets fans. I was watching the first series with my brothers and my dad and when you came up to bat I told them that you were going to get the game-winning hit, needless to say, they weren’t to happy when you did, but I was jumping around and dancing. It was amazing. I haven’t had a favorite ball player in a very long time, but now I can honestly say that you hold that title. I hope I get to Shea Stadium a few times this summer. Congratulations on the 1000 at-bat and good luck with the rest of the season.



  58. isis324@gmail.com

    Hi David,
    I’ve been staying up so late watching the games, and I’m just amazed at how you guys have pulled together and never gave up, despite the obstacles. The name for the blog is so simple and yet so effective. It’s great. Keep up the great work. I hope to get out to Shea soon so I can see you guys in person, well, at least much closer than seeing you on TV. Keep up that great attitude! It will take you to great places.


  59. blueskyze@hotmail.com

    Hi David,
    Just finished reading the Sports Illustrated article on you and it was great.I’m a huge Yankee fan but I had the chance to see you play 2 years ago in Binghamton and I told my 15 yr old son back then that you were going to be a special ball player.The total love and respect you have for the game is a rare quality in this day of big money contracts and its very refreshing to see a player like you who truly loves playing baseball.You are a GREAT role model for the younger kids who someday dream of playing major league baseball.Major league baseball needs all the David Wrights they can find,you are a true professional.Don’t ever change and thank you for keeping the true tradition of the game alive.

    Bill D.

  60. park17j@optonline.net

    I like the name that Shawn came up with for your blog. Good choice. I’m really impressed with your foundation after checking out your website. You provide people with such hope and happiness when you’re on the field and when you’re off of it. I think you’re amazing (no pun intended). Continued good luck to you and the rest of the Mets.


  61. charmgurl19135@aol.com

    heyy David,

    Im so glad you picked Wright now, well first of all its because i was one of the people who suggested it lol. Anyways you’re completely right, don’t look behind, stop worrying about the future, just focus on the present. Wright now you are truly a great baseball player and with the way you’re improving you will be an even greater bb player.

    -Lots of LOVEEE


  62. brave101@hotmail.com

    Dear Mr.Wright AKA a sweet gentleman. πŸ™‚

    Yesterday, I still repeated to read Mr.Wright?s updated speech and his own foundation website. And I also can say I like his new blog name. It was nice for your blog and I was happy to see your idea in your life. : -)

    As a result, I want to appreciate of read your blog. I had wondered what your favourite book or quote was before. Wow! I also wonder A. France?s is your favourite though. Well, I thought he has been well-grown and educated in his life. I also learned a lot into his blog. Thank you. ?

    And I also see that you are busy to hold your first [the David Wright Foundation Golf Classic]! Good luck with your charity event and your whole career, Mr. Wright. πŸ™‚ But unfortunately I don?t live closely from there NYC (I live in S. Korea) and can?t go there. :-(? I hope it would be even international later. Well [the David Wright world] can include [the international] WRIGHT NOW! Heh heh

    Today I appreciate that you read even my bad English. But I wish if Mr.Wright to read mine, he would know how much I am happy to know about his public events and how much I care of him though.

    Thanks and have a good luck again!


  63. darren.rippy.2008@usmma.edu

    Hey David,

    It is great to see a hometown hero from Chesapeake, VA playing for the greatest team in the league. Y’all are playing electrifying baseball so far this year! I usually do not start to follow the season until after the All Star break, but I cannot help to follow every single game this year. It was great to explain to a Yankee fan why I am a Mets fan though I’m from Virginia. There is nothing like seeing a rising star playing for the Tides, and then make it to the Mets starting line-up. What was even better was to laugh at the poor Yankee fan when you and Delgado went back to back to get the lead. Great job taking the series with the Phils. Thanks to you and and the rest of the Amazing Mets for a exhilirating season so far! Keep it up, Let’s Go METS!

  64. earls3144@aol.com

    Hey David. You are having a great season and it is fun to watch you play. Im a freshman and high school and i am doing a report on being a pro baseball player. I was wondering if you could answer some questions for me. E-Mail Earls3144@aol.com

  65. metsfanny90@aol.com

    hey david its angie again…ive set a goal for myself to comment at least once on all your entries lol but anyways you have been playing so well lately im so proud of you!! ^_^ My teacher for wold history is a cardinals fan so we would always tease each other about how well our teams are playing…you and the Mets are kicking major butt out there especially against the phillies. I couldnt believe that first game where you guys won in the 16th inning..that was an awsome game!

    i think its so nice youre having a charity going on i think its going to be very successful and i hope it is!

    oh btw i like the name you picked for your blog i think its awsome. although mine didnt get picked thats okay cause this name was better lol i see you guys are playing the marlins next, i bet youre gonna sweep em wouldnt that be cool? You and the mets have only lost like 2 or 3 series in the whole season so far thats just amazing! even tho i live in Indiana im gonna try and watch as many games as i can bc my cable doesnt have a baseball package i can get -.- dont get vonage theyre horrible!!!! well anyway keep up the good work ill be rootin for all of you to win especially you david! LETS GO METS!!

  66. trice@hvc.rr.com

    Do you think that in one of your blogs you could list the songs that you walk out to at shea. I’ve got a little wager on it with my brother. Thanks and Mets in 06!

  67. coquibaby91@aol.com

    Hi David, Im glad you finally found a name for your blog.
    Great game tuesday night, even though I fell asleep in the 12th. I saw the homerun Beltran hit in the 16th the next morning. I wish I seen it when it happened though. I would’ve been even more excited. Anyways, its good to know we beat the phillies 2 out of 3. Everybody on our team did really good. I know you are playing the marlins tonight, I know we could beat them. It would be real good if we sweep them. For now lets just wait till we finish our first game though,lol. I also wanted to ask you a question, what music you come out with when you are coming up to the plate? Well, good luck against the marlins tonight, even though you really don’t need it. Let’s Go Mets!


  68. blondeshell522@aim.com

    hea David,
    Just wanted to wish you good luck tonite against the Marlins. Play smart and most of all have fun. You guys are amazin’ and I love your passion and dedication for the game. I’ll be watching the game tonite and be rootin for you and the rest of the team!!!



  69. obviouslyada@gmail.com

    Hi- Sorry for your first missed game. I hope your back feels better. It was an upsetting night and it stinks to sit out a game, especially when you want to assist the team.

    Your website looks much more professional than the original page. I was going to ask the executive director if you needed a volunteer to rebuild the site. I am not sure if the site is still under construction because I have seen minor changes, but your top title bar needs to be named. Great quote picked by the way. Good luck today and every game.


  70. jcmumsie@aol.com

    Hope you get to play by tomorrow, it’s got to be an experience to play behind El Duque.

  71. jfenner@patmedia.com

    Hi i am 11 years old and i am a huge mets fan. You are my favorite player. I try to watch every game. I hope your back feels better. Good luck

    -Justin Fenner

  72. nym5dw@aim.com

    Hey David! Glad you named your blog. I’m sorry that you got back spasms on friday. Odd thing you know? But I think it had done you well to take the day off. Today you’re playing great, even though you may not feel 100% or you might feel like you’re complete. I was so confused to why you weren’t playing. I said “It’s not like wright to just miss a game” but then the announcers said it was back problems and I was like “oh.” But todays game is great. Keep playing amazing. Plus I am a huge fan of the mets and I idol you.
    Have a great marlins series.


  73. mets31girl@aol.com

    hey david!
    im sorry that you didn’t get to play last night because of your back spasms. i was really upset and surprised when i didn’t see your name in the starting lineup. ): i hope your back is feeling better, but i guess it must be because you are playing today. you are doing awesome today. nice plays at 3rd, i saw both of them!!! (: i also like your blog name, it’s pretty clever. ok im going to go watch the rest of the game. good luck with the marlins! love, katie

  74. blondeshell522@aim.com

    hea David,
    Congradulations on being 4-4 today against the Marlins. Your hitting was amazin’ and I am so proud of you. I’m sorry that you had to sit out of the game yesterday because of your back. You looked muched better today. The game didn’t seem the same without you in the line up. That shows how important you are to this team. Feel better and good luck tomorrow!!


    -Lindsy AKA {Wifey}

  75. wenrod624@yahoo.com

    Hey Mr. Wright:
    What back spasms? You were great today, I had the pleasure of going to the game to see you go 4-4 and win it for Glavine. I realy hope you feel much better the rest of the series, I guess it hurts when you’re carying a team on your back =>. It seems you’re about to get into a grove, so National League:be very affraid!!!! Keep it up, I would hate to think that you only did good today b/c I was there ;}. See you next time you come to Miami…

    Much Love, Wendy R.

  76. dsamuels@aol.com

    Hi David

    What a great game you had today? I hope that your back is better. Keep up the good work.


  77. coquibaby91@aol.com

    Hi Wright, great game today.
    We won 7-3. I hope your back is feeling much better. Good luck in tommorrow’s game. Let’s Go Mets!


  78. mrswcoop@comcast.net

    Hi David! Sorry your back hurts, hope it feels better soon. I think you are not only a great player, but a role model for today’s youth. Keep up the good work! LETS GO METS!!!I haven’t been this happy since 1986.

  79. jcmumsie@aol.com

    David – Your chiropractor deserves a gold star for making you well.
    What card game/s do you play while in the clubhouse – it it’s gin, deal me in.

  80. rob1lu2sue3@aol.com

    Dear David,

    I really liked what you said about playing for the name on the front of the jersey, not the name on the back of the jersey. I understand that individual stats are important in this game, but as a fan – even though I have my favorite players – I still am rooting for the entire team!

    Do most players feel that way? Or are they more concerned with their individual stats? Does being on a losing ball club contribute to an individual player changing teams?

    Thanks! Love the Blog!


  81. zaneajm@aim.com

    i no you here this alot but u are by far my favorite player just eeverything completes it just the way u hustle for the ball when u stikeout u dont complain ur a good role model and your a great clutch hitter and for the closing

  82. blondeshell522@aim.com

    hea David,
    Great game today! You went 2-4 and Beltran hit a great 2-run homer. Your defense was right on even with back spasms. The team stuck in there and everybody contributed with hits and amazin’ defense.

    I kno you guys will do great against the Diamondbacks tomorrow night. I’ll be watchin. The Mets are on top and going strong. Watch out, the Braves are in a groove and catching up. Don’t let them get on top. We deserve the title because we have an amazin’ team this year and we play with heart! Keep up the great work cause your on fire {W}right now!!!Tell Beltran to keep swinging that bat.


  83. surry1@verizon.net

    hey david,
    i’m 13 and in 1 week u turned me into a HUGE Mets fan!! every day i go on mets.com 2 see whats up. i went 2 my first game on the 23rd and loved it!!!

    question: Do you ever go to the games in virginia? i would love to see u and (your cute brother Daniel) there. πŸ˜‰


    – sara –

  84. samkadam@aol.com

    Hey, David
    Look at you going 6-8 in this series against the marlins!!! you couldnt have made us fans any more proud of you!!! Im glad your back is feeling better. Please thank your chiropractor for me because wutever he/she did really paid off!!! your such a big asset to this team that we couldnt afford to have you sit out again. I’ll be at the game this Saturday (June 3rd) and i cant wait to see you and cheer for you again!!! Once again, your awsome and keep up the great work!!! ❀ xoxoxo ~Sam

  85. dsamuels@aol.com

    Hi David

    6 for 8 against the Marlins was awesome. I’m glad that your back is better. What a great interview you did with Bruce Beck last night on Miked Up, especially since I know you had to have been tired.


  86. thewrightfans@yahoo.com

    I was in Sat’s game My first Met game ever! And David threw me a ball (guess what? I can’t catch LOL) but I still got it. Sadly I don’t have a sign or nothing on it that says so. Anywhooo Great!! game it was HOT but all worth it!

  87. blondeshell522@aim.com

    hea David,
    Great job in the bottom of the second inning where you guys drove in 4 runs!!! The game is on rain delay right now. I hope the game starts soon. You guys rock. Whenever the Mets are down by runs we always manage to stick in there and produce runs of our own to win the game. I wonder how long this rain delay might last. Good luck on the rest of the series. Tell Lo Duca that his two doubles were amazin’.I love you guys so much and you are my favorite player!


    – Lindsy aka {Wifey}

  88. kusmog@hotmail.com

    Sup David,

    Unlike most others commenting here on your blog, I’m a Yankees fan. I used to root for the Mets back when I was like in the 5th grade, but gave up on them when Strawberry bolted for L.A.

    Anyways, I just wanted to take the time to let you know and your teammates know what a great job you guys have been doing and everyone’s approach to games day to day despite all the second guessing from everyone to Mets’ fans, baseball fans, sportswriters/critics alike. It’s easy for anyone, myself included to get caught up in complaining about something when they aren’t involved first hand (Carlos Beltran’s situation in the beginning of the year was a good example) esp. NY’ers, but you guys are holding up and keeping your stride. I’m impressed. I’m also impressed with your humble attitude. Very Jeter-like. Keep it up, man!

    Congratulations on the game winning hit last night. You guys are making Mets games fun to watch again, and best of all, playing like a team.


  89. mike62385@yahoo.com

    great hit against the dbacks david you don’t know how much we all love you. keep up the great work.

  90. dsamuels@aol.com

    Thank you for another game winning hit last night. You always come through when the chips are down. Keep up the good work

  91. pia_russo123@yahoo.com

    Another great game!!!….i cant wait for october baseball, bc this team is going all the way. its great to see how down to earth you are and accomodating w/fans. when people say you are the enxt derek jeter does it bother you?…the big difference is you guys seem a lot nicer and more down to earth than any of the yankee players. i think their payroll gets to their head and they actn like they are too good….

  92. Rosie

    Hi, David

    Just wanted to say that you played a great game last night i really enjoyed it…. you guys are doing so good and i loved it when you fooled the guy from Florida when you went to third base…that was a great move? you?re great ?

    Bye Bye


  93. blondeshell522@aim.com

    hea David,

    Great game last night, your game winning hit was amazin’!!

    You always come through for the team and you know how to deliver. I knew that you had it. You were so close to a grand slam winning hit. How awesome would that of been?!We never gave up and the team played the rest of the game with your heads high. Floyd is getting into a groove and Valentin is producing runs and pulling his weight. The Mets are coming even closer together and we are working as a team to get the wins. If someone is slacking there is always someone there to pick up the slack and the other player’s spirit. Thats what makes the Mets such a great team.

    You had some great plays at third last night with those short one hoppers. Keep up the great work. Tell Nady that I hope he feels better and to hang in there. I hope Milledge can come in and pick up where Nady left off. Good luck tonight in the second game against the D’backs. Keep up the amazin’ work David.I have all the confidence in th world for this team and you especially. Keep playing strong and LET’S GOOO METS!!!!!


  94. lildude45@hotmail.com

    hey Mr. Wright!!

    I’m digging the walk off’s. You currently have 4 walkoff gamewinners this season. Go METS!!!

  95. raincntry@yahoo.com

    David, first let me say that as a life-long Mets fan, I am so happy and excited to watch you progress as a player and foundation of the lineup. It’s been a bit painful to watch our top talent the past few years either get traded away or not pan out. Your approach to the game, how serious you take it, and yet how you seem to have fun, make me proud to have you on my favorite team. I hope you anchor the infield with Jose for a long, long time.

    Now, will you make Milledge carry your bags or will you let Cliffy or Delgato have him?

  96. surry1@verizon.net

    i am a HUGE mets fan but my dad doesn’t watch baseball but loves the yankees. everyday, he yells at me since i have to see a mets game at least once in a day. make a homer!!!

    – sara –

  97. galagirl322@yahoo.com

    After reading an article about you in Sports Illustrated this past week, I just wanted to let you know that I have a great deal of respect for you now. Many players of your status seem to be caught up in the hype of being famous and being a major-leaguer, but that doesn’t seem to spoil you. It’s nice to know that there are some nice guys like yourself who are grounded and remain down-to-earth despite their experiences. Thanks for being awesome and a great player as well! Keep up the good work!!

  98. blondeshell522@aim.com

    hea David,
    Tough lost tonight. I’m sad that we didn’t win. We had many opportunities to drive in runners but we couldn’t tonight. We still got the rubber game match tomorrow to win. Milledge did okay for his mlb debut. Valentin’s bat is on fire and Oliver did an amazin’ job relief pitching for Soler. Soler needs to calm down and not get so worked up early in the game because that affects your performance. Thats what happens to me when I pitch.

    I am proud of Floyd who is hitting more and making more contact. You went 0-4 tonight but thats okay because you still have tomorrow night. Let’s win the serie tomorrow and get the win for Pedro cause its been a while since hes gotten a win. I’ll be watchin tomorrow.Good Luck! LETS GOOO METS!!!!

    -Lindsy {Wifey}

  99. skibby4@optonline.net


    My daughter worships and adores you. Please stay with the Mets. Don’t allow them to trade you.

  100. blondeshell522@aim.com

    hea David,

    Tomorrows the big day! I hope everything goes great and it turns out a huge success. This is a great cause that you are doing. Hit a hole in one for me!!!! Good luck tonight, lets take this serie!!


  101. jbd1@optonline.net

    great game on monday night. my family and i had a fun time despite the rain. you signed my daughter’s mets hat before the game and then you got the winning hit. i’m sure that she’ll never forget either! and you have a new fan for life. go get ’em, david… you are truly an “amazin’ met” and we fans are lucky to have you…

  102. sldickinson@gmail.com

    The last Tides game I went to (or was supposed to go to – all the good stuff happens when I don’t show up), Lastings Milledge apparently got into a shoving match after words were exchanged as he was running around the bases (I think he got a triple). bah, anyway, the cool thing is that it was after the basebrawl in Chi-Town.
    In my last comment, forgot to say congrats on the SI article.


  103. samkadam@aol.com

    Hey David,
    tough loss last night, i was really bummed, but ill get over it because you guys will just win it tonight!!! i just wanted to mention that the golf tournament your playing in tomorrow, in Eastchester, is where i live and you have no idea how incredibly mad i am that your going to be in my town and im not going to be able to see you!!!!!! Urrrggg!!! Everytime that i might have a slight chance of getting your autograph, i get shut down!!! its really starting to bother me!! Well that all i had to tell you so good luck tonight and ill see you Saturday!! xoxoxo ❀ ~Sam

  104. rmona65@verizon.net


    Sandy and I (Rose) just got home from our trip to Miami…we were soooooo sad that you didn’t play on Friday May 26… we were anxiously waiting for you and found out you weren’t playing that night. We cried! Hope you’re feeling better… we were going to try and make it to the games either on Saturday or Sunday, but unfortunately couldn’t. Our vacation was awesome, except we didn’t get to see you. That would’ve made it all complete! Of course, we kept up with the games while you were down there and were ecstatic that you played well! I was able to take some cool pics of the guys…but none of you!

    Take care of yourself…and we will see you play the Nationals in August @ RFK.

    **** Rose (VIRGINIA BEACH)

  105. lynchy363@aol.com

    Hey David. IM YOUR BIGGEST FAN EVER. Tough loss last night though. You guys will come back. You’re doing amazing so far this year. Im going to the game on Saturday against the Giants. You guys can beat them. I am over by the Left Field Line.There is nothing more cooler than getting your autograph. I will be wearing your jersey because it’s the only type I got(7 of them). It would be really cool to get your autograph. By the way, you don’t have to do this or anything, but I have been trying to get a jersey that you wore. I can’t because it is incredibly hard. I have tried over 15 times.Do you think you could send me one? PLEASE e-mail me at Lynchy363@aol.com

  106. lynchy363@aol.com

    It would be really great to meet you and the team. That is my goal in life. To meet David Wright and the Mets. Anyway, You are doing amazing and keep up the good work.
    Please E-Mail me.

  107. lynchy363@aol.com

    It would be really great to meet you and the team. That is my goal in life. To meet David Wright and the Mets. Anyway, You are doing amazing and keep up the good work.
    Please E-Mail me.

  108. blondeshell522@aim.com

    hea David,

    WOW, what a great game tonight!!! You guys came back and won. Another extra inning game David, but at least this one wasn’t 16 innings!! I am so proud of you guys for staying in there and coming out on top. To bad we couldn’t get the win for Pedro. Pedro had his stuff tonight and he pitched amazin’! Tonight’s game wuz such a battle between those two pitchers. They both were great but Pedro just brought it and kept pumpin those strikes early in the game.

    Tell the guys great job and keep up the amazin’ work. That was a great throw by Milledge to you to get the out at third. What an arm!! Tell Beltran I hope he feels better, that looked painful. Good luck tomorrow at your Golf Charity Tournament. I know it’ll be a success. Great job this season so far. I love you sooo much and I am your number one fan!!!



  109. lucky_girl468@yahoo.com

    Hey! I’ve been a mets fan since I was born, and it’s so refreshing to see the team and all of its players doing so well. It is also nice to see that someone with as large of a fan base as yourself, not full of himself. How Milledge doing now that he is the big time? And, tell Beltran to feel better, he is a great asset to the team! Good luck in your next series!

  110. david_19528@hotmail.com

    Great game last night…I am going to see the Mets in Cincinnati next month. I think David and Jose are fun to watch. With the addition of Julio Franco and Carolos Delgado and the greatness of Tom Glavine this team seems destined to uproot the Braves from the NL East crown. Have a great game against the Giants this weekend. You are awesome David!

  111. princesstori92@aol.com

    Hi David-
    I love the name of you blog! I’m really glad you guys are doing so well. I hope Delgado gets out of his slump. By the way, you’re my favorite player. That’s how I found your blog. I was trying to find a picture of you and i found this. Keep playing David!! You rock my socks!! LOL

    – Victoria

  112. alanz9@yahoo.com

    David, I’ve been following your blog and to be honest I’m pretty disappointed with it. It’s filled with cliches that we always here from players on a nightly basis in front of the press. I’d like to hear about little things that go on in the clubhouse, on the bench and on road trips. You don’t need to tell us that the rotation is banged up or that the Phillies are playing well….we know all that. The point of the blog is to hear things we don’t normally hear about from a player’s perspective. I’m not telling you to give up secrets from the locker room, but I think the blog should be more personal. I haven’t learned anything about you from this blog. Everything you have written can be read in the Daily News. I hope you take this into consideration.


  113. blondeshell522@aim.com

    hea David,

    Don’t listen to Alan. Your blog is great! Your fans love and appreciate your blog.


  114. jaybenz721@yahoo.com

    Mets fan since i was able to since “lets go Mets”
    What’s up David, Can you believe this weather. I don’t think that you guys will play tomorrow.Anyway I kind of agree with Alan…maybe you should tell us more about yourself that we can’t readin the paper. You and Cliff look like really good friends,how cool are you guys?

  115. gdwendell@comcast.net

    David, u really are an inspiration, you go out there ever night and do your thing (and do it well) u really are an outstanding ball player and one of my favorites

  116. Kellia


    Congrats on the walk-ff the other day. Of course, I was rooting for the D’Backs,(although I want the Mets to win when they AREN’T playing the Snakes). But when you came up that night, I just knew it was all over.

    What’s it feel like to be at bat with the game on the line?



  117. jamieforrester@newyork-mets.net

    Whaddaya Say Now Davey!

    Brass Monkey That Funky Monkey, are you able to choose the music when you come up to bat, or is all that done for you? The songs that are played when you come up are quite the pump up jams. I kniw I would wanna hit a homer when ever I heard em when I got up to bat.

    Pound-Town Dawg

  118. lifey.mclife@gmail.com

    What a *****, I apologize for this guy above me. I just have one question, what is it like playing with a god like Tom Glavine?

  119. marybeth1024@yahoo.com

    You are having a great year! I have followed the Mets since 1974 but I think you guys are better then the ’86 Mets. I love to be able to watch a Mets game without that proverbial knot in the stomach. But I have a question that has absolutely nothing to do with the game. It’s about your dog Homer – we have a 10 y/o brindle boxer and he is the best. Just wondering if your dog is fawn or brindle. I guess this is the stupid question of the day…

  120. joenmarty@ec.rr.com


    I can somewhat remember, at 4 years old, sitting with my Grandfather watching the ’69 World Series. I have been a Mets fan since I knew what a baseball was… through the good times and the bad!

    I just wanted you to know that I am a huge fan, and I’m reliving my brush with the minor leagues some years ago! You and the rest of that vicious lineup have brought excitement back to the real New York fans! If I can’t catch the game on TV, I’ll be keeping up either through my laptop or cell phone!

    I live in North Carolina now (retired Marine) and don’t get to watch too many Met games these days. The Digital Baseball package took care of that! I plan to catch a few games this year at Shea through family still in the NJ area!

    Another HUGE David Wright fan…

    Give ’em ****!

  121. calisurf5@gmail.com

    Hi David,

    I attended your foundation’s golf classic last night and finally got a chance to meet you and see what the foundation is all about! You are truly a sweet person and it is a great thing you are doing. How fun is it that you get to paid to live your dream and to give back at the same time.

    I work in the sports industry and I was so relieved to know there is at least one great athlete that many admire (including myself) that is true to himself.

    It was great to see you kick off the cleats for the day and act like a normal 23 year old just like me! Thanks for a great day out of the office..until next time!

  122. blondeshell522@aim.com

    hea david,

    I’m bumbed about the game being cancelled today. I knew it would be postponed but i hoped it wouldn’t. Double header tomorrow, hope you guys take both. Congradulations on the success at your Golf Tournament for your foundation!! Good luck tomorrow.


    -Lindsy {Wifey}

  123. jenn24120@yahoo.com

    Hey David…
    …I just wanted to let you know that I am a huge fan of you and the Mets. I have been a Met fan my whole life and have been going to games since I was younger. I have always gone to the spring training games because my family owns a house in Jensen Beach which is the next town over from Port St. Lucie. Thanks for doing sooo good this year πŸ˜‰ E-Mail me back!!

    ❀ Jenny

  124. floydroc@hotmail.com

    Hi David,

    Just wanted to say how awesome you and the rest of the team have been so far this season. It has been a joy to watch.

    THank you!!

  125. jenn24120@yahoo.com

    You guys played awesome these past 4 games!!! Way to go!!! I will be at the game on Saturday so lets hope it’s another good one!!:)
    ❀ Jenn

  126. jenn24120@yahoo.com

    Hey…Great game last night!! First you had a homerun in the sixth that put us ahead, and then you have the game winning double-play!! You are truly an amazing player.
    ❀ Jenn

  127. Robert

    D.Wright i seen you need a few ideas for your blogs well i’ll give you a few ideas:
    Wrights incite

    Wright On-site

    5 Alive

    if i think of some more ill let you hear them..

    Im glad i bought the mlbtv because i lived on long island for 18 years and moved to Tampa 4 years a go so the only way to see the best team in baseball is to travel to miami or ATlanta.. Its a hike but i do it.

  128. broncosmetgv@aol.com


    Great game today. Do you have a girlfriend? What do you look for in a girlfriend?

  129. iluvsnwbrding@yahoo.com

    Hey David
    You did so amazing in the game today, that grand slam was unbelievable. I almost began to regret sitting out in that 95 degree weather until you hit that. Congratulations. Good luck in the games this upcoming week =)

  130. allstar1190@yahoo.com

    Hey David,
    I just wanna say i think your one of the most talented young hitters ive seen in a while even though im only 15. Me and my dad think your great and my dad hopes to see you one day because he owns a flower shop right near where you live. But anyway great playing and good look the rest of the way.

  131. tariza21tthomas5@yahoo.com

    hi MR.WRIGHT i think is the perferct way to discribe the METS this year, hope to years to come i name this blog to all mets fans around the globe (MR.WRIGHT makes this amazings ALLLLL RIGHT!!)mets forever do it for the fans not for the bucks, stay here ,this is the place for the great player like you good luck rest of the season METS fan…

  132. apastigl@ramapo.edu

    Mr. Wright,
    I am a first time blogger, and this is all new to me but I’ll do my best! I just wanted to say I am a BIG fan of The Mets!! and I am so glad you have joined the team! You have made a termendous difference in the program and I’m sure the Mets are truly greatful! But as an athlete myself I know teamwork is a big part of winning (as a team).

    But I just though I would drop you a line to let you know how well you are doing. I am still trying to get to a game this summer, ( I work all the time) but I promise I will stop by to cheer my favorite team on!

    GOOD LUCK the rest of the way!!

    from: the girl next door….

  133. djaxx1b35@yahoo.com

    Been a Mets fan all my life. With you and Jose, this team has the potential to be great for years to come. Congrats on a great year so far.


  134. summermarie24@yahoo.com

    Hi David,
    I just wanted to say that I think you’re doing a great job and the Mets are coming together as a team that can’t be touched!! You guys are truly AMAZIN!!!!! Good luck for the rest of the season. You have the skills to back it up! MVP!!

  135. luv2tch82@yahoo.com

    I am a Chesapeake Public Schools grad also (Western Branch C/O 2000). It is good to see a hometown person make it in the big leagues. I think it is great that you have been given the chance to play for your childhood team and with that, you will always have some feeling of what the fans feel. Like you I also grew up watching the Tides and Mets. I remember the games at “Old Met Park” with the aluminum bleachers…the song “We Will Rock You” just doesn’t sound the same in the new park though the new one is nice. I just wanted to say good luck in the post season. Like a true Mets fan, I have watch through the good and the not so good knowing one day the Mets would be on top of the world again. (Like Tug McGraw said in ’73…”Ya Gotta Believe.”) I’m hoping there will be a 20th anniversary championship win. Congrats on a great season…keep it up…and know that all of Virginia is cheering you and the Mets on to a championship win!!!

  136. sweetnunu86@yahoo.com

    Hey David, Its awesome that you choose to share your feelings with us met fans. I know it means a lot because we feel apart of the team to hear whats going on. To hear that the New York Mets are such a close knit family on and off the field explains what this season has been all about and why you are all here in the post season. My family and I have relocated to Pennsylvania(Philly mania) and what terrible sports fans they are. My sisters and I were able to attend three out of the four games you played at Citizens Bank park. We will NEVER… do it again! The abuse we received before, during, and after the game was disgusting. They are the worst fans and dont compare what so ever to New York fans. We are all proud met fans here in PA, win or lose we love you guys. Good luck and have fun!! Dawn

  137. fsiragusa@cox.net

    Out here in Tucson, Arizona I am going nuts!! I had rotator cuff surgery on 9/7/06 and have not worked since.

    I am loving watching you guys kick butt!! Besides no one is a Met fan in Tucson, they are all stupid Yankee fans so I am having an eve greater time.

    The only thing that bums me is that I go back to work on 10/18/06. I get home about 5:30 p.m. and do not want to miss one minute of the World Series games with the NEW YORK METS playing. Because I know you will be there.

    Keep rockin and rolling like a staemroller. Take NO prisoners!!

    Love you guys, and have since I was 4 years old when I lived in Westbury.

  138. davidwrightluv5@aim.com

    Hey david,

    Your like awesome! your my role model so keep up the good work!!! Good luck in the post season!


    Faith Laudano

  139. ttownsend@nps.k12.va.us

    Hey David, Coach Townsend here. It’s been great following you this year and I now have a favorite National league team in the Mets you know that took some doing haha. We are all pulling for you here back home. Good luck and thanks for everything you do. Stay after em!!! coacht

  140. vdubug99@aol.com

    Heyyy D…the mets are definately going all the way this year!! I wish you all the luck in the playoffs and world series (even though u will probably never read this or comment back)… i actually met you during spring training in fla last year.. Floyd was busting your balls the entire time… i guess that’s what happens when ur the rookie… good luck!!1

  141. kcd426@optonline.net

    Hey David,

    Just want to say congrats with the first 2 games of the playoffs and that you guys are going all the way this year!Nice job breaking 100 RBIs this season and being the number 1 New York third baseman.A-Rods got nothing on you. By the way, have you ever thought about making a screen name. You can talk to some of your fan during the off season.

    Good Luck,


  142. drees005@odu.edu

    You are making the fellow Hickory boys proud. We have been watching them at AJ Gators, looking foward to watching more. Keep mashing the ball.


  143. tomgillette@hotmail.com


    Congrats on the sweep! You guys look like you’re having fun and it’s contagious. I told my son you’d hit a homerun for him in the next series. He’s rooting for you!

  144. pita0210@aol.com

    hey david,
    you are doin a real good job! i just wanted to say that i love the intensity that you and the mets bring to the game. No one wants this more than the mets and the mets fans so just know that we’ll never give up. LOVE YOU GUYS! keep it up!!

  145. jerrymccnn@yahoo.com

    Hi Dave!!! I just wanted to wish you and my Mets VICTORY against St. Louis!! They may have Puljols (spelling?) and Carpenter but we got you, Jose R., Carlos Delgado, Carlos Beltran, Tommy Glavine, hopefully Cliff (please tell him I hope he gets better)…need I say more…WE got the WEAPONS…BRING IT ST. LOUIS…we’ll be sending YOU packing too!!! I have been a Mets fan since I was 11 years old and outside of ’86 I have never been PROUDER to wear the “orange and blue” every chance I get. GO GET ‘EM DAVEY!! LET’S GO METS!!!!!!!

  146. raina19@optonline.net

    Not only do I want to wish you luck tonight & congratulate you on being our most exciting player but could you be any hotter?

  147. jerrymccnn@yahoo.com

    Hey Davey!!! Just wanted to let you know…New York is now a METS TOWN (even though I’m in Jersey we stand with our New York neighbors!!)…funny though…I’mm seeing alot more folks sporting the “orange and blue”…even some friends who are Yankee fans hmmmmm. Anyway Davey…best of luck to you tonight…take those “birds” out of the equation early!!


  148. jerrymccnn@yahoo.com

    Hi Davey, just wanted to drop by to check on ya. Hope the rain last night didn’t take the edge off…sad news about Cory…I hope alot of my fellow Met fans expressed condolences to his family, his teammates and to the Yankee fans…I think you and my fellow “Orange & Blue Faithful” will agree Cory was member of the New York Baseball family and I think it would be great to show the Bombers fans ouir support during this time. Anyway good luck tonight Davey!!!!
    LET ‘EM HAVE IT!!!!

    By the way please tell Omar his comments about Cory were TOTALLY CLASSY and indicative of the class the Mets have always had.

  149. metswrightgirl@hotmail.com

    Hey David,

    I just want to wish you good luck in the rest of the playoffs. It definatly is our time to shine. Nice home run the other night! I was so proud of you for stepping up after Beltran to get the team towards that win. You are an amazing ball player with a big heart for his fans and I hope to meet you one day and thank you for all inspiration you have given me.

    The METS have really come a long way this year with the help of everyone and especially you. I can only imagine the feeling you must get every time you step on the field. My team was the underdog in our league, but every time I stepped on that field toward 3rd base, I was in a whole other world. To imagine to step onto Shea would blow my mind!!!

    By the way, I heard you love clubbing, I dig the night life, LOL, what places do you recommend? Maybe I can drink you under the table one night, LOL. Best of luck in the series. IT’S TIME BABY!!!!!

  150. lmarzocco@optonline.net


  151. emmmkay8@gmail.com

    hey your a great player and i wish good things for you the rest of the post season!
    keep up the good work and good luck from a new fan in Chicago….Erin

  152. bcbaseball@bellsouth.net

    David- Get off the plate a little bit and go back to hitting to the right-center gap. WE NEED YOU TONIGHT!

  153. twright1741@wowway.com

    David…..I think you(and Brandon Inge) are the best thirdbaseman ever…I hope you play the Tigers in the world series….My main reason for liking u, besides that you’re a great player is b/c my last name is Wright too. So where it well and good luck. P.S.u were awesome in the homerun derby, u should of won.

    Love, Little Wright

    Go Tigers and Mets

  154. marystretch@aol.com

    Dear Wright,
    What happened?! After 97 wins this season, you guys lose to the Cards. You’re a great guy, but all of a sudden, you go in a huge slump to end the year. Well, just next season, tell Omar Minaya to TRY to get Barry Zito and Alfonso Soriano. Hit a homer next time on your first at-bat of the season next year. All the Mets fans will be rooting you on alllllllll the way(especally me). Stay healthy, and have a great time off of baseball. I hope the Cardinals get thier butts kicked,especially after Pujol’s comment about Tom Glavine.

    I’ll blog to you next season, so be ready to read my comments.

    P.S. I still have football season:)

  155. wildnkrazygurl23@aol.com

    I am a die-hard mets fan and most the time the one thing that gets me through the day is knowing there is a mets game on. You guys mad me so happy this season all though you didnt end up on top u definitly proved that yourselves. I was devestated that you guys lost yesturday but i just keep thinking about what a great season and how many times i left shea feeling so proud to be a mets fan. Theres nothing like walking down those ramps when you guys win. So come back in 2007 just as strong and lovable!

  156. mnm113572@aol.com

    What can I say but great season, one request please go to right with outside pitch anyone can hit homeruns but 60 doubles 20-25 homers and 100 RBI a 300 batting average, 15 -20 steals and being one of the best two strike hitters in baseball that is a year and a half for most major leaguers. It is a pleasure watching you do your job, as for the post season I?m sure you will see it many more times. Stay Healthy and thanks once again for a great season LETS GO METS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  157. fhfrankie@optonline.com

    ongratulations on a wonderful season and a great post season. As a long time Mets fan (dating from 1973), I’ve seen a little thick and a lot of thin: this was good thick this year! You Mets have the potential of building a real dynasty, not too dissimilar from what Atlanta did for many years, only you have the chance of being better. A surfeit of young arms mixed in with veterans, plus the same combination in the field makes the years ahead look really bright. What a shot in the arm you will be for New York, especially for one of the “undiscovered” boroughs! In closing, let me highlight a major difference between the Mets and the other team in NY. Immediately after the final loss to the Tigers, fingers were pointed, firings were reported and blame and aspersions cascaded throughout the press, radio and television. When you lost the seventh game, a mood of sadness and hope prevailed, and with scant exception, blame was not to be found. People hugged and were optimistic about next year. Therein, I think, lies the difference: the Mets are a Team, the Yankees are a collection of some of the best players in baseball but not a team in the best sense of the word. How does the old saying go: there’s no “I” in team. Congratulations again, and thanks for the memories and the coming vision. Keep the faith.

  158. davidwrightluv5@aim.com

    Hey David
    now that the season is over i am sure you don’t really visit your blog but I just wanted to say hi and that reading your biographies and stats have really inspired me. I play softball and i am 12 years old. I was asked to try out for the high school team by the varsity coaches and i am going to do it. you have inspired me alot to practice at playing ball. You must have worked hard and still do. well good job in Japan.

    Love your inspired fan,

    Faith Laudano

  159. villella15@yahoo.com

    Hi David! I think the only song that you should walk out to is “This is why I’m hot” by The Mims.

  160. jlynnsherman@gmail.com

    Hi David,

    Eventhough you are an amazing player, and I do actually love the sport of baseball…I have to say I have not seen a cuter player since Kyle Farnsworth ; ) I am a Cubs fan, but I would not mind flying to New York to see you play! You have my email address…good luck this season!


  161. magic347@aol.com

    Hello David,

    First off, I’d just like to say thank you for being such a positive roll model. When I discovered your MS Foundation I was touched. My father has MS. I was so inspired by your foundation that at my baby shower instead of giving gifts to my guests we collected money to donate to your foundation. We raised $350! Also…My son Caden Wright McLeod was born on Oct 5th. To honor your incredible talent both on and off the field my son will carry your name proudly! Any chance you would sign his David Wright Jersey?


    Karen and Caden

  162. vzeo6epp@verizon.net

    There was talk on WFAN last night about making you captain. I think you’ve already earned it.
    After the disaster in Philadelphia, I’d be so pleased if the Mets eliminated the Pillies at Shea later this month, not just from the division, but also from the wild card — the ultimate revenge!

  163. vzeo6epp@verizon.net

    Dear David:
    Please pass my congratulations to your fellow Virginian on his fine pitching performance today. He’s shown great potential, of which I expect to see more next year.

    The Pillies lost, so it all comes down to tomorrow. May the momentum continue.

    In any case, you still deserve a shot at the MVP and captain. No matter what happens, you’ve done your best in my opinion.

  164. italiangal210@aim.com

    Dear David WRIGHT,
    please tell your team to WIN… your down 7-1 and yesterday you guys won 13-0… I dont get it… im on the verge of crying my eyes out because thats how much the mets matter to me… BUT YOU GOTTA BELIEVE…. YOU GOT 6 INNINGS LEFT… MAKE THE MOST OUT OF THEM AND FINISH THIS SEASON WITH A BANG!!!!!!!!!


  165. kcoe@greenwichacademy.org


  166. hackerstan1@optonline.net

    Hey David: I think you are one of the best. My sons and my nephew were down in Florida for Mets baseball camp in march celrbrating my 80th birthday and we saw you and a young lady at Peter’s in Jenson Beach. I wanted to go over and get your autograph and take your picture but my sons wouldn’t let me, even after Peter the owner came over to congratulate me and took my picture, and even though Peter said you were a great guy and probably wouldn’t mind. I just wanted to congratulate you on having a great personal season and we (the Mets) will get the prize next year. Best of luck Stan

  167. vzeo6epp@verizon.net

    Happy Birthday, David! A quarter of a century does go fast, for I know what I was doing 25 years ago.
    It’ll be great watching your career both on and off the field. You are a fine example to the fans.

  168. eli_littleangel@hotmail.com

    Hey David,

    U rock dude! at least in my world u do, lol. Just wanted u 2 know ur a great player, the games are actually worth watching now because of u, just kidding, i’m a huge Mets fan. But i don’t only admire ur game skills, i mostly admire ur kindness, it shows on ur foundation activities. I think it’s wonderful what ur doing 4 kids with MS. Ur a great role model to me and i’m sure to many other young adults. Congrats on the Golden Glove! I can’t wait to go to Shea and hopefully get to meet u. I wish u only the best for this 2008 season, and kick some butt!! Please make it to the play-offs.

  169. vzeo6epp@verizon.net

    Whew, David! I think I voted for you 25 times for that last spot on the All Star team while scattering the votes among the five in the American League. After that harrowing game last night in Philadelphia (and I live just outside the city), I think you have an even greater claim on the prize.

  170. misswright005@yahoo.com

    Hi Mr. Wright,
    I play third base for my 13 year old softball team. What can i do to improve my throwing accuracy to first base, ive been throwing it too high Great season so far. Good Luck. Good luck at the all star game ill be rooting for you!!


  171. rjqq

    Hey David,

    My Name is Chloe Quintero. I really love the Mets. You right now are my idle and my Hero. I am only 13 years old so I have to look up to some one. You probily dont remember me but I said to you at the Allstar day parade that “You are the BEST player in the world” It was true. Well anyway I hope you do good in the playoffs. I play on a softball team and I am Right field and when ever they hit the ball to me I am really scared. Do you have any advice for me if so you can email me at thecoolkid369@gmail.com

    Chloe Quintero

  172. kfmets5@yahoo.com

    I am a HUGE Mets fan and you have always been my favorite player even before you were on the team. My dad told me that there was a new guy in the minor leagues and he seemed really good so since then I have always watched you play and always rooted for you. You are my all time favorite player and since 2004 I have been collecting posters, and pictures of you that have been in the newspaper or that I have come across. If you ever have a chance to e-mail me that would be great!
    Good Luck in the future and you will always be my favorite Mets player no matter what!

  173. vzeo6epp@verizon.net

    Once again, David, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a classy guy. Thank goodness, you’re now more than half my age! Because I live near Philadelphia, but I was born in Wilkes-Barre (northeastern Pennsylvania, near Scranton), it is difficult to avoid the Phillies fans. Nonetheless, you can stand with Mike Schmidt, another classy third baseman.

  174. kinfleeusa@gmail.com


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  175. okoslug@hotmail.com

    Hello David,

    You have always been one of my favorite players since you came up. I have to be honest though and say I am a little bummed that you seem to have lost that fire…you dont hustle like you once did. You dont run pop ups or fly out anymore. As one of the very special people who get to play this great game you should ALWAYS hustle and never take anything for granted. Before you realize it yourt career will be over and you will wish you hustled more. I hope you rethink how you play the game and get back to what made you one of the young exciting players.

    Best of luck, and…LETS GO METS!


  176. miclmac@aol.com

    First off I just wanted to wish you a Happy Belated Birthday!!! Hope you had a great day!!! I have been a huge Mets fan my whole life thanks to my Dad!!! Which is 32 long years Ha! We always watched the games together. Even though I know you guys had a bad season this year I really was not able to get into baseball like I usually do. My father wound up passing away unexpectedly a few days before the opening day at Citifield which I had originally planned on going to. When we put him to rest we had a Mets baseball placed in his coffin and from me I had a beanie bear baby with your name on it that I put down with him. He always knew I loved watching you play. So this year has been a very rough one for me. I miss him so much and I would try here and there to watch the games on tv but I couldn’t get through seeing a whole one. I only went to one game at Citifield this year and it was in May and as soon as I walked through the gates to get in I started crying for the first 20 minutes I was there. I know people were looking at me like I was crazy wondering what was wrong with me but I was just so sad that I would never be able to take him to Citifield with me. Anyway I just wanted to share that with you. I hope next year I can get my head back into baseball a little more because I love the METS and would like nothing more than to see you guys take another World Series! Best of luck to you and the team! Thank you for being you. You are a very well spoken gentleman who I can tell enjoys what he does and isn’t in it for the paycheck. You are a role model to alot of young boys out there. And then there’s women like me who just adore you! Ha! Take care Dave and GO METS!!!

    Signed by a Jersey Girl,

  177. vzeo6epp@verizon.net

    Hi, David:

    Just to let you know that I am still your fan, not because of what you do on the field, but because you are wise enough to provide such community service. Again I compare you to Mike Schmidt, another classy third baseman.

    Although you may deny it, the Mets are done this year. I hate to admit it as well, but let’s face the facts. Surely someone in management can put together a team that can win.

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