The Clincher


It?s kind of funny. Over the past couple weeks I had wondered how I?d react and what it would be like when we finally clinched the NL East. I tried to picture in my mind what would the celebration would be like. I wondered who I would run up to and grab first. I reminded myself over and over to savor the moment and try to take it all in.

But when Cliff caught that final fly ball in left field, my mind went blank and I just reacted. Everything was so spontaneous, everyone was just running for the pile up. It was a surreal experience. The lights, the noise, the emotion ? the first few minutes of celebration are still like a blur in my mind. But I do know for a fact that it was the greatest moment I?ve ever had on a baseball field.

A few days later, it?s still just sinking in that we?ve clinched the NL East. It?s still so fresh in my mind that I can still feel the sting of the champagne in my eyes.

It?s particularly gratifying to share the moment with this group of players. Knowing the caliber of guys in our clubhouse makes it even more rewarding. Everyone knew from the first day of Spring Training that we had the talent on the field. We had proven performers who we knew were capable of putting up big numbers on the stat sheet. We knew we could win ballgames.

What we didn?t know at that point was how well we would all come together. We didn?t know how well we would all get along and how much fun we would have together during the course of the season. We?ve grown so close during these past seven months and had so many special moments together that winning the NL East together is even more rewarding.

It?s been a long time since the franchise has won a division title. I was five years old the last time the Mets finished first in the division, so I?d been waiting a long time this just like all of the rest of the Mets fans out there. As a lifelong Mets fan myself, I think I really identify with the fans. I felt as happy for the fans as I did for myself. I know what it?s like to be a fan of this club.

The atmosphere at Shea Stadium the night of the clincher was unbelievable. I?ll never forget the way the fans came out in full force and reacted. It was electric, like I imagine the playoff games will be around here in a couple weeks. During the game, I found myself glancing over at the stands, looking at the faces in the crowd. People were so happy. It just made me feel good that I could play some small part in creating that much pure joy.


After the final out, seeing those 55,000 fans at Shea Stadium go completely insane sent chills up my spine. It was the ultimate high. A few of us wanted to celebrate with the fans, too, so we went over to the stands to give them some high fives and share the moment with them, too.

Hopefully, this is the first of many, though. I don?t want to sound greedy and say we?re going to replicate the Braves’ run of division titles but we have a core group of talented players to become a force in the NL East for a long time. We have the veteran guys who keep us on an even keel throughout the long season and the young guys who bring a lot of energy and excitement to the ballpark everyday.

You really couldn?t have scripted a better regular season for us. It?s been a dream season in a lot of ways for us. Now, hopefully, we can keep our focus over the course of the last week or so, prepare ourselves mentally and physically, and go into the postseason on a high note.

We?re not done yet. In a lot of way this is just the beginning for us. I just hope you?re all enjoying this as much as I am.

(Thanks again to the folks at for posting this for me during the pre-game, and please blog along with me down the stretch.)




    I can’t tell you how excited I am for you, the team and the city of New York. I live in Kansas City and it is hard to be a Mets fan so far away but I’m holding ground for ya’ll all the way over here. So best of best to you and the team and I’ll be watching in the postseason.



    I was soooo happy on monday night ( I didn’t ever care about football!) I just wanted to say congrats and can’t wait for playoffs to start! LETS GO METS!




    CONGRATS! It was such an exciting moment and it was just AMAZING! I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited during a baseball game like that! I’m so happy for all of you and you guys definately deserved it! It was also great to see you guys celebrating with the fans! Good luck on the rest of the season and I can’t wait to see you guys in the playoffs! Go METS!

    I love you David!



    YESS!!! im close to the top on this post!

    “But I do know for a fact that it was the greatest moment I?ve ever had on a baseball field.”

    That will be when u win the world series.

    I love you David, you’re the best there is.

    ❤ Stef


    David, Met fans are definitely enjoying every second of this. Our thanks to you and the rest of the team for giving us so much to smile about this season. And the great thing is that the ride is just beginning. The Mets are going all the way!!


    Hey David,
    Living in the tri-state area, it was easy for me to see games all the time, whether it be on TV or at Shea, so it was really difficult for me to come back to school in DC and not have any games on at all. The day that you all clinched, I was sitting in a room with my friend and we were listening on the radio, waiting in anticipation. My family called before the 9th inning and asked if we wanted to “watch” the last inning “together,” so we did(with them telling me every play, and with the delay from the radio, it was kind of nice) and when Cliff caught that ball, we all went crazy, and my friend and I immediately turned on ESPN to see if they were showing anything from your game, and there it was. . .Duca running out to hug Wagner and you all jumping on each other. Even though I was in DC, I could just feel the excitement(and relief), and I just think it’s so awesome how you all make us(the fans) feel like we are part of the team. So, best of luck(not like you need it) for the rest of the season, and I can’t wait to see you guys on Friday when you come to Washington!

    Thanks again,




    I’m a Phillies fan, so I can’t say I’m happy for you all but THANK YOU for taking it from the Braves. Just look out next year. 🙂

    But I’m glad that you got to celebrate as a fan as well as a player. Not many people get to experience that, and Im sure it’s something unforgettable.

    Hope you saved an NL East Champs cap for Homer. 😛



    heyy David!
    i was so happy that you guys won your division! without you i dont think the mets would be where they are today without you. i was glad to see that u celebrated with tthe fans when you won that shows that you really appreciate everyhting they do for you. thanks for being my favorite player!! i have like a wall of pictures and quotes of you. i hope you guys go all the way!! stay healthy and good luck!!!!

    i love you ❤

    ur biggest fan



    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!! You guys Definetaly deserve it!!!! Since I live in Rochester NY, it is easy to see the games on TV but not to see you guys in person.. i was able to go to the 3rd Pittsburg gaeme. After driving 4.5 hours without tickets, we get there and they had fabulous seats 22 rows back from 3rd base!!! I was so happy !!! I couldnt wait to see you guys play.. It had been 18 years since the last time I was at a real game and it was at Shea.. I felt like I was dreaming LOL.. Seeing you guys play is way more magical then Disney World.. I was really disapointed that you guys didnt win though… it was great however, to see you hitting well and stealing 2nd!!!
    Even though, I was disapointed I didnt get to see you guys clinch in Pitt, I was so happy on Monday I actually was jumping up and down, it was amazing… We watched all the after coverage and I thought it was great how you came on the field and shared with the fans.. Only wish I was there LOL.. Thanks for the text chat on Tuesday, that was pretty cool too.. Alright Keep up all the fab work and win the world series !!!!!1


    Hey David,
    Congratulations! You guys clinched the NL East! Very proud! I love you-just to fill you in! I already have the shirt that you wore on the clinching night! By the way, you looked really hott in the picture of Paul, pouring the champagne in your mouth lol. Quick ?, why was that “guy” fan kissing you? Only I’m allowed to do that!! lol

    Well see you at the playoff game…

    lots of love…



    Congratulations, David on winning the NL East for the first time in 18 years. Watching this team celebrate was a treat in itself ! That was very classy, sharing the moment with the fans at Shea…thanks !

    But, just you wait, the greatest celebrations are yet to come…


    Three things I’d like to bring up:
    1) New Orleans Zephyrs ??? I mean come on, we’ve been with the Norfolk-Tidewater Tides for sooo long ! It’s a travesty. I mean it’s nice to revitalize the economy of an area devestated by Hurricane Katrina, but egads man, I love the Tides !

    2) Is it too much to ask the squad pull off a 100 win season ? That also hasn’t happened since 88. I mean granted, it’s a moot point. You guys have done such a wonderful job against NL, that you clinched homefield advantage, several days ago. And the AL, whomever their representative will be, will have WS advantage. Jeez, I really did wish it was Wagner closing that game out, instead of Hoffman…I mean you, Duke, and CarlosB almost beat the AL single-handedly in that game. Alas, we still have a great road record so no fear there.

    3) I want the Yankees on the otherside of the World Series docket. We need to exorcise our demons…from 2000 and brag that we’re officially the best in NY !


    hey David

    congrats on the clinch

    im a yankee fan n i was still excited for u guys lol

    i still like u guys 2

    u guys are good this year

    i think u will go far

    good luck = ]



    Congratulations! I’m SO excited for the whole team, I wish I was there! Can’t wait to see you guys tear up the playoffs. -Tara, CT


    Hey David….howz life…..i was extremely, totally excited when cliff floyd caught that ball….it was superb…. a feeling that only a met fan could get…love u guyzzz alot…specially u ..!!! and loads of good luck for the post season….lol,,,,


    Hi David!

    I’m so excited that you guys did it. It’s certainly been a long time coming and we all knew that this would be the team and this is would be the time. Thank you so much for going out to the field and sharing the moment with the fans. It shows that you’re such a class act and you love the Mets just as much as us. Good luck in the post season, I know you guys will do great!!

  17. Brady

    Hey David, would you be interested in doing an interview with a 16 year old sports writer from Arkansas? I write for the Stuttgart Daily Leader and I thought it would be amazing if you were interested in doing it…just e-mail me if you are…(

    Brady Holzhauer

    In the Cards


    Monday was such an awesome night in the history of Mets baseball…. I was so excited that I cant even imagine what it must have felt like to be playing in that game, on the field and in the clubhouse….how fun!!:)
    Well Congratulations on a job well done, you deserve it! Good Luck to everyone in the post season


  19. Arielle

    Congrats, David. Unfortunately, my Red Sox didn’t quite do so well, and those **** Yankees won the division again, but there is always next year.

    I’ll be rooting for the Mets in the postseason. I think one of the reasons why the Red Sox won the WS in ’04 was because of the closeness of the guys. I can see that with the Mets, plus Petey was my first favorite, so I always root for him.

    Good Luck!



    Congratulations!!! You all deserve it! It was my first time watching a baseball team with that much passion for the game. I saw that with two outs you were already excited. The way you all celebrated was just amazing. I am a true Met fan and will always be one. I hope that there are more titles to be won and some world series too. Good luck to you and the team!


    Dear David,

    There is so much I could say about how much you truly mean to your team, your city, and your fans, but I think–or at least, I HOPE–you’re already well aware. Honestly, without you manning the hot corner on a daily basis, the baseball-watching experience just would NOT be the same. I am so glad you will be here for the long term. I love that you cited the impromptu celebration with the fans as the highlight of your night that night. The fans give you a lot on a consistent basis, but you totally give it right back to them as you showed on Monday. To tell you the truth, I’m a Yankees fan, and though I love my team the way it is, my goodness, it is so incredibly refreshing and invigorating to watch you blossom into the kind of player and person you are. I hope you always stay this way, David, and I’m not just saying it because it’s something I think you should hear. For the sake of your fans, your teammates, the game of baseball, and yourself, I really am banking on you to remain as down-to-earth and genuine as you are now. If not, Cliff Floyd is gonna have your head on a platter (I’m sure he’s not someone I’d really want to **** off since he’ll probably make you carry his entire neighborhood’s bags as punishment). Seriously, though, just keep being yourself and you will continue to bring lots of joy to the faces of the many who already love you! (Myself included.) Anyway, I really hope you make it to the big dance. Brace yourself! October is a different kind of beast altogether. If you thought Monday night was the best night of your baseball life, well, all I can say is, think again, m’friend. The best is yet to come! Good luck, sincere congratulations, and go kick some ***!! 🙂


    (P.S. I love that certain words that aren’t even very bad get bleeped out automatically. That’s funny.)



    AWESOME – just AWESOME! Its so nice to have that fire inside again for the game of baseball and my lifelong team – the Mets! Thanks to you especially, and the rest of the guys who have played their hearts out all season, thanks for bringing the game back to the amazing, almost “spiritual” event it was meant to be!

    Anyway, it was good to see you in Pittsburgh recently – my son and I are huge fans, and he brought a picture of you and him together down at Tradition Field – he was so proud of that photo he had it blown up to poster size and brought it with him to the Pirates game at PNC park….you may have seen him down by the dugout holding it up every 5 seconds!

    Anyway, we have tix to the 3rd home game at Shea of the first NLDC series, so – unless you guys knock whoever you play off in 4, we’ll be seeing ya again!

    Also can’t wait until Spring Training ’07! Dinner on us at the Outback, David!

    Take care, stay well, and LETS GO METS!

    John Gifford


    Congrats David on a great season so far. I don’t get SNY in my area(thanks Adelphia for that) so I learned of the outcome when I got online. Watching back all the video I could from around the internet land brought a smile to my face. Mostly because your reaction was so genuine it was great. And the closeness you have with your teammates-that you always talk about-was so evident on Monday. I hope you never lose that. There is something I’ve been wondering for awhile and since this is your blog, I figured I’d ask it here and hope that you answer: did you choose “Brass Monkey” to be your walking to bat song(I almost said entrance music-that’s the wrestling fan in me coming out)? And if you did, any reason why you chose that? Anyway, I’ve rambled enough tonight. Have a great postseason, David.


    i was there on monday! it was the best feeling ive ever experienced, so of course i can’t even imagine what it must have felt like to be you. that’s amazing, and you guys deserve the best! congrats!!!!! an=Dd LETS GO METS!!! =D


    Congrats David!! Unfortunately I’m in Florida on an internship so I wasn’t able to watch the game, but my entire family called me and they taped it for me and are sending it down. Good Luck in the playoffs, even though I know you’ll do great. Have fun!

    I love you David!!




    Congratulations man! Watching the clincher made us all want to jump on the field and celebrate with you guys. Wishing you all the best in this postseason.. we’re going all the way baby! LETS GO METS!



    THANKS!!! You guys were awesome & especially in bringing out the celebration to the field. Congratulations!!! LETS GO METS!


    David, what a season. Thanks for the amazing season. You guys deserve it. When you guys clinched my dad and I were watching the game and when floyd caught the ball we flipped out and went nuts. My brother who is in college can’t get the mets games so we called him and he freaked too. But what a season. Congrats. Lets make it happen. Another chance, another time. LETS GO METS!
    ♥ Stephanie


    Hey Davey!! I can’t even begin to tell you how happy, excited, overjoyed, etc, I am for you and the team for clinching on Monday night.

    I was at the game and it was so electric, one thing i do regret is leaving so soon and not getting the chance to meet you, hopefully in the near future it will happen.

    I am so excited for what will come in the next few weeks, i am just so happy that it is finally our time to have the spotlight and have our time on stage.

    I truly believe this is our time and i know we will go all the way!!! I just want to wish you and the team so much luck. Thank you for always being so humble and sweet. Good Luck and LET’S GO METS!!!


    Brooklyn, NY


    Congrats on the clincher David! Here’s to many more for you and this team. By the way, what’s up with the cigar?


    congrats!!! this season was beyond amazing, along with the clinching game!
    i was so happy that the mets did a greatt jobb =]

    keep upp thee amazing job, anddd now lets win the world series!

    xo, loveyouu daviddd!

    ♥ stephhh ❤



    I can’t mention enough how estatic I am about you guys clinching Monday. It’s the greatest feeling ever. And best of all, yankee fans are jealous beacuse we have the better team this year. Best of luck to you guys in the postseason.


    WOW I LOVE YOU GUYS………..congrats with the clincher you guys are amazing..lets win this thing!!!

    xox LOVE YOU



    I can’t express how happy i am that the Mets, the only team i have rooted for in all of sports, is going to the playoffs. I would love to be there, but unfortunately getting tickets is a pain. I will be at the game tomorrow though in celebration of my birthday so please win it for me tomorrow. I guess in a sense, the Clincher was like a birthday present for me but earlier. I was glad to have enjoyed that time with the Mets players and watching you guys go crazy with us. Congrats and enjoy the experience and LETS GO METS!!





    Ahh, what i day. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the clincher. Although now its like a blur. all i remember is me jumping for joy, screaming in happiness, calling my sister who was just as happy, laughing hysterically at you guys guzzling champagne and commenting on your blog in cap locks. Man what a night. The next day i wore my #5 t-shirt to school. All the met fans we’re happy, but i got a few bad comments from the Yankee fans. They’re all spoiled brats.

    Me and my friend Jami (who is in love with you. big surprise) plan on going to a Mets game next year. So if u see a girl in the stands yelling she wants to marry you, and a guy taking pictures, thats us.

    Well, we’re off to the postseason. GOOD LUCK!



    Congratulations!! This is an amazing time for Mets fans. I thought Monday’s night ended in such a great way… Floyd catching the last out which was amazing. We have waited a long time for this moment and hope you guys can get back on track to win it ALL! It is great to see a team that is made up of rookies and veteran players. It was so exciting to watch the celebration on TV!!! I hope we have a parade to go to in October!


    you have no idea how psyched i am. just watching cliff snag that ball outta the air to clinch the division. i mean i feel like my dream is finally startin to come true. Well lets not get ahead of ourselves we still have october ahead of us. i cant wait untill the play offs. But im sure if you guys keep playin the way you have been we will not only be division champs we will be national league champs and of course WORLD CHAMPS!!!!



    if you ever wanted to see what one of your home runs looked like from the crowds eye view well here it is celebration and all!!!

    And this is me at one of my first Mets game at 9 mounths old. pride


    LETS GO METS!!!!!!!!!!



    Hello Mr. Wright!!!

    Loved your story. Proyects a lot of joy and honesty and that is a reason to feel happy for you, for the team and for my people too. Nevertheless, I think it would be very nice to know how you feel about all the comments and messages posted on your blog. Thank you always David.

    My best wishes for you and the team…and cogratulations for your 25th homer today!


    Santo Domingo, D.R.


    Hey David!
    Congratulations on clinching the NL East! I was so happy and excited that night! You guys are going to go all the way this year! You looked soooo hott that night with your shirt soaked with champagne, the hat on backwards, the cigar, and champagne bottle! Nice homerun today! (: You look sexy no matter what, even if you don’t hit a homerun. lol. I was listening to the interview on the radio after the game today. Good luck to you and the 06 AMAZIN METS!

    Love you David!

    <3, Katie


    hea David,

    Just wanted to congratulate you again on clinching the NL East Monday night!! I was so excited for you guys. I was jumping up and down in front of my tv and I must admit I did cry! I was so proud of you guys because I know you guys worked so hard and deserved it!

    It was awesome to watch. I felt like I was actually there celebrating with the rest of the fans. You and Reyes looked so excited and happy. Graet job this season and good luck in th postseason. By the way, amazin’ hitting today. I loved that 3 run homer. I love you David!




    hi david.
    i wish i was at that amazing game.

    Please just please sign autographs on the 25th.You Know how you sterch like that and if you may please ask jose reyes and beltran if he streches.Because my cousin loves you 3.oh yeah.please dont put woodward,loduca,

    chavez,randolph,perez,felicano,and cahvez to sign autographs because i have there autographs and i know alot of people who want you.reyes,and beltrans autographs.

    I am you #1 fan AND IO HOPE YOU WILL SIGN AUOTGRPAHS THAT DAY.It would be help the kids who are longing to get you autograph.Please email me at

    Just so you know i am 9.If you dont sign autograohs that would be a little cruel to me my cousin and the other kids.Willie Randolph is giving you something and if you dont do one thing that everyon e wants you to do everyone is going to stop wanting your autographs every game.your good but you can do better byh signing autographs.Because these little kids saying hi.and then thankyou when you sign it so exicted that they got it telling everybody in school.You have to be proud that that is how good you are.People love you david.And you have to step up to that you are a baseball player signign autographs i s something you have to love to do.




    hi david
    i went ot the wax musiem in nyc and one day you are going to be there one day maybe some day maybe a long time from here but in the place.

    Not trying to get your hopes up.

    but i know someday you are going to be in there.have a nice day

    love angela


    Hey David,

    First, I want to thank you for taking the time to answer the fans questions during the text chat. It was quite entertaining and informative. I even chuckled a few times. I think it’s great that you interact with your fans. it says quite a bit about you and it’s definately why your fan base is so wide. You have three generations of fans in my family. My 92 year old grandmother who keeps saying “he seems like such a nice “boy”, my mother who is completely ga-ga over you, and myself, a 36 year old school teacher who just admires your humility, skill, and oh yeah, you ARE kinda hot:)but that is secondary to what you do on and off the field. Many opther athletes could learn from you.

    I think it’s really cool that you can relate to the fans and how we felt when you guys clinched the NL East. I was kicking myself for not getting tickets. I was there in 86 and 88 when we clinched and it was, as you put it, “electric”. This time I was at home with a few friends watching and we all spung to our feet when Cliff caught the final out. We ALL had tears in our eyes and were hugging each other. It was great to see you and some other players bring the celebration out to the fans. That LoDuca is a piece of work spraying the fans with the hose..hahaha. Thank you for sharing your accomplishment with us, the fans. It made all the more sweet. Now lets get it done. I wasnt my team, a team that has such heart, and who has worked so hard, to come out on top. You guys truly are the cream of the crop and I am SO proud to be a Mets fan. I found a t-shirt today and on the front it says “Got Postseason” with the Mets logo, and on the back it says, “WE DO!!”. I thought it was kinda cute, so naturally, being a woman, I had to buy 6. One for each sibling, one for mom, and one for grandma. Bring it on home PLEASE! Not to worry though, we won’t love you any less if it doesn’t happen. We just KNOW it is YOUR year.

    We are also saying a prayer for Johnson from the Nationals. That was so scary and seeing you and Willie over there was quite touching.

    Anyway, keep up the good work!

    Much love,



    As the regular season winds down, I wish you lots of luck in the postseason. You know this team has what it takes to get it done, you just all believe in your stuff and make the magic happen. You guys were the first to clinch, the best in show for a solid team with guts and how you stand up to the rest of the division with how you all get along with one another and how you rely on each other for support, and you know, as well as the fans, that you cannot stop now…anything less than a ring would be heartbreaking. If it comes down to playing the Yankees in the World Series, I don’t care what their lineup looks like…you guys can always put the pressure on and come back in any situation- You just have to believe! Your fans do! And yankee fans are worse than ever sticking it to the met fans now! Shut them up for me! I was there for the clinch and I’ll be there when you win it all! What a ‘Christmas gift’ early for ‘us’ fans who enjoyed winning NL east. I left 5 minutes before I heard on the news you guys were on the field sharing the fun with the fans. You don’t know how excited those fans must have been, I wish I could have been there but I had to teach the next day. I met a SNY ‘guy’ whom I told to be sure to let you , Reyes, and Delgado that you guys are the greatest and I sense you will fire-it-up in the postseason, along with all the rest of the guys. I hope my brother and I could meet you guys on Monday 9/25 and just say thanks for how awesome you guys have been to us:) I’ll be in Washington for the last game of the regular season from Sat-Sun right behind homeplate and wishing you well and hopefully get some autographs [so far Feliciano’s is the only one this year]. Today’s game (9/23) against Washington was a great display of offensive power and I hope you carry that energy and power over into the postseason. I pray Nick Johnson will be o.k..Tell Reyes not to lose any of his energy and spirit–He’s great;)…Keep up the good work~~xoxo Joy


    I was at that game. My mom surprised me with last minute tickets. I got there in time to see you do BP, but during the game I was up by the second deck loge section near right field. It was so amazing to be there for the clincher. I’m so proud of you and the whole team. It was by far the greatest day of my life to be there. I’m so happy you guys sharted it with the fans (although i left early and wasnt there for it =( ) you really do have an amazing team this year, and I really feel like you guys can go all the way. I love you guys, and thanks for an amazing regular season thus far.

    your my favorite<3

    I just got your 4-picture bare handed catch plaque.<33

    i love you<33

    your biggest fan ever,


    p.s. I’ll be there during the post season games=)

    good luck and lets go mets!!


    Mr. David Wright,
    Oh my Gosh is all i have to say to that game. it was the most fantastic game this season i feel.

    when i was watching all of you guys out there celebrating you all look so happy and looked like you played baseball b.c you love it but also for the fun and excitement of the game.

    I love the Mets and support them 110%. New York MEts have the bets fans, and im the # one fan

    love always


  48. annette

    Hi David,

    Just wanted to say thanks for sharing your time w/us via blog, and your exciting experience of the clinching.

    It was awesome how much you all care and share w/the fans as well.

    Wishing you all much luck in the post season. Am glad we get to con’t to see you all playing past Sept.



    Congrats on the 3-run homer!!


    Hi David, I just wanna say congrats again on clinching and winning the N.L East. You guys really do deserve to win. You worked very hard since day 1. When I look back on the very first game of the season and I remember the game that we won and everybody saying that “This Is The Year”. I look now and I see us celebrating because we clinch the N.L East and I realize that this is the year that we are going to win because this is our year. I know we are going to win that World Series because we have a lot of talent and our team is very special. I seen the games when we were down a couple of runs and no matter what we always came back. Either if its Beltran hitting the game winning homerun or you hitting the game winning hit, I see what we are capable of and I know we have what it takes to win that World Series. Our team, the Mets, are just that good. So that night when we clinch I was happy and I did enjoy it. That night when we clinch and became the N.L East champions of 2006 in 18yrs, I knew it was a night I’ll never forget. I will always remember that night and I know you always will to, for the rest of your life. That night was just special that no one could describe it in words. New York Met fans do have the best fans and we will always support the Mets all the way, no matter what. Well, see you later. LOVE YOU FOREVER. Let’s GO Mets!!!!!


    Hi David! Congrats to you and the rest of the team for CLINCHING the NL East…Its a moment I have been waiting to see (and remember) since I was born! I go to school in Virginia and hate missing all the games but you can bet that I sat on my computer watching game day to get updates on the score. It was so incredible to watch us win….I called all of my family in New York and was crying because I was so happy. I am so excited because I was able to get tickets to NLDS game 2. Im flying home from VA for 14 hours just to watch the game..even though I have a midterm the next morning! I hope it will be just electric then. Ive never been able to go to a playoff game for the team that I LOVE! Good Luck for the rest of the season and for the PLAYOFFS! Bring us Mets fans even more to be excited about!


    congrats David!! i’ve been waiting since…2000 for a season like this! back in 2000 it was great going to the world series but it was all pure luck. But this year… i feel that we can go ALL THE WAYYY!
    can’t wait!! have funn!!!



    Hey David,
    I just want to say congradulations once again on clinching the division. This has truly been a miraculous season and i hope that you guys can carry this momentum into the post-season and win it all. Also great game yesterday going 3 for 5 with that three-run HR!!! i was watching it on t.v and when you hit that i was screaming my lungs out!!! All of my friends thought i was crazy. lolol. Anyway good luck today against the Nats and keep up the amazing work!!! I LOVE YOU!! xoxoxo ~Sam


    You have no idea how excited my family and I are!!! Well maybe you do, lol. Congrats! See you at the playoffs!!!


    Hey David! Congratulations to you and the rest of the Mets on clinching the NL East! You are so much fun to watch. I loved the way you celebrated with the fans and shared your enthusiasm with everyone! That banner that you bargained for was so perfect and made the moment even greater! Keep up the great work- I can’t wait for October!
    Love, Amanda 🙂

    P.S. I would love to hear back from you if you get a spare second. It’s OK if you don’t though. I know this is only one of about a million requests!


    david, you have no idea how happy i am. i really hope you read my comments but i always seem to do them to late lol but it doesnt matter, ur a busy guy haha. just wanted to let you know hw special you and the mets are to me and my brothers i comment all the time just to tell you how amazing you are. after yesterdays game foz had that special,” this week in baseball.” and when they interviewed paul lo duca he said “we like to call david hollywood, cuz he thinks hes the best looking thing around sinced sliced bread.” haha that not only show the fans how sexy you are hah no jk but it show how great of a team chemistry you guys have and that all we need t make 2006 our year…i love you and i cant wait ill october, hoping to get some playoff tickets! ahhh I LOVE YOU again lol best of luck and keep doing what your doing!

    *your biggest fan*

    Love ❤ cassie

    metsgrl117 – aim


    I’m sooooo happy for all of you guys! thank you all for such a great season…it’s been so much fun for all of us fans! I’ll be at game 2 of the division series…so win it for me ok? I’ll be all the way up in the upper deck…with the hardcore fans 🙂 also, David, if you’d like to go out on a date or something sometime…email me 😉 haha so excited about the postseason!!! GOOD LUCK


    Congrats to you guys!

    I’m a Braves fan& it ***** that we didn’t get it. But you guys have been great this year! You deserved it!


    My family and I weren’t able to make it to the “clincher” but, we were at the game on Saturday to see your twenty-fifth homerun. It was so exciting just to see that so I can’t imagine what the energy in the stadium felt like during the “clincher”.

    You guys need to keep on winning because Mets fans have been waiting for a season like this for a long time. I love watching your team play because it’s obvious that you guys are always having fun. Good luck in the playoffs! I know my family and I will definitely be watching.




    congradulations on being the nl east champs =] .. hmm you most likely don’t remember but i was the girl from philly with the long brown hair that got your autograph in center city philly where you and the team were staying. i might have been wearing a brown shirt but i’m not too sure.. i was probably the only person over 18 there haha…

    saturday sept 23rd was my first time in NYC.. i have been wanting to go there ever since i was a little kid and i loved it. we went to the mets game and it was good to see a W there. i want to go back to new york and check out the city more. i would love to go to a playoff game but yous are probably already sold out or something… the phils are ahead in the wild card race now. so maybe if yous play them in the playoffs i’ll be able to catch a game here. citizens bank park is a beautiful ballpark and im sure you enjoyed our philly fanatic.. if you’re ever in philly or wanna come to philly to check it out just contact me and i’ll show you around or something.

    – ashley


    Hey David,
    I was at the game yesterday and disapointed that you weren’t playing. I hope you enjoyed your day off, we need you for the postseason.

    Let’s go Mets!



    God, everytime I read/hear/see anything about the clincher and how much fun you guys got to have after we’ve all waited to see this after so many years I dissolve into REALLY happy tears. Yopu can laugh at me all you want, but I’m happy for and proud of you guys like you wouldn’t believe. I’m too young to even remember the last Mets division, but I’m glad I’m around for this.
    Congrats to all of you guys!






  63. Zoe

    THANK YOU for acknowledging the fans! So much of your post hits home exactly, especially: “It just made me feel good that I could play some small part in creating that much pure joy.”

    It’s joy. Joy for the Mets. Joy for finally having The Team. The Time. Joy for being able to make ourselves a part of every thrilling moment.

    David, I’ll be at EVERY post-season game. And (as usual) I’ll be screaming my head off.

    I’m so glad, too, that Cliff Floyd got to catch the final out. He deserves that moment after being there through the lean times.


    Hey David, just saying hello from your hometown. 🙂 I actually graduated from Tallwood HS, in Virginia Beach, the year before you did. I moved to Chesapeake (a whole 5 miles down the road :-P), and watched you in the Minors when you played a couple years ago. Too bad you all aren’t affiliated with them anymore. :-\ Best of luck to you sweetie, you all definitely deserve it!! Take care.



    Thank you for making this entire season so much fun for the fans. I’m a life-long Met fan who was 15 when the team last won the World Series. We’ve had a lot of ups and downs since then. It’s great to know that everyone in the franchise, from the Wilpons, to Omar and Willie to all of the players have really dedicated themselves to putting together a winning team for years to come.

    I’ve had so much fun this year watching the games and passing on my love of the Mets to my children. Just yesterday I took my kids to their very first game. Even though we didn’t get a W, we had a great time. My 3-year old daughter was happy she got to see the apple go up after Valentine’s homerun and my 20-month old son clapped and cheered “go Mets” on cue with the rest of the fans. (Although, I think his favorite parts were eating his ice cream cone and playing with the folding seats!)

    Congrats on a great year so far and best of luck in the playoffs. October here we come!



    congrats guys!!!!

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    Congrats to you and the most exciting team I have ever seen!! As you’ve said we’ve been waiting a long time for this and watching you guys together all season has been incredible. I’ve been a fan for a long time, but you guys bring something special to game making everyday a celebration. I know you’ll go all the way!! Keep having fun and enjoy the ride. Looking forward to October!!



    Congratulation David and thank you for such an amazing season. I would do ANYTHING for tickets to take my dad to Shea. We are the 2 biggest Met fans in Pennsylvania. I am still trying everything in my power to get tickets and hopefully we will be there. GOOD LUCK.


    I was at the clincher! (aka) “One of the most amazing nights I’ve EVER experianced at Shea!” it was just an amazing feeling… the atmosphere was GREAT, and to see everyone so happy was the BEST! including the players, and yourself =) When I saw cliff make that winning catch… I couldnt stop jumping up and down, and screaming for you you guys, I hope you had fun celebrating 😉 Lets keep the wins coming!!!, Lets go Mets!!!, and ill see you in october 😉 xoxo~Kristi

    ps. your the greatest!!! ♥


    Thanks you and the guys sooooo much for winning the division.I’ve been waiting for that moment since i was 6.Hopefully you guys can give me that moment ive been waiting for since i was 4.Please please please please win the championship.Yankee fans are getting to the point i’d give body parts to shut them up.Good luck in the playoffs and continue kicking butt.


    Just wanted to tell you how much fun this season has been for me. You and the rest of the team have such a great chemistry and really our a blast to watch. I was at ” The clincher” and I really have never had so much fun at a game. The last time the Mets won the division I was too young to remember but this time around I know I’ll never forget it. Good luck in the offseason! You guys are capable of BIG things 🙂



    Congratulations again! It’s such an exciting time for all Mets fans right now – I cant even imagine what it feels like to be a player. I think that you guys will definitely go far, this season and beyond. Best of luck in the playoffs (and in the Series!). I love that you also keep up with the fans, through this blog and the text chat the other day – I just wanted to say thank you for allowing us to be more involved. Take care!

    With love,



    I am hoping losing the last 5 of 6 ?isn’t getting your spirit down. As a team, this is the time to pull together and provide each other with emotional & strengthening uplifting. I don’t know why the team is slumping. But, I do know, that you guys shouldn’t look to the NL East as your stopping point…Push on! Be strong and get the job done! [My ‘ twin’ brother bought me some of the best seats in the house {for my birthday}-the last home game of the season and we were hoping for an offensive blowout on the team’s part to set the record straight on who’s the best. My other brother is a yankee fan and we fight over who’s going to win..Only time will tell–And who wants it more!!!]. I hope the last 5 games (although noone should get hurt) will be an exciting preview to the postseason which we look forward to.–Joy



    I know I’m a little late, but congratulations. You all deserve it more than anything…your losing against Atlanta right now 0-6. Better step it up in the playoffs! Ahh, I know you will. I think it’s hilarious all the girls on here admitting their love for you. You rock David Wright!!!

    Love from Long Island,



    i love you so much wright:]] congrats to you and the rest of the mets<3 you are amazing and you guys earned it.. you looked especially hott that night with your champagne, cigar and gorgeous smile<33 lets go mets go:D


    umm David…can i just tell you that i had a dream last night that i met you…and i took a pic w/ you!! i wanted to look good in the pic w/ you, so i was putting on make-up and it was one of those dreams where you’re trying to do something and you cant…like a night mare…so i was trying so hard to get ready for the pic and i took a REALLY long time to get ready, and i was panicking b/c i thought u were going to leave!! but you ended up waiting until i was ready and you took the pic w/ me and i was sooo happy. then i woke up and thought it really happened.
    and now i’m mad b/c i realized it was just a dream. haha…well i just wanted to share that w/ you.

    love you, and the mets!!

    we’re going all the way this year!! 🙂 (we have to!! i was only 3 yrs old when we last won it, i’ve been waiting forever!)


    Hey David, Congratulations ! I had a dream too ! that you guys won the world series !!! but you guys have to get back to the level you were at before you clinched…hopefully ya’ll will get your swings back…good luck and I’ll be there following you guys !!!


    Hey David!
    I can’t believe that I am saying this but what is happening to the team and this “slump” they are in? I can’t believe it. Hopefully this isn’t going to be happening in October. On a positive note, thank you so much for participating in that text chat last Tuesday. That was a lot of fun! By the way, nice play at third last night! (: (even though we got crushed, but it’s okay.) Hopefully I will get to go to AT LEAST ONE playoff game, maybe more. (We’ll have to see.) Good luck tonight!

    Love you David!

    <3, Katie


    David…reading your blog sends as many chills along my spine as it did watching you CLINCH the series.
    I think it is amazing that you are able to play not only for such an incredible team but with a group of guys that really are not only talented but amazing together…you all are truly a TEAM and it shows!!! Look at all you have accomplished in the last 2 years…it is must be sureal for you. I am a huge fan of yours…I wish you all the luck with the rest of the post season….it would be nice to see a Sub Way series but it would be nothing more than wonderful to WIN the sub way series….LOL

    Either way enjoy everything that you are being blessed with…..your amazing. Best of Luck to you and the team.

    Til Next Time…Michelyn


    congrats on clinching the nl east david. iam a freshman at virginia wesleyan college and we are working on getting to the world series this year. our coach which you know very well always gives you as an example to all of us when he talks about hard work and where it gets you! good luck
    jesse scarborough


    hey dave could u hook me up with one of the jerseys or somethin’ great job on the clinch i love u guys. i hope u go all the way.


    I was happy because we won. I was angry ‘cuz I couldn’t see the game! It was blocked because some Marlins arrangement…. ARRG! But still I was filled with “joy” ‘cuz of the win. Even when I didn’t see it my honey did. It was the highlight of his day. He’s deployed and was dreading the fact that he was going to miss the games. All of you as a team brought happiness to a lot of people over the world… that’s for sure.

    And now to the playoffs we go!




    I am happy for the Mets. This is their year and they deserve to win the WORLD SERIES.
    DAVID WRIGHT IS #1 and deserves the NL MVP Award.



    Dear David,
    Just wanted to say congratulations on such an amazing season and to wish you and the entire Mets team the best of luck in the postseason. Coming from a similar background, you inspire me to follow my dreams and to simply believe.



    P.s. I think that your foundation is doing an extremely generous and priceless service to those children who are in need. They are very lucky to have someone like you in their corner.


    Hey Guys!
    Tough loss in Atlanta, I know i was there! I drove from Florida becuase i needed to see you all play one more time before the post season. The day i left, the company i worked fro filed for bankruptcy, i managed to get a $300 speeding ticket in Georgia, but thoses hours i spent in the stadium around you all was electric. I had no worries or problem for those couple hours! Ya’ll will get back on track, ya just gotta believe…i know all the fan do. Thanks for everything you guys do everyday!!!


    Hey David, Congrats to you and the guys for clinching. All I have to say is “Eye of the Tiger” “Eye of the Tiger”.Theresa


    Hey David!
    Cograts on the awesome job you’ve been doing all season! =)

    I have a question unrelated though, what is Jose Reyes’ tattoo on his right arm of? I can’t find it anywhere online. Thanks!


    Can someone PLEASE tell me what has been going on with my Mets??? One minute words like JUGGERNAUT, TRULY AMAZIN, UNSTOPABLE were being used by everyone including some Yankee friends of mine (yeah I get ribbed and give ribbing alot), but the past couple/few games it’s like averyone’s asleep!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me Willie has told the guys to take it easy for now until the Playoffs and that they’ll come out with ALL guns blazing??? I have been a Mets fan since I was 8yrs old (now in my mid 40’s) I will NEVER change teams from the METS EVER!!! But please guys, return to JUGGERNAUT baseball cuz you’re killing me!!


    Hi David, I been watching the games and I just have one thing to say. What Is Going On With the Mets? We been losing so bad, its not even funny. We got swept by the Nationals and now we are getting beat by Alanta. Why are we losing like this? Its killing me to see us losing like this. I can’t even finish watching the games because of the way we been losing. The pitching is not going so well and we are not hitting. When we start playing the playoffs we can’t be playing like this. Well see you later. Good luck to you and the Mets against Alanta. We gotta win tonight. LOVE YOU. Let’s Go Mets!!!!!


    wow, congratulations david u really make it worth it to be a mets fan i cant tell you how excited EVERYONE is for you guys..thinking about how proud you guys were just gives me chills up my spine everyone there earned it and im sooo happy that this is the year that its all happening!! i love youuu
    ❤ kATIE


    I’ll be at the last game of the regular season with my Aunt excited to see u guys win! I bought the tickets back in early July waiting to see the best ‘of the best’ no matter if what is’ my Dad (1966 minor league catcher for Indians) calls- ‘meaningless game’…I disagree- ” So close to the postseason~ Gear up offense to dominate the opposition=no matter who~”…I know u can! Do u know u can?? Yes We Can!LETS GO METS) Believe in the ‘Mets’ Magic!!!!!!! UR Gonna Win it All! Pedro or no Pedro!


    David, i’ve been a met fan for over 30 years. i love this team, your energy, your smiles and love for the game and each other. still i worried,September hasn’t been kind to you guys, can you turn the switch on now and get that engine running like it was eariler in the year. Because don’t forget after sunday your record goes back to 0-0.


    I wish i knew you

    I wish i could meet you and get to know you. I bet youre cooler than i know.

    Yeah i guess thats weird of me to say on here, but w/e its how i feel.

    ❤ Stef


    Congrats David. You are a godsend for our team. You have my respect and admiration. I am so happy this year, this has been a magical year for me as a Met’s fan. I’ve been a fan since I was six years old, 1969. This year rivals all our other great seasons. Thank you so much! You’re a classy guy and I’ll always be a fan of yours. Good luck in October. YA GOTTA BELIEVE !!!



    Congratulations, David! You have been on my fantasy baseball team all year! I have been a great fan of yours. I was born in the Pittsburgh area. Didn’t you just love the people in Pittsburgh? I know they all loved you and your great baseball spirit. I hope you make many all star games and go to many Division Series. Good Luck!!! Get a hit for me! I am in the championship for my fantasy baseball. I am a rookie, too.

    Enjoy the ride–you sure deserve it!!



    congrats david!! we finally clinched! mets are going all the way this year…
    great job playing against the nationals even though we got swept.. you seemed to be the only one belting out those base hits

    p.s. i was at the game on monday, i was the one wearing my Mrs. Wright shirt and waving to you while you were talking to the nationals 3rd base coach… the smile from you made my night!





    hea David,
    What a game tonight!!! The bats all came alive and you just crushed that three run homer! Lets finish the season off with a sweep.. that’d be awesome! Good luck tomorrow. I love you David!!




    can i just say that the article i read in newsday was the best thing ever!!! i cant stand millege!! ever since i found out about him not being the first one waiting at the bus, etc. and i know hes your teammate, but i know you probably arent fond of him either. just b/c of the way you are. you always put in the extra effort and everyone knows if you’re a rookie then you should be going out of your way to try and impress everyone.
    i’m so happy a bunch of you guys put up that sign…he does need to know his role!!!


    Congratulation to you David and the Guys for an AMAZING season . I had a blast watching and being at Shea. Kick Butt in the post season. Love you guys. Theresa


    Hey David!
    Let me just say that this season was amazing! I enjoyed watching every game this year. You guys are going to go all the way this year. I can’t wait until the playoffs! (: I’m looking forward to watching you tomorrow night on Postseason Live. (: Well, good luck to you and the Mets in the Postseason!

    Love ya!

    xoxo, Katie


    Hi baby, how you doing? First let me say that I can’t wait until the first game of the playoffs. It’s going to be so fun and exciting. This is it now. We gotta make every game count. I know we are going all the way this year. I also can’t wait to see you on postseason live. You guys had an amazing season. A lot of good games and some bad games. I had a great time anyway watching the mets(espically you) play this year. We started the season good and we ended it good. We swept the the nationsls from 4-3, 13-0, and 6-1. That was a fun series. Julio Franco did very well to. He broke his own record from hitting the homerun and getting the RBI double. Everybody did well. It’s good to know that we are getting back on track. After all, we have to if we are going to win this. I know we could. Well bye. Have fun at postseason and I hope you enjoy it. Even though I know you will. I love you. Let’s Go Mets!!!!!


    Hey David,
    I just want to say thank you so much for a truly AMAZIN’ season!! There was not one game this year that i thought was boring, they were all soooo exciting. From your opening day home-run, to your 9-1 road trip, your unbelievable defensive plays, your very first All-star game, all of your walk-off wins, to the ultimate clincher!!!! This truly was the season us fans were waiting for!!! I really hope that you guys go all the way. I will be at shea for game one of the division series screaming my lungs out. so good luck and lets go all the way!!! xoxoxox ~Sam


    hey dave,
    Conbrats on sweeping the nationals a couple of nights ago, you guys neede an extra confidence boost for the playoffs. My brother plays baseball and hes a pitcher, and when he went to a tournament he was being watched my a Mets scout and a Phillies scout. My dad started talking to the met scout about how my brother was pitching and he said he was doing really well for being 16! imagine if my brother played with you, that would be amazing! Just wanted to tell youve been doing great and just relax , cuz i know the other bloggers critique you and might put pressure on you but im not so just believe in yourself and youll end up winning the world series. i cant wait to watch you on Mets postseason live in like 6 mins, and youll know ill be watching you at 4;05 p.m. on Wednesday afternoon. Good luck and by the way i think the facial hair reminds me too much of mike piazza i think you look much better clean shaven, but thats my opinon. do what ya want!

    love ya, and relax!

    — Jayme xoxxo


    hey Dave,
    Just wanted to tell you, you were great on the Mets Postgame Live!

    Love ya, and do you think you can write me back??

    –Jayme xox <33333


    Hi David, I just seen you on postseason live. You looked so cute. I always enjoy watching you. I can’t wait to also see Mets Postseason Ralley. I’m going to be at school but I told my mother to record it for me so when I come home I could see it. I’m so exicted about the first playoff game against the Dodgers to. I know its starting at 4:00 and that’s when my school bus drop me off at my stop so I have to walk home fast so I won’t miss nothing. Well bye. Talk to you tommorrow. Good luck against the Dodgers. I know we could beat them. LOVE YOU. Let’s Go Mets!!!!!


    Oh yeah, just one more thing. About the facial hair. I don’t think it looks bad. Anyone who says it look bad, don’t listen to them because you look cute with or without the facial hair. LOVE YOU.


    hea David,
    You were great on Postseason Live. You looked so HOTTTT!! I’m lovin the facial hair baby. Good luck on Wednesday. I’m gonna miss the game because I got a volleyball game at that time. I’m so mad. When you get a chance can you please write me back?!

    I love you David!




    By the way.. congats on having the plane named after you. That is so cool. I’m gonna fly it so I can say that I rode Wright!! ha ha


    David & Guys- What a great way to close on the season! I went to WDC to see the final 2 games of the season and had a great time at an Irish Pub Sat. Nt. Unbelievable ending to an outstanding season…I was there@! I REMEMBER …all the memories you guys left ‘us’ fans is totally ‘unforgettable’. All we can say is thanks. We know u guys will kick b… and play Dodgeball ! Happy it wasn’t Piazza in the first round/mixed feelings! My Dad told me he saw Frank Robinson’s rookie year with the Reds at Ebbet’s Field in little league as a kid and as I mentioned before he was a minor league player for the Indians in the 60’s so he knows and respects ‘Frank’ well! Family cried on Sunday watching that ceremony for ‘Frank’ and thought the beautiful respectful show the players showed was a timeless imprint in her memory—She remembered her high school days watching my Dad in Cape Cod league…Good luck in the Series! I will be there with a crazy attitude that we will not be beat and I trully believe in it…Let’s Go Mets!xo Joy


    David- You are an etraordinary player, congrats on another phenominal season you had personally and for the whole team.
    Good luck in the play offs! I’m a Met fan since the late 70s, years like these don’t come around too often for the Mets and their fans.

    Thanks for a fantastic and fun season, and most of all thanks for dethroning the Braves!


    Hi David!!!

    Sorry I haven’t written in awhile…I threw my back out and couldn’t move for awhile. But of course I saw you guys clinch…CONGRATULATIONS!! I was soooo happy that night! I was happy as a lifelong Mets fan and so happy for you guys. I was going crazy!! You looked ecstatic. I loved that you all came back out to join the fans. That was awesome. I bought every newspaper…those pictures are priceless! I can’t wait for the playoffs tomorrow. You guys can go all the way. The Dodgers are good, but you can do it.

    And congratulations on getting the Delta plane named after you! That’s awesome. People will really think you’re related to the Wright Brothers now! I usually fly Continental, but I’ll have to re-think that now! Well, good luck tomorrow night! And thanks for giving us another championship! That was the best thrill I’ve ever had watching a game. You guys are a magical team and I love every minute of this! Enjoy it! –Kathleen


    Hey David!
    First of all, good luck tomorrow in your first postseason experience. You guys are going to do great! Hopefully Hernandez will be okay. Next,you rocked on Postseason Live last night! Not only did you rock, but you looked soooooo HOTT! (: You have such a gorgeous smile! I’m loving the facial hair too! You look sexy with or without it! Also, congratulations on having the airplane named after you. That’s pretty cool. Next time I have to fly somewhere, I’ll have to take that plane. I am so excited about tomorrow. I’m sure you are too. Let’s Go Mets!!!!

    Love you David!

    <3, Katie


    This is my first time posting anything and I just have to say that it hurts me so much to be so far away during this amazing season!!!!! I’ve always lived in the tri-state area up until a year ago (i used to live FIVE minutes from Shea!!!) and now I hardly get to go to any games anymore. I feel like I’m missing everything! Anyways, David, I cant wait till you guys make it to the World Series-im sure i could make it to that 🙂 How amazing would it feel being a WS champ?? good luck to all you guys, im rooting for you from baltimore!! By the way, Robin Ventura used to be my favorite player, then you came along and from the very beginning you became my “new favorite player”-and then i noticed you’re #5-ventura was #4 and i read u wanted to be #4 but couldnt so u picked 5! its a sign, rt? 😉 i know how to pick my fave players 🙂 GOOD LUCK!!!! LETS GO METS!!! 🙂


    Hey David,
    Its me again…congradulations once again on a truly AMAZIN’ season. You guys could not have made us New Yorkers any more proud and excited to be Mets fans!! This was an unforgettable season and i hope you guys can carry that momentum into the post-season and go all the way. Let me just tell you that when i was watching SNY last night, i could NOT STOP DROOLING!!!!! OMG!! You looked soooo incredibly GORGEOUS, i could not peel my eyes from the t.v screen!!! And although the facial hair wasn’t that bad and kinda cute… id rather you didnt have it 🙂 Anyway thank you guys again SOOOO much for an incredible season! I’ll be at the game on Wensday (Yes im leaving school early just to be at the game to support you!!!), so do good!! I know you guys will!!! I LOVE YOU!!!! xoxoxoxo ~Sam


    David youre so amazing. I was watching you last night on SNY. I could tell how excited you are. I dont think i have been as happy as i was the night you guys clinched since the red sox won in 04. I know you guys will go all the way. Just have fun, thats what my coach always said =]Good luck with the post season. WE LOVE YOUUUU



    David youre so amazing. I was watching you last night on SNY. I could tell how excited you are. I dont think i have been as happy as i was the night you guys clinched since the red sox won in 04. I know you guys will go all the way. Just have fun, thats what my coach always said =]Good luck with the post season. WE LOVE YOUUUU

    kylie-youre biggest fan<3



    As a lifelong Mets fan I have to thank you for the spark, enthusiasm, hard work and pure excitement you bring to this team! Its a pure joy to watch you and the ’06 Mets and we are routing for you to go all the way! Congratulations and Let’s Go Mets!

    Laura Mahecha


    whats popin Daivd you been doing good this year and i have been a mets fan for a long time and nothing good has been coming our way over the past few years so don’t blow it work hard at win i will be watching please do this for the fans.

    Noel Breckenridge


    hEY b@bY<3 itS MeY. jUSt WANtEd 2 tEll YoU thAt yOU dId A fAb jOb iN thAt GAme i WAtChEd thE WhOlE thiNG it WAS s0o0o0o0o0o GOOd<333333 iiGht PcE All-StAR

    SiGNEd YOuR NUMbAh 1 tRUESt fAN<3


    Hi David,
    Was wondering if you will be in S.Fla this year hosting any 5* childrens events?

    Great game the other night…




    HI DAVID WRIGHT!!!!!!!
    I am a HUGE fan… People make fun of me b’cause every time your in the newspaper i frame it and put it in my room. PEOPLE SAY IM OBSESSED! However, yesterday night, after your AMAZING GAME vs. DOdgers, my friend saw an interview of you and your teeth were black and it looked like you were chewing tobacco. I WAS CRUSHED. I hope so much that its not true. If it is, I hope you stop because you are my idol, being so young and such a good player, but if I say my IDOL chews tobacco, people might think bad things=[SO PLEASE STOP IF YOU DO! i doubt you do but just in case.=]



    ur BIGGEST FAN EVER!!!!!




    hey again.
    sorry about the previous message.

    I was just really really really upset.

    I guess that i am just going to miss seeing you guys play, and if you had made it to the playoffs it would only be four months instead of five until i get to see you guys play again.

    On the whole though, great season guys. You played really well, and made us New York fans proud.

    We will always be proud of you, even if you do lose. BECAUSE WE ARE THE CRAZIEST FANS OF THE BEST AND COOLEST TEAM EVA!!! YEAH METS!!! LETS GO METS!!! 2008 IS OUR YEAR!! SERIOUSLY!!!

  124. metsgl

    That was great back then. Can you do it again David. You should keep posting on your blog. It would be really interesting.

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