Mets Forever

Thanks, everybody, for all the congratulations you?ve been posting about my new contract. The deal wasn?t quite done the last time I posted, so I wasn?t at liberty to say anything about it yet. But I?m really excited that the ownership and front office here are so forward-thinking that they came to Jose Reyes and me and wanted to sign us to long-term deals.

DoubleagainstwashingtonOne of the things the club wanted to do was avoid having the distractions of going year-to-year with our contracts. But it also speaks well of the ownership and the front office in that it shows everyone is thinking both short-term and long-term. Not only are we trying to win this season -? Wright Now! -? but we?re also trying to build a team that New York fans can be proud about for years to come.

I?m really flattered that I?m considered one of the core guys that the Mets want to build around and that the club has enough confidence in me that they would make such a big commitment.

There is the business side to baseball that you have to consider as a professional, but that?s why we have agents and my representatives are among the best in the business. We were able to hash this contract out in a period of just about three days. When the Mets came to us, we decided to set aside a window of a few days to get it done so that it wouldn?t drag on and become a distraction during our playoff push. The last thing we need as a club is having a contract negotiation become a distraction during the season. Fortunately, we were able to accomplish what we set out to do.

It will be nice not to have to consider the business side for a while and we also won?t be in a position of having to go to arbitration. I won?t have to think about contract issues for the next six, maybe seven, years if the option year is picked up. I look at this as a great first step. I?d like to play for the New York Mets my entire career.

But it really hasn?t sunk in completely yet. As someone who grew up in a middle-class household in which both of my parents had to work 9-to-5 jobs, it?s difficult for me to comprehend the idea of having that much money. But we?re in the middle of the season, so I it?s not like I ran out and got a new car or anything. We just went out to dinner and celebrated a little, but I?ll probably consider buying an apartment in New York during the offseason.

One thing for sure is that the contract won?t change the kind of person I am and it won?t change the way I go about my job on the field.

Carlos Delgado’s influence

It was great to watch Carlos Delgado hit those two home runs in Philadelphia. He means so much to this club in a variety of ways. His batting average may not be where he wants it to be at the moment, but he?s come up with big hits for us all season long in the most important situations.

It seems like whenever Carlos Beltran or I have struggled this year, Carlos Delgado has come through with big hits to carry the team. But I think that goes back to the way this club was put together. We have such a deep, talented lineup that nobody has to take on the entire load by himself, which, in turn, allows everybody to remain comfortable and play within their own abilities.

Beltran carries us for a month or so. Then Delgado comes up with big hits. Jose Reyes sets the tone and even adds some power. It?s almost impossible for us to go into a team slump because someone is always going to be hitting well.

Carlos Delgado means as much off the field to this club as he does on the field. If you were to ask Carlos Beltran, I bet he?d tell you that having Delgado around has helped him go out and have fun playing the game this season. They?re very close friends.

Delgado?s numbers speak for themselves, but you also couldn?t ask for a better leadership in your clubhouse than we get from him. Just watch the way he carries himself. He?s confident, he?s intelligent, he helps the younger players out.

Personally, he?s taken me under his wing and helped teach me about driving in runs and situational hitting. Who better to learn from? He?s been one of the most consistent RBI guys in baseball from the time he began his career.

Thetongue_1Met got your tongue?

Lastly, I?ve been getting a lot of comments ?- especially since the David Letterman show -? about sticking my tongue out, so I figured I’d better address the issue here on my blog.

First of all, I like to think of it as more Michael Jordan than Gene Simmons. I?ve been doing it forever, though. In grammar school, I would have my tongue out while I was taking a test and my teachers would tell me about it.

MichaeljordanI don?t even think about it, but every picture I see of myself playing baseball, I see my tongue sticking out. It?s become kind of a running joke.

I don?t think about it or try to do it, but one thing you?ll notice is that whenever you see me with my tongue out, it?s always a moment when I?m really trying to concentrate and stay focused.

So whenever you see me with my tongue out, rest assured that I?m concentrating and 100-percent focused.

Until next time…


(Thanks to my friends at for assisting in saving this post during the game, and please blog along with me down the stretch.)



    Nice double tonight.

    Best of luck breaking out of your funk; the Mets are going to need you down the stretch.


    I completely understand your tongue habit. When I played softball I would have my mouth open when I caught a ball…and in a situation in which total concentration is necessary, I did stick out my tongue. I’m so happy that you’re staying with the Mets, by the way. You are my favorite, and I admire your modesty and true love for the game. Keep it up! I’m very proud of you!


    ******Hey cutie pie, congratulations on your amazing contract!!! It would be incredible if you became a New York Met for life (heres to hoping). Keep up the good work!!
    If you’re interested in a hot New York girl, hit me up :-*


    Taryn ******


    Hey David!

    I was at the game on Monday and you signed my Jersey. Thanks for being so sweet! Call me to hang out some time!! haha

    Love you David!!!



    Sweet socks in the Delgado pic. Ya know, they make all the Tides players (and all International league players, I assume) wear those high ones. I would go with the low pants, but you should try to bring the high socks back in style.


    hey david,
    great game david. i love seeing you at bat and hitting hard. see you sunday

    ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

    i love you a lot




    Nice game tonight!! watching the Mets made me really want to play. softball has been over for a month, but the mets really get me in the mood for a day on the field.
    hopefully i’ll see u soon



    Great job tonight! We’re behind you all the way! I was really excited about your contract. All of New York loves you without a doubt and know that the next few years will be amazing because you’ll be with us.
    Can’t wait to go to the game tomorrow night!

    Look for my sign just for you! 😉



    Or you could go for the mix match sock look…with one black and one orange. or any combination you can think of…




    First off I’m extremely excited that you will be a Met for a long time still. You are definately a very important key to the team and it’s hard to imagine the team without you or Jose. Also great game tonight! I was so happy to see that you got a few hits and some RBIs. Slumps are just something that everyone goes through and then you come back on fire! The tongue has become a very important part of your character I must say, haha! In fact I think it’s kinda cute ;-)! Okay anyways…I can’t wait to see you guys Sunday! Amazing job and keep it up and don’t get too hard on yourself!

    I love you David!



    haha do you stick the tounge out talking to girls? lol j.p
    I’m really glad you sticking with the team, now i can grow old and talk about how i grew up in the Wright Era, thanks for being such a great baseball player and friendly to the fans…i really apperciate everything you’ve done for the club !

    Thanks a Bunch,



    Hey David,

    Congrats on the new contract…..I hope you will play of the Mets for your whole career! Monday I am moving to New York for grad school and I can not wait to come to Shea to see you guys play! I got my jersey on Tuesday 🙂 It sounds like you had a pretty good night tonight….I was in Williamsport at the LLWS and I had my phone update me w/ the score of the game! Well GOOD LUCK to you and the guys the rest of the season! LETS GO METS


    P.S. Don’t like people tease you about sticking out your tongue….it make you unique…..I like it!


    You never cease to amaze. Congrats on a wonderful season so far. I think you’re one of the few Mets that the fans won’t try to jump because of a slight slump. We all know you’ll get out of it and be a better player than before. I’m so glad you’ll be a Met for so long.


    david, first of all congrats on breaking out of your slump tonight. you did amazing, me and my father just sat that and said to ourselves come on david just take a deep breath you can do it! and then (not to our surprise) you did..your contract seems to be a good deal for you (although i dont know much about them) i hope that its what you expected..good luck in the rest of this series and of course in the play offs!

    until next time–your devoted fan,


    p.s. everyone loves your tounge anyways, its you!


    Hey David,
    First off, great game tonight. You’re having such a great season. Dont worry, you’ll get out of this little slump soon. Im sure you know its part of the game to go through these tough times. Second, im so happy about the contracts you and Jose signed. I really hope you guys are Mets forever. I love the both of you soo much, youre my favorite players.

    And, that tongue thing of yours is so cute. I love it when you do that. =)

    Good luck with the season!! GOO METS!!



    hey daivd,
    I was wondering how do you decide when to wear your socks high or when to wear your pants all the way down?

    great game tonight, you guys are awesome!



    hey david,
    i believe you passed along the tongue habit to some other Mets players especially Mike Pelfrey. You should go look at some picture or video from when he was pitching with the Mets. Every pitch he threw was assisted by a wandering tongue. I also believe Reyes does it sometimes. Glad your here for at least 6 more years, but hopefully when all is said and done we can add a 2 in front of that six and say you’ve played here your whole career. Great job and good luck as October is coming quicker than you think.



    hi / bonjour david !!
    lm sure you don’t imagine that you have a fan from France in Paris!! l play baseball in a club (the web’s from Noisy le grand)and

    l follow the Mets & you specialy as much as possible on

    l wish you all the success possible

    friendly all around the world

    Au revoir!!

    Jef from Paris

  19. Becky

    Good morning David. It was nice reading your blog and seeing you guys win last night. Good job hitting. I think I speak for all Mets fans when I say how happy we are with the season you guys are having. We’ve all remained faithful, but haven’t had a whole lot to cheer about over the years. Now we do! So, thanks to you and the team for working so hard and being so successful. All of you are greatly apprecited. It’s been 20 yrs and we all feel we’re due a world series win. Stay true to the game, stay healthy and be ready for October. It’s quickly on its way. I turn 30 this October and my b-day wish is….. for a world series win! Good luck tonight and play hard. We’re pulling for you all. GO METS!


    Hey David,
    Congrats on your contract! I knew they wouldn’t pass up the chance to sign you to long term and you’re too good to pass up. As a matter of fact, I stick out my tongue too. Not because you do it but because it just happens. It’s quite funny. But I did not catch the game last night but heard you got out of your unrare slump. But every player goes through a slump doesn’t matter how good or bad. But good luck in tonights game!!



    Hey David!
    Great job last night against the Rockies! (: I knew that you would get out of your little “funk” as Willie calls it. I read that you used to stick your tongue out when you took tests. Everyone tells me that when I’m writing something down, my mouth moves, which is kind of similar to the tongue thing. Like you, it helps me concentrate, so don’t worry about it. It’s pretty cool that you do stick your tongue out either at the plate or on the field. Let’s go Mets! Good luck tonight.



    Finally a new post! The one thing that I look forward to the most when you guys come home is a post or two.

    Don’t worry about the tongue thing, it’s kind of like your trademark at this point. At least your tongue doesn’t hang half way down your face like Mike Pelfrey!

    Good luck, and get some more hits tonight!!



    Dear David,
    I should have written sooner. First, I long ago commented on the tongue, in fact, I have that picture on my site to link to this one. If anyone even looks closely at your face, one can easily see the concentration.

    Second, you are at the top of your profession. Therefore, you deserve what you get. I only wish I could use about a tenth of your ability in any profession.

    Third, all the present Mets will have a unique experience tonight with the 1986 team.

    Finally, now that you’re set for the year, just watch out. With your looks and money, some female may get you! Seriously, I am happy with just some vicarious thrill from you and the Mets as you fight for a championship.


    Dear David,
    I should have written sooner. First, I long ago commented on the tongue, in fact, I have that picture on my site to link to this one. If anyone even looks closely at your face, one can easily see the concentration.

    Second, you are at the top of your profession. Therefore, you deserve what you get. I only wish I could use about a tenth of your ability in any profession.

    Third, all the present Mets will have a unique experience tonight with the 1986 team.

    Finally, now that you’re set for the year, just watch out. With your looks and money, some female may get you! Seriously, I am happy with just some vicarious thrill from you and the Mets as you fight for a championship.


    hea David,

    Nice hitting last night! Its good to see you swinging the bat again. It is so hard to see you in a slump because we know how great of a player you are and know what you can do. All your fans are behind you and support you during slumps and hot streaks because thats the kind of dedicated fans you have. I’m still loving the tongue….you look so focused when its sticking out!

    Not to mention that you look SOOO HOT when its out. Congrats again on the contract. I’m just so happy that you want to be a Met for the rest of your career and this contract is a great way of getting you there. I love you David! Good luck against the Rockies tonight.




    Hiya David!,

    I’m so happy to see/hear that you and Jose will be here for for atleast another 5-7 years together (hopefully for the rest of your careers).

    My friend and I are still fighting over you…not that we have a choice in the matter,lol.

    We find it dreadfully hard not to love you ❤

    I dont consider what you went through a slump…I consider it showing people that in a matter of a couple more games… you’ll be the most feared, streaking Met.

    ~Love, Christina

    Email me! ^^

  27. Zoe

    Just saw you at Shea last night (Friday) against the Rockies clutch hitting up the wazoo. (My 20th game at Shea this season!) Boy did we scream!

    I did an interview on radio (Under the Lights) last week and we discussed the “David Wright Goatee Watch 2006.” Looks like I’ve got to add another entry, ’cause the D-Wright goatee is sprouting back in action, huh?

    I miss seeing you and Cliff Floyd jumping to bump shoulders after a win. I hope he’s back soon healthy, funny, and fierce–like we love him.


    Hey David, Will you marry my daughter, She just turned 22 in july, she’s very beautiful and she would totally kill me if she finds out I asked you that. LOL Take Care, Theresa


    Hello David Wright!!!

    Congrats on the signing…great things are to come!!!!

    I do not know if i enjoy reading your blogs or the comments more…you have a wonderful fan base and it is always intersting to read other peoples thoughts!

    I love how you do not forget where you came from…a middle class household…many hope but few ever have such accomplishments, as you have.

    I really enjoy watching you play and cannot wait to meet you!! Keep it Up!!!


    P.S. I have a wonderful picture of you in philly…no, your tongue is not out!


    aright, I cant even say how happy I am that you and Jose are locked up for the next few years. I think the two of you will be 2 of the marquis players in baseball for the next bunch of years, hopefully passing by that other left side of the infield in New York(by the way, I dont think you are too far off). Keep it up your the man and one of the best things that has happened to the the Mets for a long time.
    Good luck in the playoffs,



    Hey David, I am not in love with you like every other girl on here, but congrats on the contract and good luck with the rest of the year man.




    Hi David,

    I am 7 years old and You are my favorite player. I watch the mets games everyday with my brother and dad. A couple of weeks ago I went to my first mets game. It was so amazing getting to see you play in person. I wanted to get your autograph so bad, but my brother and I could not get close enough through the crowds. I was so disapointed. How can I get your autograph? Good luck for the rest of the season.

    -Your biggest fan, Kimberly

    P.S. If you E-Mail me back I would be the happiest 7-year old ever



    Sometimes I wonder if you really read all of these comments, haha. But its more than understandable if you don’t. So many of them get posted in a short amount of time anyway, so its hard to keep up, especially during game days. But, If you do happen to see this comment, Know that you are one of the best players in the game right now. You are a breath of fresh air for all of us, and the 2006 mets are amazing. I was only born in ’87, so I never got to see the ’86 mets. Make it all the way this year,because I have to see you guys win!! Take care and keep playing as well as you always do. This recent slump is nothing, you’ll pull ahead Cutie Pie!



    This blog post is a very good reason why I love you, in a non-romantic way. It gives me so much relief to know a multi-million dollar contract is virtually incapable of changing the kind of person you are or your appreciation of the effort and hard work done to get you where you are today. You are an exciting and very talented player with so much more potential yet untapped, but it seems like you are just as good a person, which is a tremendous quality to possess in this current era of the spoilage of professional athletes.

    The tongue thing is very cute, by the way. Don’t let any comments stop you from doing that anymore. Whatever it takes to get you going, I’m all for it. What’s even cuter is that you used to do it while taking tests in elementary school–now THAT’S funny!

    Best of luck in the remainder of the season; I hope you go on a tear all the way through October! And congrats on your contract, it’s well-deserved. Just keep a small head about it all because that’s the David we all fell in love with!



    The ball is hit
    As the runners leap

    Takes a hard hop,


    But snagged!

    On a wacky thrid base lunge

    He’s out at first-

    All thank the tounge.

    Look at me. I’m writing David Wright a poem. Hee…


    PS: Please write back to the seven-year-old above. She sounds really cute.



    Baseball is a funny game, but so is life with all its ups and downs. We all experience slumps and funks, but not all of us live under a media microscope like you. Thank God human beings are not perfect, huh? Otherwise we’d all be critiquing batting averages of .900+ instead of .300+. My uncle, former MLB pitcher Eddie Lopat, once told me “Numbers are like details. If they master us, we lose. If we master them, we win.” So, stick your tongue out, stick your bat out, and stick it to them. Lets go Mets, my man!



    I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! im looking forward to the next 6-7 years with you as a met. i really hope you read this comment but if you dont its okay im sure your really busy being like the greatest third baseman ever. your really hott and i love when you stick your toungue out. so keep doing it like the guy above “stick it to them.” you guys are awesome and this is you year baby!


    -cassie (rosey27@aol)


    David you shouldnt have to worry about a slump or anything you are by far the best third basemen in the MLB and one of the nicest. Good luck in the final month of the season and in the playoffs. AND tell glavine and pedro to feel better we need them in the long run


    Rockland County N.Y


    David, you are truly an amazing player. I love watching you on TV all the time and was really happy when I found out that they signed you for a longer contract. Thanks for making the mets the Wright team this year!!!!


    Hey David!
    Great job on sweeping the Rockies! (: Also, nice job on turning that double play today in the 7th. Hernandez pitched really well today. Hopefully Glavine’s going to be okay. Enjoy your day off tomorrow and good luck against St. Louis. Keep up the great work D-Wright! Let’s go Mets!



    Hey Dave,

    My name is Dave too bro, I am a huge fan of the Mets and of you. You by far the best third baseman in all of baseball, better then AROD, because of how you come through in the clutch. I have a message for you to give Tom Glavine, I hear he may have a blood clot. I bought a health book over a year ago and have followed it and have not gotten sick in over a year. But the book says that for a blood clot you should take Natural Vitamin E which can be found at a health or organic store like Whole Foods. Also nattokinase, omega-3s, intravenous chelation and oral chelation. These should help him cure the problem. I know how much the mets need Tom and i want to help. Please let him know, because if he does take my advice he won’t have to go through surgery and could pitch for the playoffs. Like I said before I am a huge Mets fan and felt obligated to help you guys out, please at least let Tom know and if you guys want research the advice i have given you. Well I wish all of you guys the best of luck and i will be watching you guys win the world series. Keep up the good luck bro.



    HI David! If you are looking for a condo, I’m selling one in beautiful Lynbrook, USA located only 25 minutes from Shea! Price is negotiable.

    Congratulations on your success. You are an incredible player. My son wrote you a letter 6 months ago (when he was 2 months old-wearing his Mets jersey)…wondering if you still answer fan mail?

    Good luck in the playoffs,



    i wonder if u ever read my comments….and if u think they are creepy? haha!!!

    this person above me is selling a condo…

    well i dont live in new york but u can come stay at my house for free if u want!! haha


    hi david!!!!

    a couple of things:

    1) congrats on the contract…things can only get better!!!!!

    2) i love reading your wall…you got a marriage proposal, a condo for sale, and a million other things going on lol…love it!!!

    3) you are an amazing ball player and writer, i enjoy reading your blogs, it is a gret way to connect to your fans…

    4) heard you are taking some spanish lessons from jose…nice

    keep it up wright!


    PS got a great photo of you in philly…your tongue is not out (bummer, actually)…cannot wait to meet you


    I hope that with your new contract you stay humble and as gracious with the kids, as you’ve been.

    With baseball’s woes, MLB needs guys like you on and off the field!

    Keep up the good that you are doing!


    Hi David, Congratulations on your contract. We are very lucky to have you for at least the next six or seven years (hopefully for your entire career). With the new school year approaching, I am trying to incorporate an assembly on baseball for the students. Would you ever consider coming to an elementary school in the Beautiful Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania? We would certainly be honored to have you as a guest!!! There will never be a player that has all the essential, professional qualities, both on and off the field, as you. So what better choice than to have David Wright visit our school to foster such positive work ethics to these young children? I couldn’t think of any other choice. Thank you for your time and consideration. But most of all, thank you for your passion for the game. You truly are an inspiration.

    Thanks again,

    Patti R.


    I’m a lifelong Mets fan. Unfortunately I was born in ’88 and never got to see them win a World Series. I keep track of the Mets closer than ever. Have a small dry-erase board in my room with the record, the division standings, games left, and now even the magic number. I have a schedule taped up in my room where I mark down wins and losses. I have plenty of clippings from the sports section (including one about how great it turned out that the Mets didn’t sign A-Rod). I have a Mets’ yearbook that I bought in Laguardia Airport. I used to go to Mets games all the time, but due to illness I haven’t gotten a chance yet this year. I’m determined though.

    I always noticed the tounge. I like it though, it’s like your trademark. And congrats on your contract. It’s nice to know you and Reyes are gonna be with the Mets well into the future.

    Good luck now, and especially in October. You guys deserve to win it all this year.


    Hi David – I just want to say how much I love reading your blogs. You are such a great player and you have a heart of gold. You talk so highly of the team and Willie and you dont talk highly enough about yourself. You are such an asset to the team and I look forward to watching you the next 6(or 7) years. You are great now, you will only go up from here. Lets Go Mets 🙂


    I really enjoy reading your blog. I especially liked the comment you made about staying the same person you are now despite all the money.That is why so many people like you. Keep that same great attitude,David, and you will be one of the greatest Mets of all time. Hopefully, in a few years, the Mets will be honoring the World Champion 2006 Mets!

    As someone who has been a fan since 1968 and have seen 2 world championships,there is no feeling like it in the world. Not only for the players, but the fans who live and die with the Mets every day. The 2006 Mets have the same feeling as the 1986 Mets – a feeling of confidence and that no matter what the score, we are never out of any game.

    Please relay to Tom Glavine our concerns for his health and our confidence that he will be fine.

    Great job David – much success to you and the Mets during the stretch run. You are a great young man and a fine example to all young fans out there.



    Things that make you amazing:

    1). You are an amazing teammate, always the first to congratulate another player on a job well done.

    2). You still have your cute boyish charm-like when you miss a catch {you get this innocent look on your face} ?.. it?s honestly priceless!

    3). You have not let fame and fortune get to your head


    David, I am so happy that you will be on my mets team for the next 5+ years. I was at Friday’s and Sunday’s game and the one thing i noticed about your hitting is as follows. Since the all-star break I feel you are thinking to much at the plate. Remember how it felt when you were on a tear and tap into those feelings. When you were hitting consistently you just went up to the plate and relied on your own instincts. Yogi Berra would go to the plate block everything out and put his bat on the ball not matter where the pitch was. If it was outside he would go oppisite field inside turn on it. The only way a pitcher would get him out if they threw him a strike the story goes. So relax. I and thousands and thousands of fans no you will snap out of this and lead us to many division and world series titles. Keep up the good work and lastly your defense is improving daily. For every good play comes a win. In any championship season in any sport DEFENSE wins the Championships always. ie: Pitching,defense in Basketball, Football, Hockey…………dave


    Hey David,

    Congrats on the contract. I hope you stick around as a Met for the rest of your career also. Once you’re a new yorker i can’t imagine living anywhere else! Good luck with the rest of the season!



    ps. don’t ever change that tongue thing you do 😉


    Hi David,

    First, I want to start of by telling you that I have been a Mets fan for longer than you have been alive. My dad and I both played hooky (he was a teacher) to go to the ’86 series and the ticker tape parade. That was a incredible experience and I KNOW you guys will deliver this year (no I never gave up (although it was aggravating) and I am sure you won’t either. After so many rough years as a Mets fan, it’s refreshing to see the organization rebuild with such young talent as yourself and Jose among others. This years team is truly “amazin'” and SO much fun to watch. I was at the game on saturday night with a Yankee fan and when you guys were down 4-0 he asked if we could leave. I told him that I NEVER count this team out and I was right. I ALMOST felt bad for the Rockies pitcher…almost..because he couldn’t get out of the inning. Oh well, bad day for him:)

    Most importantly, I knew the first time I watched you play that we had found the “Wright” third baseman and I had a smile on my face like you wouldn’t believe when I heard about your contract. You deserve it. Not just because of what you do on the field, but most importantly for the way you treat your fans. So many professional athletes are too busy to even bother with the fans, but not you. I think you are absolutely a role model for kids. They need to learn good sportsmanship and you are the personification of the word. Kids don’t need to see athletes (I have a few in mind but they shall rename nameless) who think the world owes them a living because they are who they are or refuse to sign bats or balls because they are too busy. They either don’t realize or don’t care how much that means to a 10 year old who idolizes them. You seem to really appreciate and care about your fans regardless of how busy you are and that is evidenced through your blog. You are so young and talented and yet so grounded. In turn, I appreciate what you have done for not just the Mets, but for the game of baseball. We need more people/players like you.

    I wish you the best of luck down the stretch although I don’t think luck has anything to do with it. You guys have it in the bag if you keep doing what you’ve done all year. If I had to pick an athlete for my son or daughter to look up to, it would be you and I mean that sincerely. And remember, we are pulling for you to break out of your slump. I have faith in you.

    Hang in there and stay grounded!




    Hi David,

    First, I want to start of by telling you that I have been a Mets fan for longer than you have been alive. My dad and I both played hooky (he was a teacher) to go to the ’86 series and the ticker tape parade. That was a incredible experience and I KNOW you guys will deliver this year (no I never gave up (although it was aggravating) and I am sure you won’t either. After so many rough years as a Mets fan, it’s refreshing to see the organization rebuild with such young talent as yourself and Jose among others. This years team is truly “amazin'” and SO much fun to watch. I was at the game on saturday night with a Yankee fan and when you guys were down 4-0 he asked if we could leave. I told him that I NEVER count this team out and I was right. I ALMOST felt bad for the Rockies pitcher…almost..because he couldn’t get out of the inning. Oh well, bad day for him:)

    Most importantly, I knew the first time I watched you play that we had found the “Wright” third baseman and I had a smile on my face like you wouldn’t believe when I heard about your contract. You deserve it. Not just because of what you do on the field, but most importantly for the way you treat your fans. So many professional athletes are too busy to even bother with the fans, but not you. I think you are absolutely a role model for kids. They need to learn good sportsmanship and you are the personification of the word. Kids don’t need to see athletes (I have a few in mind but they shall rename nameless) who think the world owes them a living because they are who they are or refuse to sign bats or balls because they are too busy. They either don’t realize or don’t care how much that means to a 10 year old who idolizes them. You seem to really appreciate and care about your fans regardless of how busy you are and that is evidenced through your blog. You are so young and talented and yet so grounded. In turn, I appreciate what you have done for not just the Mets, but for the game of baseball. We need more people/players like you.

    I wish you the best of luck down the stretch although I don’t think luck has anything to do with it. You guys have it in the bag if you keep doing what you’ve done all year. If I had to pick an athlete for my son or daughter to look up to, it would be you and I mean that sincerely. And remember, we are pulling for you to break out of your slump. I have faith in you.

    Hang in there and stay grounded!




    Hi david i just wanted to say big congrats on your contract and im verryy happy for you…like my AIM profile is all you–my sn is u to its wrightsmetgirl5! thats what u call love!! lolz i love your qoute when you said…”**This year a lot of female fans have held up signs asking me to marry them Those girls today are like what, 12,13,14. I’m 23 and thats still to young for me**that means i still have a chance!!
    best of luck!! i might be going to the cardinal game on thursdayy so loook at home plate for me im only like a few rows up!!

    lots of lovee,

    nicolette wright >/5


    Congrats on everything! This season has been wonderful even though its not over yet. I look forward to watching the Mets in the playoffs this year!


    Hey David, My 8 yr old son Eric wants you to know that he thinks you should be MVP. He thanks you for signing his ticket stub last year. He want you to know he plays 3rd base when he plays at the park and shortstop. We were there your very first game with the Mets and it’s been amazing ever since. Thanks, Theresa and Eric


    Ok David I’ll get serious here once. I think telling you how amazing you are is kinda boring, seeing as how everyone on here tells you that, and I’m sure you already know how great you are, but I guess I’ll tell you now too. You are TRULY AMAZING! One of the best, if not the best third baseman today. You have awesome and above average defensive talents which are really fun to watch. I love watching young players, beacuase they seem to have the most heart, and really love playing. Some of the veterans are fun too, like i love omar vizquel! He’s just too good. Maybe it’s different for you though, because you actually get to play with and against some of baseball’s greatest athletes. Gosh, I would do anything to play on the same team or against some of softball’s greats like Lisa Fernandez, Crystl Bustos, or Natasha Watley. I can’t even begin to understand how thrilling that would be, you are so lucky!

    This is long, I shoulda broke this up into better paragraphs. Haha, Oh well. Ok back to how rad you are. When I was bored in South Carolina for one of my softball nationals I read an article about how great of a hitter you are. It said you are a tough one to get out when you get down in the count. In my mind that is the best type of hitter. I mean sure if you have power and hit some homers thats cool, but when u strike out half the time…no offense to Adam Dunn, but this describes him, and i just don’t think he’s that great of a hitter, no matter how much power he has. But what makes you special is you have great power…and you are a difficult out. I hope to be a great hitter like that someday.

    Also, you seem like such a humble guy, which is really cool. It must be hard for such a great young player not to let things go to his head. Way to keep it cool. There’s so much more I could talk about, I just love to write, but school starts Wednesday and I still have summer reading. To Kill a Mockingbird is a pretty good book, i better go finish.

    Later bud,

    Stef….from OHIO


    Congrats and keep up w/ the good work. People who are nice deserve all the success in the world.

    Remember everyone to support David on and OFF the field

    Visit: and donate!!



    Want to be a Wrightoholic?

    E-mail me!



    You truley are amazin’. Only 23 and you are one of a kind. You are a very ground young ball player and you plan to keep it that way. Some players will sign a contract and let the money get to their head. I hope you stay the same through out you’re career where ever it may be (hopefully you stay in new york). Also you are always the first guys to congradulate your teammate with the extremely intricate hand shakes and the high fives. A great young man and player was born on December 20, 1982 and a great young man he will remain.

    Good luck with STL Let’s Go Mets. I’ll be at a game soon hopefully Sept. 10 for your bobble head give away!!!


    Always your #1 fan



    Hey Davey! Just writing to let you know that you shouldn’t worry about the way you have been playing, you will get your groove back, it takes time and patience but we are behind you 100% and we will never betray you.

    It’s good to know that you have your teammates there to back you up and be there for you when things are looking rough. It’s good to have such amazing people by your side.

    I know what that is like, i have a boyfriend who is wonderful and has been there for me when i lost my mom and when things just fell apart with my life.

    Never lose your ground and your focus, you shouldn’t let people’s words get to you, there just jealous because you had more courage to go after your dream and they stood by the sidelines.

    Just remember that you have your family, friends and your FANS always beside you. I wish you good luck today and always!!! LETS’S GO METS!!!!

    Jennifer M.

    Brooklyn, N.Y.


    I got to say guy you have some talent. Good game the other night. Way to stay positive and be a good role model for the kids (minus the little blips during the Home Run Derby last month). Good luck buddy. And yea, the tongue thing is pretty funny.


    Hey Mr.Wright!!
    You are amazing. Your my favorite player on the Mets. First I loved Mike Piazza because his birthday was Sept.4th and so was mine, but as of right now and the next 6-7 years your my favorite. I enjoy watching you improve. I also enjoy watching you play with Jose Reyes. The mets are amazing this year and your a big reason why. O and congrats on your contract, you must have been really happy. And about your tougne thingy, its hot lol. I do it sometimes because I dance and when I concentrate it happens. Unlike you I don’t have pictures of me with my tougne out tho LOL!

    Be4 I go I was wondering if you had a website? And if there’s any possible way I can get your autograph please let me know because you have no idea how hard I’m trying lol

    JoJo* =)


    Hey David,

    Congrats on that three game sweep of the Rockies this week. Just was wondering what you felt about ’86 night this weekend. I know you couldn’t have been too old then but you must have remembered some of those guys from future mets teams and i know that it must have been as great for us, the fans, to watch as it was for you. Good to see you pick up a couple RBI’s that night after sitting through that little rain delay and it looks like you might be getting back on track.

    Anyway, let the good times roll and i hope to see you in colorado in the next couple of weeks. Ill be the one with the mets stuff…




    Whats up DWright,
    Lastings is my boy but I got much respect for you and Reyes. I just got my #44 Millege Jersey today.

    I noticed a habbit that you have that keeps you from husseling down the the first base line and getting infield hits. When you leave the box you carry the bat in your left hand then you switch to your right hand until you get to the running lane. This also keeps you from legging out a double the way Big Papi of the Red Sox does because he is running hard and fast from the point he hits the ball.

    I see you have been working out. Check with Lastings and see if he wants to workout and you can work with him. He needs the power because hitting 8th in the lineup he will see more off speed pitches


    Hi David,

    I just stumbled upon your blog while I was buying a bunch of tickets and here I am after an hour of reading. I’ll pay for it tomorrow, but it was worth it. I learned so much through your blog. I knew you were a exceptional athlete (not to mention absolutely adorable), but I had no idea what a wonderful person you are. I think it’s great that you haven’t forgotten where you came from and that you seem to take nothing for granted. I have been a Mets fan since I was a kid, 1976 to be exact and I h ave never admired a player more than I do you and my students feel the same way.

    We had a day at school when all of the teachers were asked to wear their favorite teams jersy. Needless to say, I was sportin’ my Wright jersy. I nearly got trampled by the girls. They are ga-ga over you and to be completely honest, although you are significantly younger, so is the teacher…lol. The boys all wanted to know if they could research you for their projects and asking all sorts of questions about you. My stock answer became, “Do I look like his agent?” The girls wanted to know if I would bring them to meet you. Would that I could because they are a great bunch of kids. They really look up to you. I think I may have even converted a few Yankee fans to Mets fans.

    I have to admit that the first time I saw you play I **********! He’s HOT” to wich my father replied, “He’s a bit young for you (as if there is any chance..haha). But seriously, once I started to REALLY pay attention,nobody and I do mean nobody, could pry me away from the tv. I was All-county for my HS softball team three years in a row, so I can apprciate the hard work and dedication that goes into everything you do. Thankfully I was not under a media microscope, nor did I have to play with all of the pressure that comes along with playing in New York. You just handle yourself with such grace and class. You set such a good example for kids and it is so refreshing in an age when so many athletes care about nothing but the almighty dollar. Believe me, kids today just want you to “Show them the money”. They seem to think that one morning they will wake up and be in the major league, NFL, or NBA without any effort. Then again, they think my job is easy too. Little do they know.

    I am wondering if you have ever considered speaking at schools? If you decide to do it, you might want to bring earplugs though. Have you ever heard 200 13 year old girls scream at once? haha. I am also wondering if you will be making any personal appearances either in Queens or on Long Island. I would LOVE to meet you just to shake your hand because you make me proud to root for “my boys”. In fact, I may have to head back to Spring Training.

    Now, don’t worry about the tongue thing. I thinks it’s cute. I do the same thing when I concentrate. Trust me, it looks a lot funnier when it’s a 35 year old woman in grad school

    Don’t worry about your “funk”. You said it yourself that when one of you is struggling, another one picks up the slack. You’ll get through it. You didnt get to where you are by giving up. We have faith in you and your abilities and the one thing you can count on is that your fans will always support you regardless. You probably have the biggest fan base and each and every one of us loves you.

    Keep up the good work and kick some Philly butt! I want to see another ring, but hey, no pressure:)You guys want it, now go get it. As far as I am concerned, the championship is yours for the taking! Win one for the teacher!

    Much love,


  67. Leslie

    *****are you dating anyone?*****

    *****come out to las vegas!*****

    *****i’ll take you out to some dance clubs*****

    *****there is great dining, tons of site seeing, me, lots of sunshine!!*****

    *****is this corny?*****


    Wow. With the number of love notes and autograph requests in your comments, I hope there are still real fans like me who are reading your blog. Congrats on the contract to you and Jose. Here’s to many more years of great Mets baseball! I also think it’s fantastic how you can go so long without a home run and STILL be batting over .300. Keep it up!


    Hey DWright,
    Whats Up Man! I think you guys could go all the way. I’ve been a Met fan my whole life. I just want to say congratulations on your contract and good luck to you and all the Mets, and that we get Pedro and Cliff and everybody else back!

    Good Luck!


    P.S. Hit one out tonight man. We need you.


    you’re amazing! your defense has been outstanding lately!!! what am i talking about, it always is!! haha and your offense is always super!!! i can tell you’ve been tired lately but no worries everyone does at some point. and you’ve been worked all season! you deserve a break! but you’ll get wright back in the game! haha! I LO♥E YOU!

    YOUR B~I~G~G~E~S~T *F*A*N*


    p.s. good luck against st louis!


    Don’t be so hard on yourself. My dad was a 1966 All-Star Catcher for the Cotuit Kettleers and went 0-for-5. He’s in the Cooperstown Hall of Fame where we lived for a year in 1987. He was also a Rock Hill Indian in 1967.He told me it was difficult.He’s still my hero and the stories he tells me good or bad is what makes me his biggest fan…You’ll get out of your slump soon. You are an excellent ball player and so are the rest of the team. I don’t leave when you or reyes get up to the plate…seems like something special will happen every time. Best of luck in the playoffs! I’ll be rooting for you guys. Let’s Go Mets! –Joy


    Hey david,
    I just wanted to say that I think your an amazing player and I love watching you. I read your blog whenever I get the chance and your really hottt! ❤


    Just in case you don’t know who I am, I am the one with both wright and reyes and both 5 and 7 on my back. I couldn’t just choose one…you’re both great MVP players. But now it seems I’m going to need to put the entire team on my back since you’re all great in my book…Keep smiling and keep the faith!–Joy


    I keep forgetting to put things down…sidetracked. I thought you’d like to know that my dad knew Thurman and Girardi which was pretty cool but it’d be an honor if he could meet Willie Randolf. His dream would be to catch the ceremonial first pitch in a big game. Any ideas on how he’d be able to do it? You probably couldn’t answer these but it’d be nice if I knew what to do. I guess I’ll call the office. A long shot but who knows…O.K. that’s all/Play ball.-joy


    What’s it like to play in front of thousands of people?

    What’s it like to hit a home run, and have crowd goes nuts?

    What’s it liek being a pro baseball player??



    Dear David:
    Last night, I was listening to the local sportsradio in Philadelphia, and I had to smile. The announcers thought that the Phillies could go to the World Series “because the Cardinals and the Mets are collapsing”. I almost laughed out loud when one said that the “Mets’ third baseman stopped hitting”. David, they don’t even know your name! I’d love to see the Phillies get in the playoffs, and you lead the charge to blow them away!

    Seriously, it’s good news with Tom Glavin, and I think Pedro will recover. Could you ask your fellow Virginian, John Maine, what’s with the beard? I think he looks better without it! In any case, he looks like a good match for the rotation, even if we have trouble with Pedro or Tom (Glavin, not Seaver — I wish!)


    The tongue thing has become a running joke in my family, so it’s neat to hear that it’s the same way in the clubhouse. I have actually taken to calling you the lizard as of late. But, of course, I say that with love. Especially since you do seem to do some awesome stuff when you are “100% focused”.
    So, LoDuca may still call you “Visine”, but I would consider the Lizard as an alternative.




    I am extremely happy you signed that contarct. For weeks i was worried you were gonna get traded and i was left idol-less. so now you’re here for a while i have nothing to worry about.

    The tongue thing. I noticed that a few times but i didn’t say anything about it. Now I have something esle to laugh at other than your “Funky Monkey” song and th dances Reyes does.

    Keep up the Good Work, Visine





    I am extremely happy you signed that contarct. For weeks i was worried you were gonna get traded and i was gonna be left idol-less. so now you’re here for a while i have nothing to worry about.

    The tongue thing. I noticed that a few times but i didn’t say anything about it. Now I have something esle to laugh at other than your “Funky Monkey” song and the dances Reyes does.

    Keep up the Good Work, Visine



    Hey David,

    I managed to screw up my e-mail address in the last post. I must have been having a blonde day:)

    I just watched tonight’s game against St. Louis with my 5 year old niece. I’m telling you, games like that make me proud to be a Mets fan.I never count you out..NEVER!!! Tell the truth, was Beltran hitting with a graphite shaft or what? haha. I won’t tell…whatever it takes to get the job done and you guys always find a way to do just that.

    I am so sorry that tonight was not your night, but this too shall pass and you will be back to your old self at the plate. None of us think any less of you. I have to tell you though, I about jumped out of my seat at home during your first at-bat. I thought that was it..slump over:)

    My niece was making fun of me because with each pitch I was saying things like “C’mon sweetie” She’d say “You said sweetie”. But the funniest part was that she jumped around all night singing “Brass Monkey” and when they showed a closeup of you she said, “You’re right Aunt Karen, he’s cute” Now she’s asking for me to take her to tomorrow night’s game. How can I say no? She’s such a little angel.

    Anyway, I wish you continued success in the field and I will continue to think good thoughts when you are at the plate. We need you down the stretch and we all know you’ll come through for us in a pinch:)Perseverance is key dahling!!! Oh, any chance you’ll be making any personal appearances in Queens or on Long Island?

    Playoffs here we come!!!




    The All Star game was a great experience. Home Run derby runnerup and a home run in your first at bat.

    Trying to avoid a post All Star slump has put you into one. Start pulling the ball!

    Don’t wait until October to demonstrate your power.

    Pull the ball!


    If you read these comments, David, I’m sure you must shake your head and laugh sometimes. We the fans, most of which have no idea what it’s like to have a 95 mph fastball scream by us, love you so much that we even go so far as to give you batting tips when you’re struggling. In the world I live in, David Wright knows how to hit. There, I said it. It looks like you’ve just lost faith in yourself. Earlier in the year, you’d take those pitches just off the plate with such ease that it amazed me. Now you’re swinging at them. Have faith in yourself, David. Your fans do, your teammates do, and your manager does. It’s just a matter of time before you get back in your groove and start trusting yourself again. Until then, give yourself a break, relax, and, most importantly, have fun. GO METS!!!


    Hey David,
    I am gonna be at the baseball game Sunday, mainly b/c my grandfather is throwing out the first pitch! It’s gonna be awesome! Yay!!

    My sister and I also came up with a “backup” plan if we catch what my other sister has (she is sick), just so we could be at the game…it’s great stuff. I’m not gonna tell you our plan just in case you tell my mommy.

    Great game last night against the Cards! That was entertaining! I hope the game I go to Sunday will be that entertaining! Sorry if I am going on and on b/c I am in a hyper type of mood and I just can’t shut up to anyone I talk to or text or watever today…Well, good luck tonight! 😀




    Congrats once again on your long term contract. I completely agree with you about the wear and tear of the business side of baseball, and just having read Moneyball (which is great, you should pick it up if you have time and have not already read it), I have a new appreciation for the front office aspect of the game. Regardless, I’m stoked that you and Jose Reyes, my two favorite players, will be with the Mets for years to come.

    I hope that you continue to have a great season. You are a fantastic player, and I think that fans appreciate your down to earth attitude and the hardworking approach you bring to refining your game. Thanks for posting so often on your blog. I love that you allow us fans to have an insider look at the game, the team, and the way you look at them both. Keep it up!

    With Love,



    I’m not a mets fan, but I try to watch as many games as I can, because you make it so interesting! Right now my team is in a massive losing streak! 😦

    Anyways, I just thought i would congratulate you on your contract, though I really think you should play for the Cleveland Indians so I could watch you play more often!

    I know I know, who would want to play for the indians right now, but oh well!:D

    Good luck in tonights game!



    Heyy Davey,
    So 1st off I have to say congrats on your new contract & good luck on your future with the Mets. You’re the 1st player I can say that I’ve been with since the beginning & have seen his carrer take off.

    2nd I have to say WHAT A GAME LAST NIGHT!!!! Okay I was there & that was my 1st MLB game ever (I’ve been to minor league games) & that game blew my mind. At 1st I thought you guys might lose considering it was 7-1, but since it was only the 5th inning I knew there was plenty of time for you guys to make a comeback. And of course you guys did not let me down. Beltran continues to amaze me. & i can’t belive I got see Delgado’s 400th home run & for it to be a grand slam that was insane. It ***** that you didn’t get a hit although I was seated by 3rd base so i almost saw that ball in your 1st at bat leave the stadium. I swear my heart skipped a beat when it went foul. & don’t you worry about your little funk ( I can’t really call it a slump cause you’re still hitting the ball from time to time) I’m sure you’ll break it out of it soon & when you do I’m all ready to watch you smack those balls out of the stadium =].

    I really wish I could have gotten you’re autograph on my jersey, but you didnt come by 3rd base during BP & that’s where I was standing, but it was still nice to see you sparing a few minutes to sign autographs for the fans by your dugout. Although Jose Reyes did come by 3rd base to practice fielding & once again my heart skipped a beat cause I couldn’t believe that one of the most talented baseball players right now was standing a few feet from me. I got amazing pictures. Too bad he didn’t come over & sign autographs but I ‘ll live hehe. Well I think I’ve said enough & I know you don’t have a lot of time to read these comments. So keep doing your thing & that includes the tongue thing =].

    Dee ♥


    hea David,

    AMAZIN’ come from behind win yesterday! I was jumping up and down screaming when Beltran hit that walk off homer. It was so awesome. Like they say, “Its never over till its over”! You hit the ball hard last night but they got to it. Even though you didn’t get a hit last night, you still contributed with the glove….great defense!

    I hope everything went well at you charity bowling event for the kids. It is just awesome to see that you do so much to contribute and give back at such a young age. You are wise beyond your years and such an amazin’ person and athlete. Keep doing what your doing David. Don’t worry about being in a little funk because I know you’ll breal out soon. With Green probably hitting behind you you’ll get more protection now so hit the cover off the ball! Love you David! Good luck tonight.


    -Lindsy (wifey)


    Hey David!
    Nice way to come back and win the game last night! I was watching the game in the bottom of the ninth when Beltran came up and I said “How about a homerun?” and that’s exactly what happened. (: Great job on starting the double play. (: (I forget what inning that was.) Don’t worry about the funk- I KNOW THAT YOU WILL GET OUT OF IT! Well, good luck tonight. LET’S GO METS! Keep the tongue thing going, it’s pretty cool! (:



    Hey David!!
    I just wanted to say congrats on a FABulous year! I’m from Texas…houston actually. So lets just say I’m the only METS fan I know!! I’m hoping to be there for the one of the games in Sept against the stros!! I’ll be the one cheering at the top of my lungs for ya’ll!! I might be from Texas but I’m a new yorker at heart. I love that city!!!! GO METS!!


    Hey David, I’m not sure if you actually read these things, or anything like that, but if ya do, cool.

    About ur slump, well, they do say New York is a hard place to play in, and you’ve always done that well. I know how it is in a slump, jumping at every ball, but you have to relax and remember to have fun.

    I know you have no problem with that!


    Hi David,

    I’ll keep it short and sweet (like me:))this time. I am SO happy that you are starting to hit the ball well again. When you got the double and 2 RBIs tonight I about jumped out of my skin. Everyone looked at me like I was nuts. Truth be told, I am a little nuts, but in a good way:) Anyway, keep up the great work. You are worth every penny and we love you:)

    Much love:)



    Hi David
    I just wanted you to know tha I am by far your bigest fan ever believe me I am. I use your #5 on my jersey. I am very happy that you sighned a contract because im your biggest fan and I would be devistated to see you in any other Uniform. I almost got your autograph this year in spring training you were standing at the gate and then Willie Randoph blew his horn and you had to leave I was pretty upset. Im gonna try and get it this year when I go to Port St Lucie to see a couple of games with my dad.

    Congradulations on your new contract. Joey.


    Hi David, congradulations on your contract. I’m very happy to know that you are going to be with us for 6 years and maybe 7. I hope you do stay with the mets forever because you are a really great player and I’ll hate to see you go. I can’t picture you in another uniform. About you in that slump, I wouldn’t really worry because I know your going to break out of it. I think that every good player gets into a slump sometime. No matter who you are, no matter how good you are. No matter what though, you’ll always break out of it. Thats why I know your going to be okay. Anyway, we beat the cardinals tonight. Hopefully, we could sweep them tommorrow. If we don’t we still win the series. Love you forever. Let’s Go Mets!!!!



    Sup David,
    i’m noticin how err1’s spazin out ova ur tongue stickin out. dey shuldn’t b complainin cuz it looks hot; its rare 2 find a guy who looks sexXy while stickin his tongue out so keep stickin it out plz. i’m also noticin ur in a mini slump. dont stress it cuz ur still an xtremely important part 2 dis teem n if u jus relax im sure u’ll break out of ur “slump”. 2day wuz a gud start;it made my day wen u hit dat double. n as for da high socks dey luk great 2. idk if its lucky but its hot. im sure all gurl mets fans preferred it if u aint wear pants but i noe dat aint possible…lol.


    ALISHA or az i call myself mrs.wright

    p.s. congrats on ur contract signin n 2 jose 2. now its guaranteed da amazins r goin 2 kick *** 4 a long time.


    HEy D watzz Good?I would love it if u were a met forever but i’d still b rite there wit u even if u aint.So0 yea this might sound really Dumbbb but lemme ask u a question Do u even have a myspace account? cuz i added like so0 many different DaVID WRIGHT’s and i dont want it to be a fake So let me kno Ight? Love ya keep doin ur thing!!

    **Cristal** GOo0 MeTs!!


    Dear David,

    First I would like to congratulate you on a game well played ^.^! I always know that you are going to go in and do what you do best, and that is , being the best third baseman in the National League, maybe in all of MLB!

    Well. I am a really big fan! I truly am. And the funny thing is, I am not from this country. I was born and raised in England, and we dont have any connections to American sports, especially not baseball… all we have is tedious cricket.

    Anyway, when I came here to start my schooling, one of my classmates introduced me to the Mets and that was when I really fell in love with the Amazin’s <3. But I remember when I read in the paper on July 21 2004, ( your debut with the Mets ) and I saw that face, I quickly fell in Love or as my friends say “Athlete Lust.” Well I did my reaserch, and for someone that didn’t know anything about baseball, and I mean I didnt know ANYTHING… you were my insperation to learn about America’s favorite past time!

    You started off with:

    Kingsport: played 36 games

    at bat 120 times, 27 runs, 36 hits, 17 RBI… you were a great when you were in the minor leagues!

    Then you were with

    Capital City, St. Lucie, Binghamton, The Norfolk Tides, and , now you have a 6 year contract with the Mets! You are so great!

    August 9th 2005… Philles vs Mets. That catch was stupendous. You are just like to good to be true. But my proudest moment watching you, was on my birthday! 5th May 2006.When the Braves played you guys at shea… and you got that walk off double… and when you had that great catch…that win, did it for me. I’ve never been more dedicated to someone that I dont even know, as much as I am dedicated to you! I love you. I am swarmed with Mets collectibles. I have your rookie cards, I have your trading cards, I have your jersey … =)!

    I am so happy that you are a life long Met. I am happy, that you were and still are my inspiration! We are going to the series this year, and I know you, Beltran, Reyes, Glavine,Lo Duca, Chavez, Milledge, Woodward and the whole Roster, will make NYC so proud.

    Well now that I am done venting… hehehe, and I hope to God that you do read this ( and not your publicist ) … hi to you as well =) …You are a dream, you are a great player, you are a good person. Dont let fame and money spoil you ( and i know it wont ) and keep an eye out for me!

    Love from your BIGGEST fan,

    Ava aka Snoopy aka D-Yno Wright’s groupie… LoL


    Hi David,

    So great to see another blog from you! I was anticipating it because I knew you guys were coming home, and there it was! I love that you have such a long term contract. It’s so much better than the year-to-year negotiations. That’s too stressful. You don’t want the stress of, am I going to be here next year, or not? I know how much you love being a Met, so congrats again. And you don’t want to be negotiating during the post season…the focus should only be on the games during that time. I’m glad everybody was cognizant of that. Plus the fact that they gave you such a long term deal says a lot about you. They obviously see all you do and all you can do in the future for this ball club. It’s nice to get the recognition you so deserve. I can tell that the money won’t change you…you came from a household where people had to work for a living and I know those values stay with you. And you’re a better person for having those values.

    I liked your analogy on the tongue thing! Michael Jordan is a great analogy…I had forgotten about him and his tongue issues. It is when you’re concentrating. You probably don’t even know you’re doing it.

    I agree with you about Delgado, too. He’s an important part of the team. I’m amazed at first basemen in general. The way they stretch to make those plays and the way they scoop the balls out of the dirt sometimes is incredible. And Delgado is your counterpart in the infield and also in the batting order sometimes. You follow him a lot. I think you all complement each other wonderfully. If one or two of you are in a slump, somebody picks up the slack. You all mesh together well this year and you’re on your way to greatness.

    How about Sat. night’s game! What an inning the 6th inning was! That was awesome. I was yelling so loud I thought my neighbors were going to complain! And last night’s game…awesome. Great double and RBIs! And I’m glad Glavine is okay…that was a little scary.

    Last but not least…you were in my dream last night! It was awesome! I dreamt that I met you. It was so real! I dreamt that I was working for the Mets, but I didn’t tell anybody I was such a big fan of yours because I was afraid they’d think that was the only reason I was there and they’d let me go. After awhile though I was talking to my boss about your blog. I was saying how awesome it was, but I was downplaying my excitement, bigtime. And you were behind this counter near us going through a bag of stuff. I was careful not to bother you, but you overheard me talking about your blog and you smiled and asked me my name. I stupidly said my email address, katwalsh1, and then said, I’m Kathleen. I told you how I was so excited when I read the blogs for the first time and how happy I was to read what you wrote. You kept smiling and were really nice to me. You even showed me some of your notes you made before they made it to your blog. Then we were talking about the tongue thing, and then I woke up! It was so real! I bet that’s how you would be in person…really nice. Anyway, it was nice to meet you…sort of! Can’t wait to read your next blog…love hearing from you. Good luck tonight…let’s sweep those Cards! Take care…–Kathleen


    hea David,

    Last night’s game was awesome!! Everyone was hitting and contributing. I loved that two-run double of yours… you looked so happy after you reached base. Let’s continue swinging the bat David. Good luck in going for the sweep tonight… I ‘ll be rooting for you!




    great blog david! your blogging skills are developing as nicely as your athleticism.

    now, i know with your new contract you can probably look for a nice apartment in manhattan, but i’m here to tell you about brooklyn (or you can ask “heart & hustle” man paul loduca). brooklyn is much quieter than manhattan and the neighborhoods are much more homely…they have a lot more character too. people are very genuine and they respect their neighbors. plus, you can get a lot more bang for your buck in brooklyn, trust me. the only down side is the train, but you probbaly take a car to shea, so that’s no excuse. if your thinking about an outer burrough as you apartment hunt, i recommend brooklyn…it’s the new manhattan!

    now, on the tongue thing…i know exactly what you are talking about. i do the same thing! it’s totally understandable, and i remember thinking when i watched your letterman interview, that it was simply a sign of concentration. jose reyes does the same thing too. it’s nice that you both continue to prove how focused you are.

    cheers david! keep up the good work!



    Hey David!
    Nice win last night! Great job on your double and 2 RBI’s! Let’s go for the sweep tonight! Good luck and let’s Go Mets!

    ~Katie (:


    Hey David!
    Great game last night. You were awesome…as usual! I think the tongue thing is cute. Keep up the great work!




    Awww shooot! The game is in rain delay right now, i’m pretty down about it cuz they so rarely show you guys on espn.

    I hope cincinatti wins the central, or the wild card…..then you end up playing them in the playoffs…and i somehow get to come watch. Then I could come down and say hi to you before the game, and i would tell you how cool i think you are. I would so drive that 5 hours yo cincy just to come watch you play. Im a dedicated fan…or uhhh mayb a creepy stalker…haha! Im not as creepy as i seem, so ill say im a dedicated fan.

    Later D-Dub,



    hi david,
    first i wanna say how great of a player i think you are (you and reyes are my favs). i had the chance to meet you at the “dirty deeds” premiere (at espn zone) about a year ago, and you were just the nicest guy. anyway just wanted to say i like the tongue thing you got goin on…its kinda like a trademak, haha. one more thing great game today, i was there! i have season tickets so im there (cheering you on)quit often :), xo~KrIsTi~


    Good game last night 🙂
    See you are almost out of this lil Slump of yours…..

    As for the apt- don’t go Upper East —-downtown baby!

    As for Brooklyn,it is all about the Slope.

    Fyi, best sushi hands down is Cube 63 on Clinton it’s NYC best find!


    We haven’t had a worthy 3rd baseman since HoJo…… Now we do. Your awsome. The hot corner is now patrolled by the best in the business for years to come. Now I feel better.


    Hey David!
    Nice sweep against St. Louis! The Mets are doing a great job this year! You made some really nice diving plays last night (: and I think that you’re starting to come out of the “funk”. (: Well, good luck tonight against the Phillies and let’s try and sweep them! Let’s Go Mets!!!!!



    Hey D Dub!!
    haha! ok so i watched you last night, and you did amazing, but i have a short funny story to tell you. So i was in physics today copying notes from the overhead…and there was something about a hypothesis being proven wrong not right…and i was about to write… right…. but i wrote wright. haha i just started laughing. Well i just thought i’d tell you because i found it humorous.

    Keep flashin’ the leather! I love it!



    David (& Team), Good luck and hopefully you can do some damage against the Phillies. I was there the first two games in Philly, but you guys didn’t pull it together, with the exception of Reyes’ 3 homerun day which was great to watch. I laughed when Pedro hit some batters, not because it’s funny when guys get hurt, but it brought me back to April 6th when I was at Shea and Pedro went after Guillen. That game was really something especially watching Beltran blast his HR and reluctantly coming out for his ovation. I never boo any of the team players. This really is the ‘dream team’ and you guys should win it all. Kill the phils for me because I must have spent 500 dollars those two days to see you guys lose, although it was fun staying at Loews Hotel in Philly and walking around the city. I hadn’t been to that stadium so it was nice. P.S. -you should have won the HR derby and MVP at the All Star game. I was there too!..Good Luck!-Joy


    good blog dave, you and reyes are the heart and soul or this team and you can lead them to win it all


    David – sitting here listening to all the comments on your play and slump, and all the reasons why New Yorkers think that you are in one! I’m sure that you hear them as well! Those of us who are “true” D-Wright fans have faith in you no matter what you do in a game! D – stay focused, concentrate, and you will pull yourself out of this slump quickly! Congrats on the contract! Good luck to you and the Mets in the pursuit of a World Series ring!



    Don’t fret. You will get out of that slump soon. I have so much faith that you will get back to hitting the ball and kick some ***. I’m going to a mets game on the 8th and I really hope you give it your all. If for some reason I see you in person and I say I love you so much and I want to marry you, you have every right to get away from me. Of course there’s a 90% chance I won’t do that.

    Who knew you used to stick your tongue during tests? It’s the cutest and funniest thing I’ve ever heard. And anyway, I love it when you do the tongue thing. It makes you stay focused in a creative way.

    Good luck!


    Hello, So I was watching last nights game and I figured out why you are in your slump at the plate. You must be concentrating to much on not sticking out your tongue. Therefore, distracting your focus from the ball. SO heres what I say to fix it forget about sticking out your tongue and play the way you always have been and we will see that bat hot again!!!!.. Besides, the tongue is kinda cool… ; ) By the way you are making some awesome plays over there on 3rd !!!! Keep up the good work!!..

    Chrissy in Rochester, NY


    heyy david

    my dad says move back from the plate keep eye on ball swing level and stop moving the bat and don’t let any other players bother you

    your the best on the team

    and don’t u forget it = ]

    hopefully u will see this

    and hopefully this little lesson will work

    my dad swears it will

    he watches every game

    my dads a really good ball player….no joke!

    stay confident and you’ll get back on track

    well talk to ya soon

    nicole and my dad = ]


    Hey David,

    My name is Rebecca and I am one of the biggest Braves fans, but I am one of your biggest fans!! Hopefully I will see you at Shea I will be the only one wearing a D Wright jersey with a Braves hat! Best of luck and try not to kill the Braves to much!


    Hey David,

    This is my first comment on the blog, but I’ve read all the entries. I just wanted to say congrats on the contract. I was actually at camp when I heard about Jose and then when I heard about your contract I was so excited. I was so glad we had two extremely talented guys playing in our infield for the next few years. I truelly am a huge fan of the 2006 team, well every METS team. The 2006 team though is something truelly special, you guys are great and keep up the great work.




    Hey David!
    Last night was a tough loss. ): Hopefully you guys will win tonight. I know you’re in a little slump wright now, so don’t worry about it. (everyone goes through one at some point.) Even though you’re in a little slump, your defense these past few days has been outstanding, especially Thursday against the Cardinals! (: (those two diving stops you made!) Well, good luck tonight. Let’s Go Mets!



    Okkk D so i noticed ur were kinda mad tonight when u didnt get that hit (and u threw da bat really hard on the Ground)I wish i could say this to ur face so bad and wish i got dat Internship i applied for so i can say this to you I NEED U 2 LISTEN 2 ME DAVID ALLEN WRIGHT! stop worrying babe wats good with you? we kno your trying your hardest everyday! wat are you tryna prove? we know what your capable of and we with you every step of the way alright so0 i need u 2 calm down and take a deep breath wheneva you dont get that hit Ok?Hey take a look on the Bright side Defensively you couldnt get any better My luv So0o0 keep your head up sexy we got you! :)))

    LOVE YA ALOT! (and all ur fans 2) **Cristal**

  118. Jeana

    Hi David,

    Not sure if you read this or not, but my husband and his father are HUGE Met fans (season ticket holders) and even bigger fans of yours. I was wondering if you do any appearances for parties. My father in law and stepmother-in law both have had recurring cancer overlapping since 1998. We are throwing them a 25th anniversary party and want it to be extra special since their health is deteriorating. Unfortunately, this is the only way I could find to ask how much you would charge for even a 2 minute appearance in New Jersey. I understand this is a huge inconvenience (and maybe an inappropriate forum to ask in), but it is worth giving it a shot. Thanks….Congrats on your contract and good luck in the Playoffs 🙂

    J. Maruggi



    Hey David!

    This is my first post on your blog so let me just say, great game tonight!! I know it’s been tough for you lately but let me say I am a huge fan of you and The Mets. I don’t always get a chance to go to games that often but I watch the games on TV all the time and I always enjoy watching you and the other guys play with such heart. I’ve been a met fan my whole life and in my lifetime, (I’m 16) I haven’t been fortunate enough to see the Amazin’s win a championship. This year I can see the playoffs in their future. I believe you will be a HUGE part of that. You’re an incredible player who seems very humbled by his success and that’s why you’re my favorite. So, PLEASE don’t let this small bump in the road cause you to lose hope. You have so many fans backing you up and also an incredible team!

    Good luck in the post-season and congratulations on your new contract! I hope we have you for many more years on The Mets!




    Take a break for a couple of games, let Woodward give the 5 spot a ride, and watch your teammates from the bench for a change. Trust me, after the blow, you’ll be popping xbh’s like they were going out of style again. Later bro.


    You’re not Cal Ripken, so drop “the ironman” routine dude. I have a feeling that growing up in VA, you had to have admired the Orioles star. But sometimes we have to give up on personal achievements for the glory of the team.

    You’re David Wright…star third baseman for the New York Mets and unlike Ripken, you’re going to win World Series titles and MVP’s. So for the love of the team, take a blow on Sundays, pinch hit only and you’ll be crisp and ready well into October.


    personally i am behind you 100% on this whole “slump” thing, and im not going to tell you what to do to improve it because im not an exspert, and im not you. everyone handles things differently, and im going to assume you know what your doing, you’ve accomplished so much, and your such a great guy. im sure you can get through this. hopefully it will all blow over soon…until then keep your head high (like some others have been saying) and remember you have fans that love, and are behind you all the way. im one of ’em. good luck XoXo, Kristi


    hey david,

    Congratulations on your new contract, good luck to you in the future. You where really good in the Home Run Derby/ All Star game. You and Paul(and the other mets) where fun to watch. Im glad Paul came up to you cause as you may know cather have good arms and dont get as tired as pitchers do. Then after the All-Star game they said you where beginning to slump I dont know about that but its not all about home runs right. I know this i totally off topic but did you ever talk to Grady Sizemore (Indians center fielder)? haha sorry i just thought you may have talked cause it was both your first All- Star game. Since im from cleveland i like the indians but i also like the mets haha. ok e-mail me back anything time.


    Nicole S. 🙂


    Congrat’s on your contract and all your success. You are a talented kid with a great future. You do your parents and your former coaches proud by both your professionalism and your love for the game. Always remember that you earned the respect of the fans by just being yourself. As long as you continue to be humble and never forget where you came from, the sky will be the limit for you on and off the field. Best of luck the rest of the way and thank you for bringing hope back to a long time METS FAN ! ! !


    Hey David!!

    i just want to say great game last night…..

    as for the whole “slump” much as i love to watch you play….i think you should take a break or two.i really dont want it to come down to this but i would rather see you take a break and be hitting home-runs and being AMAZING than be tired from the previous games. oh and when you threw the bat *really* hard on the ground you should let your anger out but not in that way. when you get mad just take deep breaths and relax…you have SO MUCH time to hit another ball try not to get that aggressive. Even though you are going through a little “hitting slump” right now you are doing excellent in the field. the mets should be very thankful that they will have you around for another 6-7 years. everyone i know is being so positive of you and your whole team. i know that the mets will make it into the world series. that is another reason why you should take a break. if you take a break for a while and then you will be ready for the playoffs and the world series. you have a 14.5 game lead dude… worries take some time off..

    i hope none of this sounds rude…because it isnt….i am one of your BIGGEST fans…we evan have the same latters in our initials…yours are DAW and mine are ADW…how cool is that!…back to talking about baseball…i live in jackson.nj so there isnt a whole lot of mets fans but there is a good amount. most of my friends are yankee fans so that is hard….i have to say when i heard that my x-nady was going to the pirates i was MAD! i really never supported the pirates but since i am such a fan of you and X i hav to support them now…..i am also glad that reyes is staying too….you and him seem like such good friends and you never see him without a smile on his face….only when he gets hurt…..oh and you know that tongue thing you do….never stop doing that..I LOVE IT!

    well i think i wrote enough so i will talk to you sonn…email me anytime you want babe!


    Hey David, just a quick question, I was hoping you could respond to. I was at the game last night, and tried to get autographs but was unsuccessful. Some of the players waved,including yourself, but never came over to sign. I was wondering if you guys have a system – like figuring out who is going to sign before you come out of the dugout. And if so, could you give some pointers for us fans who would feel honored to have your signature?? My son and I are HUGE fans (me since I was a child). You and Jose Reyes are our favorite players. Any tips would be appreciated!!

    Oh, and keep the faith. Your bat will follow. Everyone is rooting for you!


    Hey David!
    Nice win last night! (: I know that you are going to get out of your little slump. My mom said maybe you’re in a slump because the pitchers found out how to pitch to you. Well, good luck today. Let’s Go Mets!



    Hey Daivd,

    Great comeback last night. Wow you guys really know how to put your minds to it. Good luck tomorrow scince todays game was rained out.

    Love, Kellie


    hey david i forgot to tell you some things…

    my name is ashley

    i want to know if you could like email me back or something because i love you so much i think you are SOOOOOOO HOTT and i love your tongue ? haha

    also if you can email me back if you have a regular mailing address so i can send you a letter..?


    L?ve, Ashley Wiederspan


    You are the best ever hitting AND fielding 3b EVER, so why don’t you get out of that slump. It is making me sad.


    hey daveybabey?

    just wondering and im sure alot of others want to know…


    if so who is she and she is SOOOOO LUCKY!!

    if not…there are probably alot of girls wanting you…

    of course i am but im too young im only almost 14…


    look we have so much in common though:

    my birthday month-december

    your birthday month-december

    my intitials-adw

    your initials-daw


    and both of us will always be 10 years apart and the last number in our age will be the same!!




    L?ve, ashley wiederspan


    Hi David, I’m glad that we beat the cardinals 11-5. I’m mad that the game was rain out because I really wanted to see a game today. Now I have nothing to watch. Anyways, I hope that we beat the cardinals tommorrow and win the series. I know we could beat them. Good luck to you and the mets tommorrow. Love you forever. Let’s Go Mets!!!


    I know you must be so frustrated with the slump you are in, just stick with it.I’ll say a big prayer for you, just don’t let discouragement take over.


    Hey David, about what I said before, I meant to say the phillies. Not the cardinals, because we swept the cardinals. My miskate. Love you forever. Let’s Go Mets!!!



    hey david,
    as mcuh as i was dissapointed about the “rain out” much, much earlier today…in a way i was relieved (for you) because it gave you time to realax. you work so hard, and really deserve (at least a little break)…but im sure you wanted to be out on that field anyway 😉 ♥ and thats why you have such loyal fans, your a fighter =) keep smilin ;), xoxo, Kristi. e-mail me anytime…lol (yeah sure…) i understand your very busy, besides im not that lucky lol…well thats not “entirly” true i have met you once before! and i go to alot of games, so maybe i have “a little” luck =) ♥ but i wouldnt mind hearing from you once again =)


    David, you are an amazing player i was at the game on saturday night and my friend and i cheered for you the whole night! We both love you and your amazing talent. Don’t let anything get to you becuase you’ll always be great no matter how many errors or what your batting average is. love you lots. Brittany<3


    hey david..
    im sure u get this a lot but you have been my favorite Met player ever..seeing you and jose on the left side of the infield is amazing. and u guys are gonna make the Mets a team to look out for, for years to come.. and im sure u guys will have many all star appearances along in your amazing careers.. now i know ur in a slump right now and every met fan and yankee haters are rooting for you to pull yourself out of this.. we’re behind you ever step of the way and i know that by the time the playoffs roll around you will be crushing the baseball out of the park just like in that amzing performance in the homerun derby.. you will always be my #1 met and my inspiration to work hard



    Hey David!
    Nice win today! That was an interesting RBI single today. Also, great job on the sac fly. (: lol. I think that you’re on the way into getting out of your little slump. You also made a really nice barehander. (: Good luck against the Rockies! Keep up the great work D-Wright! Let’s Go Mets!!!!!



    D A V I D
    W R I G H T


    You Rule.

    No lie.

    Good hit off 3rd base today?

    haha it was awesome. As for your contract, it’s great. I can’t wait to see how much damage you’re gonna do to the other teams these next years =) your toungue? Reminds me of a frog.. my dad does it too. but anyway, dont worry about this slump your’ll get out of it. Good Luck against the Rockies. My friend is a die hard fan for them so I hope you guys beat em real i hope this comment made ya crack a smile=D

    Go Mets!!



    Hey David! The game today I thought you were not going to get that base hit, but thank god you did!
    see ya l8ter! lol!


    P.S.- GO METS!!


    Hi David, how are you doing? I was so happy when the empire called the play at third fair and it was funny when the philly manager got ejected from the game.(for the second time) Maybe when we play against the Rockies we could sweep them again, but in their own staduim. Well good luck to you against the rockies tommorrow. I hope you get a hit. Love you forever. Let’s Go Mets!!!


    Hey David,
    Yeah that was a pretty crazy call today, and by the look of the smile on your face you were pretty happy. Well, of course why wouldn’t you be. Anyways, I decided to comment again cause I know you are a not only a player, but a huge fan of the game. I was wondering if you could do a section of the next entry that is deticated to things like who you think the greatest player of all time is, or your favorite METS player of all time. I love the game too and unfortuantly I don’t play softball anymore, but I can still enjoy the game. Also, wondering if you watched any of the little laugue world series, just watched the final game.. it is awsome to see the amount of talent 12 year olds can have. Well, I guesse I will wrap this up, oh by the way I do the tongue thing too and people always make fun of me, but oh well.


    ~LETS GO METS(18)~


    Hey there David-
    We took my nephew to the game on Saturday and he had a ball watching you and the guys during batting practice. We look forward to the next *couple* of months watching you!



    Thanks for winning the series and sending a note to the Phillies and Cardinals that there isn’t anything this team can’t do when you rely on each other. When everyone gets going as you near the postseason, the Mets are going to be unstoppable. I can’t tell you how happy I am as a life long fan to finally see a team pull together and really produce. With all the talk of MVP candidates on the team- It’s not an easy choice..the whole team deserves the honors. Speed, determination,power and ‘never-give-up’ attitude coming from this “record-breaking team” is incredible. As I get closer to getting back to teaching next week, I reflect on my favorite games since the workout day at Shea…April 6th Pedro and Beltran, May 1, 3, 19**versus the Yankees, June 3, July 26, Aug 8-10, 23rd. All the walk-offs and come-backs were so exciting to watch.Keep up the good work.- Joy (Lynbrook,NY)


    I have to admit, I never realized we could leave comments before here!!! (I am not great with the computer!) I am so excited I found it. I am sure you heard this many a times, but I am a huge fan. I actually became a Mets fan almost 3 years ago now, since you joined. My fiance has always loved the Mets and now, thanks to you, I can watch along with him. It is so funny that you talked about the tongue thing on Letterman (great interview!!!). I noticed you did it during your first year and like you said, when you do it it means you are focused and 100%. I worry when you don’t do your little at bat routine! You guys are having a great season and I’ve enjoyed watching you guys have so much fun! Keep up the good work and see you at Shea Sept 9th! Love ya #5!

    ~Meg (from PA)


    Hey David!
    Congrats on your contract.I haven’t actually had a chance to sit down and comment you or your blog. But I must say I love reading it and looking at the pictures(especially the tongue ones).I think the tongue thing is cute. i do that to, when I am writing something,and half the time I dont even know it! Also,don’t get yourself frusterated because of the slump you are in.Just keep your head in the game and do the tongue thing(it does make you focus 100 %).I’m sure you will get out of it because you have a great attitude and many true fans (like myself)that believe in you. After all, you did just get that awesome controversial base hit.Keep at it! I just went to Shea on the 25th, for the series opener with the Phils. I know you guys lost but i thought it was a pretty good game and you had some pretty great defensive plays.I think I will end my comment her so it doesnt seem like I am babbling on like an idiot. I absolutley love you’re my favorite!Keep up the fantabulous work!

    -Courtney,Fort Plain,NY


    Dear David,
    We are big Met fans and even bigger David Wright fans and have enjoyed watching you play all season. We are so sorry you are in a slump, but we have noticed that you have changed your between pitch routine. After a pitch, you always followed a pattern: glove, glove, hat, shirt up over face, both hands on bat and extend bat straight out, nice deep breath, and then ready for the next pitch. It gave you time to relax and your brain was patterned. Good luck – we have faith in you.


    Could you please provide some insight into the name of Beltran’s entrance song. I want to download, but I don’t know how/where to find it.

    David, can’t wait to see you playing in October!


    Just wanted to say congratulations on a great game last night.Nice job going 3 for 4.

    I’m a HUGE fan of yours.So, I was wondering if you could e-mail me sometime, I would LOVE it.I’m sure you ge that all the time. I understand if you dont have a whole lot of time now.SO, think about it,please.I would really appreciate it.








    We Met fans in Colorado so look forward to those THREE measly games we get each year. It’s a long wait but always worth it. My family and I were lucky enough to be at last night’s game and had a blast (LOVED the 3 hits and 3 RBI, by the way) Could you believe how many Mets fans were there? You were probably having trouble concentrating in the cage before the game with all the people screaming your name, but I’m guessing that you’re used to it. Thanks for the smile and wave! It must be heartwarming to see that the Mets are loved all over the country, not just in New York. Keep rollin’ over those Rockies and enjoy your stay in gorgeous Colorado. We love having you!!


    3 hits 3 RBIs. what slump?!? you were never in a slump. you just took a break. now your back! i’m at a loss for words!! you’re amazing and i admire you sooo much! I LO♥E YOU!


    YOUR B~I~G~G~E~S~T *F*A*N*



    Hey David!
    First of all, nice win last night! Second, great job on your 3 hits and 3 RBI’s!!!! (: I knew that you would break out of the slump. I stayed up until 12 AM (eastern time) watching the game. Well, good luck tonight! Let’s Go Mets!



    Hey David!
    I was so happy to see you break your slump on Monday. Frankly, i didn’t even think that you were in a slump. Plus, you were still doing an amazing job out in the field. And about the whole tongue thing, i think you look sexy when you stick your tongue. Its adorable. Well, keep up the good work.




    What up bro! Just wanted to congradulate you on banging out some hits. I knew the ricochet off the bag would get you going. That was the craziest play i’ve ever seen! I passed out on the couch eating sunflower seeds around the 7th inning…glad you guys spanked Cololordo. Keep up the good work. I’ll try my best to get some post season tixs and catch ya on the flipside! Peace




    To be honest with you, when I watch you swing it seems like you’re trying to go the other way too much, making you susceptible to the inside pitch. A piece of advice that hopefully will help you; see the ball, hit the ball. Don’t think too much. Hit the ball the way its pitched, don’t always try to hit the other way. Hit it the way its pitched. Hopefully that helps.

    Also always remember, legends are made in october, but hopefully you have a big september. You are definately one of my favorite players. Make it happen.



    Sounds like things are going great for you! How come you never call back when I leave messages?

    Mike C.


    I would appreciate a favor. My husband and I have visited several ball parks and so many times our favorite players from the teams have the night off. We haven’t seen the Mets in person in a long time. We have tickets for the Sept. 16 game in Pittsburgh. I would appreciate it if you would not take the night off. LOL Tell Reyes not to take the night off as well. LOL Wish I could meet you in person, but I feel foolish standing along the fence line like the younguns. Being 50 I have to draw the line somewhere. LOL I have enjoyed watching the Mets’ games that have been televised on our local station and had listened to several others on XM radio. How I wish I could see them all! This is the year I have been waiting for since 1986. Best of luck to you always. Congratulations on your contract. Oh, by the way, I knew you weren’t going to stay in a slump.

    Mets fan forever,



    hea David,

    Great hitting last night(3 hits 3 triples)! I was happy to seeyou hitting again and going the other way. Hopefully this is a sign of a hot streak coming on! Even when you weren’t hitting you had great defense going on which shows that you don’t take it out onto the field. Good luck tonight David. I love you!




    Hi David, good game last night. I’m happy to see you hitting again.(2B,3RBI,SB) You are breaking out of your slump, and I know when you completely break out you are going to be on fire. I know you was really happy and proud of yourself last night. You should be. Well, good luck to you in tonight’s game. I’m looking forward to seeing you hit tonight again. Bye, love you forever. Let’s Go METS!!!!!


    Heyyy David!
    omg wow I am sooo happy for you (your contract and all of your success this year) awww…you are my favorite player ever! Can’t wait to see you play today..I’m sure you’ll do great! Let’s Go Mets!

    luv you forever!




    Great game last night way to bouce back and get some major hits and rib’s. Do it again tonight. I think it’s funny that there are more Met’s fan’s than Rockie’s fans at these games. Let’s Go Mets

    Kellie <33333


    Hey David!
    Great game Tuesday night.You did everything WRIGHT!You guys are definatley the most exciting team to watch, and I make sure I never miss a game because I love watching you all play so much! You guys are definatley Amazin’! Your doing GREAT job David, and good luck in the upcoming games!!!,



    omg wow congrats on your GRAND SLAM! omg wow sooooo proud! lol
    keep it up!

    luv you forever!



    Now you are back !!! YES !!! See what a little rest does…GRAND SLAM baby !!!!

    I’m so glad it rained Sunday…now please take a breather against the ‘Stros on Sunday…we need for the Braves’ series.

    Keep it up David…Mr. Mojo rising…gotta keep on rising !!!



    AWESOME GRAND SLAM!!!!!!! I Love seeing you smile in the dugout!! And I like that towel look.haha. Keep ’em coming. Kellie <333333333


    omg wow! again just wanted to say GRAND SLAM! lol..omg you are on the WRIGHT track. :]
    keep up the greatness…lol

    you are the best!

    luv you forever



    Hi David, you were amazing tonight. A grandslam, 5 RBI, and a great play at third base. I think it’s safe to say that your slump is over. I always knew you was going to break out of your slump though, that is why I never worried about you. I knew you was going to be okay. Your a strong player and a amazing third basemen. As years go on you are just gonna become even better, so it’s good to know you are going to be with us the next 6-7 years. I’m so happy and proud to have you on our team. So keep up the good work. Well tommorrow is the last game against the Rockies and then we head to Houston. If we beat the Rockies tommorrow night, we swept them in shea and in their own staduim. Good luck to you tommorrow. I’m looking forward to seeing you hit again. I love you. Bye. Let’s Go Mets!!!!!


    o.k. now..out of your slump? But a grand slam…Wow:) Nice! Tell Reyes I think he blew Pujols away and his stuff was MVP worthy. He’s 5-tool and then some. You guys seem to continue to show the National League who’s boss and that the A.L. that there’s no stopping you as a team to be reckoned with. I am so proud of the job the coaching staff has done this year: Randolf,Down, Peterson, Acta, Nieto, etc… and thanks to Omar (the genius!) for putting together a championship team…Tell the pitching staff: Pedro;Glavine; El Duque; and Sanchez to get well soon, and I hope things work out for Floyd…we miss him, although fans think Chavez should play everyday.–Good Luck at Houston–Show um who’s boss!==Joy (Lynbrook)


    Hey David!

    All I can say is I KNEW you’d break out of your slump, but a grand slam? My boyfriend and I were watching the game at a bar FILLED with Yankee fans and you should have heard the roar. It was surreal. Evereyone was rooting for you. Then about 10 people said, “That’s my boy” haha. What a way to break out. A grand slam, a single, and that amazing play in the 5th inning. Atta way to shut up the New York Press. Must be easy for the reporters to sit and watch the games and then try to tear a great athlete down. i wonder how they’d handle the situation if they were in your shoes. But as usual, you handled yourself with grace and class…then shoved your abilities in their faces…lol. i am SO proud to be a Mets fan, but more importantly, I am proud of YOU and all you have accomplished this year! Keep up the good work. This is YOUR year and I have already put the wheels in motion to get playoff tickets! ALL THE WAY BABY! No pressure:)




    You rock!! Wow!! Thank God I TiVo’d the game so I could watch that amazing play again and again. Of course, fantastic offense as well – GRAND SLAM BABY!!!! I was at the game on Monday when they reversed that call in your favor, and I don’t know if that helped you or what, but I do know that you’re once again giving us great baseball. Thanks, David – keep it up buddy, we’re behind you 1000%!!!!


    DAvid You are my favorite player on the Team. You are so good. Right now i am in a slump for little league do you have any suggestions on how to break out. Thanks

    P.S My Sister has a huge crush on you


    yeah um can i just say 5 RBIs and um GRAND SLAM BABY!!!!!!!! i don’t know what all these people are saying about how you’re out of your “slump” i mean seriously, THEE DAVID WRIGHT IN A SLUMP?!? whoever heard of such an absurd thing! you were never in a slump! you just needed to take a little break. but now you’re fully rested and back in the swing of things! haha you’ve been my favorite mets player since you came on the team and frankly i’m your biggest fan. and me at fourteen years old and you with a 6-7 year contract, i’m gonna be your biggest fan for a LLLLLOOOOONNNNGGGGG time even if you take your big leauge career someone where else. you can always count on me! haha i love you! good luck against houston!

    YOUR B~I~G~G~E~S~T *F*A*N*



    Hey David!
    All I can say is YOU ARE DEFINITELY OUT OF YOUR SLUMP!!!! (: Grand slam, 5 RBI’s! Wow, what an amazing play you made at third in the bottom of the fifth inning!(: Let’s go for the sweep tonight! Good luck! Keep up the great work D-Wright!

    <3, Katie


    hea David,
    All I got to say is WOW!! That was an awesome game last night. A grand slam, 5rbi’s,and an amazin’ play at third you just rocked the place. I am so proud to see you hitting again. I have to admit whe you hit the grand slam I was jumping up and down and started to cry! I was so happy for you and it made me feel good to see you smiling in the dugout afterwards. Keep up the amazin’ work David! Good luck in going for the sweep tonight! If its not any trouble could you please email me?! I love you David your the best!


    -Lindsy (wifey)



    I had the pleasure of being at your first game. From day one no one doubted your ability. What you have accomplished is truly remarkable.

    I myself just graduated from college, and I am now a financial advisor with a well known firm on wallstreet. If you need any assitance please do not hesitate to contact me.

    All my best.




    Hey DAvid
    I was Just Wondering if you could possibly e-mail me if it is not going to trouble you. Congratulations on your big game last night(Grand Slam!!! 5 rbis) Thanks alot

    Good luck to a GReat player, Brendan


    Congrats on the game last night. A grand slam how great is that! Once again you amaze me. I want to wish you the best of luck with the rest of the season and the post-season. Unfortunately I will not be able to watch the games because I go to school in upstate New York (aka the boondocks) and we dont get SNY. Boohoo for me I know. I mean, I’m going to be studying all the time. Haha. But when you get a chance, I’d love to hear from you. Congrats on all the success and good luck in the future David!



    I love you d-dub! I’m watching you tonight against the most randomest team ever-the rockies. yesss!!!
    ❤ Stef


    GREAT job last night!! From the play to the 5 RBI’s to the GRAND SLAM you were awsome!! Your going to have a big September and October David. I knew it from the beginning, and I can feel it now! Have a great game David

    Your Biggest fan in VA,



    GRAND SLAM BABY!!!!!What a nigth!!!…5RBI and that play in the fifth…awesome, simply amazin’…keep up the good work DW!

    P.S: hope you liked the drawing!!!



    David, hey man, it looks like you are getting a little fatter in the face. You might want to lay off the beer til after you guys win the World Series.


    GRAND SLAM BABY!!! i love you and i knew it and i was saying “come one grand slam, grand slam david!” and then you did! i was alone and nobody heard me, but i so called it! haha your amazing david and everyone looks up to you so much. i just read an article in newday about you and that little kid you visited in the hospital in 2004 and how much he looked forward to meeting you again…your a really great guy and an equally amzing baseball player and im sure youve heard that so many times, but just incase you actually read this i thought id remind you again! i love you and my mets forever!

    -cassie (

    PS: that guy above doesnt kno what hes saying…your face looks fine…no really trust me 🙂 buts hes right about u guys winning the world series, cant wait for it! ❤


    Make sure you get some Coors while you’re out there cause right now bro, you’re ******* hot !!! Another 1st inning dinger !

    I think this whole tongue thing has a lot to do with it. I find myself a lot more focused as I write this response. Not as focused as you throwing out a runner from beyond the 3rd baseline last night, but similar…..eery…






    Hey David,
    First off let me just say congradulations on breaking out of your slump!! I knew you would because you are too good of a player!! What an amazing homerun tonight. i am so proud of you!! Unfortunatly we lost but thats ok. So stay hot and keep up the amazing work!! I LOVE YOU DAVID!!

    xoxoxoxo ~Sam


    Hey, David

    First i’d like to congratulate you on a great series and it does finally seem like your back! Anyway i was in colorado this weekend and i meet you in the teams hotel next to the elevators on wednesday night. I really want to thank you for taking some of your time to chat with me and sign that David Wright reserved ball i had all weekend.

    Ive been reading some of the comments from the past few days and i think people are really underappreciating that play you made wednesday night. I have to admit, I saw it on TV and the hilight really didn’t do justice to how good of a play it was in person.

    Anyway, id like to thank you again and I hope ill see you again in the city.

    Good luck,



    To the ******* above “If you have nothing nice to say don’t say it”………….
    I’m sorry, your HOT! Think someone is a bit Jealous of your good looks and most of all your TALENT!


    you rock avyone was saying you were in a slump..but you werent you wasnt hitting homeruns you were hitting bass hits and now you hit 2 home runs..i grand slam and a solo homrun.:] can do alot of things…i was screaming for you you didnt answer butt i am going to the game on septemer 4th and septemer 10th i dont think we are going to the game on septemer rock.

    Peace Out



    its me again..

    what happens when nobody you no is in your class in 4th grade what do you do like meet other people..i am asking this because you are the greatest person alive you help the children and you are giving your brothers the stuff for the collage are very i thought you would answering this..send it to emails..supermom1000@optonline or oh yeah or am not a gangster or a straight up G..I just like to say

    Peace Out..Because i am used to it my 2 sisters say it on there email..krystle is your age you are only 8 days older than her..and my other sister gina is 18 turning 19 in rock so hard..

    you are my hero..i love how you play you can do it all..

    if i could meet you i would but i cant because i dont know how too..

    Please email me at


    Hey David!
    Nice solo homerun last night in the top of the first! (: You also made some great plays at third! (: I think that you have officially broken out of your little slump. Tough loss last night, but like my dad tells me you can’t win them all. Good luck tonight against the Astros. Maybe you will 3 nights in a row with a homerun! Let’s Go Mets! D-Wright for MVP!

    <3, Katie


    Hey David,
    i just wanted to tell you that you are the man!

    My one & only dream is to meet you. I also wanted to tell you that you & your team are playing great. Keep it up & I hope you guys win the World Series ’cause you **** well deserve it. Love you guys!


    David, congrats to you and to the Mets. I’ve been to three games at Shea this year and the Mets are 2-1 in those games – with the most recent being a rout of the Cardinals a week ago. I also saw your first game at Shea, and was one of many who gave you the warm welcome to NY. Anyway, you are a terrific ball player, and a really good guy. I should add that I’ve been a Mets fan since I was a youngter when the team won its first World Series. Glad to know you’ll be our third baseman for many years to come.


    David, Tell Beltran that he shouldn’t worry about the boos from Astro fans-They’re jealous he’s with the mets now and they’re trying to get into his head. Don’t let them!-Joy


    Hey David,
    I think it’s sooo cool that you always have your tounge sticking out in every picture..well most of them, the ones takin’ when you’re playing.



    Awesome game last night…thanks for beating the Astros! This year is such an easy year to be a Met fan in Houston!! I’ll be at the game tonight cheering all you guys on!

    Lets Go mets…World Series Bound!!!!!!


    Last night was a team effort in the band box formerly known as Ten-Run(Enron) Field and nothing said team more than David “Hustle” Wright. The steal of third was inspirational. Though you could have legged it from second on Valentine’s double, I liked the fact you only had to jog home. Careful with that head first slide though (that’s a common no-no, you and JRey have in common).

    I love this version of the Mets, it reminds me of the 1999 squad (Fonzie, Batman, and MikeyP weren’t exactly speed demons, but with a lot more hustle(like 86, without the beer), which in the end, like last night, will be the difference.



    David, nice nice hitting last night and great hustle stealing 3rd.

    By the way, were you ever able to make it to a Pearl Jam concert?


    wow! you just baffle me with your greatness!!! i mean seriously! 5 RBIs and 2 hits! amazin! you gave the mets their name the amazin’ mets! good luck against the astros! i love you!

    YOUR B~I~G~G~E~S~T *F*A*N*



    Estimado David,

    Thats great that you and Jos are signed up for the next 6 or 7 years. What a great dynamic you guys have together! Congratulations on pulling of that little slump. Te felicito!

    Im wondering what it must be like to play for a team thats almost 50% latino. You must hear Spanish in the clubhouse all the time. Have you learned much Spanish from Jos, Endy, Pedro and the two Carloses?

    Im actually a (gringo) Spanish teacher here in Manhattan and Long Island, so if you ever need Spanish lessons, feel free to contact me.

    Thanks for bringing the excitement back to Shea!

    Mucha suerte,



    Hey David!
    Nice win last night against the Astros! You did great, 2 doubles and 3 RBI’s! (: You made a nice play at third, even though the runner was safe. Nice hustle stealing third! (: Well, good luck tonight! Let’s Go Mets!

    <3, Katie


    My girlfriend has helped me see the light with Mets. Before we met I never really committed to one team. But I have to say LETS GO METS! She does a great mets blog and podcast you should check out,


    hey david,
    i think “the wright stuff” is back!!! keep those hits comin, and keep on smilin 😉 ♥ xoxo, Kristi ♥


    hey David,
    Everyone loves seeing that smile on the field and in the dugout. Way the bounce back even though you never really left. You are so awesome.

    Good Luck tonight.

    Kellie I ? You David


    hey david?

    last night i was at my friends house and we were watching the game…… and my friends erica and nicole are your BIGGEST fans and when you hit that 3-run double it was almost a grand slam! if the wind would have just pushed the ball an inch farther….. anyway we screamed so loud u probably heard us in houston..haha! well great game yesterday and good luck tonight!

    l?ve.ashley wiederspan


    The highlight of my week was watching your single off the third base bag in Colorado. It’s great seeing you hitting better again. I’m so excited that you and jose will be in new york for a while you both are such exciting and talented players. Good luck tonight we’ll be rooting for you guys back here in new york.

    ❤ Rebecca

    Oh and I love that thing you do with you’re tounge! It’s adorable


    I watched that great play by Beltran (Astros, Sept. 2) to save the game…but, Oh my God, I hope he’s o.k…send him our love and the fans will be pushing for him. I’ll say a prayer for him. Great job to win the series and set the record straight.-joy


    great job again David. I hope Carlos is okay. That was an increadible catch, he basicly saved the game. You guys are realy showing how great you are David. Keep it up!


    i love how so many people on here dont know the proper way to spell congratulations, i love when they spell it w/ a d. haha!!


    you are amazing, i love you s0o0o0o much!!! && the tounge thing is s0o0o cute, i really admire the way you play and how good you are. good thing you got that contract because i really want to see you play. luv ya!!!♥


    Hey David!
    Great game last night! You did awesome! (: Hopefully Beltran is going to be okay. That catch pretty much saved the game. Good luck today and let’s go for the sweep! I’ll be at the game next Sunday when you play the Dodgers. Keep up the great work!

    <3, Katie



    Great game last night. What an awesome catch by Carlos. Hopefully he’ll be alright. I wish you were playing today but I guess you need a day off. I’ll be at the game next Sunday. I can’t wait. Let’s Go Mets

    Kellie <<<333 #5


    hey you guys played hard today! but they couldn’t do it with out you david! well i’m so excited because i just found out i’m going to the game tuesday night against the braves! i’ll be the one holding the “I’M YOUR MRS. WRIGHT” sign. i brought it to the last game i went to, which was my first, but you didn’t play 😦 but i’m hoping this time you will! i love you!!!!

    YOUR B~I~G~G~E~S~T *F*A*N*



    Hey David!
    Yesterday was a tough loss. (at least it was a close game.) Well, good luck tonight against the Braves. I can’t wait until next Sunday! I’m going to try and get to the game pretty early so I can watch the Mets have batting practice, so maybe I can get your autograph. (: Let’s Go Mets!

    <3, Katie


    i’m very upset. tomorrow’s supposed to be a rainy day. i really hope the game doesn’t get rained out cause i’m going!!! and i hope you still have batting practice so i at least have a chance to get your autograph. i would really really really love that! it would make my life! hehe! i love you!!! good luck against the braves tonight!

    YOUR B~I~G~G~E~S~T *F*A*N*



    Hi David, first I want to say is good series against Houston. We didn’t win yesterday’s game but we still won the series. It is September now and it’s getting close to the playoffs and the World Series. I know we gonna win it and when we do I’m gonna be screaming like crazy. I also can’t wait till September 10 because I’m going to that game and I’m going to get my David Wright bobble head. Also that could be the game we clinch the divsion. I hope it is. Well I can’t wait to see you September 10th. I’m really looking forward to it. I love you. Bye. Let’s Go Met!!!!!


    Hi David, first I want to say is good series against Houston. We didn’t win yesterday’s game but we still won the series. It is September now and it’s getting close to the playoffs and the World Series. I know we gonna win it and when we do I’m gonna be screaming like crazy. I also can’t wait till September 10 because I’m going to that game and I’m going to get my David Wright bobble head. Also that could be the game we clinch the divsion. I hope it is. Well I can’t wait to see you September 10th. I’m really looking forward to it. I love you. Bye. Let’s Go Met!!!!!


    Hi David, first I want to say is good series against Houston. We didn’t win yesterday’s game but we still won the series. It is September now and it’s getting close to the playoffs and the World Series. I know we gonna win it and when we do I’m gonna be screaming like crazy. I also can’t wait till September 10 because I’m going to that game and I’m going to get my David Wright bobble head. Also that could be the game we clinch the divsion. I hope it is. Well I can’t wait to see you September 10th. I’m really looking forward to it. I love you. Bye. Let’s Go Met!!!!!


    david your so awesome really, ive been at shea so much this season and i still havent met you…looking forward to when i finally do. ive read this blog a bajillion times and commented like 5 times but i love when you said, “One thing for sure is that the contract won?t change the kind of person I am.” we all know thats true and your an amzing person and met. were glad your a part of new york and we love you. we love you and your toungue sticking out…a lot. keep it going guys, school starts in two day and us mets fans get to brag to all the yankee fans so sending you love from 14 yr.old cassie from LI. love you and the team, stay focused and best of luck. its our year!



    so my dad said the game today is most likely going to get rained out. i was supposed to go(in case you didn’t get my last comment lol) but i do have a chance to the the fifth game of the world series if you guys make it! which you will!!! good luck tonight! and don’t worry about the game last night, they were just lucky but that will wear off by tonight. i love you!!!

    YOUR B~I~G~G~E~S~T *F*A*N*



    Last night was a tough loss. Don’t worry about it. You’ll get them next time. Look on the bright side, you had a hit. (: By the way, nice bubble. (: I heard that you were participating in the Rally Foundation’s bubble gum blowing contest with Glavine. Well, good luck tonight. (if the game doesn’t get rained out.)

    <3, Katie


    This is

    i got so up close to you..your smile is so cute..if i would i would go to everygame butt i cant..maybe when i get older.

    i want you to be a met forever..i got 5 autographs so far but are you going to sign on the 10th and 25th..if you can ask jose reyes too.because my cousin wants his autograph..But on the 25th i really have to get you my cousin wants to get jose reyes and my other cousin wants carlos beltran.please i cant have Endy Chavez,Chris WoodWard,Paul LoDuca,Pedro Felicano..and the 5th is on the braves..Jeff Something that starts with a f..Dont Let the world series past and blow away..we can win it…Well i am going to see if you remeber me..Ok There was a guy not a kid who was wicaling really loud wright next to me..i was a girl..with dirty blone hair..You Smiled at me and i oh most past mom was there and so was my dad and they said that if david wright signed my ball and talked too me i would past out..And they thinked i would talk to you because i am very very shy..On the 10th for the booble head doll….Are you going on the the end of the game because the kids are going on the field with their grandparents..And it wouldnt be that fun if you or some players wosin there..Well i am just that you do that foundation for kids u should sign..

    Love Always your number 1 fan angela


    Hey sweetcheeks! Where’s the new blog? lol On a serious note, I am thrilled that you seem to be more comfortable at the plate then you have been in the last few weeks. I was a little worried for a bit, but I knew that you’d break through:) You haven’t let me down yet. Even when you weren’t hitting, there was always some sort of insane play at third, after which I’d sit there in awe thinking, “now, how the **** did he do that?” haha. I don’t care HOW you do it, just keep up the good work. Please send my wishes for a speedy recovery to Beltran. That play saved the game and scare the **** out of me. Everyone in the room were saying things like “Not him..not now” to which I replied, “what do you mean not him, not now?” NEVER! You and the rest of the team are incredible this year. It used to be that if the Mets lost, it was like, “yeah, so what’s new?”. Now when you lose on that rare ocassion, it doesn’t even phase me, i just hate to watch it:) I know you’ll be back the next night better than ever. Let’s do this! Practice your bubble blowing in the off season! hahaha. I am actually so jazzed to be a Mets fan this season for two reasons. 1) I get to “give back” to the Yankee fans who have been running their mouths since the **** of time and 2) You guys are SO MUCH fun to watch and to think, this is just the beginning of an era. Keep up the good work and definately keep smiling…even when you aren’t doing well, it sets a fantastic example for the kiddies:)




    Hey David, I can’t believe the stupid Braves beat us last night and shut us out. This is the first time another team shut us out in our staduim of the season. Let’s beat those stupid Braves tonight. Let’s beat them really bad. (LOL) I hope Beltran gets better soon. We really need him. He’s an important part of the Mets ball club. Well I’m looking forward to seeing you play tonight. Get a hit for me. I love you. Bye. Let’s Go Mets!!!!!


    ♥Hey♥it really stinks that the game got rained out, hope you guys are ready tomorrow… DOUBLE HEADER. i know you’ll do great (as always.) keep it up

    p.s- your so0o0o hott!!

    ♥luv ya lots


    i know that im only 13 and your 23 but i love and admire you soooooooo much! and not just because your hot, i mean yeah your flippin gorgeous but also because from what i’ve seen you’ve got a really great personality. i’ve never gone a game yet but im a really big fan of baseball especailly the mets, i live about 8 hours away so i dont know if i’ll ever get to go to one. i just had a couple quetions, do you really read all these comments thats people leave you? and, do you ever come around buffalo,ny? PLEASE email me back at, it would mean soooooooo much to me!

    i no alot of people write this but i truly mean it, YOUR BIGGEST FAN – ♥Megan♥


    It was tough to lose against the Astros (last game of the series) and the homecoming against the Braves. I didn’t watch the Sunday game loss at all, but I did go to the Monday game (although I didn’t watch it at all because I brought a friend who talks my ear off). In all, I probably got to see one inning. I guess you can see why I sometimes go to games alone[die hard] and this is really the first year I went by myself to so many games.Last year I attended maybe 30 games in all. It seemed that I’ve seen at least 65 wins and only 5 losses this year.It’s been an incredible progression. You can’t win them all, I guess and it’ll keep you honest in the short trip to the postseason. You have to play hard all the time and give it your all every day. You can’t take anything for granted. The Braves were mad because we swept them at home so they are retaliating. If you lose some now, maybe it will give you guys an incentive to play all-out…You’re so close now! Don’t give up that close- knit spirit you guys show on the field (It’s the magical feeling at Shea so different from everywhere else-although some fans are fanatical). In essence, that’s what held you together in the first place! Don’t allow distractions to come between good baseball and fun…the fun will come after you win the postseason and World Series…Do it for me and the rest of the die-hard fans over the years! And don’t (please) let yankee arrogance show you up…Your team is good [I mean really good!!!] You gotta believe! Why else would I spend an arm and leg to watch you guys play…You are so much better than any team or player that entered Shea since 1964–don’t pass it by!Get the ‘eye of the tiger’but don’t hurt yourselves (Thank God prayers answered for Beltran)–Is God a Met fan??. With love for baseball and admiration for a postseason win, Joy


    Hey David…nice work in the bubble gum contest!!! haha…I knew you would do well in the home run derby, but who knew bubble gum blowing was another talent! Lots of luck in tomorrow’s games, if they too don’t get rained out! Can’t wait to come see you play Saturday!
    Luv ya Meg



    How do you feel about Steve “dain juh” Irwin being brutally murdered by a stingray?
    i personally loved that guy. i used to watch him all the time when i was little.

    I know this had nothing to do w/ baseball at all but its a major event. lol. gosh im gonna miss him.

    ❤ Stef


    Please let Wagner know that most of us ‘true’ fans appreciate the fact he reached a milestone and wish him luck in the postseason, He’s great and shouldn’t get ‘shook’. He’s our closer now and we believe in him!!! Even against the Yankees and nailbitten hands.


    Hey David, Can you tell Cliff Floyd that I’m hoping he feels better and I feel so bad for him having to miss so much of this great season you guys are having. It must bother him. I miss him . Love all you guys. Theresa


    Hey David,
    I think you saw me at Coors Field, I was holding up a sign that said I was from New York. I was at the game that you hit the homer in the first inning and was screaming so loud I almost lost my voice.

    Go Mets,



    Thanks for silencing the chop…way to go! Nice job by Delgado and Green today. I knew you could do it!-Joy


    Hey David!
    Great job on winning the series against the Braves!! (: I knew youu guys could do it! Good luck tomorrow night against the Dodgers. Can’t wait until Sunday! (: Let’s Go Mets!

    <3, Katie


    Hi David, how are you doing? I’m so happy that we won the double header. I didn’t get to see the first game because I was at school and I got home around 4:20. So I missed it. I saw the second game though. We beat the Braves bad. I’m sad though because I didn’t get to see you play and I wanted to see you. I know Willie gave you the rest of the day off because you played in the first game and I guess you was tired. So I could understand why you didn’t play the second game. I’m still sad I didn’t get to see you play though. I love wathing you play and I miss you when you don’t play. Well let me stop complaining. Anyway I’m just glad we beat the Braves and now the magic number is 9. Let’s beat the Dodgers now and decrease the magic number. Good luck tommorrow. I love you. Bye.
    Let’s Go Mets!!!!!



    Hey David,
    Great job on beating those braves once again!! That should teach them who’s the boss of this division now!! Anyway today was my first day of school and it was awful, so much work ahead for this year, and i dont think ill be able to handle it! So the one thing i was looking foward to all day was getting out of school and watching you play!! Unfortunatly Willie sat you out today and i was soooo upset!!! So ill just have to wait until tomorrow.i LOVE YOU so much and i think you are soo HOT!!!!!!!! So keep up the amazing work and ill see you at the game saturday!! And i cant wait to get your bobblehead doll!! that will definatly be the highlight of my week!! Bye!

    xoxoxoxox ~Sam


    Hey David,
    I just wanted to congratulate you and the Mets on a great season so far. I have been a Mets fan my entire life and I have to say I haven’t been in such a good mood during the summer in a long time. Your success has made my life so much more soothing. My roomate and I started a game at the beginning of the season where we have been shotgunning a beer for every run scored off a Mets home run. So thats one gun for a solo shot and 4 guns for a grand salami. I have to say that you and the rest of our murderers row (Delgado and Beltran) have been killing my liver!

    keep up the great work and maybe I can send you a picture of the enourmous pyramid of empties we’ve been working on all season!

    See Ya,



    Hi David,

    I just read that you are a finalist for the Hank Aaron Award. THAT’S HUGE!!!! To be so young and put into the same category as Derek Jeter, Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa et al must be surreal. Not only that, but after only a couple of years you are being called one of the best in the game and pitchers FEAR you! I gotta tell ya, I wouldn’t want to have to pitch to ANY of you, glad I don’t have to:)

    I am watching the game now and that Reyes is INCREDIBLE. I have seen cars move slower than him. He can MOVE and it was great so see him so happy and excited after his inside the park HR. LOVE the little dance he and Delgado did. You guys never cease to entertain me in one way or another. Anyway, there’s a good game I just wanted to congratulate you on being a finalist for the Aaron award. You continue to make us proud! Keep it up:

    Much love,



    Hey David!
    Great job tonight against the Dodgers! You did awesome, 2-2, 1 RBI! (: The Mets are doing an outstanding job this year. That inside the park homerun by Reyes was incredible! I can’t believe how fast he can run. lol. Well, good luck tomorrow night. I’m looking forward to getting your bobblehead on Sunday. (: Let’s Go Mets!!!!

    <3, Katie


    Hey David!
    I just wanted to tell you how proud I am of you for being a finalist for the Hank Aaron Award. That is pretty impressive that in your second year you recieved that honor. Keep up the great work!

    <3, Katie


    Mr. Wright-
    I’m sure you don’t read or respond to these, but as a lifelong Tides fan (and Mets fan by proxy) as well as a former Chesapeake Clipper writer, I have to ask what you think about the Tides and the Mets not renewing their contract. It would break my heart to have to play AAA to the Nationals next year. Thoughts?

    -Ben K, Williamsburg, Va.







    Hi Baby, last night the game was on rain delay. Then it got off delay. At 7:50 the game started but then later it was on rain delay again. Finally the game got off rain delay for good. We was losing 2-0 before but then we rallied. However I didn’t get to see when we rallied. I only seen about 2 innings of the game. I went to sleep at 11:00 because I had school the next day and I wake up at 6:00 in the morning. My mother had woke me up though when we tied the game 4-4. I saw the highlights of the game though the next morning. I was very happy to know that we won 6-4. Hopefully the game doesn’t go on rain delay again tonight. Our magic number is 3 now and the Phillies have a double-header today. If the phillies lose one of their games and we win the game today against the Marlins, we could clinch today. So lets win today and pray that the phillies lose one or both of their games. LOL. Well goodluck tonight, I can’t wait to see you. I didn’t really get to see you last night. Bye. LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART. Let’s Go Mets!!!!!




    Hey David,
    About your tounge. . . My nephew, Tyler, plays little league ball, and he sticks out his toungue when he does everything! ha! 🙂


    All I wanted for my birthday (I?m 20 now? wow I?m old) was to go see the Mets play at Coors field. Since we didn?t get to go on my actually Birthday I settled for the day after (the 4th). More then anything I wanted to meet David Wright. I know you have a lot of groupies (Which I am not one of by they way) I just admire you so much with everything you do on the field as well as off. I was super bummed that I didn?t get a birthday picture with you. I hope it’ll happen some other time (maybe when I turn 21)or if we come to New York to visit! You?re just such an amazing person and I respect and value all you do.


    Hi David!
    You are the best baseball player in the world!

    i have had a crush on you for a long time. I really want to meet you! lol I love the stick out your tongue thing its cute all my friends make fun of me though! You are great at third base that is the postition i play in softball! look for your biggest fan on the third base sidelines this month! i can’t wait to see you . . . you rock! i love you!

    your #1 fan




    Dear David,

    I know it’s not about one person, but you could not have done any more.

    You show the team what real class and dignity is.

    You are someone to admire and respect. This is what it’s all about for the young people watching. To them, you are GOLDEN! Looking forward to more of the same classy guy next year. My household is HEARTBROKEN, mostly for your sake.




    Dear David,
    sorry for my other comments…. i had to release steam from yesterday….. It is okay that u guys lost yesterda…. Of course it was to the marlins and you guys could have played more like a team but u did very good… I cant wait to see you guys when i go to spring training…OMG one girl on my fied hockey team said u went out with her cousin… NO IDEA IF ITS TRUE ARE NOT BUT IM JUST SAYING…..ENJOY YOUR NEW PENTHOUSE APARTMENT!!!!



    Dear David
    Your parents should be extremely proud of you. You truly rise above all MLB players on and off the field.

    Your compassion for baseball and children is incredible. It all starts in the home and your family should be commended. It was a tough season and we all wish it ended differently. You did your best. Congratulations on entering the 30 30 club! I met you at a charity event at the ESPN zone with Todd Zeile.

    It was a great night! Good luck next year and don’t change.

    A proud Met Fan



    Hey David!
    You are so awesome! I wish you guys could have went to the playoffs, but there is always next year. I was there that 2nd to last say, where you won 13-1 and a fight broke out. Where did that thirteen to one team go on the last day? We all thought that game woke you up! I can wish that our baseball season was still going on, but that wont change a thing. I’m one of your biggest fans and I’m always here to support you. The team is most likely going to go through some major changes David, and I hope it turns you into a World Champion team. It might take some time to get used to those changes, but I know you can adjust. Good luck now and always!

    A 6th grade Mets fan,



    Dear David
    I just wanted to say thanks for being a strong motivational factor in my baseball career. I recently got surgery on a torn rotatercuff and thought i was never going to have the opportunity to play again. I thank the great Lord that i did, earning a scholarship to DII Southern Connecticut. We use wood bat and i ordered a few Marucci’s. There working out very well and once again i just wanted to say thanks. David something i always use in not only my game, but in every obstacle that is thrown our way is Philipians 4:13.

    Thank You

    Adam Cernauskas


    Hey David,
    I was at nike town yesterday and I just wanted to let you know how awesome it was to meet you. Being the only girl in my family I had to take an interest in sports in order to connect more with my brother and father, who were always focused on the mets whether it was during the season or not. Over time I too became a Met fan so I just wanted to thank you for ignoring the securtiy and coming over to say hi. I know you probably get this eveyday but I’m a huge fan of yours, so once again thanks for saying hi.



    I have a son who is turning 16 this Dec. Max, has played baseball since he was 2 yrs. old and could hit a wiffle ball over our two story house. My father-in-law loved to coach him and was his biggest fan until he died 5 years ago. My son, Max is truely my idol…..he is one of the nicest , greatest kids with a heart of gold…he has a level head on his shoulders and encourages others about baseball when he umps LL. He plays baseball morning noon and night….he plays fall ball, Rockville Centre,ny town team, travel teams and recently joined the LI Ducks nassau county travel league as a 1st baseman, pitcher and 3rd baseman and catcher.I am not just saying this because and am his MOM and his bigest fan, but because he has the “PASSION”. I really want to thank you for being such a fabulous role modeland mentor with my son. You have truely inspired him to become a better player and better yet, a more caring person. Max takes lessons from Dave Lymancheck from the KC Royals from years ago and never stops talking about you. Tonight, he showed me his birthday list and the first thing on the list was a life size cut out of you that I could order online to go at the foot of his bed! Thank you David Wright…kids these days don’t have respectable, talented,all around great role models to set good examples to set the bar to strive to someday become a better person…Max is truely a wonderful kid, but you have inspired him to become a better person, player and human being and as a parent, I thank you a million David Wright for all you represent and the very fine son your parents raised. With much gratitude-Tracy Rosing 16 Locust Ave Rockville Centre,NY….ps- I really want to make sure that this thank you reaches you and so I will “copy and paste ” this letter of gratitude any place I can find that I think you might recieve it,,,,thanks again, for being everything you are and the fine man your family raised!You are doing a great job influencing America’s youth! keep up the great job…..I’m sure you make your mother proud every minute of the day of who you have become as a person.


    I am dropping a note to you reference to my son who has played baseball since he was 6 years old. He is now 19 is 6’3″ and left handed pitcher. He has been under private lessons for the last 4 winters with Coach Gary Lavelle. I am sure you would remember him since he is the coach at Greenbriar Christian Academy and he has hosts several pitching, hitting, etc. camps in the Virginia Beach area for several years. I thought I would write to you in hopes of helping give positive thoughts to my son who is wanting to seek a career pitching. His senior year with Menchville HIgh they were 26-1 and came in 3rd in the state. His american legion team won the regionals for the last 2 years and this year came in 4th in the state. He is currently pitching his 2nd year with the Newport NEws Apprentice School. His stats as a freshman were not too bad. His school won the National Championship in Florida as a Division 3 school this year and he was the closing pitcher who ended up with the win. Any positive thoughts from you would be most helpful. From a fan in Newport News Virginia.



    i want to take this time and say


    i would like to say that i have so many posters of you! i am one of your biggest fans!! even though i play soccer i am more into watching baseball then watching any other sport.

    i was so mad when arod might have came to the yankees i mean that arod cant take you spot. i apprecite it if you can e-mail me at


    Dear Mr. Wright. My 14 year old daughter, Jackie Cole,lead singer in the teen band, “MEADOWLAND”, wrote and produced a song,” Mr.Right’. It has been played on Sirius radio for the past month, and hit #1 for 2 weeks straight. It was also played on 101.9 in NYC. Our Management ( Harvey Leeds, and Kevin Morrow, of Live Nation) is in the process of contacting “your people”, and the Mets organization, as we speak. Please take the time to listen to it, as it is extremely popular, and wed love to hear it over the P.A. at Shea ( citipark) when you approach the plate, because after all, you are, “Mr. Right”. Iam a retired NYC Firefighter, and a long time Met fan!

    John Miskanic Retired FDNY

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