All-Star was more than I ever imagined


Jeff Wilpon arranged to have two private jets take the Mets? traveling party to Pittsburgh. It was my first time flying in a private jet, so that was exciting in itself, but to be traveling to the All-Star Game with my teammates and with the Mets in first place made it a truly memorable experience. The flight was one of the first opportunities I had to take a deep breath and let it set in. While I was sitting on the plane, talking with my teammates and their families, I just began to realize how fortunate and lucky we were. It was almost overwhelming.

Wrightortiz200 Everything happens very fast at an All-Star Game, so I?m glad my brothers — Stephen, Matthew and Daniel — were with me as well as my parents (Rhon and Elisa) and my old AAU coach. My brothers took a lot of video at the Home Run Derby and again during the All-Star Game, so this offseason I?m sure we?ll get together and relive the experience. It was really nice to be able to share the experience with all of them.

I even surprised myself a little by sticking around until the final round of the Home Run Derby. Paul Lo Duca had come up to me on Sunday and asked if I had anyone to throw to me and I told him no, that I was just going to use someone in Pittsburgh. Then he told me he was a pretty good batting practice pitcher and I kind of laughed at him.

Wrightloduca200I was skeptical, but then we went up to the cage and Paul threw some good BP. We practiced some more on Monday before the Derby and it turned out pretty good. He hit my bat a few times, especially in that first round. He did a great job of putting the ball where I like it.

I wish I could have mustered up a little more power towards the end to try and win the thing, but my arms got a little tired and I began to swing a little late. By the end, both Paul and I were a little weary. Plus, Ryan Howard was very consistent. He has a ton of power and he was dropping those balls in the river with some frequency.

I have to admit I felt a little intimidated standing in line with the other Home Run Derby contestants for introductions. I was one of the smallest guys there, along with Miguel Tejada. We were sandwiched in there between monsters like David Ortiz, Ryan Howard, Troy Glaus, Jermaine Dye. But I think I?ll be able to hold my head high when I get back with my teammates in Chicago later this week. I?m pretty sure I surpassed the expectations they had for me back in the clubhouse.

All in all, the All-Star Game was more than I even imagined. From all of the pageantry to the game itself, it exceeded my dreams. It was disappointing for the National League to lose the game, but to hit a home run in my first All-Star Game at-bat is something I’ll always remember.

Wrightutley_small I enjoyed every second of my time in Pittsburgh. It was hectic, but you can?t get caught up in that. You never know how many All-Star Games you?ll get to participate in, so I really tried to make the most of it. I?m young, so hopefully I?ll get to come to a few more of these, but I?ll always have this one. I feel like I was really able to soak it in.

The snapshot I?ll always carry with me is just sitting around in the clubhouse and talking with some of the best hitters in the game and seeing how they go about their business. You get to know another side of them that you don?t see when you?re playing against them or watching them on TV. Hopefully I?ve made some lasting friendships.

As players, we?re all part of a fraternity, but we?ll all be enemies again by later this week when we get back to competing against each other on the field.

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    I think you did an awesome job at the All-star game! It was so much fun to watch you hit in the home run derby! Glad to hear you enjoyed it so much and appreciated your involvement as well. Congrats!



    “…and for some reason, I like rocking the pastels.” You were awesome, David. Looking forward to Letterman tonight.


    Great job at the home run derby and the all star game! Watching you play has turned me into a baseball fan!


    I think you did an INCREDIBLE job at the all-stars game and the home run derby. I was rooting 4 u all the way!! I hope to meet u soon. as u create ur memories by living each day , i can’t wait to create memories when i get to meet the person i look up 2 which is Mr. Wright. Thanks man n take care!


    Everyone was saying Ortiz and Howard, I kept telling them not to sleep on Wright. I told them this was the weekend he’ll become a star. All I see on ESPN is how good this guy is and blah blah blah. I laugh to myself knowing I saw you first 2+ years ago (or whenever it was) playing for the Tides.
    I’m so glad in your segment thing you said you were from Chesapeake. Whenever they say Norfolk, VA I think ‘here we go again.’ I even had someone who’s a pretty good Mets fan tell me how it make sense I was a Redskins fan because Chesapeake is near DC.

    Anyway, I’m glad you’ll make people know where we are. Go Mets.



    Wow! What can I say you really shined in the burgh! The Home Run Derby was great! Well and the All-Star game…first at bat and you hit a home run 🙂 It was nice to see Jose at the game even though he was not playing…tell him thanks for going there and supporting the team! Can’t wait for maybe more All-Star memories from you. Well good luck to you and the team Chicago and Cincy!!! LETS GO METS


    P.S. Can’t wait for Letterman tonight! Have fun!


    I think you and the guys did a great job representing New York at the All-Star game and you definitly made a splash (even if it wasn’t in the river). Thanks for making it so much fun to watch the Mets. I’ve been a fan since I was a kid, but this is definitly the high point! I’m looking forward to seeing you in many All-Star games to come (representing the Mets of course!) Congrats again and good luck tonight on Letterman!



    My hats off to you and the rest of your teammates. It has been a long time since the organization was so well represented. I was glued to the tv during the HR derby and the game like I normally am when I watch Met games. I normally enjoy the break by not watching baseball. thank you for making it interesting again. Did I hear you say in your in-game interview that you and Jose bleed blue and orange?


    Amazing job in the homerun derby and in the all-star game! It was great to be able to see my favorite player do so well and it was just amazing! I’m glad that you enjoyed and were always smiling. And good choice with Paul! Looking foward to seeing you on Letterman tonight. Also cute commercial during the game and AWESOME homer!!!!!!!!!! Also 22 homeruns…wow! Way to represent the National League East and more importantly the METS! Keep up the great job! Go Mets!

    I love you David!



    Congrats, David!
    Good job in the All-Star game!

    I’m a high school senior in Taiwan, a small island in the pacific. I began watching ball games in the major league because of Chien-Ming Wang, a gorgeous Taiwanese pitcher in NYY.

    I was impressed by your excellent performances tho’ i seldom watch ball games other than the yankees. You’re especially amazing and precious since you’re only 23! Keep up the good work! ??!(jia-yo)

    Kelly Yu-Ju


    Congratulations on an awesome All Star break David! Watching you hit those 16 homers in the first round on Monday was amazing. Every day that I watch you play baseball makes me prouder and prouder that you’ve been my favorite player since 2004. Awesome job in the game last night. NL deserved to win, but that’s okay. Your input into the game was fantastic as usual. I thought it was really cute during the homerun derby when Ortiz went to towel you off haha. It’s amazing how enemies can become the best of buds during times like this.

    Good Luck in the upcoming games.

    I love you David!!

    Your #1 Fan,



    Great job at the All-Star festivities this year David! You exceeded my expectations and actually nailed my hopes! That 9th inning was really painful but I couldn’t help but be proud of you and Beltran for bringing your “A” games to the park.

    I’m glad your family was there with you and were able to record a lot of it. That’s a pearl of great price for the future eh.

    Keep up the good work!


    Hey- did Amazinggg at the all-star game..and the home run derby! It was extremely awesomeeee when you hit that home run in the allstar game..1st time up=amazingggg..haha..well awesomee job! keep up the good workk! 🙂

    -Katie G.

  14. Zoe

    Man, it was a joy to watch. I went a bit crazy on my blog with all the excitement you and the boys gave us.

    Have you seen the Midday broadcast where they miked Jose Reyes responding to your derby home runs? That’s a TREAT to watch. At times you had him barking like a seal as the ball soared far, far, far. “That’s my man!” He screamed.

    The best part? When you said “I’m tired,” Jose Reyes called out: “Get an apple juice!”

    You two “bleed blue and orange” indeed.

    I hope you’re feeling all the many tons of love we’ve got to give you. You’re our special, special guy.

  15. Kellia

    Congrats on your performances in the Home Run Derby and the All Star Game. Glad you enjoyed the experience and told us about it on the blog.

    You’ll have more for sure.

    Now Lets Go Mets!


    Life, Baseball & Eric Byrnes


    Awesome job at the All-Star Game and the HR Derby! You smoked the other guys in the first round and to come in second amongst all these amazing competitors is a great accomplishment. Congrats!! Looking forward to seeing you on Letterman tonight. Good luck, keep smiling and have fun. Gotta love the pastels. 🙂


    Great job David! We’re proud of you and thanks for sharing the experience with us. It was a lot of fun to watch. You gave me and my 6-year old son baseball memories that will last forever 🙂


    Mr. Wright –
    Congratulations on your performances in the HR Derby and the All-Star Game. It seems like you’ve really got it going on now, with the media calling you “stud” and “model for young players” and such. One thing disappoints me, though. What was with the cursing at the HR Derby? I was watching it via, and they didn’t seem to be doing a good job of censoring it… I distinctly heard you curse more than once, and a bunch of other players were cursing in Spanish. Isn’t this supposed to be a family event? I’m not saying it’s as bad as the Janet Jackson fiasco, but still, it’s not what I would expect from the seemingly perfect media darling everyone recognizes as David Wright.



    Great job D.Wright. After you hit those 16 homers the first round i was standing on the couch dancing because i was so happy for you. I feel this sense of pride when you do anything great for some reason. =] Then in the All-Star dad and I both predicted you were gonna hit one out and sure did! You better be able to carry some of that power with you for the rest of the season though!=] Good luck in the second half and hopefully I’ll be able to make it up there for a playoff game in october!


    Michelle-Orlando, FL


    Hey David,
    Don’t be intimidated with Ryan Howard, David Ortiz and those guys. I agree, they are really good but you belong in their group. I mean it. Great job in the All-Star Game and HR Derby. I’m positive you’ll be just as good in the second half of the season.

    Good luck,


    P.S. Have fun on David letterman’s show tonight. Just relax and enjoy, the guy’s a blast. I’ll be watching.


    What can I say? You are simply incredible.

    You did an amazin’ job at the Home Run Derby. 16 in the first round! Needless to say, I was impressed. And then to hit that beautiful home run in your first at bat at the All Star Game… wow. I am so happy for you and all your success. You truly deserve it. You’re a great guy and a player kids could really look up to. Everybody loves you.

    “Jose and I bleed blue and orange”…OMG, you were born to be a Met. I almost cried when you said that. You really make a Mets fan proud, David.

    And the little profile they showed of you… 24 your favorite show, rockin’ the pastels, Virginia is for lovers… too cute!

    Anyway, I just wanted to say that you are officially a sports superstar, because everyone who saw the ASG who isn’t a Mets fan, knows what we’ve known all along. You’re the best!

    P.S. Good luck on Letterman tonight. Can’t wait!

    All the love in the world,



    I thought you did, an excellent job at the home derby at the all-star game. I glad I voted for you. I couldn’t believe that you hit that many home runs. I bet you were tired, after that. I am looking forward seeing you on David Letterman tonight.I will watching you this weekend, when you play in Chicago. I think that you are a young handsome man. You have a cute smile.


    David, you did an awesome job in the All Star game. I love watching you play. My sister wants to ask, whats with your tongue sticking out everytime you swing?? We love it. Can’t wait to watch you back in action with the Mets!!


    Cliff Floyd should owe you a steak dinner for the rest of the year for saying that you’d only hit 2 home runs! And as far as being intimidated by the big guys in the derby, I’d take you over Ryan Howard any day. He’s lucky he was able to choose his own BP guy because if it was a lefthander, he would have been hitting nothing but air baby!


    You Did an awsome job in both the All-Star game and HR Derby! You keep proving yourself your one of the best rising stars out there! I remember when u were down here in Kingsport in 2000..awsome to watch u play..and Jose..ya’ll should come bak down here sometime..You are one of the reasons i am a Mets fan..Class act on the feild and off the feild..Keep doin what your doin David Your Awsome!! Can’t wait to see you on Letterman, good luck!

    Their Time Is Up Your Time is “WRIGHT” Now!!

    -Vince B


    David…great job in the Homerun Derby and the All-Star game!! You rock! And also for some strange reason you “like rocking the pastels”- don’t worry you look hott in anything you wear! 🙂 You are just amazing! Keep on hitting homers and getting RBIs and you’ll be the NL MVP!! Have a great rest of the season and have a great time on the Letterman show tonight, that’s the only reason why I’m watching it! Are you wearing a pastel shirt? lol
    Your biggest fan and your new wife….

    nicolette ❤

    LETS GO METS!!!!!!!!!!!


    hey David-
    AWESOME job in the homerun derby and the all star game!!!!!!!! Hey, don’t feel down because ryan howard beat you in the final round of the HR derby. In your fans’ eyes, you won. It was awesome that you made it to the final round. You are amazing. It must have been an awesome experience. I also want to say congrats on your outstanding performence in yesterday’s all star game. in your first at bat in your first all star game you hit a homerun. now that’s something to remeber! I always say “it doesn’t matter what the scoreboard says if you gave it your all” and Mr. Wright, you truly did give it your all.

    – Your biggest fan


    I am a high school sophmore and I was in Pittsburgh this week. I am a dieheart Mets fan and always will be. I am a big fan of you. To watch you that night during the homerun derby chanting Lets go Mets. And cheering for you was and great experience and I want to thank you for the show you put on. Also Congratulations on your Allstar Game Homerun that was very exciting as well. You had a great week from a fan perspective and should be very proud of yourself. And either you or carlos would have had an MVP award if Phil Garner wouldn’t have taken you out because you would have made the play to end the game that Cabrera didnt.

    Thank You for making the Mets an exciting team again. You are the Best thing that could have happened to the franchise. And when given the oppurtunity please sign that long term contract because we want you here for your career


    Billy Ludeker


    I am a high school sophmore at St. Anthonys in Huntington and I was in Pittsburgh this week. I am a dieheart Mets fan and always will be. I am a big fan of you. To watch you that night during the homerun derby chanting Lets go Mets. And cheering for you was and great experience and I want to thank you for the show you put on. Also Congratulations on your Allstar Game Homerun that was very exciting as well. You had a great week from a fan perspective and should be very proud of yourself. And either you or carlos would have had an MVP award if Phil Garner wouldn’t have taken you out because you would have made the play to end the game that Cabrera didnt.

    Thank You for making the Mets an exciting team again. You are the Best thing that could have happened to the franchise. And when given the oppurtunity please sign that long term contract because we want you here for your career


    Billy Ludeker


    You should make a deal with us posters that if you hit less than 5 home runs in August, you would have to make your entrance theme at Shea “The Right Stuff” by New Kids on the Block!


    David, great job at the all-star game! If the Mets win the series this year and you continue to produce in the clutch and big moments, you will OWN this town like not many others have! You handle yourself like a true pro and I hope you continue your success for many years to come. MVP!!


    David, you are a model athlete and courteous gentleman. Don’t ever forget your roots and the fans that support you. You are a shining star headed for greatness. Let go METS!!!!!!


    Hey David,
    I forgot to mention before, when I went to my baseball camp today everyone at camp was saying. “Ahh man, did you see David Wright’s HR last night?” Everyone, the guys there that weren’t Mets fans and even the Yankees fan said you was amazing. I think I speak for almost everyone when I say that you have our vote for MVP.

    Until next time,




    I just wanted to write and say congratulations on a very successful All-Star Game/Home Run Derby! I’m glad that you were able to have fun and enjoy the time with your family and teammates! It’s always great to see how much fun you guys had. You looked like kids in a cany shop!

    Keep up the good work! I can’t wait to see you guys in Chicago! Keep having fun and keep showing that awesome smile!



    Awesome job at the Homerun Derby and in the All-Star Game!! You deserved a spot on that team because you are definitely an All-Star!! Good luck on Letterman tonight!!

    ~~Your #1 Fan



    I was wonderfully surprised by your performance in HomeRun Derby and was disappointed that I didn’t get to see the All-Star game ’cause I had to work. I have been a Mets fan all my life; my dad was one, and his dad was one. It’s been hard being a Mets fan and living in Missouri, but that’s life. Thanks to this great season and your performance this last week, I get to hold my head high and challenge the Cards fan here. I think you would have done better than Pujols if he had been in the Derby and I let them know it.

    ~Bethany S.


    Hey David!
    Great All-Star showing. You hit a fantastic dinger in the first. I was pulling for the AL since I am from Canada and a huge Jays fan (sorry!), but I also love the Mets. I love any rivals of the Yankees or Red Sox, so you guys are right near the top. How would I go about obtaining your autograph?

    Again, great game!

    Go Mets!




    Awesome job!!! :o) you did great~ the mets are def on top & im at almost every game :o) You are amazing!!!!



    We’re proud of you, David. Keep up the good work – and thank you for being such a key factor in making Mets baseball fun again.

    Lisa (Albany, NY)


    David, you did a fantastic job in the All-Star game and home-run derby, everyone in Chesapeake has always been proud of you, and the pride keeps growing. A lot of people think the mets have been “lucky” so far this season; luck has nothing to do with it. Everyone of you guys put your heart and soul into every game and I can see that taking the team a long way. It makes me proud to say I went to high school with you! Congratulations, David, and keep up the hard work!!! See you on Letterman tonight!!!

    Love ya,



    Hey Dave, I have to say I did chuckle a little when I saw Paul pitching to you Monday Night, but you both did a GREAT job! I’m very happy for what you’re doing for this team, you are by far my favorite player on the Mets and you have turned my little cousins into Met fans. Thanks again.


    David you were awesome at the Allstar game!! What a great season you’ve been having and you are making Mets fans so proud. Can’t wait to see you on Letterman tonight!



    Hey David,
    I want to say your welcome on thnaking us the fans for voting you in the All-Star game and to congratulate you and the rest of the Mets team on job well done at the All-Star game. I just read the article on Sports Illustrated and let me tell you that article was hilarious!!! Captain Red ***, Visine, Moses!!! You guys are great!!! I want my copy of SI autographed and im keeping it forever!!!



    David – Great job in the all-star game! Loved to see you and all of the other former Binghamton Mets doing so well in the ‘bigs’ (although we’d love to have you back here in Bingo). Keep up the great work – it’s a lot of fun being a Mets fan this season! – Jill


    You made every Mets fan proud these last couple of days!!! I was a little irritated before the derby, because all the announcers were talking about Ortiz, Howard, and Cabrera…. and never even thought you had a chance. I guess you proved them all wrong. I believed in you, as did all of your fans here. Same with the All Star game. You and Beltran ruled the game and without either of you, there wouldn’t have been the 2 runs the NL got. That just proves the METS ARE #1 this year!!!! Keep it up. We know you’ve got what it takes to go ALL THE WAY!!!

    With that said – and no I’m not trying to spam – please everyone (including YOU David) check out my David Wright fansite @ Gotta show some LOVE!!!!


    You did such an amazing job in Pittsburg David! The Mets really stepped up and let their voices be heard, the players on the Mets are some of the best in the game and are here to stay! Keep up the momentum until October Dave, we’ll all be watching and rooting for you the whole way! Have fun on Letterman tonight!



    I just want you to know that I think you are incredible. It?s such a joy to see you play baseball and smile doing it. I had tears in my eyes when you did not win the Home Run Derby. May God?s blessing shine on you always. Romeena A.



    Congratulations in your performance on the All-Star Game. On your first at bat, we were hoping to see a double or a single, we though you might be tired, but you surprise us with that homerun out of Kenny Rogers. You are awesome; you gave the chance to the NL league to win their first All-Star game. Unfortunately it did come out. We are on the first half of the season and I already have flown to NY 4 times (I live en Puerto Rico) just to see you! That?s love. LOL. Keep on the great job; you are my MVP for this season, for the postseason and the World Series. And I?ll be there!! When you receive that so precious WS Ring!!!

    Good Luck

    With love!!

    Yelena Giselle Hazim (

    (Feel free to answer whenever you want!!)


    Hey David,

    Congrats on doing so well in Pittsburgh! You definitely did not disappoint your fans.

    I’m looking forward to a great second-half… it’s going to be tough in October without that homefield advantage.




    I think that you are a great ball player and a wonderful addition to the Mets. I grew up loving the Mets, and you guys make it fun to watch Mets baseball again! Keep it going in the second half and I cant wait for the playoffs (and hopefully a World Series Ring)!!

    Good Luck!

    Jill Bruno


    David :

    You did amazing at the HR Derby. I was rooting for you to win. But not everyone can win. I was looking at the guys during the beginning when they announced you guys and I said to my dad “look wright is the smallest guy there” and I laughed it off. Like I tell my campers at my job “small people can do big things.” At the all-star game you did amazing. I saw that HR and I was just amazed. I said “the kid’s bat is hot! How can he keep going after last night.” So congrats with all that!! Keep up the most amazing work!! You’ll get plenty more of All-star games, garunteed. You are amazing keep that in mind. Good luck in the rest of the season.



    OK, first of all, I don’t want to have your babies, lol. That said, thanks for representing the Mets so well in Pittsburgh (as you always do). The audience will go nuts when you come out onstage on Letterman tonight…don’t be surprised. I’ve watched an awful lot of baseball in my time on this planet, and it’s a real pleasure to see a guy like you, who loves the game, comes to play every day, has an upbeat attitude and time for everyone. One rarely sees that in an athlete anymore. It’s been a really enjoyable season and I’m looking forward to my 4 or 5 more games at Shea this year, as well as a trip to Washington and Philly in August. Keep the intensity!


    It was great to see you do so well over the past few days. In your last blog, I left a comment about how life was all about the moments that take your breath away. I think it is safe to say that the past few days have definitely done that! Congrats to you for being able to live your dreams and to inspire so many others in the process. There was a great article on you in the Virginian Pilot today. You are a class act and a true hometown hero. Good luck on Letterman and your weekend series with the Cubbies! PS Your Virginia is for Lovers comment last night was priceless!

    Rooting for you in Chesapeake,



    great job David, really outstanding. My dad never watches the whole home run derby but this year he couldn’t take his eyes of the screen. Good job in the game by the way, i bet you guys would have won if reyes had been playing just because he is really good at jumpstarting an already awesome lineup. good luck with the second half of the season!!


    hea David,

    You were absolutely amazin’ in the Homerun Derby and All Star game!_! I’m so happy you enjoyed yourself this week and had a great experience for your first time there. That homerun in your first at bat showed everyone that you deserved to be there. You are the future of this team. I can’t wait to see you on Letterman tonight! Don’t worry… you ‘ll be fine. Just keep flashing that beautiful smile of yours. Good luck.



    -Lindsy (wifey)


    heyy david,
    you did great in the home run derby and all star game. i’m a huge phils fan, so i had to root for ryan howard, but i have to give you props. but he didn’t hit a home run in the all star game, did he? haha.




    nice job with the first at bat and i wanted u to win the in the hr derby to but u cant have it all with ur team in 1st and a hr in the all star game in ur first at bat


    You did an awesome job in the All Star Game and at the HomeRun Derby!!!I cant wait to see you on Letterman tonight!Good luck with the second half of the season!




    Hey David i dont even know what 2 say 2 u..U r definetly something..You did So good At both Games and im glad to hear that u had fun..Its funny to hear u say that u were intimidated standing Next to David Ortiz because the way i see it u have so much potential that you can be another David ortiz in the Future and im constantly telling People to not underestimate you because you’ll be Brilliant (Not that you arent now)Just Keep Doing your thing and Good things will Come out You kno..Wish u da best in everything u do and u kno i got you Tonight on David Letterman I cant wait..Oh and dont be too nervous even if it is like a couple million people Watching your every move lol..just kidding



    You did an amazing job in both the home run derby and in your first all star game! Talk about snapshots you carry with you; I remember about a year and a half ago during spring training in Florida. My girlfriend and I went to see the Mets play against the Dodgers in Vero Beach, FL for a spring training game. You were signing some autographs at the end of the game, and I asked her to go get your autograph on a baseball. It was our first date and she walked up all pretty in pink and blonde hair and, somewhat intimidated, asked if you would sign. You signed the ball and then dropped the ball but couldn’t take you eyes off of her, so you were sort of fumbling around for the ball until you found it. We both thought it was hilarious and we still talk about it today. We have since have broken up, but don’t let that stop you. I doubt you remember it, but it was still one of those little things that make life fun. You are going to be a great player and best of luck to you and the rest of the New York Mets in their quest for another World Series victory. Thank you.


    Ohhh mann david your my hero! its crazy how amazing it is to watch your idol do as great as u did. Im soo proud to wear my david wright jersey now even though a live in an area mostly dominated by yankee fans. I would always wear it before but now you gave me a little bit of braging rights. I love the show 24 also. I love the way its taped…where 1 episopde is 1 hour of a day…genius. haha well you did amazing and im soo proud of you

    keep it up mann

    ❤ Christine


    David, Great Job on your first trip to the All Star Game. I’m so proud to say that I’m a Mets fan. I can tell besides a great baseball player, your a great person. Don’t ever lose that and get caught up in all the hype. They interviewed your dad last night in the stands and you can tell that you come from a great family. Hopefully you’ll get the money your deserve. Good luck in Chicago. We’re going all the way this year…..:0) Eva


    Dear Mr. David Wright,

    You did amazing job in the All-Star game as well as Beltran and LoDuca. its a shame that Reyes wasnt able to show what hes got but we all know that he has a lot. I had watched the home-run derby with my mom and my sister each time you hit a homerun we would all jump up and down and get really excited!! you did an amazing job for your first All-Star game, i cant wait to watch you in more. what i am looking foward to first is watching the METS kick butt in the world series..who need home feild advandage when you have the line-up the pitching and coaching like the mets. i really do love the mets..but i think i love u alot more each day watching you grow as a player. i am a true fan of yours. im working on a tape of the national anthem to send to shea.. so hopefully ill be able to sing there its my dream. my other dream is being able to meet you again and be able to talk to you more then just 5 min. haha

    your a great player!

    love an extremely happy met fan…



    Boy was that something exciting to watch! You definately made watching the All Star Game and Home Run Derby extremely exciting. You did an amazing job, congrats! Right after you hit that home run in the All Star Game my family kept calling saying did you see that! David Wright hit a home run!! I mean how could anybody miss it. Well Im glad you had fun and I definately had a blast watching. It’s great to be a David Wright fan. =) Good Luck with the rest of the season.


    You deffinently gained some new fans over the all star game…..hope you guys come out to CA for the play offs so we can see you play.




    Great performance this all-star break. The home-run derby was insane. I must say behind Bobby Abreu last year, that might have been the best display of power in a single round. And hey, you do have the record for a round for a right-handed hitter, which is pretty sweet.

    But yes, Ryan stayed very consistant throughout the derby. He’s one of those guys that could take a lazy cut at a ball and hit it out. Either way im sure you had loads of fun with your first HR derby experience, cause I know that I did.

    The game itself: its a shame that you guys lost like that. That might come back to haunt you in October if you should make it (hopefully…) But, its amazing that a guy like Miguel Cabrera made that mistake, and im sure you know what that mistake was. (playing no doubles with two outs and one of the slowest men in the game running) had he had been playing where he should have you guys would have won. But enough about that, it was a great game, probably one of the best ones in recent years. Hopefully the NL will win one sometime during your career.

    Anyway, i look foward to seing you many more times this season in person, and i actually plan on following you guys down to your roadtrip to Washington in mid-August. Hopefully i can see you then. For the meantimw, keep up the great performance.

    M-V-P M-V-P M-V-P!!!

    Thanks David,




    Congrats on all your success at the homerun derby and the all-star game. You did such an amazing job and I wish you the best on the second half of the season. Good luck and God Bless!



    You did great in the All-Star game! My family once again was supporting you, dancing + chanting GO DAVID, GO DAVID, haha. You did amazing though, and it’s good to hear that only mets scored those runs! I’m so happy you did good David. Well good luck in your next game, and on letterman tonight. I’m whatching it + taping it. Can’t wait to see it! Congrats once again! I love you!!!

    Your biggest fan,

    Taylor :]


    Hey David,
    You have been an All Star in my house since your first season with the METS. This past Christmas, my fiancee received a David Wright framed portrait from his brother. It’s been proudly hanging in our livingroom since then. I can’t wait to the end of the season, so that my fiancee can brag about your stats (his favorite past time is looking at the “numbers”). Anyways, wishing you continued success for the rest of the season. If the METS make it to the WORLD SERIES, my fiancee and I will be the loudest couple there. LET’S GO METS!!!

    P.S. we love 24 too. It replaces METS baseball for a little while.



    Proud of all your good work @ the All Star!
    We were all rooting for you and live blogging while the HR Derby was on

    It was a great ride!


    The Wrighter @

    The Wrightoholics Club


    Hey David,
    I grew up in Long Island, NY as a Yankee fan, but going to Mets games. I really wish I still was able to attend Mets games to get to see you play in person, but you are always a blast to watch on TV. I have the utmost respect for your playing abilities and your classy personality as an individual. I see you being an all-star many times and winning many championships with the New York Mets, kinda similar to one of my favorite players Derek Jeter. I think it is really cool that you have so much respect for Derek. I hear he is a really nice guy, is that true? I wish you the best luck with your career and inspiring young athletes to make the right decisions when it comes to sports. But most of all, I would like to thank you for being such a positive influence on me, a regular guy, for being such a great guy and making me understand what it means to treat other people with respect. You are awesome!! WRIGHT FOR 2006 NL MVP!!!!!


    Joe Eberlein

    P.S. I hope I see a Subway Series this October.


    David: Congratulations on a job well done! Actually all the Mets did a great job. Your HR and Carlos getting on and scoring the go ahead run, and Paul’s work behind the plate, nothing surprised me about you and your teammates fine work except the final outcome…how do you feel physically starting the second half of the season? It was great to see Glavine, Beltran and Reyes rooting for you there at the derby too! Not to mention LoDuca’s expertly served meatballs!


    David, Congrats on coming in 2nd place in the Home run Derby. You were awesome! and to me you did win! You also did a great job on wedensday night. As soon as you came up you hit that home run, that was way cool!I can’t wait to see you tonight on David Letterman! I’m so excited. I loved the little clip that you did about how you love to wear pastel color shirts and love the show 24.That was cute!Well I wish you the best of luck in the second half of the season~~Your Biggest Fan~~Ericka


    David, Congrats on coming in 2nd place in the Home run Derby. You were awesome! and to me you did win! You also did a great job on wedensday night. As soon as you came up you hit that home run, that was way cool!I can’t wait to see you tonight on David Letterman! I’m so excited. I loved the little clip that you did about how you love to wear pastel color shirts and love the show 24.That was cute!Well I wish you the best of luck in the second half of the season~~Your Biggest Fan~~Ericka



    You’re trully an inspiration on and off the field. I became a Mets fan because of you. The pitcher and the third baseman is what I like best in baseball. And I’m so glad that your playing that position. But no matter what your position is, I will be your fan all the way! Congratulations to all your success. May you have many more to come. Thank you for the inspiration David. Godspeed.

    From one your fans in the Philippines,

    John Dill


    DAVID YOU DESERVED EVERYTHING. Going to the all stars, being in the homerun derby, its all yours. You are such an inspiration to me. I cant wait to get to shea and meet you. Congrats on the homerun last night, and all the homeruns on tuesday. I believed in you 110%. Cant wait to see you on Letterman tonigh. Good luck with the second half, even though you wont need it.

    Love always,

    Your BIGGEST fan ever Kylie<3


    Great Job at the All-Star game. It’s really nice to see that you and your teammates were the only
    players that scored for the NL. Even though you did not achieve home field advantage you will still be a great contender in the post-season. Keep it up!!

    Your biggest fan,



    HI DAVID!!!!



    Hey David! You did a really great job in the Home Run Derby. I’m happy you got to the final round. You were really great during the All-Star game, too. It’s awesome you hit a home run in your first All-Star at-bat, and it was the first pitch! It kinda stinks the NL didnt win the game, but its cool you and Beltran accounted for the only runs. David, you deserved it all; the HR derby, the ASG, everything! Im glad you had an awesome time. You’re sucha great player and you seem like a nice guy. Keep it up!!


    I must admit, ever since you came into baseball I’ve been a big fan. It’s unfortunate that you have to play for the Mets, and not my Blue Jays, but that’s how it goes. I got to see you play when you came to Toronto this year (June 23rd). The 3 run homer you hit killed us … it was a monster shot. Not to mention you had an amazing all star week as well. It’s nice to see thoughts from someone that was actually involved in the game. I enjoyed reading your blog, so keep up the great work, both on and off the field and here’s to a Mets vs Jays World Series.


    Hey David!
    I have been putting off writing to you becuase im really not sure exactly what i want to say. I have been a Mets fan most of my life, but when Mike Piazza left, there was something missing. I still watched you all play faithfully and i soon found a new favorite Met. See, my mom and i would take a day off work and school every year to see a spring training game. I watched you in spring training when you were just in the minor league. T told my mom to watch you becuase one day you were gonna be great, i joking told her that you would be her son on law one day too. Well obviously a few years went by, but i continued to watch you and the Mets. You are an AMAZING player, your energy is so entertaining and contagious. Congrats to you and the rest of the team for being in first place. Its never been so rewarding being a Mets fan! You stunned the world in the Home Run Derby, in fact you had me jumping on my bed like a five year old. Then your first at bed to get a homerun in the Allstar game! Like i said, AMAZING! Keep doing what you do, and know that you have a countless number of fans cheering you on. I hope you see all you boys in New York in October; now that would be a dream come true for this Florida girl!! YA GOTTA BELIEVE!!! GO METS!


    Hi David…where do I start? Thank you for being such an incredible representation of the Mets. The Mets are number one because there is a huge contribution from you. Even though the NL didn’t win the All-Star game this year, you and Carlos represented the Mets incredibly well. Both runs that were scored were from the Mets and I’m so proud to be a Met fan. If the closer held up, the NL would’ve won it and it’s all due to the Mets runs. Maybe Reyes would’ve also made a difference in the game if he played. There’s always next year. Congrats on getting so far in the Homerun Derby too. Meanwhile, keep up the good work like you have since day one. I know you will keep getting better. MVP candidate all the way!!! You and the boys are gonna take it all the way this year!!! I don’t say this cuz I’m optimistic, I say this cuz I really do believe it! Love you David!!!


    You and your teammates showed in the All-Star game that the Mets are back for good. Awesome job!! As an avid Mets fan I thank all of you for playing the game with passion … the ONLY way to really play the game. I wanted Beltran to win the MVP, but it might be even better to see the Mets winning the World Series. Keep up the awesome work and good luck on the second half of the season. Let’s go Mets!!!


    Hi David. Wow, you get some pretty crazy messages. I just wanted to write you a little note to remind you that LITTLE EYES ARE WATCHING you all the time. I’m a big Rangers and Mets fan, and you are my second favorite player only to Michael Young. Needless to say, I tend to enjoy watching and cheering for guys that I think have pretty great make-ups. I think you’ve handled yourself very well thus far, but don’t lose focus. I know it’s easy to do, but you have such an amazing oppurtunity to make an impact on the lives of so many kids that just adore you. Don’t think they miss a single thing you do or a single word you say. They hang on it all. lol I mean I’m nineteen years old, and I still idolize so many of you guys. Your still my heroes, and I’m sure you remember when ballplayers were your heroes and rolemodels. I’m a pretty big David Wright advocate and I’m always saying what a great guy you seem to be- a really great role model. That homerun derby performance was amazing. I had a lot of fun watching you, but I took quite a bit of slack from my friends for some of the stuff that went on pertaining you. I think you probably know what I’m talking about. I just wanted to remind you that there’s always someone watching, and image is great, but really it means nothing if it’s a lie. I don’t think it’s a lie with you. Just don’t lose focus. I think your a great guy and great for the game. Thanks for what you do, not many guys put forth the effort to be a good role model.


    My father passed away three weeks ago and if it wasn’t for you and my Mets, I would have gone crazy by now.

    I am so, so proud of you and the team, and your incredible display in the Home Run derby and the All-Star game.

    I’ve been a Mets fan for over 30 years and this is the most thrilling season of all.

    Thanks for keeping me sane over the past few weeks, and stay healthy and focused.

    PS-tell Carlos that we think he should have won that gas guzzlin’ Avalanche!



    <333 always erin pianforte


    Congrats on the All-Star game.. I love the Mets and your my favorite player so i think its awesome that you hit a homerun and the other run the National league scored was by another Met. You guys might not have won but you did great.. and the homerun durby.. Nice job. : )


    Awesome job on Letterman!! You didn’t seem nervous and you looked great!!

    ~~Your #1 Fan



    Hi David,
    Awaiting your appearance on Letterman out here in LA. You and Carlos put on a great show at the All-Star game. Had my fingers crossed that one of you would be MVP, but then that ninth inning happened. They should have never taken you out at third. Oh well! There’s always next year. Here’s hoping the second half of the 2006 season is just as good (if not, better) to you and the rest of the boys in orange and blue.



    Hey David its Kevin from Brooklyn & I just want to say you have made a huge impact on the mets and you really have helped my mets move forward toward the championship. Not only are you and outstanding young player but you a cool dude too…I was rooting for you in the Homerun Derby but I knew Howard would be tough lol….Im a big met fan & my father is a HUGE yankee fan, we’re always arguing about you & Reyes compared to Jeter & A-Rod lol…..I kno you might not even get to read my long comment but I hope it catches your attention & I know I’m only 18 and I’m more of a football fan but just remember where you came from and how you worked hard to be where you are today…..Good Luck for the rest of the season & do your best…..

    Your Fan,

    Kevin S.


    Hey David,
    You probably don’t get the time to read all these posts but I decided to write anyway. I just wanted to say we all really appretiate how much of an effort you and the guys put into the first half of the season and the allstar festivites. You and Beltran really carried the NL on tues. You have really made us lifelong mets fans proud! I grew up a mets fan, feel lucky to have been born in ’86! The best part of my summer months are going to shea or watching the games at home with my 4 brothers. There are more pictures of you guys on the fridge then us five kids. I go to college in red sox nation so i treasure these summer months and getting to enjoy the games with other mets fans, especially my brothers. One rule in this family -no one marry a yankee fan 🙂 I loved how during the all star game you said coming up through the system, you and Jose bleed blue & orange. The two of you guys really show that everyday when you get on that field and give so much. The two of you still have that love of the game that seems to fade with veteran players. Don’t lose that, you guys make games so much more enjoyable to watch. Keep having fun out there!! Good luck on a successful second half!


    As tedious as it sounds, congrats again. You looked great on Letterman. You have a great smile. Can’t wait til you come to Houston. Hopefully, I will get the chance to meet you in person. See you in September! 🙂


    Yo david, just saw you on letterman. You are really making a name for yourself and you deserve all the recognition and accolades. Your a class act, and you have become my favorite met player; very clutch. I hope you become the greatest third baseman in history and you sure are on your way!




    David, I’ve always been a Yankee fan but I must say, I have a lot of respect for you as a player, your continually doing one thing after another to amaze me. Do me a favor and ease up on the Yankees when you see them in the World Series against you guys this fall. Oh, and could you by any chance tell me what Lo Duca said to A-Rod after he hit that Grand Slam on you guys. I’ve been dying to know. Thanks. – J.B. Prosser, WA


    David – Congratulations on your All Star Weekend. Anyone who can survive ESPN, FOX and David Letterman without losing his ‘game’ is ready for prime time.
    I’m sure your family was thrilled to be there and oh so proud of you. Mets fans, (me since 1962) are too. Thank you for all your efforts on and off the field, stay healthy and keep smiling.

    Derek Jeter has travelled the road you are going down now and has avoided all the pitfalls – NY has loved Derek during his whole career because of how he carries himself and you are now doing the same. Let’s hope it’s a D&D (Derek and David) post season subway series in October.


    David, great job on the Late Show with David Letterman! You did great you kiss-up! just-kidding!I loved yr outfit!!! You really do rock pastel colors!! Have a great rest of the season and thanx for taking yr time to right down your experiences in this blog!
    Your #1 fan and a huge mets fan!! as well as your new wife! lol


    LET”S GO METS!!!!!!


    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You bring enthusiasm, sportsmanship, and integrity back to the game. This summer, despite being one of the harder summers of my life, has been so much fun. Congratulations on getting to the All Star game. I’m so glad you did so well and had so much fun.


    you did an absolute amazing job at the homerun derby and the allstar game! you were awesome! you have such a great time playing the game! anyone can tell you have such a great love for the game! great job on letterman last night! i’ll be seeing you against houston! i can’t wait i’m so excited! i hope the second half is just as good as the first!love you!

    YOUR B~I~G~G~E~S~T *F*A*N*



    We are **** proud of you and Carlos for your performances at the All-Star Game, I was at the last game before the break and thouroughly enjoyed watching you hit yet another big homerun for the Mets. Just keep plugging along and we will be there to support you guys the rest of the way no matter what. Take care and keep it up. All the best for the second half.


  100. kenneth

    GREAT JOB representing the Mets and Chesapeake Va. in the HR derby and the All-Star Game bro. 16 homers in the 1st round, ARE YOU SERIOUS!!! I was rollin in the chair. We are all proud of you back home. I will be attending my first game ever at Shea Stadium on August 24th against Pujols and the Cards. I have been a Mets fan my whole life. As you know growin up in tidewater watching the tides, We have to root for the Mets. I look forward to seeing ya play in person for the first time since watching you play at Hickory when you were in high school. Good luck in the 2nd half, see ya in Aug.



    You were simply adorable on Letterman. Great job, very professional and funny too! You didn’t seem nervous at all and Letterman was still saying wonderful things about you even after the interview was over. So props to you. And let me just say you have one of the most beautiful smiles I’ve ever seen. I can’t keep my eyes off you when you’re on screen. And it seems that the camera guys like you too. They’re always showing you in the dugout in the middle of games and you’re always joking around with your teammates. It’s so nice to see the great team chemistry you guys have with each other.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say congrats again on your accomplishments on the ASG and HRD. And good luck on the post season. I know you guys are going to make it to the World Series. I have dreams about it sometimes. I’m sure you do to. Let’s see them come true this year!

    Wishing you the best always,


    P.S. On Letterman, when you were saying that the tongue is obviously really important, and Letterman said yeah especially when you’re on the road, That was too funny!



    You did an awesome job at the All-Star Game. When I heard you say that You and Jose bleed Blue and Orange, I knew right then and there that we are going to have a great team for years to come. I have been a Mets fan since I was six years old, and I have never been as excited about a team as I have been about this years club. My boss is a Yankees fan and I enjoy coming to work every day and letting him know that the Mets have the best 3rd baseman in New York. I ive in Florida, so I am looking forward to the upcoming series in August and September.

    Keep on Hitting,

    Coach Hernandez



    You truly deserved to go to the All-Star game and I’m glad you had a good time. Too bad no one but our team showed up with their bats. You made us Mets fans very proud in the way you performed on the field and off. It’s makes me very glad you are my nephew’s (and my) favorite player. You also did a terrific job on Letterman last night I think you might have Dave converted. It’s about time he gets some taste in baseball teams.

    Keep up the great work.



    wow u did AMAZING at the all-star game, as i knew you would =]

    && you did a great job on letterman .. i was freaking out once you came on!

    (very funny toungue thing haha)

    well keep up with the amazing workk

    loveee youuuu too much ❤

    Stephh =]


    one word for you David Wright…AWESOME…that you are! My family and I have been METS fans forever, and you and the ’06 team make watching fun again!! My fiance and I live in Rhode Island, he is a die hard Sox fan and I, of course the Mets…we have a great time watching the games. Keep it up and good luck, I know I’ll be watching you in the series!!!


    hey david……ive been a met fan for as long as i can remember and i have seen the excitement as well as a lot of disappointment…… however watching you and the 2006 Mets has filled me with so much hope and excitement that i didnt even feel in ’99 or ’00……

    i was actually at your first ever big league game in ’04 (i dont think u heard me from the nosebleeds though) and uve been my favorite player ever since…without a doubt….

    keep up the great work….i really love watching you play the game the way its supposed to be played…..ur the man

    good luck in the second half and win a championship for the guy that was born the year after the last one….=)


    (ps…i saw u on Letterman last night…u did great….u handled him very well haha…and u said u were going to be nervous!…..and you bet on baseball?!?!?!? hahaha)


    I stayed up until 12:15 and I watched you on David Letterman! It was raining pretty bad, and the power almost went out, I was getting so nervous because I really wanted to see you, but it didn’t go out, thank god! Anyway, you did really good on Letterman! You said you would be really nervous, but you did just fine! You also looked so cute in your suit! :] Good job once again David! I really do love you!!

    Your biggest fan,



    hey david

    its angie again and im just gonna say you were AMAZING during the all star game and home run durby! I actually got to go to New York on Monday so i got to see you play in both games! I really wanted you to win the home run durby, but you did so well by coming in second, so its okay…i cant believe after all yours and Carlos’ work, the NL still lost the all star game. You two provided all the offense with your homerun and Carlos’ stealing home on a wild pitch…its too bad you guys lost because Beltran was going to win the MVP for the game! When you hit that homerun me, my dad and my younger sister were all cheering and jumping around and stuff; we thought for sure the NL was gonna take this one…Oh wells the NL will kick some AL butt next year dont worry!

    The Mets had an amazing first half of baseball..your team is unbeatable! ^_^ I hope you and your team mates continue to do well, and hopefully get into the playoffs and inevitabally the World Series! I hope its gonna be the Mets vs Red Sox…it would be the classic ’86 world series all over again, and the Mets will win again! well ill continue to try and watch as many games as i can from IN…good luck to you and the team! LETS GO METS!!

    love ya david

    ~Angie~ <33


    I must say we have been watching you in my house since the minors. You have become an awesome player to watch and watching the all star game made it even better! I have been a met fan my whole life this year has been one of the most exciting and you are the reason why! Just remember us the fans as you grow, and PLEASE STAY A MET! Even my 7 year old has a t-shirt with your name on it. The resident joke in my house is that I will marry you some day…LOL, of course my husband might mind! Love seeing you at Shea, keep up the good work!


    Congradulations on your All Star performance! I’m a big Mets fan, and I love to watch your games everyday. I play baseball in my county’s league, and I’m #5! I’m 16, and the new Mets stadium will be finished in 2009. If I stick with it, my major league debut will be with you and the Mets! Is there anything that you could say, send, or recommend to me on how to become better? I would like to learn as much as I can about the game, and you are an inspiration to me on becoming an amazin’ Met!

    Do you know when Jose, Victor, Brian, and Pedro will be better? I know you guys can crush the cubies Tomorrow! Just try to stick with the usual plan, get ahead early, and be relentless!

    “What are you going to do? Come here and fool around? Play the game!” – Willie Randolf



    Thank you for the great performances in the home run derby, and in the All Star game itself.

    Bring on the second half of the season, and hopefully there will be post season baseball at Shea this October.



    Awesome Job!!! You had a great All-Star Game. It must be hard being around all those “ego’s”. Who was the most obnoxious all-star?



    As a lifetime NY Met fan, I think you represented the team, the city, and all the fans with the utmost respect and professionalism, and you kicked some tail while you were there. Good luck in the 2nd Half, can’t wait for it to begin.

    To experience the highs you have had so far this season is something to be proud of, you are quite the athlete, and I hope to see you at the hot corner in NY (Flushing, not the Bronx) for years to come.

    See ya around the HF store!



    David Great job at both the All-Star game and the HR DERBY. I have never seen such a good athlete in the hot corner. I would also like to congratulate you on getting a HR in your very first ALL STAR GAME at bat. Great Job David and keep it goin.


    David,you rare obviosly one of the mets key players. Did you think that you would get this good in a small amount of time? You and Reyes have been my favorite players since last year and now you guys are my favorite by far. Good luck in the future.


    Hey David!
    I stayed up until 12 for the David Letterman Show and you did great! I heard people saying that you were going to be nervous, but you didn’t seem the least bit nervous. I even taped it so now I can watch it over and over anytime I want! OMG you looked so hot in your suit. (: Those tongue pics were pretty funny. lol. Well, good luck in Chicago and Cincinnati. Let’s go Mets!


    Love, Katie ❤


    You did absolutely amazing in the All-Star game and the Derby, just as I knew you would! I have been a huge fan of yours since your very first time at bat in the majors. Growing up in Queens, I’ve always been a Mets fan, and this season I have been trying to never miss a game. One of my NYC Firefighter friends got to hang out with some of you guys when you were playing in Atlanta, I’m must admit, I am very jealous! I hope all is well, and good luck on the rest of the season. Kick some butt!




    You were amazing in the Homerun Derby and the All-Star Game. Out of the Met’s 129 3rd basemen you are definitely #1!!! I saw you on David Letterman, you were first class. I like the pastel shirt and I know you do too!! I was at the double header on Saturday agaist the Marlins. We sat right next to you in the front row. The pics that I took were great and I’ll be sure to send you some. Good luck in the rest of the season. #5 is #1

    Love, Kellie Moskey

  119. Zoe

    Truly great job on Letterman–I linked to some of the more fun moments on YouTube over at my place.

    It’s nice to know our boy has a sense of humor. Without a doubt you handled the give and take like a pro–and you cracked Dave up a few times, which seemed genuine on his part.

    I do so want to know whether the suit you were wearing was one of the ones Cliff bought you, but alas, I’ll remain curious.

    Thanks for the fun, David! Now back to work! Looking forward to a kick-*** second half.


    David –

    Over here on the west coast, living in an American League city we don’t see much you or the Mets… but I have to say that over the past few days you have made me a fan! You are one of the classiest, nicest, most genuine guys in the game today! Congrats on all of your success! I hope things only get better!

    Your newest fan – Nykki =)

  121. Max


    Great job at the ASG and the Derby. Here’s a question for you, coming from a Virginia Beach native now living in Richmond: What is the deal with the sudden influx of talent coming out of the 757 and Richmond? Along with you, there’s two potential ROYs in Ryan Zimmerman and Justin Verlander, not to mention draftees like Cla Meredith (Padres) and Sean Marshall (Cubs). What happened? Did someone spike the Gaston Pipeline with protein shake mix or something?

    P.S.- That dinger you had against Kenny Rogers… classic. I wish I could get a plaster mold of his expression at that moment. Thank you for that.


    Great job in the All Star game, it was awesome watchiing you play. But what really got me excited was how you said that you and Jose Reyes bleed orange and blue. As a die hard Mets fan it means a lot to hear our players care so much. GL and keep up the good work.


    Congradulations on the all- star game. You did great. I think it’s pretty awesome how you write entries in a blog like this. Since living in Florida I didn’t even know who you were until the all-star game. I think you seem like a great person the way you help kids and a great baseball player. The next day I got tickets for the beginning of Augst for whn you come to Florida. Can’t wait to see you play!



    Congradulations on the all- star game. You did great. I think it’s pretty awesome how you write entries in a blog like this. Since living in Florida I didn’t even know who you were until the all-star game. I think you seem like a great person the way you help kids and a great baseball player. The next day I got tickets for the beginning of Augst for whn you come to Florida. Can’t wait to see you play!



    Hey David,
    Oh man where do I begin? You did an amazing job at both the HRD and the All Star Game, but then again you already know that 😉 I saw you last night on Letterman and loved it. You were hilarious! I wanted to thank you for giving me so many highlights during this ASG. That homerun your first at bat at ASG was priceless! I have been a fan of yours from the get and to see you hit that one out of the park, man was it a great feeling! And your little commercial was hilarious – I loved every second of you and that game. Hope to see you in a lot more future All Star Games! Good luck and keep up the great work. Keep making us fans proud!

    Alley ❤


    Wow! You were so awesome during this whole All-Star experience, there are no words to describe it! You really made a lasting mark this year with your homerun at your first all star at bat and finishing second at the homerun derby! All the little video clips they aired of you were so cute and they were so much fun to watch. During the homrun derby it was so cool to see you with your family. Well, I missed your appearence on the Late Show, but I’m sure that went well! Best of luck with the rest of the season!!!! -Stephanie


    D.WRIGHT!!!<3 (thats what we call you around here lol 🙂
    your amazing, and i love you like crazy. watching you that 1st round in the HRD was awesome, win or lose, you were definiantly the star. and what a way to start your 1st all-star game with that homer, like honestly your a monster, (in a good way).i think its really awesome that your doing this blog thing, it makes us completely obsessed fans feel important ha. im only 14 and a small 30 minutes away from shea and i love coming there to scream my head off for my favorite player. look for me next time, i’ll be wearing my “i love david wright shirt,” most lkely in the upper deck so nevermind haha but i love you and good luck, not that you need it, and LETS GO METS!!!

    ❤ ya ~ cass


    Hey David-
    How does it feel the be the dreamiest man in New York? I’m sure it feels great. You are on fire and NY loves you! Lets go Mets..



    Heyy David,
    you did great in the home run derby and all star game. You just proved to everyone in America that you truely are an all-star! =) Nice job on the Letterman show last night. Andddd I think you have the NL East under cover. Keep up the good work. You guys have a great team!

    Yourr #1 fan..


    ..CALL ME! <3333


    hey david…i commented b4 but i forgot about letterman! jeez u were great…more of a lenno person but i wouldnt miss you for the world! i love the story you tell about what your brothers said to you after your amazing catch and i love how much you stand behind your team. your so modest and you dont let anything get to your head – even if you are not only the best looking man in new york but like…ever. cant wait for another blog from you…best of luck, your the best!



    You did such a great job on Letterman last night David! Such a high-pressure situation and you looked like you were just chatting with your crazy uncle as he teased you for sticking your tongue out all the time. I’m glad you did Letterman instead of the Espys because we actually got to see you and experience your charisma outside of a dumb awards show. Good luck in Chicago, you’re gonna do great, I know it!



    you continue to amaze me

    obviously you have already heard that you have done an amazing job that the all star game

    but it was really impressive

    especially since you are soo young

    it was just great

    i hope you continue to play for the mets

    that would be awesome

    well good luck in Chicagoo

    hit some homers!


    hea David,

    You did great on the “Late Night Show With David Letterman”. You were funny and that story about your brothers was hilarious! Dave treated you good and you looked very comfortable. Did I mention that you looked absolutely gorgeous last night?!! You looked so HOTT in that suit!! OMG Ilove you soo much David!Good luck playing against the Cubs this weekend. You guys are going to be great in the second half of the season. Good luck.


    -Lindsy (wifey)



    I was just reading all the comments and it must be overwhelming to you to know that there are thousands of David Wright fans! You make all Mets fans proud, not just because you are a terrific player, but also a nice, down-to-earth young man. Please never lose that great quality! Your parents and family must be so proud of you. Thanks for everything that you have done for the Mets organization and its fans. Mets fans are the best in baseball!

    Great job at the All Star Game and best of luck in the second half.



    Hey David, really enjoyed you on Letterman last nite! Looking forward to seeing you play third base on July 22 (my hubby and I will be sitting WRIGHT there behind you) Keep up the great work…Let’s Go Mets!


    Hi I’m Amanda and I’m 16 years old. I’ve always loved baseball. My dad’s a huge Mets fan so naturally I follow in his footsteps. You’re my favorite player and I love watching you play. I definently plan on buying one of those Mrs. Wright shirts! =]Good luck for the second half of the year. Love always, Amanda. ❤


    Hi David,
    I just wanted to say I think you did terrific in the Home Run Derby and in the All Star Game as well. You’re one of my favorite players and I just love how you keep impressing everybody by getting better and better. Keep up the good work.



    David, Im Frank and i turned 20 on july 9th, and I just wanted to say thanks for the birthday present in the 8th inning off Kensing. Good luck in the 2nd half


    I think every one esle summed up your spectacular all-star performance. I just wanted to add that it is amazing how poised you are at such a young age. There is ice water flowing through the veigns. You almost seem like a veteran. Thanks for giving Mets fans somthing to cheer for.


    I’m kind of new to this whole blogging thing and I’m not sure if someone responds or if you respond it probly takes a while if you do with all your fans but anyway I was wondering if I sent a present to you would like security let you have it I really hope so. You are an awesome baseball player and person. And you look pretty good to but I guess thats what you get when you rock those pastels and you look at yourself in the mirror more then anyone else on the team. You are #1 in evey aspect and I will continue to cheer you on through the rest of you season good luck in Chicago. GOOO METS #5


    by the way i’m to young for you but maybe your brother dan?? just kidding but boy would that be awesome


    After Mike Piazza left last season I thought the Mets would never be the same. Mike was my all time favorite player and i was devistated when he left. My Dad always told me to follow a team not a player and i’m happy i did, if i stayed with Mike i wouldn’t have realized your talent. The home run derby was the best i had ever watched, I wish i could have watched the allstar game, but I had a softball game. I heard you played great so I’m happy about that. Good Luck in future games. I hope to make it to Shea statium this season.


    P.S. we have something in common, your #is 5 and so is mine.


    I forgot to say this before, I think it was pretty awesome that you picked Ducy(Lo Duca) to pitch for you.

    #1 fan for ever avd ever


    ~~come on Ducy~~


    Hey David…you obviously already know how awesome you were at the All Star Game, but again great job! I find it very telling that the only two NL runs were scored by Mets. If only Reyes were able to play too. And if only they could have kept you in at 3rd…maybe the game would have ended a little differently. But I guess that’s a whole other story. What I really came here to say was that you looked soooo unbelievably hot on Letterman last night. I’m still thinking about it! lol I literally got in a fight with my boyfriend over the remote. He seemed to think that since it was being Tivo’ed we didn’t need to watch it as it aired. Boy was he wrong! Great job…we’re all very proud. Go get ’em in Chicago. I actually had to pass up tickets (yes I was going to fly to Chicago) because my brother is having an engagement party and I kind of have to be there 😉 Go Mets!!!


    i think you went beyond everybody’s expectations, david! we were all rootin’ for you from the beginning when you came up the ranks with jose reyes, and you’ve never disappointed us, your fans. you really have gone a long way since that first game at Shea (we still remember how nervous and restless you looked during the national anthem! 😀 ). anyway, keep up the great work, david! we’re always here for ya.



    Hey David,
    I watched the All-Star game and you did great. The home run was pretty cool. I also watched the David Letterman thing you did and it was good. You are a natural on TV and I’m glad Letterman addressed the whole sticking your tongue out thing. I have always wondered why you do that:P lol. Well good look with the second half and I’m rooting for the mets to do well this year.

    best of luck,



    I can’t wait to see you at the game in Chicago tomorrow. I fell in like with you after reading the SI article. Being a good guy and a great player is a perfect combo. I plan to attempt at keeping my pals in the 5th row near your on-deck circle focused on the game so we don’t miss a second of your play. I will also try to not propose to you after the third Old Style…

    Enjoy Chicago!



    Hi David!
    I’m from Germany and I watched the All-Star-Game at home. All I want to say is boy, you really kicked some ***! 😛

    Hope you keep up the good work with the Mets!

    Greetings from Germany!!



    Hey David,
    I enjoyed watching David Letterman the other night. Good job, you had everyone laughing.

    Good luck in Chicago,


  149. kotch@enter.nett

    WOW! What an All Star weekend for David Wright.16 HR in the 1st round and coming in 2nd place in the Home Run Derby. Then at the All Star Game, hitting a homerun in your 1st all star at bat. You are amazing. MVP MVP



    David: First of all, you impressed me when you, Carlos, Billy and Paul came to the NYSE to ring the bell. (It’s my screensaver.) I knew there would be something special about this year just from the way you all held yourselves.
    Now, about this week: I knew you’d do well, but WOW! What a debut at the All-Star Game! I’ve seen you a couple of times at Shea this year already and hope to get a few more games in. My brother is going to be there in Chicago today to see you guys as well. (BTW, our whole family’s bled orange and blue forever, even in the Mets’ lean years.) Have an awesome second half! LET’S GO METS!



    it sounds like you had a lot of fun at the allstar and homerun derby. it definently looked like you had fun! and thats why i love watching you. because you always have a great time playing the game! and because you’re AMAZING! i love you!

    YOUR B~I~G~G~E~S~T *F*A*N*


    p.s. MVP ALL THE WAY!


    David Wright,

    I don’t know if you read these comments or not but I want to tell you want you have done for me. I play AAU baseball in Virginia and my game was really starting to drop this year. My coach told me to find a young player from a team I like and watch him play. Well if you havent guessed I picked you. I have watched you and learned so much from just watching you. Even though I do not play 3rd base my game has gotten much better. I know this might sound corney and all but you really helped. I would like to thank you. I hope you have a great rest of the season and good luck with the MVP award.

    With Many Thanks,

    Greg F.



    I was both at the home run derby and all star game. It was so much fun watching you batting like ****. I’m sure you had a great time in Pittsburgh. You did so great on letterman. You are a natural on tv so I don’t know why you were a little nervous. Keep playing your best.


    Your #1 Fan



    i think you did an amazing job at the all star game(including the home run derby).its so great to see such a young player do so well.i also watched you on letterman,which was a special treat because i got to see you out of your usual element which would be baseball. you were very funny and i loved it.keep up the good work and i cant wait to keep watching you progress and become something spectacular for years to come.go mets!



    as a loyal Mets fan for since I was 8 years old, it was great to see you perform well in both the AS game and Derby. I have taken a beating over the past 10 or so years by a few of my friends that happen to be Braves fans, and I can’t explain how good it feels to finally be able to stick it to them every single day.!!! Good Luck in the second half!


    I agree with all the Yankee fans in connecticut always put me down because the Mets haven’t had a winning season sense 2000 and even then we blew it against the Yankees but this year is different. Good Luck in future games.


    Hey David,

    I don’t think you’ll actually read this but great job in the all-star game and home run derby! You looked hot and made us new yorkers proud!!




    I think you guys did a great job! thank you for representing NEW YORK METS as one of the greatest teams ever, atleast i think so. I am a great NY Mets fan which in hard in a family of Yankee fans.i think its wonderful that everyone gets along in the mets ballclub.Your so good that the guys in ESPAN radio have nothing bad to say about you(what a surpise)! i also think that more people watched the ALL-star game because of the six Mets to see how good you guys are.Good Luck!

    P.S i think you should have won the Home Run Derby but there is always next year.

    – sini


    hea David,

    Great game today! The Mets played well and Trachsel got a lot of run support. He’s been good for us lately. It’s nice you guys got a win the first day back after the all star break. Great defense today David… nice plays!! Good luck in the rest of the season and tomorrow. Love You David!


    -Lindsy (wifey)


    heyyyy againn davidd ❤
    as i said before u did amazing on letterman

    & of course, in the HRD and all – star game ah!

    i was hanging out with my friends that nite, and would not let them say a WORD to me until u were done .. but they kept showing ur gorgeous face ..

    so i just couldnt talk to my friends all nighttt =P

    (ohh, u were also in newsday yesterday .. yeahh the whole thing is like up in my room)

    well keep up that amazingg worrkk && posttt more blogsss ..

    OOh & look for my next fridayy .. ill be the one wearing my mrs.wright hat && shirtt – up in fronttt =]

    lovee youuuuuuuuuu so much.

    xooo ♥ ♥ stephh ❤


    Congrats on the awesome job in the Homerun Derby and the All-Star game. It was so much fun watching you hit all those homeruns. Great job on Letterman too!

    All my best,



    You were amazing in Pittsburgh! Being born and raised a Braves fan, I’ve never really followed the Mets, but I’ve been truly impressed with you. I can’t wait to see you in Atlanta! Please promise to stop for autographs before the game Friday. I’ll be waiting for you!

    Take care,



    ombob David i love u so much. Im so glad of todays game ,and im ur idol even i am a girl lol u looked hawtt on the Letterman show greatjob with the All-Star game and goodluck with ur hole season! My sn is xocharmedbabe539 so IM me your biggggggggggeeesssttttt fann of all. I want to come to one of your games on Sept. 20 but my parents cant or wont let me go . Well I got to go once again goodluck love you so much karyn!


    Thank you for some memorable moments at the all star game. You are a young man with alot of talent and an apparent love of the game. I have been a baseball fan since I was 4 years old and my uncle took me to my first game at Ebbet’s Field in 1940. I have seen many of the greats – and I think you have a chance of being one of them. Play hard, enjoy it, and give back to the game as much as it gives to you. Dee


    Great job at both the Home Run Derby & All Star Game, David!

    Hey, in that “commercial” they played inbetween batters at the Home Run Derby, where you were wearing that Hawaiian shirt… that wasn’t Paul’s was it? I heard he had a shirt no one wanted to wear… a lucky shirt.



    Awesome job lately D. Wright. How was the Letterman Show? You didn’t blog about it and I missed it !


    heey David! You were great at the derby and the all-star game. Congrats on such great performances!! =] And I enjoyed watching you on Letterman. Good luck in the second half..I’m looking forward to watching you do your thang lol =]
    <3, Laetitia


    Dear David Wright: Your like a brother i nvr had bcuz errtyme i watch you i feel so, proud & happy. Your a great role model 4 erry1 and an amazing player ur fun to watch either ur winning or losing,,,,,it wud make my wish come true if i cud meet u 4 ma b-daii but other than that good luckk 4 da rest of da season i hope tha team makesss it ur da best i love u xoxo –karen–



    What fun to see you play at Wrigley field….you have to love our fans sticking around through that downpour! Your Mets fans are also fantastic. I chatted with many of them, and they are all huge fans of yours. Seeing you up close was great, and coming home to the new SI in my mailbox with you and your team on the cover was the topper! My moment of the day…seeing you on the team bus after the game and being unable to control myself from saying “David, I love you!” I am certain you are used to it and I think your teammates got a kick out of it. Enjoy being you!



    Great job in Pitt! Really showed ’em in the Derby, then again in your first at bat, as to why the team’s kicking butt! Glad that all the hours spent online voting for you guys paid off! It was a shame that the NL has taken a page out of the Cubs playbook, and seems to find a way to loose at the very end >( Also, good showing in the Letterman show, you showed a lot of poise and maturity (more than can be said about the other Dave!). Stay grounded and you’ll have nowhere to go but up,up,up.

    Keep up the hard work, the great team effort, and we’ll be seeing you in October!



    Wow you did great in the all star game!!Man i was pullin for ya in the derby.Good job anyway! get em’ next year!! When you go to cincinati to battle the reds i’ll be there rooting for you and the mets!!!



    I am a huge, die-hard Mets fan. You are my favorite player of all time. I love seeing you hit the winning hit. I recently did the same thing and won the game to get into the championship. I think that you did great in both the Derby and the All Star Game. Good luck and I’ll see you in October.


    Heyyy David!
    I saw you on letterman the other night and i couldn’t help but smile everytime the camera was on you… you wanna know why? Bcuz you are GORGEOUS!!!! lol But anyway, You did so fabulously in the Home Run Derby and at the All Star Game. My family and I were rooting for you all the way and i was sooooooooo upset that you didn’t win the home run derby… but its ok there’s always next year! But, on the otherhand you are an AWESOME player, you are so gorgeous and you are SO mature and i love that about you… you are the WHOLE PACKAGE! I’m hoping the mets make it to the world series this year AND WIN IT! you have been so great to the team and you deserve to be there… I’ve been a mets fan all my life… (even though I’m only 15 lol) I’m looking forward to going to this fridays game (against the houston astros) and SEEING YOU THERE!

    I’m such a fan of yours! LoVe GINA!



    You did awesome at the HR Derby and the All Star game. I went to your game v.s. the cubs. You did so well. I’m such a huge fan!

    Love Erin




    heyyy David!
    your my favorite player EVER!

    i watched you in the home-run derby and the all star game in Cooperstown while i was on vacation with my family and you were awesome! i was hoping you would get 2 homeruns.. but you ended up getting 22! i was so proud of you! your an AWESOME ballplayer, especially when you get those walk off hits =)

    you’ve probably heard me screaming ‘I LOVE YOU DAViD’ at shea stadium, and if you didnt.. you know now =)

    i have a “Mrs. Wright” shirt. i wear it all the time.

    good luck, and see you in October! i lovee David Wright!!! ♥


    congrats! you were so amazing at the homerun derby, 16 at the first round. you along with fellow mets players are my all time FAVORITE! im glad you had an awesome time. you & beltran were the heart of the NL team, you guys were the only one that scored!

    btw you so rock the pastel shirts!

    lets go mets!!! ♥♥


    hea David,

    Tough lost tonight but you guys still have tomorrow to take the serie.I’ve started watching “24” and its a really great show…. I got ****** into it so fast! Good luck tomorrow and please tell Reyes and Pedro to feel better soon!_!




    hey david,

    sorry that you guys didn’t win tonight. You’ll get em’ tomorrow, they’re the cubs, we all know you guys can do it.


    ❤ Erin


    hii again David
    i forgot to add something in my last comment..

    that “commercial” you had in the All-Star game was awesome! you look totally adorable in the pastel shirts.. and im gonna start watching 24 because of you =)

    p.s. dont ever wear a hawaiian shirt again. hehe =)


    i loveee youuu ♥


    Great hustle on the potential DP by the Cubs in the 2nd yesterday. I was at the game, and you looked safe at 2nd to me. Too bad about the loss, but we’ll get ’em today. Great job this year; Let’s Go Mets!


    hey david!
    sorry i haven’t commented your page in a while. yesterday was a tough loss, but i think you guys will win today. (hopefully) good luck against the reds. i started watching 24, it’s not too bad. you made some nice plays at third on friday. (: nice rbi single also. i keep watching the letterman show over and over and over, it’s driving everyone else in my house nuts, but i can’t help it. (you’re just too adorable) you are a great player and are so mature! i’ll be at shea on august 8th when you play the padres. i bought a “mrs. wright” shirt last weekend. well, good luck tonight and let’s go mets!

    i love you!!! ❤



    Wright On, David!!!! Allow me to introduce myself. I am the fan that loses her voice almost every week at Shea yelling “MVP!!!” when you get on the field. Every sunburn is worth it.(I get rid of the Mets sun visors, caps…when things get heated.)1986 will happen again!!! To the modest hero–LET’S GO METS!!!!!


    Hey David!
    I’m sorry to bother you again, but I just had to tell you something.

    I’m watching the mets game and let me just say way to come back! I thought that you guys were going to lose tonight, but I was wrong. Nice homerun in the 6th inning!

    I love you David Wright!

    <3, Katie


    The home run derby and all star game absolutely amazed me. David you amaze me more and more with each game. I’m so excited that the Mets are doing so well this season and I’m excited to see them continue to strive!!! Good job tonight against the Cubs with ANOTHER home run. Now enjoy your day off and good luck against the Reds!


    David,you are a great ambassador for the game and it seems with guys like you the future of MLB is in good hands.

  187. annette

    Hi David,

    Didn’t know when I posted last but you did great on Letterman! Forgot to tell you to tell “Ducie” thx for doing a great job pitching in the Derby, and have to wonder if Reyes isn’t your biggest fan, heehee. It was soo sad he missed the ASGame. Anyways.. see you in Ny w/the T-club. Everyone in VA loves ya…


    wow! that game last night was AMAZING! two grand slams and one home run in the same inning! 11 runs! they couldn’t have done without your two run blast! awesome job! good luck against the reds! i love you!

    YOUR B~I~G~G~E~S~T *F*A*N*



    David, it was awesome watching you in the home run derby and the All-Star game. It has to be pretty cool playing with all of the other best players in the league. You did awesome too.


    Dear Mr. Wright,

    I read in today’s NY Post (Phil Mushnick “Ya Gotta Believe”) that you are in a commercial promoting Dr. Jaerock Lee’s ‘Salvation Miracles Revival Crusade.’ I’m a displaced New Yorker living in Chicago so I don’t have access to NY television. Was Mr. Mushnick’s account accurate? I don’t mean to pry but are you a follower of Dr. Lee or was this a strict business decision made to suplement your income? Either way, it’s respectable… I’m just seeking certain clarification.



    Dear Mr. Wright,

    I have a couple of questions to ask you.

    First, in your recent road trip to Chicago, did you eat Breakfast (place of establishment withheld for your own privacy) with three other Met players (Do Luca, Wagner and Marrero?). My wife thinks that she waited on you guys- she asked you all if you were Met fans, she wasn?t able to identify you guys as Met players. FYI- you guys were her best customers all day!

    Second, I?m the displaced New Yorker who posted earlier this morning. Now that I?m out of College/Army and I?m living in a city with Professional ball, I?m able to attend many more Met away games. I?d like for you to address ballplayer/fan etiquette as it pertains to asking for autographs and interactions during BP. Certain players surprised me with how interactive they were with the fans (ie. Mr. Martinez) while others bordered on being strongly unfriendly (ie. Mr. Wagner). I was also surprised at how little the players interacted with the fans while boarding the bus to leave Wrigley.

    I can understand that you ball players are human beings and are entitled to your space and privacy, please advise. Last time I went to a ton of Mets games I was in junior high school/high school and I could only afford to dragged my kid brother around to dollar Pespi games (nosebleeds) and when Fan/Player relations were at an all-time low (ie. Vince Coleman- firecracker incident).



    David Wright, you are TRULY AMAZING. I love the way you play the game. You always have that adorable smile on your face. This offseason i think you should move to ohio, and we will get married. I mean i’m only 7 years younger than you. It could work! haha 🙂
    ❤ Stef


    David Wright- you are an AWES0ME baseball player! You are an all-around great guy, especially with that goregous smile of yours!!You’re a STUD! You were AMAZiNG in the Home Run Derby(those yellow jerseys are awesome!) and the All Star Game- The National league is my fave!You guys should of won!!! Thank you for showing what the NL can do!Ok,I’m a Phillies fan, but you made me get in touch with my inner NY Mets fan!!I’m a Mets fan now-YEAH!!! I hope you && the Mets go all the way[Y0U WiLL!!Glad you won last night against the cubs-great job gettin the 11th run in the 6th inning! ]Keep cool man,and dont let all this go to your head. I can’t wait to watch your next game!! G0 METS!Good luck in the second half of the season!!!


    Wow, you are amazing! You did awesome in the HR Derby and All-Star Game… you blew me away, no doubt about it. My dream is to meet you in person, and I don’t mean to be a ****-up but I like.. love you lol:] Well, not much to say except you totally ROCK and I wish you and your teammates the best of luck!!



    The Saturday before the All Star game I flew out to my mom in Vegas. She has Leukemia and they didn’t think she’d make it to Monday. Between the Home Run Derby and the game, I want to thank you for lifting my spirits, I received so many texts from friends as I sat in her room – “Your boyfriend hit a home run 1st time up”. I watched in her room. I am glad to say she is in remission and improving every day. I will never forget you being my bright spot on those dreary days. Ever since the first day you walked on the field as a Met, I knew you were special. Keep being you and you will always succeed.-Tracey Budd


    I feel like a complete traitor reading your blog and leaving a comment, but I just couldn’t help myself. I’m a lifelong Braves fan, so the Mets are a big no-no. That being said, I noticed you at a Mets game last year. My dad and I like to visit different ballparks, and while at Shea I noticed they had an awfully cute third baseman. You’re much more than that though, you’re a terrific ballplayer, incredibly down-to-earth and now writing a very fun blog. I have several high school friends playing pro ball right now, but I rarely ever get to hear in-depth details of their experiences in the majors. Reading about yours has been a lot of fun, so I wanted to thank you for sharing a bit of your life with us. Hearing about your All Star experience was incredible and I have to admit you clearly played like an All Star. Congrats on all the success, but don’t tell the Braves I said that! 🙂 I’ve blogged about my law school experience the past couple of years and have found it to be an incredible outlet. I think it’s great that an MLB player like yourself has found the time to keep a blog so that the fans can join in the experience with you. Congrats and keep on bloggin…


    Hey David…
    I’m a Cardinal’s fan and I always will be, but you are by far my favorite non-Cardinal’s player (with a guy like Albert Pujols, there’s really no other way). I have to say, I was a little disapointed when you started the All-Star game and my Scotty Rolen finished second, but almost all regrets were lost when I saw that you are also a Rolen fan. Letterman is my favorite thing to watch on TV (besides baseball games, of course), and you were great.

    If you ever absolutely HAVE to be traded, as in, there’s no other way, consider the Cards. I would be thrilled for you to be on my team, but it has to be after Scotty retires…

    You’re #473rd fan,



    By the way, I really didn’t like the Mets a year ago, but after the amazing catch last year, I started reading up on you, then the Mets, and I’m almost a fan…The Astros are still my second favorite, though. I might consider the Mets as a distant third if you keep up the good work.
    #472 (I got demoted…),



    David, great All Star game and HR derby (that was fantastic fun) Your such a good team player who works hard at what you want. Sorry to say I missed you on Letterman 😦 Maybe next time. Keep up the good work. Oh yea your so beautiful marry me instead of those other gals. 🙂 I have you everywhere in my home, to screen-savers to wallpapers and some fun little pictures. hehe. Love ya keep up the good work.

    P.S. will ya come up to Chicago again and visit just me?? 🙂

    Tammy xoxox


    Hey David!
    I just wanted to tell you good luck tonight against the Reds. I probably won’t be able to watch the game ): because I’m going to a concert. Nice win on Sunday against the Cubs! Keep up the great work!

    I love you David!!!

    Much love from your #1 fan, Katie ❤


    Hey David!
    I just wanted to tell you good luck tonight against the Reds. I probably won’t be able to watch the game ): because I’m going to a concert. Nice win on Sunday against the Cubs! Keep up the great work!

    I love you David!!!

    Much love from your #1 fan, Katie ❤


    Dear David,

    I am a die-hard Cubs fan, but on account of your gorgeous smile, I am willing to forgive you for adding insult to injury in the 6th inning this past Sunday. 😉

    Much love,

    Sarah in Arlington, VA


    wow david there are honestly not enough words to say to honor your commitment for baseball and the realization that your talent is extraordinary but not important enough to let it get in the way of your sure that you have way more important things to worry about than reading this comment but if you ever do i just hope that you understand how appreciated you are! you truley are an inspiring person, thank you and i continue to look foward to reading more of your blogs

    ❤ kATIE

    P.S. Good luck tonight against the reds!



    Do you not like Gatorade? Just curious because I noticed you turned it down in the Derby? You allergic? Just wondering…

    J Wheaton


    Hey David,
    You were so amazing in the homerun derby and in the all star game. I just wanted to congratulate you on your mazing performance. I’m so happy that you get to enjoy all of the perks of being a major league player at such a young age, you’re very lucky, and it’s nice that you still have a level head. You also did a very good job on Letterman. Good luck the rest of the season and keep up the good work! you really are the best=)

    ❤ your biggest fan, ever.




    i just got home from the Mets v.s. reds game. i’m glad u guys won! the grand slam was so awesum. but i was sorta dissapointed…. i didn’t get an autograph.. well you, delgado, beltran, nady, and floyd were right on the 3rd baseline and me and my dad were hollerin and u guys didn’t hear us! so i’ll b there 4 the nxt 2 games. so mayb 2morrow or thursday. hope u play a good game


    p.s. look 4 me and my dad around ur dugout of around the 3rd baseline.


    Dear David,
    Amazin’, yes. Talented, yes. Kind, yes. Thank you for your postings and keeping us up to date on your baseball career. You really do care about us. You were incredible at the Derby and I knew you were going to do well. You always come out on top and never let your biggest fans down. The home run at the All-Star game was, in a word: unbelievable. It’s an honor to watch you every day. Thanks to you, the Mets are the best they’ve been for a long while. You are our little shooting star. Thanks again.

    Your Fan,

    Cynthia Vazquez

  208. bubba11394@sbcglobal.ney

    Dear David,
    You are AMAZIN. this season i have watched every met game with my brother. i love watching you play. well of course i am going to watch you tonight

    your #1 fan


    can you say hi to carlos delgado for me please



    I know I’m not the only girl to do this, but I had a dream about you. I did something for this old man and he was like “I owe you!!” So then I rememeber I’m walking through a tunnel underground with this old man and then he opens a door and the room is about the size of a walk-in closet. We go inside and there is another door and this tiny window the size of a cereal box with a couple of chairs in front of it. There was also three other people in the room too. I go over to he window and I see #44 and it says milledge and then I realized I was in like some secret passage in the ba ck of the dugout. Wellin my dream i was like aw i wih i could see wight and floyd and hen milledge moves over and i see the number 5 and I’m like OMG. Then someone started to sing the national anthem and you stood up and I was like “I ain’t neva seen an a** like that.” It’s odd because I would never do that. So then you come through the door and I’m like wow and you signed autographs for the other people and I ask you if you were playing today and you were like no and then I asked if you could sign my shirt which had a dog on it and you said you would be right back. You come back and I swear to God, you changed and had a hawaiian shirt on and you sat on my lap and in my head I was like “Uhh why is David Wright sitting on my lap?” And last tuesday I turned the All star Game on and the first thing I see is you in a hawaiian shirt similar to the one in my dream. So I then called my brother and asked him why you were wearing that and he told me and I told him that dream months ago and he was like that’s so weird. I was just really freaked out. I’ve also had dreams that you were blonde and another where you were totally bald. Oh yeah and also had a dream where you had the name Dana written across your wrist in pink so if you marry a girl with that name that would be spooky and unfortunate because my name is Katie haha. I’m also really happy that Floyd’s been hitting a lot lately with that grand slam on sunday.

    I’ve read that you guys always bash eachother on the team and I don’t mean to be mean, but I was watching the shining and Julio Franco really looks like Scatman Crothers who plays the cook **** Hallorann. It was so creepy especially when the he is in his pajamas. Haha


    Wrightoholics Day @ Shea

    The Wrightoholics are having a day @ Shea to hang out together and root for David.

    We are going to be selling Wrightoholics T-Shirts. The money from the sale is going to go to The David Wright Foundation.

    If you are interested in becoming a Wrightoholic and/or going to the event

    E-mail John –

    or Desiree –

    for more information.


    hi david my name is tolin i thot you did great in the home run derby and the all star game i bet you here that alot but its tru i think its realy cool that you *** out and sing after the game but if you evan read this because i now you get alot than please send me an email @ i play for the timber cats an aau team


    Well said David. If you keep this up, you will definitely have many more ASGs and be the guy that new All Star’s look up to…Keep the Mets rollin’ David!


    David! You did so well at the allstar game!! You are NY’s MVP, and even if you did not win the entire HR derby, you won it in our eyes. You and the rest of the Mets are the best. You and the rest of the guys have charisma and team spirit that no one else has. Keep up the great work, and keep making us Mets fans proud!!



    Ahhh, another day to say a hello to David and keep hittin’ those home-runs. Your the best. Too bad I don’t get to see too many games on t.v. or in person for that matter but I’m keepin’ track ya of 🙂 I’m still rootin’ for my Sox but your the best! Keep up the good work and if ya can hit me up with an email and say hello. Love to chat with you your biggest crush and fan.



    Awesome game today. Since I don’t get the game on my T.V. I watched it on MLB TV. What a great wasy to end an on the road 6 game series. I might be able to make it to a game while you guys are home. Good luck!! Go for the Sweep and if you don’t you’ll still be the best so don’t worry.


    P.S. I just made pictures from a game I went to. I can’t believe how many pictures I took of you. I’ll be sure to send some.?



    Great job against the Reds this week! Awesome Grand Slam on Monday! I was at the game on wednesday and almost got your autograph but some girl got in my way. Your girl fans are crazy. keep up the excellent work!

    LET”S GO METS!!!!!!



    Nice road trip against the Cubs and Reds. Last night was a tough loss, but at least you drove in a couple of runs. (: Good luck against the Astros and Cubs. I’m sure you’ll do great like you always do.

    Love, Katie ❤


    Hey David,
    I found out that sticking out your tongue really works while batting because I hit a walk off home run in a scrimage game that was played at my baseball camp while I decided to see if the tongue works. From now on, that’s what I’ll do when I’m at bat.

    Until next time,


    P.S. I’ll be at the game Monday night and it’s my birthday on the 24. I told my family and friends that all I want is to get your autograph. I’ll be wearing my black Mets jersey and black Mets cap. Please make my birthday wish come true.


    D Bomb-
    Wow, I have to admit I am one of your biggest fans. And after your FIRST All Star Game, you have really proven to me and the WORLD that you are the REAL DEAL. I admit that I had my doubts when Willie had you batting cleanup earlier this year and when I heard you were in the HomeRun derby but there are no more doubts for me. You have greatness in you..I think we have all been a witness…and I am so proud of you. You really capture the spirit of this Mets team and truly make watching the games fun and exciting. I wish you continued success. On every given Sunday at home, you can count on me in rooting for you no matter what. Stay healthy!


    DAVID, I went to my grandparents house about a week ago and I got it all figured out. My grandma, Loudine Riggs, is your grandfather, Cleet Wright’s, sister. See, before my grandmother was married, her last name was Wright, intil she was wed to Paul Riggs, which is now her husband. Thats how her last name is Riggs. So, your grandfather is my great uncle. And my mom’s last name was Riggs, before she got married to my dad. So, now, her last name is Branson, and so is mine. so in conclusion, You are my second cousin once removed. (I think that I got all of that right.)
    PLEASE EMAIL ME AT Trust me we are realted. you can talk to my grandma, or my mom. This is no joke. please take this seriusly.


    The Bransons


    I had a dream last night and you and the team were in it.I was sitting on my front porch and i looked across the street and the whole team was there and Carlos Delgado came over and started talking to me and im like omg where is David Wright and I look over and I see a ball come out of nowhere and someone catches it and they throw it back and then you start walking out and I scream and im like OMG!!! it David Wright my love♥and then you come over and start talking to me and I start talking really fast when im nervous and happy! and your like okay?!but we talked for a long time!and I cant remember the rest of it. but I loveddddd that dream!



    your biggest fan!


    Dave, I gave up being a baseball fan after the player strike in the ’90s. Thanks to you, I’m back and loving it. Keep it up and I may even come back to Shea. 🙂



    I am very excited about the Mets chances this year to go all the way, and you are definitely a big part of the line-up. I really like the maturity as a player you have shown and your team first attitude. You are definitely the key pillars of a Mets dynasty and the best of luck to you the rest of the season and hopefully the post season!

    Go Mets!!


    Hi David… Somethings been kinda bugging me and I just wanted to ask you a question. A lot of people have been saying your autographs through the mail have been ghostsigned this year? Its just a rumor isnt it?


    First let me say that I am a loyal Houston Astros Fan..I have never rooted for another baseball team…then I watch this year’s all-star game and their is the much talked about David Wright, heard of you, yeah, never watched you play any games…so I watch and listen..young, of course very handsome, and great athleticism! To be so good at such a young age and getting to enjoy the spoils that most veterans only dream about…I just had to comment and say that you are awesome, I am watching your team destroy us tonight as I am writing this (another grand slam)and I can’t wait till ya’ll come to Houston b/c I will definitely be there to watch my team and now you! Good Luck on the rest of the season and if the Stros can’t make it back, I definitely have another team to root for!


    hea David,
    Great game last night. Maine did an amazin’ job and that grand slam by Valentin was awesome! Good luck today. Love you David!!


    -Lindsy (wifey)


    John Maine looked so good last night. I saw the picture of him and Willie Randolf, and I thought he must be tall. Well, John Maine is slightly shorter and thinner than I am, so I’d also tower over Willie as well. My fingers are crossed that he’ll continue to be that good, for until Pedro Martinez comes back, the starting pitching isn’t that solid.

    You must be happy to have another Virginian on the team. He was born on a Friday, and you were born on a Monday, so you have a weekend between you. (Just joking!) Ugh! I know what I was doing when John Maine was born as well (as when you were)!


    Nice win last night! John Maine pitched really well. Valentin did great too. I’m watching the game today and I am very shocked that you aren’t starting. ): (how come?) My mom and I met Cliff FLoyd and got his autograph yesterday at a Verizon store near where I live, so if he told you that some blonde girl said to tell you hi, he was talking about me. lol. Let’s go Mets!

    I love you David!

    Love, Katie ❤


    I didn’t get to see yesterday’s NY Post, but someone told me that there was a picture of you and your “long-time girlfriend” in it. Was this a false report or is it true? Is the hearthrob of the Mets taken?? David prob won’t answer this question but does anyone else know for sure??

    You didn’t start today and right now we are at 3-1. Hopefully, we come thru to win this one!!


    hea David,
    Nice win today. Nady came through big time for us. It stinks that you didn’t play today.. you must of been so bored!




    i went to the game today. it was sooo good! nady had the the winning homer for us! but you didn’t play… 😦 😦 i was really disappointed. it was my first mets game and my all time FAVORITE player wasn’t playing! but at the end of the game you came out on the field. i was the one on the first base line holding the “I’M YOUR MRS.WRIGHT” sign! i don’t know if you saw it but if you did email me and let me know. lol but thats not likely to happen. but anyway I LOVE YOU!

    YOUR B~I~G~G~E~S~T *F*A*N*



    I was upset you didn’t play today, but we still won! You are my favorite player and Beltran is number 2 lol.Nady hit a homerun which pretty much saved the game!!!

    Good luck and let’s go Mets!!




    Thank you for signing my son Dylan’s leg brace a few weeks back. We have had trouble getting him to wear it and the idea of a Mets theme has helped. First Endy, then you and Jose Reyes. Spread the word… Endy hit a triple the day he signed, Jose tripled and had a couple SBs, and you hit your Grand Slam! We want to bring more good luck! See you Wednesday for the Chicago day game.



    Today was a really nice win, even though you didn’t get to play. ): I was kind of upset, but once in a while you need to take a day off. If it wasn’t for Nady, I don’t know if you guys would have won today or not. I was quite surprised that you didn’t even come out as a PH. today. (oh well)

    Let’s go Mets!

    I know I’m not the only person to tell you this, but I LOVE YOU DAVID!!!

    xoxo, your #1 fan, Katie


    Dear David,
    You are my number one favorite METS player. I have pictures of you taped on the wall at the job. I think you are so GORGEOUS!!!! I know its still early but i know that you will help to get our team to the World Series. I know in my heart that we will win. Keep up the good work.

    Love you always, Katherine



    This blog thing is so cool, I wish I would have known about it sooner. Anyway, I live in Kentucky, and got to watch you guys play in Cincinatti (the 2 hour rain delay game), and was so sad when you guys came back and lost! =( But, of course I’m still a huge fan and so excited for this year’s season. Keep up the awesome work! Maybe I’ll get to watch you guys again in the playoffs if you end up back in Cinci somehow!!


    I know I am pretty much bottom of your blogs, but, very happy to report since I met Emil at Pittsburgh,, I have the faith in you to do it…You have the eye of the Tiger and the instinct to do what you’ve intended to do. Your spirit sours and NY fans love you for it…you’ve made your home here and we adorn you…When fans and media alike call you ‘the prince’, we mean it! But, spread it around, since we have two duke’s- El Duque & redazz; two princes : you and Reyes; and the kingdom of Shea in order [too many names to mention], we’re honored to be in your presence and wish you will allow the “crazy fans” to get their revenge at the Yanks and anyone else who doubts the NY METS TEAM! I Will Always Be A Die-Hard Met Fan for the spirit they put on the field!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Good luck in today’s game and catch as many baseball’s as possible. I know that you will win today. I think the score will be 5-2 because Beltran will hit ANOTHER grand slam!! You and Beltran are tied for my number one player right now but I think the whole team is good so it doesn’t really matter anyway.


    Hey David, I’ll start out by saying that I’m not your biggest fan. I am actually a Yankees fan, but I have been to 8 mets games this year and no yankees games because Shea Stadium is so much easier to get to. The last game I was at was the double header a few weeks ago, but I am going tomorrow night against the Cubs. Even though I am not a big Mets fan, I still cheer them on every game I go to. You are one of my favorite players on the Mets because you sign autographs during batting practice more than any other mets player. Sadly, I haven’t gotten your autograph yet. If possible, please try and sign autographs during batting practice tomorrow, I’ll be there. Good Luck!




    Better late than never, but congratulations on your great All Star performance. I’m sure it must have been a whirlwind, and you truly deserve it. The Mets this year are so refreshing – whether watching you guys high-five, or have fun in the dugout (Pedro is always worth a smile), it’s nice to see a team get along together so well OFF the field, and it really reflects ON the field. You guys have it together, and I know you’ll keep it going towards the end of the season. I just wanted to say congratulations, and a big thank you. You guys make it exciting to watch. All the best with your game, and your foundation. You, and your teammates, all deserve every bit of attention thrown your way this year. Let’s go Mets.

  241. annette

    Hi David, It was a great series. Friday night was awesome, Saturday we were all just bumming you didnt play.. and Sunday, well can’t win them all. Thanks soooo much for making NY great for all of us. I had the white nike hat on, w/my son’s white jersey w/5. Anyways.. take care.. well, see you on tv tonight. Don’t forget about what matters most. hugs…


    Hey David…
    I know this is a little late..but I was on vacation so yeah..anyways nice homerun last week when you were playing against the Cubs. That was an awesome game..!!

    <333 Erin


    Yo david!!!
    well i watched the ideo of u on letterman for the first time today. you said that your tongue is pretty important. Well when u come to cleveland next year to it might be important! haha!!! well ill stop being a creep.

    ohh yeah…so im in columbus…ohio…at the nsa fastpitch world series…and i played a team from virginia today. couldnt help but think of you. i wish we woulda beat em so i coulda rubbed it in your face…haha, i wouldnt do that! but we lost 3-1. yep and i scored our lone run. pshhhttt…im the best “scorer” in the history of the game!!! haha well mayb ill leave u another bizarre comment later.

    ❤ Stef….from ohio


    david! its my birthday today and you guys lost 😦 make it up to me some how pleaseeee!


    hea David,

    Tough lost but we have tomorrow with Glavine on the mound for us. Nice hits today and good luck. I love you David… can’t wait next till your next blog update.




    Hey David, good game tonight, too bad you lost. You probably saw me during batting practice while u were autographing things. I had a red, white and blue USA hat on, but you probably don’t remember me cause you see so many fans. I think you guys had a good comeback, it’s just too bad you didn’t get up again, i’m sure you would’ve tied on won the game. If you get a chance, please tell Trachsel that i say hi and that he has to forget about monday’s game and get ready for his next start. And also, do you have a myspace? SO many fakes are out there, if you do can you post it or email me back, thanks, that’s it for now.



    Hey David,
    I was at the game last night. Thank you sooo much for signing an autograph for me. It made my birthday special. I don’t know if you remember me, I was the first one you signed for after warming up.

    Thanks again,


    P.S. I just saw that your foundation supports Multiple Sclerosis causes and I think that’s great. My mom’s been sick for a while and a coupe years ago her doctors thought she had MS, it was a pretty scary time even though it turned out that she didn’t have it. It’s a great cause to raise awareness of because not enough people know about it. So please continue your efforts, it’s apreciated by anyone who’s been affected by MS.


    hea David,

    Good luck and hit a homer for your wifey!_! LOVE YOU!!!




    heyy again david,
    well amazing game yesterday,even though u guys lostt ..

    but im watchingg the game right now – looking pretty good haha.

    xo hitttt a homeerr =]

    ♥ steph ❤


    Hey David,

    Good game tonight even though you lost. i was watching the game the whole night, cheering you guys on. Nice run though in the last inning. Better luck next time!!!

    -Dan =D


    P.S. Do you have a myspace? I’d look for one, but there’s probably about 20 fake David Wright profiles. If you do, please email me. That’s all for now

    -Dan =D


    Dear David,
    I just wanted to say thank you for the line drive to my temple yesterday. In all seriousness, it was definitely worth the 4 hour trip considering the events that occurred after, even though I got hit in the 6th inning. At least some lady told me I can get a free ticket to another game. I hope she wasn’t lying. See you soon.




    hea David,

    Tough lost tonight… I was really hoping that you guys would rally enoug runs in the ninth inning. Its okay because we got so many other games win. Lets get the final game tomorrow David. Good luck!


    -Lindsy (wifey)


    hea David,

    Great win today! You guys fought real hard to keep them from scoring and Maine pitched an amazin’ game. Enjoy your day off tomorrow and good luck in Atlanta. Love you David !!




    David –

    You have no idea how much I look up to you. I’m a HUGE Mets fan, and you are definitely my favorite player. I have season tickets and I ove playing and watching baseball. Being a girl, on my school’s Softball Team some boys who I’m way better than will bat before me just because they are boys. It makes me sad, but you give me hope. You are an amazing baseball player, And I hope you know how you have touched my life.




    Nice win today against the Cubs. I didn’t get to see the whole game, but I heard on the radio that you made a nice barehander so good job! (: I thought that you guys had a chance last night in the bottom of the ninth, but wound up losing. (Don’t worry about it and at least you got the inning started with a single.) Good luck against the Braves and Marlins. I’ll be at the game in a couple of weeks when you play the Padres.

    Love, Katie


    Congrats David!

    Listen, let me tell you that I predicted you’d hit 16 in the first round. Everyone at the house was making predictions regarding all you guys. When it came to your turn up, I immediately said 16. I admit, I got some crossed-eyed folks looking my way…but hey, you came through. Thanks for proving me right!



  258. Becky

    Hey David! I’ve been a long time Mets fan since 1986. I am so happy to be having a good season after so long!! Reading your blogs inspired me to start my own. I just filled out my report on being able to see the team play in Cincinnati on the 19th and 20th. This was my 1st time seeing you play live and in person (Only my 2nd live Mets game). It was amazing. We were able to get seats right behing the Mets dugout (I am certain you don’t recall, but you waved at me during the rain delay. Thank you for that, it made my day!). Any way, we’ll see you this weekend in Atlanta!! Becky


    Hey David,
    Did you notice that like 77% of the people who comment on your blog are girls? You little stud 😉


    I heard growing up in Virgina you were a Mets fan. Hernandez was my favorite player to whatch growing up. Who was yours?
    I must say I love DOOKIE (HA).

    He brings that fire to the team that was missing last year. You know the IT factor that Keith brought. Best of luck!!


    hea David,

    Great win tonight!!! You guys were awesome and that homerun of yours was amazin… great job of going the other way!! After Pedro settled down he was good. I know you guys are gonna dominate in the rest of this road trip. Good luck tomorrow. Love you David!




    Hi David,

    I just wanted to say that it was amazing watching you guys win at Turner Field tonight! I’ve been a Mets fan my whole life and I would love nothing more than to see you guys win it all this year. Thanks for being a totally gracious and classy guy. You add a lot to the Mets and you really make me proud to be a Mets girl. I’ll be at a few more games this season (and hopefully post season)! No matter how loud Shea gets you can probably still hear my big mouth:)

    Anyway, have a great time in Atlanta and feel free to email me when you’re in Manhattan and want a home cooked dinner. I would be happy to make it for you!



    Great homerun last night!!!!!!!!!! You hit it just in time for me to see it then the power went out. I read the sports section of yesterdays paper. I said it was a race for the AL East but a jog home in Flushing. I don’t think thats fair. You guys have work so hard to make it where you are and even then it’s still a race. The division isn’t weak, you guys are strong. Good Luck.

    Kellie GOOOO METS!!<3 #5 ❤


    Hey David,
    Nice win last night against the Braves. Awesome homerun too! Good luck today! Let’s try and sweep the Braves and Marlins this road trip! Let’s go Mets!

    I love you David!

    xoxo, Katie ❤


    hea David,

    WOW… awesome win today. You guys dominated this game from the beginning!!! Those 2 homeruns by Beltran were great and everyone did their part.

    Don’t worry about the errors by you and Reyes. El Duque pitched an amazin’ game and showed so much improvement! Good luck tomorrow in attempting the sweep.


    -Lindsy (wifey)


    wow Ah-Mazing winn today!! I didn’t get to see the game because they didn’t show it on tv.I dont know why but I was mad when it wasn’t on. but I saw it on the news. I was like OMG 11-3.WOW!

    Good Luck tomorrow!



    Hey David,
    Nice win today against the Braves! I can’t believe what the score was. Don’t worry about the throwing error you had today. Let’s go for the sweep tomorrow! Good luck!

    Love ya,

    Katie ❤



    Hello Darling David!

    You guys better get out the broom… I feel a sweep coming on! I can’t even deal with the fact that we might sweep the Braves at HOME! That’s so awesome!

    Have a great night.

    Love to the whole equipo (ask Jose what that means),


    The offer for dinner stands all year long (and then some…)


    Hey David!
    Nice sweep against Atlanta! I knew you guys could do it. Let’s do the same to Florida and Philadelphia. Beltran did really well today. Too bad Glavine couldn’t get a win, but you won and that’s all that matters. Good luck against the Marlins and Phillies. (sorry if I spelled that wrong.) Let’s go Mets!!!!

    I love you David!

    ~xoxo, Katie ❤


    hea David,

    YEA BABY!!!!!! Congrats..what an amazin’ serie! You guys must feel so good to sweep them to let them know that this year belongs to the METS! Everybody was great… Beltran played awesome and everyone was hitting. Enjoy your day off tomorrow and do to the Marlins what you guys did to the Braves! I love You David!




    Hey David,
    Great job against Atlanta! I was just wondering if you’re going to keep writing in your blog once the season is over?

    GO METS!!


  272. Becky

    Great job David and crew! What an exciting 3 game series for all Mets fans to see. Great job with your homerun, you (as usual) looked great. Enjoy a day of rest today. Keep this hot streak going in Florida! We’re all pulling for the team!


    Hey David,
    omg you have no idea how excited i am that you guys completed the sweep against the braves!! That was truly amazin’. If we could do that to the marlins and the phillies, forget it, mets fans will go absolutely nuts!! I am so proud of you guys, and i know that you will go far!! keep up the great work!!! love you david!! xoxoxox ~Sam


    Hey David,
    My name is Erin and this is my mom’s thing but i just had to tell you how upset i am that the mets traded the X-man. He was my favorite player. Tell who ever thought of trading him is crazy!I’m am really upset right now!!!


    i would also like to say that david you r doing a great job and she i think my mom if she gets a dachshund that she might name it after u


    DavidYou,re playing great but I think the Mets will not make it too far once they get into the playoffs. You rotation is weak and depends on some big question mark. Your bullpen is solid and your lineup is great but Pedro, Glavine, ???? I don’t feel too confident for the Mets


    Hey David!! Great job on sweeping the Braves. That is something I have wanted for ever. Well I just found your Blog. I cant believe I have never noticed it before. I am 25yrs old from Staten Island NY. I have been a mets fan for well since I can remember even when they weren’t that great I always stuck by them and believe me it was not easy being around Yankee fans my entire I am sure you probaly dont even read all of these post but heres hoping. By the way are you I can send u a pic if you would like I am sure you will not be im sorry just kidding not about the being dissapointed part.anyway I just wanted to wish you much success with your career as a met.(hopefully you will be a met throughout your career)If not I still wish you all the luck in the world.. Lets Go Mets. This is our year!! mwaaa


    David, I was looking for the game that convinced me that the Mets were going all the way. It happened on 14 May 1986 the last time.
    In this case, we saw two shaky starters almost lose the game, then come back. In the last one, the starter wisely knew he lacked his stuff and left the game. The rotation continues to be the weakness (Do I wish we had Tom Seaver now!), yet the Mets still buried the Braves. I still seek that convincing game — one the Mets should have lost but won — but this sweep came close.


    o mann tough blow last night with Sanchez and everything….i hope he’s bac before the end of the season. at least the mets have Lastings Millage and Endy Chavez to fill Xavier Nady’s position.
    hope this isn’t a major set back



    Hey David… Good luck to you and the rest of the team.. I will be at shea Aug 6th as well as Aug 26th to see you guys battle the phillies. dont let me down.. I went to Philly last time to watch you guys and you rocked them lets do it again then. again good luck tonight…later cutie!!


    Oh David..Gosh i just saw a comment about someone being related to you…thats super cool…i was thinking i want to one day find that out…but id want to be related in a way that you were my husband. lol ok well anyway…i had a strange dream about you last night….you picked me up in an old fashioned blue car…that had a really weird smell. it was so bizarre.
    we are pretty much meant to be.

    anyway you are an amazing baseball player and all that jazz….u already know that tho. you are a future hall of famer i can feel it.

    ❤ Stef….yeah its stef from ohio

    ohio is for lovers….like virginia is for lovers. i guess we are lovers


    Hey David,

    Just a suggestion:

    You should tell your team to never ever wear the black jerseys. They seem to be a bad omen. : )


    hea David.
    Tough loss last night…. I really thought you guys had that one in the bag! Hope you guys have better luck tonight. I wish you guys all the best.




    Hey David, I heard you on the AS game plugging “24” and just want to let you know that there is a show on Showtime that is 90 times better and more realistic than “24” called “Sleeper Cell.”


    Hi David, I just wanted to say that I enjoyed watching you at the All-Star game and the home-run derby. At the derby you did very well. You hit 16 homeruns in the first round which was good. You did so good that you even beat David Ortiz. In the end I thought you was going to beat Howard but that didn’t happen. It’s okay though because you was just tired and you still came in 2nd. I’m pretty sure that you will be in other derbys because you are young and a great player, so you will have other chances to come in 1st place. Anyway, the All-Star game you did well to. When you first came up, you hit a homerun which tied the game. Even though NL lost, I still had fun watching you and the other players play in the All-Star game. I also saw you on the Letterman show. I could tell you was nervous. You still looked good though. Well bye, love you.

    Let’s Go Mets!!!


    hea David,

    Its a shame that we didn’t get the win tonight but its okay, you guys still had a great road trip 4-2. Its nice to see you hitting again David. Good luck tomorrow against the Phillies… I’ll be at the game! Can’t wait to see you!




    Hey David, I’m mad that we did not get the win tonight. I thought we really had a chance. It’s good that your hitting again. Well,good luck against Phillies tommorrow. I know we could beat them. Good luck to you and the mets. Bye,love you.

    Let’s Go Mets!!!


    Yo david I’ve got an fresh cover of Sanford & Son that Floyd should use instead, its got some pimp to it, he’ll bug.

    Shoot a mail and I’ll mail the mp3 over.



    Way to save the day. Your RBI and the diving stop in the 9th to end the game. I can’t wait to see wat they say on SportsCenter. Let’s Win The Series Let’s Go Mets!

    Love, Kellie #5 is #1


    Great game last night. You always no how to start things off. I’m extremely happy to hear that you will be with the Mets for atleast 6 years but i know many more than that!!!!! You’re the heart of the team. Good luck with the Pardes. Say hi to Mike Piazza for me. LETS GO METS

    Love, Kellie I ❤ #5


    hey david,

    you are a great third baseman!!!! i love to watch you ever night!! even though i live in california, i love the mets, phillies, cubs, white sox, indians, and mostly ever other team. but i hate the dodgers…. well i hope you have a great year!!!!



    I ❤ #5!!!!!


    hi david–i was awed by your performance at the all-star game–watching it on espn, all the commentators talked about was david ortiz and how he was a shoe in to win –they never even mentioned you having a chance in the home run derby–i knew better and now they do too–great job–erin

  293. brian

    I’m bringing my 12 year old to the Aug. 19th game. She’s a huge fan of yours,as am I, and because of that I now have someone to watch the games with on T.V.. If we get to the game early is there a chance you can give her a hello and a happy birthday?

    I know your time is limited, but it would mean a lot to her. you can contact me at if it would be possible, thanks!


    During the All-Star gane I was in Montana so I couldnt watch it…I actually watched it a little bit…I kinda lied…

    Anyway, I had activities during the homerun derby so I didnt see that either. I also missed that interview with David Letterman….I really wanted to see him make fun of you! That wouldve been awsome! lol! Well its a little late to say this but congrats on getting to the finals in the homerun derby.



    Hey David!I just wanted to say that I think you are a great player on and off the field! You always come through for the Mets. You should be proud of all your accomplishments! Keep playing hard and I will be cheering you and your teammates on! <33


    david, ur single i’m single lets get married ❤ u are why i look forward to watching the met games. i ❤ u baby.

    P.S. I think the way u stick ur tongue out is soo adorable ❤ EMAIL ME!!!!


    great game tonight. u really came back! You always know how to play like a winner..good luck tomorrow! as always i’ll be watching!!



    the all star game was great! you did an amazing job (as always) =) i really hope you enjoyed yourself, its sounds like you did…and i know i enjoyed watching ❤ hopefully you get to participate in more all star games as the years come…keep smiling =) XoXo, Kristi

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