Mets dont miss a beat


Until last night, I?d been in a little rut. But it didn?t really matter that much because we were still winning as a team. We have enough talent on this club that when one of us is scuffling, the rest of the lineup finds a way to pick him up and win anyway. As long as we get Ws, individual performances don?t matter that much. We have the luxury in our lineup of being able to win, even during those times when we?re not running on all cylinders.

When one of us gets hot -? Carlos Delgado, Cliff Floyd, Carlos Beltran ?- we can carry the team a little bit and maybe single-handedly win ballgames. When we are running on all cylinders, we can be a dangerously potent offense.

05053francoPlus, we have enough depth that we don?t miss a beat when we give someone a rest. Like last night, Julio Franco stepped into the lineup and we were able to give Carlos Delgado a breather. Being able to move people in and out of the lineup like that keeps the starters and the bench players fresh. We?re in a position to do that because we have one of the best benches in the National League.

So if I?m not hitting for a week or so, or Cliff?s not hitting, or Carlos isn?t hitting, we have the luxury of working out of it without taking the team down with us. That takes some of the pressure off whoever is in a slump at any given time.

Logo_fsl I really haven?t been that concerned, even though I?ve been scuffling for a couple weeks. I learned a lot about how to deal with failure back in 2003 when I was playing high-A ball in the Florida State League. I scuffled the whole first half. Going through that period, I realized that the mental challenges of being a slump are usually bigger than the physical aspects.

I?ve been playing the game for some time, so I have the muscle memory and I?m confident I have the physical ability to hit. The key is not to let the slump eat you up mentally. Sometimes you overthink the situation and get in your own head too much. If you take it home with you and think about it too much and criticize yourself, you?re in danger of prolonging the slump.

So I?ve learned to trust in my ability and keep my confidence level up. As much as I?d love to go out there and hit .500, realistically it?s probably not going to happen. Learning to deal with failure is one of the keys to succeeding in baseball because, like they say, if you fail 70 percent of the time, you?re still a .300 hitter.

05051wrightI?m also fortunate to have so many veterans surrounding me. These guys have all been through slumps before and know how to react. Sometimes, as a young player, getting a hit or not getting a hit can seem like a life-and-death situation. But if you watch and listen to the veterans around you it can help you put things in better perspective.

I definitely consider myself a young player still. We?ve got guys in this clubhouse who have been doing it for 10 or 12 years and I almost have two years under my belt, so I have plenty to learn from them. I feel like I?m still going to school every day.

You may have noticed some new looks …

A few people have asked about the new helmets we?re wearing this season. I like them. I consider myself an old-school type of player, but I?ll try new things. The helmets are a little flashy and futuristic with the two-tone look. But they?re also light, so I?ve convinced myself that they allow me run faster and jump higher. If I seem a little more athletic this season it?s because of the helmets.

Wrighthelmet_1It?s still a little cool in New York at this time of year, but hopefully they?ll also keep me from overheating during the summer months coming up. I?ll keep you posted.

I?ve also gotten some questions asking why I?m wearing my pant legs down again. It?s simple: the last time I wore my pants up, we got beat, I made three errors and didn?t get any hits. So I?ve decided to retire that look, at least for the time being.

The veterans on the team give me a hard time about it when I wear the pants up, anyway. Of course, they?ll give me a hard time about just about anything.

I guess the general feeling is that the pants-up look is a high school or college type of style. Not that there?s anything wrong with that, but there?s a high value on looking and acting like a professional in this clubhouse.

Narrowing down the list of names …

I?ve been studying the names that everyone?s been sending in for my blog. I didn?t realize there would be so many of them to consider. But I?m really impressed with the level of creativity and I?m beginning to narrow them down. I have a few favorites, so maybe by the next time I post a blog, I?ll have made a decision. I need a little while longer.

Until next time …

— David

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    Thats pretty funny about the high socks and how the veterans pick on you if you wear them like that becuase a few games ago i saw Cliffy wearing the high socks!


    Hi, Dave–

    i was hoping to ‘catch’ you before you started to narrow down your CONSIDERABLE list of ‘blog’ titles– I didn’t want to ‘build up’ what you are trying to ‘break down’. But, my creativity has gotten the best of me, so, when I found that I’d left off of my list of suggestions one that I consider to be one of my best, I figured that I’d ‘lay it on you’. After all of those steaks at “Bennihana’s”, (and those 4 base knocks, BANGED all over the park last night), that you could ‘shoulder the load’. So, (drum roll, please)– how about “Wright Down Broadway”?… –I love how you’ve kept your head up and ‘level’ through the dirth of hits, Dave. You’d mentioned a minor mechanical flaw with your hip, re; your swing– (don’t know if Rick Down picked that up or if you realized it on your own); when you got the hit in the ‘hurricane’ Wednesday night, I told my friends and family that that was the hit that would ‘break you out of it’. Whatever it was, it was bound to happen– sooner, rather than later. Your character is a credit to the team and the game.

    ~Shine on~


    (‘The Met-Mutt’)

  3. Jack

    David, just how many steps are in the post-game handshake?

    Also, I think you should have links from your blog to the other Mets related ones on Then the rest of us might get some marraige proposals in our comments, too.


    David – I saw you on madison avenue yesterday and told you that you would get out of this slump and I was right – congrats, great job & we are always supporting you.

    -Madison avenue girl


    HI DAVID!!

    You’ve got the right attitude and your spirits are up! That’s great! Everyone experiences those down times, but you have to keep moving forward with the positive attitude that you display. I really admire your love for the game – keep it up!

    By the way, nice play yesterday! I must say it was AWESOME!

    Good luck against Atlanta and give my best to the rest of the team… you all are the best!

    take care and see you in Miami in 3 weeks…looking forward to meeting you!

    **** Rose – Virginia Beach


    This is what its all about..watching the game and loving how you got to walk in an RBI. That is the best kind of tying run..especially when it comes to the Braves!! Glad to see you graciously and with a level head made it through your slump but then it is not as if I ever doubted you would and I am sure many fans would agree. You have such a great attitude and character that is well beyond your years. Good luck and keep up the great work. Thanks again for this blog. Who knows if YOU actually read this or not but its cool to feel like you are listening. Pass on my best to all the guys especially Cliffy. Tell him to keep the faith…I know I am. Take care and be safe. Always, Amy

    P.S. I used you as a subject for a speech in my com class…got an 96, it was my best grade in the class yet..I may have got you a few new…Thanks


    Hey Dave, i just wanted to say that i love to watch you play and you are an inspiration for me to work toward becoming a major league baseball player. I just want to my out that it doesnt matter what you have been doing at the plate, thats not all you bring to the table, my favorite thing in baseball is watching a David Wright play in the infield, because you make baseball worth watching.Keep it up man it’s been great and its only going to be greater. take it easy.


    Hello Mr. Wright(not until you tell me to stop):
    WATCH OUT, DAVID’S HITTING AGAIN!!!! I have the pleasure of watching you right now(on TV), having a great 2-2 with an RBI night(so far). I knew you could do it, you’re showing ‘THE’ sings of being a great hitter, and you have managed the small slump very maturely; WHOA, you’re the complete package… QUESTION: Is it true you’re buying a house here in Miami? it would be awesome to have you as a fellow neighbor=). I guess,if you actually read it, that you’ll see this message after you’ve been in that long road trip, hopefully you come back with more RBIS and a big lead in the east.***** F@^*#*> BRAVES!!!!!! We have to find a way to stop this monster.. Without any further thoughts, I leave you. Keep quiking ***, you know you got the gift. FELIZ CINCO DE MAYO(keep practicing your spanglish). See you in Miami and say HI to eveyone in the team for me, especially Duki and Jose.

    MUCH LOVE(again), Wendy R.

    PS:I feel a comeback,u can do it..LETS GO METS!=>


    Yeahh, definitely keep thoses pants legs down!! But don’t worry, it was just one bad game, you’re doing great once again. Good luck against Atlanta, and for the rest of the season. I’ll be there on Sunday, cheering you on!


    you guys are playing an amazing game! I wish I was there right now! GO METS!!! This is the inning…Oh and we need a song..ya know how the ’86 Mets had “We Are the Champions” (which I heard played at the game tonight!)…what should the ’06 Mets song be? Any suggestions? I am thinking somethin like


    Hey David!!

    I know you don’t think it is professional, but I think you look soooo incredibly cute with the pant legs up. You had me smiling that whole game. Well acutally you ALWAYS have me smiling because looking at you makes me smile πŸ™‚ Since I asked you to hit a homerun for me on the most recent road trip, I consider those 2 homeruns you hit last Friday for me…so thanks! haha.

    I’m going to Shea in a couple weeks, and my friend’s dad works for Shea so I’ll definitely be seeing you up close!! Love you David!! Good Luck with the upcoming games.



    You did it D!!! Amazing once again…way to get out of the slump! We love you!


    Oh wow, what a game tonight! I just had this feeling you were gonna bring in that winning run.

    You guys are you amazing this season thus far~!

    -Ann *muah


    LOVING how you just won that game against Atlanta tonight. you’re amazing.

    –kristen, cornell university ’07

    staten island


    David, I just wanted to congragulate you and the team for a great game tonight. I live in the suburbs of Chicago so unfortunately I can’t see every game. I look forward to seeing you play in the series against the Cubs. Good luck!

    ~Brian, Naperville Illinois


    Good job against the braves tonight. Way to open the series! You guys played hard & it showed, way to go πŸ™‚


    Wow. great job against the braves tonight. You are absolutely amazing. Keep up the good work!


    Wow, what a game last night! Way to start the series, great to see Cliffy getting in on the action. Though, could you try and finish it a little earlier next time, it was 5am here lol!

    Lets Go Mets!


    Mr wright, everytime you get a hit, hit a homer, make a great fielding play, or win a game I thank god mike hampton decided that the Colorado school systems were better than NY and not sign with us. Rock on man, rock on!


    I was at tonights/this MORNINGS game… and wow… you guys are simply amazing… Between Mets and Yankee games I’ve attended a total of 16 games (one was actually a subway series game… go figure) but I have never in all my years of following the METS experienced the rollercoaster ride that you guys took us on tonight. Throughout the game there were soo many times that it seemed like it was gonna be one of those typical Atlanta games where those guys just manage to dangle a victory infront of us only to pull it away at the last possible second… but nope… much to my pleasure it was different tonight…Again I am only 19 so unlike my 45 year old dad I don’t know what it is to see a miracle METS team or to get swept up in a “you gotta believe” movement… but Tonight no matter what happened I believed and you guys delivered… It was a spectacular performance and every player really did their part… and sum how all night I knew it would come down to you… as soon as DMX “We’re (W)right here” came on i knew the game was over… you’re the man Dave… keep up the good work and God Bless… this year is our year man… I feel bad for whatever AL team has the unfortunate task of losing to us in the series… (knocks on wood just incase … lol)


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    DAVID, WHAT A GAME LAST NIGHT!! Just want to THANK YOU for the winning hit! You guys are AWESOME!!! Good luck and keep up the incredible attitude towards the game!

    **** Rose – Virginia Beach


    Hi, David! Thanks for making last night’s game as exciting as a division title win. Looks like Wright’s back in TOWN! I’m also excited that Cliff seems to have his hitting back on track – I knew he’d pull out of it!

    By the way, about the pants leg – up is kind of tacky. Some guys can pull it off…but I think you look better with the classic, leg-down look.

    Question – do you bite your tongue when making a play or hit, or do you just stick it out? It’s a little worrysome – a couple of people have said that you might bite it off! Please settle our fears!


    hey david, slumps are just the first part to greatness. you have to go through the hard times to get through the good times. your on the right track to a season and the way your hitting its going to be pretty hard for us to lose a game. keep swinging man


    Great win last night! This team has it all!

    Quick Memo to all Met Fans: Support Kaz Matsui…we need to be behind all of our guys this year….it’s a team game and everybody counts.


    hey David,
    what an AMAZIN’ game last night, or this morning, or whatever you call it. Just wanted to say welcome back, you are definatly out of your little slump. I knew you would be sooner or later becasue your just too good!!! The way you came through for the team last night was incredible and just made me love to watch you even more!!! Hopefully you got some sleep for the game today and will be able to beat the Braves down. Well thats all i have to say, your awsome, and keep up the great work!!! We love you!!! Lets Go Mets!!


    Great Job David.

    stay consistent. the bullpen is great and things are looking up. home wins are so important early. have fun at citizens bank ballpark. please tell WAGNER that things will work out. this is our year. LETS GO METS>


    Hey David,

    I’m a huge Braves fan and I think you are a fantastic player with a bright future ahead of you. I enjoy watching you play and I have you on almost all of my fantasy teams. You’re the only player that I wish the Braves had that is a current Met. I LOVE your style of play! Why don’t you name your blog “Tales from a Braves Killer”?? Since it’s true to form. I’m sure it’ll be a big hit with your fans…………


    Hey dave-
    just sayin i made a blockbuster fantasy trade, i gave away arod, konerko, and weaver for u,delgado, and radke… just so u no how much ur worth as a fantasy baller. nice hit last night- i was watchin it and right before u hit it i said to my friend- walkoff double, gonna finally beat andruw jones.. and i was right… now my senses r tellin me ur gettin voted to the allstar team πŸ™‚ good luck



    hey david its angie again =) even from greenwood indiana i saw the game you and the mets played against the braves and it was insane! I had faith in you guys the whole time and i stayed up until midnight to see the mind blowing ending…when you hit that double i started jumping up and down and screaming lol im such a big fan of yours and it was just amazing to see you win the game. im glad to see youre out of your 1/17 slump i knew youd break out of it eventually…last night was just so amazing, everyone on both teams did so well and you’re all still improving! I feel bad for Matsui though people shouldnt be booing him because hes capable of doing great things for the Mets. And Wagner is still adjusting im sure things will be looking up for him soon…everyone counts on this team and im cheering for all of you!! i cant wait to see todays game, ill be rootin’ for the mets, especially you david! Go get em Wright!!! ❀ LETS GO METS!!

  31. jamie


    Don’t know if you read all your 600 some blogs from before but, so happy the team is doing well and proud to be a Met fan. I told you I met the hickory bat salesman who knows you. He promised me a signed picture. To no avail, nothing in the mail.

    Make a cute red headed gal happy πŸ™‚

    my email is and I will give u my address where to send it.

    Keep it going

    Wright For President 07!!!!


    David, That was a great game last night. I was in Atlanta last week visiting family and went to the Friday night Braves game. That was a great game. I was just wondering, when you are at bat and you swing and get a strike, you back up from the plate, fix your gloves, wipe your face with your jersey, touch your hat and then swing back and forth. Is there a reason why you always do the same thing or is it just a habit? I was also wondering what Carols Delgado writes in his book? This is the best Mets team that I can remember. I love baseball and love being a Mets fan. I’ve been to 6 games this season, and plan on going to many more.

    My suggestion for the name of the blog is : THE WRIGHT TIME TO BELIEVE

    Us Met fans believe in you guys and this year you give us a real reason to. Keep it going.

    LET’S GO METS!!!



    That was some hit last night. Your words about not getting too stressed out about slumping really mean a lot to me right now. I am slumping a bit on my softball team and it is mainly mental. Anyway, your double last night was really a nice hit and I am glad you’re back on track. It must have felt great being tackled by all your teammates.

    Also, I wouldn’t wear high socks anymore either if I were you. Thats a pretty funny story.



    Hi David!
    Awesome game last night and today. Congrats! You guys sure know how to keep us Mets fans on our toes. Keep smiling, have fun out there and good luck! LETS GO METS!!!



    great to see you out of the slump and the mets winning as often as they are. and beating the braves as amazingly as you guys are. it’s so great for others to know that you guys finally have the best team in the state (and currently in the country too.)

    and about that game with your three errors and no hits, thanks for that. it was the one game i’ve been to so far this season and i hadda figure out how to defend you to my family the whole way home. but its good to know your pant legs will be down next time i go, so no worries about the next game.

    ❀ Nicole


    hey Dave,
    Glad to see you’re doing so well. Nice hit the other day against the Braves. This is Vince Sibal from back home. It’s been a really long time and hopefully I’ll get to come see you play soon. I recently found out your brother is here at VA Tech. I’m graduating from Tech this May and moving to seattle to work at Microsoft. I’m trying to see you play before I leave though, possibly in May against Phil. Anyway, hope you continue with the success.



    Hello David,
    i΄m a die hard Mets fan from Panamα (not Florida, Central Amιrica)since i was a little kid. There΄s few of us down here since most people in Panamα are unoriginal yankee fans. Finally i have something to bragg about this year. Keep on the good work and all the way to the World Series !!

    Carlos Branca

    p.d. I already have your jersey


    Hey David,
    I think it’s great that you did’t let a little slump get to you and I think you are an amazing athlete, as always, and I look forward to watching an amazing season! Good luck tomorrow against the Braves! I’ll get out my broom!


    Hi David,
    This is the first time I’m doing this, but after reading your blog, I admire your positive attitude. It is difficult to get out of any slump when you let it get to you. I guess that could be applied in all aspects of life, not just in baseball. By the way, I watched that 14 inning game with Atlanta on Friday night. I knew you’d do something! Congrats on that! See how you trusted in your own ability? That’s one of the results of that! Anyway, congrats again, and keep it up. You’re goin places! All the way to World Series! I’ll be supporting you guys all the way. =o)




    Gald to see you get your first walkoff hit the other night, Keep it rolling buddy your defense coming around nice also


    Hey David,
    Congrats to the whole team for getting off to such a great start… lets hope things stay this way… but I have one question… of all the uniforms the Mets have which one is your favorite?


    Just another quick hello from your friendly neighborhood Astros fan! πŸ˜‰ Haha. I’m just playin’. You guys are my favorite NL East team. Beat the Braves. πŸ™‚ And keep the juicy Fantasy Baseball numbers flowing, too, if you don’t mind. You’re a pretty cool guy.


    Houston, TX


    The tongue sticking out seems to help all around. Congrats on getting out of you slump and hope you enjoy the new helmets. Go Mets!!!!!!!!!

  44. Reid

    Mr. Wright,
    Don’t know if you’ll ever see this because it looks like you’ve got quite a few fans. I wanted to give you props for creating a blog like this – it’s a great way to connect with the fans and shows what kind of guy you are. Anyway, superstitions. The game is so elusive sometimes that you just cling to anything, don’t you? I know how it feels man, been there before. But hey, if you think it makes you a better hitter, it makes you a better hitter.



    Hey Wright,how u doing ? I
    know we lost today 13-3 but Im still glad that we won 2 of 3 games against Alanta. I know you and the mets tried really hard to win today for us. Of course, we all know that we are not going to win every game. We still have the best record in MLB though. Anyways, keep up the good work and keep getting those W’s. Tell Carlos Beltran to keep hitting those home runs and I hope Floyd gets out of that slump soon because we really need him. Good luck against the Phillies and Brewers. Let’s Go Mets!



    David’s Dugout
    -lol. could be an interesting name for your blog. keep up the great job! all of us met fans appreciate all that you have brought to the team!



    Hey David,
    I was really impressed with the way the team came together to win the series against the Braves. The game friday night was one of the best i’ve seen in a while. Congratulations on getting the game winning hit, you really deserved it. Good luck against the Philies and the Brewers. I’ll be at the Shea when you guys face the Yankees. Good Luck, and I’m looking foward to reading more of your blogs.

    Your biggest fan,



    Hey David!

    Congrats on the game-winning double Saturday night! That must have been exciting. I was up ’til 11:59 watching, you can be sure!

    Keep being amazing,



    Hello Mr. David.
    Just wanted to drop by and send some love to the team. I’ve gotta tell you though, I think I spent a grand total of $200 over the last 4 weeks on Mets tickets. But it was money well spent! Now this is probably the most off topic question, but why do all the pictures on the big screen look like mug shots? When you’re doing the pictures do they tell you not to smile or are you in the “game mode”, what? I dunno it’s been bugging me to death as of late, & i was just wondering. sorry if it came off kinda rude (not my intention). anyway good luck with the name search, i have faith in your good judgement.


    ❀ Eileen


    Hi David!
    I went to the Shea for the Saturday game against the Braves. It was a great feeling to experience such an exciting game with all Mets players and fans at the stadium! I wore an orange Mets’ T-shirt with your name on the back for the first time.

    I have a quick question. I assume you have already known that your teammate Carlos Delgado keeps a note every time after hitting a home-run. Do you know what is writing?

    I am just curious.

    Keep up the good work!!! Let’s go Mets!

    I believe in you David!

    Chika πŸ™‚


    Hi David,
    I am new to this site, so I apologize in advance if I am repeating the obvious, but my nomination for the blog name is The Wright Stuff.

    Best of luck, kid. This town can sure use a bona fide good guy. And it is very encouraging that the Mets are providing several, yourself included.



    Dear Mr. Wright

    Hello? This is a huge Braves fan from South Korea. But I am really pleased to send my comment. I still miss Tom Glavine and Julio Franco there. Anyway, Now Mr. Wright is so called young popular professional baseball player through my home land MLB web sites. In my country we Korean sometimes have watched the NY Mets? games in spite of jet lag and particular cable TV mainly.

    Today I repeated reading your newest letter on this blog. In my opinion, I wonder if I can understand this is how Mr. Wright is growing-up and learning about the ethics not only baseball but also your life attitude for the No.1 pro player and a great person.

    For example:

    1. So I?ve learned to trust in my ability and keep my confidence level up.

    2. I definitely consider myself a young player still.

    3.I?m also fortunate to have so many veterans surrounding me.

    And et cetera. ?

    I think they are kind of your gratfulness for your surrounding, modest idea and your dedication how much you are in faithfulness yourself. I guess Mr. Wright is also always has the good optimistic attitude because of Mr. Koo?s happen last year. (Do you remember it?) He is actually My hometown pro team player and he still stay here. Anyway during reading your letter, I sometimes nod myself and have good impression for your letter. Anyway Thanks for your wonderful idea.

    By the way, now I am also afraid of that NYC weather what you said there. A little cold weather and other situations in Shea stadium? But Today is your second full season and I also believe your get and have an another good job this season.And I will expect your summer essays later. ?

    And I wish Mr. Wright would visit my homeland as an nice diplomat of MLB and show how wonderful baseball is oneday. Some NBA athletes (Shaquille O?neal and Chris Webber and so on) had visited in my nation before.

    Thanks for read my comment. And can I also keep going my reactions whenever I will read your updated essays later? πŸ™‚

    Johanna Y.


    It’s good to hear that you don’t get yourself bent out of shape over a little slump–that is probably what makes you such a good player. We all know that your slumps won’t last and Mets fans will be behind you every step of the way.

    With that said, I have a question for you. Being a ballplayer myself, I am incredibly supersticious and I can totally relate to your reservations about wearing your pant legs high again. Do you have other supersticions that you could post sometime?

    Well, keep up the good work David–New York loves you!!!



    Hi David aka Mr Wright

    Just wanted to congradulate u on your game winning hit!! But most importantly i have to say i am very proud of the fact that you guys hung in there for 14 innings and didnt give up! That just shows our determination and focus as a team.

    Now as for the name suggestion…..ready?

    how about “RIGHT NOW”.

    Because in my opinion there is no better time than the present. Forget about the Mets in the last couple of yrs. Forget about the future stressing over how many games you will win in September.

    Wright now is what everyone should be focused on. We’re winning and that’s all that matters. Also it coincides with the METS slogan. The Team The Time The Met. Wright now. haha ok hope you’ll consider that.

    Lots of love and good luck on the road!!!




    If you are still looking for a name for your blog…May I suggest dropping ‘Getting it Wright’ and going with ‘Afternoon D-Wright’????



    Excellent post on the mental game – I really enjoy reading about that. Also thanks for putting in a word about the wacky helmets, I never knew they were substantially lighter than the old ones — but did they really have to make them look like something out of a Giant Robo manga??

    You are my girlfriend’s whole reason for lovin’ baseball. She may not pay attention to the game, but she’ll sigh every time you (and your tongue) appear on screen. I really hope to meet you in LA next month and get her your autograph.

    Let’s see — how about “Wrighteousness”? (can you tell I was an English major?)

    Keep up the great work, you make all fans proud to love baseball.

    Keisuke Hoashi


    hi david,
    i just found out that you’ll be attending a luncheon at my office on the 22nd. is there any chance of you signing the pic of you on my bulletin board?

    i absolutely love the energy you and my mets have brought this year. it’s always a joy to watch you compete.




    Note to, who posted a link to a “Willie Randolph” blog in a comment above. The Mets confirmed today that Willie does not have a blog, so that one’s a poser. David’s blog here, meanwhile, is very real. Hope all commenters here will want to join David and all of us with your own official Mets marks/logos in the MLBlogosphere, at It’s the only blogging community where millions of baseball fans can find your blog — linked from and 30 club sites, and featuring an MLBlogger of the Week each Friday on MLB Radio. Join the fun if you haven’t signed up yet!



    Hey David, i’m glad you’re hitting well again. I’m also glad you’re not wearing you’re pants legs up anymore. I went to that game, and although you did look very cute, I think the new look did give you some bad luck. I’m pretty superstitious when it comes to baseball. That 14-inning game against Atlanta I sat in the same position and tried not to move during each inning. =] Sound’s kind of silly, but you did get the winning hit. This past Atlanta series was really good. The whole team did awesome offensively and defensively, except maybe the last game lol. Good luck on your road trip. And watch out for the Phillies. I’m sure you know they’ve been playing exellent ball lately.


    hey David,
    its me again πŸ™‚ i just had a quick question for you….out of all the ballparks(besides shea:)!!) that you’ve been to through your carrer, which one is your favorite?? just wanted to know. hope your enjoying your day off. can’t wait to see you(and your tounge, its so cute!!!) take on the phillies tomorrow!! stay hot, and keep doin’ your thing!! ❀ xoxoxo

    Your BIGGEST fan,



    Wassup David, I hope your enjoying your off day. I wanted to ask you a question. Out of all the uniforms, which one do you like the best? I have the black one with your number. I can’t wait to see you play tommorrow and your tongue. You are so cute. Anyways, good luck on your road trip.



    D. WRiGHT! well i just wanted to say your my favorite baseaball player. last year when the mets traded ty wiggenton (<-spell check on that one) i was pretty upset, he was my favorite met. then, when you came up i was very happy to see you do as well as you did ! just one question .. do you have any advice that you can give younger baseball and softball players ? dont worry about it if you dont have time .. lets go mets! — katie


    Hi David,

    I just discovered you had a blog and wanted to say how wonderful I think it is that you’re doing this. It’s always nice for fans to know that players care about them too.

    How’s this for a new name? “When there’s trouble you call DW” Sorry, I used to love Darkwing Duck when I was little and your initials remind me of the theme song. Come on, you have to admit it’s different than all the puns on your last name. I read through the comments and a lot of the responses were quite clever. Personally, my favorite was “Wrightings”.

    I hope Homer is doing well. Good luck in Philadelphia, whether or not you wear your pant legs up or down. Looking forward to your next post.

    — Ashley


    Hey Dave:

    YA ever been to Atlantic City or anywhere on the Jersey Shore? Just wondering… You’re definitely gonna be the best player in the game within a few years. Already are one of the best. Looking forward to watching you work Tuesday and Wedensday in Philly with Pedro and Glavine on the mound


    Hey David…

    Was at the game yesterday (Sunday) against Atlanta. Uggh!! I agreed 100% with LoDuca, and especially since the quote today from McCann was “he barely touched me.” I don’t know…doesn’t “barely” mean that he DID touch him?? I knew it was going to be a rough game when I saw Hernandez at 2nd base Friday night.

    Please put some distance between you guys and Philly. Right now they make me nervous, but I don’t think their pitching will sustain them over the season. Sounds kind of funny to say that, considering the events of the past week in Flushing!

    Have a good week!



    Hi David! Am going to the Phillies game on Wed night (5-10) Sitting in right field…hit me a long one!!! Also want to say that I have been a Mets fan sinse I was a twinkle in my daddy’s eye, and it’s great to see the team having such a great season. Nice to see NY with a strong bullpen, too! Good luck against Philly…not like you’ll need it;)
    Jannese, Lancaster, PA


    Keep representin’ Hampton Roads. You and guys like Cuddyer and Zimmerman (and hopefully soon to be the Uptons) make us proud, I guess, haha.
    Anyway, you need to try and convice the organization to bring back the April Mets/Tides game. That was always fun, and it was always the busiest game of the year. Of course, the Tides aren’t playing too well these days.

    I keep trying to trade you in my league – problem is my friend has you. He wants to keep you because you were his ‘neighbor’. Oh well.



    hey david,
    congrats on that winning double saturday nite against the braves. well i think the mets have found their way to dethroning the 14yr champs, don’t you? i’m glad to see that the mets are doing so well this season. you guys are doing awesome. hope you guys do well on the road and come home winning. one of these days this season the team will finally sweep the braves.

    well talk to you soon.

    Amanda see ya hope to meet you at a baseball game sometime.


    Hey David,
    You probably have received this suggestion for title possibilities for your blog, but I will post it, albeit it’s painfully obvious:

    The Hot Corner

  70. Arielle

    Hey David,
    I think there is a lot to say about a team when one guy is struggling and there are another 5 or 6 guys who can just pick up the slack. It’s a long season, so it is important to have teammates who can take the burden off of someone’s shoulders for a little while. You could pull a Kevin Millar and start playing with your hair style/color to try hitting again.

    Say hi to Pedro for me. He was one of my first favorite Red Sox players. Keep being the best team in New York!



    Hey David,
    I just found out about your blog and I’m happy that you are sharing your points of view and your experiences with us Mets fans.I have been watching the Mets since like forever thanks to my dad whos been watching since the 80’s. I have never seen u guys play like this. Every game I watch is exciting , I know baseball games are supposed to be exciting but this team has something that I really can’t explain, lol! But Keep up the great work and good luck with the Phillies. LETS GO METS!!!

    Always Supporting,



    hey david, dont worry about the slump, youll be out of it soon enough you are at least a 300. hitter , so youll do just fine, and that was clutch, that hit in the 14th,i was fighting to stay awake because i knew you guys had the game won. Keep it up, youre still the man, and tell cliff to relax up there at the plate and wait for his pitch.


    So, I was reading one of your biographys and i saw that you had little brothers… hmmm im 13 and if they look anything like you id really like to see them. haha anyway i was at a really exciting game when Zammbranno got hurt. I feel really bad for him. I was in a similar situation as him. I pulled my quad muscle at one of my soccer games and i didnt want to tell my coach because i knew she would take me out but what i ended up doing was hurting it more so i had to sit out for more time. Speaking of soccer… my number is 5 just for you and I was wondering why you picked that # anyway. well always know you have fans out there and I know im one of your biggest… you should see my room, there isnt one space left on my wall that doesnt have your face or any met thing on it. I love these new blogs so keep us posted.

    Always watching



    This is my third comment to you and I’m sorry to be such a pain…but I was reading your biography on jockbio today and I thought I’d share a piece of it with you: “David works hard and respects the game. He plays baseball above the neck. David has superstar talent, but he knows that ability is where baseball begins, not where it ends.”

    I couldn’t have said it any better myself. It’s an honor to watch you play. Keep it up David…and I know you will!

    ~Amy from Cooperstown area, NY~


    I don’t know if you’ll ever read this, I really hope you do. I wanted to let you know that my brother is the biggest Mets fan EVER and he thinks you are awesome and he looks up to you. He’s 14 years old and plays baseball year round and is really good, even while having to deal with the disease of diabetes. He dreams of playing for the Mets one day. Rumor is that you’re dating a girl like 2 minutes from my house in NJ. If it is possible, would you email me back and let me know next time you’re gonna be in town and I could drive my brother over and get an autograph or just let him talk to you for a minute. That would be amazing and he would be sooo incredibly happy. Just let me know either way, please. Thanks, and good luck with the rest of your season.



    I just wanted to say that even though the team lost last night, I was very excited to see how no one gave up and kept the game close. I have been a fan of the METS for as long as I can remember. Infact Make A WISH sent my family to spring training to meet the 86 World Champion METS as my younger brothers wish. Ten years later he passed away, but my family still be the tradition going. We never miss a game and I am so excited with how the team is doing. Good Luck in the game tonight. See ya at Shea!!!



    I just wanted to say how much I enjoy watching the team. I have been a Mets fan for years and recently the games have gotten me throught chemo treatment for State Four colon cancer. The true fans appreciate how hard you have all been playing.



    good job yesterday at the game…I enjoy watching you play and its fun when you make those great plays…may i suggest a name for your blog…How about “World Champion Mets”..i like the sound of that for this year..Keep your head in the game and dont stop putting all your effort on the field..I would love to meet you someday…take care!



    You guys are doing a great job showing everyone how determined you are to win. I can tell how you don’t let a lose, keep you down, as the players always comeback hard in the next game. This is the way I believe the 2000 Mets should have acted during the World Series, but the way they played it didn’t seem like they wanted it as much as the Yankees!!


    You guys are doing a great job showing everyone how determined you are to win. I can tell how you don’t let a lose, keep you down, as the players always comeback hard in the next game. This is the way I believe the 2000 Mets should have acted during the World Series, but the way they played it didn’t seem like they wanted it as much as the Yankees!!


    Wow!!! What a great game in Philly on Wed night! Great play at 3rd off of the bag! You had alot of fans waiting to get up close and personal with you before the game. Got to hang out next to the dugout for a while before the game. Again…thanks for an exciting game…I only usually get to one game a year and I’m glad that I came to this one!!! Let’s go Mets!!!!
    Jannese, Lancaster, PA


    David, or should I say manbeast, you are an absolute stud. I go to JMU and let me tell you, since you broke out onto the scene, Met apparel has quadrupled around campus. My friends and I boast about you so much and ask “What would D Wright do in a pickle like this?” if we’re ever in a difficult situation or a judgement call. One of my boys at school actually asked me in all seriousness if i was ***, because all my friends and i did one night when we were drunk was insert your name for Chuck Norris in all of those ‘tales'(i guess you could call them that).
    Example: Alex Rodriguez sits down to pee when in the presence of D Wright. One of my friends and I are absolute die-hard Met fans…but we promised each other, if Minaya or anyone else ever trades you, we will burn all of our Mets stuff and become fans of the team you were traded too (but of course, we’ll still have love for big Cliff.) But for real, next time you think about visiting your younger bro at tech, stop off a little bit north in good ole H-Burg and come with BJ again. Keep it real my man.

    And p.s., Sara Cash is a dumb girl for not jumping at that oppurtunity.

    -Westchester, JMU Chris


    Hey good luck in yurr game tonight. Well what i was wonderin was if u have any before or during game superstitions. Well my baseball team is on a really bad loosing streak we have lost 3 straight and our total record is 1-5. I have tried all of the stuff that ussually worked but i was just wonderin if u had any. well hope to hear from u soon. if u want to tell me any my email is well l8ter.


    Hey good luck in yurr game tonight. Well what i was wonderin was if u have any before or during game superstitions. Well my baseball team is on a really bad loosing streak we have lost 3 straight and our total record is 1-5. I have tried all of the stuff that ussually worked but i was just wonderin if u had any. well hope to hear from u soon. if u want to tell me any my email is well l8ter.

    PLEASE READ!!!!!


    i have been a mets fan since my first game in 1969 taken by my uncle paul may he rest in peace. this year you guys are doing great the only couch potato criticsm i have is put aaron heilman in the starting rotation last year to my recollection he threw a 1 and 2 hitter you can not find pitchers that can go 6+ innings and still get stronger please pass this message off to willie a bkyn boy like me he went tilden hs i went to james madison and kicked tildens guys *** in my weight class back in 1980. tell him from bklyn dave to stop being stubborn and at least start him afew games this season he is capable of winning 15+ as long as you guys continue to put runs on the board good luck in the next few series and i will see you at the ballpark i will be sitting 10 rows behind first base and i will scream out to you with some confidence words of wisdom i will be the one that has the nasal twang joe pesci bklyn accent and i am only 5’4″ be cooooooooooool……………..dave David Leslie Kaplan 382 perkins ave oceanside ny 11572 917-566-6432 #1 FAN


    i have been a mets fan since my first game in 1969 taken by my uncle paul may he rest in peace. this year you guys are doing great the only couch potato criticsm i have is put aaron heilman in the starting rotation last year to my recollection he threw a 1 and 2 hitter you can not find pitchers that can go 6+ innings and still get stronger please pass this message off to willie a bkyn boy like me he went tilden hs i went to james madison and kicked tildens guys *** in my weight class back in 1980. tell him from bklyn dave to stop being stubborn and at least start him afew games this season he is capable of winning 15+ as long as you guys continue to put runs on the board good luck in the next few series and i will see you at the ballpark i will be sitting 10 rows behind first base and i will scream out to you with some confidence words of wisdom i will be the one that has the nasal twang joe pesci bklyn accent and i am only 5’4″ be cooooooooooool……………..dave David Leslie Kaplan 382 perkins ave oceanside ny 11572 917-566-6432 #1 FAN


    i have been a mets fan since my first game in 1969 taken by my uncle paul may he rest in peace. this year you guys are doing great the only couch potato criticsm i have is put aaron heilman in the starting rotation last year to my recollection he threw a 1 and 2 hitter you can not find pitchers that can go 6+ innings and still get stronger please pass this message off to willie a bkyn boy like me he went tilden hs i went to james madison and kicked tildens guys *** in my weight class back in 1980. tell him from bklyn dave to stop being stubborn and at least start him afew games this season he is capable of winning 15+ as long as you guys continue to put runs on the board good luck in the next few series and i will see you at the ballpark i will be sitting 10 rows behind first base and i will scream out to you with some confidence words of wisdom i will be the one that has the nasal twang joe pesci bklyn accent and i am only 5’4″ be cooooooooooool……………..dave David Leslie Kaplan #1 FAN


    i have been a mets fan since my first game in 1969 taken by my uncle paul may he rest in peace. this year you guys are doing great the only couch potato criticsm i have is put aaron heilman in the starting rotation last year to my recollection he threw a 1 and 2 hitter you can not find pitchers that can go 6+ innings and still get stronger please pass this message off to willie a bkyn boy like me he went tilden hs i went to james madison and kicked tildens guys *** in my weight class back in 1980. tell him from bklyn dave to stop being stubborn and at least start him afew games this season he is capable of winning 15+ as long as you guys continue to put runs on the board good luck in the next few series and i will see you at the ballpark i will be sitting 10 rows behind first base and i will scream out to you with some confidence words of wisdom i will be the one that has the nasal twang joe pesci bklyn accent and i am only 5’4″ be cooooooooooool……………..dave David Leslie Kaplan #1 FAN


    hey david, 2 questions:

    1) how do you feel about being made into an action figure my McFarlane Toys?

    2) has anyone ever told you you bear a striking resemblance to Mr. Met?

    keep making Mets fans proud.

    -matt in new jersey


    David I’m a huge fan. You’re the man. Can I please have an autograph? I always see you signing autographs before and after games, but I never can get out to Shea. I would really appreciate an autograph. If you would be so kind please email me and I’ll tell you where to send it. If you can’t then it’s ok. Keep up the good work.


    David —

    Tell Randolph to get his head out of his *** and MAKE HEILMAN A STARTER ALREADY!!!!

    — David A.


    Hello Mr.Wright

    I just have a couple of questions. You don’t really have to answer them as I could tell by the overwhelming size of this message board, you probably have your hands full.

    1. When you were coming out of Hickory you had already commited to Georgia Tech, You had the full trophy case, you were slated to be the next Nomar. What happened? Were you just tipped that you would be a first rounder and that alone was good enough in your mind to enter the draft. Or was it the money? A couple hundred thousand isn’t that bad right. Or was it the fact that since you saw Mike Cuddyer do it in 97 you said, I could do that too?

    2) Following your rise through the minors, Virginia has been a field of potential for solid baseball players. Weather it’s BJ or Justin, Verlander, Zimmerman, or any of those guys. Do you give yourself credit for something like that? I mean most would say that you started that chain. But nevertheless, it’s all good

    I ran into Emil a couple of days ago, I told him to tell you I said hi


    Hi David……..I was wondering what you thought og Aaron Rownad’s incredable catch the other night?


    What’s up David….

    Hey man, it’s no big deal that you’re in a rut because you know it’s just part of the game. That’s one of the great things about this game that we love. You can’t fake it, either you can hit a curveball or you can’t. Of course all of us Mets fans know that you can definitely hit a curveball. You’ve done great things for this team that I’ve loved since I could even hold a baseball. Keep it up, continue to take pride in the club. Omar Minaya has made some awesome moves within the past couple seasons and it’s working out beautifully. I was in Atlanta with my family for the game against the Braves on the 29th of April. You hit 2 dingers the night prior, but it was a tough pitchers duel that saturday night. Thanks to Lo Duca we came through. I was impressed with how you treated the fans. You took time out to sign autographs and take pictures before the game. Alot of superstar ball players don’t like to come near the fans. I read your interview in ESPN magazine and you said that’s the way you are due to your experiences as a kid. I thought that was great. Just before you ran off I was trying to get you to hold my son for a picture, but of course, you had to go warm up. I did manage to get a picture with Cliff though!!! You are definitely the epitome of a Major League Ballplayer and I hope that we have you around for years to come. Sorry no original suggestions for the blog name yet!!!

    SSG Matthew Thompson, Balad,Iraq



    I’ve been a Mets fan my entire life and having you on the team is one of the best decisions New York has ever made. I love watching you play because your attitude just makes every game an enjoyable experience. I’ve been following your career since you came to the majors and I’ll be following it for years to come. You are by far my favorite player in the league and I can’t wait to see you play the Yankees on the 20th! I’m rootin for ya kid!!


    Hi David, great game last night. When we won 9-8, of course you knew that already.
    Jose Valentin hit that 2-run homer, I got really happy. Then when Lo Duca hit that homerun in the 9th inning, that gave us the lead. It was a really good game that night. I also enjoyed that game we played against Philadelphia and won 13-4. Everybody was getting hits and runs that night. That last game we played against the phillies when we lost 0-2, I think wasn’t fair though because I know we could’ve won that game. All because it started raining in the 5th inning. I know we lost today 6-5 but we are still in 1st place and we are still doing good this year. Even though Philadelphia is right behind us, it doesn’t matter because they are not going to pass us.

    I know we are going to keep doing good and make it into the playoffs. We have a great lineup and strong bullpen, with that we are going to win most of our games. Sure, sometimes we are going to have bad games but we are always going to get threw it. The fans are always behind you threw the good and the bad, no matter what. Anyways we are playing the Cardinals next so good luck. I know we could beat them. I also think you are a great use to the team. You bring a lot on and off the feild. I hope you stay with the mets for a long time. I must say you are the sexiest third basemen I’ve ever seen. I hope you stay single for a long time because I would love to be the futrue Mrs.Wright. Let me tell you that you are only 8 yrs. older then me so maybe I have a chance. I know this is long but I really hope you read this. Good luck against the cardinals. Let’s go mets!



    I wanna let you know, if you ever get traded to another team, I will still like you. I also will still think you are really cute, no matter what. Hopefully you never get traded and stay with the mets.



    david, i noticed you used the phrase “not that there’s anything wrong whith that”. Have you met Seinfeld?
    P.S. Tell Cliff Floyd that i have a man crush on him.


    I’m a huge Yankees fan, but I do have a lot of respect for you. I think you’re a great player, with loads of talent (and you need to head over to the Bronx, lol). My friend and I think its hilarious because we both think ur awesome (and pretty adorable), but we’re some of the biggest Yankees fans. Good luck on the rest of the season!



    Hey David!
    It’s your biggest from NJ. When you went through that struggle I always kept believing that you’d get out of it some how, some way because I knew that you’d be upset and trying to work on it. You are an amazing hitter, especially with two strikes. If I had that kind of talent when I was playing I’d be a really good hitter. But I don’t want to sound like I have my head in the clouds in which I don’t. I quit softball because it was one of those HS things where you get to a certain level and you realize your heart’s not in it anymore. I still love the sport and would play for fun. My brother and I have catches all the time outside in our yard next to our house while our dog is running around trying to steal our gloves. But anyways. Your defense is getting eh. I know you can bring up and be amazing. You’re the future at third base and of this franchise along with jose reyes. You are in my eyes still the MVP.I appreciate the energy you bring to the table and every time I watch you guys play at home I hear the crowd cheer like there’s no tomorrow for you. I go nuts every time you get a single, an rbi, a home run or any kind of hit that doesn’t get you out. But keep up the amazing work and you’re always making me happy with all your plays. I liked the one where the ball hit the bag and you were running full speed and the ball bounced up into the air you caught while jumping and threw it in mid air and got him out on a one hop to delgado. I liked. Keep it up. You make everything “wright” again when things aren’t going so well. Hope you’re having fun. Kick Saint Lousis’ and the Yankees butt! I know you guys can beat them.

    –Your Biggest fan


    —-Monmouth County NJ


    id just like to tell you that i drafted you third overall in my fntasy baseball league’s draft, over vlad guerrero, derrek lee, johan santana, and everyone not named pujols or a-rod. If you ever doubt people’s confidence in you, remember that.
    And I know some girls who picked you first in a different type of fantasy league………


    Hey David.

    I think you are great, but sometimes it seams like u get to much presure.. and it just doesn’t feel right.

    i am really looking foward to see the action starting this friday vs. the yankees , hope the best for the team and of course to you.

    good luck and remember that u are so great, you have a magnificient future ahead and i really hope to see it..

    best wishes

    Jessette/ NJ/ Dom.Rep


    Hi David,

    I’m glad someone has finally commented about the new helmets. I first noticed them during Grapefruit Season. I think they look like something out of “Tron” and the tu-tone look on the Mets helmets is the most creative I’ve seen so far.

    Thanks for this great blog – I only wish more players would post. Your insights and commentaries make the game even more enjoyable! LETS GO METS!


    what’s up dave please please please tell willie and omar to put heilman in as a starter any pitcher that can through a 1 hitter last year deserves to start what are they waiting for. keep up the good work and you are on your way to becoming a franchise player next year i am sure you will lock into a 7-10 year contract. i hope so i am close to changing my 12 year old to becoming a mets fan because you are his favorite. his name is jacob hayes kaplan and has dreams of playing in the big leagues one day. i will definetly see you at the ballpark this year on or before july 8th (we have box seats behind homeplate, i hope you can come over to say hello i will be at the game early) when i will definetly be at the ballpark with jacob and my 9 year daughter carly and 11 year old nephew you mike. the mets will make the playoffs and win the world series is my predication you heard from me today 5/16/06 sincerely david lesli kaplan


    hey david-

    good luck this weekend against the yankees..! we just bought season tickets so im so excited to go..see you there-

    -nicole from long island ❀


    Hi David,
    Thanks for the enthusiasm you bring to the game every day. A lot of us fans recognize the true turning point for our team arrived when you and Professor Reyes came to town. No one in New York will be prouder than me the day you make it into the HALL. Good luck, and LETS GO METS !!

    Steve Pagano

    Huntington, NY


    hey Dave,

    i’ve been a met fan for 30+ years and you’re going to be one of the greatest mets players …knowing you can never have enough pitching ( not including the everyday injuries ) everybody is still asking why trade seo and benson ??? now the mets are in a position that we must have d.willis(Marlins) to stay a contender … every met fan knew those trades would come back and bit us …. also could you tell willie the one inning relief pitcher in the majors is getting really old …. if your 8th inning relief pitcher is pitching 1,2,3 out baseball try leavng him in for the 9th …. benetiz, looper, and at times wagner blowing the 9th is getting to be a little too much … go with the hot guy .. even wagner is going to have off nights … i think the two man reliever platoon works best … what do you think ????


    I’ve noticed that at every at-bat you fix your gloves and wipe your nose on your shirt… superstition or slight ocd?

    …Hoping this doesn’t turn into a major OCD like Nomar has before each of his at bat.

    Keep up the good work as usual.


    david, thanks to you and the rest of the guys for making mets’ baseball so much fun to watch again–you’re all so enthusiastic and it’s just nice to see athletes who seem genuinely happy to be on the field. i’ve taken a lot of heat from my friends for being a mets’ fan, since i’m from the bronx, but, this year, even they’re admitting that we’re the team to beat in the east. good luck against the cards and i can’t wait until the subway series this weekend! we’re going to sweep! not sure if you’ll get a chance to answer this, but are you guys more geared up for the cards and phillies or for the yankees??

    additionally, keep rocking the pink polos–guys in pink *do* get all the girls!!


    Whats up brother? Just wanted to say I’m proud of ya man. I used to play with you at the Virginia Wesleyan showcases. I played for Towny at Greenbrier Christian with BJ back like 2001-2002. I always brag to the guys on my team(college) how i used to catch you up in infield at VWC with about a billion scouts around. Anyways man just wanted to say I appreciate how hard you work and keep hittin man, u were my number 1 fantasy pick haha gotta rep that 757, you know! BJ will be added as soon as he’s back in the show too. Later bro

    Drew Friedrich



    Being from a full household that avidly watch the METS everyday they are on and LIVE for baseball season, thank you for giving me something to watch and be entertained by. Personally, it is invigorating to see someone bring so much life back to the team! It is wonderful to see some young vibrant force with some much power behind him both mentally and physically! I just wanted to congratulate you on a job well done so far and wishing you luck in the future! I’m quite excited to be home on Long Island from college for the summer so I can watch you play both live and on TV. Enjoy your season and stay in good health! Good Luck this weekend against the Yanks! That will be an experience you will NEVER forget! πŸ˜€

    ~Maggie from Long Island~


    A few things…You’re on my boyfriend’s fantasy team so we’re counting on you to keep up the good work! It’s exciting to see many young guys come up in the major leagues and watch their talent mature with each year, especially you and the younger Mets generation. It’s great to see players my age and younger running onto the field and having so much passion and excitement for the game. What a rush–and an honor–it must be to be part of the best team in the best city in the world. Growing up in a house full of Yankee fans, I’ve enjoyed keeping the spirit of the Mets alive over the years. Looking forward to the Subway Series this weekend! Good luck this season and try not to get injured–keep away from the DL! :o)
    P.S. Blog name suggestions: “5 o’clock shadow”, “my 5 cents”, “deep thoughts from 3rd base” (somehow that one just sounds so wrong), “3rd Base Banter”–i was not a advertising/marketing major in college…


    Dear David,
    Liz from Milwaukee here. Did Jose V. ever give you your piece of cake???? It was really a great series here in Milwaukee this past weekend. Even though you guys were on the short end of the stick, it was really exciting to be in the ballpark. Your team is really fun to watch. Our whole family is hooked now and will follow you guys on “MLB extra innings”. So, keep your chin up. I love your philosophy and remember that the fans love you no matter what you do at the plate or in the field!!!!

    See you in Chicago!


    I know the name thing is already done. I mean David should have a name already… nonetheless I thought of this one due to our Wright’s rep:
    Third Base Babe HA!


    Dear David,
    I can’t imagine you actually reading all these responses with your extremely busy schedule, but I think it’s great that you reach out to your fans in this forum. I think your dedication to your fans is one of the best things about you. I was thrilled last year when you sent me your autograph after I wrote to you. It meant a lot to me, and I thank you. I also thank you for being a central part of the Mets’ victories this year. You’re an awesome player, and along with the rest of the team you’ve made watching games even more rewarding this season. With any luck I’ll be heading out to Shea soon to see the amazin’ Mets in person. Continued good luck to you and the team.

    All my best,



    Doesn’t it get awkward having people following your career? I can’t imagine what it’s like to get fanmail and women throwing themselves at you. Yet still you stay humble and truly enjoy yourself. Thank you. Thank you so much. Good game today (despite the loss).


    Hey David,

    I just listened to a podcast from 99fm (tommy and rumble)when they did an interview with you back in november. First off, I would just like to say, from a girls point of view, you have a sexy voice. Second, I was laughing histerical when I heard about the outfit you had to wear your rookie year and all of the things the guys made you do. I’ve actually met Cliff Floyd and he seemed like such a nice guy, I’m surprised he had you carrying around his luggage (although I could see the humor in it). And last, I would love to see the dance Pedro does after a win. The picture in my head of him doing a country line/reggaeton dance keeps me smiling.

    Oh, am I’m pretty sure you know my friend Jerry Lambe. yes? no? He said he was pretty cool with you.

    Well I just wanted to say hi and tell you to keep up the good work. Don’t worry about the loss tonight, every failure is one step closer to success!

    Take care and much love,



    David… I’m writing this for a huge METS fan who died 5/11/06 in IRAQ. He was a Marine 2nd LT from Long Island who had several passions in life one of them was rooting for the Mets. He was 24 years old, a graduate of Annapolis.

    1st Lt. Michael Lucian LiCalzi died on Thursday, May 11th in Al Anbar Province, Iraq. He was 24 years old. He was a platoon leader in A Company of the USMC 2nd Tank Battalion. Michael and his three other Marine comrades drowned as a result of an accident involving their M1A1 Battle Tank. He was born on Long Island, NY on April 11, 1982 with his twin brother Greg. Michael grew up in Garden City, NY and attended Chaminade High School, Class of 2000, where he was a member of the track, cross country and crew teams. He was appointed to the US Naval Academy and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics in May 2004. At the academy he was a model student, courageous boxer and active leader of the 30th Company where he developed strong and lasting friendships. Mike was commissioned as a 2nd Lt. in the USMC at graduation and attended The Basic School in Quantico, VA. Mike was deployed to Iraq with A Company in late March of this year. Everyone who knew Mike will agree that he was an honest, ethical, modest, diligent and hardworking student and Marine, and that he was exceptionally loyal and fiercely dedicated to his family, friends, and the Corps. Everywhere he went and in everything he did Michael gave 100%. Among his many interest Mike was a voracious reader, loved to surf, play poker, try new beers, handicap thoroughbreds, watch (but no longer participate in) boxing matches, and root for the Mets. In lieu of flowers Mike’s family believes that he would appreciate donations to Chaminade High School or the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation.



    David…You are my FAVORITE BASEBALL PLAYERR !! I look up to you. I know Larry Sherman so next time you see him give him an autograph and tell him to give it to Nicole that his daughter played softball with last year PLEASEE !!





    Hey Wright, I just wanna say don’t worry about the lost today. We are still going to win the world series. Lets beat thoes stupid yankees tommorrow night and every other game. Let’s Go Mets!



    David, It is a privelage to watch a player like yourself who handles himself with class on and off the field. I know i speak for all us die hard met fans we hope to see you here for your entire career.


    I already suggested “Fight for your Wright” last time, but just in case you didn’t see it, I’m suggesting it again.

    I know you’re a Beastie Boys fan.

    Good luck against the Skanks.


    Hey David, I’m Rosy,and my dad is Omar Minaya’s cousin( his name is Hector aka Tony) anyway i wanted to congratulate you for being a great player, keep it up, and good luck against the stinkin’ yankees, if you can hit a line shot to A-Rod really, really, hard. I’m a Bosox and Mets fan by the way!

    Well that’s all 4 now, byeeee!


    I just wanted to say hey and that I am so glad to see this team the way they are. Not since 86 have I seen a Mets team that is this unified. You are all awsome players and this little slump is NOTHING!!!! I saw you guys here in St. Louis on Thursday night and although the good guys lost, it was a great pitchers game. My daughter, Shea, was at the game and kept holding up our Mets blanket and yelling “Let’s Go Mets!!!!!” She is only 6 and already a die hard. We wish you all the best of luck this weekend with the Spankees and for the entire season! Oh yeah, and my e-mail is actually I can’t get it to change on here for some reason. Ugh! Oh yeah, one more thing. Can you please thank all of our pitchers that pitched Wednesday and Thursday nights against the Cards. It was nice to go to work and at least brag that we shut the almighty Pujols down!!! It made my day and shut them up! ****


    **** it, someone beat me to it. SWEET hit to beat the Yankees. Normally I wouldn’t sign up to comment on just one hit like this, but it was the Yankees.

    Keep up the good work πŸ™‚


    David way too go BOY…

    keep taking the ball to right..good night tonight..

    stay within yourself and believe all us met fans love ya..

    way too go MVP


    I had a feeling you were going to redeem yourself after missing that shot in St Louis. I knew after you guys kept coming back that you would win


    David thank u for bragging WRIGHTS. My uncle is a huge yankee fan and i knew you would come through. I forgive u for anything wrong u have ever did as a met. u can make an error every game and go hitless as long as we beat the yanks.


    u r my idol i am 14 and i want to grow up and play like u. i play shortstop but third is my favorite position. thanks 4 the good memories. u make my life exciting


    What a hit to end a game on…!! IT was fantastic to see all of you come together to beat the yankees…even if it did take until the 9th inning…in baseball nothing is over until the 9th..or 10th…keep up the great hitting…and keep on your toes for the line drives up 3rd…a very loyal Mets fan all the way from canada!!!


    David Wright-
    You are the best baseball player ever! That hit you got in the ninth against Mariano Rivera to win the game was amazing!!! You are my hero, and you are the reason why I play third wear number five in softball! One day all of my brothers hope to be good enough so they can play with you on the mets! If you ever have an off day feel free to come to westchester, my three brothers and I would love to meet you! I know you can finsh off the Yanks in your upcomming games. I think this year the Mets are going to go all the way!

    -your biggest fan,



    Hey David, you are the MAN!!Last night’s game was amazing and I just wanted to congratulate you for winning that game for us. You should most definetly be named MVP. I love you and thanks for making baseball fun for me.
    -Diana…..your future wife lol


    Hey David,
    I have been a Met fan for a lot of years, and always enjoy watching good athletes. Recently I’ve starting dating this guy, who is a Yankee fan. WOW can we have some fun watching this series. I love the way you can handle the pressure and come back fighting everytime. Great game last night.

    Looking forward to having you as a part of our team, for a long, long time.

    Good luck today.



    David – love your play and enthusiasm. Don’t know if this name has been suggested for your blog yet, but how about “Wright back at you”?




    Hey Wright, you played a great game friday night. That was a big hit you hit against Mariano Rivera to win us the game. It was an exciting game. What happened yesterday though? We was winning 4-o and then we started losing in the 9th inning. Why did Wagner pitched in the 9th when it wans’t a save? Why didn’t Willie let Sanchez pitch another inning. Then when Wagner pitched, he let the yankees get hits and give them walks to tie the game. Then in the 11 inning, they get another hit and win the game. To lose like that, I think is really bad. That game should’ve been ours. We should’ve won that game. Well I hope we could wim today against the yankees to end this series. I hope your family is also enjoying their stay in New York. Let’s Go Mets!



    David, just wanna say congrats on the big hits this weekend. I was curious I noticed that you switch back and forth between Rawlings and Louisville bats. Why is that and what lenght and weight bat do you use?



    Awesome performance last night! Jeter’s hit took a strange bounce and it was a tough play to make! I was happy to see you didn’t get yourself down about that! And your next at bat was amazing! I think that might have been the longest homerun I have ever seen hit at Shea! You crushed that ball! It was a great game! I was a little nervous seeing Billy in there at the end but he is the closer and you have to throw him back in there right away to get him over the devastating loss on Saturday! Overall, GREAT GAME…KEEP IT UP! NOW WE HAVE TO BEAT THE PHILLIES!


    Hey Dave,

    Great job against the Yanks! I never get tired of watching you drop those long balls over Damon’s head. I’ve been singing your praises since I saw you coming up through the ranks in Binghamton, and I’m pleased to see you doing so well in the big leagues.

    My girlfriend loves it when I wear your jersey…

    I’m not sure that’s a good thing…

    Either way, you’ve got fans in Syracuse! KEEP IT UP!


    Hey David,
    Amazing series against the Yankees! I was there Saturday, and although it didn’t turn out the way Met fans would have hoped, it was still great to see you play. Amazing hit on Friday and the homerun on Sunday, it won the game for us. They had some pretty great pictures of you in the paper too. Keep up the good work, you’re doing amazing.

    your biggest fan,



    Awesome job against the Yanks this weekend, we knew we could count on you. Thanks for being responsible for adding some of the edge to this ball club. You’re amazing. Keep it up. πŸ™‚


    Hey David,
    Just wanted to say what a great series that was against the ******** this weekend. You have no idea how great it is to face all my friends who are ******* fans and just RUB IT IN!!!!!!!!! I was at the game on Saturday for that heartbreaker of a loss. Even though you guys did lose, it was an awsome game, and i was there wearing your jersey and cheering you on the whole time!!! Tell Billy that im soo sorry people were booing for him Saturday, he did not deserve that. Everyone has a bad day and i think us fans have to accept that because he’s been lights out for us the whole year so far. So yea thats all for now…keep up the incredible work, i’ll be at the next Saturday home game so just listen for the girl thats screaming her lungs out for you. Although that would probably be every girl in that stadium πŸ™‚ ❀ xoxoxo ~Sam

    p.s- loved your MONSTER of a homerun last night…keep it up!!!!


    Just to let you know that the little **** is supposed to say the yankees…i dont know why it was blocked out. bye for now. xoxox


    Just to let you know that the little **** is supposed to say the yankees…i dont know why it was blocked out. bye for now. xoxox


    HI DAVID!!! πŸ™‚

    Thanks to you and all the guys for a great series against the Yanks! There were some rough moments, but you all did a great job pulling through.

    Sandy and I are looking forward to meeting you on Friday May 26 in Miami…

    Good luck! Keep hittin’ those AWESOME HOMERS!!

    WE LOVE YOU!!!



    Hey David!
    So cool to know you actually take interest in your fans and what they have to say.

    Thank you for showing yourself to be a humble, high-spirited team player.

    The energy that this new Mets team exudes is so electrifying. Delgado, Reyes, The X-man Nady, Kaz, Beltran…I mean you are ALL lined up perfectly with such a variety of talent that the sky’s the limit this year!

    May God continue to bless the team!

    P.S. Blog suggestions– “The Wright Stuff”, “Getting it Wright”- hey! think I’ve seen that somewhere! or “Wright Writes” a.k.a Wright to the second power…:)




    Wassup David, great series against the yankees. We won 2 out of 3, which is good. I felt that we could’ve won satuday’s game but we didn’t.
    Anyways, good game yesterday. I was so mad when the yankees got those 2 runs first but then when Delgado hit that 3 run homer and you hit that homerun after. I was going crazy. It’s good to know we beat them 4-3. I hope we could do the same for the cardinals or maybe even sweep them. Well, good luck against St.Louis. Let’s Go Mets!

    -Veronica (your futrue wife)


    AMAZING job to you and all your teammates for killing the yanks. Bragging rights not only for you, but for all of us mets fans. I uncontrollably smiled on friday night with your winning hit, and again when had the same amazing hit saturday, and then once more with that homerun that definetely went to the parking lot. Good Luck and keep hitting those amazing hits for me.

    Your BIGGEST fan,



    Dear Mr.Wright

    Hello? How’s the weather of NYC there? Last weekend I had watched the subway series games through my homeland (South Korea) cable TV! Well, even I suffered some trouble with jet lag and my sunday chorus mission in my church. 😦 Anyway it was too precious time for me to watch game. And I watched great pitchers R.Johnson, M.Mussina, M.Rivera and Pedro,Mr.Glavine (As a Braves fan, I still miss him.) and a good hitter, Mr.Wright! πŸ™‚

    During watching those series, I really had felt exciting with those. They were wonderful games and I really appreciate for both NY team players. During 3rd game, Korean commentators worried about Floyd’s wrist and health. I also want to ask if he is okay now. Anyway I really felt happy with your pleasure. After 1st and 3rd games, Mr.Wright jumped and felt happy with your teammates.

    Do you remember them? Last hitting at M.River at 1st game and 3rd game….After missing a ball your fielding, Mr.Wright homeruned back-to-back with C.Delgado. πŸ™‚ Especially 3rd game I really felt nice to see your happiness. Actually you must be THE JEWEL OF THE METS with J.Reyes, Matsui and other prospective now. But oneday our Mr.Wright would become like a lighthouse (I meant someone very important and neccesary in the world) not only the Mets but also the whole MLB.

    So good luck with next series! And I wish he always looks so splendid and lovable forever. I want see your next game soon! πŸ™‚



    Hey David,

    Quick question for you, if i park my car out in the parking lot could you hit one through my windshield, ill pay to have it replaced but at least i wont have to fight for the ball!! Awesome hit dude.


    Hey David,
    Just as everyone above me said, awesome job against the Yankees. On Friday night when you hit that shot over Johnny Damon’s head was amazing. You could hear my brother, father, and I cheering across Binghamton. And don’t get me wrong they heard us again on sunday with them back-to-back homeruns by delgado and you.

    Good Luck in your series against St. Louis πŸ™‚

    ❀ Autumn


    I like “A glimpse into life with the Mets” for a title. How about
    “A glimpse into life with the Mets, by David Wright”

    It’s not flashy, but it whets the appetite of a Met fan.


    Hey David! I was thinkin’ maybe your blog could be “The Wright Stuff.” Your so amazing! My little brother really looks up to you, and wants to be on the mets just like you! I’ve seen the slump in him before and you’re right it’s totally a mental thing. I’ll have to pass along your advice. Good luck with the cardinals! You’re awesome!


    hea David,
    I just saw you hit a home run against the Phillies on my T.V. just now!!! That was an amazing hit.

    I’m so proud of you! Your such an amazin player and I hope to meet you one day.

    LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH!!! I voted for you for the allstar team 25 times because I know you deserve it. Keep the home runs coming!!






    hi david.
    thanks for signing my calendar and answering all my questions at the mj luncheon on monday. it was a pleasure meeting you. you were articulate and have a great sense of humor.

    however, could you guys stop it already with these extra innings games?!?! some of us have to work in the morning! πŸ˜‰

    congrats on another w.



    Hi David — My husband and son were at Friday night’s game when you beat the Yanks. My son was so happy. He said it was a “once in a lifetime event.” (He’s only 10.) It’s because of guys like you that every little leaguer dreams of being a pro player. Thanks for being such a great role model!


    hea David,
    Amazing game last night. You guys were down but never put your heads down and that shows that you guys were in it to win it! Tell Lo Duca that the short hop to home plate was a difficult play and it wasn’t his fault. You guys have had 8 extra inning games and I have stayed up to watch all of them. Mets desrve to be on top because you guys show a lot of dedication and hard work.

    Your home run was amazin and Reyes’ home run put us back in there. When one player is down there is always someone knew to pick up the team. Tell Beltran thankyou for hitting the wiining run because I didn’t know how much longer I could of stayed up! Some of us had school the next day. LOL

    Keep up the amazing work and tonight I will be rooting for you as always! Hit another home run for me. GOOD LUCK TONIGHT!!! LET’S GO METS!!!

    -Lindsy aka {Wifey}


    Blog name ideas,
    “Wright Here Wright Now” or

    “The Wright Stuff”. Think about it, alright?!

    Thanks for having this blog becaus it shows that you care about your fans

    and want to let them in on the action. You are amazin’ and your die hard

    fans love you to death!

    – Lindsy

    p.s.- keep the wins coming!!


    Hey david,
    Great game last night! It was a great win for the mets. I was also at the Met vs. Yankee game last friday. You really impressed me when u hung in there against Rivera and won it for the mets. I’ve been to lots of mets games and it seems like everytime i go, you get a home run or u play a big part. I hope u continue that trend! I don’t know one met fan that doesn’t love you and your my favorite player ever. Keep it up and the mets will be goin places. Your the met’s future!

    – Robert


    It what nice of you to try and relax down Soler in the first imming with a pat.

    Your always there to pick up your teammates and that makes a great player

    and leader!!

    -Lindsy aka {Wifey}


    Wright, last year year you had a great rookie season last year,probably one of the greatest rookie third baseman I ever seen.I was really angry that the rookie of the year award went to Cano instead of you last year. Doesnt matter,youll always be my favorite player of all time.


    Hey David

    Let me just say I was at the game last night against Arizona. WoW amazing game. I can really get into a pitchers duel because you usaully see such great defence. Anyway i think you guys are doing great this season an I congatulate the team for working so hard. It also seems like you guys are having more fun and that is what is all about. I just want you guys to know when it seems like everyone is booing you or you feel like you will never get a hit again, you guys have a fan in me. i will always be cheering you guys on and my colors will never run. i will bleed blue and orange (well just red but I’m not a Cardinals fan). Cya around the park dude and keep ur head up and have some fun.

    FUN = GOOD TIMES and we all wanna have a good time.


    Dave S.


    hi my name is justin simoes
    im a big fan

    just wanna tell u to take your time with the throws because sometimes i see u rush it when u have time then before you know it there is an E on the board



    What an awesome game yesterday to you and all of the team. Some way you guys find a way to pull through every time. You’re AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❀

    Kellie def. your #1 fan for ever and ever (even a yankees fan thinks you’re awesome)

  166. Cassinda

    Hey David great game Love the 3 run-home run on Saturday as we know you are the WRIGHT STUFF.. The amazing team.. good luck and am behind you guys 100% METS4LIFE


    Sup Dave, Bummer that Pedro is out for the postseason. All the Yankees fans say that the Mets stink because Pedro not pitching. I would love for you to make it to the world series. Well its gonna be a hard 7th grade if the Mets lose. Prove them wrong.I’ll talk to you later. To my favorite player, Thomas Navarra

  168. Cassinda

    We’re gonna prove to everyone and show everyone why we’re the 2006 NL East Division Champs.. Best of Luck to the team and To you David Wright..

    Biggest Fan4LIFE



    Your awesome!!!!!!!! and the best third baseman 3V3R!!!!!!!! Ok you dont even know how big of a fan i am and jose reyes is cool to!!!!!!!!!!

    David wright fan 4 life!!!!!

    Love ya

  170. nyhottie

    David, you are a true gentleman, class act, humanitarian and oh, one of the best players I’ve ever seen. Since you came up to the ‘SHOW’ you must have had a lot of changes in your life, lifestyle girlfriends etc. You are poised, elegant oh and gorgeous too. But you are poetry in motion to watch on the ball field and in person as well. I’ve had the pleasure of going to several of your “events” and thank you for signing a picture and a baseball for me. You haven’t written anything on this blog though in 3 years, what gives? We understand the enormous challenges you’ve had to endure in the past three years, however we’d love to hear you update this blog!!! Your discussion about “lau” and your commitment to your professsion is such a pleasure – your a young man and you always put your family and your Mets family first. You had a tough season last year hitting, but I know and have full confidence that you will come back swinging away and go to PSL early and really hit it hard. I’m rooting for you, go to all the games and good luck next year and PLEASE update this blog!!!

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