Mets are developing a swagger


Wow. I can?t believe all of the comments and questions my blog is generating.  When I went back online to see if anyone had noticed it yet, I was floored with the huge response. I was surprised that it?s become this popular so fast, but I guess it shows the Mets have a pretty big following online.

I?ve printed out all of the names for the blog that people have suggested and I plan to sort through them on our West Coast trip. We have a long flight to San Diego, so that will give me a good opportunity to read through them. Next time I post, I?ll try to have my mind made up on a name. I like a bunch of them that have already been submitted, but go ahead and keep sending in your ideas. This is going to be a lot of fun.

Wright_200 Overall, we?ve started the season just about as well as we could possibly expect. Everything has come together for us in the first couple weeks. We?ve had great starting pitching, our bullpen?s been phenomenal and we?ve had timely hitting. That?s a good formula for success in this game.

The strong start has helped us develop a little swagger as a team. We have the expectation that we?re going to win every game we play. Obviously you don?t win every game in a Major League season — we just lost two of three to Atlanta — but there?s no reason we can?t be prepared to win every day.

That confidence is an attitude that?s filtered down from the veterans to the younger guys. But we need to keep taking care of our business and preparing to win. There?s a long, long way to go in this season and we need to keep jelling as a team and doing the small things that help win games.

Wright4_200 But the good start has undoubtedly given our club a big boost. It shows we have a good team on the field, not just on paper. All spring, we knew we had good personnel in the clubhouse -? the kind of guys we need in order to win. But you?re never certain until you go out on the field and prove it, and that?s what we?ve been able to do so far.

We?ve gotten beaten a few times. That?s going to happen over the course of the season. But, more importantly, we?ve proved to ourselves that we have the ability to win close games -? the kind where we have to find a way to win. They?re the games that stick with you. You remember them the next time you?re in a tough battle and trying to scratch out a win.

We lost two games to the Braves, on great pitching performances by Kyle Davies and Tim Hudson, the last couple days before heading off on our road trip. But that?s only the beginning of our battles with Atlanta this season. To be the best, you have to beat the best. And the best in the NL East the last 14 years has been Atlanta. We have to find a way to dethrone them. They?ve been a phenomenal franchise for a lot of years, so it?s no accident that they made it to the top. 

But it?s not like I?m trying to play the underdog card here, either. We have a ballclub that?s capable of winning our division. There?s no doubt in my mind about that. It?s just a fact that the NL East championship has to go through Atlanta until somebody finally beats them.

Wright3_260 Now we have our first West Coast swing of the season. I think the important thing about a road trip like this is making sure you do everything in your power to get your body physically and mentally prepared to meet the challenge of playing, despite the changes in climate, surroundings and time zone.

We?re only out there about a week, so we can?t get caught up with the idea of jet lag and how it might affect us. We just have to make whatever adjustments are necessary to get on a good sleep schedule so we?re well rested.

You need to know yourself — how many hours of sleep you need and what kinds of food you need in your body to perform at the peak of your ability. Personally, I like to have about nine hours of sleep and I?m pretty conscious of what foods I eat, so I?ll just build in the right amount of rest and be ready to go.

Those are just off-the-field concerns, though. You do your best with them during the day and they?re usually off your mind by the time the game rolls around. Once those lights go on at the stadium, you become energized no matter what city you?re in. It?s time to play.

I’ll stop by again soon.

— David

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    My brother is a die-hard Yankees fan and told me he’d be impressed with the Mets when they “Played somebody”, claiming you guys haven’t proven yourselves yet having only really played teams that are toward the bottom of the division (ie Nats and Marlins). Personally I think that’s ridiculous; by September a win is a win, regardless of who you beat for it. Does it ever get frustrating to have critics knock you even when you’re successful? It seems like no matter how well your organization does, analysts are always there to shove you back down to the .500 level.

    Good luck on your road trip. I’ll be tracking you guys all season. Hope to see you guys all the way to October!




    Tough game today David, but it’s good to see you guys aren’t letting it get to your head. There’s a lot of season left and I’m still confident you guys can pull it out!


    Don’t worry David, you guys will come out of your little slump and beat the San Diego AND San Francisco in a nice sweep haha. That would be awesome. Don’t worry about today’s game, you did your best and I couldn’t be prouder to have you as my favorite player. I liked the look today with the socks…you looked so cute! Good Luck on the upcoming road trip and hit a homerun for me! :o)



    Tough day today, but don’t let it get to you it happens to everyone. Do your thing on the west coast.


    Win or lose, it’s still early and you guys rock. Good luck out west and say ‘Hi’ to Mikey for all of us who miss him. I’ve watched Mets ball for nearly twenty years, and this year looks bright. All I want for my Twenty-first birthday is you guys winning the World Series. So good flight, good luck, and do your best!

    Much love



    i was wondering why u wear the number five?? And what is the update with all of the injuries to Floyd, Beltran and Hernandez? Keep hitting and good luck against the Padres and Giants



    it ***** that the team lost two in a row.. sad to say but it’s true, Atlanta is the best and the Mets will have to dethrone them. Good luck out west and the rest of road trip. Keep playing hard. I’ll be watching and rooting! You guys rock!


    Good job against the Braves even though you dropped the series. Gotta owe credit to Tom Glavine though for only giving up 2 Runs earlier today. Best of luck on the road trip.


    Hey david, keed doing your thing out on the coast. No matter what you do, you will still be my favorite Met. I agree with you completely that the Mets are developing a swagger. A swagger will go a long way in dethroning the Braves.


    Wow, nice to see you taking the time to reach out to your fans after such a rough day today…a lot of guys would be running out of the clubhouse. As a fan, the past couple nights hurt, but we all know that no team ever won a pennant in April. So I hope you guys put this series behind you and take care of business out West before round II with the Braves.

  11. Arielle

    Way to go being the best team in New York! As a Red Sox fan, I couldn’t be happier. Do you read every single comment left here? I read some from some high school kids like me and kind of hoped you would respond to them.
    Good Luck with the season and say hi to Pedro from Red Sox Nation.


    you work so hard and have so much to show for it, keep up the good work dave–
    you guys will definitely come out on top if you keep on playing like this.

    good luck on your road trip, we’ll miss you :]



    You had a tough day out there today. Try to forget about it, learn from it, and keep improving. All the Mets fans know that you are the real deal and will support you and the team no matter what. Good luck on the West Coast – say hi to Mike Piazza for us!!


    Hey David! I was there on Tuesday when you guys played Game 2 against the Braves. Whoo…that was tough to watch but you guys are still the bomb and I love you!!! We’re all rootin for you and Mets’ fans will never give up! Y’all have done a great job already. Keep it up! =) By the way, if you ever hear an ecstatic and kinda crazy “I LOVE YOU DAVID WRIGHT!!” during a home game, it’s probably me. Hehe, sorry I can’t help it.

    -Punnie, Queens, 16


    It’s nice that you take the time to write after a tough day. Good luck with out west!

    I know I’m quite late with the names, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to suggest more?

    D. Wright Way (get it?)

    Wrighting to Reach You

    Anyway, like I said, good luck with the West Coast trip!

  16. start of the season! Glad to see this isn’t another .500 year. Since you’re still taking suggestions for the do you like “Wright here, right now.” It might have already been suggested but I didnt really feel like reading through a bajilion comments to see..haha..well Good Luck throughout the season. Can I hear “world series”?! Oh yeah. =D

    -Katie G-

    Go Mets!! =D


    hi david- its too bad you guys lost 2 out of 3 to atlanta, but thats okay.. great teams just bounce right back :). you had a tough game today but its okay && i know everyones gonna forgive you- lol also i think its great how you still found time to reach out to the fans.. your amazing.

    how about “wright team, wright time” for your blog name?? anyway good luck on your road trip*

    -nicole from long island ❀


    Hi there, Mr. Wright! Wow, I think it’s awesome how you have a blog. Now people all over the world can read about your many epic adventures on and off the field. It’d be really cool if all our favorite players had blogs. Then you guys could all leave each other funny comments! Anyway, you’re probably in the process of thinking I’m weird, so let me conclude my comment by saying how cool it is that you’re letting your readers contribute possible names for your blog. I especially enjoy the ones sausagerace posted a few comments before me. Can’t wait to see you here at AT&T Park! Okay, bye!


    Hey David, I’ve always wondered, are you superstitious about baseball at all? I sure am. I always watch the games in my Robin Ventura #4 shirt that i’ve had my whole life. I noticed that you never play as well as you usually do when you wear your socks high. I think you’ve only done that a few times before. Have fun on the road trip!!!


    david please don’t wear those high socks just wear those black and white cleets those are allright. Come back 7-3 or 6-4 on the road trip. Good luck


    i was liking the high socks today..i guess your returning to your minor league look..very nice


    Wow youve been my favorite player since the first day you walked out on that major league field. Im only 13 and ive been following the mets for practicly my whole life. My brother for some really weird reason loves the Atlana Braves so you can imagine what fights we get into about baseball. All my numbers for my school soccer and softball are always 5 and i was wondering why you picked that number anyway. I also wanted to know whats happeneing with carlos beltran and cliff floyd…are they going to be hurt for a while? Well im coming to see you when you play the atlanta braves in the begininning of may i think its may 6th so ill see you there!

    Good luck!




    Hey DWright,

    Heard about your tough day today. Ah well, that’s baseball. I’m looking forward the the Mets coming to the West Coast, and I hope you guys slaughter San Diego. πŸ™‚ Anyway it’s pretty nifty that you have a blog to keep the fans up to date with all your exciting adventures and your quest to conquer the NL East and all that jazz. As for the name, I would have to suggest “Totally Wright-eous” because well… it’d be totally righteous.

    Rock on.



    D-A-V-I-D wat up; I was at todays games; even tho ya lost, it will still a good game :). I sign up to tell you the name for the blog what I like; I dont know if you would like it but I think its cool, this is what I think —–“JuSt WriGHT” Tell me what you think πŸ™‚ Takecare wright and for any met that is reading this or isnt πŸ™‚


    Whats up David. Tough couple games dont worry about it though which im sure you arent as early in the season as it is. Ive been a big mets fan for as long as i can remember and my dad and my brother are huge yankees fans, it feels good to finally have the best of them this year. Keep it going on the west coast and bring us home a winning road trip record..and oh yeah go with the pants down from now on it was working much better. Just messing with you we all know who the best player out there is, good luck this week.




    Hey David… guys are off to such a great start. It makes me really proud to be a Mets fan. Keep up the good work and good luck on the road trip.


    Hey Mr. Wright

    This blog thing is pretty sweet, don’t worry about todays game. Every one has bad games, just keep your head up and keep hitting the ball good. You probably don’t like to hear this , but Jose Reyes is my favourite Met, ur my second though. In my fantasy league, this other guy drafted you and i am trying to trade for you but he wont budge. By the way good luck on this road trip. I am from Canada so I am waiting till June 23,24,25 so i can watch you guys play the Blue Jays, i am hoping i can get your autograph,

    Josh, Toronto


    You guys have been doing awesome! The fight against Atlanta was awesome. Keep it up, good luck on the trip. Cant wait till you guys are back at Shea!

    Ps. Thanks for signing my baseball, on easter Sunday! It definitely was the best easter πŸ™‚



    The New York Mets & the New York Rangers are practically my life. My hockey season has been all kinds of hot, and I hope you boys keep that same feeling going through the summer.

    I’ve made my shirt. “I’m Looking for Mr. Wright,” and I can only offer you one piece of advice. Keep wearing your uniform so the socks show…that’s how it should be done.


    Hey David. don’t worry about those errors. i play 3B also and those were smoked. I know you have been working hard defensively, so the results will show and the gold gloves will come knockin’. play hard and smart on the west coast trip and please tell PIAZZA he is missed… good luck


    Hey just wanted to say you are my you favorite player. You guys are off to a great start depsite two losses to the braves. I will be cheering for our team and I know you can do it. Good luck on the trip and I be watching. Go team:) I hope to see at shea this season


    He D-Dubz…been watching your games man..just never let a bad game nor slump put you down man..i know how much you care about the team and so much passion for this game. I look up to you as a role model and always watching the game !! So take care of buisness in the West and do your thing !!


    Good luck on the road trip! You should just put today’s game behingd you — losing sleep over it will just make it worse. You probably won’t see this until you get back to New York, but in case you do read it in California, my advice is this: it might seem like Peavy’s struggling, but keep in mind he’s still completely nasty and he only gave up four hits in 7 innings his last start and K’d 8. You gotta be careful around him, but I know you can jack one!


    David Adler, 14



    I just wanted to say that as a long time Mets fan, you are just the type of player that this franchise needed. I must say that you are currently my favorite player in baseball, and I just love watching you play out on the field. Having a blog here is awesome.

    Tough series, but you can’t win ’em all! I’m glad to see that you’re not letting the 3 errors today get to you, everyone has off days. Just brush yourself off and play like the monster you are on this road trip and come back on a tear. You have my backing, as well as many, that of many Mets fans throughout the nation, so go out and knock ’em dead!

    ~Bryan from LI


    Whats up david! Dont worry about bro, errors dont mean a thing to you. Look at how many games you saved us from already. No matter what things you do wrong, you will always be my favorite baseball player. It’s always one of those days for every baseball player. There’s always tomorrows game, your gonna put smiles to mets fans faces. Good Luck on the road and hope to see you soon at Shea.

    P.S. Dont worry about, take your aggression on Peavy!


    Hey D.Wright. Just wanted to say you are sooo my favorite player. I few years ago I would go along with whatever team my brothers or father liked but not anymore, i have my mind set on the mets. I love you guys and I think you’ll have an amazing season. Looking forward to seeing you guys back at Shea. Dont worry your still the man and your HOT!


    Hey David! Ever since you’ve come up I’ve just been a huge fan! Last spring training my dad and I waited after a game in Port St Lucie for you to come out and when you did, you signed everyone’s autograph before you left. I just wanted to tell you that I appreciate that so much because so many players now a days don’t even recognize the fans that travel a far way to come see their Mets play! We live in Florida but we’ll be cheering you guys on every game! Good luck this season D. Wright And keep that down to earth attitude!
    Lots of Love, Michelle

    p.s I hope your puppy dog is doing good πŸ™‚


    David, we love you! It was a tough loss today but no matter, you can’t win them all. Good look on the upcoming road trip!



    Hey David, tough game today, but no worries, everyone has them. You guys have had a fantastic start, and I know you’ll pick it up on this road trip. Enough with these critics saying you guys haven’t proven yourself by just playing the nationals and such. Being a good team, those are the teams you are SUPPOSED to beat. You beat them and had the best start in baseball. There is a lot of season left, and I am looking forward to every minute of it. Best of luck on the west coast dude. Let’s Go Mets!


    Hi David!

    I love that you’re keeping this blog ? it’s a lot of fun for the fans to be able to get a glimpse into the life of one of our favorite players! Thanks so much for sharing it with us. I hope you’re with the Mets for a long long time; you have a great attitude and tremendous talent.

    Dropping the series with the Braves was tough, but the way you’ve all been playing so far I’m sure it won’t stop the momentum. I’m so excited for this season ? I’ll keep cheering for you and the rest of the team!

    And please give our love to Mike Piazza; I’m sure I’m not the only fan who misses him.



    hey david! Great start to the 06′ season! I have been a fan of the mets for a long time. I am very excited about this season. I definately see the mets playing baseball in october. I have enjoyed watching you grow into the talent that you are. Don’t worry about the Braves, let them worry about you and the great players that play along side of you. I wish you guys the best of luck this season.


    Hey David!

    Thanks for taking the time to write us all again; tough series against the Braves, but there’s a lot of season left, and there’s no doubt the Mets will overtake the Braves this year! Forget the errors today – every day is a new one, and we all know you give it your all out there, and we couldn’t ask for anything more.

    Good luck in San Diego, and tell Mike Piazza I said hello! (See if you can talk him into becoming a hitting coach or consultant for the Mets next year…)

    And I hope you’re taking care of that Range Rover! Lets Go Mets!

    Take care, David

    John G


    David, don’t get down on yourself. You and your contributions to this ball club are parts of the reason we are where we are. I hope we can continue this great start and go all the way! Just keep swinging the bat the way you do and we will really go places. Hit one out on Monday for my birthday! Keep striving to success NYM


    Anyway enjoy San Diego
    SD rocks!!!

    Dowtown right by PETCO there’s great places to eat, shop, and everything…

    *sighs* I miss it…

    Over and out, D


    So how about a message boards for all DW’s fans? I started this with you guys in mind and would love it if we all gather around and made a community. I am open for suggestions and people who can help me ’cause as of now there is not much (basically NOTHING!) on the site. So what do you say? Here’s the link:

    Over and out, Desiree


    Hey David,
    Thank you so much for all that you have brought to New York. As for today, don’t worry about it. I know what its like to feel that you let the team down, I got picked off to end a rally my senior year in the NJ State Championship. But you have the tools to come back strong with more then a vengence. MVP



    Although I wish the Mets had taken 2 out of the 3 games out of Atlanta, it’s nice to see that the games were relatively close. I think we’ll be able to take them next time. Perhaps the most important thing right now is not to win all the games, but rather to stay healthy and to hustle to win close games. That’s what’ll take the Mets to the playoffs and beyond, as all of us (fans) hope.

    You all keep working hard and we’ll be cheering you on. The best is yet to come, Dave!

    God bless, J

    PS: If you haven’t selected a name for your blog yet, how ’bout ‘Wright On’?


    Hey DW, just wanted to quickly say good luck on the road trip. I also wanted to thank you for what you did during spring training – I was picked to be batboy (it was March 13 game vs. Nationals) I was wearing your t-shirt, and you slightly cracked your bat and signed it and gave it to me. I was the talk of my family showing everyone my most prized possession! I just ordered a glass case with your name and the date engraved on the glass. Thanks again, I have great memories from that game! Take care and tell all the guys good luck on the west coast trip.
    – Jack


    Hey Dave, just wanted to drop a line to say that your blog is awesome. I go to James Madison U. here in VA, and a lot of us Mets fans have no real way to hear this kind of stuff since we aren’t up in NY with WFAN and such. Its great to see a guy so close to my age (I am 21) on my favorite team who absolutely loves his team. Anyway, take it easy man and if you are coming to JMU this year or next, send me an email or somethin, it would be great to meet you. Tear up the west coast!


    david you are just fanttttttttastic–we’re all behind you/the mets no matter what, keep it up!

    as for a nickname, my friends and I call you ‘method man’–(yes, kind of after the rapper) just b/c you always seem to find a new strategy to be clutch!

    have a GREAT time out west and take good care of yourself


    i would only like to say that I take alot of **** in the athletic training room (cause thats my major) for liking the mets and it looks like its finally my year to give it back!! and maybe make some guys are doing fantastic and I will continue to take anything that is thrown my way b/c i love you guys!! Good luck in SD



    I’ve been pushing you for MVP since day one of the season. And finally, after a couple weeks of the season, I got to make out to Shea rocking my new David Wright jersey I got last December and suddenly, you don’t get a hit and have 3 errors. Now, I love the jersey, but I don’t want to wear it if it’s really bad luck. If it happens again, I’ll have to do some weird voo-doo on it– you know weird chanting and perhaps a sacrifice. Just figured I’d let you know there may be an unlucky jersey out there.


    Hey David!
    I just want to say…that as a DIEHARD Yankee fan, I think you are AWESOME! I just missed meeting you at a spring training game in Port St. Lucie, so I was very sad!=( …I hope you keep up the great season and finish first this year! (No, I’m not one of those bitter Yankee fans that despises the Mets! lol :)…I think it’s a great idea that you’re doing this blog! Well, I hope you have a great West Coast trip and good luck to you guys! πŸ™‚




    I’m from Virginia Beach, and I grew up watching the Norfolk Tides, watching games every summer until this year for my first year of college so I’ve been a Mets fan for a long time. I always love seeing the Tidewater athletes succeeding, but it’s even better when they play on my favorite team. I saw you play during your brief stint in Norfolk, which had to be great for you to play in front of your hometown crowd. My brother thinks you’ll be a 40HR-40SB guy, but I’d be happy to see you help the Mets win. I admire your work ethic, and your ability to brush off mistakes, and work harder to correct them. You have terrific leadership qualities, and a great outlook on the game, and I hope never lose sight of how fun the game is, no matter how much scurtiny you may come over in your years playing in New York. Good luck against the Padres.


    I just read your blog and I enjoyed getting a glimpse of what it’s like being a ball player for the greatest ball club.

    I also respect your modesty. I was in the Mets clubhouse today buying apparel and in the first 10 minutes 4 people came in requesting none other than… David Wright jerseys. You are EXTREMELY popular in NYC. =)

    I am glad to see the Brave losses haven’t gotten to you boys. The Braves and The Mets have always been huge competitors against one another. Sometimes one team getting into the minds of the other just a bit better to pull out the win.

    Next time you guys will sweep ’em!

    Enjoy San Diego! Aside from NYC that is one of the best places to be!


  56. Carl


    is my vote for your blog name. I was at Shea today, and I think you got a great attitude. Blogging is a great way to get over a tough day. They shoulda only given you 2 errors , one of them was a laser beam. Hey that kid Tony Pena Jr. is a pretty slick fielding SS, he was an ardvark out there today. One question, do you think Willie would have used Anderson Hernandez to pinch run for Castro (at third) in the sixth if he didn’t have back spasms? (2-1 loss to Braves).


    Two tough losses, but thats 1.2% of the 162 games this season– in the big scheme of things, not a very big deal. Like our wise former manager said: “90% of this game is mental, and the other half is physical.” Dealing with winning is easy; dealing with losses and rebounding is what makes a champion, and with your positive spirit combined with your amazing talent there’s no doubt the team will come back, and come back stronger. As long as the Mets get up off the canvas and keep fighting, they’ll be the last team standing when the long campaign is over. Let’s go, Mets!


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    All the Mets players would stay healthy if they had better hitting mecanics. As Captain you should check this guy out. No more E5s, just think down when you throw and let CDell dig it out if he has to.



    It’s so nice that you’re taking the time for us fans after a really tough day! I still think all of you are AWESOME! Everyone has tough times, but you have to move forward and stay focused…I wish you all the best of luck out there on the West Coast (send my greetings to Mikey for me).

    AND…See you next month in Florida!

    **** Rose

    p.s. do you bowl??? If so, we should get together when you come home – “dinner & bowling”


    Everybody has a bad game once and a wile but don?t let that get you down. You are still the face of the Mets no matter how many big names they bring in. Just make up for it tonight and hit one out of Petco Park. Furthermore it?s only one series. There will be more agenst the Braves to come. Also be kind to Piazza and Camron (if he?s going to play today).


    Hi, David. Hope the trip out West went well. Just have to tell you I think it is so cool that you take time out of your busy life to interact with your fans. It really shows a great deal of character on your part and lets us know our support is appreciated. I am so proud of all of you. You are all such a great team and have a wonderful chemistry on the field. You all make me so proud to be a Mets fan. Also, David I would like to thank you for the all the work and money and energy you have put into the David Wright Foundation. My grandmother recently passed away due to complications of Multiple Sclerosis (at a very young 57) and I just found out yesterday that my uncle has been diagnosed with it as well. So needless to say your drive to raise awareness and help benefit research has a special place in my heart. Thank you for all your efforts. Stay safe and take care. Always, Amy


    Hi David,
    I am a Yankee fan,but I wanted to say good job to you guys.The Mets are playing really good basaball right now.If it’s not going to be the Yankees,I am glad it’s the mets.Your an awesome player, I would love to have you on our side haha πŸ™‚

    Admiring you from the otherside πŸ™‚



    Hi!! I saw the game yesterday and you guys really put up a fight to get some runs in. I am a very big Met fan and I always hope that they will win, everytime. Well, that hasn’t happened, but I think with your motivation, power and skills for the game, you could make that happen. I know a man that played with you when you were both in your early teens. He tells me you are very nice and you were an excellent ball player. I guess things have not changed. Keep up the good work and I hope that the team does well!!!!

    xo Arielle


    Hey David,
    Great start to an already great season. As a die hard Mets fan for all my life, I’ve made it to 2 games already this year. Nothing compares to the goosebumps I get hearing the M-V-P chants when you stride up to the plate. As far as I’m concerned you’re the best 3B in NY (that other guy is just **** pretending to be a 3B). So remember it’s just a game (yea right), and have fun every chance you get while out on the field. Best of luck on this upcoming road trip.


    Good Luck on the upcoming roadtrip. Don’t let the past 2 games get you down, you can’t winj them all. I know that you’ll have a good road trip.

    Some additional names to consider:

    Wright back at you.

    Wright place, Wright time

    Wright again

    Wright here, Wright now

    I’m all Wright

    That’s Wright




    I have been reading clips of things you have said pre season and up until yesterday.

    You Sir..are a class act and a helluva ball player.

    I’m sure that a couple of errors won’t derail your MVP season.

    I can’t wait to be able to tell my kids one day that I actually watched David Wright play. You make everyone proud!

    Darryl, a lonely Canadian Mets fan!


    Hey David, I think its nice of
    you to write to us after your

    rough game. I just wanna say

    dont let 3 errors get you down

    because it was only 1 game and

    every player has a bad game

    once in a while. You are still

    my favorite player. It hurted

    me when the mets lost 2 of the

    3 games against Alanta. Its

    hard to win when you got 3 good players that is hurt.

    What is going on with Beltran,

    Floyd, and Hernandez so far?

    Anyways, I think it was good

    that the mets put up a good fight against Alanta to try to

    win. But hey,you can’t win them all right? I saw you with

    the high socks look and I thought it was so cute,but not

    to be mean cause I will never

    say or do something to disrespect you but I like the

    long pants better. I think you

    look cuter in thoes. Anyways

    good luck to you and the mets

    on your road trip. Try to win

    most of the games. Im rootin

    for you.Tell Piazza we miss him. Good Luck. Let’s Go Mets!


    Hey David!
    I know that I am not the first to say this, because I know you hear it all the time, but you’re my favorite Mets player ever. Although I don’t play baseball, just soccer and basketball, the kind of mindset that you have just rubs off on me. If I was tired and didn’t feel like running, I wouldn’t, but that has all changed. As cliche as this may sound, you really have made me a better player. You’re a great influence on me and it really is so refreshing to see a young player like you not being cocky or anything. Good luck on your roadtrip, I know you’ll do great.



    Hey David,
    The series with the Braves as they say are “in the books”. Good luck in the upcoming road trip. LET’S GO METS!!


    Strong and sticky…Actually spelled correctly and good subliminals for your future career as an author or the Mayor of New York.

    I think it also complements your obvious inspirational influence on a lot of future “players”.

    Much respect…I love your work.



    Good luck on the West Coast trip. Will be looking for a few wins, although sadly I won’t stay up to watch all of the games because have to wake up for school…games that go till 1 or 2 a.m. east coast can cause high school students to sleep a LOT during class the next day. haha. about the whole blog name…i think it’s sorta cheesy to keep using puns on your name, although some of the ones I’ve seen have been pretty good. I really do like the Playwright one from the guy above me, so my vote goes for that. Be sure to tell Cammy that we miss him!! And hope all gets better with his hammy, poor guy has really been plagued with injuries lately, hasn’t he?
    Looking forward to keeping up with you throughout the season, and of course seeing you at the games on June 4th and June 18th that I’m going to with my dad…front row tix right by delgado! it’s err seat 105A or something, idk…got your autograph last year. that was neat, thanks for that. stay amazin!

    Much love, peace, and all that jazz!



    Good luck on the West Coast trip. Will be looking for a few wins, although sadly I won’t stay up to watch all of the games because have to wake up for school…games that go till 1 or 2 a.m. east coast can cause high school students to sleep a LOT during class the next day. haha. about the whole blog name…i think it’s sorta cheesy to keep using puns on your name, although some of the ones I’ve seen have been pretty good. I really do like the Playwright one from the guy above me, so my vote goes for that. Be sure to tell Cammy that we miss him!! And hope all gets better with his hammy, poor guy has really been plagued with injuries lately, hasn’t he?
    Looking forward to keeping up with you throughout the season, and of course seeing you at the games on June 4th and June 18th that I’m going to with my dad…front row tix right by delgado! it’s err seat 105A or something, idk…got your autograph last year. that was neat, thanks for that. stay amazin!

    Much love, peace, and all that jazz!



    Hey David,

    I’m sure you don’t remember me but I played with Steven on the Blasters for 4 years. I just wanted to tell you how great it is to watch you play in the big leagues. I’m playing college ball at Hampden Sydney. One of you ex teammates Chris Padgett and I talk about how you are doing almost everyday. Well anyways goodluck with the season and don’t beat up on my braves to much.

    Good Luck,



    Don’t worry about yesterday’s game, David. Everyone has a tough day sometimes. I still believe that you and the Mets are gonna come back from this road trip with a winning record. And, I’m convinced that your gonna hit a homerun tonight and break out of your slump. Good luck!






    wow, right as I go to comment BAM you give us a most beautiful double, way to go! I’m really excited about this season, I’m 18 and I have been following the mets since the day i was born. Luckily I had a smart sister who got me into them unlike my yankee fan father (yuck!). It’s tough watching you guys now a days because I don’t live in NY anymore I live in Texas. I love baseball and at least i can watch the stros who are only 20 minutes away, but it doesn’t compare to you guys! And I’m incredibly sad you won’t be here until september!!!! what is that?!?! Gosh, make a girl travel back from college just so she can make the three game series, which you should know the tickets went so fast for those games! You guys are popular here, and I love going to games decked out in Mets clothes and having you win WOOHOO! So I’m counting on you guys in september! And I’m going to be paying a pretty penny for those seats too!
    Good luck this season, I’m psyched seeing you guys play piazza tonight, my favorite baseball player! However, a certain 3rd baseman for the mets has totally pushed up next to him and is definitely my favorite on the team!!!!

    Good luck to you and the rest of the boys!

    Play ball!



    Thank you so much. You give me hope of seeing baseball return to glory it was. Good honest, and pure talented players like your self, are the home of this game to return once again to it’s spot as america’s past time.


    David, I think you’re an amazing player and you seem like such a great guy. And darn cute too. I would love to meet me! E-mail me…

    -Ann S.


    Hey David, visit my site:

    as corny as this may be, how else can I show you alil of me? believe me.. I do not do this. But given the situtation and who you are, this might be the only way. Hope you can take alil time and check it out.

    -Ann S.


    David you are one of the greatest hitters and third basemen Ive seen. I have been following how you have been doing ever since bobby mckinney told me how great you were.


    What’s up David
    I saw Carlos Delgado writing something in a notebook in the dugout after his homerun in the first game of the San Diego series in the 8th inning against Alan Embree. I was just wandering if you knew what he writes down because the notebook looked to be pretty full. Good Luck the rest of the season.


    Hi David! I must say it was a great win today! my father and I are both METS fans. We are both very excited for the team this year! You are doing a great job on 3rd base and hitting. Good luck this year!


    Hey David…

    Just wanted to let you know that you are doing an amazing job holding down the infield over in Queens. i’m a HUGE fan of yours and i hope to catch you making some plays at a couple of games this season.

    Kristen, Staten Island


    Dear David,

    As someone just turing 40, and a lifelong Met fan, I hope to see you as a Met when I’m turning 60.

    Anyway, one last suggestion for your blog’s name: Wright Stroke.



    hey david,
    I live in israel and i’m a huge met fan. it’s really hard to follow the mets here. there are almost no met games on tv.

    the only way to follow the mets is by the internet after the gameor by the radio on

    No matter how hard it is i still love the mets. we even have a leauge here in israel.

    You’re a superstar. keep up the good work, man

    email back if you can.


    Hello from Houston. Somebody suggested “Afternoon D-Wright” for your blog name and that made me laugh out loud, literally. You should use that. It’s funny. And props to the person who came up with THAT one.

    ~Mallory, Houston, TX


    Oh, one more thing. Could you do me a huge favor and beat the Braves for the NL East title? I have some Brave fan friends that are getting downright cocky!! Haha. I’d love to see the Mets beat them out. How about an Astros/Mets NLCS? I think that’d be fun!!

    ~Mallory, Houston, TX


    It is very nice to see some home grown talent making their way to Shea along with a mix of seasoned veterans who know how to win.
    This team makes it fun to watch every game.

    I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to create this blog for us fans and I look forward to this season and many seasons to come with all the young talent. The team showed last night the type of team we the fans have been waiting for. After losing the last 2 games at home and starting a 10 game road trip, a come from behind win on the road is very encouraging.


    Another fantastic game last night, though a 10pm start is a bit late for me, 5am comes very early. Keep up the great work and I’ll see you on May 6th.
    ~Nicola, Noank, CT


    Hi David. I’ve been a Mets fan for many many years and losing the game the other day to the Braves doesn’t mean anything. I look at the fact that the whole team this year is really putting a huge effort on becoming the best team in baseball and that makes us fans feel really proud. I’m so glad that you have become a part of this team and I look forward to being at a lot more games and watching you guys go all the way. By you guys losing the other day just shows that you are human like the rest of us and things happen. Good luck on the West Coast!! Just remember, what ever happens this session..we are all behind you! That was a great game last night! Keep it going!! LETS GO METS!



    Wow. I went to comment on here about you and the Mets and I feel as though I have stumbled upon a teen-boy-band-heartthrob website. Seems you’ve got quite a following of the ladies.
    Well, I would just like to thank you for all you do for Mets fans. If you haven’t noticed, Mets fans are very unique. The die-hard fans live for the game of baseball. We have stuck with our team through EVERYTHING and stayed fans NO MATTER WHAT. Your treatment of the fans does not go unappreciated!!

    I also wanted to comment on the great cohesion of the team. From the fan point of view, there seems to be some “magic” between you guys. Reminiscent of ’86 and ’99…it makes a Mets fan dream of the World Series…

    Quick question…who do you think is the “joker” on the team? I remember the days of HoJo putting bubblegum on his baseball hat (I was 2yrs old) and Robin Ventura was a well-known prankster.

    Thanks again and keep playing great ball. =)



    a+ on the second blog entry. the team looked great last night, and it was good to see everyone contributing with hits: franco, chavez, valentin and, of course, you. i really think everything is slowly coming together to make this one of the best mets teams in mets history, and it seems pretty clear that everyone, from the starters to the relievers and pinch hitters are starting to gel real well. keep up the good work!

    quickly though, what exactly is your regiment on the road? lots of eggs and protein like franco? fruits and vegetables? i think everyone wants to know what david wright eats to create outstanding performances. thanks david!


    p.s. tell zambrano not to get flustered out there. he’s a good pitcher and the fans are behind him, even if it doesn’t always seem that way. he’ll get a lot of good performances this year to make up for tuesday night i’m sure. cheers!


    hey david its angie again…you managed to type up another great blog entry good job!! you and the mets are doing so well i enjoy watching you play! its okay that you lost 2 games to the braves, but its okay you’ll get them next time! was it kind of emotional to see piazza again? i miss him i wish he’d come back to the mets lol well i gotta go i wish you and the rest of the team the best of luck…LETS GO METS!


    I’ve been a Mets fan for about as long as you’ve been alive (hard to admit!) and I’ve been following you since I saw you (in person) hit your first ML homerun in Montreal, while I was on vacation. I got your autograph during that series, and I’ll never forget chatting with you briefly about your how your first week in the majors was going. It’s exciting to see you doing so incredibly well! I just wanted to say keep up the good work, and keep that positive attitude going! Thanks for helping make the game so much fun to watch again.

    Margaret, in Franklin KY


    Hey David,
    I really think this blog thing is great! Your openess to interact with fans and the press is refreshing. I think this team really has that special something that will will take the club to the playoffs and hopfully more! You guys make baseball worth watching, you, along with Jose Reyes,as well as others, look like you enjoy yourself out there. It looks like more then just work and that makes it fun for fans to watch! Keep up the amazing preformances and great atttiude!!

    Nikki, from Queens NY



    I’ve been a METS fan since i’ve been born (1977 Flushing,Queens) and I have had many favorite players through the years: Strawberry, HoJo, Piazza, but when I saw you play ball in the minors I was very enthusiastic about you comming up as a MET… I new you would be a great player because I see that you are one of those players that plays for ” The Love of the Game”. Most players today are just looking for the big payday rather than giving it their all for themselves or the team… I feel that since you’ve been brought up to the Majors that you are the Heart and Soul of this New Squad and no matter what slump or rocky road that presents it’s self in the future, It is an HONOR for me to have you play for my beloved NY METS….I hope that when it comes to contract time that you know that I and other Met fans would love to see you stay as a Met even if your underpaid as you are now…lol Another issue I’d like to tell you about is that my girlfriend (who is now my Ex) never liked baseball until I got her into watching you play and how your a Spark of life to this team and to Baseball. She lost the love for me and fell in love with you… I am hurt about it, but if I am to lose my love of my life, I am Happy and Proud to lose her to a Stand up guy like you… In closing, I’ll be watching you at the game and on TV this season and many more to come, but she’s also watching too….

    Newby, Flushing “Met Country”


    Hi David,
    Hope you have a great road trip. A home run would be nice. Looking forward to seeing you back at Shea. I’m sorry you had a bad day on 4-19-06, but I thought you handled it so well. You’ll always have 100% of my support, no matter what. How’s Homer? What happens to him when you’re on the road? How do you decide whether you wear your socks up or down? Either way, you’ll always look HOT! I notice you spit during games. Why do you spit and how often? I pray that you stay healthy and well and continue to be a success this season and beyond. What’s your opinion of being so popular with everyone? I know you will stay focused on helping the Mets win. You’re great in so many ways; don’t ever change. Looking foward to having you respond to my comments and questions. Feel free to do so personally using my email address. God Bless you always. Luv, Jennifer



    Not sure if you are actually reading this, but… Is this blog just going to be a recap of Mets games, or an insight into your life on and off the field? No offense, but the NY Times, Newsday, NY Post, etc. already do a pretty good job covering the Mets.

  100. jamie

    This is really funny, I was at a book signing for one of the guys on the Sopranos in New Jersey, where I live. I was sitting next to this guy and we started talking, I asked what he did for a living, because he saw my books for teaching and aksed if I was going to be a teacher. He proceeded to tell me that he is a salesman for the OLD HICKORY BAT CO.!! Then he told me that he knew most of the METS and some of the team uses his bats. So you know exactly who I am talking about, don’t want to mention names. He was heading down to Florida the next day for Spring Training. I was floored and completely excited, because I am a huge Met fan. I gave him my address and told him to give it to you, for you to please send me an autographed picture. Well to no avail, nothing ever came in the mail 😦 please email me and I will give you my address, don’t need half of NYC knowing where a cute little red headed teacher lives, ya know!

    Good Luck this weekend, watching you and in the team this season is awesome and I am proud to sport my pink Met hat.

    Jamie Engel


    hey david,

    im from brunei darussalam n if u havent heard of it, its in asia! hehe πŸ˜› im one of ur biggest fan!! congratulations for METS victory today against SD pedros. Its a great game, ive enjoyed it soo much. Pls send my regards to Matsui, he played well today.David, u will always look great and good luck for many games to come! ur a great pitcher ever! Mets rule!cheers! πŸ™‚


    The Mets have a right to develop a bit of a swagger, with the exception of 4 games, the Mets have eaten the National League alive.

    That lineup is stacked top to bottom, the pitching staff has the lowest ERA in the NL I believe and that bullpen will seal down leads it blew last year, with Wagner fireballing the 9th inning.

    Show that swagger. The Mets had one in 1986 and we know our history. One thing you’ll notice about NY fans is we are very loyal. We may gripe about the team, but we stand behind the team.


    I was born into a family of diehard Mets fans and have been watching the games for as long as I can remember. I’m so excited about this season and this new team. Keep up the fantastic work!



    I have just move to the area from Texas (yes, go Astros), but my girlfriend is a huge Mets fan. Surprisingly, her mom and her try to watch every game that they can. Well, everytime they bring the Mets up, your name is thrown into the mix. They are both huge admirers of you and your work ethic. So now that I’ve had a chance to watch you (and I saw ya’ll play in Houston last July), I must say the Mets definitely have their own brand of excitement. Right now you’ve got a great cast of all-stars and with that you should be able to take the division. I look forward to following the Mets through the season and wish you all the best this year. Good luck in Cali.


    Come on people I want to start a group or a board so we can talk to each other too. Don’t you want to answer some of this postings and it would make no sense to write one underneath the other? Write to me so you can give me ideas. You could help me out and be a moderator or something. Let’s do something.
    You can log here and start out :

    Oh and socks up or down, if it really makes a difference David on how you bat or run, you decide… if it’s all about fashion statement, I don’t care if you wear it on your head LOL as long as you feel comfy playing….

    Over and out, D


    Hi David Wright!
    I go to Va Tech and I’ve been watching your games since last season. My boyfriend got me into baseball and he actually used to play little league with you (he showed me baseballs with your signatures as proof). Anyway, we’re big fans and always root for you and were there to see your grand slam against the nationals in DC last fall. Keep up the good work! You keep the games exciting! Its always great to see people from your hometown work hard and make it big! Congrats on the recent win against the Padres!

    p.s. i think “the Wright Stuff” could be a cool blog name, although it might be too new-kids-on-the-blockish!


    Hi David: You are the greatest
    talent to come up through the New York Mets organization, and I have been following them since 1962, I predict a fabulous year, because of your focus and the ability to hit the 2 strike pitch, which very few major leaguers have!!

    Good luck, and I can’t wait for October !!


    Hey darling! I wanted to let you know how much of a fan I am. My ex-boyfriend actually started taking me to games last summer and bought me your jersey for my birthday present! I met you at ESPNZone last Saturday 4/15 and I could not have asked for a nicer time. Thanks for the photo- people are very jealous of me!

    I was previously an Orioles fan as I am originally from Maryland, but am a devoted Mets fan from last summer onward. I was even in a Coor Light/SNY fan commercial stating that I expected good things this season.

    So keep up the good work on and off the field and don’t let any bad experiences get you down (but I think you are positive enough as is!)

    xoxo lindsey


    Hi David! I was thinking of a name for your blog and I remembered that you are always saying how there is always room in baseball to improve… how about-David Wright: Gratified, Never Satisfied……=).


    Whats up David-

    You had a tough day against ATL on Wednesday, but nice bounce back on Friday against SD with that double your first AB. I look foward to seeing more of your magic.



    I am a big baseball fan and a die hard Mets fan. It is great to see a young talented player who understands what its all about. Keep raking!

    Some suggestions for your blog name

    Wright On

    Wright’s Way

    Wright Down the Line




    Hey David-
    I first want to congratulate you on that big win last night against the padres, and thanks alot for that incredible play you made to help duaner and the mets get out of that inning. I’m 15 and ive been a die hard mets fan since i was 5 (my dad was a cardinals fan so it took me a little time) and i think its great that players can connect with fans like this, and you have taken the oppertunity to get in touch with your fans. That being said i have a couple of questions for you. I know somebody else brought this up but i was just wondering what delgado was writing in his big book after he hit that homer against limberink. I know Gary Choen says he shares that book with his teammates and im wondering if you could clue us in about that. Also, i was wondering if you were in a clutch situation and you needed a hit, who would be the pitcher you would least like to be facing. Im looking forward to your next entry and wishing you luck against the Padres tonight.

    -David V.


    I feel the New York have a very good team,with good hitting,fielding but they have one weak link on their pitching staff and that is Victor Zambrano! He must be traded,so the team can win.
    I have been a MET FAN as far back as 1969, I feel if Zambrano stays the Mets will fall short. GO GET BARRY ZITO.


    heyy david,

    it was tough series versus atlanta but hopefully you guys will do better on the west coast!! your starting off well b/c you won the first game! Good Luck!!

    -Steph <33


    Hey David,

    My name is Billy Clement and I am from Virginia Beach, Virginia. You are a big icon in Hampton Roads and are obviously one of the best athletes that have ever come out of this area. I play baseball and have learned the game from a Mr. Nick Boothe, a man who I know you are very close with. Also, my principal, Mr. Michael Kelly, coached you in either middle or high school. My family is very close with his and I have heard many stories about you. My parents were born and raised in New York and have taught me how to bleed Mets blood. You are a dynamic player and I hope you have a great year and career.

    If you can, please e-mail me back!

    Best Wishes,

    Billy Clement


    Wassup David, good game yesterday. I was so happy when
    we beat the padres 7-2. I saw

    Piazza. When I first looked at

    him, I barely regonize him with the padres uniform. Im use to him as a met. Today is

    my birthday and Im 15 yrs old

    today. You know your only 8 years older then me. Who knows, maybe in the futrue I

    could be Mrs.Wright. I really

    hope so. I also hope the mets

    could win the game today,which

    I know we could. Hit a home run for me tonight. Well good

    luck in today’s game. I’ll be

    rootin for you. Let’s go mets!


    Chipper Jones respects you and that’s good enough for me. Better to get that 3 error game out of the way early.

    For a blog title: How about “Wright Behind the Braves”?


    Hey David, I have to say I love the idea that you have a blog and are giving us a more in depth look at the Mets. I know I speak for myself when I say as much as I love the Mets, there is no possible way you can win every single game. We all have bad days, you just happen to live your’s out on the baseball field for millions of fans to watch.

    Title suggestion, The Wright Stuff. Best of luck out there!



    I play baseball for my local high school team. Being a left handed hitter i try to go the other way with the ball alot and hit it to left field. However, latley all i have been able to do is hit lazy fly balls to the right side. It would ber very nice if i could mabey get some advise on what i am doing wrong. Thanks.


    dear david,
    i am a die hard met fan, . all my friends tell me i am crazy but this year you’re going to prove them wrong, they can’t tell me anything about the mets when they are in first place in all of baseball. and you are at the top of every single record right now.

    my friend went to the game the other night, she is basically in love with you, i think she has a shine in her room. right now i am waiting for the game to start. i love watching, i don’t miss a game. your playing great, keep up the hard work.

    do you comment back on this thing?


    Hey david,

    You’re doing great this season, keep it up! You know since you’re first game with the Mets i knew you had the right stuff. Each season getting better, and im thinking you’re MVP material this year. This season is looking really really good,its been 20 years since our last taste of glory. Just keep playing like the man, and we’ll be good to go. In my opinion you are exactly what this team has needed, and exactly what baseball in general needs now. keep on rockin


    Hey david,

    You’re doing great this season, keep it up! You know since you’re first game with the Mets i knew you had the right stuff. Each season getting better, and im thinking you’re MVP material this year. This season is looking really really good,its been 20 years since our last taste of glory. Just keep playing like the man, and we’ll be good to go. In my opinion you are exactly what this team has needed, and exactly what baseball in general needs now. keep on rockin


    Dear David:

    My fiancιe and I love the way you play with heart, intensity, and skill every day out there.

    Since we don’t get an audio feed when you guys head back into the dugout, we make up our own. Every time you guys score a run and tap fists, we have the Mets yelling “WillieBall!!!”, and we can’t wait to see you guys up at Fenway this June!


    i love reading your blogs and finding out what you and the rest of the team do to prepare for each game. Great game last night, you guys did a great job coming from behind and generating 6 runs. I have a really good feeling about the team this year. I love watching all of your games. Good luck with the West Coast games. You guys will do amazing=)

    Keep up the good work.

    Looking foward to reading the rest of your blogs.

    Your biggest fan,



    Hi David Wright. I am listening to the game right now Mets vs. Padres. I have been a Mets fan for as long as I can remember and have always been there with you guys all the way. I just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work and all that the team is doing to be number 1. No matter what happens I will continue to be a true fan. No matter win or lose. But I know that we will win this series. You guys deserve it and will get it. I cant wait till the team comes back home to NY, so I can go to the games again.

    Biggest fan since birth



    Oh yea I didnt get a chance to make a suggestion earlier for your new blog name but heres a couple






    Hi David!
    If it’s not too late I have a suggestion for the name of your blog:

    “Wright on the Edge”

    Good luck on the road trip! Tough game last night, I’m sure you guys are exhausted but you’ll bounce back.



    Hey David! Number one mets fan here/idea person for the team. Being a diehard Mets fan, i am impressed with how well the Mets are doing to date. I am also concerned about their recent performance though. Being a critique of the team—the Simon Cowell of baseball—i feel that everyone has gotten too home run happy. What happened to the little things that actually help us win games? Singles, doubles, and things like that? If the Mets can pull together things lke that again then we are sure to win and be a dynamic team. I love to brag about how well the Mets are doing to Yankee fans who have given me nicknames such as Mets Fan and Metsy lately. I’d like to continue to do taht if we can continue winning. Of the whole team I would have to say that my favorites on the team are Floyd, Reyes, Hernandez did well but needs a hitting streak to power him and above all yourself. I’d like to continue having you as my favorite player if you can buckle down and go for the hits and continue the phenomenal defensive plays you have made. TY.


    Hi David!
    First and foremost, as a Red Sox fan, I have to say congrats to Pedro for his 200th win. Can you tell him that for me?

    Also, last night’s game against the Padres was a tough one. Extra innings are always a killer if you are the one playing. They are great to watch though. I was a good game. I’m sure you guys will win today.

    Lastly, I was just wondering if the Mets had any superstitions? Do you guys do anything special before each game that helps you feel more prepared? My softball team is 6-0 right now and yesterday we beat the defending state champions, and the pitcher and I have a ritual we have to do before each inning otherwise we just don’t feel confident about the upcoming inning. Is that common among professionals too? Thanks for you time.



    hey david u guys look good this year. ur doing alot better than the yankees. ur swing is looking good this year if u keep it up i think u good be a possible mvp award finallist. but thats not the mosty important thing 2 u nd thats y ur my favorite player. u do what ever it takes 2 win. i hope i see u in a mets uniform 4 years 2 come. u nd jose side by side, it could be one of the best duos ever.


    Hiii David

    First and foremost i would like to say that you’re a great addition to the METS. I have been a METS fan for quite a while now, the first Mets player that i liked was Robin Ventura, and the 2000 subway series transformed me into a major baseball fan. However the last couple of years Mets hasn’t been looking so great, and like you said “But it?s not like I?m trying to play the underdog card here, either. We have a ballclub that?s capable of winning our division”. I completely agree, i think with you and some of the other new guys on the team, this year we will go very far into the playoffs. Once again I’m so glad that you’re a part of the team. And finally i have a FAVORITE player on the METS again. Stay strong, healthy, focused and most of all have fun.

    P.S do you have a girlfriend? haha and also wat do you look for in a gf?

    Lots of Love



    Hello!!! I think it’s really awesome that you began a blog…it gives us hardcore Met fans an insight as to what life as a pro player is really like…i think all of you guys should start one…one question i have is if you have a unique handshake with every player on the team. I know it soundslike a stupid question, but i reallt want to know.Every time something great happens (which is often(; )there’s a throng of flying hands, hip bumping, and tackles…Reyes snd Pedro always seems to have the most animated and the commentators always rate the best up in their little booth during the game…it adds a little personality to the game, you could say… enjoy the game against San Diego tonight!!!
    Good Luck!!!

    Your Fellow Met Maniac,



    Level your swing out. A high percentage of your contact the last two weeks has been to mid
    right field, you are coming up

    just a bit on the swing as if your starting to jack for the fence. Get back to center with a level swing and

    youll be putting the ball in the left center gaps again.


    d wright,

    you are the greatest. i was just telling some buddies last night that you’re gonna win an mvp in the next 3 years. tops. one of my friends, a red sox fan, was also saying that you’re definitely the real deal, so keep it up man. you won’t meet many bigger mets fans than me, but as an 18 year old i’ve never seen a mets world series, so at such time as the mets do win it all again, i am going to be a happy man. lets go dude, make me and rest of mets fan nation happy for years to come. lets go mets,



    Hi david I am 11 years old and I am the biggest fan of you ever. I have been following the mets since I was 5. I am a die hard fan. You and the rest of the mets I expect to make to the playoffs and maybe world series since right now your record is 11 wins and 4 loses. Keep up the GREAT work and tell Caarlos, Carlos and Cliffy I said hi. P.S. maybe some day we can meet??????? PLEASE???!!!! ok bye = )



    It seems you are holding the bat up much higher than before. Is this intentional? I’m not seeing that nice compact swing of yours in a few days since you have hit this little mini slump.


    Hi David!
    I like the name of the blog you have right now, but Wright’s Right would also be a good name. Me and my brother have grown up watching the Mets play and are die hard fans. We are both so excited about this season and all of the talent on the team. Good luck on the remainder of your road trip.

  138. Chris

    Toug break with the loss yesterday, good luck with the Pads tonight, we would definitely love a series win on the road. It’s been amazing to watch you progress through the majors, and you really seem like the real deal. Anyway, good luck tonight, from one of your biggest (and first) fans!


    I finally gave in to the need to listen to more than the three games a month broadcast all the way out here in Portland so I got MLBradio and listen to WFAN. You’re doing a wonderful job. Keep up the good work!
    ~Sarah Emily


    Hey David
    My name is Taryn and I’m 18 years old. I attend Hofstra University. I just wanted to tell you that I think you are the cutest guy I have ever seen!! I love watching you play. Maybe someday we’ll meet unexpectedly. Keep up the great work!!



    Hey David,

    You are so nasty out there in the hot corner. You’re up there on my top like..5. So i was hanging out with my friend the other day watching you guys kick some serious butt, when he turns to me and says, “You know my sister went out with David Wright.” My jaw is on the floor because it dropped so hard. Now, she is a very good looking lady I must say, and to think about it, you went out with her. Well I just want to congrats you on that and I really hope you read this.


    hey congrats on the win tonight! i wish i could be on the field and share the victorie with you lol but at 27 and no college i dont see that happening well keep up the great work iv been waiting for a year like this for a long time. GO METS!!!


    Hi David, I just wanted to say THANK YOU!. Thanks for being the kind of person and ball player that I am proud to have my 9 year old son idolize. Thanks for giving it your all every game. Thanks for signing my son’s baseball card that he mailed to the stadium. And for taking the extra time to sign a few autographs before the game we came to. We’ll be cheering for ya!


    Congrats on the win last night David! Keep up the awesome work!! I really have been enjoying your blogs…being a Die Hard Met fan living in Houston has been kind of tough the last couple of years! So, thanks lately for making my life easier! :o)

    Lets Go Mets!!



    Hi David: Some of the suggested names seem a bit egotistical, with a name like Wright that might be expected.
    How about “Dave’s Hot Corner”.

    Good luck in ’06!




    What a terrific series so far with the Padres! You’ve turned some tremendous fielding plays out there (we are so glad we get SNY out here in western NY so we can watch!)

    Talk to ya soon – have fun with it all, Dave! Lets Go Mets !!!



    you’re living the dream.Keep playing hard, and put the rest of the East in the rearview mirror.


    Great game last night. Keep up the great job. Hope you and the others that got hit are feeling better after last night. Thank you


    Glad to see you remained in the line-up today! The announcers said you had the outline of the ball imprinted on your rib. That had to hurt! I hope you’re feeling better! Good luck as you continue this long road trip!


    Hey David,

    Great way to start the season. Losses are going to come, can’t win every game. 2-2 With the padres, .500 on a road series, We’ll take it!

    The Mets have a good team this year, and since I have just moved to South Carolina, I love bragging with all of these Braves fans around. I got tickets to your next series with the Braves in Atlanta, tried to get 3rd base side but they were all out. Right Field fould line was the best I could get.

    As a teenager, you are my role model for both football and baseball. I wish and hope that someday I can be where you’re at.

    Anyway, Goodluck at San Francisco.

    Stay safe, and God Bless.



    I am a big fan of yours on the field. I especially like how you handle the spotlight of NYC and how humble you are. I also really appreciate the work you’ve done for children afflicted with MS. I am 25 years old and live in NYC. Being a fan of yours, I’ve researched your foundation and was wondering how I could become more personally involved. Any information would be great. Thank you and LET’S GO METS!
    Thanks –

    Jenn from Manhattan


    Wassup Wright,how you doing?
    You are doing a excellcent job

    this year. I saw the game when

    we won 8-1 and I saw when the

    padres pitcher had hit you.

    Seriously,I was so mad when he

    did that. I wanted to jump in

    the t.v and punch that pitcher

    in the face. I couldn’t believe he did that. Espically

    to you cus I don’t like nobody

    hitting my players no matter

    what. Espically when it comes

    to you. I hope one day we could meet. You don’t know how

    happy I would be if I could meet you. Anyways, good luck

    to you and the mets at San Francisco. Let’s try to sweep

    the Giants. It would be cool

    if we did. Let’s Go Mets!

    – Veronica


    Hey Mr. Wright!

    I enjoy the insight you are giving the fans by participating in MLBlogs. Anyway, as for this season, you guys started off very strong and showed the league that you’re not just good on paper, but on the field as well. The last few games have been kind of shaky, but keep your heads up! Losses are a part of the game and a good team, like you guys, can bounce back and take it in stride. Tell everyone to keep their heads up and to keep playing hard, but to also have FUN! Nothing makes me smile more than seeing you boys having the time of your life.

    I’m 14 years old and have only been watching for about 5 years, but I feel like I’ve been a part of this team for ages. Well, stay safe and give my prayers and wishes to Beltran. I hope your strained muscle feels better as well! Keep it Wright πŸ™‚

    ` Connie ❀


    heyy david wats up? i just wanted to let you know that i am a huge fan of yours and you are such an incredible player! im sry that you got hurt in the game the ohter day…hope you are doing okay! I think that it was really cool that you just shook it off and kept are a perfect role model for all athletes… btw i have your jersey, which tends to be rare for a girl especially my age, and i wear it proudly! i love you! Love, Heather


    David, let me start off by saying I’m a huge Mets fan and also a huge fan of David Wright. This season is looking so promising and the development of that swagger with guys like you Beltran, Delgado, Nady, Reyes and the rest of the guys. You are one of the best home grown prospects I have seen with the Mets in a long time. Keep up the good work and Lets go Mets!


    The Wright Time
    Its all Wright

    I ain’t goin nowhere

    We aint stoppin

    Dave the way

    The Wright Way/The only way

    The Wright Spot

    This is hard. Good Luck. See @ Shea πŸ˜›


    Hi David,
    I’m hoping you are feeling better from the hit the other night. I’ll see you guys in Atlanta on Friday night! Its my first trip to Atlanta and I can’t wait. I have to say that the three best things that have happened to the Mets are You, Pedro and Willie. I had a couple of suggestions for the name.

    Keep Believing Is the Wright Way

    The Wright Time To Believe

    Love you guys! LET’S GO METS!!




    Hope you’re feeling better after that hit the other night! When I saw the clip, my heart sunk…

    Just thought I’d let you know that after talking to some co-workers at the office… come to find out that they either know you or have met you. I work with Mrs. Amy Hudgins (you went to school with Candace Hudgins) and she sends her greetings! She brought in some memoirs of you from high school and showed them to me.

    Good luck to you and the team… keep your spirits up! LET’S GO METS!

    **** Rose – from Virginia Beach


    Yo Davey what’s up man. I have one thing to say to you. Relax, relax, relax, relax, relax! LOL You want me to say it again? RELAX! Hey remember that 80’s song Relax by Frankie goes to Hollywood? You should have that playin when you go up to bat. Buy a Lazy-Boy. Get a massage in those fancy shmancy hotels you guys stay in, just stop thinking about baseball for a minute. I see you when you’re up at the plate and I can see it in your eyes man. Stop killing yourself, there is no pressure, it’s all in your head. Just relax. Concentrate on your defense and baserunning for when you actually do get on, lol! Just kidding. Actually you’ve been great on the base-pads thanks for all the SB’s, I knew you would come through. Noticed that move you do with your feet, very clever. Almost got you nabbed though last night. Whatever, you’ll be fine. You’re too smart to let a stupid thing like pressure hold you down. Besides, pressure doesn’t really exist anyway. It’s all chemical. Aroma-therapy and meditation work wonders. If all else fails, a night of gettin sloshed never hurt anyone! Lol just kidding. Goin to watch the rest of the game. Peace, JP


    Hiya Dave!

    Don’t sweat the defensive problems today – everyone has an off day every once in awhile. Great double though! Congrats on the win – nice to finally win a series against the Giants on their turf.

    Hope to get to Shea this year, but if not my son and i will buy you dinner at the Outback at Spring Training next year….shoot me an email if you can.

    Lets go Mets!

    John G



    What a nerve wrecking game yesterday! Thanks for that awesome double and Congrats to the you all!!

    Was watching the game on and the camera was focusing on you in the dugout. You looked quite disturbed. Don’t let it get to you… RELAX!

    Have a safe trip and good luck in Atlanta!

    **** Rose


    well i havent saw the mets in a world series since 2000 when they blew it against the yank’s. it would be real nice if yall could get to it this year. yall are lookin pretty good. Just dont let the braves get catch up on u. Well good luck on yurr next game.



    Hi David,

    Great job this past week in Cali..That hit you took in San Diego seemed painful, I hope all is better!

    When it comes to b’casters saying you and some of the other players are in a “slump”..who cares? Don’t be hard on’s only April!

    Just remember…everyone has their ups and downs in anything they do in life. You guys are coming home now and you have an amazing amount of people supporting you guys!


    Hey, David!

    As a Mets fan all my life, and having seen the highs and lows throughout the years, I am so proud to have you on our team. You exemplify all the positive aspects of baseball, and bring a special outlook, giving us hope.

    Listen to Wags and don’t worry about your mistakes. You’re hurting a bit right now and pushing. You’re only human. Keep it up, man! We’re all behind you!

    Lets Go Mets!


    *chanting* Update! Update! Update!

    I don’t know about the rest of you guys but I’m dying for a new post on the blog LOL

    I changed my email just in case, is still me πŸ™‚

    I started a board so we can interact as fans with one another. So, if you are interested send me an email so I can send you the addy

    Over and out, Desiree


    David, you guys are rocking the socks off all your opponents. I can’t wait to see you guys play in October. Keep the good work up! I’ll be following you throughout the season.




    Hey! This is awesome that you have a blog. I’ve been a Mets fan my whole life but I’ve been living in Atlanta, Ga for the past 15 years. I’m sure you can imagine the name calling that I’ve suffered through the years. Since all of my friends are Braves fans and they always give me a hard time about loving the Mets, I got together a huge group of people to go to the game on April 28th. My friends and I always exchange way too many four letter words when we “talk” about the Mets and Braves. It’s awesome. So anyway, I’ll be in the upper level near home base and I’ll make sure to scream real loud for you to hear! Good luck aganist the Braves this weekend. If you guys lose.. I might get my butt kicked. πŸ™‚



    Hey David,
    Hope you’re feeling better. And your little nagging injuries are clearing up. Speaking of injuries how’s Rac doing? Hope his surgery went smooth. Well, you guys keep up all the hard work. Us Mets fan stuck in the heart of enemy territory (Atlanta) will be rooting for the dethorning of the Braves.




    4-3 on the west coast swing? In the past you could predict how the Mets would do based on their west coast swing. Now it seems you guys only play two of the three west coast teams when you go out there. In the past it used to be all three: SD, SF & LA. It was usually 11 games and the road record was usually 4-7. 2 out of 3 (can we say all 3?) in Atlanta and you will finish the trip 6-4 with an impressive April. I salute the entire team!


    Yo David,

    I can’t be having these errors. It’s hurting my fantasy stats too much. I had to package you up with Victor Martinez and propose a trade. I’m trying to get Reyes and A-Rod for you and Victor. So listen up–if this trade goes through, you have to play pretty bad for the rest of the year cuz I don’t want to be that guy who trades away the guy right before he takes off on a wonderful year. So why don’t you bring the average down to about .280. Hit like 19 homeruns, and only drive in like 90 runs. And also, you gotta stop with these stolen bases. I don’t wanna trade you if you are gonna end up stealing 30 bases. Got it? good. On the other hand. Beat the dung out of the Braves.



    hey David!
    your the best Mets thirdbasemen EVER!!

    You are like the only guy on the Mets that i like.

    (I’m a Braves Fan)

    Good Luck in your hopefully long career!



    I’m a die-hard Met fan living in Brave country. I’m going to all 3 games this weekend at Turner. You’ve inspired me and thousands of other Mets fans, and we look forward to seeing you for many years in New York! Hopefully you can silence the Chop tonight vs. Smoltz! All the radio stations here mock any “swagger” y’all have! Go prove them wrong!!!




    You are the present and future of the Mets organization and I hope you remain a Met for life.

    Im a big fan of the Mets and you specifically. To me its important to not only be a good player, but to also be humble and work hard all the time…not to mention have an appreciation for the game and not take it for granted.

    I see these characteristics in you and your approach. You are truly what all athletes should aspire to be.

    You have brought an excitement to the team…I mean that bare-handed over the shoulder catch in left field will replay in my mind forever..UNBELEIVABLE.

    I think you should call the blog “The Wright Stuff” because that’s what you bring to this team.

    As a longtime Mets fan I have but one more thing to say:





    Your ears must’ve been burnin’ because right before you hit each homer tonight I said “David, home run…home run…this is it” and you did each time! Congrats to you and the guys for a great game tonight! Good luck tomorrow!

    **** Rose – from Virginia Beach


    The mark of a good team and player is based on bouncing back . You had a tough game in the San Fran finale and absolutly dominated tonight (in what I though was the first real big game of the year). And after the Bonds jack and leaving the bases loaded in the 10th, you guys still came back at em and won that game. Sweet dubs tonight. Keep it goin’ man, keep it goin’.


    Oh yeh, and the “Ballers Blog” or “The Hot Corner: The Life of a 22 year old stud 3rd Baseman”


    Im glad to see some pop back in the bat. Good luck with the rest of the series, because we all know how important these games are.make sure you DO NOT catch the zeek.



    I’m thrilled that you guys got the Braves series off to the start all the Mets players and fans wanted. It also looks like you are beginning to break out of your little slump there with your 2 homers. I was telling someone that I want your jersey so bad and they said he’s not playing well, why do u want it? I told her that you are a great ballplayer and you will bounce back. Looks like I was right. There is no way to downplay such a big series even this early in the year. If you guys lose all three, u are only up 2 games and momentum shifts in the division. I really think you guys have a great shot at sweeping the Braves. People think I’m nuts, but I believe in the NY Mets. This team is reminding me a lot of Mets teams in the past, where they believed that they could not lose. Keep up the great work David! You are the best!

    -Rick, PA


    The 1986 METS were a most dominant club. The NEVER lost after being ahead after the 7th inning. The were dominant on the road and as well as home. The had strong left handed pitching in addition to grea right handers as well as balance in the bullpen
    The 2006 METS need to establish consistancy in winning on the road.Thats a true mark of a winner. They also need to play as a unit.

    The 2006 METS need to gain some swagger. Well said by you. Someone should get ahold of as much footage as possible of the 1986 METS and watch it over and over again.

    THey were the most dominant major league team before the all star game that year ever

    GO ahead and take a look

    as for a name for your blogging

    “TIME OUT”


    2 homers against Atlanta…it doesnt get better than that. Way to be a Brave killer. I think you have a couple more in ya before the series ends.

    I say dont worry about the 86 Mets… Just write the story of the 2006 Mets… I think its going to have a happy ending.

    Great job once again!



    David Wright,

    haha I am not sure whether to call you David, or Mr.Wright, so i just through in your whole name…Just as the post said above me TWO homeruns in last nights game is awesome. I go to college in Philadelphia so I don’t get to see my METS play as often as I would like since the Phillies over take the tv waves haha. I live in New York and there of course i get to see a majority of your games, but my Dad back in NY text messaged me each time you jacked one over the fence. I was so pumped because I love talking about the Mets and especially you around my Phillies and Yankees friends at school. Good Luck with the rest of the series…

    ❀ Autumn


    hey dwright! c[;*

    woo! you got 2 homers at the braves game yesterday that was so amazing!! dont worry about the errors you made, you’ve gotten better & im proud of you. good luck with the rest of the braves series!!

    you & the rest of the mets are AWESSSOOMMEE!! aren’t i wRIGHT? lol.

    <3chryssa `;D


    D. Wright,


    Atlanta hasn’t won 14 straight NL East titles. The first three were in the NL West. In their first year in the NL East, 1994, the Expos actually ended up in 1st (strike-shortened season).

    The Braves, then, won the NL East Crown from 1995-2005. OK. That’s good but not the scary 14 everyone quotes.

    And anyway, this is OUR year!

    You’re the man, D. Wright. Go METS!



    I am so happy you guys are doing as well as you are this season. I feel like a proud Mom, bragging about my boys big game last night. The Braves sure do have something to be worried about this year!!! I am sick of all those obnoxious Yankee fans always making me feel like I am on the wrong side of the game, but I grew up in Brooklyn and Long Island with 4 brothers and a father who loved the Mets, so what choice did I have but to love them too. I spent many summer days and nights at Shea Stadium falling in love with my team, and the players from Lee Mazilli to Keith Hernandez to Mike Piazza. I have met you a couple of times, the first being at Port St Lucie in spring of 2004 when you wre the “bag carrier” and I got a photo of you with my girls. You were so young and we’ve watched you grow to a handsome man! The following year we met again, and I have to say you are a genuine guy, just don’t let the fame change you. Your fans love you and we need you just as much as you need us. so make sure next time I bring a photo of you with my girls, you sign it, just as you promised me you would. I left NY in 2002 so now the only way I get to see my beloved team is to drag my family down to Port St Lucie or hope you play our local team the Nationals so I can “call in sick” to work and sneak in a game or two. Can’t wait to see you next spring!!!



    Nice road trip…even if you didn’t sweep Atlanta, it was still the Mets first series win there since August ’03. For the most part, the pitching has been terrific (tell Lo Duca they owe it all to him…LOL) and it seems that just enough gets done to get the win. Hope your homestand goes well…nothing like winning in front of the home crowd, right?




    Hi David, I wanna say good road trip. Even though we didn’t sweep Alanta, Im still happy that we won 2 of the 3 games against them. I know you
    and the mets tried really hard

    to win today and I know the fans appericate it. Even though we lost today’s game, I

    know we are still going to do good. This is our time and our

    year to win the World Series.

    I don’t think, I know we could

    win the World Series. Looking

    forward for you coming back home. Let’s Go Mets!



    I’m a Yankee fan, but also your fan, is more than your game, is your personality charisma… well you are pretty hot too. if someone deserves to be the mets captain that is you.
    i wish your career goes better and better you deserve it. (it seem you made me a closet met fan) XOXO

    i apologize for my redaction English is not my native language


    Hi there, Dave:
    I’m sure that you can appreciate all of the expressions of inspiration– re: ‘human character’ and as a baseball player– that you’ve read here; they are well-deserved. The passion and excitement that you exude infuses energy both into your teammates and the fans. You manifest maturity beyond your years, and I join my fellow ‘bloggers’ in applauding you for setting a great example, both on and off the field. –Re: naming your blog: I don’t know what your tastes are, as we haven’t gotten to see that part of your personality yet, (barring your ‘music’ and ‘movie’ preferences). (Didn’t know what you were getting into, did ya? –Delgado thinks HE has a diary! LOL…) As a writer, I get a ‘kick’ out of clever ‘plays on words’. I’ve seen a few of my ideas posted already, so I won’t repeat those. But, here are some suggestions for you; hope that they reach you before you make your choice. (Maybe you’d like to edit or combine some of these):

    “The Wright Patrol”

    “Touching ‘Em All”

    “Perfect Game: Mets Baseball,

    Wright From The Start”

    “Take 5’, on Mets Baseball”

    “David’s Diary: View From The Hot Corner”

    “Wright In The Clubhouse”

    “High 5-ing”

    “Wright’s Turn”

    ~Wishing You A World Of Wins~


    (aka: ‘The Met-Mutt’)



    I love your blog and the “inside view” of life with the Mets. I am 31 YO long life Mets fan and to see a guy like you playing for my favorite team brings me such joy. My daughter wears your number on her Little League team and she thinks your great too, you seem to bring her good luck since every time she plays third, she tags someone out (she’s 11 BTW). I write to you today on what would have been my twin boys’s first birthday (they passed away when they were 3 days old due to being exteme preemies)but I am sure that Matt and Steve would have loved to see you play too.

    As for a name for your blog, let me vote on my favorite “the Wright Stuff”.

    Thanks for all the good times you’re providing to us Mets fans, especially this 2nd generation fan here.




    I hope you read this. Im a huge fan of yours and the mets. I watched every game on your road trip and i paid particular attention to your at bats. I know your groin injury may be altering your swing but i realized something about your at bats on the road. You werent trying to drive outside pitches to the opposite field. you were letting them pass and being called strikes putting you in the hole. wehn you are hot it is because you drive those balls to right field forcing pitchers to try to beat you in other places. I dont think im an great hitting coach but figured i would give my imput as a long die hard fan.

    Good luck and make us proud!!!


    Hey David,

    Ive been a Mets fan 4 years now ever since I took a trip to NY and saw the Mets at Shea. I’m lovin’ the blog so far (though not as much as I like the league standings!) Unlucky not getting the sweep in Atlanta that woulda been awesome. Im coming back in August so Ill be making the trip to see you in action.

    Much Love from the UK

    Hazelle x


    Hey David,
    Nice job so far this season. Don’t worry about this mini-slump I’m sure you will pull out of it soon with a few doubles. And it seemes as though when you or Delgado don’t hit someone else does like LoDuca or Chavez and that is a good sign for a team. I am also glad to see you are staying positive, keep up the good work.


    I know every girl in the free world must have a crush on you but I think you and me should met. even if just for a beer. I live in NYC. Email me at

    Your seriously biggest fan



    hey David

    i have always wanted to meet you and have a chance to communitcate, ive been a met fan ever since i could remember from the day u came to the bigs, i knew u and jose were going to be our future. i cant tell you how exciting it is to be a met fan and to watch u play. unfortunatly i live in tx now and i dont ever get to see you guys play but i catch ever game i can on mlb tv or espn….i just wanted to send my regards, good luck tonight and do me a favor and sweep the braves this weekend

    david p dallas tx


    Hey David!
    I’ve been a Mets fan since 1962 and have been coming to the games since Shea opened in 1964. I tell people that baseball is my religion and Shea is the church I worship at. So, let’s talk swagger. You think the Mets are developing swagger? Take a look at some of the ’86 games. Now there was a team with swagger!!!! Swagger is not only winning, but in this city abyway, behaving like winners who are proud of themselves, their team, and their acheivements. It’s stirring up the home crowd with fist pumping curtain calls after every homerun at Shea. EVERY home run. Not apologetic, “excuse me, this is so embarassing” little waves from the middle steps of the dugout, but honest to god “we are the greatest” acknowledgement of the cheers. Look at some clips of Gary Carter’s curtain calls…now THAT’S swagger. Swagger is making Shea the one field the rest of the league hates to play in and makes you guys, the team, the one group no other team’s fans want to see (but have to see because, man, you really ARE that good). This, I think, is real swagger. This, I think, is what the Mets fans are dying to see. Winning is great, but winning with ATTITUDE is what Mets fans want and need. Then you’ve got swagger!


    good game last night David.Tommy was on!! & Nady,what a shot!!Well,here we go,Bravos again.Good luck! & God Bless!!



    Thank god you’re out of your slump!! Can’t wait to see some more homers. You’re absolutely gorgeous by the way ! πŸ™‚ lets goooo mets !!!



    Wassup David, how you doing? Its good to know you are out of that slump. You played a great game last night. I was so happy when we shutout the pirates 6-o and swept them. Nady with the 3 run homer and Glavine with the 7 inning shutout. It was a really good game. I hope we could do the same against Alanta. Well, hope you are feeling a lot better and good luck against Alanta tonight. By the way, you are sooooooooo cute. Let’s Go Mets!



    hea David,
    I am ur biggest fan ever!! And can I mention how gorgeous

    and hot you are!!! oh my God. u have the most beautiful face and that tongue action is absolutely SEXY!! wut is that any ways? Everytime you hit or ground a ball your always sticking out your tongue. That is sooo hot. I think that you are an amazing player and you have ur head on “Wright”he he

    you are a terrific young player who has so many years ahead of him and so much to offer to this Mets organization.

    I went to the baseball game on Friday and was so happy to see you hit that game winning double against the Yanks.

    I enjoy watching you play on the field because you are filled with so much enthusiasm!!I love how you run the bases. You have such a cute run.

    Its my 16th birhtday today and I am so happy to be commenting you.

    There aren’t that many athletes who have their own blog pagers an I am glad you are giving your fans a closer look into the game.

    The “5” and “22” in my screename is for your jersey number and Nady’s because you are both great and gorgeous players!!

    I finished my softball season and i had to wear your number because i am in luv with you and is your biggest fan. I’m a pitcher and i love the sport.

    I will be at Shae July 7 to root for you guys because this year we have an amazing team are gonna make it all the way to the World Series.

    Keep up the great work and can’t wait to see you update your blog.


    I loved that hit over Damon’s head. Your skip to first base wuz so cute.

    Hit a homer for me tomorrow.

    As for a name for your blog,

    “The Wright Time” or “Wright Here Wright Now”

    pce -Lindsy

    {ur biggest fan ever}!


    I got the pleasure of hanging out with you Paul and Cliff the other night. I have to say that you guys made my night. Not only have I been a Mets fan for 22 years(since I was born lol), but I absolutely adore you. I already knew that you were an amazing player, but now I know what an amazing person you are as well. The three of you were so respectful and you all went out of your way to take pictures and talk with anyone around. You guys even signed my pants (even though you wouldnt sign my left leg lol). Well I just thought you should know that your great attitude and personality dont go unnoticed. I really had a great time and hope to see you guys again. We also went to the game and sat in the rain through the double header, but it was deffinately worth it. Lets Go Mets!!



    I’m not gonna lie to you, between the two of us, we have added to the mets’ fanbase. all it took was me being a huge fan of yours, really from the very beginnning, to get things rolling. i would talk about this budding super-star (peter gammons once said that if you remain with the mets, he believes you’ll be the best met ever..,. that was last year, before your MVP numbers this year), and thene my girlfriend finally looked at the tv at a baseball game, fell in love with “the gorgeous david wright,” (thanks a lot!). then, all her friends love the mets, then all my female co-workers love the mets, well, at least you… and we live in Hollywood! I got tickets to your game in LA, SD, & SF, and i’ll tell you, it was no problem getting people to follow their now favorite mets. anyway, great job on the field and also with your foundation. you’re a class act and i’ll of course be rooting for you and the mets all season and more. —Brendo


    Hey, David! This might sound a little wierd, but, you are my cousin somehow. I think that your grandady’s sister, or your granddaddy, is my grandma’s sister or brother. My grandma says that. my mom, is my grandma’s daughter. so, in conclusion, YOU are somehow my 2nd cousin, once removed, or something like that. So, PPPPPPPPLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEE email me at I’ll even let you speak to my patents, or my grandparents about this wierd relation. It’s true! I am related to you! amazing, huh? If you have any questions, please email me.



    if i could i would be to every game i reading you blog.i am a great mets fan…you can do alot of things not everything because know one can do everything but you go to jones beach.


    hey David, First you are soo hot and i would go to every game if i could ever since i saw you on tv i became a huge mets fan. and your the reason i watch the mets. but if its not to late i have some suggestions for the name of your blog i got the wright stuff or you’ve got the wright stuff or just plain wright stuff please email me at and let me know

    Love You SOO MUCH!, Samantha


    Hey David
    I went to the game today 9/9/06 and i got Greens autograph and i saw you and screamed and u wouldnt come


    over.ha ha ha i love u a lot. You did really nice today and wanted to say hi….

    i would want to know if u saw this message so email me that would be awsome. just to let u no im ur biggest fan.

    love your truest fan nikki



    Hey David,
    Congratulation on all your success, you have worked hard for it. Thank you for allowing my brother and his girlfriend to visit with you at the Dodgers home game. I know your time is very valuable and that meant a lot to him. He was so excited; he told me it’s crazy to see you there playing with the big boys after being on the same field with the rest of the hawks. Although even then you were always on a totally different level of play. Always set high levels of expectation in your life and continue exceeding them. Don?t get discouraged with any misfortunes that come into your life; stay strong and let all that you do be done with love. It is good to see the hawks flying to there peak and doing all they can to stay there. If you ever visit home give us a call and maybe we could visit for little bit. Good luck in the post season and hopefully the Mets hard work and persistence will pay off with bringing home a “Ring”.

    With Love,

    Hodgie jr.

  207. Cassinda

    Congrats to you david and to the entire NYMETS team.. you guys are an amazing team, great potential and remarkable players.. I have always been proud to be a NYMETS fan and i will always be.. this is a team that picks each other up.. this is truely our team and time.. This team plays every game as though its the last game and you give 100% all the time.. As you always say NY has the greatest fans and we love David and the NYMETS.. Again Congrats to players, manager, coaches and everyone in the METS clubhouse and staff..

    this is our team and our time.. METS4LIFE


    hey dave,
    your doing a fantastic job, and congrats to your team for being the N.L East CHAMPIONS… great does that sound! yeah and i though it was great that you went out and celebrated with the fans, ha ha loved the cigar!

    Keep up the great work and just to let you know i cut out all the pics of you in the newspaper and displayed them above my bed so i see you every single dayyy!!!


    your #1 fan( im serious)



    David, Congragulations on being the NL East CHAMPIONS!! I’d just like to let you know that I’ve been following you since your minor league career in Norfolk (not very much but I’d look up the scores and your stats). Thanks for loving the fans up in New York we appreciate it all. I know you have a lot to do, but I just wanted to say good luck and hopefuuly I’ll be watching you in this year’s World Series (may even get to go to a game!) Love, Brittany


    hey dave
    its me again ur biggest fan ever. Just wanted to wish you luck on tonites game! i am about one of the only kids in my school who is obsessed with you and the mets..weird rite…wrong all of the other people who just started liking the mets are called frontrunners but ive liked the mets ever since i was little, so there for i am your BIGGEST FAN EVER!!!!!!!!

    LOVE YOU!!!!



    You are awesome! I am one of your biggest fans! all the kids in my school are like Yankee Fans and I am the only one that is in love with you. But i like being the only one. Anyway Amazing job when you clinched the series I watched the whole thing with my brother, my dad, and my mom. I just have one queston, Why were you running around with a cigar in your mouth. Don’t get me wrong it was really funny! I have two neclaces of you and while i was at my williamsport serimonie it fell off


    Faith Laudano

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