Golf tournament a huge success

My first David Wright Foundation Golf Classic was a blast. There was an unbelievable turnout. The sponsors and golfers came out in full force. It?s nice to drive up to your own tournament and see the type of atmosphere we had at Leewood Golf Club, which is a really nice course in Eastchester, N.Y. There was a lot of great golf played. Some ugly golf, too, but everyone seemed to have a great time. Importantly, it raised a lot of money. It was a huge success. We sold the thing out very quickly and the auction went extremely well. I?m a rookie when it comes to running a charity golf tournament, so I was ecstatic to see how well everything turned out.

Steve Trachsel played well and so did Michael Strahan of the Giants. Strahan’s group won the tournament. I didn?t get to watch each group but I bet Michael helped his group a little bit. There were some ringers on the course, though. I saw some nice swings and impressive scores. Actually, I was surprised I didn?t see Jeff Wilpon among the long drive contest winners. He?s beaten me up on the course a few times. He can hit it.

I only played about seven or eight holes because I had obligations as the host, but I surprised myself a little. I had a new set of Wilson clubs that I was using for the first time. I played with my agent, Keith Miller, and an executive from MLB. I struck the ball a little better than I expected but I?d say all facets of my game need improvement, starting with my short game. Chipping isn?t a strong point.

Miller, a former player, has become real close to me the last five years. His wife, Stephanie, was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, so I want to focus on that cause for the first couple years of the tournament. We?ll gradually branch out with more charities. I?d like to get involved with children?s hospitals, both here and in Virginia and eventually figure out how to help some local police and fire departments.

No gray hairs

We were rained out last night, but we had another great win on Wednesday night, winning 1-0 in 13 innings against the Diamondbacks. Pedro Martinez and Brandon Webb both pitched great, which you expect from those two. But getting another late win was satisfying and pretty typical of our club lately. If I don?t watch it, I?m going to start getting like Paul LoDuca and Cliff Floyd with all of those gray hairs.

We just find ways to win. The amazing thing is that we get new heroes each day, too. We get great starting pitching, the bullpen will come in for a few key innings, we?ll get picked up by our bench. Contributions are coming from all over the place. It?s fun to be part of our team right now. We?re all on the same page, playing to win and having a great time together as friends when we?re off the field.

About Lastings Milledge

Lastings Milledge will help us until Xavier Nady returns. He?s a talented young player. It was only a couple of years ago that I was in that position. He?s young, he?s got all of the tools. He needs to go out and play and not let all of the hype get to him. He?s fortunate, like I was, to have been put into a lineup where there isn?t any pressure on him. He just needs to relax and let his skills take over.

He?s accomplished a short-term goal by getting to the big leagues. It?s a great accomplishment but he has to realize now that it?s just a start. Now he has to establish himself and help our team win a championship. Getting to the big leagues is fine but the goal is contributing to a championship.

When I first came up, the veterans made me feel comfortable and things are pretty much the same now. Players on our team realize how important that is to success. If you feel comfortable in the clubhouse and feel like one of the guys, that allows you to relax when you play.

Barry’s in town

Finally, Barry Bonds is here in New York for the first time this season. It?s special for me to play against someone of his caliber. He?s not just one of the best hitters of all time but one of the best Barry
players of all time. I?ve enjoy watching him for a long time and someday I?ll be able to tell my grandchildren that I played against him.

For Barry to hit as many homers as he has is something special. As another player, I understand how hard it is to accomplish. So I plan to congratulate him. You?re not going to see many other hitters like him in a lifetime.

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    Good luck in today’s doubleheader and enjoy the Pearl Jam concert tonight!!!!!!

  2. Michael

    Wright on, David, from down here in Norfolk. I’ve seen Lastings a number of times and agree he is a special player. Appreciate you honoring Bonds accomplishments amongst all the hysteria. Looking forward to watching you guys play today.

    Michael Norton – Some Ballyard



    Hey Davey!! Just wanted to say love the team this year..I’ve been a met fan since I was 5 years old. Remember 86′ slightly and I’m psyched for this year. Seen you guys beat the Braves (my dads team) at shea on May 6. Talk about all the smack talk going on in my house 🙂 But I wear your number on our softball team (full of yank fans by the way) and support the mets to the fullest. Crack a couple nice ones in todays double header bud. And that was really awesome that you had a fundraiser for MS, and your 2 years younger than I am….you da man! Hope Strahan used the right D and didn’t kill any squirrels. hehehe Take it easy bud. Peace

    Adam Kelly

    Albany, NY


    hey well just posting a comment. well im 13 and i live in texas and playin baseball on a not-so-good-team. our record is like 3-12.
    well just askin for sum suggestions.



    Hey David!!! What’s up! Just want to say that i think your a great player and you are part of a wonderful team!!! I’ve been a Mets fan since i was a kid and it’s really great to see this team rise up and come over the shadows of the “other” NY team. I just want to wish you and the other players lots of lucks in your careers and in your personal lives. Take care and LET’S GO METS!!!!


    Brooklyn, NY


    Hi, David —

    Was Keith Miller a player with the Mets — or another NL team? I believe there was a Keith Miller on either the ‘stros or the Phillies at the same time as our Keith Miller.

    And, yes, there was a game in which they both played at Shea — thus setting the record for “Most Players named Keith Miller Involved in a Single Major League Game.”

    Keep up the good work — and the good works, like this fund-raising tournament. Be well.

    Susan CD

    Englewood, NJ


    Good luck against SF today! ~ If it ever stops raining! (I know, I’m in NY also!) Nice work on the field and the blogs! Keep it up!


    ahhh, I was at the game on Wednesday, on field level right by right field. I saw first-hand how Milledge threw the ball dead-on your mitt at third…that was amazing!!! It was a true pitcher’s duel that lived up to my expectations.

    David, I just read the articles of you in last week’s Sports Illustrated (where they called you “Prince of the City”), and the one in New York Magazine that talks about you and Delgado mainly. Very awesome stuff, you impress me more everyday not only on the field, but as the nice guy you seem to be.

    Keep it up =) The very awesome Mets this year aren’t the same without you.


    Good luck in the doubleheader today! Hopefully you guys won’t be too tired today… it looks like a tight schedule since the first game starts at four. I hope Barry doesn’t crush too many homers here!


    hea David,

    Another rain delay! When is this rain ever going to stop?! I wish you guys good luck today in this double header. I’m glad your charity was a success. I knew it would be. The games about to start so I’ll comment again later.



  11. Lola

    Oh David!
    Even though i am a Yankees fan, i admit that i watch Mets games just to watch you. You and Reyes.

    The Mets are something else this year.

    Is it just me, or is anyone else thinking a Subway World Series is possible again this year? =)

    Keep it up David! You look good out there!


    I think it is amazing that you are fundraising for Multiple Sclerosis. My mom was diagnosed with the disease about 5 or 6 years ago, and it is definitely the thing that has affected my life the most. I even plan to do MS research as a career in the future. I really appreciate all of the work that you are doing for the cause.

    P.S. good luck!! 🙂


    hea David,

    Great hitting today. You went 3-4 and thats awesome! Those two doubles were great and you kept us in there for a while. You always seem to impress everytime you take the field or when your up at bat! To bad we didn’t get the first game of the serie but there’s still the second game. I know Glavine will do great because he’s such an amazin’ pitcher! Good Luck!!


    -Lindsy {Wifey}


    Hey David,
    I was just at the first game today. I had a blast but you guys lost. Great job playing though. 3 for 4 is great job! Keep it up.

    – Victoria


    You guys continue to do awesome, like you said there’s always a new hero to contribute to each of the wins, someone new is doing something each night. Keep it up, and keep writing, I love reading!



    Hey David! I was at the double header today… all 10 hours of it! I was lucky enough to get tickets three rows behind home plate and it was the most amazing experience! Congrats on the win and a great offensive day for you! Its always a thrill watching you guys play!

  17. John

    David, I enjoy reading your MLBlog and I look forward to seeing the Mets at Dodger Stadium this week. HOpefully you hit a few balls out into the Pavilion so I can add them to the 4,737 balls that I have caught in my BALLHAWKING career at Major League and Minor League Baseball games!


    Stop by and take a look!


    Hey David!

    I am glad to hear that the golf tourney went well! And don?t worry I am sure you will get better at chip shots. I still think it is very kool that you have a foundation at this young of an age…..the game of baseball needs more players like you! Congrats on going 3-for-4 yesterday and winning the second game! GOOD LUCK TODAY! LETS GOOO METS!!!!!


    P.S. I hope you and the team have a great road trip and win most of them….especially in Philly!!!


    Congrats to you and the entire team. You guys are excellent this year. Now I can go to school and be able to brag about the Mets and I don’t have to listen to all of the Yankee fans. The only thing they did after the Subway Series is come up with excuses. My teacher is a Phillies fan so so far, I’ve enjoyed watching you beat them. Keep playing great and especially in Philly. LETS GO METS!



    Hi David, I just wanted to tell you that you’re doing amazing lately. You have a real talent , and I admire you for it. I would also like to thank you for all of your hard work and contributions to charities. My uncle has MS and it was amazing to find out that someone like you would support it so strongly. So again, thank you.


    Hi David.

    Fun to see that you have a blog and to have a new way to keep up with the team.

    Made me smile to see that Keith Miller is your agent. If he is indeed the Keith Miller that played for the Mets then he is one of only three baseball cards I have ever held onto (Keith Miller, Joe McEwing, and, of course, David Wright!)

    My son wears number 5 in Little League for good luck! We are big fans.

    Fun to watch the Mets right now. Thanks for keeping everyone up to date and giving us a little behind the scenes info.



    Your charity work is so wonderful, I need to thank you a million times over. Raising money to fight MS is a wonderful cause. I was wondering if you have any other places or causes to which you intend on giving money. Thank you again for being so amazing.


    Hey David,
    This season is definitely something that has been missing in New York for a long time. Nobody has been saying good things about the Mets since all the way back in 2000. By the way, my girlfriend has become quite the mets fan, not because she knows that much about baseball, its just that she thinks you’re really cute. Anyway, good luck this season, and remember, baseball is just a game.



    Dear Mr. Wright

    Hello? I still love to read Mr.Wright?s post. 🙂 But unfortunately recently I should stay away MLB games and news because of my personal life. 😦 So now I am very interested in first and forth paragraphs-tournament news and Mr. Bonds-here. At first, I also want to say congratulations of Mr.Wright?s successful golf classics tournament like other people?s comments. 🙂

    Actually? maybe I guess when Mr.Wright finished his own first tournament event, my family also started to hold my sister?s wedding ceremony and finished successfully. I think I feel affinity with Mr.Wright. Because in my personal opinion, My brother is of the almost same age as you are (maybe 1 or 2 month). When Mr.Wright started to debut on MLB, my brother also started to be on military service for my homeland. I also remember when I watched Mr.Wright first time. 🙂 Wow, he was always smiling and played very hard!

    I really appreciate for your description about that event. I can imagine how much Mr.Wright felt happy and joyful with each happening. Well, that episode is like a beautiful painting. 🙂 I also wish your charity also would get improve day by day. 🙂

    And next, I will talk about Mr. Bonds. Yes, as Mr. Wright said, he must be a great player.He has a lot of good talents. And when he was young he also was good at running. And he won Gold glove awards and several time and other good awards. Now I also see this game. ? I love that speech [I?ve enjoy watching him for a long time and someday I?ll be able to tell my grandchildren that I played against him.]. It means the nice praise for the wonderful player in the contemporary era.

    But I do not want to agree to the last speech. [You?re not going to see many other hitters like him in a lifetime.] Because I can say so. In our lifetime, an excellent player in the Mets can represent our age. He is Mr. David Wright! And he can become a legend like Joe DiMaggio. Actually I think late Mr. DiMaggio and you have something in common. The back number is #5. And both look like each other (About appearance). Both not born in N.Y City But they have remained a legend NY and will do later! Well, do you remember? You hit the streak hitting in autumn last year. Then I thought Mr. DiMaggio also had a great hitting historical record! I wish our Mr. Wright would become great! 🙂

    Thanks for read my comment, well now I am pleased to see Mr.Wright homed! 🙂

    Good luck.

    Johanna. 🙂


    I’ve been watching your game today against the Giants, and congratulations on your 9th home run! I’m also very happy Lastings Milledge is starting to hit well, with his two hits in today’s game. However, I would like Nady to return. Do you know when he is going to?

    I love that you are fundraising for Multiple Sclerosis. You are truly my favorite Met. I got my first Mets jersey earlier this week, and of course I picked to get yours.

    Good luck the rest of the season!



    I feel like I should not comment until the end of a game! This has been one of the more exciting games I’ve seen this season, I think. Millidge’s home run was amazing, and I would just like to congratulate the whole team!



    hey there stud
    impressive hits today

    your by far my all time favorite player

    -katrina ❤


    hea David,

    WOW!!! Two home runs! That is amazin. Your hitting and defense was great today like always. Valentin and Milledge were great as well and it is nice to see Milledge hit more. Even though we didn’t get the win today, the Mets still played a great serie and game today. I almost lost my voice screaming for you after you hit your second home run to bring us back in there for a while.

    You are such an amazin’ player and I love your enthusiasm for the game. We should of won today but its ok…we have so many other games to win. I am so proud of you and I’m your #1 fan!! Good luck against the Dodgers tomorrow. Tell Nady to come back because we miss him.




    Hey David,

    Awesome game today. You guys just never give up and I absolutely love that. You guys are some special this year. The chemistry you guys have is amazing and I hope it keeps sticking because that’s what is making you guys pull through in these close games, picking eachother up and getting the job done. great game today, you can’t win them all and you fought hard, team had a few errors, but that is baseball, it happens to everyone. I wish you guys the best of luck on the road trip and just come home over .500 on the trip, hopefully better than that. Take care and glad to see you’re fundraiser went well. Keep up the great work.

    – Matty


    Hey David,

    Great work out there this weekend… Through all the rain and 2 1/2 hour delays, I stuck it out just to watch you guys play. I’d love to meet you someday.

    Keep up the amazing work out there.



    Hey David,

    Tough loss in a great game today. Your second multi-home run game of the season congrats! Cluth hitting in the eigth to tie it up. This year you’ve been the best clutch hitter in the league. I don’t think there’s anyone else I’d rather have in a situation like that. Also you now have 10 Home runs, 38 rbi, your batting average is up to .330 and .404 in the last 10 games! Keep it up and you’ll stay in contention for the batting title.

    Lastings Milledge played just as good as everyone thinks he is. 3-for-4 with a game-tying home run and 3 rbi’s! He had a great slide and showed nice speed on last night’s walkoff sac-fly. And that throw to you against Arizona to get Craig Counsell was bullet!

    I saw the plans for the new ballpark today on and it looks really nice. You’ll be really lucky to play there. Although I think you should tell management to bring the home run apple and hat to the new park.

    I’ve read some great articles about you this year in Sports Illustrated and ESPN the Magazine. I hope your play keeps getting you that kind of recognition. Also, nice job getting the cover of the fantasy baseball preview edition of ESPN. The Mets got 2 years in a row (Beltran last year).

    It’s great to know that even with all the dumb athletes like Terrell Owens and Ron Artest and all the steroid suspicions that there are still players as nice as you. Great work on the fundraiser and good luck in the future! Not many players give it their all like you do. That great dive in to the stands against Seattle last June is a prime example. Most players would have just let that ball fall but you took a hit and caught it. Then got up and hit a rbi triple 3 innings later.



    First I want to say that I love watching you play! I’m thrilled at how well you guys are playing! Keep up the good work! I also want to say that I think your foundation is a great idea. It’s nice to see a young player like yourself reaching out to help others. If ever you are looking for a cause to help, may I suggest the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. I lost my youngest brother to the disease two years ago. They are so close to finding a cure but need all the help they can get! If you need some information on it I’d be glad to help! Good luck to you and the rest of the team on your road trip!



    Hey David,

    I don’t know if you check your stats but they’re great. You’re on pace for .330 avg., 30 Home runs, 112 rbi, 98 runs, 24 stolen bases, and 50 doubles.

    I was watching Baseball Tonight and Beltran, Endy Chavez, Lastings Milledge, and you all made web gems for the month of April. Lets keep up that D.

    They also did a segment on the shift that teams put on for lefty pull hitters like Delgado. If he can learn to hit opposite field more then he’ll break out of his slump.

    LIving in New Jersey I don’t get to see too many games at Shea, but I’m going the 17th against Baltimore so I hope you have a good game that day!

    -Kevin Schram

    Mendham, New Jersey



    You are absolutely fantastic. I was just at Shea for you final game versus the Giants. Although it wasn’t a win for you guys, you were still phenomenal. Not only did you hit one homer, but two! I haven’t been to a Met game since I was 12 which is about 9 years ago and you made it the best experience. It was nice to spend time with my family and enjoy your true talent. Congrats and good luck . You are just what the Mets need “Wright Now” haha. You are level-headed and respectful of your teammates.You play with such grace. To add, I think it is great of you to create a foundation and help those in need. It shows that you appreciate everything that you have and that you care for others. You are a very wonderful person and it shows in everything that you do. Keep up the good work!

    Your #1 Fan,


    P.S So are you single? because you are “wright” for me hahah. 😉



    Not too long ago keith Hernandez made a comment during one of the games and said Delgado was the best hitters on the Mets. I almost threw up. Every game you prove him wrong.

    You will carry them to the playoffs.



    heyy david i was at the game on monday against the diamondbacks when there was rain delay and you got a walk off hit in the bottom of the ninth it was probably my favorite mets game that ive ever been to. very exciting… youre my favorite met just wanted to say even though you guys lost today against the giants, good job with the 2 homeruns…

    Nikki H.

    Wayne, NJ


    Hey David! I’m so happy that the golf tournament went so well. A few of my relatives have MS so it’s nice to know that you are doing what you can to help with this disease. Great job with the series against the Giants. You did your best and that’s all I can ask. Your hitting was outstanding! Good Luck in the upcoming series. Love you!



    Hey! You played awesome both yesterday and today. I got to watch all 3 games at Shea, it was an incredible experience! You are my favorite mets player and continue to impress me during every game!! Amazing hitting against the Giants!




    Been a Mets fan since Tom Seaver was a rookie and I am still going strong. I live in Singapore so I can only watch the games over the Internet. I remember 69 and 73 but was there in 86! I plan to come to the palyoffs and series this year if the Mets are in it!

  40. dave

    Baseball is the greatest sport I know. But to me, on a par, is football (soccer to most of you). The greatest show on Earth (The World Cup) starts on Friday.
    It is still bigger than the olympics.

    I will be starting a totally new, non-baseball, blog for the duration of the competition.

    Please, one and all, come and join in the fun. Even if you know feck all, or even dislike the sport.

    It will be a fun 4 weeks folk..


    Hello David,
    Its interesting I used to only like catchers… But when you came on the team last year and Piazza was by far my favorite, It sure was you.

    You had some awesome plays yesterday and CONGRATS on the 2 HR’s They were beautiful !!!

    Keep up the awesome work and good luck on the west coast this week. Boy, You guys must be exhasuted… Even though I would love to watch the METS 24×7 , they really do need to give you guys a break hear and there. I dont know how you do it man.

    Your the best !!


    Hey David,
    I have a quick question about Lastings Milledge if you have the time to answer. Everyone has been saying that he is a five-tool player, but I was wondering, what are those five-tools?

    Anyway, good luck on your road trip; I’m sure we’ll all try to stay awake late enough to watch the games!

    Prayers are with you all

    Love, Donivyn


    Glad to see all went well with the tournament and that a lot of money was raised for a GREAT cause. Anyway… I heard an interview with you over the weekend and I was just wondering about one of your answers, why did you say you wanted to mold yourself after Derek Jeter? I understand he is a good guy on and off the field but I think that you are a better defensive guy than him. As a die hard METS fan that kills me to hear you want to be like a Yankee. I can handle it as long as you stay a MET


    Hey! Glad to see everything went well with your golf tournament. I was at the 3 games this weekend and I saw you signing autographs over on the 1st bast side. I was so jealous…we couldn’t get down close enough to the field to get over there. I would give almost anything to see you face to face and get your autograph one time! You are by far my favorite player. Keep up amazing hitting and fielding, you are awesome!! Lets Go Mets!!!!



    hiya david

    I’m so glad your golf tournament was a huge success! I dont play golf really, but i’m so happy for you! I wish i could have been there to see you and to see everyone play, but i’m stuck in corn country Indiana. >.<

    You have been playing awsome lately I’m still rootin for you and the Mets even though you guys have been a little rocky lately. I think Millegde is so cool and he plays so well for you guys. I hope even when Nady gets back he’ll still play often! I get so excited when i see you and the Mets play..I just know you and the team are gonna make it to the world series and youre gonna win it!! Well i hope thats what will happen! ^_^

    LETS GO METS!!!!!

    ~Angie~ <33


    That was an awesome game yesterday, David! Good luck out there on the West Coast. My dilemma is that I am a Yankees fan who secretly watches Mets games because I like watching the likes of you and Jose Reyes. You play the game the Wright way (haha… betcha you are just about on the verge of smacking everyone on the forehead for using your name in all those endless puns). Anyway, even though my first love are the Yankees, I can still admire from afar. So, shhh. Don’t tell because I am sure to be disowned. Keep it up, David–you are something fiercely exciting! I hope Homer Wright is doing well, by the way. 🙂


    hea David,

    Good luck tonight against the Dodgers. I’m going to try and stay up all this week to see the games from start to end. I don’t want to miss anything because I’m such a huge die hard Met’s fan!!


    -Lindsy {Wifey}






    EMILY K.



    Hey David,

    Never mind about my comment about the apple and hat being in the new park because I saw that they are moving it to center in the new park.

    Good luck tonight in LA. Gets some hits.

    -Kevin Schram

    Mendham, NJ


    Hey David, I just want to say that you’re my favorite player on the Mets and I’m really excited to see them doing well this year. With you, Reyes and Milledge to help us,I’m sure the mets will be great for years to come. Also, I read the articles about you in Sports Illustrated and Sports Illustrated for Kids and I’m glad to hear that my favorite player is not only a great athlete and good looking, he’s also a really nice person. Congratulations on the success of your tournament and the two homers yesterday even though we lost. Good luck, and keep updfating your blog because I love reading it.


    Hey David… I just wanted to stop by and say hi! I am a die-hard Mets fan; like I make my friends sit around and watch baseball games. I am convince that my dad thought I was an only child, and he did everything to make his little girl a sports fanatic- well it worked! I was born on Long Island, and grew up going to Shea. Now that I live in North Carolina, the Met’s aren’t too popular (Braves territory- YUCK) but I have stayed true to my roots. I’ll never forget the night my dad called me last year and said, “Alex, here’s your new man, number 5, the third baseman.” Ever since then I have been hooked! Ha how cheesy. I actually know a teammate of yours, John Maine, he played ball at Charlotte with me (well, I played soccer there). But I just wanted to say hey and good luck, and keep kickin ***!! (I don’t know if I can say that word on here). I’m so proud to see the Met’s on top again! I’m tryin to come watch yall play out in Atl this summer when I’m out of school (I’m a teacher and a coach)… have a good one!
    Lets go Mets!

    ~Alex Ludtke 🙂

    Wilmington, NC


    Awesome game yesterday! You definetly kept the spirit alive with your 2 homeruns… Keep it up! And remember…New York love you


    I know you probably don’t read this but I figured I’d post a comment anyway…I’ve been a Mets fan forever ( I was born in ’86, so I guess it was meant to be) but the last few years I haven’t really been keeping up. I saw you though and I was hooked. Not only are you a cutie, but I’ve watched some of your interviews and you seem like a great guy… I tried to find a way to meet you but apparently that is almost impossible…so I’ll just say good luck and keep up the good work.
    -D. Simon


    Hey David,
    Did you know they sell Mrs.Wright hats at Shea? I got one, its mad cute. If I were you during a rain delay I’d go sit in the stands and hang out with the fans, though your probably not allowed to. Whatever. Love you David!


    i bet this isnt even david wright and if it is somebody is editing it, theres no way this is legit



    Besides being a huge fan, I have to say that I really admire what you are doing with your foundation. I have a family member with MS and it truly is a terrible disease that needs funding for research.

    It’s really impressive for a young, popular player like yourself to make such an effort, and it only makes me admire you more.

    You’ve got a fan for life here, unless of course, you ever play for the Yankees! 🙂


    PS – thanks to you and the rest of the team for making it fun to be a Met fan again!


    Hi David! I am so happy that you chose “Wright Now” as your blog title. Sport, baseball, is more than a game. It is, for those who play and who root, a model of how life works. At the core is excellence. Excellence demands being in the moment. You have referred to it with your comment about being able to dismiss distractions from critical at bats, so that you can focus on the at bat, not the circumstances swirling around it. A good friend of Cliff’s, Frank, once taught me if we are not “now here,” then we are “nowhere!” We have only the NOW. Thanks for being out here with the rest of us. You matter. Sincerely, Borden Powers


    Hey David,
    The golf tournament sounded like it went really well. Don’t worry about not being too great at golf, your great at baseball and that’s what really matters! Anyway…good luck out west.


    PS: Do Paul Lo Duca and Cliff Floyd really have gray hairs? I am sure they appreciated that comment about them.


    Hey David,

    Nice win yesterday! You almost got that ball out in the second at bat. But forget last night’s performance and play like you did in Florida last week.

    -Kevin Schram

    Mendham, NJ


    Was at the game on Sunday! 2 HRs were awesome! congrats. Also got the first Hi-5 in the Milledge controversy. I know he got in trouble for that, but as a fan, it was really exciting and definately something I’ll always remember. As a Met fan, it’s really great to see a young rookie doing so well and with so much enthusiasm and love for the game. (Reminds me of you!) Tell the kid we all love him. And we love you too!!



    hi David,

    well i feel kinda funny writing this for the whole world to see but anyway, ive been a mets fan for most of my life. my first baseball game was a mets game at shea and its been in my family forever.

    I have a friend who shares my mets passion and is probably more in love with the game than i am and i love it. She was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis when she was young and if you didn’t know its a horrible disease that shes basically fighting everyday. She can’t go one day without having to use a machine to help her breath.

    She’s never been to a Met’s game. My dad is a NYC firefighter and he got three tickets from his firehouse this year when you guys played the Marlins. Three seats behind third base which is behind you. I invited Enid(my friend) but she couldn’t come because the weather wasn’t so great and if theres any chance of rain her lungs begin to bother her and she needs her treatment. it’s a little more technical than that im sure but you get the jist of it.She would have loved to have gone and see you on third base. I felt horrible because she loves you and thinks your like the most amazing player in the league. She has all her mets jersey’s that say WRIGHT 5 on the back. She even has mets sneakers. She watches every game and her 16th birthday is this Sunday June 11th. When i asked her what she wanted for her birthday she said “Honselty?” and i said “yes honestly” she said “David Wright” She was joking of course but i thought about it and shes probably the strongest person i have ever met because she never lets the C.F. come between her goals and her accomplishments. Shes a great friend and is always there for the people she loves.She lives life to the fullest even though the life expectancy rate for CF is max 30 years but she never thinks about that and she just has fun being a teenager and loving the mets. It really made me think that someone so amazing like that she should get what she wants for her 16th birthday and im not saying she necessarily has to meet you or anything like that but maybe you could just think about her on her birthday or let us know that you thought about her and send her birthday wishes. She’s a great girl and an awesome friend and i know that saying a “hey enid happy birthday” would be the most amazing thing that ever happened to her. It would mean so much.

    So sorry about the whole long story i didn’t know where else to write it. But thanks and keep up the great work, your a great player.

    Samantha Kerzner

    Hicksville Ny


    hea David,

    You guys played a great game yesterday and made Soler feel very comfortable when he went ou to pitch. Hopefully Soler can keep it up for the rest of the season! Reyes’s home run started it all and Delgado is starting to come out of his slump. You went 0-4 but thats okay cause your an amazin’ player and you have tonight!

    I am so proud and excited for you guys. The Mets have come a long way and deserve to go all the way this year! I have all the confidence in the world for this team. The Mets have a mixture of rookie’s and veteran’s on this team and you guys really vibe off eachother. The team is full of chemistry and laughs. Keep up the amazin’ work David and good luck tonight. I know Pedro will do great like always!


    -Lindsy aka(Wifey)


    Congradulations on your 2 homeruns on Sunday!!! I was there to witness it. Me and this extremely large guy with a David Wright jersey were going nuts!!!!!!(it was kind of awkward because then he gave me a huge hug unexpectedly!!) Milledge and Valentine came up big too. You Mets never give up!! I hope Floyd’s okay. I just saw the replay and I almost cried becuase he looked like he was in so much pain:( I love you guys so much!!!


    I just wanted to say howdy, and congrats on your success.

    I was stationed in Iraq for all of last year, and unfortunately missed most of last year’s season. (We deployed the day after the Sox took the Series). My baseball fandom was limited to checking the write ups online every now and again.

    I gotta say though, the backwards bare-handed catch you made against the Padres made my month. Keep it up dude.


    CT Army National Guard.


    Dear David Wright,
    It is a huge conflict of interest being a David Wright fan AND a Phillies fan. Nevertheless you are my favorite player this side of the Phillies. I hope you do great! But please don’t kill us.



    Tough loss last night. I thought someone would tie it up with the bases loaded in the 7th with no outs. But oh well, you can’t win them all! I also have an unbaseball related question, what kind of vehicle do you drive? Good Luck tonight! Play your heart out like you do all the time!

    ~~Your #1 Fan



    Dear David,
    I have been a mets fan since 1968 ( I was 9 years old at that time) I’ve witneesed good times and not so good times. I just wanted to wish you and our team the best.You are amazing, keep up the good work. I wish you success in all you do!!!!!

    *****Your # 2 fan. Because Katie has already claimed #1…. Hector.


    Dearest David,

    Better luck tonight! I hope Floyd and Beltran are okay. There seems to be a rampant injury bug going around. (At least with the Yankees, but I’ll try to keep my Yankeeness… way over there, on the other side.)

    >>>Your #3 Fan (Katie and Hector took #1 and #2 respectively)… Christina


    I got the pleasure of hanging out with you Paul and Cliff the other night. I have to say that you guys made my night. Not only have I been a Mets fan for 22 years(since I was born lol), but I absolutely adore you. I already knew that you were an amazing player, but now I know what an amazing person you are as well. The three of you were so respectful and you all went out of your way to take pictures and talk with anyone around. You guys even signed my pants (even though you wouldnt sign my left leg lol). Well I just thought you should know that your great attitude and personality dont go unnoticed. I really had a great time and hope to see you guys again. We also went to the game and sat in the rain through the double header, but it was deffinately worth it. Lets Go Mets!!


    by the way id love to send you some of those pictures!! your adorable!!


    Hey David!
    I just wanted to find out about the Vitamin Water contest? I didn’t get a chance who see who the lucky winner was…and also I missed what flavor you thought represented your playing the most accurately. An update on this would be really nice.

    Anyway?I want to let you know that you are my favorite player?I?ve been a Met fan my whole life (which is only 16 years, haha) and I?ve never really had a favorite. You easily changed that when you started playing last year. I admire you so much?not just as an outstanding player, but as a good person as well. I think that the charity work you do is so kind and I would love to come to the next event and possibly help out.

    Well, I don?t want to take up anymore of your time?I?m sure you have lots of comments to read on a daily basis! LETS GO METS!



    Your the man David!! Great to hear the golf tourney went well. Just started reading the blog and I think it is great. Keep rocking the ball like you are man, your a hall of famer in the making buddy!! Good luck on the rest of the west coast swing!!
    – Kevin


    Glad it all went well. 🙂 Kudos for letting people know that you are much more than a ball player. We need more people like you 😉
    Let’s go Mets!!!


    The Wrightoholics!


    Hey im a huge Mets fan but I live all the way down in Florida. Fortunately im in Pennsylvania for some work and i hope i can see you guys play is New York soon. Congradulations on the golf charity work!



    Hey i’m the biggest Mets fan. I’m 14 years old but i haven’t seen a Mets game live, that really stinks. Hopefully i will soon!!! So GL for the rest of the season and win the world series…PLZ!!! So GL and good job this year.



    Congrats on all your success! This blog is so cool. I’ve been a Mets fan since I was a kid. I want to let you and Mets fans know that I am selling a Mets poster on eBay. It is from the 1969 World Championship team and it is quite rare. Feel free to check it out by going to eBay and searching for New York Mets “Iwo Jima” Poster 1969.


    Nice game last night! Keep playing your heart out, you are AMAZING!!

    ~~Your #1 Fan



    hea David,

    Great game last night!! You hit great and had some nice plays. I know you guys will do great against the D’ backs. Don’t get swept like the Braves did. (how embarrassing) lol

    Keep up the amazin’ work and I wish you guys all the luck in the upcoming series. This will be a tough month but the Met’s will come out on top!

    I love you sooo much and I’m your #1 fan.


    – Lindsy


    hea David,


    U look so cute when you run the bases and that sexy tongue thing you do is so hot!!

    -Lindsy aka(wifey)


    Hey David. Huge Fan here. I am originally from Williamsport PA, the home of the Little League World Series. So I grew up with baseball (well, as a girl it was softball) in my veins. I played since I was nine all the way through college. I moved to New Jersey about 7 years ago and instantly became a big Met fan. (Maybe it’s the salt water….) The Mets have become my passion and you really make it fun to be a part of. I wanted to share a cool idea I came up with that maybe others will enjoy. I have this cup that lights up and I have this mini mets bear that everytime a Met hits a homerun, I put in a dollar. The cup lights up and the bear comes out…Kindof like the apple. By the end of the year I should have enough cash saved up to be able to buy some playoff tickets. Just thought I’d share my idea. Hope you keep doing well because you seem like a great guy and a **** of a ball player. Keep doing what you’re doing. Best of Luck. Jessica.


    Hey David!
    You guys are playing really great. I hope Cliffy’s injury isnt too serious, and he’s back in the line-up real soon. Were gonna need his bat for the rest of this road trip.

    Although I miss seeing Nady play, Milledge has been soo awesome. His defense is solid and he’s really hitting well.

    Im not trying to put any pressure on the team or anything and I know im stating the obvious but you guys really need to get Pedro a win. He doesnt seem to be getting any breaks. =[

    Anyway, back to a more happier subject..

    Nice win over the Dodgers. I could tell everyone’s bat was popping in that game including yours mister 3 for 4. =]

    Keep producing, keep winning, keep being awesome, and keep being the best player in the major leagues. I doubt thats gonna be hard for you to do.

    LETS GO METS!!!!


    Dear David,
    I think I’m about post #85, so I don’t know if you’ll even get to read this. However, ever since I stumbled across your blog I have tried to write a response to each of your entries. I must apologize for my redundancy though because I have glanced through the other posts and I unfortunately cannot think of anything more interesting to say. I can only hope that you do not tire of hearing how wonderful you are.

    I’m glad that your charity event went well. You do so much good for people, probably more that you even realize. To see the look on a child’s face after you hand him/her a foul ball, it’s obvious that you bring joy to people’s lives with the slightest gesture. I think that’s really what baseball is all about, and thank you for doing what you do.

    All my best,



    Hey David,

    Just wanted to say what a huge fan I am of both you and the Mets. I have been to a few games this year and hope to go to more. There is nothing like going to a met game. I see that your foundation pays special attention to MS. I work in a hospital for neurologists who deal a lot with MS. i have seen what this disease has done to my patients. I am very close to one of my patients whose MS has started to progress more in the past year. It breaks my heart every time I see her. I have patients coming in that are in there early teens and 20’s with MS. I think what you are doing is great. I just wish there was more that I could do. Anyway, keep up the good work!!


    Great win against Arizona! Keep doing what youre doing, youre the best!!

    ~~Your #1 Fan



    hea David,

    Great game last night against Arizona last night. Hernandez pitched an amazin’ and you guys played well! I am so proud to say that I’m a Met’s fan and always will be. There are so many people that want to convert me into a Yankee fan but that’s never going to happen! Everybody is doing so well and I can’t wait till Nady returns because he is one of my favorite players on the team. Don’t worry… your my all time #1 favorite player!_!

    It’s going to be an interesting game tonight with Trachsel on the mound but I know he’ll do great. The team’s hard work and dedication will take us all the way to the end on top! Good luck tonight and keep on doing what your doing!


    – Lindsy


    Hey David!
    great game last night against the diamondbacks. even though i couldn’t watch the whole game, i heard that you guys won! good luck tonight and against the phillies. you are a great player so keep up the great work! you’re also a really good role model for kids. you are my favorite player, next to mike piazza. i would love to meet you someday and get your autograph. i’m glad that the charity went well and that you take the time to do this type of event for people. you are a very dedicated and caring person. Let’s Go Mets!

    <3, Katie (your #1 fan!)


    hey david…i agree with lindsy aka wifey lol…love that tongue…yummy.. i want it:)love you keep up the good work!!
    mindy (wifey #2)


    Hey David,

    Nice home run yesterday! The Carlos’s had 4. Who do you think is going to lead the team in Home runs?

    -Kevin Schram

    Mendham, NJ


    David, you never cease to amaze me. psst.. what’s up with these girls talking about your tongue? get at a real woman who actually knows baseball. *Mets in the 06 baby.


    I just found your blog, and I just wanted to tell you that you are a spectacular player…and I wanted to say thank you…

    My dad has always been a Mets fan (he even went to the last game of the ’69 World Series) and one day I decided to watch a game with him, and I got hooked…that game was your first Major League game…thank you for helping me bond better with my dad!

    ~Sarah K. (Sullivan County, NY)


    Hey David,

    Thanks for your doing a blog and sharing your life and thoughts with everyone.

    I just wanted to say how proud we are of you of what you’re doing on the ball field, but more importantly how you present yourself in your blog and in person.

    A bunch of us got a chance to see up-close your great personality in SF, when you guys played the Giants. (You commented how great a player Piazza is and fortunate you were to play with him.) Like many fans, I respect your humbleness the most. Please keep the same head on your shoulders as you continue to play.

    Thanks again David! Let’s go Mets!




    hea David,

    The Mets are on fire!_! Lets keep the flame burning. You guys played and amazin’ game last night. Everybody is working hard and putting in a lot of effort. Tonight’s game will be a challenge with Webb on the mound for them. You guys just need to stay in there and work hard like you’ve been doing. I hope Soler can keep us in there and not give up any runs.

    Your doing an amazin’ job David and your dedication shows. Tell Floyd I hope he feels better and returns really soon. Hit another homerun tonight. Good luck with the rest of the serie against the D’ backs.




    hey david!
    Im a huge met fan and a huge fan of u espicially. Im 13 years old and i play 3rd base for my softball team and wear the #5 and i have always done that even before i new ur name. Really weird i no. Can u update us on the injuries floyd and Nady… I no Nady had appendicitis…thats painful..i had mine out when i was 7 and i want to wish him a fast and painfree recovery but can u tell us about floyd? Thanks

    ~Always watching


    *Dutchess Couty NY*


    Hey David!
    Just saw the highlights of the golf charity event. I was suprised to see you wearing a UNC-CH hat. I never took you for one of those radical liberal waco types. If you need a new hat, I’ll send you a more appropriate ECU cap!

    GO METS!


    Awesome game! You are all playing amazing, this is gonna be the year!!! Keep it up, youre the best!

    ~~Your #1 Fan



    hea David,

    Great win last night. You guys are doing great. Soler pitched such an amazin’ game and our offense produced early. The Mets are on a roll. Lets get Pedro the win tonight because he deserves one. Good luck !_!




    Thank you for being not only such a great player, but just such a stand-up guy. I’ve been to 8 games at Shea this season so far, and y’all have won every one! My boyfriend tells me I have to go with him because I’m a lucky charm, so I’ll see you again on the 16th and the 18th, and I can’t wait. I love watching the Mets play. Best team out there. Period.


    hea David,

    Nice sweep!! You guys are doing an amazin’ job and are just great all around players. I knew the Mets would get the sweep. Pedro finally got his win and he deserved it. Good luck against the Phillies.


    -Lindsy (wifey)


    David, the Mets are now coming to my part of the world in Philadelphia. I’d like to see you guys knock the Phillies out of the race. I haven’t had this much fun since 1986. A sweep would push Philadelphia ten losses behind. I doubt if it’ll happen this early, but it’d be fun!


    I just had to comment again because you guys are just playing amazingly! Finally Pedro got a win. The offense is insane right now, and it better stay that way! =]
    Tell Reyes I said Happy Birthday!!!


    Hey david..I met you in San Diego this year at your guys hotel..actually I live in New York and flew there just to see you guys..I also saw you at New YorK Rangers game..i was wondering if you are a big rangers fan?

    ps-thanks for blasting that hw vs the yankees-bragging rights at school now belong to me (-8



    They let you in the hotel in SD? huh? In Miami they were having issues with it… Weird. Needless to say I was mad LOL
    Anywhooo great games my dear! Keep up the good team work… that will get you gays far


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    E-mail me!!


    Hey David,
    A four game SWEEP!!! It doesnt get any better than that!! You guys are on fire right now and we have a very good chance of going into Philly and just knocking then even farther down in the division. So lets kick some butt!! I’ll be at the game this Friday, hopefully it wont get rained out, and i cant wait to see you guys back home after a great road trip!! Oh and tell Reyes i said Happy 23rd Birthday!!! Even though it was yesterday 🙂 Good luck in Philly!! ❤ xoxoxo ~Sam


    hey david!
    great job against arizona. (4 game sweep- oh yeah!!!! (: ) pedro finally got a win! good luck against philadephia. (you’ll do great- i know it!) keep up the great work! tell everyone else they’re doing awesome! (especially you!)

    xo, katie


    Hi David, my name is Mike DePaola and I am a huge fan of the Mets and everything that you do on the field. I love to watch your enjoyment as you play the game. The reason I am writing though because I couldn’t help but notice that you said you wanted to maybe get involved in children hospitals because there is one in Westchester that has opened up recently (Maria Ferreri Childrens Hospital) in Valhalla on the Westchester Medical Center Campus. My family has a connection because when they opened up my nephew was one of the first to be admitted when it first opened in 2001 and they did a fantastic job making my nephew’s short time on earth as comfortable for him as well as our family. Just throwing that out for the future in case you are looking for hospitals to be associated with. Keep up the good work, this has been a great year to be a Mets fan, and i will be out at Shea Friday for the opener against Baltimore


    Dear David Wright,
    Welcome to Philly. This is gonna be a good series I know. I will be cheering for the Phillies though of course, cause that’s what I do. I’m wondering though if you have any interest in baseball history? If you do, I have the place for you.


    p.s. I liked when you wore your socks up.


    A comment regarding Lastings Milledge’s ‘high fives’ with the fans. understand Willie Randolph & Floyd weren’t too happy…as a fan I think it was great. Y’all gotta remember that regardless of the money involved, it’s still a game and anything that gets the fans closer to the team is a plus for everyone, players and fans alike. been a fan since 1962, and remember the fun of the old days even when we were losing. i wonder what Casey Stengal would’ve had to say?!?


    hea David

    I can’t wait till tomorrow’s series against the Phillies. You guys got to put them in their place. I wish you guys all the luck! Enjoy your day off today and plz tell Reyes Happy Belated Birhtday!_! Please congradulate Beltran for me on winning player of the week.




    Hey David. I was born and bred a Met fan, and as the years go on the team continues to please its fans, even with some bad seasons. I think you are the best addition to the team and you are extremely talented. (A-Rod who?) Although this has absolutely nothing to do with your blog whatsoever, I would just like to say congrats on takin the lead in the allstar vote. It really goes to show how every vote counts. Keep doing your stuff! Lets go mets.

    ❤ Kristina


    Hey David,
    Its me again, but i had to comment becasue i couldnt helpl but notice that YOU took the lead in the allstar vote!!!! I am sooooooooooo proud of you!! Just wanted you to know that i voted for you like a thousand times!! ok im exaggerating but i really did vote alot for you. that just goes to show that everyone recognizes your talent and you really deserve to go to the allstar game!! keep up the amazin’ work, your the best!!! ❤ xoxoxoxox ~Sam


    Yes indeed and we have to keep voting!!!! Let’s have all those Mets in the game. Don’t let the other team in NY have more people in the All Star!!! Beltran needs votes so let’s go people!! Keep on voting David also!! We need him to stay in the top!


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    hea David,

    Congradualations on taking the lead in the all star vote! I am so excited for you. I told all my friends to voe for you and i voted like 100 times (literallly)! You deserve it so much and the fans need to continue voting to keep you in the lead David. Good luck tonight against the Phillies. Everyone is playin amazin’ and Glavine is on a roll. Lets continue getting wins!!


    -Lindsy (wifey)


    Congrats on taking the lead in the All-Star vote!!!! You deserve going to the All-Star game now we need to get more Mets players into the All-Star game so people keep voting!!!! I’m Finally going to a game I’ve dying to see you guys out on the field!!! Good luck with the Phillies this week and see you on the weekend!!!!

    Some lyrics to a song which describes our time Wright Now!!!!

    This is our time! Without a doubt!

    Time to ignite! We’re not going down!

    Without a fight



    Good luck against the Phillies. Everyone is playing great! Congrats on taking the lead in the All-Star Vote, you deserve it. Good luck again and keep doin what youre doin!!!!

    ~~Your #1 Fan



    Dear david,
    Congrats on a good road trip against Arizona and LA. Now, go beat the Phillies. I’m so happy you guys are back on the east coast and playing at descent times again. Congrats on being #1 in All Star vote. The day I went online and I saw that I started screaming because I was so happy! You’re my all time favorite player and i think you’re the best. Keep playing!



    Your #1 fan


    Hey David, there has been some controversey about whether or not you are actually signing your through the mail autograph requests this year. They look a bit different than the in person ones. Just wondering if you are using a ghostsigner this year due to volume of mail – I could totally understand why a player would do this. Please let me know and good luck in Philly! THanks



    Dearest David,
    I’m writing you this to let you know that you truly have a number one fan. She is my best friend and her name is Katie. She is absolutely crazy about you. Everyone who knows her knows it. We’re juniors in high school and when she signed everyone’s yearbook, she included thumbnails of you. (Even in our teachers’ yearbook.) Basically, you are her hero and I just wanted to let you know (even if you don’t read this) that she is beyond in love with you. Seriously, she knows all of your statistics and everyday she creates more Mets fans. I have never seen someone so inspired and admirable of a person. Our homeroom teacher quizzes her everyday about your numbers. No matter what anyone else says SHE IS YOUR NUMBER ONE FAN AND ANYONE WOULD TELL YOU THAT….I personally think you two would be great together….

    -Sarah(Your number one fan’s best friend)

    Thanks dave! <33


    David, Not sure if this is the proper avenue…I am going to be in Boston for the 3 game series. I was hoping to obtain your autograph. Would it be best before or after game? Do you sign during your BP sessions.

    Thanks, Greg


    Great win tonight and AWESOME play in the 9th!!! Keep it up, youre the best!



    Play in the 9th?

    Humming Sports Center’s Theme LOL Enough said!


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    Keep on voting!


    wow..awesomee double playy last nighttt. 🙂

    Good Luck tonight.


    &&For the rest of the season.

    haha yeah.

    -Katie Gillette

    Ps. I’m votin for you for the all-star gameeee…cheaaa=D


    what did you think of the whole thing with Milledge slappin five with the fans?
    Anyway, keep up the great hittin.

    Keep the posts coming


    Thanks for another awesome homerun. Your timely hitting and clutch defense plays (like the double play you started 2 nights ago) are tremendous assets to this team.



    What’s up. Congrats on last night win against the phillies. I’m pretty much a die-hard mets fan who wants you guys to win. I never had a favorite baseball player that I can look up to until you came to the big leauges. Call me crazy but from the time that I first saw you, I knew that you were going to be my favorite baseball player ever. I knew that there is something special about you and I’ve proved my point so far. You’ve had a amazing season so far and yet you’re 23 and still have a lot to learn. You have such widsom and extraordinary talent when you play. You are officially the best 3rd baseman I’ve ever seen in my almost 15 years of my existence. I recently read on your blog that you have your own foundation that will be focusing on Multiple Sclerosis and that you also held a live auction. I think what you’re doing is so great. You seem like such a down to earth, sweet person that doesn’t let cockiness and overconfidence take over your head and mess up your game. And yes, I do find you cute and have a little crush on you but I rather focus on what you bring to the mets over the years to come because your talent overcomes your good looks. I went to a mets game a couple of weeks ago vs. the phillies and even though you guys lost, I still had a great time watching you bring on your defense and your offense, from the upper deck seats. Again call me crazy but when I went to shea I felt like I was at home. You’re that rare person who’s just meant to play baseball for as long as they can and knows that by setting their mind to it, they can be very productive. Remember, the mistakes that we make are worth it in the end because you learn from your mistakes and you get better at what you’re having problems with. I really think that You’re my favorite player because you put your heart, soul and mind to the game and don’t let anything put you down. If something seems to put you down, you always find a way to come back up. I wish you and the rest of the team good luck on your games ahead and keep making us fans proud cause I know I am. Hope you guys beat the phillies today.

    Your dearest #1 fan


    hea David,

    What is that… seven straight wins?! You guys are doing such and amazin’ job and your defense and offense is great. That play you made two nights ago was soo good. You saved runs from scoring and that was such a heads up play!_! Everybody is doing their part and I’m so proud of this team!

    I’m going to see you guys play next month on the 7th against the Marlins. I can’t wait. Even with all these wins you guys aren’t letting the victories get to your heads and that says a lot.

    Good luck with the rest of the season.


    -Lindsy (wifey)


    hea David,

    What a great road trip !_! You guys played an amazin’ game today and I’m so happy that the Phillies got swept. Thats 2 sweeps in a row!! The Mets are on a roll and are gonna continue to play great. I loved that home run in the first inning. That set the bar high for the rest of the game.

    The Mets are on top and on fire. I am so proud of you David… all your fans are!! Just keep up the great work and can’t wait to see you guys back in New York. Good luck against the Orioles tomorrow.




    Great win and AWESOME homerun once again! Everyone is playing so well. Keep it up!! Good luck in the next series.

    ~~Your #1 Fan



    Hey David,

    Nice job today! 3 Homers in 3 games in Philly. 2 Sweeps in a row! I hope you guys keep this up for when I go to the game on Saturday.

    -Kevin Schram

    Mendham, NJ


    Yummy! I thoroughly enjoyed your visit to Philadelphia. I never realized how good you are until that catch at third on Tuesday night. It even shut Harry Kalas up!
    Now ten losses up on the Phillies, the Mets should simply play out their potential as one of the best in baseball.


    Congrats on the big sweep against the Phillies! The Mets are on fire! Good luck tonight and we’ll see you guys tomorrow at Shea. 🙂


    Hey David,

    Congratulations on a great road trip. I’ve been a METS fan since for years and it’s great to see a team that plays with so much heart. It’s shaping up to be a great year for the METS.


    Hey David,

    Congratulations on the terrific road trip. Sorry about last night’s lost and the end of the 8 game winning streak. Don’t sweat it, things will be different tonight and another long streak of wins will start. You’re a great ballplayer and have a very bright career ahead of you. Keep up the good work both on the field and in your charity work. All the best from a neighbor from Manhattan’s Lower East Side.


    hea David,
    To bad that we couldn’t continue the streak. We got other ones on the way. Congrats on such an amazin’ road trip!_! The Mets posted a new record. Good luck with the rest of the home stand. You guys are playing and doin a great job. Keep it up. Great defense and offense David.




    Hi David,
    I just wanted to tell you that I sent you something in the mail from Hofstra University. Be on the look out for it! It was great meeting you the other night. Keep up the good work!!



    I really enjoyed that slam to get the Mets’ offense a wakeup. I saw you’ve made the cover of the Sporting News and Fantasy Baseball. Your success must be heady.

    Curly’s Town (Cincinnati) is next. The Reds used to beat up on the Mets every year, with the playoffs in 1973 a big exception. I’d like to see a little revenge.


    hea David,

    What an amazin’ job you did today. That grand slam was awesome !!!! When you hit it I was jumping up and down and screaming. I almost lost my voice! I am so proud of you and the rest of the Mets. To bad we didn’t win the serie but the Mets are gettting back into the groove. Good luck with the Red’s. Lets get this serie!_!

    I am so happy to hear that Nady is coming back. We’ve all missed him and are glad he’ll back in line up tomorrow night. The Met’s played great today and Marrero showed what he is capable of today with those amazin’ plays. Congrats again on the Grand Slam !_!


    -Lindsy (wifey)


    Hey David,

    That was an awesome grand slam!! It was the wake up call the team’s offense needed. Let’s keep up the momentum and give the Reds a good run for their money. Keep up the great work!



    Nice Job on the grand slam. It was so off the hook I was jumping up and down for a good 15 min. Keep up the good work and lets beat Bronson Arroyo and the Reds.


    Awesome job! Once again you made me a happier person today LOL


    Want to be a Wrightoholic?

    E-mail me!


    Thank you for that Grand Slam and for the very strange single that you got (the one that went up the outfielder’s sleeve), both of which gave me great enjoyment.

    Regarding the comment you made in the New York Post about there being legitimate MVP candidates on the club and you not being one of them, I wanted to point out that yes there are legitimate MVP candidates on the team, and that you DEFINTELY ARE one of them



    hea David,

    Great job this season so far and keep up the amazin’ work. I stil can’t get over that Grand Slam. Lets take this serie from the Reds! Good luck tonight and I’m glad Nady will be playing.




    heyyy daviddd =]
    ok omg u dnt understandd how much i LOVE you!! you are such an amazing player and contribute so much to the team! i’ve always loved the mets and have watched u since u started! i go to practically all the games durring the season cause my dad is liek obsessed with you guys too. on all my teams at school i of course play with #5 cause thats a pretty hott number as u know haha. oh and i read this thing that u said :: “When I first got to the majors in 2004, female fans held up signs asking me to marry them. Those girls today were what, 13, 14? I’m 23, but that’s a little young even for me.” : well personally (and im 13) i think that 13 & 14 is a pretty ok age since my parents are 10 years apart .. ahha ok sorry.

    ok davidd ill talk to youuu later


    ❤ Stephaniee


    I was there for Sunday’s game, and WOW you pulled it out when you needed to. That grand slam was amazing, and your curtain call so modest. Only for the Mets would I have braved that heat–and sunburn!


    Good luck tomorrow against the reds Congrats on u and Reyes for recieving player of the week award!_!
    Kepp it up David.



    Hey David, im 13 years old and i would just like to tell you how much i idolize you. I always think of you when im playing my baseball games and i hope to atleast be half as good of a person/player as you. Me and my father enjoy watching mets games and have been doing so my whole life. The mets have really brought me and my dad close and i thank you for giving me such joys when we watch you play. Since i live in western PA its tough to get to Shea so i went for my first time last year against the Braves and you signed my hat! and later you went yard off of john smoltz!!! But we watch you when you play the Pirates all the time, i got to see Pedro pitch a beauty last year, since we’re crazy Dominicans we had the DR flag for him!! lol when you hit ur grandslam against the orioles i screamed so loud i woke up my little sister! You are a very special person and player and when i get older i want to be just like you, not only as good of a player who plays the game Wright, but a great person too who donates money to charities and children’s hospitols. thanks for giving me and my dad a fathers day to remember. if you want you can E-mail me back,




    This past Father’s Day I couldn’t help but think of how far the journey of raising three teens has brought my wife and I. And we always think about who we’d like them to emulate when it comes to setting goals and living out their dreams. Being Mets fans the answer came pretty easily-it’s definately you David. We’re proud to have you, the son of good Virginia stock, represent us here in the Big Apple. We also observe that you GET IT. Your desire to give back and make an impact equals your vibrant personality, the way you articulate your concerns (team and otherwise) and your outstanding work ethic. From out here in Freeport (LI) we wish you years of splendid success and God’s blessings. You are everything that is right about baseball-and, I suppose, life. Nice job.



    Just Amazin…

    This Mets team focus and determination is unmatched.

    Great teamwork, awesome assists, and superb power-hitting at its finest.

    No wonder so many people compare life to baseball. It really is all about each and every person contributing and playing their position to the utmost.

    David…the golden glove is attainable.

    Shout out from Monroe, NY


    David Wright…. ur a stud… i have ur jersey and im a Twins fan. Go twins, but since they are knocked out… GO METS!!!


    Dear David,
    I know how hard it must be to speak for the team when the guys just are NOT getting the job done. I live a few blocks from Philadelphia, and it is hard for me as well. Thank goodness I am not living and dying with the team as I did back in the 1970’s (I know, long before you were born) with Tom Seaver. David, sometimes it’s just an impossible situation in life. How I wish I could talk to you directly! You are doing the job, the team is not. It does NOT take away any of your efforts! I remain a devoted fan of David Wright, not just as a ball player, but also as a humanitarian.

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