Heading to Pittsburgh on a high note


I can?t think of a better way to finish off the first half than going to the All-Star Game with a bunch of my teammates. It?s a great honor to be selected to represent the National League for the first time, but it?s even better to be heading to Pittsburgh as one of six representatives of the first-place team in the NL East. We?ve put ourselves in great position. We?re where we want to be and it?s only right that we have so many guys on the team.

Wright_fixHaving six guys on the team ?- Jose Reyes, Paul Lo Duca, Carlos Beltran, Tom Glavine, Pedro Martinez and me ?- is a testament to the way we?ve played during the first half.  We?re the Mets representatives on the team, but we?ll be carrying the flag for the rest of the guys in the clubhouse, too, because everyone on our roster has contributed to the success we?ve had so far this season.

I?ll be in awe the entire time. I?ve been a fan of Major League Baseball for a much longer time than I?ve been playing here, so I?ll have my eyes and ears wide open. The guys who will be on the field with me are the elite players in the game. Some of them will be future Hall of Famers, so I?ll have an opportunity to learn a few things from them while I?m in Pittsburgh, too. I figure I?ll be able to have a lot of fun and become a better baseball player at the same time.

People have been reminding me the last few days that the last time the Mets had six guys in the All-Star Game was 1986 when they won the World Series. That?s a fun piece of trivia, but it?s not a good omen any more than getting swept by the Red Sox last week was a bad omen. How well we do in the end will be a matter of how well we perform on the field.

We?re barely halfway through the season at this point and we still have a long way to go.  As well as we?ve done so far, we can be even better in the second half. Personally, I?m going to strive to be more consistent. I feel like I?ve taken a baby step toward becoming the player I want to be. But there?s still a lot of hard work ahead, still many long hours in the batting cage and many long hours in the weight room before I get there.

ImagesThe other highlight of the All-Star break for me will be appearing on the Late Show with David Letterman next Wednesday night. I don?t know exactly how it came about, but it was arranged through Jay Horwitz in our public relations office and it took about two seconds for me to accept the invitation.

I watch Letterman all the time. We?ll have to wait and see, but knowing the show, I?m sure Dave will have some funny stuff lined up for me, probably some good one-liners for which I won?t have any response. I?ve gotten better at making media appearances since coming to New York, but I still get a little nervous. It?s amazing that I can hit a 95 mph fastball or catch a screamer down the line at third in front of a packed stadium, but when that little red light goes on the TV camera, I still get anxious.

You don?t have to worry about me getting a big head from all of the attention I?ve been getting from the media and fans in recent weeks, though. My teammates aren?t about to let that happen. I?ve actually become one of my their favorite targets in the clubhouse. They love to tease me and give me a hard time. It?s all fun. That?s one of the things I love about our club. You have to really check your ego at the door of the clubhouse and be prepared to take a little ribbing.

Thanks for sending me to the All-Star Game. I?ll let you know what it?s like while I?m there next week.


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  1. krystal_lee2003@yahoo.com

    you really deserve to be in the all-star game and I look forward to watching you play! (as always) have fun! and congrats on david letterman!

  2. brylissa23@aol.com

    First off, congratulations on making the All-star team! What a tremendous accomplishment, and I am very happy that you are beginning to realize your dreams. I look forward to seeing you on Letterman as well as the game/pre-game festivities next week. I am sure that you have probably run across this quote at some time or another in your life, but I would like to share it with you now. “Life is not measured by the number of breaths that you take, but by the moments that take your breath away.”- Unknown~~ I hope that next Monday and Tuesday nights are some of those moments for you!

    Take it all in and enjoy!

    Rooting for you back home in Chesapeake,


  3. ceetar@gmail.com

    Congrats. Make sure you win on Tuesday, i figure I have a better chance to see a World Series game if I have four games to buy to instead of three. 🙂

  4. emberows@aol.com

    We love your blogs, David … thanks for taking time out to share your thoughts with us from time to time. Enjoy every second of your All-Star game experience … even though it will be the first of many visits to this special event for you. We’ll be rooting for you in the Home Run Derby, at the game itself, and on Dave Letterman (you’ll do just fine). It’s so heartwarming when great things happen to great people, David. You deserve it all!

    The Burroughs Family

    Denver, CO

  5. purpleprincessrb@nycap.rr.com

    Congratulations on getting into the All Star game and being on the Late Show! It’s great to have a bunch of Mets on the All Star roster. If you guys continue playing the way you have the first half, we will probably seeing you well into October! Good luck!

  6. mrsdwrightmets5@hotmail.com

    Hey David…Big congrats on making the All-Star Game and the Home-run Derby!! YOU ROCK!! lol Have a great rest of the season!
    Lots of love xoxo nicolette

  7. ebilger02@hotmail.com


    I am really excited for All-Star Weekend in the Burgh! Good Luck! Let?s get a WIN for the National League! Oh and hit some balls in the river during the Home Run Derby 🙂 I will be sure to watch you on the Letterman show too; I am sure you will do just fine! Good luck in the rest of the games leading up to the break as well! LETS GO METS!


  8. kcoe@greenwichacademy.org

    I just don’t know what to say. Your accomplishments obtain such amazing value and importance. You should be very proud of yourself knowing that you are going to appear as a special guest on the David Letterman show, and knowing that on Monday and Tuesday night, you will be playing on the All-Star team. I am a huge Mets fan, and you are definetly my favorite player on the team. I admire you as a role-model for so many reasons. You are modest, smart, eloquent, kind and have the gift of athletism (did i spell that right?). I just was reading an article that said you recieved a perfect 4.0 in high school, taking college courses! Low and behold, this is only one of your numerous achievments. I really hope that when I reach your age, I have succeeded in at least half of the things that seem easy for you to grasp. David, I just want to say that you have preformed fantastically in the last two and a half seasons. Good luck for the rest of the season, and as the Burroughs from Denver said, you will do just fine on the Letterman show, and you shouldn’t be worried at all. Good luck and congrats on everything!


  9. darmoand@yahoo.com

    Your trip to the All-Star game is well deserved. I also want to thank you for sticking around and signing autographs after batting practice last night. My 7 year old got an autograhped ball from his favorite player. You are a class act.

  10. nymetsgirl@gmail.com

    You deserve all that you have right now!!! There are so many fans that have your back & I know you’ll represent the Mets proud at the All Star Game. I’m sure it will be your first of many. Just keep being who you were the day you first step foot on the field, and I’m sure you will always be loved by all the fans. Don’t ever change. You truly are 1 in a million and you will always have my support!

  11. Zoe

    Thanks so much for this blog, David. It’s a blast to read–and truly well written. I always love when they interview you for the pre-shows, and every answer you give seems transcript worthy. For someone who gets nervous in front of the camera, you do a phenomenal job. (And as for humor? We all know you’ve got it in you! The other day Lima was miked for the cameras when you ribbed him about getting an interpreter for his “English.”) Dave Letterman’s gonna love you as much as we do.

    I write for a living (as a novelist), and I’m so glad to be a recent addition to the Mlblogs universe. Mark (aka Very Nice Head Blog Guy) asked me to become an MLBlogger after seeing my comment right here on Wright Now.

    I can’t tell you how much I enjoy writing about my beloved team–and watching you play. Glad you got a day of rest in there–and have FUN at the All-Star game!


  12. hstryker@northpark.edu

    You absolutley are one of the most deserving players out there to be on the all-star team. I have no doubts that you’re going to help bring it home for the NL. Can’t wait to see you on David Letterman. Just remember, the moment that red light stops making you nervous is the moment you’re ego has taken over, so it’s a good thing you get nervous! Good luck with the rest of your season and know that your fans, like me, can’t get enough of you!


  13. absolutvanilla18@hotmail.com

    Hey David,

    Congrats on making the All-Star team. You’re playing really well and deserve it. Good luck on the rest of the season!


  14. blondeshell522@aim.com

    hea David,

    I’m so happy your going to the All Star Game. I can’t wait to see you on the Late Night Show! Don’t worry about being in front of the camera… you’ll do great. Good uck tonight in the final game against the Pirates. I hope you weren’t to bored in the dugout yesterday lol but its good that you got a day off to rest before next week!_!



  15. korlando12178@optonline.net

    First time commenter, long time Mets fan. First, I want to thank you for taking the time out of your EXTREMELY busy schedule to share your thoughts with your fans. It is interesting to get a player’s perspective on how the season is going and what it is like to be a major league athlete, although from what you have written and others have said about you, it seems as if not much has changed for you personally. You appear to be a very grounded person who has not allowed the constant spotlight change who you are. In fact many of your teammates appear the same way and therefore are not just all-stars because of their records(although that is definately one aspect), but of who they are and how they present themselves. I think that the Mets in general are a real class act, from the management down. You guys deserve to be successful, because you work hard as a TEAM. Good luck in the all-star game, we will be cheering for you guys to bring home a National League win. As far as David Letterman is concerned you will do fine, because you are humble, sincere, have a great sense of humor and speak from the heart and that is why everyone likes you. Thanks for an exciting season!

    Lets Go Mets!!


  16. alliemarie520@yahoo.com

    Hey DWright!!!

    Best of luck in Pittsburgh! I think I can speak on behalf of all Mets fans and say that we are all very proud to have you as one of the representatives for our team at the All Star Game! And I’m sure you’ll be just great on Letterman, I can’t wait to watch!! You’re a class act and I’m so happy that all of America will be able to see that Mets fans have the best 3B in the business!!

    Best of luck next week and for the rest of the season!


  17. thewrightfans@yahoo.com

    Lord knows how many times we voted!! I e-mailed everyone like twice a week so they could remember LOL I’m really happy for you and all the Mets who made it. It is well deserved.

    I’ll B watching you get nervous in TV LOL Have fun!

    Enjoy the Game and keep up the good work.


    The Wrightoholics Wrighter

  18. mrclosson@yahoo.com


    First and foremost congratulations on your first of what will be many All-Star appearances. I had the pleasure of meeting you and Cliff during Spring Training this year. You signed for me at the game, and when I saw you guys out later that night, you were both kind enough to chat and pose for pictures. Your professionalism, dedication to your craft, and your performance on the field is unbelievable. Off the field you were just as impressive. You are wise and talented beyond your years. Keep up the good work and tell Cliffy to keep his head up. He’s going to carry this team in the 2nd half.

    Let’s go Mets!


  19. jhnnangel13@cs.com

    Congrats on everything! I’m so excited to see the All-Star game with the team that’s going! Also great job in June and good luck in the homerun derby! I can’t wait to watch you on Letterman. It’s great to see my favorite player and to know that they get nervous during interviews. And by the way awesome homerun against the Pirates! Keep up the great work and go Mets!

    I love you David!


  20. bean72992@netscape.net

    wow congrats! making the all-star team when your soo young is amazing! soo whats going on with Pedro? he fell in the bathroom? Im excited to see how Pelfrey and Maine pitch while Pedro is injured. It would be nice to know if we had some good back-up starters just in case. Cant wait to see you in the all-star game and home-run derby


  21. missmanners91@yahoo.com

    Dear Mr. Wright,
    Congrats on making it to the All-Star Game (I voted for you a ton of times) and on being named NL player of the month, you should have mentioned that in your blog. I’m so proud of you and all the Mets who are giving us hope that the 20th anniversary of our last World Series win will give us another championship. Good Luck and we’re all rooting for you (and you’re really hot).


  22. jackeev75@aol.com

    It’s great to know you’re not getting a big head, especially after being invited to be on Letterman. Good luck in Pittsburg, you deserve it man!


  23. lizmeda@hotmail.com

    Congratulations on getting to the All Star Game – well deserved. Keep up the great work in the second half of the season.
    Let’s Go Mets!!!

    – Liz M.

  24. davidwright_obsession@yahoo.com

    Hi Davey!
    I really hope you have fun above anything else at your first of many all-star games; although it would be nice, since i bet the mets will be in the world series, and a hometown series would be nice :] Anyways, you already hit 70 RBI! That’s really amazing considering your age; no doubt you’ll be incredibly crazy good when you’re a bit older. Pft, i can’t imagine you getting a big head ever, we all know you’re a sweet + good-natured guy dave. Best Wishes, -Abbie.

  25. nym5dw@aim.com

    Hey David!
    Congrats on getting into the all-star game! You’ve earned it to me! You are an amazing ball player. Also I will be watching the Letterman show on wednesday. Congrats on that too. Congrats. Well deserved for you. You will not get a big head. Trust me. You’ve made it this far without getting a big head and you’re in front of the most critical people, the most crutial people, in the world and you stayed grounded, you’re an awesome guy, so trust me you will be fine. You are well on your way to a 120 plus RBI season. Congrats on everything. Good luck in the all-star game!!

  26. prettymood@aol.com

    I’m so happy you made the All Star team this year and you totally deserve to go along with the other Mets!! I went to the game yesterday and was totally shocked that you weren’t playing but I saw you moving around in the dugout. I was so excited when you hit that 2-run homer tonight. Best of luck and have fun during the All Star game!! -Stephanie

  27. singinizlife317@yahoo.com

    Congrats on making the All-Star team. You are an amazing baseball player and you deserve to be at PNC Park next week. Enjoy it. As for Letterman, don’t worry. You’ll be “amazin'”! Good luck!

    ~ Lia

  28. heyitsjina@hotmail.com

    Just awesome. I was just at the game earlier tonight to see your 2-run homer. It was totally exciting, especially with Jose Reyes stealing bases left to right. It’s great to see my favorite player achieve so much, and continues to do so. You’re aboslutely fabulous.


  29. lilsweetthang625@aol.com


  30. brdwydancer04@hotmail.com

    CONGRATS DAVID!!! I voted for you numerous times and I’m so happy it paid off. You definitely deserve to be in Pittsburgh and I can’t wait to watch you bring home a win for the National League. I’ll be watching you on Letterman. Good Luck! I know how it feels to have that little red light on you…it’s VERY nervewrecking, but you always do a great job. Good Luck in the All Star Game! Love you!



  31. heath979@aol.com

    Hey David! So I made a trip up to Shea on Wednesday (left the office early and everything) and got there only to find out you were taking a much deserved day off! Have to admit I was a little crushed, but a Met victory boosted my spirits. I also scored box seats right by 3rd base for Saturday so I’m pretty pumped about that. I’ll be rooting for you as always and wearing my “Mrs. Wright” t-shirt. Congrats on the Player of the Month award, the All Star Game and being in the Home Run Derby. Oh and please do not be nervous about your TV appearances….you could just sit there and you’ll still look hot. I know you’re a talented baseball player and all but man, you just make me swoon, haha. Never thought I’d be 26 with a celebrity crush! Anyway, congrats again and best of luck to you now and always. Your spirit means so much to this team and these fans and we all love you tremendously for it! Go Mets!

  32. heath979@aol.com

    By the way, is there something wrong with me that I have this dream of bumping into you at a bar in the city somewhere and just having a celebratory drink with you after another Mets’ victory? lol people think I’m crazy, but I swear, one day it’ll happen. Oh and I also swear, I’m not psychotic or anything…just enamored by you. I think my boyfriend is even starting to get jealous, haha.

  33. maderolemodel11@yahoo.com

    I’m so proud of your accomplishments this year along with the rest of the team and I think I speak for all the fans when I say that you really do deserve to be making this trip to Pittsburgh. Good luck there and at the homerun derby, we’ll be cheering for you!


  34. snoopy_soccerchick_50@hotmail.com

    Hey David,
    I must say I am more of a Yankees fan but this year watching you is fun! You are a great player! I am an avid baseball fan and watching you play makes it exciting! Congrats on the All star pick. You will do great and good luck on David Letterman!

    Best wishes,


  35. katiebear8731@yahoo.com

    You definitely deserve to be a member of the All-Star Team! You are amazing! Good game tonite and keep it up!

    ~Your #1 Fan


  36. crys4143@yahoo.com

    Congrats David! You def. deserve to be playing on the all star team! Hope you have fun, and good luck on Letterman! Cheers to the second half of the season being as great (if not better) than the first!


  37. elmodj2@aol.com

    David, David, David…

    You leave me in awe with your words. (And if you really are the one writing these blog entries, you are quite the talented writer, to boot.) Your humility and ability to remain grounded even after your fast track to heady success are way impressive. In fact, that’s probably the one aspect about you that I love and admire the most: your quasi-“aw-shucks” demeanor. You are going to have the time of your life in Pittsburgh. Soak it all up and savor the moment. Congrats on your upcoming Letterman appearance. Wow, you’re going national now! Even though NY is the biggest market in the country, for some reason or other, I sometimes see it as this little insulated bubble where no one else in the country knows what’s going on here. Yeah, so it’s gonna be exciting. Can’t wait to hear your post-Letterman reaction, if you want to share. Even though you won’t admit it, you ARE the best, dearest David. 🙂


  38. jzalaznick@hotmail.com


    Just so you know, your performance on the field day-after-day is remarkable and astounding. I have grown up a fan of the Astros and Rangers, but since moving up here to Jersey have become a fan of the Mets now. Ya’ll have become one of the best teams I have ever seen, yet not one of you is cocky about it. That’s good, keep your heads on straight and your feet planted on the ground. My girlfriend is a die-hard Mets fan and she has always spoken accolades about you and the great ballplayer that you are. Congratulations on the All-Star team. Although it pained me to vote against Ensberg, I feel you were more than deserving to start. Good luck against the Marlins this weekend and keep up the good work.

  39. iggy_stewge@yahoo.com

    the all-star team is lucky to have you…and will be for many years to come. good luck in the home run derby too.

    now, i must remember to dvr letterman on wednesday…mental note.


    p.s. congrats on player of the month too. you earn it everyday!

  40. iggy_stewge@yahoo.com

    the all-star team is lucky to have you…and will be for many years to come. good luck in the home run derby too.

    now, i must remember to dvr letterman on wednesday…mental note.


    p.s. congrats on player of the month too. you earn it everyday!

  41. metfanmela5@aol.com

    Twenty three and playing in the MLB allstar gamem what a thrill. I wanted to congratulate not only you but you parents for raising such a talented, intelligent, humble man. It must be a thrill for them to see all their hard work, time and commintment being recognized.

  42. ackermansteven@yahoo.com

    Congradulations on making the all star team. Thats a huge honor for you and the 5 other mets going. Myself and a lot of other Met fans can tell that you have a great work ethic and that you are a great human being and that’s a big part of becoming a great player. Met fans are very lucky to have the best third baseman in the league.

    P.S- Maybe Willie should bat you 4th from now on because you are hitting somewhere near .425 just a suggestion.

  43. anthonyr@newyork-mets.net

    Congrats David! The All-Star nod is well-deserved and we’ll enjoy seeing you there. HAVE FUN!!!

    (Looking forward to the Letterman appearance too … what a blast!)

  44. jerzgirl8@yahoo.com

    Hey David,

    Congratulations on being selected to the all star game. That is a great accomplishment!! Good Luck on Letterman too, I’m sure you’ll have a blast!!

  45. nalyd41@verizon.net

    Hey Dave, congrats on your first all star game, first of many more to come…You are an excellent ballplayer, very humble, and an honor to have my kids wear your jersey…..Keep up the great work, and soon enough u will be in a parade down broadway…..

  46. noodles7813@aol.com

    What up Davey. You and Jose definetly deserve to rep yo team. You both are young newbie’s to the allstar game, and you more than deserve it. You can hold your own with the big boys, and thats the way it should be. Now hopefully, you and the other mets can help get the NL back on the map. Interleague definetly didn’t do it, so I want to prove we got some **** good players too. And FYI, it doesn’t matter how good you are…your still gonna catch some heat in the dugout….as even the managers do. I loved Ramone tossing sunflower kernals at Coach Down during his interview on batting….it was great 🙂 Take it easy Davy…have fun and whoop some *** bro!

  47. forever5dwright@yahoo.com

    You guys lost to Boston on purpose just to annoy the Yankees!!! haha





  48. skaherb@yahoo.com


    You are an insperation, and as a young chemical engineer, I will do my best to work for the company on my left shoulder and not the name on my “wright”.

    Good luck in the home run derby and on Letterman.

    Also, any chance since you’re a new yorker that you’ll ditch va tech and root for the ‘cuse?

  49. ilwright05@yahoo.com

    Wow, David. This is definatley your best and my favorite blog. It was great how you talked about you still getting anxious in front of the camera. It allows for people to see you as a real person as opposed to just a baseball player. I’m so happy that you got into the All Star Game, you really deserve it. Congrats also on being the NL MVP for June. You are doing so amazing this year, keep up the good work and keep having fun. Hopefully I’ll be able to go to another Met’s game soon enough. I’m getting your National League jersey for the All Star Game too. I’m so happy for you, have fun on Letterman<3.

    your biggest fan, ever<3


  50. alanz9@yahoo.com

    David, I criticized you earlier in the year about your blog. I think you are opening the doors to the clubhouse and behind the scenes which is what many of us want to hear. However, we’re still hearing alot of lines and cliches that we hear in the newspapers. Please fill your blog with more little tid bits of information that we can only hear about from you. Oh yeah, and lead us to the World Series please.

  51. onekimba@gmail.com

    first let me say you deserve to be in that all-star game ever since you started out. I knew that you were going to be the extra kick the mets needed to get them moving. this team this year has been amazing and im a very proud met fan! when i saw you in the roosevelt field mall in long island i was so excited to finally meet you. i want to meet you again because you are a true hero to me. im 15 years old and im going to shea for my 16th birthday.(im soo excited) i just wanted to say that watching you play is an enjoyment. You always have a smile on your face, but you also work very hard. You have made me a better team player than any coach i had.

    Congratulation on the player of the month and also on making the allstar game. i must have voted for you about 10 times but you deffinitly should be there.

    i just have to say that i went to the met game on wednesday and saw woodward take your position, dont get me wrong woodward is an awesome player but when i found out you werent playing i was upset. Watching you play makes the game more enjoyable.:) with you out there on the feild the team seems to come more to life.

    thank you for being on the mets.

    good luck on the letterman show i will make sure i watch you.

    hope to meet you again…and to sing the national anthem at one of the games.

    have a great rest of the year and more to come.


    a happy true met fan


  52. elsbeti510@yahoo.com

    Hey, best of luck to you and your teammates in the all star game. The NL is very well represented and it is going to be an exciting game. Take care and enjoy your break.

  53. onekimba@gmail.com

    mr. David wright

    i just wanted to say that i am a HUGE FAN of yours. I wanted to no if u have girlfriend..haha just out of Curiosity. hehe.

  54. markweinreb@hotmail.com

    COngradulations Dave.
    My 50 year old girlfriend and her 19 year old daughter both refer to you as “my man” . I’m a little jealous. Keep up the good work. Lets go Mets.

    (a fan since 1969)

  55. aikensnychick15@aim.com

    David, You really deserve to go to the All-Star Game. You are one of the best players in the National League today. I cannot wait to see you on the David Letterman Show. I cannot wait till the All-Star Game!

  56. khenry1013@aol.com


    20 years ago I had a crush on Kevin Elster and had fantasies of being his girlfriend. 20 years later, I discover you and now, I tell everyone I would love to be your mom! (Ah, how times change!)

    Anyway, congratulation on making it to the All-Stars. You truly deserve it.


    P.S. Say hi to your mom!

  57. cnadeau231@newyork-mets.net


    Congrats on the HOME RUN last night…

    I am so happy you guys are finally doing great!! I have been a huge fan since 86 and even been to spring training a few times. Im hoping to make a trip to Shea sometime soon…

    CONGRATS on making it to the ALL STAR game, I cant wait to see you guys out there, and its time the National league beats the pants off the American league!!!!.

    I am setting the DVR right now to record Letterman.. Thats totally awesome that they asked you to be on, but why wouldnt they, you HOT!!! you play awesome and you are amamzing… Good luck at the ALL STAR game!!!!!!!!

    Chrissy – Rochester NY

  58. perruccc@yahoo.com

    Hey David!

    Congrats on making the All Star game…you must be so excited! Looking forward to seeing you on Letterman too!

    I’ve lived in New York my whole life and have always been a Mets fan. Thanks to you (and of course the other guys) I’m finally the one who can brag to all my Yankee fan friends about what a great team we have! haha Keep up the good work…this just might be the year!

    I’m on my summer break from law school and going to the games has certainly been a blast for me. I’ve been lucky to get to 3 this season… pretty good seats too! Perhaps you remember me from the 4th of July game?


    haha I had so much fun and thanks for waiving to me…it made my day! 🙂


    Long Island, NY

  59. flaher77@potsdam.edu

    Congrats on all your many successes!! May there only be more to come!

    best of luck!


  60. nsicilia@hatboro-horsham.org

    Congratulations and have fun in Pittsburg! Can’t wait to see you on Letterman – I have such a crush on him. While you are there, tell him I think he is fantastic.



  61. friedham2008@yahoo.com

    Wow..I don’t know if these really get to you..But I have a lot I want to say.

    First off, congrats on getting picked for the all star team. That must feel great!

    Second, I can’t wait to see you on the Letterman show. Have fun!

    THIRD, I can’t wait to see you at the All-Star game, and at the Home Run derby. Good luck with all that!

    Last but not least. I was at the game on wednesday 7/5 and I was sitting in the left field bleachers, and even though you didn’t play you were still in the outfield during BP and you were right infront of me. I went crazy..THENN you turned around and threw me a ball. I cried…. I just wanted to thank you for that. You have no idea how much that meant to me. Thank you so much..

    Good luck with everything…




  62. jcantelmi@optonline.net

    It’s really nice to see someone like you getting all he deserves. You seem so genuine and really kind, and it’s so nice to see you get rewarded for all of your hard work. Any time I hear you in an interview, you are so composed and you handle yourself with such class; that’s so nice to see, especially for being so young; you are beyond your years. I just wanted to congratulate you on all of you accomplishments, and also thank you for not letting the glory get to your head; that’s really refreshing. I know everyone probably tells you that they are your biggest fan, but I will be no exception. I’m always routing for you, and I know you will go really far, not only because of your incredible talent, but because of your obviously kind heart as well. How could anyone not like you? About the Letterman show, I actually think it’s really sweet that you get nervous. Like someone else had said, the moment you stop getting anxious at the little red light will most likely be when it’s gone to your head, so I think it’s sweet that you get a little nervous. But don’t be too nervous, everyone is supporting you, and we all want to see you go really far. Keep inspiring us to follow our dreams?


  63. queentitia18@yahoo.com

    hey david..congratulations!! I voted for you lots of times..as well as the others. I’m a recent baseball fan. My best friend got me into it and she loves the Mets and now I do =] you are a wonderful player..keep doing what you’re doing. Good luck in the game..and on Letterman!
    <3, laetitia

  64. jenhead@gmail.com


    Congrats on making the All-Star team! Let’s take this one from the American League… I’m sick of seeing them win it every year!

    I’m going to the game in Chicago on Saturday 7/15… hopefully I’ll be able to meet you!

    Keep being awesome…

  65. walkovermexo@yahoo.com

    I cannot wait to see you on Letterman. You have surely earned your position in NY. I look forward to seeing what happens in the future with you. who knows, MVP could be calling your name =]

    Much love David


  66. majexword@yahoo.com

    Good Luck David! I won’t be able to watch the game because I am in Hong Kong, but please blog about the experience, so I can read all about it!

  67. wrightlover23@newyork-mets.net

    Hey David, Just wanted to say congrats on going to the All-Stars, every met fan knew you would be on that list. I am really grateful for all the hard work and sacrifice you and your teammates contribute to this team and to every game. Just remember you can’t win them all, but don’t think that you have failed it will mess up your moral. As fans we can’t even imagine what you and the team go through, but please know that we do appreciate it very much. As a fan myself i look forward to watching you guys play your heart out because i love the game. Baseball is my favorite sport, i’m not sure what i will do with myself when it is over. Well i wish you and the team lots of good luck, also good luck in the All-Stars and the homerun derby. You are such a great and humble player, please don’t ever change. Take care and lot of good luck and fortune to your career and your personal life. LET’S GO METS!!! 🙂

  68. blondeshell522@aim.com

    hea David,

    I was at the game last night and was so excited to see you. You looked gorgeous as always!!! I was wearing my blue David Wright jersey and screaming my head off everytime they said your name up at bat. I know you hear this all the time but I am your #1 fan…I love you soooo much!_! I have the biggest crush on you and would love to be your girlfriend!!!lol Just wondering…do you guys need a batgirl because I would be more than happy to be of assistance to you!

    It was great that you guys split the double header today. The offense was on a roll and Valentin and Floyd were great. Good luck tomorrow in the final game before the all star break. I’ll be watching you in the Homerun Derby, All Star Game, and on Letterman… I just know you’ll be great!_!


    -Lindsy (wifey)

  69. mrskriswright5@aim.com

    Congrats on going to the all star game and to the home run derby. You really are a nice person I saw you at Atlas Terminals Mall a few saturdays ago and realize that you give back to the community which is really nice of you to do. I also have a question for you why is it that when a picture of you is taken during a moment in a baseball game that your toungue is out? Me and my softball team (who is mostly made out of Mets fans and who come to cheer the Mets on all the time especially the game on June 22 where you hit the two home runs and we saw you after the game with our WE LOVE DAVID WRIGHT #5 signs)always wondered why that was. And last but not least this is just to make your day YOU ARE VERY HOTT!! and Hey if the Mets are in ever a need for a bat girl hey gimmie an email and ill be there!

    <33 Kristen

  70. matthew.john.thompson@us.army.mil

    Congrats on the All-Star game man. I’m so psyched that you are getting that chance. I know it will be a dream come true for you. I’m over here in Iraq right now, at least for two more months. We are able to watch AFN (American Forces Network) and I saw the commercial you did to thank us for all we are doing out here. Hey man, it’s no problem at all!!!!!!! I just thought it was cool that you took the time out and did that. Thanks man!!!!!

    SSG Matthew Thompson

  71. dancin_melon5@yahoo.com

    wow! you guys did amazing clobbering the Marlins last night i hope you guys can tie the series. my birthday was last week and i got tickets! i’m so excited! i’m going to see you play the astros on the 22nd. i can’t wait! i love watching you guys play its so intense. i look forward to it everyday! and i’m making a sign for the game! its pretty awesome so far. and i can’t wait to see you play in the allstar game! and the homerun derby! and on letterman! wow…you’re really busy! lol well i’ll be watching them all! good luck!

    your B~I~G~G~E~S~T *F*A*N*


  72. tati500@aol.com

    I think the Mets have done a great job this year, and David you are a Champion you deserve to be at the All Star Games. Swing with your heart not the bat, and don’t let an ego get in the way of winning every game you and the team play.


    Crazy Fan Chick:) Luv ya

  73. sensenigk@yahoo.com

    **** nice hit, kid! Congratulations on the All Star vote; you certainly deserve it.

    Thanks for making it feel good to watch the Mets again. When Joe McEwing was let go I thought it might not be worth following you guys anymore. But there’s no shortage of heart on the field this year, and it’s just wonderful to watch you all enjoy the game so much.

    Thanks for bringing joy back to Queens again,


  74. blondeshell522@aim.com

    hea David,

    Great game today. I knew you would come through in the bottom of the eight inning! That was an amazin’ three run homer David… you won the game for us!_! I’ll be watching the Homerun Derby tomorrow. Good luck and hope you win. The Mets had an amazin’ first half and yuo guys are just gonna continue to be awesome in rest of the season. Luv you so much and #1 fan!



  75. dancin_melon5@yahoo.com

    wow! you amaze me every time you play! you crushed that ball! that was the winning hit and it just shows how awesome you’re gonna do tomorrow at the homerun derby! i can’t wait to see it! but i hope that you won’t let your ability get to your head always stay humble and play for the love of the game.i have a good feeling you will. but anyway good luck tomorrow and at the allstar game! can’t wait to see you on Letterman!

    YOUR B~I~G~G~E~S~T *F*A*N*


    p.s. i know the chances of this are like a trillion to one but it would make my life if you wrote me back! what can i say i’m a dreamer

  76. nymetsgirl@gmail.com

    I don’t know if you read all the comments you get or not… but I wanted you (and of course all the fans who read this) to check out the fan page I made for YOU. There’s still a lot that needs to be done… but with my son driving me crazy these days, it may take a little longer than expected to make it 100% complete. Anyways, please check it out @ http://www.bella-dorka.com/wright I haven’t found any other fansites on you, so I thought I show some love and support by opening the first!!! ENJOY!

  77. onekimba@gmail.com

    hello Mr. Wright(again)

    i dont want to sound like all the other fans and say wow i love you and wow im your #1 fan. which i do agree i am, but anyway i just wanted to say w. a ball player like you with your 20th home-run and your 74th rbi i believe you are a true inspiration to everyone. i hope you read all my comments and i hope that you will see how much i admire you. thank you very much and have fun in the all-star game ill make sure to watch you!!!!!!


    long island NY

  78. blacknight712@yahoo.com

    Hey David,
    First off congrats on making the all-star.I’m glad to see all 25 of votes counted.Secondly,thank you for the dinger today.It was my 1st game I’ve been to since 1993(I was 11.)Before today I never witnessed a Met victory.Looked like I was going 0-5 but you and the guys saved the day.So thanks and do us proud in Pittsburgh.



  79. mcgowacd@jmu.edu


    I just wanted to let you know that my friends and I have decided to put “WRIGHT 4 MVP” on our chests for every game until we head back to college. We did it Wednesday night but to our dismay, you didn’t get in the game. Thursday night was a different story, as we were sitting in the upper deck down the right field line as you hit your two-run homer. We don’t know if you really see us or not, but we like to pretend that some of your success is based on our, “MVP” chants, screams of “Have my babies!,” and chest painting (The have my babies screams are only for pure shock value to those seated around us haha). Good luck David, I wish you continued success and look for my boys and I, all 10 of us, in the upper deck.

    -JMU Chris

  80. muzicgirl21@hotmail.com

    David, Congrats on making it to the all-star game. I voted for you so many times and I’m glad that it paid off! You are by far my favorite player on the team! I can’t wait to see you and the rest of the guys on Tuesday night representing for the mets! You will do great on David Letterman, and I can’t wait to see it. You make all Mets fans proud!! and keep up what you’re doing!
    Your Fan, Ericka

  81. vzeo6epp@verizon.net

    First, your play today to win the game only proves that you deserve to be starting at third in the All Star Game.

    Second, if you still have trouble on television, or even speaking to an audience, I recommend highly Toastmasters. At the very least, it’ll come in handy at the events of your foundation.

    Gack! You’re such an inspiration at such a young age. I should have been the same at 23!

  82. vzeo6epp@verizon.net

    First, your play today to win the game only proves that you deserve to be starting at third in the All Star Game.

    Second, if you still have trouble on television, or even speaking to an audience, I recommend highly Toastmasters. At the very least, it’ll come in handy at the events of your foundation.

    Gack! You’re such an inspiration at such a young age. I should have been the same at 23!

  83. steve@34newstreet.com

    Hey David…. Hear you’ve asked Lo Duca to throw BP pitches for the HR derby…. If you’re looking for real fat pitches to launch, my wife suggests you give Jose Lima a call… doh!

  84. mia_metskat@yahoo.com


    Congrats on your 20th HR. I can’t wait on actually seeing you at the home run derby tomorrow. I had these tickets for weeks and it’s cool to see a met particiapting in the derby.

  85. mia_metskat@yahoo.com


    Congrats on your 20th HR. I can’t wait on actually seeing you at the home run derby tomorrow. I had these tickets for weeks and it’s cool to see a met particiapting in the derby.

    Oh Yeah one more thing, I’m sure you’ll do great on letterman

  86. dancer113@optonline.net

    Congrats on making the All-Star team and Home-run Derby! Those are two big accomplishments! Have fun doing the night show with David Letterman, I am going to whatch it and tape it. I’m also going to whatch the all-star game + home-run derby, (and tape those too) Once again i think you are an amazing baseball player and I love you! I went to the July 7th Met game hoping to meet you, but i didn’t. I had a sign too. Hopefully next game i will meet you! I’m also def. your biggest fan! Well keep up the good work, + good luck in the All Star game + the home run derby, i’ll be whatching supporting you all the way! I love you!!!!

    Your biggest fan,


  87. sully_16@hotmail.com


    Good luck tonight in the HR Derby and have a fantastic time at the game. Take it all in and then bring it on home to NY!

    Oh, and don’t let Dave make you nervous – just have some good stories to tell, and you’ll be fine. Oh, and stay warm – that’s a cold studio!


  88. blondeshell522@aim.com

    hea David,

    Good luck tonight in the Homerun Derby… I know you’l do just great!_! How cool would it be if you won?! I’ll be watching and cheering for you only.

  89. y2cooljadeegssj1@aol.com

    I don’t thin you’re4 gonna win homerun derby because sometimes you have some problems lifting the ball when your intent is homerun. But you’re already my pick for all-star game MVP you’re gonna steal the show. Hope you don’t screw on a Letterman, though you know Leno’s gonna want you the next week right? You know who they are weird TV times exactly the same time.


  90. park17j@optonline.net

    Congrats on making the All-Star team and the Homerun Derby. You deserve it, but it’s good that your teammates are keeping you humble because your humility makes you especially likeable. You were awesome in the game yesterday. I was at Shea, and your homerun was amazing. Keep up the good work and enjoy Pittsburgh.

    All my best,


  91. dancin_melon5@yahoo.com

    MAN YOU ROCKED THE FIRST ROUND! holy ****! 16 home runs! you’re a beast! i was amazed! but i’m always amazed when you play. you’re so dedicated! you really are a role model for so many people. i’m sure you’ll get to the second round so good luck!

    YOUR B~I~G~G~E~S~T *F*A*N*


  92. jmhrideshorses@yahoo.com

    Nice work, how’s it feel to have Ortiz wipe your face off with a towel? God, that man is such a saint…God bless him. I think you did a great job for your first time, but beware of Howard…


    Norfolk, Virginia

  93. dancin_melon5@yahoo.com

    you did an awesome job! the homerun derby was absolutely amazing! it was great! you did your absolute best and it was incredible! amazing! i hope you’re not to burned out. i know i would be but you have an allstar game tomorrow! good luck! play hard! i know you will!

    YOUR B~I~G~G~E~S~T *F*A*N*


  94. plane90@hotmail.com

    I have to admit I was thoroughly impressed from what you did at the homerun derby. I am a big fan, but honestly, I didn’t think you would reach the final round. Congrats on a terrific “first, but not last” homerun derby!! Now try to win the All-Star game. With the Wright guy, it’s NL time!!

  95. heath979@aol.com

    David….Wow! That is all I can say. What an amazing performance tonight at the Derby. I was calling it all day….told everyone you would be the “sleeper”. Everyone laughed at me at work–can’t wait to see them tomorrow. While all of your fans knew you had it in you, it was so great to see you quiet down some of the doubters out there. Like you, I am so tired of hearing all about the American League and how the National League can’t even measure up. You and the Mets don’t get nearly the amount of respect you deserve and it must get so frustrating. But hey, maybe that’s OK. Maybe that can just fuel your fires for awhile. Just go out there and keep doing what no one expects. Play hard and keep your heads up….don’t let that 12 game lead get in your heads. You and the rest of the Mets have made going to Shea exciting again. For that we thank you! Go get a win for the NL tomorrow….we could use that home field advantage 😉 By the way, I was at the doubleheader on Saturday, 5 rows behind the Marlins’ dugout (I was even on SportsCenter!) I swear you looked at me…Alright I’m probably crazy but I love you anyway!!! Keep up the good work!

  96. ihateyousooomuch2003@yahoo.com

    Hey! I am a lifelong Giants fan, but I was cheering hard for you tonight in the homerun derby. You were awesome and I’m sure you will be great in the game tomorrow. I can’t wait until next year when I see you in SF winning the homerun derby! I’ll be cheering for you the next time you are in SF!


  97. georgegeorgiou74@hotmail.com

    Impressive D, impressive. But what else should we expect from you? You have done nothing but impress us since you arrived here 2 years ago. I was fortunate enough to have the perfect seat in left field last month in Philly to see you rob the Phillies of a ninth inning comeback with one of the best double plays I have ever seen in my life. I was also at that Sunday night Met/Yankee game at Shea, when you hit that titanic shot into the parking lot in left field. Keep up the great work, we hope to see you in a Mets uniform for life.

  98. oohoney04oo@aol.com

    Hey, great job in the Home Run Derby! I can’t believe you hit 16 homers in the first round that was amazing! You are one of the best players I’ve seen in a long time. Good luck in the All-Star game, even though u don’t need it 😉

  99. bricantor@yahoo.com

    David – Great job at the Derby! You looked like you ran out of gas after those 16 bombs! Very impressive nonetheless against all of those “pure” power hitters. Keep up the great work!!

    -Brian C., Brooklyn

  100. nycmets15@gmail.com

    GREAT JOB AT THE DERBY! We all know that it is a fairly meaningless display, but I had a great time watching. You’re such a great influence and help to the mets. Thanks for making my favorite team a GREAT team as well (they have not been like this forever, think of those sub-.500 seasons), but there’s so much energy. GO METS! Keep up the amazing job! Good luck in the all-star game!
    go amazins, go wright.

    -Sarah L., Manhattan

  101. wenrod624@yahoo.com

    Mr Wright: Firstable, congrats on making the All-Star team and representing the Mets in the HR Derby. Second, what a perfromance you gave yesterday at the Derby, you impressed even yourself. The grove you got on after five outs was awesome, I couldn’t look away because you were hitting one after the other. Its pretty difficult to find that sweet swing and be able to take everything out of the ballpark, so second place is not bad for a rookie in the Derby. I know you’ll play like the MVP you are today in the game, hopefully the National team can snap out of that eleven-year losing streak with your help. Keep swinging and I wish you a much prosperous second half.
    Much love, Wendy R.

    PS: And remember: NOOO NO NO NO NO NOO… DIGALE QUE NO A ESA PELOTA!!!!!(keep practicing your spanish with Jose b/c its getting better =>)

  102. dancer113@optonline.net

    WOW! You did AMAZING in the home run derby! Congratulations, 2nd place is awesome! My mom, me, my brother + his friend were all cheering you on! Go David, Go David, Go David, + add some dancing too =] It was quite comical i might add, but we were supporting you all the way! We’re whatching the all-star game tonight..more dancing and cheering, haha. Keep up the great work! You are truly amazing. I really do hope to meet you one day. I love you!! =]

    Your biggest fan,


  103. joel@thecmrc.org

    David – Great job representing the Mets last night (and all year long)!

    We’ll give them a home-run derby champion, we all know what the real goal is 😉

    Anyway, I was interested by one of your comments after the derby…

    “I have no idea,” Wright admitted. “You want to talk about some rivers in New York, I can help you out. But Pittsburgh, not so much.”

    Would be curious to hear about your knowledge of the waterways in NYC…and more importantly do you think you could hit a homer into one?!?

    Believe it or not, Shea lies not all that far from a great waterway itself – Flushing Bay. Maybe with a couple of good bounces off the parking lot and the Grand Central you can send one in!!!

    Again, great job at the home run derby and in the first half. Looking forward to a great second half.


    PS Check out http://www.thecmrc.org for tons of info about NY’s rivers, waterways and coasts! Good luck tonight!!!

  104. lets_go_mets5@yahoo.com

    Hey David,
    You’re my favorite player anf I’ve definatly been one of your biggest fans since your first MLB game. But I realized that I didn’t know that much about you as a person. I read your interview in the New York Post on July 9th and you seem like a really sweet guy. It’s great to know that you won’t be getting a big ego from all the attention you’re recieving and as much as I ove my younger brother, I don’t think I’d pay for his college education… well actually, I probably would. As shallow as it sounds and although I HATE judging people’s looks (and I’m sure you get this a lot too) you’re really cute. You’re just a great person and player overall, stay that way. Good luck for the rest of the season and youre career. I’ll be cheering for you the entire time.

    Hopefully, you can help to lead the Mets all the way this year.

    I believe this is the year,


    P.S. Good job last night at the HR Derby. The first round was really amazin’.

    P.P.S. Good luck with the All-star Game tonight and David Letterman, be prepared, he’s quick.

  105. Zoe

    Are you KIDDING me David? Ortiz is just shaking his head like “Sixteen!” And there you are all adorable and “I’m tired. Oh wait, here’s another fifty home runs.” Truly, you are so very, very loved.

    Please stay with the Mets forever. PLEASE! (And you know, put in a good word for my beloved Cliffy for next year too, okay?)

    “Cliff Floyd said I’d hit two.” Priceless.


  106. kirbyrulz890@yahoo.com

    Congrats on coming in second in the HR derby! I wasn’t even going to watch it, but once you got up and tarted hitting my whole family got into it. You and Lo Duca looked like you were having a blast.

    Good luck tonight! NL > AL!

  107. tati500@aol.com

    You won the home run derby in my book. Lefties had shorter distance to hit than you and you were robbed of a run by some kid(silentley bitter). You did a great job and I’m so proud(sniff sniff…tear)LOL keep up the good work.

  108. ciannone@mmm.edu


    Okay, so when are the Mets going to name you team captain, already??


    BTW: great job at the derby

  109. hcmillian@comcast.net

    First off, congratulations on your first home run derby and all star nomination. We’re all rooting for you.
    Secondly, I would like to comment on your David Wright Foundation. I really admire what you are doing to try to help kids with needs and disabilities. Two of my classmates have passed away. The first in a drowning accident, the second from cancer. I read about your successful golf tournament, and since I work at a golf course, I have decided to organize a golf tournament in his honor. Proceedings will go to the American Cancer Association in hopes to advance research to find a cure. So, in conclusion, thank you for inspiring me to run this tournament and please, if you have any ‘words of wisdom’, I am open to any suggestions on how to organize this. I hope in the end, it will be just as successful as yours. My only regret is I haven’t done anything like this sooner.

    OH! And good luck tonight, we’re all rooting for you in ‘Jersey!

    Thanks again,


  110. blondeshell522@aim.com

    hea David,

    You were AMAZIN’ last night!! I knew you would fifnish in the top three. I was so impressed. Those 16 homers in the first inning blew everyone away. You think Floyd regrets making fun of you now?! I was so happy you got so far in the tournament. Great job for your first time ever at the Derby. Good luck tonight against the AL in the All Star Game. Crush them and end this loosing streak David!I have so much confidence in the NL team this year!_!

    -Lindsy (wifey)

  111. dancin_melon5@yahoo.com

    good luck tonight! you’re gonna do amazing! cause thats the kind of player you are! i can’t wait to see it! you, lo duca, and beltran are gonna rock that ball park! and congrats to glavine, pedro, and reyes for the nomination!

    love ya!

    YOUR B~I~G~G~E~S~T *F*A*N*


  112. wordbooty@gmail.com

    Hey David,
    Congrats on the performance last night. It was quite the show. I’m a hardcore Dodgers fan but let me tell you, it was fantastic watching my two favorite players go at it. You and Howard both are exciting players to watch and the new face of baseball. I don’t get many Mets games here in the West, but I can’t wait for your Sportscenter highlights nearly every night!

    Keep up the good work and have a great time at the game tonight!

    -Jeffery Patch

  113. frndly53@aol.com

    Hey David,

    I’ve been a Met fan since before you saw the light of day, therefore more than old enough to be your father. I just have to say you make a parent proud, as I’m sure yours are. Someone so young, yet so talented, so humble and caring, charitable and extremely likeable. You are an outstanding role model for young and old alike. We’re all extremely proud of you and hope you’ll never change and stay the same fine young man you are now. Wishing you the very best of luck now and always,

    Very longtime Met fan from NY’s Lower East Side

  114. nj13@earthlink.net

    Being a Met fan and baseball fan since the ’60s I want to say how both you and Jose have really restored my faith in baseball. The way the 2 of you play the game from the heart makes me proud to be one of your fans. Watching you in the homerun derby representing the Mets and your love for the game has really helped restore baseball as America’s pasttime.


  115. o_oneguy@hotmail.com

    Hey David,
    I was sitting next to Dan Rather on a flight to L.A. yesterday and overheard him saying that HE thinks “A-Rod is, by far, the second-best third baseman in NYC”. Just thought ya might like to know. GO METS!

  116. isis324@gmail.com

    Hi again David,
    As always you’re doing fantastic and you’re continuing to reach higher and work harder. Watching you just slam that ball into the seats earlier tonight is a sure testament to my above statement. You look like you’re having lots of fun. Keep it up! I keep saying to my friends that you’re definitely gonna be MVP this year. I know that getting the team to the championship is more important to you, and that should be your focus, so continue. And don’t worry, I know you won’t get a swelled head from all this attention, especially from us females! ;o) Thank you for guiding us fans to what is turning out to be one of the best seasons in baseball! I know I definitely appreciate it! See you at another game!


  117. alisha530@microsoft.com

    wuz gud david?
    i jus wanna say im SOOOOOO proud of u 4 makin it 2 da finals!let me tell u i got into a lot of arguments defendin u n sayin u wuz gon make it!i almost cried wen u aint win but u definetely came back wit dat hr 2day in da all star game! cant wait 2 c u in da letterman show….i noe u’ll luk sexXy az alwayz. n may i say ur da ONLY guy who can pull off pastels.

    wit all ma luv,


  118. sully_16@hotmail.com


    What an expeirence this must have been for you – 2 amazing days. You did all of us Met fans proud. You were robbed of the MVP (and Chevy Avalanche) man, I say robbed!

    Oh well – job well done – and, well…you are just adorable. “Virginia is for Lovers” – hee!


  119. staryeyes29@msn.com

    First off I wanted to congradulate you on your tremendous performace in the all start game and home run derby these past few days. You are truly a joy to watch play this all american game! Also… being so young and giving of yourself the way you already do is amazing! It’s nice to know there are guys like you out there in the world. You truly are an MVP to me!!

    ❤ Jamie

  120. ilovewright5@aim.com

    Hey David, I was soooo happy for you when you made it to the finals last night! I was mad when you didnt win but you still great!!!I was watching the All Star game and you did great!I was soo happy when you hit that homerun!Good luck on Letterman. I dont watch it but this time I will!I cant wait to see you on it!you are soooooo adorable =]You were robbed of the MVP you are truly a MVP to me!Well good luck with the rest of the season!



  121. wordbooty@gmail.com

    Hey David,
    I forgot to mention that you should watch your mouth buddy! ESPN had to bleep you a ton of times during the HR Derby! 🙂 Just giving you a hard time. Have a good rest of the season!!!


  122. rssolsen@aol.com


    Great first half keep it up..I think the most impressive thing is a young guy like yourself being so grounded is a testament to your work ethic and values..Awesome…The league needs more players like you ..keep it up Im having fun ribbing all the Yankee fans in my family..Oh yeah Stay in this uniform will you

  123. rmona65@verizon.net


    CONGRATS on your spectacular performance in the Home Run Derby and All Star Game! You truly are AWESOME!

    We’ll be seeing you play the Nationals on August 11th. Hope to meet you then!

    **** Rose (from Virginia Beach)

    p.s. Let’s go bowling when you come home… 🙂

  124. dancin_melon5@yahoo.com

    awesome job yesterday! that was an amazing homer! you did an outstanding job! even though it was really close, you guys should’ve won! i’ll be watching you on Letterman! good luck with the second half! i know you’ll great!

    YOUR B~I~G~G~E~S~T *F*A*N*

    Melanie ♥

  125. dmanrulez88@yahoo.com

    nice job in all star game yesterday to bad the NL lost but u did awesome with the home run in ur first at bat

  126. liljean131@aim.com

    hey wright, you sure are a star. you’re doing amazing things so far in the big leagues, keep doing what you do and bring the mets a world series!, and also…GREAT job in the all star game and the home run derby too!

  127. mets31girl@aol.com

    Hey David!
    Great job last night at the all star game! (by the way I voted for you) I was so happy when I saw you hit a homerun in the 2nd inning? (right?) You did an outstanding job in the homerun derby! I’m looking forward to watching the letterman show tonight! I never watched the TV show 24, but I guess now I’m going to have to start watching it! Good luck the second half of the season!

    Keep up the awesome work and let’s go to the World Series!

    You are soooooo adorable! (I’m sorry to keep telling you this, but it’s true!) I love you! <3, Katie


  128. xsoftball4x@yahoo.com

    David Wright!
    wow you did AMAZING in the HR derby and the all star game. and i can actually say that i love you. and i watch all your games. “If what you did yesterday still looks big today, then you havent done much today” quoted by youu. and two years ago when you signed with the mets, i started loving you before i even saw you play. your doign great this season, keep it up. and i wish the NL would have won the game, you have my vote for MVP from day one.

    xoxo cassieee <33

  129. Cassinda

    David Wright,

    You are the right stuff what more can I say you’re an amazing player and you have my vote for MVP!!! You’re my favorite player and you have the potential to make it very far.. congrats on your grand slam keep it up..



  130. phinsfan@sbcglobal.net

    hello Mr. Wright

    Congrats on you red hot start to the season and you proved that you can comeback just as strong after the break with you 2 run blast against the cubbies.i agree that 24 rocks and you are the jack boure of baseball. Thank you for first place. i think that ur barehanded play sould have won espy awards best play of the year.

    thank you for your time and thank you for keeping us posted on what it is like to be the best player in mlb history

    ps. u can !!!DOMINATE!!! a-rod any day of the week

    hahahha- high school food fight- hahaha

  131. trina.urso@msmtvsales.com

    Does anyone know why whenever he reaches base, Paul Lo Duca holds his batting gloves in his hands rather than putting them in his back pocket or giving them to the first base coach? Just curious.

  132. darwinspal@hotmail.com

    David, Go to wikimapia.org. Click on “places” and type in “shea stadium.” You’ll see a satellite image. Click on the white box over 3rd base. it says “home of d.w., greatest player on Earth.” Now, that’s fame! You made the world map!

  133. ronj4955@aol.com

    Dear Mr. Wright,

    You and Reyes have made me very proud to be a Met fan. There is tremendous pride knowing that the both of you are two of the crown jewels from our farm system, with more prospects to come.

    This is very important because as we set our sights on trying to capture a world series, we muust not loose sight that the Mets organization should strive to build a dynasty that will help usher in the new ballpark. Knowing that You, Reyes and the other young Mets will still be either in your prime and/or still very young. Fantastic! It’s been a long time coming.

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