A glimpse into life with the Mets


Welcome to my blog, everybody. This is the first time I?ve tried to do something like this, so I?m going to have some fun with it and try to give you a glimpse of what it?s like inside the Mets clubhouse. You can help me out by giving me your thoughts and suggestions as the season goes along. I?ll try to answer some of your questions whenever I have a chance.

The first thing I realize is that I need a cool name for my blog to replace "Getting it Wright," so send along your ideas through the "Comments" link below and I’ll choose the one I think is best.

Wrightfloyd_250_1 My first season with the Mets went by fast. It was a lot of fun and memorable to say the least -? even having to take orders from Cliff Floyd. It was all part of the rookie experience, sort of my initiation into the big leagues. That stuff is in all in good fun and it really helped make me feel like part of the team.

During the offseason I was just like any other Mets fan, I guess. I would get online every day and check to see what kind of moves the front office was making. Needless to say, I liked what I was reading all winter. With each one of the moves, I found myself nodding my head and thinking, "This is going to be a big help." Now, when I take a look around our clubhouse, I realize the sum is even greater than the parts.

It was tough to lose guy like Mike Piazza, who was a legend in this city, and Mike Cameron, of course, but Omar Minaya, the Wilpons and the rest of the front office did an outstanding job by adding guys like Carlos Delgado, Billy Wagner, Paul Lo Duca, Xavier Nady and Duaner Sanchez. Julio Franco is another guy that?s going to bring a lot to this team.

Wright_bubble_270 I got to meet all of these new guys when we had our Mets caravan in January. Then we had Spring Training to get to know each other a little bit better. Now we have the task of putting together all of this great talent and making ourselves a team. We have all the right tools and all the right pieces. Now we have to put it together and play cohesively.

My biggest expectation going into this season is to win a lot more games. One way or another, that?s what we need to do and that?s really the only thing that matters. The only important statistics are our won-lost record and the NL standings.

We have a playoff caliber team. In fact, we have the talent to go deep in the playoffs. Now, we just have to stay healthy and play like we?re capable of playing. One of the things I like about this year?s club, so far, is the way the veteran guys on the team have been speaking up, especially the guys who have played on winning teams.

Wright_randolph_262_1 Those guys keep reinforcing ?- as clichι as this sounds -? that we have to play for the team on the front of our jerseys rather than the name on the back. We have to pull for one another, play for one another and pick each other up.

It?s a long season in baseball, so we?re all going to have our moments to contribute and we?re all going to have work through slumps and injuries. If somebody doesn?t get the job done in front of you, then it becomes your responsibility to pick him up.

Hopefully, having that strong team attitude from the very beginning will help set the tone for a winning season. I?m only in my second year, so I know how important it is to be surrounded by some veterans who you can lean on a little bit.

Speaking of veterans, I think Cliff is going to be delegating his bag carrying duties between a couple of new rookies this season. It looks like Brian Bannister and Anderson Hernandez are taking over for me this year. As long as I don?t have to do it anymore!

Seriously, though, Cliff will take good care of them, like he did for me. I had to do a lot of chores but he always took care of me, too. He bought me some nice new suits and took me to dinner, so it was well worth it. I?m sure he won?t be too hard on Brian and Anderson, either.

Wright_autographs_240 I couldn?t be happier playing for the Mets and being a New Yorker. One of the things I realize living in Manhattan is that we play for the greatest fans in the world. They recognize everybody on the roster, from No. 1 to No. 25. Even as a relatively new guy, people recognize me every time I walk out of my apartment.

It?s all good, though. You get words of encouragement -? a "good game last night" or a quick "hello" -? little things like that that let you know that they appreciate your efforts. There?s so much excitement and electricity. New York sports, baseball in particular, has a certain energy that you don?t get anywhere else. I?m lucky to be a part of it.

I?m going to try and update this at least once per homestand, so keep reading and let’s have a winning season together.

— David

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  1. Diane

    Congrats on your great 2005 David.

    If the Mets were smart, they’d buy out your arbitration years right now. Give you some long-term stability.

    Good luck on your 2006 campaign!

    p.s. How about “The Wright Way”

  2. Gabriel

    What Up David,

    Here are a few suggestions:

    “It’s Wright, Brothers!”

    “Wright When You Thought It Was Safe To Go Into Third Base”

    “Here’s The Ball, Wright Here In My Glove!”

    “Wright My Name Down, You’re Out At Third!”

    “A Grounder To Left Equals a Wright”

    “To Left, Equals A Wright”

    “Wright I Am”




  3. listorm18@yahoo.com

    Hey David, my name is Matt and I’m a big Met fan. I appreciate what you are doing for the Mets and the city. It is so exciting to watch you and the Mets this year. I am confident that you and the team can get into the playoffs this year. I’ll be at the stadium on 4/15 on the 3rd base side so I’ll see you. I am an inspired young baseball player who is interested in pursuing baseball as a profession. I know it is hard, but if you have any tips I would really appreciate it.


  4. billyriley@sbcglobal.net


    28 year old lifetime Mets fan here from Ohio originally from NY. Great first series man, good to see you off to a hot start. I followed you through the Mets farm system and I knew you would make it. Anyway, how do you feel about the fans booing Beltran? I thought it was pre-mature. Anyway good luck against the Marlins.

    How about “DW CAFE” for your blog site?

  5. fava@yahoo.com

    Hi David! Thanks for playing so hard every night. We love watching you and i’m sure you hear the chants of “MVP” from the stands!

    My blog name suggestion is


    Goodl luck tonight! I’ll be cheering from the Mezzanine, section 3!

  6. markceralde@hotmail.com

    Thanks for taking the time to write to us…being so busy and all. Anyway, good luck this year…take us into the playoffs..its been awhile.

  7. gomets1998@aol.com

    Mr. David Wright,

    Hi I am a 16 year old die hard Met fan. I am so thankful for the Mets organization drafting you. You have became my favorite player and my hero. I don’t know if you remember but I met you in spring training and told you that I would buy your Wilson glove. 2 months later..I own a Wilson glove. Good luck this season. Continue to be yourself and good fortune will follow.


    The Team.The Time.The Mets.

  8. shrty13jp@netscape.net

    hi david,

    i was in florida while you were there for spring trainging and i got to see you. i’ve been a mets fan since i was born and i’ve loved you and jose reyes ever since your first games as a met so i was wondering if you and jose reyes are good friends?

  9. iamlaron@yahoo.com

    Hey David,

    I’m pretty excited about this season as is every other Mets fan on the planet, I’m sending good thought your way all season.

    I think you should call your blog “the Wright Page”.



    slc, ut

  10. wenrod624@yahoo.com

    Hey David (or Mr. Wright? =): Let me just say that I think you are awesome!!!. I’ve been following your career since mid ’04-when you came up–and what you’ve accomplished is amazing and I can see you will be a memorable player for years to come. Eventhough I’m a Marlins fan(I live in Miami), I think you guys have everything necesary to win not only the NL East, but a much needed World Series. Keep doing the awesomely great job you’re constanly doing, and I’ll see you when you guys come play the Marlins. Please, keep writing on this website, I like hearing from you.
    Wendy R.

    PS.:I noticed you got some names already, but I’ll just throw this one at you: AWESOMELY WRIGHTEOUS!=>

  11. monroethunder@yahoo.com


    I’m a huge Met fan and I have been my whole life. I wanted to say hello because my four year old son Jay is a huge fan of yours. Everytime we play baseball in the yard or in the house – he’s David Wright. I wanted to thank you for being my son’s favorite.

    Good luck this season!!


  12. metsfan4life5000@netscape.net


    I’m a huge mets fan and you are by far my favorite player. I have a suggestion for the name of your blog:

    Wright here. Wright now.

    good luck!!


  13. rkm712@aol.com

    Thanks for being such a great attribute to this team. Both on and off the field you seem to bring life to everyone. I’m a huge Met fan and I just thought I’d say hey. I went down to spring training and you guys looked great. Can’t wait for the 2006 season!

  14. mlbaseballtalk@aol.com

    Hey David, good luck with this blog, good luck with the year, your foundation and all endeavors this season.

    By the way, if you want to say hi to a great group of Met fans, check out http://www.cranepoolforum.com Yes its named for the great Ed Kranepool!

    Lets Go Mets!

  15. steelhead9@yahoo.com

    Hello David,
    I’m going to take liberties and call you David because I may be twice your age. Hope that’s alright. I want to comment about Carlos Beltran being treated as he is by “Mets fans”. I just wanted to take a moment to give him a few words of encouragement, and ask your opinion.

    On July 19,2005 at about 11:00am est, while at work, I suffered a stroke. My vision went seriously blurry in one eye, I had an intense headache for about a minute and from that point on I slurred my words and felt a loss of coordination. I knew it was a stroke but I stayed to finish work because I had just started a new job and didn’t want to lose it.

    I went home and watched my beloved Mets before I went to the hospital. Chris Woodward won the game with a walk off homer in extra innings. Then and only then did I go to the hospital. “How is this relevant?” You may ask. My point is … I am a REAL Mets fan!! Not those idiots who stand there and try to make players feel worse after they have given their best effort and fallen short. I can see in a guys eyes that he cares.

    You guys have TRUE fans. You may not hear us, but we are out here. We live and die with every pitch and hurt as much as you guys when it doesn’t work out. I just want you guys to know that I watch every game and I am rooting for you. When you hear a bunch of idiots booing, know that us real fans are out here and we am not booing.

    I’m walking again now and I’m going to run, and golf and do everything I used to do again. I’m not giving up and don’t you guys give up … REAL Mets fans love you and are behind you.

    !!! Okay, I rambled but it makes me crazy. What do you think David? Don’t you guys wanna just choke the people who get down on your teammates?

  16. Kellia

    Hey, David!

    As I said on the MLBlogoshere, I think your blog should be called “The Wright Stuff” because you certainly have it! I really hope the Mets break the Braves division-winning streak this year.

    I am 50 yrs old and grew up in NYC a Mets fan. If I recall correctly you are wearing the number of another Mets third baseman, Ed “The Glider” Charles, who was at the hot corner for the ’69 Championship.

    Best of luck to you this year, and welcome.



  17. shawn@fan.mets.com

    Hey David, You’re the Best! You’re A Gamer through-and-through,and it’s a pleasure to be lucky enough to have you on the Mets. Hope you have another excellent season. It would be great if you batted third; with your average last year, you deserve it! Here’s a title for your BLOG: “The Wright Man For The BLOG!!!”Take Care and Go Mets!!!

  18. xohiphopdanc3rxo@aol.com


  19. soldierofkinnick@yahoo.com

    Hey David, you are my favorite player and you play the game with so much passion and energy and its amazing how you always look happy on camera. I watched the game last night and it was rediculous how you battled every at-bat, and right now to me, unbiasly (I’m a Met fan), you and Chris Shelton of the Tigers are looking like the most consistant hitters in baseball. Keep it up, you’re doing great.

  20. sarahkazzy@yahoo.com

    David, you are quite possibly the best thing to happen to the Mets (and Mets fans) in such a long time. From the moment the Mets added you to the roster, I was so enormously excited that the Mets finally had some young talent that I went over to my friends house to give her the news (to which she gave me a look of pity). It’s tough being a fan from so far away (Portland, OR) but you definitely make the Mets worth following. So THANK YOU for being so amazing to us fans, and good luck with your blog. By the way, I like the title as is. I start college in MA this year, so I’ll get to as many games as possible.
    ~Sarah Emily

  21. mnm021@aol.com

    Hey there-

    So there is a saying that my friends and I have been saying to each other from the moment you joined the Mets team… and that is “WRIGHT IS SOOOO RIGHT”….

  22. markandjo@benlu.fsnet.co.uk

    Good luck from a Brit – UK based baseball fan –

    and surely it should be (thanks to Jim Carrey)

    ‘All Writey Then’?

    Have a Great 2006

    Mark Jessop

  23. metsboy4ever@aol.com

    Hey David,
    Your hustle and hard work each day make you a great model for those out there watching you. I know this is a weird question and I might take heat for it, but i would like to know if you are a christian. keep up the good work

    Mark Hubenthal

  24. krystal_lee2003@yahoo.com

    Hi David!
    I grew up in Connecticut and have been going to Shea Stadium every season since I was 8. Now that I am soon to graduate from college, I’m considering going to grad school in the city (so that I’m closer to the stadium!)

    With that said, I think you are the greatest thing to happen to this team in a long time. You play the game for the team and the fans, and that shows. Even with your amazing display of talent every game, I think Met fans appreciate that the most.

    I was at the game last night and even though it may be a bit early in the season, I think the crowd was right to chant “MVP” every time you walked onto the field. Thank you for your dedication and for your commitment to the fans.

    How about “the Wright Way” for your blog? (although I must say, I’m kind of partial to “Writings” by fava@yahoo.com)


  25. joannal@optonline.net

    Hey David,
    I am a 27 year old chic and a die hard Met?s fan. Thanks for taking the time out to reach out to your fans this way. Congrats on a great season last year and best of luck this year!! You are definitely on your way to a hall of fame career. I was at the workout day this year on April 2nd which was very enjoyable. I stayed around after to try and get your autograph but you drove right by. Nice Range Rover!! Hopefully there will be other opportunities to get your autograph as I will be at many games this year cheering you and the team on. I got a suggestion for your blog name?how about ?The Wright Stuff?? Maybe if you choose that name for your blog I can meet you in person. GO METS!!!


  26. sjx_2007@yahoo.com

    i got a few ideas for a name:

    “Wright on the pitch”

    “Wright off the bat”

    _The New York Mets are the best team and your my favorite player on the roster

  27. jhl192@cox.net

    I have been a Mets fan since I was in little league (46 years ago). I have enjoyed the good and the bad years with the Mets. The team looks great his year. You are a special player. You play with heart and talent. A rare combination in the bigs. I love to watch you and Jose Reyes because you look like you are having fun out there. Don’t lose that love for the game. Have a super year!

  28. mitch@onewayfurniture.com

    Hello David

    You are a breath of fresh air for us Mets fans. I hope you stay with the team for your entire career. please don’t be angry at Fred for not giving you the salary (that he should of). I am sure us met fans will contribute to help your cause. If you email me I will donate any furniture from my website that you want for your home. I am really serious and ask nothing in return. It would give me great pleasure. Just email me.. and let me know what you need. Keep up the awesome work!

    David i’m serious….just check out http://www.onewayfurniture.com Discount home furniture and bar stools! P.S how about… “Excerpts from Wright Field” ?

  29. jesusistheway@aol.com

    hey david whatsup?

    My name is derek i played with daniel i am on the great bridge team dont hate me haha but tell daniel i said hey and i hope u do good this season i am goin to the game in DC so see u there


  30. davidwrightrox5@aol.com

    You’re a great third basemen. Your also my favorite Met. i have an idea for the name of your blog thing….

    The Wright third basemen for the mets

  31. nym413@aol.com

    Hey David…
    ohh jeepers I got a title suggestion for you…instead of “Nightline” it could be “Wrightline”…peace out,


  32. vzeo6epp@verizon.net

    Hi, David.

    Unlike some of the others, I can write that I am more than twice your age. I was working on my second master’s degree when you were born!

    “Wright” means workman in earlier English, such as in Cartwright or Waynewright (wheel maker). Therefore, given that you are blogging for the team, I suggest “teamwright”, which would translate into teamworker. From your enthusiasm on this blog, I’d guess that teamwork is indeed one of your emphasis.

    I personally don’t have anything against Ted Turner, but I am quite tired of having the Braves first every year. I’d love to see the Mets beat them out.

    I used to spend way too much time in the summers on the Mets, back when Tom Seaver was the superstar. I’m sure he wishes that he could’ve had a blog back in 1971! I was too busy to enjoy 1986, but this time I’ll make the time!

    In any case, this blog is a welcome relief to the other aspects of life, such as politics — back then I didn’t care what Nixon was doing, so I’ll visit just for the inspiration!

  33. msgleicher9@yahoo.com

    My name is Matthew and I live in Florida. Your my favorite baseball player and love watching you play because you play the game with the passion and emotion that every Mets fan wears on their sleeves. Some Mets fan feel like they can live through you on the field because they dont have the chance of playing for the Mets like you do. David i have a slogan for my fantasy and this year for the mets and its is IN WRIGHT WE TRUST! Keep up the good work man! Lets go Mets!

  34. nflyer25@yahoo.com

    I really enjoy the energy you bring to the team. You are always smiling, happy, joking around and having fun playing. That’s what it’s all about…that and you stick it to the end. Thanks.


  35. dav2724@berkeley.edu


    It’s so great to finally have players who are actually proud to be Mets for a change.

    For the blog, I’d keep it simple, none of the corny stuff w/ your name. How about

    ‘David’s Hot Corner’ ??

  36. borden7@verizon.net

    Hi David, I am so happy for you and the way you are carrying yourself! Congratulations and thank you. It is great to watch someone who “gets it” and respects this magnificent game of baseball. Blog suggestion: “Wright Stuff.” Also, I know you are thinking long term about conserving your body. Do you have a diet plan that you follow? During the season is there an exercise regimen that you use? It is a pleasure to root for you and our Mets. Wishes for success. Borden

  37. chico22889@aol.com

    hello there!

    well, i first saw you on your first game in 2004 and ever since then i have been a huge fan, my friend and i are 17 and we are deffinately 2 of your biggest fans. and i must say, that besides being a great ball player, you dont exactly make us gag lol. we came up with some names for your page, and to be honest we know you wont pick them but if nothing else they will make you laugh, so here they are:

    the page that belongs to this fine piece of man

    the fine piece of man


    yeah im david wright…thats how i roll …

    and one more

    im david wright, and i rock …

    yeah dont act like your not gonna laugh at them …

    and by the wayyyy, we both think that you look much better with the socks up instead of the pants over them, its the way its supposed to be there slick!

    also, keep knockin out those homeruns, your doin real good this year, there is deffinately an improvement from last year!

    -andrea, catskill ny …

  38. odbobo@yahoo.com

    David – thanks for taking the time, this will be fun for us to read! Me and my six-year old son (who plays 3rd base on his little league team) will be at the stadium often this year cheering you and the Mets on. Let’s Go Mets! πŸ™‚
    P.S. How about “Wright On!”

  39. nilsen.e@neu.edu

    D. Wright,
    It’s great that you’re writing this blog this year, it will be a cool perspective for Mets fans to read. I think the name should have something to with the hot corner. Anyway, I can’t wait to be at a rocking Shea Stadium this year when you guys are out there playing hard and enjoying it. Tell Heilman that he’ll be a fan favorite real soon. Also tell Woodward, Castro, Floyd, Nady, and Trachsel that we love what they do. Let’s Go Mets!


  40. thedudeabides@peoplepc.com

    I like The Wright Stuff too but if that’s too self-aggrandizing for you Dave how about Wright’s Stuff? OR maybe something a bit more positional like the Wright Corner?

    Followed you’re progress since A Ball and hope you’re here a long time. You’re definitely a breath of fresh air and to quote The Outsiders, stay gold.

  41. nico18jazz@yahoo.com

    hey David,

    I’m a big fan of the mets although I live all the way here in the philippines.I really think that you have what it takes to carry this team for the next decade and beyond.I know you’ve heard this a lot but you really are a good role model for kids.Good luck to all of you this year..let’s go mets!

  42. impactplaya323@aol.com

    First off… that shot you hit tonight against Florida was A TITANIC BLAST… and the replay shows that you hit perfectly…its just awe inspiring. I am a die hard Mets fan from THE BRONX of all places (so you imagine I catch alot of heat)and in my short life (I’m only 19) I have witnessed way to many Heartbreaking events of Mets teams in the past… being Born in 1987 I feel that I got ripped off by a few months becasue I wasn’t around for our last world series victory… but I have a great feeling about this years team, and I know that if you guys can all stay healthy that the team will go places… 20th aniversary of our last title… why not take another 1? Anways I think that you are a PHENOM and that catch over the shoulder last year was THE MOST INSANE THING I’VE EVER SEEN… The team is going to go places for a very long time and I feel that you will be at the forefront of it all… you’re the man… as for the Blog… be like spike lee and “Do the Wright Thing” man… lol

  43. xjoceybabyx@aol.com

    My name is Jocelyn and I’m a huge fan of yours!! I think that what your doing is totally awesome, and I speak for all fans here…we really do appriciate this. There are so many athletes out there that are cocky and let all the fame get into their heads and I’m really glad to see that your not like that at all. I heard the interview you had on z100 and I met you last year one night when i waited outside of the player’s parking lot…and you were one of the only players who stopped and signed autographs. From those 5 minutes I could tell that you were a nice guy who loves his fans, and I respect you so much for that. It doesnt hurt that ur really hott, too, lol. I also was really thrilled to find out about the David Wright Foundation, to fight against Multiple Sclerosis. MS has affect my brother, and he is a huge Mets fan, too…so it really means a lot to me that you are doing this. I would love if you can post up some information about events that we can participate in, I always go to http://www.davidwrightfoundation.com…but by using this blog, it could really help spread the word!! Thanks again for everything, I love what your doing and what you’ve done to the Mets. By the way you’ve been playing and how you always give 110% everyday in the field, I know that one day you’ll be a legendary name in NY like Seaver, Carter, Jeter, Piazza, etc. etc. I was also born in 87 so I never witnessed a Mets World Series victory..and I know you’ll be a huge asset to the team by getting them there. Have a great season!!

    ❀ Jocelyn ❀

    P.S. Silly question…but I was wondering if you had a myspace? I’ve been seeing a few of them around that have ur name and picture, along with other players from the Mets. So do you or any other Mets players have them? Or are the all posers?

  44. wph.mets@verizon.net

    Everyone knows that New York has the best third baseman in the MLB. After this season everyone will know that he plays for the Mets and not the Yankees. Just play your game along with the rest of the Mets and 2006 and beyond should involve great things. I like the 1st blog can’t wait for the next one. P.S. You and Reyes = The best players on a team ever!!!

  45. Shannon

    I’m just a baseball fan in general.Went to some Mets games in St.Louis when Todd Zeile was a Met. Grew up with him in Cali. Then moved to St.Louis ages ago. Plus i like closer Billy Wagner. When Todd was a Met did he have any impact on you? Yes i know he retired in 2004.But he will always be my favorite.

  46. Christopher

    Hi David,
    Radiomans korner here.

    Life long Met fan and big David Wright fan.

    Site name suggestion


    I am a voiceover artist by trade and love to write.

    With that being said please check out RADIOMANS KORNER

    and tell me what you think of the nicknames I’ve come up with for the MET team.

    Especially Cliff Floyd.

    Keep up the GREAT work and don’t forget we are all behind you.

    RadioMan out

  47. kjmcgrupp@comcast.net

    How about……..”The Wright Stuff”?

    I’m a lifelong Mets fan from NY now living in Oregon and have been thrilled watching this first week of the season on the Extra Innings package. Looks like you’re gonna have have a huge year, there’s definitely a magic to the team. I wanted to thank you for being such a great guy and signing so many autographs. You signed my nephew’s hat and posed for a picture with him as well in Seattle last June, it really made his summer. Thanks David, good luck this year, keep hittin’ ’em out and I’ll keep checkin’ in here…….

  48. peterkilfoil@gmail.com


    first off, congratulations on the hot start, both personally and on a team level. i know it feels great for all of us to have you come out of the gates fast like this.

    not to put any undue pressure on you, but you cannot imagine what you mean to our fans and our city. many of us feel like you are going to be a legend, not to jump the gun or anything πŸ˜‰ having someone like you on our roster is invaluable. you are worth your weight in gold to us fans, and at the going rate, thats about 1,920,000 (600$/oz * 16oz/lb * 200 lb). come to think of it, you are worth MORE than your weight in gold. We all hope to never see you wear another uniform.

    you have already surpassed keith hernandez as my alltime favorite met (and that is by no means an easy task).

    stay clutch, and stay orange and blue.


    ps. i have the perfect name for your blog:

    “wright about now”

    double entendre. maybe your walkout music could even be that fatboy slim song with that “right about now, the funk soul brother” lyric. pretty phatty if u ask me.

    hope u read this and hope to see you at shea in october when i break the bank and fly out from colorado to see my first WS game. peace

  49. putzecandleback@yahoo.com

    Hey Mr. Wright, welcome to the Metsblogging community. My name is Itsmetsforme. I’m like the David Wright of the metsblogging community. I kid.

    I have two requests. I noticed that a poster above signed off: DA BRONX BOMBERS. Well we just can’t have that. Please take every opportunity to express your hatred of the Yankees and the Braves. We hate them.

    Second I hope your publicist is penning this blog for you. Please don’t waste too much of your time with a blog. We don’t want you straining your eyes, or stubbing a finger or something. All we ask is that you continue your path to greatness, become the Metropolitian’s savior, “wright” all the Met wrongs of the past decade, become the greatest 3rd baseman of all time, and spend your entire career as a Met. Is that too much to ask?

    Here’s some suggestions for a name:

    “I CAN be Wright all the time”

    “David Wright: Itsmetsforme’s bestest Friend”

    “Barehanding It with David Wright”

    Finally, which catch was better, your bare handed one last year, or A-Hern’s April 5th one? Cmon, you can be honest.

    yours truly,


  50. peterkilfoil@gmail.com

    about the blog name, be original. everytime u go 3-5 hr, 2 2b, 4 rbi’s, epsn.com is gonna have a headline that says “the wright stuff” or “the wright way”, gotta have more creativity that them.

    “wright about now” i mean, u it is you talking about whats going on with you right now. or “wrightings” thats pretty clever too

  51. peterkilfoil@gmail.com

    and i’ll never forget watching you get 2 doubles, 2 rbi’s on route to routing the yankees 7-1 on 5/21/05, my wedding day. me and the groomsmen hanging out at my place watching you lay the smack to randy johnson, couldnt have imagined a better way to spend my last few hours as a free man. sorry for rambling.


  52. wywh2233@yahoo.com

    Number 5,
    First of all I would like to thank you for being a perfect example for how the game is supposed to be played. Have fun, work hard, play for the team. I am 25 and coach a team of 9-12 year old kids and i hope to instill the same values on them and it makes it much easier when you have a pro player as an perfect example. I have been a die hard mets fan since birth and I am pretty sure I was the only one in Philly Stadium last year early in the season rockin a Wright jersey. Anyway thank you for all that you do for the team and the league you are a true professional. I know you are real busy but our team would love to hear from you if you get a chance to email I will make sure they read it. Keep up the good work and thanks again.

    -Coach Dan

  53. dillboy@bellsouth.net

    David, i am a die hard mets. I am a firefighter/emt here in the state of florida. I think the wirght name for it is ( Wright on track) because thats what you are. Wright on track for mvp. Thanks dave, keep up the good work.

    gary polizzi


  54. mattkings14@aim.com

    hi david im like ur biggest fan!!!!! i have a mets magazine hanging up in my room! u r on the cover and u signed it for me! the title is “the wright stuff” i think u should call ur blog that. thanks bye

  55. mattkings14@aim.com

    hi i was wondering what u think of the fans shouting mvp for u already???? i mean ur great and all but four games in! o well if u can right back.

  56. metsfan5@adelphia.net



  57. meetdamets@aol.com

    Title Idea:

    You can’t just use a pun with Wright in it…Why not a simple and catchy…

    “Wright’s Hot Corner”

  58. ajdsoz@aol.com

    Great game(Friday 7th) David. The best at bat you had was the baase-hit with an 0-2 count. You definetly are a class act here in NY and Loved by us all ! Hopefully we sign you to a long term contract and you end your career as a Met ! If we ever saw you in any other uniform it would be a crime. Stay healthy, see you at shea David!!

  59. kalyan.pokala@gmail.com

    I caught a baseball you hit in San Diego during BP. Life-long Mets fan, and I was handing a ball to a little kid when it hit the Petco warning track, spun up and hit my right in the jaw. Not missing a beat I snagged it.

    I didn’t care that it had hit me, I immediately thought, “David Wright just hit this.”

    I was very happy, and I’m going to try and make it to Chicago(I live in Minneapolis now for Law School) and get you to sign the baseball.

    Thank you so much for hitting that baseball, you made my day. You’re my favorite ballplayer and keep on giving it your all, it always impresses me that you hustle so much.

    Go Mets!

  60. skyhigh980@gmail.com

    Hey David,
    You’re having a great start to the season, as are the Mets. I’m so excited for this year it should be a good one. I think that the name of your blog should be either “Telling it the Wright Way” or “On The Witght Track”

  61. alvesselli@earthlink.net


    You should definitely call your blog “The Wright Stuff” as others before me have stated. I believe you have the potential to be a very, very “special” player. You certainly have the talent. Now, it’s just a question of how hard you’re willing to work. I think you can be as terrific a player as you want to be. Good luck and all the best to you.


  62. alvesselli@earthlink.net


    You should definitely call your blog “The Wright Stuff” as others before me have stated. I believe you have the potential to be a very, very “special” player. You certainly have the talent. Now, it’s just a question of how hard you’re willing to work. I think you can be as terrific a player as you want to be. Good luck and all the best to you.


  63. tvereline@msn.com

    Hey David,

    Great start to the season. I want to thank you again for something you did a few years back. During Spring Training 2004 I sent you a baseball card and you were kind enough to sign it and send it back. I consider it one of the best cards in my collection. Have you ever checked out ebay and your cards? A few months back one of your Bowman chrome auto rookie cards sold for $250. You are one of my son’s favorite players because you wear his favorite # (who knew 4 year olds had favorite numbers).

    How about “Wright Here, Wright Now” as the name for your blog?


  64. songbird289@aol.com

    Hi, David! My name is Nicole,I’m 17, and I am from CT! I have been a Met fan for 8 years. You are by far my favorite player! I’d just like to thank you for being such an excellent role model. There aren’t too many of those out there, so thanks for being one. I hope you have a great season, and e-mail me back if you get a chance! By, the way, I like “WRIGHTINGS.” Bye!

  65. prpowerfive@cox.net

    Hey David,
    I am a die hard Mets fan and you are my favorite player. By the way Congrats on an AMAZING 2005 season. I think the Mets are on their way to the NL Pennant this season. Ever since I started watching Mets’ games with my parents in 1992 (was a baby) I’ve loved watching those games ever since. Here’s an idea for your blog “Wright Here, Wright Now”. I’m glad that you say that New York fans are the best fan in the world. That’s because we have such an awesome team and awesome players. You gotta give Willie his props right??. =) and the #5 has been my favorite # for a while. Ever since I saw you play towards the end of the 2004 season you became my favorite player.


  66. jshmelzer@hotmail.com

    Hey David,
    I am a 28 year old female from Philadelphia and possibly the biggest Mets fan in the world. You have quickly become my favorite player, maybe of all time. Last night I was in the kitchen for one of your hits and my husband call that, “Wright got another hit.” I said, “Does he ever not get a hit?” You are awesome. Your attitude and work ethic make people like you even more. I think, and pray, that you are going to be a leader for the Mets for many years to come. Keep up the great work!


  67. fredneurohr@yahoo.com

    Hey David … I grew up in Flushing and love the Metsies. You’re doing a helluva job and I’m glad you wear the uni. Keep up the good work!

    Fred in Cincinnati

  68. alocin412@aol.com

    Hia David~
    I have been a Mets fan ever since I knew what baseball was. I’m now 32 and not a day or year goes by that I don’t say “My favorite teams the Mets”. My most memorable game was when they retired Tom Seaver’s #. Now my most memorable games are watching you play! You have a great attitude and you are doing a smash-up job at 3rd!! I was at opening day and you were great!! I have no doubt that you will have a great season! You rock!


    Noank, CT

  69. dollarmation@aol.com

    David, you are awesome!!!!!!! Congratulations on your amazing 2005 season. You put up great numbers, like 27 home runs, .306 batting average, 102 r.b.i.’s. You led the Mets in most of the offensive categories. Every Mets fan is right, when they shout “MVP,” because without a doubt, you will be MVP, and the Mets will win their 3rd World Series. I have been a Mets fan my whole life. I have had so many favorite players (Mike Piazza, John Olerud, etc.,) but you are without a doubt my number 1 favorite. I have so much David Wright stuff, my sister thinks I’m crazy! I have 2 t-shirts, a jersey (real, not a knock-off,) and a scrapbook, full of pictures, articles, a ticket that you autographed, tickets from other stadiums that I’ve visited, and a picture of me when I had “NY Mets #5” tatooed on my back! You are the coolest and nicest guy! My dad got me tickets for my birthday, so on August 5, 2006, I’ll be spending my 18th birthday with the Mets. Congratulations on your 2 homers so far, and good luck with the 2006 season!

  70. pedrotaverasjr26@yahoo.com

    What’s Up! Here are my suggestions. Good luck with the rest of the season.

    D DoubleU DW

    having 100 3rd basemen in the past. Having the Wright one priceless. To long..

    Wright one at 3rd

    Wright on the left is all ways Wright.

  71. djm1015@cox.net

    David, I met you Scottsdale, Az during your Fall League days. My daughter lives in Chesapeake and we talked for awhile. Followed you in Double A and was to see you play for the Tides on a vacation and you were called up to the big club a week before my visit. Great that you are doing well with Met’s but I told everyone when I first met you that you were someone to watch, and you had a great career ahead. I know you are still fan friendly and that won’t change as your folks did an outstanding job raising you. My brother went to Florida Southern and we will follow your brothers career there too. Hope to see you out here when you play the D Backs. Best of luck this year,

  72. fairkid2003@fuse.net

    Hey there Mr. WRIGHT, let me just say Thank You,for all your hard work!! You can only get better..(can’t imagine that.)finally a third baseman with class.. how ’bout the Wright’s Stuff !

  73. x20belowx@gmail.com

    Hey Mr. Wright.
    Along with everyone else posting comments: thank you for your hard work, this could be the year the Mets go all the way.

    Through the first 4 games, I’ve already seen a dramatic improvement at your play on 3rd base, are you looking for that Gold Glove? Lol


    I’m jumping on the “Wrightings” Campagne

  74. alliemarie520@yahoo.com

    Hi David,

    First off, congratulations on an awesome start to the season!! You guys look great out there, it’s been so fun to watch the team really come together to score runs and win over these first few games. Please know that we as Mets fans love and respect you not only for what you bring to the game as a player, but also for everything you bring to the clubhouse, how you treat your fans, what you do on the outside for the organization, and how you handle your personal life in the New York spotlight. You are a class act and I think I speak for all Mets fans when I say that it would be a privilege to see you in the Mets uniform for many many years to come!!

    As for the name of your blog, how about something ala SNL like “Live from NY it’s #5”.

    I’ll see you at Shea on May 6th against the Braves!! πŸ™‚


  75. panz519f@tccemail.fl.edu

    Hey David. I’m a huge fan of yours. Ever since the Mets drafted you out of College, I knew that you were going to be a solid contributor to the organization. I live in Florida but I have been a Mets fan for as long as I can remember. I was lucky enough, last season, to make it to one your games against the Braves at Shea. I had seats right next to the Braves dugout. But keep up all the great work and I am sure all of you guys will be sporting a World Series ring for the beginning of next season. Oh, tell Reyes I said “hey”. Just humor me, thanks. And how about, “The Wright Stuff” don’t know if you’ve heard that one of not.


  76. metswifey@newyork-mets.net

    Hi Allen :). ((Do you be called by your middle name sometimes?)) Anyways, i am very happy that you are trying to have a little fun with the fans. My name is yannely, 18 years old and a big fan of yours. Just to tell you i have a tattoo of the mets :-). By the way, excellent play last night. keep it up wright!
    How about “All the way with Wright” thank you and have a great weekend!

  77. metsbabizchick@aol.com

    Hi D! What’s up! Thank you so much for taking your time and write to us and have a little bit fun. this year is going to be the one. i see all the effort you and all are putting on the field. even when ya practincing. I have a question… when you go outside (manhattan or anywhere else in new york) do you go alone or do you have bodyguards? Thanks.

    How about “all the way with wright” like metswifey@newyork-mets.net said.

  78. rfariss1@cox.net

    We still enjoy watching the excitement you create, just like those days in AAU. It appears you are still having fun. What a great start this season. Great to read your experiences in New York. Good luck this season.


  79. afhjr@optonline.net

    Hey! David How about “Wright Stuff” for ur blog. Just a thought cause u r definately the Mets “Wright Stuff”. HaHaHa

  80. metfanmela5@aol.com

    Hi David,






  81. chase6@optonline.net

    Hey David,
    The Mets need to sign you long term NOW and lock up their franchise player. Here’s to another fantastic season. Here’s a suggestion, MVP Wright now! Think about it.

  82. ogullukian@american-club.net


    You are the man and I can’t wait to see you be a big part of a championship team.

    As for a name for your blog, you may want to use what I call you…..DAVID CAN’T DO WRONG.

    I know it’s a bit pompous to name your own blog that, but it would be classic.

  83. way2cute4u174@aol.com

    Hey David,
    You are an amazing ball player and I am thankful you are a MET!!! Floyd is one of my favorite players but I think you should make him carry your bags this year!!! How is it playing with Reyes? He looks like he has so much energy! Do the older guys think he’s annoying? Anyway, keep up the good work, Mr. Reliable!

  84. cashmoneym31@aol.com

    Hey David,
    You’re my favorite player and you’re a fantastic player who will be on the Mets for a long time to come. If you have a chance, I would love it if you can check out my site, http://metsbeast.blogspot.com/… it’s all about the Mets, and a lot of Mets do this. Thanks a lot David.


  85. dnuto@mac.com

    Hi David-

    Great start to the season from one David to another. I’m a 33-year-old lifelong Met fan. I grew up in New York but was transplanted to Denver so I catch all the games on MLB Extra Innings now (it’s great to be able to watch SNY out here!) and catch all the Mets games when they play at Coor’s Field (already have my tickets for August).

    It was great watching you come on so strong in the 2nd half last year and can’t wait to see you develop further in ’06 into a legit M.V.P. candidate and hopefully help us make a long playoff run. Any thoughts on the hit batsmen and the bench-clearing incident in the Nats game Thursday night? The fact that Mets pitchers are willing to pitch guys tight along with the fire and commitment to each other I’ve seen so far really reminds me of ’86 and the passion they all played with.

    For the blog title, how about “Read from Wright to Left.”

    Good luck, David!

    David in Denver

  86. hush@xenogears.zzn.com

    Hey David, nice game last night. You guys are really rolling now, what a great start to the season!

    Just a suggestion to retitle your blog. How about:

    “Wright Down In It.”

    since you’re hardnosed on the field and also giving us a reporter-like scoop?

    Good luck with the rest of the season! Go Mets!


  87. annette

    Hi David, From Hampton Roads.

    I totally feel back in love w/the baseball after seeing you and Reyes play at the Tides… I was SOOOOOOOOO excited to see you play in the big leagues last year, and even tho we are left behind in VA we catch as many viewable games that we can, via online.

    We only wish you best and look fwd to seeing you(all) in July when we come up for the July 21st series, w/the Tidewatchers.

    Your totally awesome and keep up the GREAT work!!! I know you love it and are enjoying every minute of it. Prayers that stay healthy.

  88. plane90@hotmail.com


    I’m glad that you decide to make a blog like a star who knows that without the fans, you’re just a regular guy. Anyway, I currently live in Florida, but born a New Yorker and have never given up on the Mets. I’ve heard them all about how the Mets will never be World Series champs, and I know we had a chance during the Subway Series. It should have been ours, but with showing the fans that the team wants to win the big one, that’s what’s going to get the championship, Heart and Desire!!

    suggestion for blog: Having the Wright Stuff!!

  89. ghcgrc@att.net

    Hi David,
    My Dad has been a Met fan since the beginning(1962-he was 9), and I have followed in his footsteps. This is great that you are keeping in touch with the fans like this. As a young player, has the transition to a huge market like NYC been tough on you(you seem to handle it extremely well)? Keep doing what you do, and my Dad sends along the thought that he hopes you’ll stay as grounded as you are now; he says it’s such a refreshing thing to see! Good luck in 2006! Lets go METS!

  90. blazesbchick31@aol.com

    Hey David, thanks for taking the time out to write to your fans, it means a lot to us. Your truly a class act and i wish you best in everything you do. I may be only 16 but I’m a huge fan of yours.

    I think you should call your blog “The Wright Stuff” also.

    Good luck with the rest of the season!

  91. tina.giustiniani@gmail.com

    Words can’t possibly express how excited I am for this season. I’ve been a Mets fan since the day I was born in New York and remain one while I am currently living in Virginia (as a JMU senior).

    Last year was a particularly difficult one for me, and I got through it with the help of your games. The apartment I was subletting cut off their internet and TV for the summer, so I typically spent about 15 hours a week in Panera watching your games on my laptop. I definitely got some funny looks when I couldn’t help but respond to a couple of plays and calls out loud, but hey–it got me through.

    Congratulations on the beginnings of a great season–and I can’t wait to see it continue. πŸ™‚ Stay healthy.


    PS– I kinda like the name of the blog as is. Is that weird? πŸ˜›

  92. jkuttam87@verizon.net

    hey David,
    I’m your biggest fan and I think that your are an integral part in winning the world series for the Mets in year 2006. I heard that you have many brothers and I want to know if they are also playing baseball like you and if they are, are they great like you. Also what is the funniest joke or moment in the clubhouse that you remember? Hope you respond. my suggestion for the name of your blog is “Wright’s Corner” or “The Day in the Life of David Wright”.

    Your biggest fan,


    ps. I hope you win a gold glove and an MVP this year and bring a championship to New York.

  93. komo85@optonline.net

    Hey David! I’m Jess, and pretty much I am a HUGE Mets fan. I’m totally in love with you. When I saw you down in Port St. Lucie, and you gave me your autograph, i was SO excited. i was shaking and crying with excitement! I am SO excited for this season and I anticipate the team making it far into the playoffs. Sure, there are a few weeknesses, but we have a strong line-up with guys like yourself, Cliff Floyd and Carlos Delgado. What do you think is the Mets biggest “weakness”, now that you have played these first 4 games?

    Congratulations on the beginnings of a great season, and good luck the rest of the year!

    Best Wishes!

    Jess =)

  94. ggentry1@comcast.net

    I think it may be October before you get through raeding all the comments from your very first blog post. You may not be able to write a second! I am thinking by October you will have bigger things on your mind: The Mets return to the Big Show!

    I’m not one for over the top gushing, but there is an excitement when you and Jose Reyes are on the field that is absolutely contagious. I see it in the fans, and I see it in your teammates. It’s been great fun to watch the team gel this year. I really appreciate you and Clifford (the Big Red Dog) having Beltran’s back the other night. Those of us who know the game are not booing anyone – not even JJ after his blow-up the other night. He’ll get it together.

    Keep up the tremendous work, and we’ll see you guys in the playoffs. LET’S GO METS!

  95. katnjoe9@aol.com

    “read, wright”
    “wright here and now!”

    “wright’s writings”

    “all wright-y then”

    Looking good this year David…you guys are giving Mets fans a true ray of hope…


  96. btccfan2002@aol.com

    Nice blog – keep up the awesome work on and off the field!

    Whatever you decide to do with the title is probably going to be good, so I won’t suggest anything.

    Thanks for taking the time to do this – it means a ton to the fans, the team, and the city!

    Go Mets!


  97. drl08@bu.edu

    Great Blog…the Mets need to lock you up long term like the Indians are doing with their young guys. My names for the blog are: “The Wright Stuff” or “Do the Wright thing”. Keep it up man, every Met fan loves you.


  98. bebiikissesxox@aol.com

    Heyyy. Your already doing amazing this year, congrats! The team looks awsome this year and i cant wait to see what happens =] ! I love this years team but im deffiantly a big fan of you. Keep up the good work..

  99. kpignetti@optonline.net


    Great season last year. Looking foward to another one this year!

    My suggestion is: The Future Is WRIGHT Now!

  100. querkle11@hotmail.com

    How about “Gimme 5.” As in, gimme five minutes to read my blog, as well as the hand slap, and your jersey number.

  101. sigmakelly00@aol.com

    Hey David! I have to say I am a huge Mets fan. I have been going to the games since i was 4 now 20 years later i still go! Unfortantely living in Philly its not as easy to get to Shea as much but whenever you are in town I’m screaming for you and Jose with my David Wright jersery on that I searched all over for in a primarily Phillies area! You are having a great season already keep up the good work!


  102. trogdor7889@yahoo.com

    Hey Congrats on the 3-1 start! You and Pedro are my two favorite players. I hope his toe is OK for the season. Not sure if you will read all these posts but if you get down to mine a good name would be:
    It’s OK. I’m all Wright

    -Alan K.

  103. quickedge16@yahoo.com

    You are the man David. Keep making those little/big contributions all year to help the Mets win. Fans notice that stuff, whether it’s a sacrifice fly or a big league home run. Keep working hard and reap the benefits. You’re a lucky guy.

    Carl D

  104. metsfan119024@optonline.net

    hey david!

    i was just wondering.. if you were ever going to go somewhere so your fans can meet you. Like to the mall or something.. You are my all time favorite baseball player! and it would be my dream to meet you.

  105. heyitsjina@hotmail.com

    Hey David!
    Even now in college, I still keep with the Mets as often as I can. I just wanted to say thanks again for sending me an autographed picture of you, when I couldn’t see you at the mall. I wonder if you got my package I sent to you last season with all the goodies, including my school’s t-shirt (Syracuse). Haha, well it’s great you have this blog. Have a wonderful and healthy season!

    -Jina S.

  106. joevideo1@yahoo.com

    Hey David, welcome to cyberspace. After 44 years of turnstile-type coverage at 3rd base (notable exceptions – Fonzie, Ventura and HoJo)… it’s nice to know that you’ll be our anchor for the next 15 or so years, hopefully longer. Great start to the season man!

  107. mets_fan_5@yahoo.com

    Hey David, I am a 15 year old die hard mets fan and wanted to congratulate you on a great start to the season. And i hope it continues.

  108. iggy_stewge@yahoo.com

    hi david,
    welcome to the world of blogging! as a fellow blog writer i am glad to have you in our ranks. the key to good blog writing is getting personal about it. people seem to like that. you can also develop a blog personna…this allows you to develop a whole new image when entering the kingdom of blog. so far on the blogging you’re batting .500.

    on the baseball playing you get 1.000. i’ve been hyping your skills since may of last year, and you have lived up to that hype every day…especially with that bare-handed hit-stealing grab last year (totally amazing!…by the way, how did the rest of the team react to that? they looked as amazed as i was.)

    on the blog title, someone suggested “wright off the bat.” i like that. i also thought of “wright along the left field line.” maybe “future-hall-of-fame blog?” how about, “MLB’s most eligible bachelor blog?”

    anyway, i’ll make it to shea a few times this year, and i’m usually on the third base line. you’ll hear a few shout outs coming from my direction (probably something along the lines of “david wright is the best baseball player ever!”) keep up the great work!


  109. irishmet@hotmail.com

    How you doin,
    I have been a Mets fan since 84 when I was watching Straw and Gooden break into the league. With their struggles growing up in NY with Drugs and alcohol its great to see you and Reyes as the next crop of Mets that will dominate the league for a decade like the Mets of the late 80’s to early nineties. I can’t wait to see Humber, Milledge and Pelfrey come up in the near future. Tell Beltran that the “real” fans are behind him 100% and we cant wait to see how much damage the lineup is going to do for the whole season.

    Also I respect the way you go with the pitches you are dealt and even though you were robbed by Reed Yesterday, keep going the other way. You have a great amount of power to the opposite field.

    I was behind home plate when you made that catch in SD last year. Even Padre fans were high fiven us.

  110. colin_flynn@comcast.net

    David – another loyal met fan here. First off, I think its great that we get another glimpse into the Mets clubhouse, especially from an up and coming star such as yourself.

    Secondly, do you also have a myspace account?


  111. chucon1@cox.net

    Hi David;

    A long road from Hickory High to NY Mets. We still follow you and Margaret, your grandmother’s friend, Idolizes you. To say the least we watch every game we are able to view or atleast follow you on “gameday”.

    You have started off 2006 in the ususal David Wright manner and keep up the good work.

    “Hanging five for the Mets” kind of reminds me you riding the waves.

    Chuck, VB, VA

  112. lnbobbitt@hotmail.com


    I would just like to thank you for your wise words and youthfulness that you bring to the Mets. You have inspired every young star out there that is looking to make it in the “big leagues.” You became my favorite player because you represent the south and you are my age. Best of luck this year and keep up the good work.


    Knoxville, TN

  113. nym5dw@aim.com

    Hey david!, I’m New Jersey and I am a big fan of you-even when mike piazza ruled my world as my favorite met. I play or should I say played softball. I played for 2 years in HS and is a Junior in HS. I was a catcher, 2nd baseman, shortstop and a 3rd baseman. So every time I played there at 3rd, I’d be known as the little David Wright because I had quick hands like you and always wore the number 5. I am also a big mets fan. So is my family but I’m always watching the games and updating my dad during the afternoon games. He works on NYSE. He has seen you on the floor by the way. He says some players are monsters and he’s 6’2. My dad says you can hit. Hands down no doubt about it you are. I like what you’re doing at the dish and on the field. I always come to at least one game during the season and that’s when my brothers are home from college and I still have school =[! I honestly think you are the best Met player-besides every other met. Name your Blog “The Wright Way to think” something catchy. Or how about “New York is Wright” or “The Wright Stuff”-which has been used as article titles. It’s up to you. But my friend is jealous you’re on the Mets. Oh yeah, I loved your Derek Jeter Play going into the stands. And the barehanded play–which I couldn’t get enough of. You’re a really good player and keep up your good work.


    PS.Sorry it’s kind of long.

  114. magacon@cox.net

    Hi David,
    Your grandmother & I had a nice day yesterday- went to the mall and had lunch. Homer

    has gotten so big. Your grandmother just loves him and is happy to care for him during the day. They are fun to watch.

    A lot more people here are watching the Mets and keeping up with you career as I brag about you so much! My box is getting full with all the news clippings.

    Just remember no matter what we are pulling for you and love you. I feel your granddad is watching too!

    We are so happy your dream has come true. Best of luck,

    Margaret Connelley

  115. david_daniels75@yahoo.com


    I don’t want Brian Banister carrying Cliff’s bags. 1) They are too heavy and he can pull a muscle; I don’t want him to get even his feelings hurt. 2) Floyd has a strong arm but he can’t pitch! 3) Bannister is bowling them over like pins. Isn’t that Wright? Now, if you were thinking Wright, you would get Anderson to carry the “Wright” bags; yours! Then he can be under your tutelage (Schooling him) on the Wright way to hit both the ball and the League pitchers (Video tape the Pitchers and Keep notes so you can make the Wright adjustments during the season. The Scouts are traveling ahead watching and keeping their notes on The Mets.

    Hernandez will get the Gold Glove for defense but he needs to put up “Offensive” not offensive numbers “Andersoon.”

    The Mets need a Captain on the infield (I hope the Wright choice is made) to keep everyone’s head in the game; keep the outfielders on their toes; advance scout the pitchers so there can be a hitting approach to the Starters with the intention of running up their pitch count and knocking them out early by also putting up “Crooked numbers,” exploiting their weakness and disrupting their game. Closers are changing the length of the game so it behooves you to tape and study them. They don’t change their game so once you know them build a computer simulator at the new stadium and Tradition Field also establish a team sprit; approach; voice and Franco’s leadership. The Mets should introduce Mike Pelfry slowly as a “Stopper” which would prepair him for starter in the rotation. As The Stopper he can come in around the 6th inning if the Starter gets in trouble. Imagine; Introducing #41 Mike Pelfry; the stopper of pillaging and plunder.

    I spoke to Media Relations about Cliff’s dream of bringing baseball back to the “Hood” and I suggested an Internship Program for each series so his Intern carry his bags; Wright?

    David Daniels


    Hollywood, CA

    818 988 2933


    For your Blog

  116. vbjoet@netzero.net

    Hi, David! How about “Wright On It” for a blog name?

    Hey, please give Cliff Floyd my best! Wishing good thoughts for him. = )

    Good luck in 2006! Keep having fun!

    -Carolyn T., upstate NY

  117. gutsch90@cortland.edu

    Hey David, great start so far.
    I know you’re very humble when it comes to personal accolades, but chants of MVP!MVP!MVP! will be well deserved by the end of the season.

    As for the new name for the blog, how about….The “Wrighteous” Corner

  118. supergrlny2001@aol.com

    Hello Mr. Wright im your biggest fan i must say. i love the mets in general and i try to go to as many games as i can go to. i play softball and even play your position im pretty good at it but not even as close to being as good as you. you are my hero and idol.

  119. sweetinstpete@hotmail.com

    Hey David! I am originally from Rochester, NY and am a lifetime Met Fan transplanted to St. Petersburg, Florida. I just wanted to say I have been a huge fan of yours all the way through the system and up into the big leagues. Your work ethic and maturity are obvious and are certainly paying off and will continue to. I play a free fantasy league and someone else drafted before I did and ended up getting you in their first round selection so I traded for you. =) Good move on my part to draft my favorite player. Hopefully the Mets will be smart and keep you around for years to come. HINT HINT to Omar! πŸ˜‰

    I absolutely love reading your blog, what a wonderful idea! If you wonder what people would like to hear about, I for one would love to hear more about some of the supersititions, practical jokes that take place and your thought processes of how you go about the game. I don’t know if you’ve read it or not but Mex (Keith Hernandez) wrote a book “If At First…” was hilarious and very insightful) I could definitely picture you one day writing a book of your own. As for what to call your blog- “David Writes”, “Wrightings”, “Met’s Memoirs”, “David’s Diary”, “Wright” On?

    Best wishes for this season and many years to come! πŸ™‚

    Amanda in Florida

  120. elishus@tampabay.rr.com

    DAVID! Not that you’d remember, but you signed a pair of baseballs for me at your first home game during Spring Training – I’m 21 years old and I felt like I was 6 just being able to stand next to you! My sisters think you’re the hottest man they’ve ever seen – but since there’s only one of you, the younger of the two found it fair that she’d take Paul Lo Duca – even if he is a distant second to you in hotness. We all wish you the best of luck this season, as we will be watching from our MLB.TV webcasts with our Wright jerseys on!


    The Ajrams

    Oh, and as an idea for a name for your blog… how about, “David Wrighting On Baseball”? I thought it would be good, haha!

    AND, tell Carlos Beltran that the real fans are behind him – we know what he’s capable of and we stand behind him as a consummate professional. Thank you for everything, David; you’re a superhero in this household!

  121. x0xbeavex0x@yahoo.com

    Hi, I just wanting to thank you for spending your time doing something like this. It’s really nice to know that you appreciate us fans, as much as we appreciate you.
    By the way, you’re doing really well so far in the season- stay like this, and we’re headed to the World Series!

  122. h0j03030@aol.com

    Hi David, 1st let me say that I have been a Mets Fan since “85” and my favorite Met Alltime is Howard Johnson so you have no idea the pleasure I get watching you come up though the farm system having the success you are having knowing that “HOJO” was one of your mentors. I can only imagine how proud he must be of you. On another note I must ask are you aware of the major crushes many young female Mets fans have on you including my 15 year old daughter :). I wish you nothing but the best in your career. Even though we have never met, from what I have seen you are a very honest and humble man with a great head on your shoulders. Dont ever change.
    Oh and as far as a name how bout “WRIGHT ON”

  123. peterfas@nyc.rr.com

    Hey David,
    Big fan.

    I think a good name for your blog should be simply “WRIGHT TO THE CORE”. It basically says what you’re doing by giving us an inside track on your experiences.

    I have a question: If you weren’t an MLB player what do ou think you would have done as a career?

    Pete from Queens

  124. trace24@optonline.net

    Hello David..
    You are such a pleasure to watch. You play the game with joy, enthusiasm and hustle,and your smile is never far away. Your appoach to the game and your love for it has helped restore my faith in baseball. Best of luck in 2006.

    How about “The Wright Stuff”? or “Wright around the corner”?

  125. kemmets_24@hotmail.com

    Hey David,
    I have been a fan of yours since my senior year in high school (I’m a soph in college now) when I went to a Triple-A game in Syracuse and you signed a baseball for me before the game. I had read some things about how great you would be, so I had to meet you. Even better though, you got called up to the Mets the day before the game that I had tickets to, and I saw your first big league hit. I’m expecting to catch an opposite field homer on June 27th in Fenway, I’ll be cheering you on from the bleachers. Thanks again for all you do for your fans, on and off the field.


    P.S. My girlfriend is a Yankees fan and she always tells me her 3rd baseman is better than mine. I know she’s wrong, but I’m expecting you to prove it to her this year.

  126. shrty13jp@netscape.net

    hi david,

    i just wanted to say that you are doing great this season so far and when i was at my house in port st. lucie to come and watch the mets you did great. i also wanted to congratulate you on your 2nd homerun of the season last night.i will be watching you for the rest of the season and maybe next year when im in flroida for spring training i will get to meet you.

    tina from new jersey

  127. theshiffs@cox.com

    Hello from VA Beach…Shifflett’s think you should change to GOT IT WRIGHT! What a great exaple you are for all the young kids.Congratulations to you we know your parents are so proud. Enjoyed your AAU days now we dont miss a game on MLB. Hope to get to NY one day but we will be watching!

    Keep up the good work. Best Wishes for a MVP Season.

  128. xobrownie31xo@aol.com

    hi david ,

    I’m a die hard met fan for my whole life and i have never seen someone as talented and amazing to watch as you!You’re my favorite player ever and I can’t wait to see you tomorrow at the game against the Marlins. I also hope that you have a very successful season! Subway Series Anyone ? πŸ™‚


    P.S. You have the best smile ever πŸ™‚ haha i had to add that in there !!

  129. jasondcring@yahoo.com

    Hey David. Big fan.
    Here’s a few lame name suggestions for your blog:

    The Wright Stuff

    If this blog is wrong, I don’t wanna be Wright!

    DW presents the most Hip Happenest Place on the Internet

    Cliff Floyd thinks he’s cooler than me, but where’s his blog???

    All is Wright with the Mets

  130. iluvmyponicody@aim.com

    Hey David… since you’ve joined the team last year, I haven’t missed one game… (on tv of course)… I have 3 “Wright” T-Shirts and I’m saving up for a jersey… I would love to become Mrs. Wright one day but who knows… I have Cystic Fibrosis and I was wondering if you would be willing to wear a “BREATHE” bracelet if I send one to you… Let me know….

    P.S. I’m a die heart Mets fan

    Enid from Hicksville

  131. eyecebrakr@hotmail.com

    Dude I just gotta say that you are the man… You are the Derek Jeter of the Mets and the organization needs to build its team around you. I knew you were great since i followed you throughout the farm system. I hope you decide to become a Met for life

  132. rde0921@msn.com

    How about “No Rules Just Wright” for the blog name. Your great for the game, keep it up.

  133. pgeng55@aol.com

    Hey David. My daughter is a die hard Mets fan and especially loves to watch you and Reyes. Here’s a few suggestions she has for your blog:
    “Right From Wright”

    “Wright from the Left Side”

    Good luck this season and bring home a championship!

  134. dani0324@yahoo.com

    Hey D,too bad today’s game was rained out, i was looking foward to watching it! i think you are an amazing player w/ great talent. not to mention a cutie!! i would be thrilled if you found the time to write me back, even if its a sentence. oh and we’re the same age!! i think its so cool that you are so young and so skilled!i watch all the Met games b/c i’m a huge fan, but i especially love watchin you! keep up the good work…and i have a good name for your blog…
    “Wright-ing it down”

  135. andjusticeforall_@hotmail.com

    Mr. Wright,

    As a 20 year old lifelong Mets fan, you have reinvigorated my love for baseball. You are sure to be a hall of famer, blessed with extraordinary skills and an even better personality and passion for the game. I and the rest of NY wish you the best of luck this season and beyond (even Yankee fans admit how talented you are – they FEAR you!). As for a blog name, that’s easy: The Wright Stuff, or Doin’ it Wright

    Keep doing what you’re doing!

  136. msfitz23@aol.com


    I am more excited about the 2006 Mets than I thought possible. After experiencing the ’86 Mets, I didn’t think a team could capture my heart like this year’s team. Good luck to you and the guys!


    PS – how ’bout “A Season of Hope”?

  137. kapnasty@excite.com

    Yo Dave whats up from Las Vegas. You all are looking great this year. I hope the fans start supporting Carlos Beltran… I think its lame that people are booing him. Its a long season and I hope people cut that out. What are your thoughts on all the booing? Just a thought for the blog name how about “The Wrightings on the Wall”

  138. josh_sylvia@yahoo.com

    Hey David, my name is Nick and I am a die hard Mets fan. You are my absolute hero I praise your play to everybody I know. I get in fights with my High School team about who is better A-rod or You. Its you believe me. My idol was Mike Piazza im so sad to see him go, but im happy that you will come in here and Wright the ship.
    You are my hero, id do anything to meet you and good luck this year.


  139. natalie@wideopenwest.com

    Hi David What’s up my name is Natalie and i am a 12 years old and i am a die heart white sox fan and i think you are one of the best 3rd basemens in the game. good luck this season!!!!!
    P.S. My b-day is this Sunday (april 9th)

  140. rita14_78@yahoo.com

    You’re really creating a career for yourself…and it’s only your second year. I can’t wait to see how you develop over the next few seasons.

    I read that Cliff Floyd takes you out to dinner. How about I take you to dinner when you’re in San Francisco at the end of April? Hey, if I don’t try, I never know!

    How about “The Wrighting’s on the Wall” for your blog?


  141. michaelnunz@optonline.net

    hey david,i’m michael and i just wanted to know why you picked 5 as your number. nice homerun during the marlins game. so far you’re having a really good season. nice job in the field too. the mets are the best team ever. you and the team are going to do good this year. say hi to the team for me! michael

  142. breck442000@yahoo.com

    Hey David,
    Im a 17 year old junior in high school playing my first year of varsity baseball. My season just started but its already exciting… Today we played a doubleday field in Cooperstown, and later on in the season we get to play at Nyseg stadium (the home of the Binghamton Mets). I’ve been a huge fan of yours ever since i saw you play for the B-Mets. Its very impressive how you are a 2 strike hitter, and i was wondering if there are any tips you could give on hitting in a “pitcher friendly” situation. Good luck this season, Ill try to make it out for a few games this season.


  143. fransonia@comcast.net


    I’ve been a Met’s fan a long time, since “73” and it’s great to see young talent emerge each year, but especially someone as talented as you on my favorite ball club. What about? – “You’ll always be Wright” from the #1 Mets fan – Fran Lettko from Enola PA.

  144. leeh@pmfe.net


    Great to find this blog. As a fellow lifelong Mets fan I read anything that I can find in regard to our team. Your thoughts on the club will be a required addtion to that. Looking forward to making the first trip to Shea Stadium this summer. My son and I are traveling out this June. A bit of a commute for two guys in Indiana, but one we have talked about for 10 years.

    I have seen this listed several times here but I do like “The Wright Stuff” as your blog name. Seems to play off the Mercury space program book and later film. Our young Mets seem to parallel that in building what will become a very special thing for many years to come.

    Let’s go knock off those evil Braves!

    Lee Harmon

    Westfield, Indiana

  145. mharmon82@cox.net

    Hey David, I’m a Dodger fan but I find myself checking your stats everyday. I guess its because I grew up right by you. I went to Kempsville class of 2001 while you were over in Hickory. I still have the newspaper for All-Tidewater Team for 2000 and 2001 with you on the page.Can I get an autograph on it? lol j/k. I remember reading your stats when I first saw the page. Batting around .500 I believe. I thought to myself, this guy is definately going to go far. I dont know if you remember a guy named Ricky Henderson that went to Great Bridge but he said he knew you. He used to work with me. He said you always had a great head on your shoulders in highschool.
    It must be a dream come true to be able to not only play in the show but to be able to play AAA in your backyard. I’ve seen you the last 2 seasons at Shea when I went to see LA play, I also saw you guys play in Vero Beach in 2005. Even though I’ve always been rooting for LA in my Dodger jersey, I’ve really been hoping to see you do well. I’m hoping to go see you play in NY again this summer, probably wont be against the Dodgers so this time I’ll definately be able to wear your jersey. Good luck the rest of the season. A fine start to the 2006 season for you. I’ll be looking forward to seeing you play in Pittsburgh this July.


  146. locoboop3@aol.com

    How about “The Wright Stuff” ?


    You are a fantastic team player, athlete & spark plug for the new team! Go Mets in 2006 & beyond….

    Poppa Joe

    Native NYer & Mets fan since before you were born!!!

  147. robertcolaianni@yahoo.com

    Hey David whats goin on man I just wanted to wish you good luck this year and to keep doing what your doing for the mets and the met faithful— Thanks for everything so far

  148. atorgison@hotmail.com

    what’s up, big mets fan in las vegas. how about “wright hand man?” or even better, “at least my name’s not ‘chipper.'” anyway, i’m pulling for you guys. looking forward to hopefully seeing you and reyes stay in mets uniforms for the duration of your careers.

  149. rmona65@verizon.net

    Hi there David! I finally was able to watch my first Mets game of this season last night and I have to say that you were sooooo awesome! I was so ecstatic to see your 2nd homer of the new season. Way to go! The first time I saw you play on the Mets, I knew I’d be your #1 fan. Keep up the good work… and next time you come home, I live in Virginia Beach, we should get together and have dinner.

    “Go Chesapeake!” that’s my nickname for you…Have a great season!


  150. bubblezzz624@aol.com

    David, I ABSOLUTELY love you, Everytime i go to a game i make sure that i’m on that 3rd base line ! i have about 100 posters and article clippings of you posted all over my room. i think you’re great and just wanted you to know that !! πŸ™‚ Also your home run on opening day was great, and i was there to witness it; so that made it even better !!

    -Jackie, Ozone park; New York

  151. kmcclosk8@gmail.com

    DW, keep up the good work on the field & at the plate this season. I’ve been a lifelong Mets fan and this year, dare I say it, I am very optimistic!
    As far as your blog, go for “5 in ’06”. Leave all the “Wright” puns to the media- they need it more.


  152. x20belowx@gmail.com

    I jus had a steller idea.

    Two Lefts make a Wright

    It sounds like such a common saying, but think about it

    You round 1st base, and you take a left to 2nd base

    You round 2nd base, and take a left towards 3rd.

    And who stands at third base?

    We can all answer that one


  153. Bobby

    Hey David,

    Nice to see another player blogging here. It gives us another chance to see a different side of the game. Have a great season(except against my Marlins!)and we’ll be at the ballpark tomarrow, 4/9, to see you guys battle it out.



  154. jcmumsie@aol.com

    Hello David,
    My name is Joan, I live in Connecticut and I go way back with the Mets. Right to the beginning in 1962.

    I’ve heard you on WFAN and you are a fine spokesman for your team and Major League Baseball. Your game keeps showing improvement, so I can tell that you are working hard. There are years of experience on your team with some of the players and with your coaches and the Manager. Listen and learn from them.

    Here in CT, we are having a problem getting the Mets TV games. Many cable systems, including mine – Cox Cable – are not carrying the SNY channel and ESPN is blacking out the games. I’m carrying on a campaign by email, etc. to get some coverage.

    In the meantime, WFAN provides an excellent radio team – Tom McCarthy, Howie Rose, and Eddie Coleman. I just wish that I could see that big smile on your face as you round the bases.

    “Getting it Wright” sounds fine to me.

    Good luck, stay healthy and keep your wonderful attitude.

    “Joan in Connecticut”

  155. rcaa13@verizon.net


    There was Tom Seaver and Darryl Strawberry then Doc Gooden, but you are the real Franchise Player. I feel the Mets should make you a lifetime player to this organization and set you up with a contract to remain a Met until you are ready to retire in another 15-18 years from now. I knwo thats hard to d, but they should atleast ensure the fans that you will be here for atleast the next 10-12 years. You are the real deal and I know you will be the first MET to win a MVP award. I plan to make sure that I spend plenty of time stuffing the ballot box for your nomination to the allstar game.David, Keep up the GREAT ATTITUDE AND PASSION FOR THE GAME, FOR THE MET ORGNIZATION AND FOR NYC. YOU ARE THE STAR ON THIS TEAM AND YOU SHOULD HAVE ANDERSON HERNANDEZ CARRRY YOUR BAG, SOMETHING MIGHT RUB OFF SO HE CAN HIT TOO.

  156. triples388@optonline.net

    Hey David,
    My name is Stefan. I run a blog site of my own. It is dedicated to the Mets. The name is MetsPlanet.com Check it out sometime. Thanks for all your hard work, and good luck!LETS GO METS!!!

  157. fsp110@aol.com

    I’m not the usual Mets fan, but I’ve been a fan for some time. I’m 74 years old, and only became interested in sports over the last ten years. The Mets have been my favorite team from the start, especially you, David, and Jose Reyes. How do you like “David in The Mets Den”.

  158. ivykitty@verizon.net

    As a long time Mets fan (27 years), I have seen many players come and go. You are wonderful. It’s so nice to see young talented players that bring so much heart into the game. Thank you for all your sparks and yes hits. I hope you are a Met for a long time.

    Ivy in Delaware

  159. gksiegel@cox.net


    I have been a mets fan all my life. I am 35 yrs old who lives out in Las Vegas now, My husband and I get the baseball package off directv so we can watch as many games as possible. You are amazing talent! Keep up the great job and look forward to watching your career.


  160. lincroftdairyqueen@verizon.net

    Hey david love what your doing keepit up .call your blog THE WRIGHT STUFF !!!

  161. metsfan5@adelphia.net



  162. kcallen418@msn.com

    I think a good name would be “Wright Now”. Keep up the home runs!!! Will you marry me? πŸ™‚

  163. hardhats731@aol.com

    David soon to be MVP, A true MVP and Leader on and off the field . For your blog ….Hardwork + Determination + Heart + Fun = “THE WRIGHT STUFF” thats why you have The wright stuff …Great name for a Great MAN

  164. egiustra@ac.marywood.edu

    Hey David! Huge fan of yours of course!! Here is a suggestion for your title, “Wright Response.”

    Elizabeth Giustra

  165. shinbun@gmx.net

    Hi David,
    I am so glad that I can read your weblog and get information of Mets. I live in Tokyo, Japan. I watch the games on MLB.TV. I would like to suggest a nice title of your blog, but, so far, I have no idea. There are already so many good suggestions here. I also enjoy reading them, too.

    I hope Mets stays the top of East Devison.

  166. katieleyden@nycap.rr.com

    Hey David he is my suggestion “The Wright time for the Mets is here” and I just wanted to say how much I LOVE you!!! You are like the biggest influence on me! I am like the biggest Mets fan ever. I just wish I lived closer to Shea! I live in Albany(tier tier) and onlt get to go to like 1 game a year. I was just like you and went on to the team site almost everyday to see what the news for the Mets was! I also wanted to saw you would have been a much better pick for the WBC you would have made USA win! You are definately my favortie player! Like another blogger said you are like the REAL franchise player ( well you and Jose)you guys give life to the Mets and keep us loyal fans watching every night and day. I also wanted to say last year when MSG and Time Warner cable had a dispute, I remember my cousin calling (who lives near NYC)and saying this Wright guy has the cutest smile and its sooo true! Your the best 3rd baseman we’ve ever had on the Mets. Keep bombing them for me ! also I wanted to say you and the Mets have the talent an pitching to carry the team to the World Series!

  167. kmoshelly@yahoo.com

    For weeks, everyone?s been asking me what I wanted my birthday and joking around I told them ?All I want is for David Wright to hit a homerun on my birthday? Friday night I come home and turn on the game and you?re up at bat. The first pitch I see BAM, you go yard. I was going insane. Three of my friends called me and were like ?WRIGHT HIT A HOMERUN ON YOUR BIRTHDAY!? How crazy is that? I love you and Floyd. I love all the Mets especially Julio Franco. I hope you guys have a great season. Thanks for making my birthday extra special.

    How about ?Wright here, Wright now!?

  168. j.gifford@foreconinc.com

    Hey David!

    Hello again and congrats on a terrific start to the 2006 season! My son and I had a ball (no pun intended) down in Pt St Lucie, and sure enjoyed meeting you at the Outback (several times)! Thanks for being such a standup guy and terrific role model for kids – especially my son Gus. He’d love to play second base sometime with you on third and Jose at short.

    Anyway, thanks again for taking the time to chat with us down at spring training this year – dinner is on us at the Outback next year!

    Have a great and healthy season – Let’s Go Mets !!!

    -John G

  169. j.gifford@foreconinc.com

    I forgot to post a suggested name for your blog – everyone is playing off your last name, but how about Dave’s Raves……?

    Have a great night good luck against the fish on Sunday.


  170. scadman12@msn.com

    Dear David Wright
    You have a great attitude,magnificent skills at the plate, and one of the top 3rd baseman in the game. Thanks to you and other players (such as Cliff Floyd, who deserved to have more votes to be a participant in the All-Star game) I know we are going to win the East. When I get to the plate for my Babe Ruth team I think of your flawless mechanics. You will have an amazing season this year and everyone has taken notice to your hot start. I am a devoted fan watch every game I can. I am so happy that you guys are on SNY (instead of MSG which blackouted alot of important games) and I cant wait to see the team when you face the Brewers and the Red Sox. Since you asked for suggestions for your blog this was my idea, “The Wright Year, The Wright Time”

    From Your Greastest Time


  171. cavelady924@aol.com

    Dear David,

    You have a great attitude and are a great player. You have many kids looking up to you. My daugther is one of your biggest fans. We are having her 10th birthday party at shea on David Wright bobble head day. My suggestion for a blog name is Wright’s Corner


  172. aanthony@millbrook.org

    My friend and I were thinking of a good knickname for you and we came up with “The Pope”. Its more of a play by play name and not a blog title but we thought it described you pretty well becasue all the mets fans worship you. Good Luck this year, so far youre lookin pretty amazin’.


    ps youre carrying my fantasy team

  173. mwasson@us.ibm.com

    Dear David,
    I want to thank you for being a great player and an inspiration to this team.You have contributed so much to this team and it’s only your second year. I enjoy watching you play on TV and cheer for you all the time at the games. Every time your name is announced, I stand up and start clapping.I love your passion for the game. And how you give 100% effort all the time. Keep up the good work. Let’s go Mets!


    P.S. My suggestion is “The Wright Place and the Wright Time.

  174. ewsoloff@msn.com

    The Wright Stuff

    Anyway keep playing hard. Tell Carlos Beltran that my family and I were at a game the other night and someone was booing Carlos for fouling back pitches. I found that amazing. We were shaking our heads. NYC. Know that most fans know more and appreciate each member of the team. Go Mets.

  175. ajc32@yahoo.com

    My suggestion for your weblog name is “Wrightings”. Keep grounded, stay focused and Lets Go Mets.


  176. ckny723@yahoo.com

    Dear David,
    I am from Japan, but live in Queens for more than 10 years. Since I’ve moved here, I am a biggest Mets fun, and you are one of my favorite players! I am happy to hear your real “voice” here, and looking forward to hearing more from you. I know my country man, Kaz, is in DL. I hope he’ll be back soon and play as hard as you do. Anyway, all people here have great suggestions for the name, so I am sure you’ll find the best one from them. (I like “The Wright Stuff” and “The Wright Way” because that’s what you do.) But, I want to throw one just to a heck of it…. “Banzai Wright-san!”

    Thank you! See you at Shea!

    – Chika πŸ™‚

  177. softballgurlie6@aol.com

    Off to an amazing start. It feels so good to see your guys record at 3-1 already. Being a 3rd baseman myself,in softball that is, I know what it’s like to have the balls hit hard & fast at you, maybe not as fast and hard as you see it, but you know. Watching you play 3rd, with the enthusiasm&intensity that you have makes it so much more better. Keep doing what you do best!


  178. hararianator@gmail.com

    Hey Dave what about “Wright where I Belong”

    Looking forward to a great season


  179. sweetbethy917@yahoo.com

    Hey David! I just wanna thank you for doing this blog what a great idea of a way to reach out to all of your fans. I’ve been a fan since day 1 when you signed with the Mets and I think you are absolutely amazing. My friend stayed late after a game one night and said you were the only met who stopped to sign autographs, she was lucky enough to get your autograph!!! Lucky girl πŸ™‚ Anyway I think you are amazing and I look forward to reading your future blogs πŸ™‚ As for ideas for a title…no idea πŸ™‚ I like what you have already but good luck with that!

  180. bproth@juno.com

    Hey David,
    It’s great to see you picking it up where you left off in 2005. Keep up the good work!

  181. cartmanroolz@hotmail.com

    Hey David, not a Mets fan here (I am a Marlins fan), but I am a big David Wright fan. You are just a great guy, and embrace all that it means to be a true professional athlete. You enjoy the fans and you also see they are what makes baseball.

    Thanks for reaching out to us, and giving us this little bit of inside the dugout.

    Hang in there and hit a lot of HR’s this year, just not against my Marlins LOL.


  182. u2greenday92090@hotmail.com

    It’s amazing how many athletes are now in the blogging world, including yourself.

    I’m a Red Sox fan, but the Mets are my second choice. See you at Fenway on June 28!

  183. tovsgee@yahoo.com

    Surprise! I’m another one of those female, david_wright_and_the_mets fan. My brother got me interested in baseball and the mets in particular when I was about 13, and I’ve only gotten to like the game more and more since then (to the bewilderment of many friends). Your addition to the team a couple of years ago added so much incredible energy to the mets – it’s great! I think it’s incredible that you manage to keep it so real and not get carried away by the fame, and I especially love that you yourself grew up a met fan, and know exactly how us crazy fans feel about the team! I don’t know if you intend to answer the questions here, but just in case, here’s mine: I’ve always been curious if, in theory, you could see yourself spending your whole career here in NY (with the mets of course)? I know it’s not always in your control, and it’s hard to project that far ahead, but do you think it would get too boring to stay in one place, or would you be happy to stay here?

    No original blog name ideas, but I liked wrightings and wright here, wright now.

  184. tovsgee@yahoo.com

    Surprise! I’m another one of those female, david_wright_and_the_mets fan. My brother got me interested in baseball and the mets in particular when I was about 13, and I’ve only gotten to like the game more and more since then (to the bewilderment of many friends). Your addition to the team a couple of years ago added so much incredible energy to the mets – it’s great! I think it’s incredible that you manage to keep it so real and not get carried away by the fame, and I especially love that you yourself grew up a met fan, and know exactly how us crazy fans feel about the team! I don’t know if you intend to answer the questions here, but just in case, here’s mine: I’ve always been curious if, in theory, you could see yourself spending your whole career here in NY (with the mets of course)? I know it’s not always in your control, and it’s hard to project that far ahead, but do you think it would get too boring to stay in one place, or would you be happy to stay here?

    No original blog name ideas, but I liked wrightings and wright here, wright now. Good luck this season and make us all proud to be mets fans!

  185. christopherlee@peddie.org

    MVP MVP MVP MVP!!!!!
    Dave, I just wanted to say that you are a true class act and a terrific ball player. Keep playing hard and lead the Mets back to playoffs.

  186. daconde524@msn.com

    David, Try “Wright Place to Be”, “Wright in the Heart of NY”, “Wright Man for the Job”. These are just a few for now.

    Thank you for taking the time to write and share with us fans what goes on in the clubhouse. This year, we have a great team that can do something very special. We have the “Wright” pieces (no pun intended) to win it all.

    When you are not busy, check out my Blog, http://www.ny-mets-2006.blogspot.com

    David C., Queens, NY

    Good Luck and Have a great season.

  187. hodjo24@b2xonline.com

    Hey David, just showin you some love from Franklin County, VA “Home of Ron Hodges”……….ask Billy Wagner he can tell ya all about that!

    anyways Im glad you hold down the hot corner for the Mets. 2006 is our year! Your doing VA very proud in the big city. Keep it up and lets bring the title back to Flushing!

  188. rvyhnal@yahoo.com

    Congrats on having a great first season- making the defensive play of the year is enough to make any player proud! All winter I’ve also been keeping track of all the moves made by the front office, and are looking forward to having the team going deep into the post season!

    Now, I was born the year of the “Miracle Mets”(yeah, I know that gives away my age)- and have been a NYM fan since way before the Buckner game. O.K, I’ll admit to rooting for the Braves for a long time as well, but since 03, I don’t have to split loyalties anymore- thanks to good ol’ 47.

    I pray the organization has enough sense to keep the new “face” of the Mets around for a long, long time, although it’s a tough town to play in, and living under a magnifying glass can’t be easy, but as long as you stick to Homer and not pull a Benson….. ; }

    Anyway, I will be rooting for y’all at my very fist visit to Shea-and NY- on the 15th, and extra loud in Philly on 5/11- (couln’t think of a better way to spend my b-day)! GOOOOOO Mets!

    p.s.- will You be taking the “new” kids out to dinner now?

    Rita V. in Lancaster Co.,PA(another Rita, but heck, I’ll take you out to eat as well. How’s about some good old fashioned Penn.Dutch?)

  189. gargento@comcast.net

    Hi David,

    Good luck with the blog! Don’t make it a priority. You guys look sharp so far…but it’s April! I’ve been a Met diehard since before you were born…you youngster! Keep your head down…and ‘on straight’ and you’ll be ‘a legend’ around the Metroploitan are someday too! I miss ‘Mike’ too! A real class act. You remind me of Mike! Anyway…GODD LUCK! As for the blog name? How about: ROOKIE WRIGHTer OR THE HOT CORNER or FIVE ALIVE or WRIGHT AWAY or WRIGHT FROM THE CLUBHOUSE

    -good luck in 2006

    G. Argento

  190. jesslevy@aol.com

    Hey David,
    I always catch myself making sure I see when your up at bat. By the way good luck with this blog thing, it was a good idea to keep in touch with the humungous population of your fans! You are an amazing baseball player and you have yet to do better. I was there the day you premiered in the major league and couldn’t believe what great talent you have. I love how you jump into people instead of giving them a highfive, it laways makes me laugh. This season your playing great so far keep up the great work. I also have an idea for the title of your blog, how do you like “Gettign out the bad with the Wright” or “Taking in the bad and replacing it with the Wright”

  191. mlblogosphere@yahoo.com

    Incredible start for this MLBlog, and here’s hoping a lot of the new commenters here will want to blog right alongside you. FYI to everyone, it’s a 30-day free trial at http://www.mlblogs.com and the only blog community where you can have the official Mets marks and logos on your template. Also a great way to mirror/link to an existing blog and help drive traffic to it.



  192. puertorocpapi76@aol.com

    Hey David,

    I’ve been met fan ever since 8yrs old i went to my first met game and even though how terrible they were in the early 90’s i still have faith that one day it will get better,and i believe in this team.eversince you came here i feel the championship is comming to Queens lol.I love the way you and Jose play on that field your hitting is unbelieveable at 23.just keep on doin what u doing and if u hear a one of the fans yelling out loud at the stadium its me lol.Take care and LETS GO METS!!


  193. tas71@optonline.net


    Just wanted to say it has been a pleasure watching the Mets so far. As it always is usually for the first few games and then… well you know. I dont know what it is but this year has a nice feel to it. Great hitting so far by the team and you and Jose Reyes are refreshing to watch and from the looks of it Jose matured a great deal at the plate over one winter. It was a little funny watching him swing at balls over his head last year. Keep up the good work and we’ll see you guys at the games and in the post-season. Heck, you guys keep up half of what you are doing and I’ll see you guys at the ticker tape parade.

    Good Luck.

    PS. Tell Beltran to laugh off the fools that are booing him.


  194. sarahkazzy@yahoo.com

    “Always Wright, Never Wrong”
    “Can’t go Wrong with Wright”

    “Five rights make a Wright”

    “Wright here, Wright now”

    “Mets got it Wright”

    or like I said before, I like the title as is. But again, you rock my socks immensely.

    ~Sarah Emily

  195. janetcarter@cox.net

    Greetings from Virginia Beach! Thanks for your insight on living the great life of MLB. You’re “Wright On!” – JC in Va Beach.

  196. vinniehall@aol.com

    Hey David,

    I too come from a big family. I have 4 brothers and I heard that you have 3 or so also. So what’s up with them.. Can’t we get another superstar out of the bunch. I know if I ever made it to the majors my brothers would stop at nothing to get there to try and show me up.

  197. jwheaton65@hotmail.com

    What’s up D Wright. Good to see that you’re keeping in touch with the fans and we all appreciate it!

    How about….

    The Wright Stuff (New Kids on the Block)…if you’re a fan!

    The Wright Way

    All the Wright moves

    When you’re right, you’re Wright

    Wright on the mark

    Wright is not wrong

    Wright on the MONEY

    Wright when we need it

    Wright where we belong

    D Wright, every New Yorkers Delight! (No ****)

    Anyway, I just applied for a job with the Mets as a video assistant and will keep on applying with any broadcast job and anything related. I’m a young buck like yourself and just graduated from college and hope it will work out and I look forward to a great season with a lot of success from not just you, but like you said….the name on the front of your Jerseys!!! Keep it real D Wright and I look forward to more of your blogs to give us inside information on the great team we have in the 2006 season!

    John Wheaton

    PS – I love the segments you had on “Rome is Burning” last season. He loves having you on and we love watching and listening to what you have to say!!! Hope to see you on more this season! You’re the man kid!

  198. metsfan25@comcast.net


    I’m a transplanted Mets fan in Washington State who attended all three Mets games at Safeco last year. First, thanks for signing my baseball and Mets hat…you signed them the same day you made that spectacular catch, flying into the stands. The Mariners fans all around us were like: “Wow! That was one of the greatest catches I’ve ever seen!” You got a nice round of applause from the people in our section over left field–it was awesome. It was a real honor meeting you, and it made us feel proud, the way the Mariners fans showed their appreciation for your amazing play.

    As for the name of your blog…the Beatle John Lennon published a book of zany poems and things and he called it “In His Own Write.” Maybe “In His Own Wright”…or “In My Own Wright”? Whatever you decide to call it, it’s extremely cool of you to do this for the fans, and that’s one of the things we love about you: the way you go the extra mile and make yourself available, even though the demands are endless. I just hope we don’t burn you out! Have fun on the field and enjoy your career…we sure enjoy watching you play.


  199. rjs15104@aol.com

    Hey David,
    My name is Rob and I have been a Mets fan since I can remember. I remember when the Mets got rid of Ty Wigginton to bring you up. I think that was one of the best moves the Mets have made in a long time. I am 17 years old and I looking forward to watching you play. You are already my favorite Met. I always root and cheer for you and am happy when you do well. I haven’t helped but notice that you are an excellent hitter, and if you could just e-mail me or ssomething to let me know just how you do it, just gieve me a few little pointers. I would greatly apriciate it. Thank-you.



  200. z0john@hotmail.com

    Hey David,
    My name is John and I’m a big fan of the Mets and especially you! (I have your autograph which I got on the 2nd last game of 2005) Anyways I don’t want to waste your time and give a long entry. Here’s some suggestions…

    1. The Wright Way

    2. The Wright Stuff (lot’s of people like this)

    3. Wright on Track



  201. ramon.galarza@verizon.net

    Hey David,
    I’ve been a Met fan since 1985, and I must say that this year’s team is strong, from top to bottom, and as such, maybe a WC is not out of the question.

    My sugeestion: David Does it Wright.

    I only suggest this because whenever I watch the game with my father, or my buds, everyone mentions, myself included, how you play the game the way it should be, fundamentally sound, and with the exuberance of a little leaguer stepping between the lines for the first time.



  202. johnnyg92@yahoo.com

    Hey David,
    I am 14 years old and you have been my favorite player ever since you came up with the mets. I play 3rd base on an all Long Island team and I work hard every day to get better. My parents always say that if I want to go far in baseball, that I should have an attitude like yours and play like you and I think that they’re right.

    You’re the Greatest. Have a great season.


  203. stigrett@ptd.net

    Hey David, long time Mets supporter born in Brooklyn now in PA.

    Here is my suggestion for you blog name. Nice and simple, “Wright it down”.

    Best of luck on the upcoming season! Mets fans are fortunate to have you on the team, and your efforts are truly appreciated. Let’s hope Omar gives you the deal you deserve to stay with the Mets for a LONG time.

    Let’s go Mets!!


  204. metsfanny90@aol.com

    Hey David nice page…ive been a met fan ever since you joined the team! I know you probably heard of myspace, well my entire background is you and im just about to make my whole page dedicated to you! if youre reading this check out my myspace at http://www.myspace.com/angiebabiegirl ^_^ you’re just the most awsome baseball player ive ever seen. You’re the main reason why im really into baseball…i guess you can say im like a crazy fan girl or something like that lol i’ve got pictures of you everywhere in my room and im a drawer and i love drawing you, youre everywhere in my room im just such a big fan!! ^_^ I love watching you play because you know how to play the game and you have so much passion for it it’s overwhelming. Youre such a good role model for all the rookies and even the veterans of baseball…I’ve been wanting to play baseball more because i play other sports like hockey and soccer, so if you have any tips for a new player like me that would be nice…you are simply amazing and you know what you’re doing all the time. it must be hard living up to the mets fans expectations…we can be a little harsh sometimes. i lived in Ny all my life but i moved to Indiana in November so now i cant watch you play every day. ='(

    As for your blog i like the name you have, or something like “David knows what’s Wright”, or “David: The Wright Pick for the Mets” i like the second one better, what do you think? I think its cool you have your own blog for all your fans! LETS GO METS!

  205. wisemanw@frontiernet.net

    I’m am old timer (53) Mets fan who first saw the team in 1963 at the Polo grounds. I still have the Mets “Bobble-head” I bought that day. My favorite Mets of all time are Wayne Garret, Howard Johnson, Edgardo Alfonso (do you see where I’m going with this?) I bought my David Wright #5 shirt during the winter.
    My suggestion for your blog title comes from Thomas Wolfe, “The Wright Stuff”.

  206. Lisa


    I’m a lifelong Astros fan, so I can’t say that the Mets are my favorite team. That being said, I enjoy watching you (personally) play and I wish you well (perhaps just not against the Astros, eh?). I think it’s great that you’ve decided to blog and I hope you keep it up throughout the season. My suggestion for your blog title:

    “Wrightly So”

    Good luck this season. And wish Billy Wagner well from the folks in Houston. I wouldn’t trade Brad Lidge for anyone, but my heart broke the day Billy left us.


  207. yds691@yahoo.com


    You are amazing, and my favorite Met to watch. How about this for your blog name:

    “Wright is never wrong”


  208. djmill32@optonline.net

    Hey David, Your are one of the best players on the mets. I hope you stay with the orginization for your carear because everytime you come up to bat I think that you will either hit the ball or another way to help the team. Are you good friends with Jose Reyes? If you can answer my question to my email I would really appreciate. DAVID WRIGHT IS SO AWSOME.

  209. drees005@odu.edu

    D Wright you are the man. I’m a Hickory grad and its awesome watching you dominate the majors. Hope to see one of your games this year. blog name should be….Doing it Wright like mamma’s special chicken

  210. mets05dw@yahoo.com

    Hey David,
    You’re an amazing player. Nice 2005 season! Good Luck today. You’re starting off this season Great!!!


  211. guy2bs@comcast.net

    Hey David,

    As a lifelong Mets Fan, I’ve never been more excited about the beginning of a season. I think you’re going to lead this team to greatness, pal.

    How about calling your blog: “Out Of Wright Field.”


  212. jmcnierney@gmail.com


    I’d like to second a few of the ones already suggested.

    “Wright’s Stuff” is my fav thus far with possibly “Wrighter’s Blog” being a second….(it’s actually a variation on the “Writer’s Block” suggestion).

    Anyway, I’m a life long Met’s fan… Been coming to Shea since 1964 when my Uncle who was a long time Dodger Fan began dragging me there at the tender age of 4. I’ll never forget the ’69 series, I attended the ’73 World Series (game 4…awesome). I still owe my soul to the lord for the promises made during the last three at bats in Game 6 of the ’86 series. It’s been a lot of years since I was as excited about our prospects as this year.

    Hope you guys can stay healthy and give it a great ride.

    Thanks for bringing back some pride and stability, I think the Mets have the best infield (particularly on the left side…) in Baseball.

    Good luck this season, you’re off to a great start.

    – Jim

  213. crazy4harry723@aol.com

    Hey David,
    I am a big fan and I just think its really great that you would take time out of your busy schedule to actually write a blog to the fans. I have a really good feeling about this season and can’t wait to go to a game.

    Some suggestions for your blog page, as corny as they may sound, are :”Wrightings” and “The Wright State of Mind.”

  214. onehartz@sbcglobal.net

    Call your blog: “THE WRIGHT STUFF”…..since your game’s astronomical, your blog outta be as well….

  215. ou4life312@aol.com

    Hey David I hope you don’t mind me calling you that well im from Shreveport, Louisiana and im a huge Mets fan and im always asking people do you know who David Wright is and they always say no and im always telling them well they need to watch a Mets game because he is one of the best third baseman in the game anyways I love watching you hit im always thinking whats he gonna do next is he gonna hit a bomb or is it a 2 out double you always come through in the clutch especially with your awesome snags you make at third, love watching you play

    how bout “Wright man for the Mets”


  216. nym5dw@aim.com

    Hey David! It’s steph again. I was reading over my comment-and I am so nuts about english since I am really good in it and in Honors English-and noticed that I have some sentences without a word that would make the snetence have sense. If that sentence makes any sense. What ana amazing team the mets are. I honestly think that Mets fans are the worst fans ’cause we’ll be as cruel as possible but still love it when a met hits. By the way. I have a xanga where I update once in a while. I’m probably going to update later on this week since I have spring break. It’s http://www.xanga.com/lilkissinggirlie. If you want to check it out. I also have a myspace where in my pics I have a pic up of you. My friend calls me crazy cause I know a lot about you. I even know how many HRS you hit and how many RBIS you had last season. So if you want to check it out to see if I am not joking just e-mail me. (By the way I meant to say I am from NJ.) I’m going stop bothering you. So keep up the good work. You’re going to be a hall of famer-if not you’re one to me now and later.

    Monmouth County, NJ

  217. j.gifford@foreconinc.com

    HEY DAVID !!!!!!!!!

    Awesome game – phenomenal hitting and great shorthop play at third !!!!!!

    Thanks for some awesome baseball! GO METS!

    Have a good night!

    John G

  218. vendetta4490@hotmail.com

    Hey David wutsup,

    i’m a huge mets fan, i bleed blue and orange, i just wanted to tell you how excited i am for this upcoming season

    for the name of the blog, i came up with “Wright in 3B”..i thought of this b/c its your last name, and instead of 3d i put 3b for third base

    p.s i just finished wathcing you beat up the Marlins 3 RBI’s nice job

  219. alliemarie520@yahoo.com


    Just in case you didn’t already know, you are the definition of clutch. Congrats on an amazing game today! Good luck in Washington.


  220. stingx5x@hotmail.com

    Whats up david,
    u dont know me but u do know my friend Jimmy, u met him at a bar in Pittsburg last season after one of the games with the rest of the team, well anywayz he and all our friends say whats up and good job on the 3 RBI’s today. and hey man any time u wanna chill dude u got a bunch of mets fans from queens whod be thrilled to show u a nite on the town

  221. colllls@aol.com

    Hey David,

    I just finished watching the game vs. the Marlins. Your 3 RBI’s were the only 3 runs scored, nice job!

    I think your a great player and admire the way you handle yourself on and off the field. I was born a Met fan back in 84 and my interest and loyalty in the team grows more each year (especially after I started working for the club).

    I think they team is amazing and I have been looking forward to this season all winter. I can’t wait to get back home to NY after college this summer to get to some of the games.

    Keep up the great work, have fun and good luck!


  222. robbya725@yahoo.com

    Hi David,
    My name is Robby and I am 11 years old. I live in NY, and I have been a huge fan of the Mets all my life! You are also my favorite player! I just finished watching the your game againts the Marlins. Nice 2 RBI triple, and great job on hitting the sac fly to bring in Beltran. If you hadn’t hit the triple, you guys probably wouldn’t have won the game. I realized that if the line drive was hit a little bit harder, you would of had an inside the park homerun! Your 3 RBI’s were also the only runs for the Mets. You are a great player and you are going to be the next Albert Pujols! I hope to be watching you guys until the end of October! 4-1 is a great start to the season. You are awsome, and keep up the great work!



  223. jcarmichael@rbagroup.com

    Great game today David, that sac fly to win it is just what we needed ! Keep up the great work and we’ll see you at Shea every chance we get ! Let’s Go Mets ! PS.. As for your page name : The Team, The Time, Wright Now !

  224. robbya725@yahoo.com

    Hi David,
    I have 1 question for you and it would be an honor if you could answer it:

    Have you played third base since little league, or have you played any other positions? On my travel team, I play shortstop and centerfield.


  225. jetsfanml1010@yahoo.com

    Hey David, you r doing great this season! Congrats on the game today with all of the mets rbi’s. Oh yeah thanks for the autograph during spring training I wish some of the other players could be as nice as u and sign autographs too.

  226. snorttheoneandonly@yahoo.com

    How about: “Yeah, Wright!” for the blog title?
    Nice game against Dontrelle! Without you we lose.

  227. snorttheoneandonly@yahoo.com

    Not sure why the previous one didn’t post, but, at any rate, I thought that “Yeah, Wright!” seemed a good blog tile. I’ll say again, “Nice game against Dontrelle! You provided all the rbi’s!”

  228. violagrl@gmail.com

    Hey David! Great job so far this season! I know it’s a little simple, but I really like the name “Wright Field” as a possible name for your blog. Good luck with the rest of the season!

  229. krispychef692@aol.com

    Hmmm, what can i say to David Wright??? Let me think…. You’re sooo adorable. I love that you always provide for the bestest team in New York! And the name of you’re blog shouldn’t be changed, it’s cute. I always say I’m Mrs. Wright! Love ya

  230. krispychef692@aol.com

    Hey Im back, back, back again,again, krispychef92@aol.com‘s back, back tell a friend. But seriously, on a serious note. You great baseballstar you. I hope the Mets don’t trade you because thats so sad. Thanx. Hit one out of the park for me!!!

  231. qtg1201@hotmail.com

    Hey David! You are so cool. You make watching the Mets even more fun. Rock On!

    How about..

    1) Always Wright

    2) David Wright’s Writings

    3) The Wright Thought

    4) The Wright Way

    Hope you’re having a blast this season!


  232. metsbabizchick@aol.com

    Hi David!
    Just dropping by to tell you that you’re amazing. 3RBIs In todays game.. Awesome! Way to go wright!

    “Shea is the wright place”!

  233. blacknight712@yahoo.com

    David,you are probably the best Met third baseman I’ve seen Howard Johnson.Please for the love of glove keep it up.I live in a house full o Yankee fans.Hopefully you and the guys will keep them quiet in October.Oh and your on my fantasy team so anything you do with the bat helps me too.

  234. ilwright05@yahoo.com

    Hey David,
    I’m almost 16 and I am a huge Met fan. I just wanted to say that you are doing an amazing job this year as well as last year. Great job in today’s game getting 3 RBI’s. You are truley an amazing player, and my hero. Keep up the good work! I look foward to reading more of your blogs.

    P.S. You signed your bat for me sometime in December and I have it hanging up in my room.

    =) Amanda

  235. bdig5@yahoo.com

    Dave, can I call you Dave? You are the man. The Macho Man. The new name for your blog should be “The David Wright Boys” or “DWBs” And tell whoever that came up with Dyno-Wright at Shea is also the man.

  236. enueism@gmail.com

    the team made some good moves in the offseason and you guys are off to a good start…one thing i like about this year and last year’s teams is it looks like you guys are having fun. i have a feeling i’m not gonna be cursing at my TV as much as i was in 03 and 04…haha..

    good luck on the road…

  237. jbizzy02@hotmail.com


    Congragulations on your successful season in the bigs. I’m a Portsmouth native and Mets fan via the Tides. I work at the Virginia Sports Hall of Fame and when ever you get the time and you are home again it would be cool if you could visit the museum. I talked to the director about getting you a space in one of the active athlete cases on the second floor. He said he would try to contact you to get some memorabilia. I don’t want to step on any toes, but I think the kids of Virginia, and Hampton Roads would love to check out your case and become baseball, Met, and David Wright fans. If you have anything to donate I’m sure the museum will appricate it. I wish you and all the entire Met orginzation well for this season.

    Jimmy Barnes

  238. suzan0130@adelphia.net

    Hey David, How about “Wright in the Action” for a blog title. Good luck against the Nationals on Tuesday. Oh, my niece was wondering if you have a girlfriend!

  239. crystacook@hotmail.com

    While in Iraq, you were the only source of GOOD entertainment. I followed the Tides when I saw your stats and heard you in an interview. Lots of heart. Thanks for that. As a huge Mets fan, I am glad to see the Mets finally got who they deserved. Do the Mets ever have military appreciation days?


  240. jtp28@cornell.edu

    Yo David. Let me know if you wanna go out partying in the city sometime. I’d love to buy the Mets third base man a drink. I can even make sure a couple of my single lady friends are there. Keep up the good work man, lets go mets!

  241. coquibaby91@aol.com

    Wassup David,I think you are a
    great player and a good guy. I

    also think you are cute and that you can win MVP this year. Everytime you come up to

    bat,Im always cheering you on.

    After growing as a met fan,did

    you ever imagine playing with the mets? How do you like the other players? Are you and Reyes good friends? I am excited to see you and the mets play this year. I think we can get into the playoffs.

    I am thankful for you being on the mets team. I hope you

    have a great season this year

    and I wanna thnk you for taking the time out of your schedule to take the time to write to us. Good luck to you and the mets this season.

  242. gormanjj@muohio.edu

    Congrats on a fantastic game today and a great first week of the season. It’s just a thrill to watch this entire team play.

    Could you do us a favor? Let Carlos Beltran know that the vast majority of Mets fans would never boo him and that we are ashamed by the people who have. The real fans support him entirely.

    Thanks and Let’s Go Mets!

  243. jcmets4@aim.com

    hi David,

    I’ve been a big mets fan since i was born because i was born the last time the Mets won the world series. I love the mets and this year the team is going to go far. I am a really big fan of yours some of my friends say its a little bit too much but I called it dedication. I live in the Bronx, which is home to the horrible other baseball team and have to live around all annoying yankees fan, but one thing that they cannot say is anyting bad about you. You are an amazing player and person. In my local paper there was a article about how you sent a dying woman a baseball and it just shows how much you care and respect Mets fans. I actually met you once and it was the highlight of my life. I’m already telling everyone I know that your gonna win MVP this year because you are starting out really good. I hope to see you soon in Flushing. Also,I wanted to ask if there is anyway i can send a carepackage to Shea so you can get it? And also i think the title of the blog is fine. Lets go Mets. 2006 . 20 years later.


    P.S i know so many girls say it to you but anyway i love you.lol

  244. danzgal62@yahoo.com

    Born in 1962 I can’t help but be a die hard Mets fan. My daughter has followed in my footsteps. She has chosen the #57 for her softball team (combination of you and Reyes)and has a picture of you with her at her softball awards dinner(you told her it was the first softball you ever signed! She was thrilled!) I was thinking of a couple of names for your blog: “Wright Stuff”, “Hit it Wright Here!”, or “Dave’s Raves”. Keep up the great work!

  245. jkstalker@msn.com

    What’s up David long time Mets fan like you in the off season I am also on the web checking out the Mets transactions. Little dissapointed about letting Benson go but I guess it’s what the team had to do. Your Blog should be called Wright’s Corner. Keep up the great work for our METS. Later. Joel

  246. shinbun@gmx.net

    Hi David, Now I have an idea for your blog name.


    How about this?

    Toto in Tokyo, Japan

  247. ezee_is_murda@yahoo.com

    What up david…

    im going to be straight up with you…

    i just want to thank you for being a met and you being a fresh of breath air after our short period of helplessness..

    and believe me…

    it’s not period(92-97ish)..

    Good luck with the rest of the season and…lets go all the way kid…


  248. matth1218@aol.com

    Hey David,

    I came up with a couple ideas for your blog title:

    “Read what david wrights”

    Or if you didn’t want to go with play on words everybody is suggesting:

    “D. Wrights Hot Corner”

  249. jintsmn9280@comcast.net

    hey david
    im a 14 year old huge mets fan who thinks you are a beast. i wouldnt trade you even for a rod b/c you just bring more energy and are a hero just born to be a player like derek jeter. so far you are already having a good year and im looking forward to many more. please just dont become an egocentric money hungry player in the future and i know you wont. i think you have good instincts and id like to see you attempt more steals b/c you get great jumps when you do. other than that your game is great! anyway i think a good name for your blog would be 2006, IT FEELS RIGHT. good luck on the season.

  250. kevindennis@yahoo.com

    Thanks for adding a lot of optimism to this team. How ’bout “Wright Thoughts” for your blog? Congrats on your great start and all of the Mets.

  251. eb226@cornell.edu

    Hey David,

    You have the same birthday as me.

    Also, how does it feel to walk into any bar and be able to pick up any girl?

  252. mattdiazfdny426@aol.com

    Hey D-Dubz !! What’s up..i’m Matt From the Bronx…YUCK..YANKS everywhere…I’m alway in school battling it out, how the Met’s are the best and how you are the best 3rd basemen the game has yet to seen ! Anyways…I’m talking to Erica at the MS Program to be a Candy Stripper and help out.To me…your a great Role Model and player !! Anyways…Tell your Brother’s what’s up and your dad to take care ! Why not name the blog “THE REAL WRIGHT GAME”
    Anyways , take care and GodBless !!! MVP !

  253. mjl12@cornell.edu

    I, like the 284 previous folks commenting here, think that you are an outstanding player and I really appreciate your work ethic and commitment to the team.

    As far as a title for your blog, I’m solidly with those who recommend that you avoid the cheesy Wright/right puns. And I really like the “David Wright’s Hot Corner” suggestions.

    Keep doing what you’re doing and you (and the NY Mets) will have a great season.

  254. mbuccelli@excite.com

    d wright,

    you are easily my mets buddy and i’s favorite player. it’s good to hear that the mets have such a cohesive clubhouse. we need that. keep it real, keep kickin ***, and win us all a bunch of championships!

    peace man,


  255. hennixv@msn.com

    Great hitting so far, you are looking really good beginning the season. hitting to right field has been great and I have enjoy watching you do it to move runners over or winning the game with it. How about “5WrightMVP” Your skills speak very loud for a great season for the Mets this year

  256. binost@juno.com

    Hey David,
    I was at the game today and I have to say that was great hitting today. You came through in the clutch- twice! It must feel good to have knocked in every run for your team and they come out with a win. RBI in the same game. If you need a name for your blog, how about “Wright Writes.”

  257. kristibear504@yahoo.com

    Hi David… my names Kristi, im a HUGE met fan… i actually have the met symbol tattooed on my arm. Im so happy to have you on my team, i love your energy and the way you cheer on the team! Not to mention your outstanding skills in the field! I hope i have the pleasure of watching you play at Shea for a long time to come! πŸ™‚
    p.s. Never Wrong…always Wright

  258. same219@aol.com

    Hi David,
    I think you should name your blog “Wright’s Homer”.

    My dad said you were going to be something special. He is right, you are! My dad and I went to your first game, he said years from now I can say I was at David Wright’s first game, and I am glad I can say that. I also saw your barehanded catch live (my dad was sleeping), and I was at opening day. All these games prove that you are an amazin’ player, and you just keep getting better. Keep up the good work, and stay healthy. I hope you stay in New York for many more years to come. So does my younger brother, who says he wants to be the next David Wright (he has been playing since he was a year and a half…so hopefully he has a shot). Sorry its long.


  259. flypaper89@gmail.com

    No. 5,

    You sure have your work cut out for you reading all of these comments. I hope you have some help. i’ll keep it short and sweet. I love the way you play. You go out there everyday and play your butt off. You don’t come off as having an ego, and you appreciate us fans. Thank you. Good luck this season.

    Here’s my suggestion for a title for your blog. I don’t know if it has been mentioned, but I think a great name would be “Balls and Strikes” It pretty much sums up the season, life, and baseball. We all go through ups and downs…balls and strikes.

    That’s my 2 cents. Again, thanks for giving us this forum to communicate, good luck, and GO METS!!!

    Jason Rivera

  260. supdawggg@msn.com

    wazzup David,
    I saw you play at a game at Safeco Field last year. Before the game, you signed my baseball(Which by the way is up on the shelf in my room.) I thought to myself “This is a guy with class.” Later in the game, you made a diving grab into the seats.(I hope that didnt hurt too much.)Watching you play is like watching something good go into our good ol’ pastime. I love how you are able to go out there everyday and experience the sights and sounds. I hope that as you sit down and read this, that all you put through everyday on and off the field makes the kind of person you are. In my eyes, that is a wonderful role-model. Keep up da awesome work!

    Here’s an idea.

    Wright guy


  261. same219@aol.com

    My brother is mad because I said that I wanted you to stay in New York, and left out the Mets part. And because I said he wants to be the next David Wright, he just wants to be half as good as you. Sorry. Good Luck in D.C.

  262. spamraji@raji.com

    Hey David –

    First, a blog name, I think we have a winner.


    Metsblog started giving away blogs and we JUST started it:


    But the name is all yours, we’ll change our name. Got some good pics of ya at Bankee stadium and Spring training as well.

    I’m a lifelong, diehard Mets fan, older than most people commenting here (28). Also a member of the rational minority in NYC as well as beaching every summer on the OBX so we’re very familiar with your hometown Hampton Roads area very well.

    Let me commend you on your talent, devotion to the game, pure skill, and most of all, POISE. You are truly the exception to the rule and I think I speak for everybody in saying that we hope you never, ever leave.

    You’ve set an amazing example for a NY baseball player in your involvement with the community and the fans, so it’s just amazing to see you blogging on top of that. It can be a pain but keep it up, the pulse of the Mets nation as of this year is officially online as much as it is at Shea.

    So now you’ve got some SERIOUS protection around you, LET’S GO METS!!!!!!!!

    – raji

  263. halfcourt31@gmail.com

    Hey David,
    Great job this season. Keep it up. As for the name for your blog, everyone’s got it all wrong. Trying to make a pun out of any part of your name is lame.

    Since your blog deals with you, the Mets and baseball, it should be call “The Hot Corner.”

    Enough said.

    Besides, GO METS!

  264. mconner85@gmail.com


    You’re hot, you’re great at baseball, and you worry about not sounding dorky with your blog name. You are quite possibly God’s gift to female Mets fans. I’ll be catching a White Sox game when you guys are here this summer. Look me up? πŸ˜‰

  265. jeffrah@gmail.com

    Hey David,

    I wanted to wish you the best of luck on another season with the Mets. I enjoyed your 3 RBI game today against the Marlins. As you said in your blog, the team is trying to play for the name on the front and that looked true this afternoon.

    Some blog name ideas:

    Wright Side of The Infield

    Growing with New York

    Meet the Wright Met

    Flushing down the competition

  266. lildude45@hotmail.com

    What’s up David?

    Here aresome suggestions:

    “I’m Always Wright”

    “Wright as always”

    “Mr. Wright”

    “David Wright, all night”

    “The Wrightster”

    “The Wright Man”

    “Super Wright”

    Thats all I can think for now. See you later!

  267. areynoso83@yahoo.com

    David is Goliath!

    David tell the **** Mets to get amped. Scream, jump, go crazy, just do something New Yorkers can feel. I like Duaner Sanchez and you sometimes get amped but lets make this a dugout routine!!! your all Mets get it crakin!!!!!!! By the way tell jose reyes i said, “que bajo a gusto”, “ahora que tiene tantos peloteroes heavy”

    Dios, Patria, Libertad!!!

  268. emceew100@gmail.com

    Yo David,

    You guys have kick-butt talent and i see no reason why you shouldnt go deep this year.Usually, its just a matter of getting through the “jelling” stage. But it seems to me that you guys are already past that stage, which is the hardest thing to get past. If you read this, please tell Anderson Hernandez to keep going at it. We really appreciate his defense and we know his hitting will kick in soon enough. I read that during the off season and spring training you were working on it. I see your defense has much improved from last year, though im sure a target like Delgado makes it much easier for you infielders.

    Good Luck this year and as we say at the stadium…. “Yankees #$%^!”


    P.S. : Im not one to be creative, but i think a god name for your blog would be “The Wright Perspective”. Makes sense to me, hope you like it!

  269. mommymets@optonline.net

    Hi David,

    We Love you!!!!

    How about:

    1. Wright’s Angle

    2. Wright to the Point

    3. Wright On!

    4. Up Wright

    We think any of these would be very good for your blog.

    Keep up the excellent work.


  270. rmona65@verizon.net

    David, Good morning from Virginia Beach! I have a couple for you:
    Wright Between the Lines

    Wright Upfront

    Wright ‘nTune

    AWESOME win yesterday! You are just spectacular! I am so proud of your accomplishments…keep up the great attitude you have and I know you will go a long way in your career. I’ll be vacationing in Florida on May 26 and got tickets to see you play against the Marlins. My friend Sandy and I will be sitting close to 3rd base… so look for us! We’ll have a sign with your name on it…and of course I’ll be wearing your jersey! Please, please – sign my jersey for me? Can’t wait to see ya!

    love, Rose

  271. mrsurveys@yahoo.com

    Hey David,
    Great game and great start to the new season. Keep up that winning attitude that you’ve shown since you started playing ball at an early age. A name for your blog should be Wright on paper.

  272. donnarussell@hotmail.com

    “Bats Wright, Throws Wright”

    See you at RFK tomorrow afternoon. Great day for another Met win!

  273. ogullukian@american-club.net

    You should start a poll so that we can vote on the best name for your blog.

    I still like:

    David Can’t do Wrong

  274. islesfan1@verizon.net

    I think you should name you BLOG. I think you should name it “The WRIGHT Stuff”. You are definitely the right person to do this because you are a well rounded player. Good Luck with this year. LET’S GO METS!!!!

  275. samkadam@aol.com

    Hey David,
    You are the BEST thing thats ever happened to this team for quite some time. Your talented, sweet, you care about us fans, and your a hottie! Im sure you get that alot πŸ™‚ Anyway, good luck this season, ill be watching every game. And thanks again for bringing spark and passion to this team.

    p.s- “The Wright Way to Victory”

  276. kaw5379@aol.com

    Hi David,

    Great game again yesterday! You are without a doubt the best addition to the NY Mets in years. Keep up the fantastic work and good luck this year (I’ll be watching).

  277. shkroll@gmail.com

    I’m a high school junior and a Mets fan born and bred. I agree with binost@juno.com– Wright Writes is a good, simple name. We’re going to do it this year; I BELIEVE!

  278. java_jackie@yahoo.com

    Hey David,
    You rock and it’s been fun watching you grow and excel at third. I’m thinking 120 RBIs, 30+ HRs, and .310 BA, whatdya think??

    And to veer off the puns of your last name, how about David’s Dugout Dish? πŸ™‚

    Best of luck for a great season!

  279. midbro5@hotmail.com

    Hey David,

    Im a huge fan and i want to say i greatly appreciate having you as the New York Mets Third Baseman. When you broke into the majors you were instantly a great hitter. Is there any tips you can give to a young hitter in terms of practicing on your own? thanks for every thing david and good luck for the rest of the year.

  280. nickstur@optonline.net

    Hey D-Wright,

    What’s up man? My name is Nick, die hard Mets fan from the Island. Just wanted to say that you have the best character out of anybody in baseball, and that you don’t even change as the fame gets bigger and bigger. Keep up the good work and help bring New York something it has craved for 20 years. 2006 is a special year.

  281. kmsontag@spart7.org

    Hey Dave,

    Long time met fan from south carolina. Nice to see someone at 3rd that we can depend on (long time since ho jo) thanks for the great effort and heart. I think your arrival is “Wright On Time” thats my suggestion for your blog/ God bless and Go M E T S!

  282. lgmets@yahoo.com

    Hey David,

    I have to say first and foremost, I’m in DC. I’ve grown up in NJ though, and was a Met fan since ’86 when I was 6 years old. Usually, my favorite Met is someone obscure because of something I saw them do. Alex Ochoa and Melvin Mora because they gunned people out at first, Lee Mazzilli because he signed a baseball… You quickly became my favorite player when I took a bunch of my frineds that are Nats fans to a Mets-Nats game on 9/24 last year for my birthday, and you hit a grand slam in the first inning. It also helped that you were on my fantasy team.

    So keep up the good work, you’re the man.

    Best thing I saw all year: The second time Pedro clunked Guillen and Guillen threatened to charge the mound, all four infielders were standing up to him between he and Pedro. That kind of unity hasn’t been here in years (no one came out to help Piazza when Clemens threw a piece of bat at him)

    As for your blog name, I’m sure you’d get sick of having your last name used as a homonym for the word “Right”. So if you don’t want something like that, you can use “The Hot Corner”, “Chin Music”, “Alto Queso”, Or “The wheelhouse”. Or you could go “Wright away”… it is too easy.

    Take Care!


    P.S. Do you need an interpreter in the clubhouse since you only speak English?

  283. mktaylor78@yahoo.com

    You’re very lucky to have a name that is so versatile. I have trouble seeing so many options for Delgado or Beltran. You have so many options like Wrighting the Ship.

    I think that your original name for the blog is not bad, but if you want something else how about . . . –

    Just Wright.

    It has a bit of a double meaning and doesn’t seem so egotistical.

    I think that my favorite thing about you is your modesty and humility. The Wright Stuff and names like that seem too arrogant.

    I also like – Wrightings -which is simple and nice.

    Keep up the wonderful season and as a baseball coach it is nice to see such a dedicated role model for our youth.

  284. valdezlove@hotmail.com

    Whats up brutha, I’m 25 and from jersey. D-Dub is one of the many nicknames I like to call you, I also like to call you D-Wrizzle. My freinds think their stupid but their Yankee fans so what do they know. I know your going to be a future MVP (if not this year) so I would like to know a little more about you so I think this blog is great. I hope Willie eventually stops babying you and bats you third were you belong. Keep stealing bases, keep going oppo, keep wagging that tongue and just keep on keeping on. How about “WRIGHT CLUB” for the name of your blog. I love that movie.

    Take it easy


  285. rkamerman666@yahoo.com

    As if you’ll ever read this many comments, but I’ll make a blog-name suggestion anyway:

  286. langriano@gmail.com

    Great work yesterday. Here is the new name of the blog…..

    Wright around the corner.

    What do you think?

  287. oacorey1andonly@yahoo.com

    hey how about “The Mets…… Going in the WRIGHT direction!” Dave i see you as a future Hall Of Famer all the way one of the best 3rd basemen in the league and ever to be in the MLB, i see u winning a triple crown someday and leading us to the World Series this year! Good Luck this season!!!

  288. jplux1@aol.com

    Hey bro just a couple of suggestions.
    The Wright stuff

    Wright at cha’.

    I have been a Mets fan since ’78. Obviously we have had some issues at third base. The only guy I can remember who put up some decent numbers for several season was HoJo. I can’t wait to see what your ability has in store for us in the future. Good luck and stay healthy.

  289. grosen@gwu.edu

    Hey Dave,
    Your website doesn’t merit a name; it’s not worthy.

    In all seriousness though, you’re a great player, and I know many Met fans are probably expecting a lot from you. Dont worry. Just go out there with the heart. I don’t think we idolize you simply because you have a high BA; many players have great stats. I credit you so much for you athletic ability. But we enjoy your spirit. You, Reyes, Floyd all bring something to the field that makes old Mets fans vibrant, and young Mets fans excited for the future. I was at your first RBI game verses the Marlins. You hustled like it was your life on the line, Pete Rose style. You live this game, and I cannot respect you anymore for living and playing in the greatest city on earth, dedicating your years to the greatest fans on earth. Best of luck this year, and “no pressure” (Yeah, I know that’s seemingly hard in NY).

    -Greg R.

  290. indnsinger@yahoo.com

    Dear David,
    I would like to congradulate you on the 3 RBI’s yesterday and the got start to the season. With all of the new and dangerous bats in the lineup do you think that you or anyone on the team will have the “Wright Stuff” and be able to get 200 hits and or 200 RBI’s.

  291. stephnieratka@yahoo.com

    good stuff with this blog! very excited to keep up with it this season.
    keep up the great work! mets fans everywhere are really psyched for a great season…the whole city is buzzing about the mets!

    blog title suggestion:

    wright back atcha

    still corny…but in a good way πŸ™‚

  292. sanpin0808@yahoo.com

    Be a leader…Derek Jeter is the reason why the Yankees were dominant for so long…he is talented, but his true strength is knowing how to win….the Mets haven’t had a true leader since Keith Hernandez…we have waited 20 years for you…the time is now…who cares what the blog is called…name it “Win Now”

  293. myonlysomeone26@aol.com

    Just flipped through the posts and my vote goes to “Wright Where I Belong…” Seems to capture where you are presently with all of your hard work paying off. Unless you would like to go with a title thats a little less deep- “Wright-ings” was also pretty clever πŸ™‚ Congrats on being ranked NL’s leader in batting avg. and the 3rd in RBI’s! Not too shabby Mr. David πŸ™‚ Be good, play safe, and-most importantly- enjoy each and every second!

  294. jvillavicencio@bear.com

    Sup David!
    Keep up the good work and always being in the “Wright State of Mind”

    Thats my suggestion for the blog name..

    “The Wright State of Mind”

    or short

    “The Wright Mind”

    Kind of implores the fact that this blog are thoughts/comments coming from you..

  295. andy@idfny.com

    Name the site “The General.” It fits perfectly. You’re going to lead the Mets to victory, through the “war” vs the Braves. Do it right! LET’s GO METS!!

  296. frankiea8@yahoo.com

    Hey David,
    you are cleary the franchise player of the Mets organization for the future. I have been a Mets fan my whole life and I love to see a player as great as you. I think you have what it takes to send the Mets deep into the playoffs. You are a very good and consistent hitter, and you keep getting better and better on your defensive game with a strong work ethic to improve. You are my favorite player and I hope you have a great season. As a young baseball player myself, I try and model myself after you. Good luck with the mets this year. LETS GO METS!

    for your blog try:

    “Do it the Wright way” or

    “The Wright Way To Win”

    If you have any tips for a young rising player like myself, feel free to send it to my email.

    Thanks again,

    Frankie A.

  297. roxbu@optonline.net

    Hey David,
    Good luck this year. You guys are off to a great start so far, keep it up. How about “GETTING WRIGHT TO IT” or “WRIGHT WITH YOU” or lastly “WRIGHT HERE”

    – Jim

  298. and1nyc718@netscape.net

    Great! I Love seeing you play for the Mets. As an idea, how about.
    “Do The Wright Thing”

  299. kweenzpnay925@yahoo.com

    Hey david…
    whats up? great game yesterday… the season is off to a great start. as for a title how about “Wright’s corner”? Good luck in washington!

  300. devonedwards013@yahoo.com

    Mr. Wright,
    Firstly, you are a god. Your style of play is an influence to us all. In the “immortal” words of Limp Bizkit, just “keep on rollin’ baby.”

    As for the name of your blog, how about “The Wright Stuff?”

    Good luck, and stay healthy,

    Devon W. Edwards

  301. markwalterbarber@yahoo.com

    Your smile and genuine nature shine through on the field everyday, you seem like such a good guy. Not to mention you are an incredible baseball player, with a very bright future.

    I have a few name suggestions,

    “Moving in the Wright direction,” “David’s diary,” or “Wrighting it down.” Best of luck and while I like my suggestions, I also like the guy above mine who had the idea of “Wright’s corner.”

    Keep smiling!

    Mark Barber

  302. dwrightisgod@yahoo.com

    I’m a 16 year old high school student who absolutely loves watching you play. I’m a diehard Mets fan and I would have to say you are the best thing that has ever happened to this team. I can’t wait until the organization appoints you captain of this great team. Hopefully you will be in orange and blue for a long long time.

    I am a little embarrassed to say, but I’ve read every comment here just to see if everybody is showing you the love and support that you deserve.

    I could write a thesis on how much of an amazing person, and player you are. I’m going to try and keep this simple.

    You’re such an exciting player. Your always smiling and hustling. You work so hard. I would watch a game that the Mets are getting blown out (not that it ever happens =]) just to see you get a hit, or watch you hustle or smile.

    I’ve heard stories from fellow Met fans who have had the priveledge of meeting you. Everybody raves about how nice of a guy you are. I hope one day I join the priveledged, and I get to meet you.

    The 1st Spring Training I am old enough to go to, I am flying down there just to see you. You are absolutely amazing.

    This morning I underwent Tommy John surgery. Baseball is my life and I am very upset about my injury.

    I am a pitcher and it takes a long time for me to recover. I know this is a longshot, and I shouldn’t be asking, but could you PLEASE take some time out of you busy life and send me an autographed card or something? I would cherish that autograph.

    If you would like to, you can email me at dwrightisgod@yahoo.com .

    Wow, this took me at least 20 minutes to type this with one hand lol. I’m sorry for the book. Good luck throughout the season. Keep up the good work. Great first week!

    Your biggest fan,


  303. tracy@awesometry.com

    Hi David,
    I guess I’ll put my two cents in on this whole naming thing:

    “5 at 5”

    since you’re number 5, third base is position 5, and you bat 5th in the order…maybe that one requires too much explanation, but there’s just too many 5’s for it to be overlooked.

    Maybe “Live at/from Five.”

  304. mwund@umich.edu

    Hey, David,

    Thanks for taking the time to chat with the fans. As for the name for your blog, how about

    “Wright from the Hot Corner”


  305. stephkoretski@yahoo.com

    Hi, David–

    I’d like to suggest a corny name: 5 Alive.

    Anyway, you are truly a gifted player, and I knew you were something special when you came up in 2004. I have read on the ‘Net what a great person you are who always makes time for the fans–I hope that never changes. As a fan yourself, I’m sure you understand how special it is to get some kind of attention from your favorite ballplayer, whether it’s a photo, an autograph, or whatever.

    I love watching you play, and yes, I proudly wear my Wright #5 jersey when I go to Philly to see the Mets play. You are well on your way to being the Toast of the Town in NYC–more so than that guy on the other side of town who’s known by the first letter of the alphabet.

    You’re off to a great start–best of success to you this year!

  306. kirbyrulz890@yahoo.com

    Hey, David–

    Since it seems only right to introduce myself, I’m a 16-year-old high school student from New Jersey who is really anticipating the 2006 season.

    This is a really cool thing. It’s great that players are interested in keeping in touch with the fans, especially a fan favorite like you.

    Anyway, looks like another one of my teams is going to be great this season! It’s exciting to see the Rangers (hockey) come out of nowhere, and then the Mets put together a crazy team and open up the season 4-1.

    Anyway, I wish you all you guys the best of luck, especially you, David, as you sift through all of the corny blog names that play on ‘Wright.’ I’ll be following this all season, and I hope you keep it current!

    Stay good!

  307. eadamscpa@yahoo.com

    I don’t know if you actually read all of these comments, because I’m sure (especially when the season is well underway and this gets more popular) you will get hundreds a day. I’m one of the few Mets fans in Atlanta. I was at 6 of the 9 games you played down here last year cheering you on, dispite the major disappointments. 😦 I will be so glad to be able to cheer for a winning team this year. Take the NL title from the Braves. You deserve it!! Keep up the good work. You are an awesome addition to this team…and probably the hottest man alive!
    As for the blog title, I really like David’s Hot Corner and Wrightings that have been said before.

  308. queendarlene@cox.net

    From your favorite high school art teacher….btw, have they painted the stadium the correct color yet?
    call the blog –

    “Absolutely Wright”

  309. m35met@aol.com

    Hey there Mr. Wright how goes life? Probably pretty **** good considering what a bang up job your doing. i’m just the average 16 year old girl who goes to high school on Long Island and is a die hard Mets fan. i’m not feeling very creative today but I’m liking “Wright from the hot Corner” and “All Wright-y then” I just wanted to wish you all of good luck (like you really need it) and no matter what happens on the field us Mets fans still love ya and your qutie good looking I must say. Oh yeah..on sunday May 21 subway series…look for teh idiot wearing a purple happy birthday hat with candles on it that idiot would be me..yeah..hopefully you get up to comment 345 by then. Keep kicking ***!!!

  310. chas911@aol.com

    Hi Mr. Wright,
    I’m sorry to repeat things that people have already said but I just wanted to say you are my favorite Mets player ever! As soon as you stepped on the field for the first time I looked over at my dad and said, “He is definitely my favorite player!”

    I just have one quick question, and don’t worry if you can’t get back to me. How did you get the number 5? It has always been my favorite number, but I was just wondering.

    I know a lot of people have requested this but I think you should name your blog “The Wright Stuff”


  311. mmaldo@optonline.net

    Hi David!

    How about “Wright at Home” as your new blog name?

    I am the mother of three in a family of Met fans. My husband and I both grew up Met fans, and our kids, aged 22, 18, and 17 share our love of the Mets. Needless to say, we are great supporters of the Mets, through the ups and downs, and we have high hopes for this season. Even our beagle, Homer, is a big fan (my son read you have a dog named Homer, too).

    We own a liquor store in northern New Jersey, and our cooler doors are numbered 1 – 8. This year, we took down the regular numbers and replaced them with Met player numbers, 1 through 8, in orange and blue, complete with names. You, of course, are door number 5, the location of most of our Budweiser products. You are in good company: 1-Wilson, 2-Throneberry, 3-Harrelson, 4-Dykstra, 6-Backman, 7-Kranepool, and 8-Carter.

    You’ve already made our Wall of Fame. That’s what we think about your future as a Met!

    Good luck!

  312. bmcowboy@bellsouth.net

    Great job.

    Blog suggestions.

    The Wrighteous Brothers!

    Just call me Mr. Wright!

    Wright on Man!

    Looking for Mrs. Wright!

    I kicked you Wright in the Butt!

    The Wright Man for the Job!

    Enter Mr. Wrightman!

    Wright Me Soon!

    The Wright Choice!

    D-Day @ Wrights Base!

    Slamming Wrighteously!!

  313. mermill1082@yahoo.com

    Hey David,
    Maybe you want to call your Blog


    or something like that. Just a suggestion. You’re awesome and so are the Mets. Have a great season!


  314. wongwoman17@hotmail.com

    Hi David, I love watching you play!

    New name for your blog –

    “In the end its WRIGHT”

    – a play on words from Green Day’s song, “Time of Your Life.” Its just like when you brought in 2 RBIs to tie the game and then hit the winning run in yesterday’s (4/7/06) game.

  315. rita14_78@yahoo.com

    Hey David,

    How about…

    “The Wright Wing”

    “View from the Wright”

    “The Wright Connection”

    “Wright of Passage”

    Personally I like the last 3 the best…Good luck!


  316. tovsgee@yahoo.com

    What up David, I was by the game sunday the 9th, (thats April 9th, but of course your probaly reading this about 40 seconds after i post it anyway). Great game, nice shot into right, but that was no triple, you know that. Tell carlos beltran to relax, from me. we aren’t all booing. (i tried giving him an MVP chant but it didnt catch on too well. the fans seem more inclined to you right now. No contest.P.S., How bout David’s dugout?

  317. jviscardi@gmail.com

    I’ve been a Mets fan since I was a kid in the 60’s. Omar Minaya has done a bang up job. I really appreciate what’s he’s done with the franchise. It’s a joy watching you guys play. It truly is.

    How about –

    The Wright Stuff!

    I’m surprised no one’s suggested that.

    Anyway, congratulations on a fine start to the season.


    John V.

  318. sushilover201@yahoo.com

    Here’s to a winning season! Looking forward to reading your blog and hearing regular updates from you about the team, your experience as a NY Met, and maybe even a glimpse of your life beyond baseball. You are a truly wonderful talent & I look forward to watching you on the field this season, as you inch your way into the spotlight more and more each day — all due to your spectacular performance. Keep up the good work πŸ™‚ My suggestions for your blog names are “Write On, Wright On”, “Wright’s Bytes”, or “Day and Night – The Insight of David Wright”. Best of luck!

  319. icp69pan@yahoo.com

    Hi David. I currently took up voodoo on an amatuer level and was wondering if you could send me a lock of hair or some personal item of that nature. Thanks and have a great season!

  320. aedomin@umich.edu

    I know you probably arent reading to comments this far down… Lord knows I stopped a long time ago. Anyways Im a 22 year old Mets fan from Jersey, in school at Michigan. I got my first ever baseball jersey last year, and it is, of course, a #5. As far as the name of the blog goes… Anything without a Wright (right) pun will do fine by me. I’m sure you are a little sick of all the puns as well, haha. Well, you’ve had a great start, and I wont talk about the Hrs and stuff, but I wanted to say, in that AB in the bottom of the ninth against Florida, you really sent a message to young ball players everywhere. You couldve easily swung for the fences and tried to hit the 2 run bomb, but instead you did the (W)right thing (sorry, couldnt resist) and just made sure to get the ball to the right side, and deep enough to score Beltran.

    Just wanted to say youve looked great at the plate, and your range at third seems improved too. I think this team can really do something special. I think its great that you are doing a blog like this for the fans, we appreciate any kind of inside info, on what its like to be on a Major League Ballclub. As good as you are on the field, you seem like an even better person. Every interview and every article I read, I just love you more and more. You know what its like to be a fan, and you appreciate what we mean to the club. Dont let the millions that are inevitably coming your way make you forget that!

    We love you, streak or slump, and Ill be watching every game this year (MLBTV saves my life while im at school). Keep up the great work, and keep working hard (but not TOO hard), and most importantly, keep having fun out there. Thats the real way you win us over, cause its not a job to you, you are always having fun when you are playing ball…

    Sorry that was so long.


  321. ladezio@gmail.com

    David –

    I don’t know if you’ll appreciate this, but in our household, you’ve become our favorite Met to watch for a very significant reason.

    For nearly 18 years, I was married to a wonderful man named David. We have 2 great sons, one not too much younger than yourself. (I’ve been a Mets fan — growing up in a Yankees household! — since I was 8, the year before the ’69 World Series)

    On May 21, 2003, my David suffered a fatal heart attack and died at the age of 41.

    When you came to the Mets, we immediately took to you, in very big part because of your name.

    To top it off, less than a year after losing David, a very dear friend of our family died of pancreatic cancer.

    His name was Cliff.

    To us, it’s almost karma that there is a David right next to a Cliff, and we get a big kick out of it. It makes us feel good seeing both of you doing so well. I like to think that your namesakes are kind of watching over you — silly, isn’t it? But these are some of the things that help us cope.

    So, we wish you well and hope for your continued success. There should be more young players like you.


    Leah, Stephen and Daniel

  322. aedomin@umich.edu

    OH!!!, Also, I forget where I read this, maybe it was in an online chat you did in the offseason, but I remember you calling Floyd the Big Red Dog. Ive been yelling that at Cliffy since he got here. I take full credit for inventing that nickname (even though Im sure he’s heard it everywhere hes been). But I just thought it was hysterical to hear someone else use the nickname my friends and I have been trying to spread around Shea for a few years now.

    “Here we go CLIIIIIFFF!!!, Lets do it BIG RED DAAAAWG!!!”

    Great stuff, cant wait to get back to Shea (I already have tickets for a game against the Giants and for all 2 games against the Braves in July). seeya there!

  323. staringatspring@gmail.com

    I’m not gonna hold it against you that you’re a Met, when you’re that exciting to watch. Anyway, I’m lookin’ forward to this, hearing about the games from a player’s point of view, and the stories from the clubhouse should be entertaining.
    No more carrying bags for Cliff? The end of an era, David, the end of an era. Did he find a new valet too?

    I’m tryin’ to get tix to the FLA/NYM doubleheader in July, so hopefully I can cheer for you in person. Good luck this season! (Except against Philadelphia ;))

    And for your blog name, how about “David’s Wright-ings” or something along those lines?


  324. serenity0247@aol.com

    Fellow Mets Fans and David what’s up?

    Does David even really read this?

    Anyway I do not have any

    suggestions for the blog name but, I am looking forward to going to many games at Shea this year and sitting by 3rd base to cheer you on, you have been on fire on that field and I am loving it.

    I get so excited when you’re up to bat that it’s starting to make my husband a little jealous. I had made a comment that you’re hot (meaning: you’re playing very well honestly that is what I meant) and he took it the wrong way, now he will not take me to any games and kicks me out the house when the game is on 😦

    Does anyone else on this blog have this problem?

    I’m Joking

    Well I cannot wait until I go to a game and see a Real New York Team in action Keep up the good work…LET’S GO METS!!!

  325. tenkfistsintheair@yahoo.com

    hey dave i think that u will make the hall of fame someday but if u keep up the good work we are unna take the division this year so tell every met player that i am routing them on to go all the way.

  326. oacorey1andonly@yahoo.com

    hey how about “The Mets…… Going in the WRIGHT direction!” Dave i see you as a future Hall Of Famer all the way one of the best 3rd basemen in the league and ever to be in the MLB, i see u winning a triple crown someday and leading us to the World Series this year! Good Luck this season!!!

  327. poutygirl002@hotmail.com

    Hey David..Very impressive season so far!! You guys are looking great…I’m hoping to get to a weekend game a little early in hopes of getting your autograph πŸ™‚

  328. wmafuentes@gmail.com

    David, as a Mets Fan since the early 80’s I have had the privilege to follow some of the greats and fan favorites in Mets recent history David Cone,Darryl Strawberry, Doc Gooden, Hernandez and others have made it fun to be a fan. Since Edgardo Alfonzo left though I have had trouble following the team though. Not because it was bad, but because there was not that personality that held so many of our attention.

    Beginning with last year and into this year, you have led a charge to change that. (Of course, being honest, that you guys are good helps too.) Anyway, I am sure that you have heard it enough but you have become many of our favorite player and a player we can all be proud of; not only for you on field play but for the person you seem to be off the field as well. I am confident of your value to the team and the franchise and look forward to seeing you in a Mets uniform for many years to come.

    Please share this sentiment with all of your teamates. I really feel, if it isn’t the ost talented, this is the most fan friendly and personable team that I have ever witnessed at Shae.

    I look forward to following you all this year.. Thank God for SNY!

    BTW for your Blog, it should be “Chez Wright” of course pronounced Shae write.


  329. mirandaorso@yahoo.com

    Hi David,
    I was watching SNY yesterday and they said you were looking for a new name for the blog. Here are a few suggestions..


    2)Wright and Wrongs

    3)The Wright Angle

    Just some ideas! I can’t wait to see what you can accomplish during the remainder of the season. Keep writing and keep up the good work!!!


  330. wright.kat@gmail.com

    Wow, unless you have a boring 9to5 like me with a lot of down time, you will never get to read all of these posts. I will sum them up for you in three bullets:

    *You are God (to Mets fans)

    *People will never tire of working your (and my) last name into a pun

    *Good luck this season

    This link kept me entertained for quite some time as it is crazy to read such comments about a boy that was in many of my classes and lived down the street from me throughout grade school. However, as a fan of the game (and no particular team) I’d like to say congratulations on your success and hope that if I make it out to a Nats v. Mets game that you will sign/autograph my yearbook for old times sake.

  331. curlyq42c@yahoo.com


    Ahhh I just want to say that I am a HUUUUGE Mets fan and I think you are playing amazing this year. You are really a fighter, and I really admire all your hard work. Keep playing great! =)


  332. freddieb96@yahoo.com

    We met you last year in Long Island in a car dealer where you were signing autographs. My 9 year old son took a picture with you while you signed his ball and boy I think he is your #1 fan. He has all your jerseys and tee shirts. He thinks the world of you because you are one of those simple players that know how to appreciate your fans. Boy, you have put a big smile on my little boy. My son wants to know if there is a way you can autograph the picture he has with you. He has gone to many games and have no luck getting your autograph on this picture. He carries this picture with him everytime we go to a game. For a name how about “Doing it Wright with Mr Wright”
    Good Luck and Congratulation on your excellent 2005 and we are sure youa re going to have a better 006. The Mets Organization better hold on to you because you are the “Wright” man!

  333. glenderson@twcny.rr.com

    We’re all glad you’re back brother! Hope you’re here to stay! You could be the best @ 3B we’ve ever seen in queens!! My name’s Glen I live in Syracuse, recently moved from Southern CT, love the new Channel, I get all the games up here now! I dig you’re blog, keep it goin’. Good luck this season, you guys look great!!

    What do you think about




    for your blog title. Just a thaught, keep swingin the lumber. peace


  334. socgrrrl@aol.com

    Hi David,

    Has anyone mentioned “The Wright Stuff” for a blog name?

    Perhaps a bit cheesy, but I like it.

    Haven’t been out to Shea yet, but am looking forward to it!

    Go Mets!

  335. clevgator@yahoo.com

    It’s great to see a talented team in Queens again! I’ve been a fan all my life. Every position has great talent or potential. I’ve been following you since you were in the minors and could not wait for you to come up to the show. I’m thrilled to see that you do as well as I thought you could, and your still young. I see great things for the Mets this year and the the future. Hope to see you in a mets Uniform for a long time.

    How about:

    Wright here, Wright Now!!!

    Wright over the left field wall!!!

    Can’t go wrong with a Wright

    Wright away

    Now batting. #5 Mr. Wright

  336. jcdanna@hotmail.com

    another game, another RBI, and another win. i cant wait till you guys come out west so i can see you in person. here’s one:
    up all night with david wright

    from all the way in the bay area,


  337. anglsr4real1@yahoo.com

    I don’t have a suggestion for a blog name, but I do have a big thank you for being an inspiration and a wonderful role model for my seven year old grandson, Nicholas. He recently lost his mother. Baseball is the one thing that can bring a big smile to his face. He plays little league and is quite good. When he watches you and you get a hit, there is no containing him. Just figured I’d let you know the influence you have on the children. It’s a big resposibility, but I know you won’t let them down. Keep up the good work and

    god bless .


  338. Rob

    Suggestions for blog name:

    The Prize is Wright

    Wright can’t be wrong

    The Wright Stuff

    Wright Writes


    Wright in the middle

    Love your play, David… love your fantasy stats even more. πŸ™‚

    /fantasy nerd

    /here is to wishing you another fine season

  339. ballet12@hotmail.com

    Hey there,
    So the Mets have been my favorite team since I can remember, and you just so happen to be my favorite player on the team, go figure, haha. I’ve been livin in Manhattan for the past three years now, (thanks to college) and every chance i get i’m at a game or watching them. You are what makes the games exciting. By the way your MTV highlight was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, haha.

    As for your blog name… its not that creative, but its short and to the point: “The Wright Way”


    Stefanie, 20

    New York, NY


  340. doors28@aol.com

    Dave, there’s nothing that i can say that hasn’t already been said about you. Keep up the good work.

    Oh, and as for a blog name? My idea is:

    “Wright Here, Wright Now”

  341. oragnu@mindspring.com


    All the best to you and the team from a fan from Brooklyn.

    How about “Wright Field”?

    (your name is apparently preventing anyone thinking in any other direction)

    See ya in OCTOBER!!

    Brian Ungaro

  342. maggiemae21589@yahoo.com

    Hi David!

    Well to start out you are an absoulte amazing player and the mets rooster this here is a sure hit! You guys are def. going somewhere. And secondly, i am in love with you! You seriousaly have THE cutest smile ever and i met you about 4, 5 times? and everytime fell in love with ya all voer again! well much luck for the season! and i have season tickets so ill see enough of ya!

    -Amy from NJ

  343. lastsummerx0@yahoo.com

    hey david, ❀

    first of all i just want to say that your such an amazing player and to never change :). also i just wanted to thank you for being so nice when i met you. i went to florida in february and we drove from orlando to port st. lucie and we were watching batting practice and then my dad was yelling things to you and saying how much i liked you and you came right over when b/p was done. i just wanted to say thank you(bc you didnt have to come right over) for making my vacation very memorable :). by the way..my dad and my arm(lol) is in the picture of you signing autographs on your blog page..i was so suprised to see that!! anyway good luck this year..your great-

    -nicole from long island ❀

  344. jschlamp@comcast.net

    RBI after RBI, unbelievable. I have the perfect name for your blog “The Fifth Base” Goes perfect with your number. See you this Saturday against the Brew Crew. Keep on impressing, so I have plenty of fuel for all my Yankee fan co-workers.

    -Jon from Jersey

  345. jimcav@optonline.net

    Hi David,
    Its great watching you play.Do you live with your mom? Did you get to try and hit against Mike Pelfrey? If you did, was he good?

    I’m on the Mets too and I’m number 5 also.

    -Riley from Long Island

  346. jimcav@optonline.net

    Hi David,
    Its great watching you play.Do you live with your mom? Did you get to try and hit against Mike Pelfrey? If you did, was he good? I’m on the Mets too and I’m number 5 also.

    -Riley from Long Island

  347. rmona65@verizon.net

    Hi David! Greetings from home!!

    Another great win today! Please congratulate everyone on a job well done! I had to write again, because I am soooo excited to see you play on May 26 down in Florida. I really hope to meet you and get your autograph…this will make my vacation complete. Stay healthy and keep up that amazing attitude you have “Go Chesapeake!” AND… don’t forget that when you come home we have to get together for dinner!

    **** Rose

    p.s. love your smile

  348. mickid216@aol.com

    Hi David,
    How about “Dave’s Corner” for the blog name. Let’s celebrate the 20th Anniversary with another win. I would love for my first child to be born and the Mets winning a world series all in the same month (October). Keep up the great plays and see you all at Shea real soon.


    New York City

  349. dulce429@aol.com

    Hi David,

    Congrats on the terrific win!!Keep up the good work and I wish you all the best this season! You are my favorite player. Take care and Let’s Go Mets!!!!



  350. ocarragher@lcattorneys.com


    How about: “The Wright Stuff”? My son is naming his pinewood derby car that with your number.

  351. softballbritt31@hotmail.com


    I got to watch you play every home when you were with the Tides. I was the thirdbase ballgirl. I was great watching you. You are doing so well this year and I hope it keeps up. Show them how we do it in the 757!


  352. amotterby@msn.com

    Hey David,
    Lifelong Met-fan that hopes you’re a lifelong Met. My only regret before this season began is that I failed to draft you in round 1 this year. You led my fantasy team to the championship last year! It’s good to see you recognize the blog needs a name change. I was thinking something along the lines of “Thoughts from the best 3B in NY” Keep up the awesome work. I am so impressed with your maturity and that you always seem to come through in the clutch. My 5-yr old is in his second year of baseball and loves the Mets and you, of course, are his favorite player. Thanks for being an awesome role model!


  353. boondahyu00@yahoo.com

    Hey David, Ive been following your career since A ball and my opinion is that you are already among the best in baseball and can still be so much better. Keep it up! The Mets execs need to realize how important your are to us fans. Jose Reyes and yourself are the only untouchable players we have if you ask me. For the weblog: “I’ll be Wright with you” or “This Blog is All Wright”



  354. wendybnewyork@aol.com

    hey david you are a great 3baseman you reminde me a litle of howord johson i was at the 86 wsgames played at shea and i remember the6 game in the 9 inning we were lossing and every body stared to leave and i was holling at avery one tha was leaving telling them it is not over but evry one avoided what i was saying after mokie hit the ball ander the legs of bruner avery one came back and stared to hug me screaming whit me well any way you will hit 30/30for years thats because of your hussel al the time great job so far this year for hiting rbi in every game you played so farhope it continus no presure there well good luck the rest of the year for your blog name i mith never be write but iam never wrong lol

  355. alainp@optonline.net

    Hi David,
    How about somrthing simple which does not suggest any braging, like

    “Wright Stuff”


  356. angcutrone@hotmail.com


    Dont get cocky. This game has way of sending you into a 0-17 slump just when you think you are Mike Schmidt. Keep up the good work, remember its a long season so listen to the coaches when they think you need a blow.


  357. gr545@msn.com


    It is a pleasure to watch you play. My nephew is in the minors and we had a great time watching you develop your skills. We knew you would be an all star! Just like Reyes, and now Lastings. I think the blog title ” Wright about now” is great. It signifies where the Mets are. I know others have suggested that, I like it. My son is a die hard Mets fan, and we live in Massachusetts, so he battles with Sox fans all day. He’s 17, born in ’88, so he has not seen a World Series title for the Mets. I was lucky enough to get tickets to game three in 2000, the only game we won against the Yankees. He loved it, as I did. I remember ’69 and ’86, and I’m sure my son will remember these years as I did those. My daughters are 23 and 25, and they are true Mets fans too. Keep signing autographs, that is an awesome thing you do. We enjoy watching so much. Good luck and stay healthy. —-see you at Shea!

  358. jedimaster_espn@yahoo.com

    Greetings David,

    I read what you said about playing the game hard and playing it right. I think it’s great that you mention a cross-town rival in Derek Jeter who, I also think, plays the game right. It’s ironic, because a lot of Mets fans, including myself, consider you the Mets “Derek Jeter”. You have the same leadership qualities, you’re great in the clutch, and of course, you play hard everyday. Keep up the great work, and I hope you’re a mainstay with the Mets’ organization until you retire.

    As for a suggestion for a title to your blog, how about “You know I’m Wright!”

    Hector V.G., Bronx, NY

  359. elpoblano777@yahoo.com

    You are a great player, better yet, a great person. I became a Met fan back in 1997 when I came from Mexico and when the team was trying to built. It was great to see the Mets going all the way to the World Series in 2000, seeing Timo Perez jumping in center field was the best moment in my Met life. The last years have been brutal for us, but this is going to be a special year, because we have a special player, and a MVP.

    It’s a shame I won’t be around to enjoy the season (I’m moving back to Mexico in May) but I will be checking you guys on the web. Hope to go to another game before I move back to Mexico, but if not, I’ll see you in the World Series at Shea…


    BYE…YANKEES ****!

  360. sunnyp32@aol.com

    Hey David,

    I was SO excited watching opening day this year. I was so bummed I didn’t make it but I wore your jersey to school & tuned into the game once I got home. And I was never more excited when I saw you blast that ball out over the wall! I was yelling so loudly I bet your heard it at Shea Stadium. You are my favorite Met, not only because I think you are a good-looking guy, but because you are a very well-rounded player. I love to watch you play. You are an amazing 3rd Basemen, better than that bum Robin Ventura and I love that you can swing the bat. I can’t wait to see how the Mets will finish this year. I can feel it. This is going to be the year. The Team. The Time. The Mets.

    Paige Rummel, Kings Park. NY

    p.s. My season seats have always been & always will be by 3rd base.

  361. mattmac11379@yahoo.com

    How about using something that doesn’t involve using your last name…..thats kind of corny

  362. syrus16@aol.com

    You’re the man, keep it going. I’ve liked you from the start. Living in flushing my whole life (25), I really think this season looks promising. Just do YOUR best and make us proud regardless. I am actully good buddies with Berni who works in the clubhouse and I hope he can give me some good, funny stories about you guys this year. As for your blog name……

    How about “Dave’s Rants n Raves” or even “Dave’s Raves”

    Best regards and good luck,


  363. metsguy@gmail.com

    Hi David,
    Big fan here is a couple sugestions for a name. How about “Wright right write” or ” The time is wright” or ” (A) Time to wright” or “Wright off the wall”

    Keep up all the good work and Thanks for everything.

    – Gavriel

  364. sheanymets45@yahoo.com

    here’s an idea either “Write here Write now” or “This is the Write year” just a few ideas

  365. brdwydancer04@hotmail.com

    Hey David!
    First of all, I just want to say that you’re really hot…you can’t even deny it haha. Anyway, I’m so pumped for this season. You are doing amazing so far (as always) and I’m really excited for this blog too. I’m 20 years old, and I’ve been a Mets fan since I was 3. I met you at a Phillies game last June, and you were just the nicest person I have ever met. Good Luck this season! See ya at Shea!


  366. comandanterock@hotmail.com

    Me no likey Yankee’s. Mikey Z likey Yankee’s but he stupid.

    David Wright needs to loose a toe.

    Me want an autograph.

    Call blog Wright Has Camel Toe

  367. davids_dirty_diva@yahoo.com

    I personally like “Getting It Wright”..of course, if it has anyhting to do with David it must be good..lol Seriously though, I truly respect and admire the surreal talent, dedication, and drive of our beloved Mr. Wright. He is a wonderful example for the many kids that look up to him to follow. David is an asset to this team and therefore, to all of us as fans. Keep up the great work and thank you for all you do for all of us who are proud to be your fans both for what you do on the field and off.

  368. davids_dirty_diva@yahoo.com

    Hey David, how about “Always, Wright” not to imply that you are arrogant but hey in the eyes of your fans you are never wrong, you are “always wright.” But used as a salutation..ya know..Always, Wright..as in a letter. Makes it kinda personal. Just a thought. Take care and remember we are behind you always.

  369. jbosford@yahoo.com


    We think the name for your blog should be….

    re-WRIGHTing history

    Your Biggest Fans,

    Jacci & Dave Stonge

  370. michaelnunz@optonline.net

    hey it’s me again! even though there are only 3,i think they are pretty good.how about these… wrightcheous, wright in 1st place, doin’ it wright(which i think is the best one out of the 3). please e-mail me please. my e-mail adress is michaelnunz@optonline.net. please tell me why you picked 5 as your number. thanks. mike

  371. ignited94@aol.com

    Dear Dave,
    I’ve been watching the Mets all my 16 years of life through the bad, and the good. Unfortunately no world series title in my lifetime. You’ve given me and my family hope everynight in the livingroom with your intense and aggressive play for the chance to see one though. Just wanted to thank you for it, it’s definately the mets year.

    – Conor Flattery

    Brewster NY

  372. mattmac11379@yahoo.com

    I got one and tell me if you people agree….

    The time for the mets wasn’t in the past, not in the future….It’s wright now

  373. billhutton@optonline.net

    Hi David…
    I grew up a Met fan in a yankee fan home only because my first game was with my Dad and the kiwanis club. The game was Seaver’s one hitter!

    Thats a great first game for a kid to attend!Tom Terrific. The Miracle Mets. It?s Wednesday night, July 9, 1969.

    And here we go again… in 2006 !!!

    You truely are awesome…way beyond your years You put your all into every game, every inning, every play…

    I believe it is:

    The Team – The Time.

    I know it’s early but you guys are playing with drive and together as a team ,as you said in you blog.

    I’ve been watching the Mets for may years,(probably all of them, LOL)It has occured to me that at least 90% of the time the first pitch is a strike ,right down the middle. Now with this in mind,How would it sound to just go for it. Ok…..it’s either a strike or a blast…if not …it’s a strike anyway…??? What is your opinion on this?

    For the name of your blog.I would go with “Wrightings” or “Wright here, Wright Now” as suggested by a few of your fans.

    Thank you for your “Love of The Game” , David

    A Wright Fan, A Met Fan


  374. tricomi22@aol.com

    Mr Wright,
    I wanted to tell you that you are doing a great job so far and that you are living up to ESPN’s magazine cover as a franchise player. I really appreciate the fact that you take your time to communicate with the fans. This goes against my thoughts of current players such as Gary Sheffield who play for money and not for the love of the game. I think you have a great ability to get things going offensively and that you play defense as well as Rey Ordonez. LETS GO METS!

    – Charlie Tricomi

    New Canaan, CT

  375. tonyyy.yao@gmail.com

    David you’re the man. Keep those pitchers scared, keep up the good work I’m sure you will make the All-Star team.

  376. apple56@netzero.net

    hey david!!!
    Wut do you prefer dave or david, or do you have a nickname or something??? I have a question that I wanted to ask you, please don’t think im to crazy but, i was wondering if you would ever date a fan or are you to busy for a girlfriend right now?? I was just curious. I read that you have a boxer puppy how old is he/she now? That must be fun b/c i have a 4month 1/2huskie 1/2lab and i got her when she was 5weeks and ever since then she has been one crazy adorable puppy. Oh and one last thing, i was watching SNY the other day when the game got postponed and they put on ‘The Kids Clubhouse,’ and they showed when you and Cliff were on TRL. I just wanted to tell you that you looked very nice all dressed down out of your uniform, not saying that you don’t look good in your uniform too, well have a great year, best of luck and i’ll see you at Shea.

    Thanks, Kim

  377. themetsbaby@yahoo.com

    i suggest “when you’re WRIGHT, youre RIGHT!” but i liked wut someone else had too, “the wright stuff”
    METS RULE!!! great start, im loving the 3 Home Runs in the 1st inning against Washington!

  378. vhausken@hotmail.com

    I just wanted to say thanks for a great game on my birthday, 4/7. I am truly excited about this season. I sense great team unity.
    What about, “The Wright Idea”?

    Good luck!!!

    Let’s Go Mets!

  379. nelinel78@hotmail.com

    Havent been this excited about this season since our world series season. I was 8, but i remember like it was yesterday. howard johnson was the last 3rd baseman that i really followed. Ur the next best thing. between you, Reyes, bannister, heilman, and diaz, we have really bright future. thanks for bringing the electricity back to queens. Your makin us proud. Go Get em!!!!

    as to your blog name, how bout

    The Wright Side

    Something to Wright about

    Wright on Third


  380. flirtygurl142@hotmail.com

    let me start by saying that i am a big fan of you and the mets. πŸ™‚

    my suggestion for the blog is davie’s dugout, or dave’s dugout whichever you prefer.

  381. techno_matt@yahoo.com


    Dude you gotta go with “Wrighter’s Block”. It’s gotta be tough to think of what to write in a blog, so the title would be appropriate. Keep up the good work. You’re a great example for all the Little Leaguers out there!


  382. gimpytor@yahoo.com

    I doubt you will get down this far. I’d rather you go out and enjoy your free time personally but I’ll throw in my suggestion.

    Wright Frame of Mind

    Anyway, bring a championship this year and bat .500. Later.

  383. bigalkeller@hotmail.com

    David, How about ‘All The Wright Stuff’? Hope you get a long-term deal. Its obvious you’re worth it. Watching closely from San Francisco. LETS GO METS!
    Alan keller, SF CA

  384. b1llycl3m3nt@aim.com

    Hey David,

    My name is Billy Clement and I am from Virginia Beach, Virginia. You are a big icon in Hampton Roads and are obviously one of the best athletes that have ever come out of this area. I play baseball and have learned the game from a Mr. Nick Boothe, a man who I know you are very close with. Also, my principal, Mr. Michael Kelly, coached you in either middle or high school. My family is very close with his and I have heard many stories about you. My parents were born and raised in New York and have taught me how to bleed Mets blood. You are a dynamic player and I hope you have a great year and career.

    If you can, please e-mail me back!

    Best Wishes,

    Billy Clement

  385. doctorpatti@gmail.com

    Hi David,

    My name is Patti & have been a Mets fan my whole life. I think you are just the best player I have seen in a long time. You have so much enthusiasm & passion for the game – very contagious! You are definitely my MVP – keep on working hard & bring us home a championship! I go to many games & wear your jersey all the time. My nephew had the pleasure of meeting you last year at his baseball awards dinner – wish I was there too. As for a blog name – you MUST go with “WRIGHTINGS” or “WRIGHTER’S BLOCK”. Best of luck this year!

  386. deinly1@hotmail.com

    congratulations on a awesome rookie season David, this year looks very promising, take care and best of luck on 06

  387. doppiofuga@earthlink.net

    Hi David,
    First, let me say how utterly thrilled I am to have you as my 3Bman for what I’ll bet will be the next 15+ years. Not since Fonzie have I been this excited about a home-grown Metropolitan.

    As for the name of your blog, well I think it’s fairly obvious: “Deep to Wright”. An obvious play on your last name coupled with your almost-surreal ability to hit the ball to the opposite field.


    Bklyn, NY

  388. wysiwyg@yahoo.com

    Keep on rollin’ guys! Planning on any dives into the stands this year? Just don’t get hurt, bro. We need you in there smacking the cover off the ball and eating up grounders on that left side.

    Blog name? “I am David Wright. Be scared.”

  389. hmishan@brandeis.edu

    hi david!! my name is hillary and everyone who knows me knows that i’m obsessed with baseball, especially the mets. you are without a doubt my favorite player!! i really thank you for the contributions that you have made to the team thus far. i hope that you have an amazing year and many many more to come with the mets. As for a name for your blog, i was thinking of “The Time is WRIGHT”. have a great year!!

  390. peterkilfoil@gmail.com

    the tear you are on is just ridiculous. i wont even recount your stats, but they’re sick. the team looks so happy playing together, and youre a big part in that. chemistry dude. you are money.

    right about now

  391. stricoff@brandeis.edu

    Hi David,
    Thanks for taking some time out of the daily grind to blog about life in the Mets clubhouse. My dad’s been a Mets fan since ’62, and I was born a month after they won in ’86 and I like to think I’ve been a fan ever since. Just a few ideas for the name:

    Everything in its Wright Place

    Wright on Time

    The Wright Stuff (my personal favorite)

    Something so Wright

    Good Luck with the season

  392. mallorydiane@sbcglobal.net

    OK, I confess, I’m an Astros fan. Haha. But I have to admit, you’re one of the best there is. You are gonna have a knockout career. I must admit, I’m a little afraid every time my team faces you because you just seem to get better and better. Good luck in your MLB career. I know it’s gonna be long and amazing. And thanks for the great Fantasy Baseball numbers, too. πŸ˜‰

    ~Mallory, Houston, TX

  393. spageticus@yahoo.com

    Seriously, does David Wright write his blog or is there a ghostwriter? Anyway, here is a great blog name for a third baseman:
    The Wright Angle

  394. coquibaby91@aol.com

    Wassup David, how you doing?
    You been doing great so far.

    You haven’t struck out once.

    I been a fan ever since last year in the middle of April

    and I think you are so amazing. I think you are a

    great baseball player. I know

    your going to have a long career. You are my favorite

    player and I think you are

    really,really,really cute. I

    wacth you in every single game

    and I know everything about you. Well, I just want you to

    know Im always rooting for you

    and the mets. I really hope one day I could meet you. If I could I will be so happy, you would see a smile on my face the whole day and next.

    Nothing could ruin my day. I

    hope you and the mets have a

    great 2006 season. Good Luck!

    Oh yeah, for your blog name I

    think the one you have now is good enough for me.

  395. coquibaby91@aol.com

    I know there are a lot of female mets fans that like you
    but I really hope I could be

    the futrue Mrs.Wright.

  396. coquibaby91@aol.com

    Im sorry Im writing to much.
    I just wanna tell you that I

    will always like you and always think you are cute.

    Even if maybe someday you go to another team, I will still

    like you and I will still think your cute. No matter


  397. lindyhop63@yahoo.com

    hey david! congradulations on an amazing start to your major league baseball career! I’m sure last year was only the beginning and I can’t wait to watch you progress throughout your hopefully very long career with the mets!

    good luck with the rest of the season!


  398. mohlf1@scottsdaleins.com

    Several others have suggested it already. I’d just like to add my vote for “The Wright Stuff”.

    Also, I have a question. In 2004-05 you batted just .218 when behind in the count 0-2 or 1-2, striking out 44% of the time. So far this year you are batting .636 (7-for-11) in these situations, without ANY strikeouts. I realize it’s still very early, but I wonder if you have changed your approach to these at bats.

  399. djmill32@optonline.net

    hey david i just wanted thank you for giving my sign an autograaph on friday’s game verse the brewers. You didnt get ahit a but thats ok thank so much man. 8-1


  400. dsamuels@aol.com

    I think you’re a phenomenal athlete. You keep improving and never cease to amaze us. no matter what needs to be done, you find a way to do it. You defintely are a great ballplayer and an outstanding team player. The mets and we met fans are lucky to have you playing for us as you are and always will always be one of the best players in the game. Here’s hoping that the Mets are smart and offer you a lifetime contract with a salary worthy of one of the games premier players.

    Regarding the blog title, how about:

    Wright’s writings

    Wright’s words


    Wright Stuff

    All Wright

    Wright’s ramblings

    the Wright Place

    although I do like Getting it Wright


  401. chrissyprissy@gmail.com

    What’s Up David,
    Keep up the good work! The Mets are banging this year. Tell Heilman to ignore the fans who didn’t appreciate him yesterday. He’s an awesome pitcher!!! Hopefully one day he’ll be in the starting rotation. All Mets fans definitely want him to be! I hope all the Mets realize how much we appreciate you guys.

    Go Wright for the Kill

    The Fifth Element(since you’re number 5)

    Moving Wright Along

    Wright here, right now

    The Wright Stuff (Yes.. I am giving props to New Kids on the Block.. What can I say I’m a 80’s/90’s girl)

    Well that’s about it for now. Time to go outside and enjoy this awesome sunny day before the game starts!

  402. blakeisshort55@netscape.net

    I read through many of the suggestions for your blog name, and my personal favorite is “The Wright Angle”.

    The only other thing I have to say is…

    Will you marry me?

  403. weathergurl61@aol.com

    Hi David!

    I was born and (partly) raised in Flushing and have been a Mets fan forever! Just wanted to thank you for bringing excitement back into the game. My daughter (17) and I are die-hard Met fans and watch every game! Let’s go Mets!


  404. dblackmon@domain.com

    David, I don’t know if you remember the BIb tournament when you were 12 , but my brother Adam Blackmon caught for you when you pitched in that tournament.

  405. minniepumpkins@hotmail.com

    Hi David!

    You’re doing a tremendous job this year! There are a few blog names out there that I think are great, like “Wrighter’s Block” and “Deep to Wright”, but my favorite is “Wright Here, Wright Now” because there are so many variations you can use:

    Wright Here, Write Now

    Write Here, Right Now

    Write Here, Wright Now

    Right Here, Right Now

    Good luck this season and keep up the good work!

  406. yodadr@aol.com

    great year so far … there must be some way to fit in the #1 WEB GEM of 2006 that we enjoyed in person when you visited PETCO last year. that’s also when we witnessed the tragic HEAD-ON collision of Mike & Carlos in the outfield. BOTH seem MORE wright than ever this year.. Call the site “DAVE’s CATCH ALL” . Now if only Mike C. & Xvier could both be Mets in 2006. Okay, if you really read this … we’ll be celebrating Ginny’s birthday (met fan from the start when she grew up in Queens) by going to all four padre / mets games this week…oh, and two in san francisco (am I crazy?) hope we can catch your eye as soon as we are allowed to our field box seats before the game…hopefully a hello? I’ll see if I can bring a sign, but she’ll be near the batting cage or dugout in one of her mets shirts (Franco jersey?) & her probably “subway 200 WS” hat. Bring Cliff, Pedro & Reyes, the rest of the team too … she’ll faint!

  407. chokeboredumb@aol.com

    Hey David,
    I look forward to reading what you have to say this season. Thank’s for taking the time out to do it.

    Here are a few ideas for blog names. Hope they aren’t too lame. Good luck this year.

    Tales From the Hot Corner

    Third watch

    Words of Wisdom & other stuff from Mr. Wright

    Wright Club

    Leaning to the Wright

    Party for your fight to Wright

    The Wright’s of Summer

    Wright all about it

    Bring in the Wrighty

    Murder He Wright

    Wright after night

    It’s okay to be Wright sometimes

    I might be Wright

    Wright of passage

    Thanks and take care– Jon

  408. bef224@nyu.edu

    Hi David, my name is Beth and I am a huge fan of yours. I’m 21 years old and have been a huge Mets fan since I was a little girl. I love going to Met games and watching you play. You are a great asset to the Mets and I don’t think we could win without your RBI’s and defense at third base. Anyway, as for your blog name I thought of this-That’s The Way, uh-huh uh-huh I Wright It. Have a great season and write back πŸ™‚

  409. undersurf@yahoo.com

    Hey there D!

    Let’s see some are corny others are better, but hey you just wanted ideas so this is what I came up with…

    1. David’s Base

    2. Wright from Home Plate

    3. Wright out of Shea

    4. The Wrightings out of Shea

    5. The Wright Time

    6. Wright from 3rd

    7. Wrightings from 3rd

    8. Play it Wright

    9. Wright it Down

    10.In Wrightings

    11.Wright In 3rd

    12.David Writes Straight from 3rd base

    13.In Wrightings

    I’ll see if I can think of more!! Take care and keep up the good work babe!

    Over and out… Desiree

  410. hotfootfan@gmail.com


    Love the blog. Question: How do you decide on what music to play when you walk to the plate? Is it just the music you happen to like at the time? What kind of music is that?

    I have a Mets blog at http://1969and1986.blogspot.com check it out!

  411. islesfan1@verizon.net

    I noticed that the Blog has already been named. I did however think of more names for the Blog. The Wright Way.

  412. oconn31@aol.com

    i guess this is a weird question, but i always wondered if famous athletes had friends that weren’t also famous. and if so, how do you meet them? i guess more importantly, how do you weed out potential friends from crazed fans?


  413. dadler94@aol.com

    David —
    My name is David too and I’m 14. I think you’re awesome and you seem like a really nice guy. I carry around your baseball card in my wallet because your my favorite player. I think a good name for your blog might be something like “On the Wright Page” or “Dave’s Place: Where the Mets Are Always On.” You seem like a great guy to know, and if you read this I”d like to say that it would make me REALLY happy if you’d e-mail me at Dadler94@aol.com even if it’s just to say you read my message.

    Thanks a lot, and LET’S GO METS!!!!

  414. undersurf@yahoo.com

    Maybe instead of The Wright stuff … “D Wright Stuff” ?

    How about…

    D Dub’s Glove Talk … HA HA

    Wright of Passage: From Flushing to the World

    Over and out, D

  415. kenneth

    What’s up Dave? Chesapeake Va. here. Good Luck this year Bro. I’ll make it up there for a game in July. And I’ll see ya in the off-season back home. How’s the bowling up in NYC? How about ” The Wright Answer.” for your blog? hit me back. Later

  416. tony@noblemusic.net

    You guys are obviously doing something Wright….I am sure Willie has something to do with it…you are making me question my allegiance to your crosstown compadres. This yankee fan is seriously excited byb this Met team. Keep up the hard play.


    Todays Writings

    Bloop and a Blast

    Peanuts and Crackerjacks

    Who needs a glove

    Mr. Met

    Every kids dream

    Barehanded Gab


  417. lafferty@rowan.edu


    I have been a Mets fan since 1968 and you are the most exciting player to come along in a long, long time. I must say that as much as I am impressed with your baseball skills, I am more impressed with your people skills. You are always so nice with the fans.You signed my Mets hat in Philly last year and it was a moment I won’t ever forget. Best of luck to you and the Mets this year. Take care and keep healthy!

    Since you play third, how about “The Hot Corner” for your blog name?

    Good luck!!

  418. mdrosenow@hotmail.com


    Please slack off a little this week because my fantasy opponent has you. Well, just don’t get any triples or try to steal any bases.


    My suggestion for your new blog name:




  419. tntsupertaco@aol.com

    wow haha bet ur not even gonna read this but yeh ur on my fantasy play ur freakin best and omg if u write to me which u problly will not but tht would b awsome omg it would b really awsome anyways ok thanks alot~Jesse

  420. walruswaspaul68@yahoo.com

    Hey David Wright- you rule. Here are some ideas for the name of your blog:

    The Wright Side

    The Wright Side of the Diamond

    Wright Writes

    Keep on doing what you are doing, man. We all appreciate it.

  421. bill@soistmann.com

    I like the name of the site.
    My son and I are huge Mets fans. We’ve seen every game this season so far and are very excited about this season (without the usual lingering doubts we’ve felt in past seasons) and you are a big part of that. We are thrilled you are part of the team. Hope you’re around for a long time.

    We only make it to Shea a few times a year (3 hour drive), but we catch all the action on TV. We plan to see you at a couple of other parks this season too.

    Hope you have a great year.

  422. domenick

    Hey david how bout Wright Me Down in History or Wright Out of this Ballpark or possibly Wright Down The Line or Wright Into My Baseball Life

  423. dadler94@aol.com

    David —
    I posted a comment yesterday, but I have a few more suggestions for your blog name:

    “D-Dubs’ Mets Mania”

    “David Wright: My Team. My Life. My Blog.”

    “Wrighting It All Down”

    “Wright’s Baseball Field Guide”

    It would be AWESOME if you would send me an e-mail (Imagine showing your friends a message you got from your favorite athlete!)

    Thanks, Good Luck, and LET’S GO METS!!!!

  424. undersurf@yahoo.com

    HA HA this has become a competition!! LOL David better choose a name soon or it just will be postings of names LOL I have to say we are all very creative! I would choose a name per week but then again is inconsistent.

    Oh and David you are going to have to have a whole day to answer everyones messages if you don’t hurry up *laughs*

    Anywhoo Go Mets!

    Over and out, Desiree

  425. djjp100@hotmail.com

    Yo, Davey! Dude, if you ever need a 6th man off the bench to come out with you guys in the city, I’m your guy. I’d love to get my hands on some of that city tail =). I’m not greedy, whatever you guys don’t want will do just fine. I’m sure it’s still better than what I’ve got now. LOL, just kidding!

    In all seriousness, good luck the rest of the way man. You play the game with passion and desire and that’s something you can’t teach. You are a natural, a winner. You’ve brought pride and dedication back to this franchise and you’ve made believers out of many Mets fans again.

    Now with that being said, remember these 3 things…Don’t ever forget who you are, where you come from and the people that helped you get where you are. Always be humble and you will go far.

    Now let’s get some more SB’s this year, I’m banking on 20 from you for my Fantasy Team, but I’ll take 17, lol.

    I don’t know if anyone wrote this yet but I think this is the what the name should be…


    Catch ya later, JP

  426. undersurf@yahoo.com

    So how about a message boards for all DW’s fans? I started this with you guys in mind and would love it if we all gather around and made a community. I am open for suggestions and people who can help me ’cause as of now there is not much (basically NOTHING!) on the site. So what do you say? Here’s the link: http://thewrightfans.proboards104.com/index.cgi

    Over and out, Desiree

  427. metsfan25@comcast.net

    Hey, David…rough game today against Atlanta. Don’t sweat it, dude. Go out and have fun in the next one. The love’s still there, man…just relax and enjoy the ride, you’re doing great, and the talent’s still right where it always was. Rock on.

  428. middleman069@msn.com

    David.. I am a true-blue Mets fan, and you are a fabulous ballplayer! But, I do have just ONE question: When you were growing up, who was your favorite team and/or player? Keep up the good work, and God bless you and the entire team! You’re a credit to New York fans everywhere! ..RAY

  429. bpoore05@yahoo.com

    David, One bad game isn’t going to kill your season. Pick your head up and go sweep them out west. Everyone has a bad game, its part of baseball. I know you will win a World Series, kept getting more wins.

  430. ckos5791@aol.com

    David: Don’t worry about one bad game. As you know, it’s a LONG season. You’re still the best and the face of this franchise! As for my name suggestion, I’d be surprised if no one else submitted this already, but how about “The Wright Stuff”?

  431. joekoz1977@yahoo.com

    Just wanted to congratulate a fellow Chesapeakian (Deep Creek here) on your rise to stardom. Having been a huge Mets fan for years, it’s great to finally have a home grown player on his way to being the face of the franchise; and to have it be a home town boy just makes it all the better. Good luck this year.

    Take care,


    P.S. Tell Reyes to lay off the low breaking balls.

  432. bettymarkpaul@aol.com

    Hey David. I heard you got some boos today, don’t let it get to you its only a couple of jackasses.Keep your head up and don’t beat yourself up about a few hitless games, you are the best pure hitter on this team and as soon as you lighten up on yourself you’ll be smacking the ball around again.Relax tomorrow night, have fun, and it’ll work itself out.

  433. allilago@eden.rutgers.edu

    I would just like to say that I absolutely love the Mets, I always have as long as I could remember. I?m probably the only girl that’ll get into a fight over baseball with my guy friends and actually be able to spit out stats and player info. I?m in school right now though, and unfortunately my college cable system doesn?t have the new Mets channel, So I just subscribed to mlbtv.com so I could watch you guys at all times! (especially the hotness of you and Reyes πŸ˜‰ This is so awesome that you take the time out to write to your fans, I know there’s a bunch of met pages on myspace.com and I was just wondering if any of them were really you? Well like I said I love the Mets, and I love you!! (I?m actually wearing a #5 t-shirt right now haha) Good luck the next couple games, let?s get back on that streak ok!

  434. blackhorse1331@bellsouth.net

    Just wanted to tell you that I kind of inhereted being a Mets fan from my dad and uncle but now i’m a bigger fan than both of them and my dream is to someday be a reporter for the mets. I hope by the time I get there you’ll still be there because i have a feeling you’ll be the Mets third basemen for a loooooong time to come and anyone in the minor leagues trying to play third base for the mets better find some place else to go! And I could argue about baseball with my guy friends as well, and most of the time, I win :-)Hope everyone gets healthy and can get back in the line-up soon and you guys kick some major butt on this road trip! good luck!
    ❀ Michelle

  435. klg814@yahoo.com

    I think it is wonderful that you are taking the time out to talk to your fans. I am a huge Mets fan, I have been for years. My daughter and I watch the games all the time. You and the team are having an amazing season. Keep up the good work. You are an unbelievable player. Good luck to you and the team.
    ❀ Kim

  436. soapgodess@aol.com

    Don’t fret about today’s game or those errors. To err is human, after all. But PLEASE enough with the outside worn kneesocks. Wearing them inside is much luckier … and fashionable.

  437. mprdimple@verizon.net

    Hey David!

    Please put on your socks the OTHER way and leave them that way. You look much more attractive with your socks the usual way you wear them.

  438. j.gifford@foreconinc.com


    How about either

    Dave’s Raves or

    Wright Down The Line, or

    Jive from 5

    OK – quit laughing! Have a good night and enjoy the San Diego weather! Lets Go Mets!!!

    John G

  439. j.gifford@foreconinc.com


    Forgot to tell you to forget about the day today – we all know you give it 110% all the time, so we can’t ask for anything else! Thanks for your time in doing this blog – its a tremendous “outreach” and gives a personal touch to what has become a somewhat distant sport for fans. You are definitely an exception, and are doing a lot to bring baseball back as America’s “Pastime” as far as I’m concerned.

    Well – hope the flight to San Diego goes well; get some rest and best of luck to the team on the West Coast trip. Tell Piazza I said hi (and see if he’ll come back as a hitting/catching coach for the Mets in a few years!)

    Thanks David – and take care of that Range Rover!

    Lets Go Mets!!!

    John G

  440. jv1299@hws.edu

    Hey David,

    You probably don’t remember me at all (you called my sister’s ex-boyfriend’s cell phone to wish me a safe trip), but I figured this was as good a way as any to tell you that I had an awesome time in AUSTRALIA in the Fall of 2005. It’s so different over there, and my favorites were learning how to surf in Byron Bay, snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef, and seeing the Sydney Opera House.

    As for the 2006 season, all I can say is you shut up all of my Yankee fan friends VERY quickly. The entire team has been fantastic as a whole, and it looks like you’re all having fun out there. Keep up the good work πŸ˜‰


  441. cntrykd65@yahoo.com

    as the 2006 season is starting to get in gear how important do you feel it was playing the braves for the first time and loosing 2 of three games to them? i realize it’s a long year and just want to know your response.

  442. cntrykd65@yahoo.com

    how many 3rd basemen have the mets had in the past and how long have they stayed i feel you should be a met till the day comes for you to call it quits i hope that is in the mets plans how about the wright job for the wright man?

  443. ednigma73@aol.com

    Hi David,

    I was at the game yesterday ***** Shea can be cold and windy!) and I am actually flying to San Diego to visit a friend and see the game tonight and hopefully Sunday. Very excited! Can’t wait to see Big Mike again too (Piazza that is). But, Good luck! Don’t let yesterday get you down; you and the team look great this year. Kick *** and take names-

    My question: riddle me this, David, if you had a superpower what would it be and why?

    -John R.

  444. mcardlei09@novell.com

    hey david im a big fan of yours from the bay area althought im a giants fan i look forword to seeing your and the mets play when you come. Currently i play freshman baseball at a high school in oakland california. good luck to you and the mets
    ill try to go to the mets giants game and say hi

  445. quiksilver1@aol.com

    Hey David,

    I was trying to think of a couple names for your blog (after all a couple thousand heads are better than one…) While I’m not a genius at picking names I figure categorization will help you narrow down which ones you like.

    There’s some good homophones on your last name “The Wright Stuff” and such that you’ve heard.

    There’s also names going to your position as a third basemen/hitter: David’s Drive In (From driving people home),Tales of a Third Basemen if humility is your thing.

    Then there’s names that will appeal to you as a person or a member of the Mets if you want to dedicate your blog to them. David’s Metlog, Met-alogical Writings or Rantings.

    You also might want to choose the ending first as that will help define what you want it to be and what your purpose in writing it is and make it easier (i.e. Writings, Ramblings, Rantings, Journal, Diary, Scribbles etc.)

    Hope that helps and GL to you and the rest of the Mets – Don’t let Atlanta get you down the season is young and you guys are still in the driver’s seat!

  446. misanthrosaurus@gmail.com

    My boss surprised me with our company tickets on Tuesday and let me out early to watch batting practice because he knows I’m such a fan. It was incredible sitting so close to the field. My sign said “Mets… So hot Wright now!” When you are out there do signs and fans distract you? Or are you too focused to notice? Hopefully I’ll be back in those seats again this season. But if not, I will enjoy the games just as much, just from higher up :p Thanks for the ball! Maybe next time I can get you to sign it. Good luck on the road… Can’t wait til the next home stand.

  447. chrisctwo@gmail.com

    Hey David, I know that you’re a Beastie Boys fan, so I figured this would be a cool name for the blog:

    “Fight for your Wright…”

  448. bbaum856@peoplepc.com

    I have been a Met Fan since I can remember and I have seen the “good times and the bad ones” with my team. There is much room for improvement especially when you guys have had a terrific beginning. I know that when the first string has injuries, its tough for the team to score runs. I will keep the faith and watch and hope that some serious changes take place with the pitching lineup (you know what I mean VZ) and get some better second string backup. Keeping healthy is VERY important. Hang in there. I will not give up on you yet.

  449. claytonklb@aol.com

    Tough couple of games against the ATL…no worries though keep focused out west…perhaps a change of scneary will re-ignite the team. See you soon!

  450. ggordon1974@hotmail.com

    I don’t know what to say….you are living my life long fantay, Which is cool because I can live vicarious through you! Let’s Go Mets!… oh….. I’m supposed to think of blog names name…..

    1)Swings from the Wright Side

    2)Bright Wrights, Big city

    3)The Wright Files

    4)Wright’s Writes

    5)After you become team captain……. Captain’s Log

  451. vffperry16@hotmail.com

    you are an awesome player……i saw you play in norfolk 2 days before you went up to the mets. that was the night i got your autograph. i am going to come watch you play in toronto in june.

  452. mshap4kp@aol.com

    I’ll make this brief. I think you’re a great player, and the are part of the nucleus of our promising future. Thanks for giving it your all. Mets in ’06. Here are my suggestions…some might be kinda lame, but:

    A Beacon of Wright

    Afternoon DeWright

    Chronicles of Write **(or Wright, if that’s better)

    Wright Hand of God

    All Wrights Reserved


    The Divine Wright

    Wright to Vote

    Wright Side of the Rainbow (Just kidding I swear)

    …all Wright…I’m all used up. So, I’m gonna wright myself, and accede. Good luck this year, or whatever.


  453. glz620@yahoo.com

    Hello David,

    I can’t remember who it was you helped with their swing last season (maybe Piazza or Floyd?) but I do remember you picked up on something and it helped. Well, I’m writing to tell you what I’ve noticed in Jose Reyes’ swing this season. Maybe it will help.

    I noticed that from the left side he’s holding his hands much lower then he was last year. This year they’re down below his shoulders instead of up around the left ear. I think this is why he’s flying out more than he should. By doing this he’s having a harder time with pitches up in the zone and instead of hitting line drives he’s popping these pitches up. Just an observation from a Met fan since 1968.

    I didn’t know where else to write so this is the only source I could use to get the message out.

    Now we all know it’s YOUR job to anaylze your teammates swing so this is the last time I’m going to bail you out….LOL We need Reyes on base at a minimum .340 clip this season.

    Have a great year David and thanks for being such a great role model to all the young baseball fans. Don’t ever change that about youself.


  454. swingmd2003@yahoo.com

    Hoping you can pass this on to your teammate. My 6 year old daughter and I were lucky enough to be at the Opening Game against the Braves this past Monday. We had great seats, 2nd row right behind the Mets dugout. To end the top half of the third inning, you fielded a ground ball from A. Jones, turned and got the force at second. When Anderson Hernandez was trotting in he stopped, pointed to my daughter and tossed her the ball. It was a magical moment and one that I will never forget. As for my daughter, well already a Met fan, she is now a lifelong fan of the game. Anderson created a memory for both of us and I hope that you can get this message to him.

    Anderson, Thank you for helping to create a great memory for my daughter and myself. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. It was a magical and priceless experience.


    Enfield, CT

  455. khp1026@aol.com

    hey david wuts up i love the mets n your what the mests need a great an young 3rd baseman an right now im watching the mets against the padres you jus made a great diving double play catch it wus krazy but the guy at fiirst wus safe lol sorry but man keep up your good work its rlly helpinmg the mets

    your the best 3rd baseman

    -Keith Petersen-Hancock N.Y

  456. tgzmrhat@gmail.com

    I just wanted to say that in the last two Atlanta games you looked like you were getting down on yourself about the hitting and some fielding.

    I just wanted to say don’t worry man your a great player and I have yet to see a player not go through that. Keep your head up you have the support of the Mets fans cause we know how great you will be when it is all said and done.



  457. mackdodoub@aol.com

    David Wright sir you are a golden god! I can only hope you grace my comment with a browse though im shure you will everything ive read has said your the best personality the game has scene in years, ive been a die hard mets fan forever i was born in 84 and n my late grandfather had me in a full mets uni by 86 they said i looked like Gary Carter. but enough about me i just want to Thankyou Thankyou so much for the energy and heart you have brought to this club ive never sceen another athleete in any sport who plays the game quite as hard as you sir you are an inspiration to us all and i would like to personaly send my best wishes on and off the feild. It’s once in a lifetime us mets fans and sports fans in general get the pleasure to see someone like you we should appreciate every second please never leave and again Thankyou

    ps. 4the blog Im feelin Afternoon Dwright or maybe Wright or Wrong, ya know like wright or wrong this is how i feel. Whatever ya pick im shure i’ll love it

    Patrick Mackin kingston PA

  458. kenneth

    hey Dave,
    Don’t sweat the game Wednesday. just a bad day at the office, happens to everybody. way to make up with a sweet DP with the bases loaded late to preserve a win Thursday!!! Tough series at the plate against the Braves. I thought you might have been pressing a little and overswinging, I’ve been watching your swing since high school back here at home. Relax, just like hitting the pill in BP at Hickory bro. (with the exception of a couple more people in the stands….lol) Keep grinding it is a long season, the stats will come. GO HAWKS!!!! Can’t wait to raise a NL East division champs banner this year. 1st in 15 years, and you are a BIG part of the teams success. If you have time I’d love to chat so send me an e-mail if you can.



  459. littlemac62@bellsouth.net

    Hello Dave, My name is Joe I am a life long Mets fan, I just moved from Jersey to Florida. I was wondering what do you do to try to rebound from a bad game? do you make any adjustments to your swing, or mental adjustments, or do you just go out and play your game????

  460. michael.carr@dot.state.nj.us


    Sorry if you got this one already, but it seemed obvious.

    Wright Back At You!

    Michael-Robbinsville, NJ

  461. fatness1@aol.com

    A couple of ideas, just throwing em out there-

    1) The Hot Corner

    2) The Five Spot

    3) Wrightings

  462. writemaster@gmail.com

    Mr. Wright, I am 14 and I live in Manhattan.
    The day my gerandfather passed away, I went came to watch the met game to get my mind off of things. You hit two or three homers that game if i remember correctly. way 2 go!

    Name suggestion:

    The Wright time, Wright place: The Wright Blog.


  463. fc@copydynamics.com


    Congrats on the 1st game in SanDiego last night!!! Back here, on the East Coast, I still managed to watch the whole game til 1:00AM and make it to work this a.m….

    Anyway just want to say that the way you picked yourself up last night and made some great defensive grabs, as well as that opposite field hit, after that one Braves game which I’m sure you dont’ want to think about anymore, Is obviously the sign of a TOP LEVEL PROFESSIONAL!!! KUDOS to you David…We LOVE YA!!!

    Frank C. in Allentown, NJ

  464. sk8rh8r789@yahoo.com

    Hey David. This Ryan, onr of the Tides batboys. Just wanting to say that my parents are glad to see you doing great this year. My dad even bought MLB Extra Innings just so we can watch you. It really is cool to see all you guys fron Norfolk playing so well in the big leagues. Think about Coach T. when you get a chance. His cancer came back. God bless and good luck.

  465. johnnyboybritt@aol.com


    Congrats on a great season last year. Its a pleasure to come out to the ballpark wearing your #5. I have a bet with my friend that you will be in the top three batting avg wise. Dont let me down!


  466. lizbethfarrell@gmail.com

    Hi David- Just wanted to say that I love the blog- you are a great writer and your sincere love of the game comes through in the entries you post. Keep up the great work!

  467. fishing@promisecharters.com

    I was a huge Mike Piazza fan and belived he was a true leader of the Mets. Saddened by his leaving, I wondered who would step up to the plate and lead the team into the future. Well – question answered. David Wright – the right man for the job! Keep up the good work on the field and more importantly, stay the good man you are. My Godson (16), who I introduced to the Mets when he was about 8 years old, and other young men today, need role models like you.

    Thanks David.

  468. jslayintre06@yahoo.com

    Hey, David! I am a huge fan of you and the Mets and i don’t hope, i know you and the rest of the team are going to make it and win the world series. You are my inspiration. I play softball and i start at third base and i wore your number last year, but i am bummed because someone else beat me to it so i stuck with 15, Beltran’s number, but don’t worry your still my favorite! Good luck this season and a lot of luv!

  469. rchrist837@aol.com

    My name is Rich from NJ. Dave, you’re the best 3rd baseman the Mets have ever had. Period. And they have had a lot of ’em! And don’t worry about the errors from Wednesday. They happen. I think fans are just sick of playing second fiddle to the lousy Braves. They want to see you guys wipe the floor with them. Hope the trip west wasn’t TOO hard. I know its a pain going out there with the time change, hotels, etc. But at least you won’t have to go out there again after June. Thats a plus! It’s a lot of fun to see you and the other guys playing great baseball everyday, like they did in 86. (We don’t like playing second fiddle to the Yankees either)BE CONFIDENT! You guys are a team of Destiny!

    Hey do me a favor please. Tell Carlos B. that I apologize for all the neanderthals that have bood him cause he hasn’t hit a BILLION homers and drove in a million runs. He’s doing fine, and all the fans I know love him and know hes a great player and are glad that he’s a MET. Keep playing hard. And tell Mike Piazza, WE STILL LOVE HIM!

  470. demeritt_jr@cox.net

    David Wright…
    You are the man. I’m not a big fan of the play on words with the name. But this kinda jumped at me. “Wright on…”

    At least it uses your name as your real name, with a play on words built in.

    Lovin’ the Mets this year. All the best.

    God Bless.

  471. hotshot313@verizon.net

    heyy David!
    u are one of my favorite players on the mets. they have been my favorite team for along time now. u are a great thrid baseman and are doing great at at. i recently went to the game on wed. when u played atlanta. it was a great game until jones hit the homerun and they scored. it was a great pitchers match and even though u had three errors u still played great u had a great diving grab to stop the other team from getting a single or maby even a double. u guys are doing great out there. In school im one of six met fans in my grade the rest are yankee fans. they all make fun of me for likeing the mets btu i say that the mets are doing sooo much better then the yankees right now cus they are. i think this season u guys are going all the way!!! keep playing great out there! i think ur gonna be a future hall of famer!!

    love ur biggest fan

    deana ❀

    p.s. this blog is great!

  472. bely1108@hotmail.com

    hi david i’m a mets fan,i’am from the dominican republic and lived in newark new jersey i went to the shea stadium and i was so happy when i say you guys playing you and jose reyes are the best for me and for all al the mets fan i watched all the game no matter if you are playing in the west coast. i hope you like my comment and i pray to god that everything will be great for you and family.gracias you may know that word in spanish if not is thank you . and god blessed you

  473. trainedkilla34@aol.com

    Hey David. I am a huge mets fan since i was 10 years old. im from Scranton Pennsylvania. you are my new favorite player. you carry yourself so professional at such a young age. I hope they sign you and jose to real long term deals you guys can be something special together for years to come. good luck with the rest of the year this is the best mets team i seen so far even better than 2000.

  474. ak7@dana.ucc.nau.edu

    Hey David. 27 year old lifelong Mets fan from the Catskills (Now in Arizona). My fraternity Brother saw you in your first ever game when he had tickets to Shea and commented that “this kid’s going to be something special.” Eah night, you continue to impress. Between you, Reyes, Beltran, Bannister and the high level prospects coming up, the Mets look stacked and ready to dominate! I’ll be listening on MLB radio to as many Met games as I can with the work Graduate School is dumping on me, but I look forward to your Series here in Arizona!

    Good luck with the blog and with the rest of the season! Please enjoy our comments. And please enjoy this season, as it is starting to look like something special.

    As for a title? “One Wright is Never Wrong.”

  475. ednigma73@aol.com

    Great double play last night, dude. It was great getting a “Let’s Go Met’s” chant up in the ninth for you guys in San Diego. Awesome. Kudos to Julio “Old Man” Franco with his bomb. Good stuff.

    -John R.

  476. gabegomez@optonline.net

    David, I always wanted to know why it is so easy for some players to go the other way (like you) and so difficult for others. Do you actually go up to the plate thinking of going the other way (if you get a pitch on the outer part)? or do you just concentrate on hitting the ball hard where it is pitched? I played soccer for a long time and remember hitting the ball hard when in front of goal, of course I had an idea where the goal was, but never really had too much time to lift up my head and actually measure. Is it like that also in baseball? (while hitting)

    Gabe G.

  477. muckjeter2@hotmail.com

    Hey David,

    How about “DWright’s Insights” for the Blog title? It’s guys like you and Jeter that make the game of baseball such a pleasure to be a part of. It’s great to watch you play with endless effort and class.

  478. 292@ao.com

    Hey, I know how much you hear people saying how much they love the Mets. Well, I’m another one. Originally, I never paid very much attention to the Mets. I was born in Michigan so my favorite team was the Tigers. I’m an athlete myself, so I love watching baseball. As I became more and more interested in the Mets, you became more in focus. I really admire you, not only for your playing, but your positive attitude toward your team. I went to your game on Wednesday and even though the Mets lost, I still thought you were great. After the game, a man approached me and commented on my shirt. Obviously, I had a Wright shirt on and he pointed it out to his daughter. I then proclaimed how hot I thought you were and was immediatly backed up by my sisters.

    I thought about your request for a new title for your blog and thought of a couple suggestions:

    Memoirs of a Met

    The Wright Fight

    A Fight to the World Series

  479. gabegomez@optonline.net

    Oh! and blog name.

    “Simply Wright”

    “The Wright Way”

    “So far, So Wright”

    “Wright of way”

    Say hello to Cliff! He’ll snap out of it.

  480. brokenhero927@aol.com

    Hey David, this is Mike Grofsick. I am 14 years old and a die hard Mets fan. You and Jose Reyes are my favorite players on the Mets. Don’t get me wrong though, I love everyone. I was at the home opener on the 3rd, amazing game. I was so exited i got to go to a game and see my favorite player hit a home run. I also want to let you know to look for me in a 8 or 9 years, i am a pitcher. Good luck for the rest of the season.

    Mike Grofsick

  481. mgure@allstate.com


    Your a great player and I really enjoy watching you play. I even collect your game-used memorabilia. My suggestion is “Wright up your alley”. Good luck and have a great year!


  482. nievesjrfam@aol.com

    Hey david,
    thanks for giving us MET fans a chance to actually get to chat with one of you guys. It’s an awsome oppurtunity that we will certainly take advantage of. Your a great player and alot of us MET fans noticed quickly that you would be, like you are now, a most needed addition to the team. My suggestion is,

    wright were it belongs. Good luck on the road.


  483. mgeyelin@comcast.net

    hey david, you’re one of my favorite mets players EVER and im impressed with what you’ve don for the mets.i would like to congradulate you on your barehanded catch last season. it was great!

  484. mgeyelin@comcast.net

    i’ve alredy commented, but i forgot some stuff. before i saw you play i didn’t like baseball and the mets as much. now i do.

  485. adelahoney_4@mlb.com

    HI David!!!
    I’m a mets fan, i like the way you play and i hope you become a MVP this year.

    kisses & love


  486. metstothews2006@aim.com

    hey d wright! I dont know if you remember me but at spring training you called me that snowborder guy, shaun white. Well anyway i think your amazing. I’m always 5 in all the sports I play. I’ve been to a few games this year inclouding opening day. I was glad to hear MVP chants for you. Good luck on the west coast trip! Go Mets!

  487. kretgar@yahoo.com

    Just a thought for the name of the Blog, David.

    How about

    “Wright from the Team”

    We’re getting news on how the team is doing, what they’re thinking, etc right from you, one of the players.

    It HAS to be the best source of information we fans get about the team.

  488. drees005@odu.edu

    Dave, this is Dave Reese from hickory. I dont know if you already chose a blog name but you should use”doing wright like hardison does traffic control” keep dominating!

  489. sexyredroserican@aol.com

    Hey David!!! My name is Gladys. I’m a huge fan of yours! Because i’m a softball player and i play third base too! I think your a amazing baseball player!!! And i’m loving the Mets this year because ya’ll are doing so well and i hope ya’ll make it all the way to the World Series and win it!!!

  490. mhannigan@fordham.edu

    how ’bout “Dy-na-WRIGHT!” (Actually, I think that name isn’t that good, I just think it would be funny if say you were in the clubhouse one day after a good game and someone like Delgado goes up to you and asks how you were doing, and you can then respond, “Dy-Na-WRIGHT,” a la “What’s Happenin'” Ahhh, a girl can at least dream.

  491. xxclumsyblondxx@aim.com

    Hey. my name is anna and i am a huge Mets fan. You are my favorite player of corse. I’m watching the Mets game right now actually. I go and watch the mets play when ever my dad gets tickets, i’m asking him to get me really good seats for my birthday this year if he can. it would be pretty sweet If i ever got to meet you.Every Mets thing i own says Wright on it. accept for my first Jersey . it was Piazza.Your an amazing player.Keep up the great work


  492. vkay88@sbcglobal.net

    hey david!! i’ve read that you used to be a little round??? lol can u show us a pic of your chubby days? it just doesnt seem to match that a lil chubby kid has turned into the mets star player! well, good luck on the rest of the season!

  493. ubimorales@gmail.com

    Hi my name is Ruben my family and friends calls me Ubi.Im from Puerto Rico.Ive been a Mets fan since i can remember, and i watch every single game through the internet.Youre a great player and i love whatching you guys playing.Iwent to the baseball clasic in Puerto Rico just to watch Delgado,Beltran and Valentin play.I wish you guys the best season EVER (no preasure but ill be whatching you)just kiddin.

    how bout..Wrights way or the Highway.

    Ubi…..Mets Rulesssssss

  494. vzeo6epp@verizon.net

    I especially liked the picture of your tongue’s sticking out! It shows your determination while playing third base.

    Obviously you love your work, which is why I envy you!

  495. writestuff30@hotmail.com

    I hope you guys Tivo your games now that Keith Hernandez is in the booth. He’s always been not just a thinking man’s hitter but a true baseball intellect whose insight should be a treasured resource for the whole team. Even little observations, like Reyes hitting only the bottom half of the ball lately, etc. can make a huge difference. Ron Darling has some great insight, too, and Cohen calls a great game, but Keith knows the game better than anyone. Pick his brain! And keep playing the way you’re playing. You are to us (Mets fans) what Jeter is to Yankee fans. And there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that you’ll be our captain in a year or two. All the best.

  496. shea114@aol.com

    I think the new name should be “The Wright Track”.I am a saturday plan ticket holder and look forward to coming to Shea on Saturdays to see you play on the “Wright” side of the infield. Go Mets! 2006 is amazin’ again.

  497. nymetsfan1@netscape.com

    Hi David
    I think the new name for your blog should be “The Wright Frame of Mind”. You wear your heart on your sleeve when you play the game and it shows. I hope you and the Mets have an awsome season! Lets Go Mets!!!

  498. junk3121@gmail.com

    Hey Davey

    How about “Two Strikes Make A Wright” since you are such an awesome 2 strike hitter.

    Gidy up

  499. roadkila46@aol.com

    Hey David, I think it’s awesome that your doing this blog. I was at opening day and after you that home run I don’t know if you heard but we all shouted “MVP MVP MVP” your awesome Dave.
    As for a suggestion for your name how about “The Wright Man for the Wright Team at the Wright time” or something to the sort. David keep doing awesome!!!! Lets go mets!!

  500. christopher_todd2001@yahoo.com

    hi david i was just woundering what advice you have for me about geting into pro ball im 27 and i didnt go to collage i meen baseball is my true love should i just forget it or keep trying to find a way? thanks
    ~chris saratoga ny

  501. mattkings14@aim.com

    hey david im a huge fan and i love the METS
    i go to a lot of games and always watch u closly because u always make big plays

    i want to wish u good luck throughout the season

    i am a baseball player and i was wondering if maybe wen u blog or something u can right a few tips anyways thancks a lot


    ps ive got your autograph in my room!!!!!!!1

  502. teesabean@aol.com

    Hey, How are your ribs feeling after last nights game? I cringed for 5 minutes, that had to hurt!


  503. sonobabe@aol.com


    I just want to say you are an excellent roll model for kids today. I’ve been a Met fan since I was a kid and I’ve seen it all. I think you are a breath of fresh air. Keep up the good work. Go Mets!!

    For your Blog Page how about:

    The Wright Opinion

    All Wrighty Than

    Take it from the Wright

    The “Wright”side of it

    Keep on Wrighting on

    Oh, I make beaded Mets Rear View Mirror charms and they are a real hit with the guys. I’d like to sent you one but if I send it to Shea will u get it?


  504. hokiedude2@msn.com

    Hey David,
    I’m from the Hampton Roads area. I go to Greenbrier Christian. I was in 7th or 8th grade when BJ Upton was there, and I also know one of you ex girlfriends… haha… Anyway I was just wondering what you do when you don’t have a game. When you go out and stuff, do people act normal, or do they constantly pound you for autographs and things like that?

    Keep up the good work, and keep representing for the Mets and the boys from Hampton Roads (you, BJ, Ryan, and Josh).

  505. michael_fields_232@hotmail.com

    I’m a high school baseball player and latley i havn’t been hitting like my normal self. Instead of being an opposite field hitter i have got in a habit of pulling lazy fly balls. If it is at all posible i would enjoy getting some advise from one of the best.


  506. kitcat0114@aol.com

    It all stops wright here, Stop it wright here or It anit gunna stop wright here…

    See you May 5th πŸ˜›

  507. poppinhenny@aol.com


  508. katmcg1@aol.com

    Hi David,

    We met this past December when you came to see Saturday Night Live. Do

    you remember this at all? I was the petite brunette-who handed you your

    tickets. I really wanted to talk to you-but got too busy with work and

    missed my opportunity. I know you’re crazy with the season-but maybe

    you could find a second to email me. You are not only a great baseball

    player, but have a great smile.

    Ps..I slipped off the bleachers and bruised my shins at your game in the

    rain last Friday night. So the least you could do is respond..my legs are

    already wounded, please don’t wound my ego too…

  509. coachdix24@yahoo.com

    Let me just start by saying that you’re my favorite MET!!!

    I’m from New York state but I currently live just outside Atlanta. I will remember the first time I saw you play live. It was the summer of 2004 and you were playing in Binghamton. I told the people that were at the game with me to take a good look because you weren’t gonna be there long. Not long after you got called up, and you ended the season strong in New York (I say this as if you didn’t know it). I now look forward to seeing you play against the Braves when the Mets come to Atlanta. I need something to quiet down all of these Braves fans I have to deal with. KEEP IT UP!!!

  510. princesslin0104@hotmail.com

    Hi Mr. Wright!
    Let me just say that what you are doing with the blog is great. It really lets us fans feel more connected to the team! You are truly wonderful for New York and for these fans who have had to deal with a lot of heartache these past few years! I was born in 1987 and I too feel cheated because I never got to witness the excitement of the ’86 Mets. From the bottom of my heart in sincerely thank you for being the phenomanal player that you are and the professional, gracious person you are! Keep up the good work and stay the same and please don’t ever leave! I have a habit of as soon as a buy a person’s jersey they immediately get traded so I’ve been holding off buying yours!

    A name for your blog could be the HOT corner…hot describes you perfectly!;-)

    P.S. True story..my sister and her boyfriend broke up over that great play you made in San Diego last season. He (being a jerk and a stupid Yankee fan whose vocabulary only consisted of *****”)said that that play was ordinary and it happened every day. We owe you for that because now she is with somebody else who, although being a Yankee fan, acknowledges what a special player you are and what a special play that was. So thank you for helping her dump the jerk!!

  511. andrewspey@gmail.com

    here are my suggestions for your blog’s name:

    Wright up yer ****!

    Wright next to my balls: your chin

    You have the wright to remain defeated

    I’ll f’ing kill you allwright

    thats all i can think of for now. wright again soon!

    HAHAHAHA – GET IT?????

  512. mgeyelin@comcast.net

    you are certanly doing your part in the mets games, but what’s the deal with Victor Zambrano? and that grand slam by Brian Giles?

  513. afeigenb@indiana.edu

    I am a huge Met fan from NY but I go to Indiana University now. I have seen every game on MLB TV this year and I just wanted to tell you that as a Met fan and a baseball fan I appreciate the heart and intensity you bring to the game and how you have made it fun to watch the Mets again.

    PS I traded Arod for you in fantasy baseball.

  514. monkys999@aol.com

    hey david i have a masterful suggestion i think u should talk to willie about puting heilmen back into the starting routation and move zambrano to the ballpen until he is 100% helthy and is produscing on the mound. keep up the good work david.

  515. msfight4life@aol.com

    I think that you are an extremely talented player. I don?t know you personally, but I think that you are an amazing person for your participation in the David Wright Foundation. It is so important for people to be aware of MS, along with many other diseases. I feel so pleased to see someone with such influence has taken the initiative in making the world better. It may sound clichι, but I really feel that you are making a difference. I admire you, and I think that you are a good role model for younger and older fans. You are well-regarded all over the country, but with all do respect, I think that some people may get too caught up in the ?famous? title. I love baseball, and think the Mets are great; I look at you as a person, with exceptional talent, who has done well in life. I think that your personal feed back has allowed me to identify you in such a way. Like I said, I unfortunately, don?t know you personally so I can only base my opinion of you on what I have observed. If only there were more that were conscious to the fact that there are more important things in life than partying. (Don?t get me wrong, I love to party?) I just mean that people should give a little. By this, I am referring to your incredible support with making MS public knowledge. Ever since I was a little girl, I asked people for money in lieu of gifts for my birthday. I then donated the money to a chosen charity. My grandmother recently died of brain cancer, so I am fully aware the tragedies that cancer may bring. A friend of mine has MS and I again witnessed traumatic experiences.

    On a happier note, I am thrilled to know how well the Mets have been doing! Franco?s homerun against the Padres was awesome! It?s great to see a team with such fire. You are so lucky to be playing for such an inspiring team. Keep up the great plays and Good Luck this season. Maybe we will be able to meet at some of your games at Shea. I often take my sisters to games and for every Mets game; we buy blue shirts and flaunt our obsession for the Mets! Earlier I posted a comment about a man that asked me about my shirt. So many of my friends think that you are extremely attractive and I would be lying if I didn?t agree. About your request, I can?t think of any suggestions for a blog title but I think that you have some great ideas from other fans. ** The E-mail address above isn?t real. I?m having trouble with my account so if anyone would like to contact me, you will have to wait for my e-mail to be fixed! **

  516. afmd202@yahoo.com


    Being born in Italy and growing up in an Italian family, I grew up watching soccer and only soccer. I saw my first baseball game ever last season, Mets against Astros. I remember sitting there and feeling a surge of excitement just from the fans around me. The constant loyalty and support of the fans throughout the came was remarkable. At that moment I was proud to be watching the game of baseball. This season I saw Mets against Braves, the night Zambrano was pitching. Although you guys lost everyone around me was saying ?Will get them next time? or ?It?s alright guys, we got a long season ahead?. I sat there that night speaking to people around me, eating a hot dog, drinking a beer and watching the game (can?t get anymore American than that lol). That night Shea Stadium felt like home.

    I was proud to find out that your only 23 years old and already such an amazing baseball player. Being only 2 years younger, graduating from college in May and starting my career in Finance working in Manhattan, I understand the feeling of accomplishment as well as pressure to succeed day in and day out. You are doing an extraordinary job and I encourage you, as I?m sure every other Met fan does, to keep up the great work and show the world that you have no limits when it comes to success.

    You really are part of a great thing that is loved by many people. Watching you play as well as the rest of the team has taught me not only about the game but more importantly about friendship, happiness and pride of being an American. I look forward to watching each game and wish you all the best, in baseball and in life.


    P.S. My suggestions for your blog name are, Doing It Wright! and Wright It Here.

  517. diaevfl@yahoo.com

    First of all…. You are one
    Fine Man !!! God Bless your Parents !!! LOL I’ve been a Mets fan since I can remember …I’ve also been a Yankees fan as well … But growing up with Papi ( My Father )he has always been a METS fan… and he was til the day he died ( RIP Papi 12-5-01 ). So as you can only imagine I’ve had it hard but I have always looked @ baseball as my way out. You are so talented and so blessed and you recognize it. I do hope that ONE DAY when( MY BOYS) the METS are HOME that I will be able to have YOU and THE WHOLE ENITRE TEAM,TRAINERS,MANAGERS AND ALL will be able to sign everything and anything that I have… so my son and hopefully my children( in the future ) will be able to experience what I’ve been blessed with. Mr. Willie Randolph is incredible…He is the man … with hum will excel…. My man and I always have discussions about the team ( actually we now argue alot since I’ve learned the whole number concept of baseball, is funny when we talk about the METS … LOL )

    To be BLUNT, no lie, you guys need to work on the pitching. It is a flaw that the METS have been struggling with for awhile. I know we will do what we can as a team. Dont listen to the pressure. Playing for N.Y. it is the hardest thing in the world. Do what you can. The same goes for the team. In time it will all fall into place. Just make sure that Keith Hernandez doesnt say anything stupid again… He is an outstanding player but as a person with the comment he said during the Padres series got alot of us pissed off..and to be honest it wasnt upsetting it truley was SHOCKING… I do hope that I will be able to hear from you ( hopefully personally … heres my email address just in case … you just want to talk … Im not looking for fame or money … just a friend … I am a proud Mama who is Mama coach for my boyfriends team … isnt it funny !!!! … but here goes nothing … anyone who reads this and what to talk about the Mets feel free to email and tlak about the team .. I look forward to hear from ya’ll …GO METS !diaevfl@yahoo.com … lol )

    Good Luck DAivd.. wish you nothing but the best ….

  518. tsrdpm@aol.com

    David, PLEASE say this nonsense about going to Florida for Dontrelle is all some sort of sick joke. You are much too important to the Mets to go anywhere else. Besides Florida kind of smells like old peoples feet [I mean come on, you’ve been to Miami’s International Airport right? Tell me the carpet doesn’t smell like feet]. My wife and I relocated to WA recently and came down to San Francisco for the three game set. My wife mandated that we spend the games on the 3rd base side to see you play [You are my favorite fielder but Wagner is my favorite pitcher so I wanted 1st base side]. She was the one with the David Wright Jersey and ESPN magazine with you on the cover [should narrow it down to about 1000 fans I am sure]. We will be there tomorrow as well to root you on. Here’s to a great game and always rooting for you and our loveable Mets!

  519. tsrdpm@aol.com

    David, PLEASE say this nonsense about going to Florida for Dontrelle is all some sort of sick joke. You are much too important to the Mets to go anywhere else. Besides Florida kind of smells like old peoples feet [I mean come on, you’ve been to Miami’s International Airport right? Tell me the carpet doesn’t smell like feet]. My wife and I relocated to WA recently and came down to San Francisco for the three game set. My wife mandated that we spend the games on the 3rd base side to see you play [You are my favorite fielder but Wagner is my favorite pitcher so I wanted 1st base side]. She was the one with the David Wright Jersey and ESPN magazine with you on the cover [should narrow it down to about 1000 fans I am sure]. We will be there tomorrow as well to root you on. Here’s to a great game and always rooting for you and our loveable Mets!

  520. ctorres02@aol.com

    Hey David!
    Thanks for putting this forum together…what a great idea! I’m another concerned fan hoping this rumor about you being traded for Dontrelle Willis is just that, a rumor! Please tell me that’s not going to happen. I wouldn’t trade you for the entire Marlins team! You’re one of the best players in the leauge (and I have a very short list!). In my mind, that bare-handed catch you made is the greatest I’ve ever seen! Have a great and healthy season.

  521. hootie325@optonline.net

    Hey David,
    Thanks for your efforts both on and off the field. You are just the type of player the Mets and their fans – including me – have been looking for for some time now. A nice guy, good with the media, a good hitter with some pop, and just the kind of attitude we all can root for. It’s no wonder you’ve become my favorite player and the favorite of many in such a short time in the bigs. Anyway, here’s a suggestion for your blog:

    – The “5” Hole

    – or The “5” Hole with D. Wright

    Good luck the rest of the season and thanks for taking the time to chat with us fans.

  522. lileee489@aol.com

    DAViD WRiGHTT!! Ahh it doesn’t matter what you call your blog, you’re so friggen amazing that it doesn’t matter at all. You’re the greatest thing to happen to the Mets since Piazza, and I always admire how humble and modest you are when you could be sooo cocky. You’re such an amazing role model, especially when pro sports are full of athletes who only care about paychecks and could care less about their fans. AND YOU’RE SO RIDICULOUSLY GORGEOUS, omg it’s great. Love you, you’re awesome, and let’s go mets!!!
    -Lily = ]

  523. htgould@gmail.com

    I’m a lifelong Mets fan, and I wanted to tell you that you’re probably the greatest thing to happen to this team in a long time. You’ve got such a great character, and your skill isn’t too bad itself! I’m looking forward to watching you start for many years to come, and I wish you a highly successful career (with the Mets, of course). Furthermore, I see that plenty of people have brought this up, but serioulsy, I used to swear that baseball players couldn’t be sexy! You’ve sure proved me wrong. Keep it up. πŸ˜‰

    Have a great season,


  524. tsrdpm@aol.com

    Hi David. We wrote you last night and went to the game today after a great time in San Francisco. What was really nice was seeing all of the Mets fans that travelled in to see the game [despite being heckled by the Giants fans that need a good dentist since most had one or two teeth intact. I remember now that the tooth brush was invented in California, because if it was any other state it would be called the teeth brush…my wife told me not to write that]. Anyway, you signed my wifes ESPN magazine with you on the cover…shes 3 months pregnant with my baby incase you had any issues…and I can say that I have never seen a bigger smile on her face and in fact she took nearly 5 innings to stop shaking with excitment. I got my Wagner jersey autographed by him as well, so it was a day to remember for these transplanted Mets fans for a long time. The game was great, lot’s of action, great plays, great arms, and great baserunning. Plus Floyd looks like he’s got his swing back [they never credited him with a splash down home run by the way]. Thank you for being a Met and for being such a great team-mate and role model. See you at tomorrows game, our best seats yet, right behind the Mets dugout. This time we bring a bobble head David Wright to hopefully get autographed and place in our babies room. As for your music choices, this might sound odd but give a listen to Iron Horse which is a bluegrass band that does cover songs for Metallica and it is actually really cool [Wagner might like their version of Enter the Sandman].

  525. tsrdpm@aol.com

    That is NOT Willie Randolph of the New York Mets’ blog, that is for sure. That site, is the ranting and raving of someone who failed 3rd grade English and is trying to be funny. Let it go.

  526. ntags10@aol.com

    Hi David,
    I have a great name for your blog, “Wright of Passage”. I am very excited about the up coming year, I have been to Shea once this year so far, and picked a great game, you had all three RBI’s, and you won it in the bottom of the 9th!!

    Keep having fun!


  527. jmkad315@aol.com

    I am a 16-yr-old avid Mets fan and I live near Binghamton, New York and I loved watching you play along side Jose Reyes with the B-Mets before you were even called up to the majors. I realize that you must get this often, but I just wanted to tell you how refreshing it is to see two guys like you and Jose out there day in and day out giving the game your all. I have always loved the Mets, but you make it so exciting to watch the games because your enthusiasm and hard work reflect how much you genuinely love the game. You truly play with your heart and not your wallet and that is why so many fans have fallen in love with you since you were called up to play for the Mets. Thanks for proving that the greatest game in the world still means something to those who play it for a living.


  528. vsgrl2515@aim.com

    Hey David,

    Ive only got a cupple names for your blog but w/e

    1. just do it Wright

    2. do it Wright

    3.3rd base is the Wright place 2 be

    LET GO METS !!!!!!!!!


    GO DAVID πŸ™‚

  529. davids_dirty_diva@yahoo.com

    Hey,David. Sweetie, you have to stop being so hard on yourself. I don’t know if you realize this but no one expects perfection from you but you! I even double checked and nope..you’re middle name is not Jesus..no blasphemy intended! Ease up on yourself. You’re awesome..just ask me , I’ll tell you..but being human you are going to, dare I say, fall a little south of perfection at times. And thats okay, your fans, myself included, will always be there behind you cheering you on because we have faith in you and believe in you and because it’s a **** nice view back there..lol. Sorry, I could not resist! Oh and tell Cliff ditto for him. It was nice to see his bat give us a wink last night (4/26). Nice jack Cliffy! Be safe traveling and take care. Always, Amy

  530. turkesque@adelphia.net

    Hey David,

    I am currently in four Fantasy Leagues online and you were my first round draft pick in all of them. I think your a great asset to the Mets and i look forward to watching you and Jose Reyes in the years to come. Congradulations on a great start this season. I wish you good luck in the rest of the season and hope it continues!!

  531. hlyal@aol.com

    hi dave i think you need a few days off. you are a great player and a future hall of famer but you are trying to do too much now. your throwing errors are up your hitting is down. one or two games off will let you get your game head back on. good luck

  532. mmsmc43@aol.com


    I have been a lifelong Mets fan – since 1969! This gets difficult because I grew up and live in California and take alot of **** on this. It’s always exciting seeing a new young player on the field, and your enthusiasm, ball-handling and bat last year were outstanding. This is the most exciting start in my history with the Mets (thank god for MLB extra innings) and I have not missed a game. My hope is that you become a franchise player for the Mets and when I get back from my Peace Corps assignment in 3 years – you will be there and be a leader for other rookies.

    Much luck for the rest of the season.

  533. newwave@optonline.net

    hey dave:

    let me start by saying thank you for being a met and saving the franchise from another dull season.We finally have a player that is everything the mets have been in desperate need for.For one thing your a home grown met a **** of a player and a babe magnet which brings more woman namely our wives and girlfriens to want to see you so we can watch the game and for that i say thanxs.Your the kid next door.

    Ihave the perfect name for you APPLE PIE i already have people caling you apple pie hope you like.

  534. tsrdpm@aol.com

    Hi David. Well I promise I will not keep posting daily [I have to work too] but I wanted to finish the blogs about our trip to San Francisco. My wife and I were at the game yesterday and had great seats, 1st row behind the Mets dugout on the side closest to home plate. Lets just say my wife’s cell phone is full of pictures of every single motion you go through warming up and your backside as you get ready to leave the dugout and get on deck. It was a great game, like one I saw last year at Shea against the Angels when Floyd went deep after fighting off about 14 pitches [game when M. Andersen hit an inside the park home run to tie the game in the 9th]. Watching Bonds hit his 710th and 711th home run was exciting and I have it on video. What hurt my wife and I was seeing how upset you were after the slightly high throw to Delgado. Yeah, it hurts, but like Amy said above [and very well put by the way] you are human and your job is to play a game. Just like everyone else you are expected to try hard…that’s all. How many times have you carried the team in late 2004 and nearly all year in 2005? How can you be expected to play at 110% by having a game face all game, smile and be so polite signing autographs and chatting with fans, and live, breathe, sleep, and eat Mets baseball? You are not super man, yes a studd, but not perfect and no one expects you to be. My wife and I really enjoyed the series in San Francisco. It was a great vacation for us and yesterday’s game was by far the most exciting one I have seen in a long time. Still it hurt to see you hurt [you trotted down into the dugout shaking you head and in near tears]. Sometimes you have to carry the team and sometimes the team has to carry you…they did that yesterday, you’ll be doing it for years to come so don’t fret. I am not sure if taking time off is what you need, but perhaps you should get in your Lincholn Navigator, blast some music, leave your cell phone at home, and drive around for a few hours. Finally, I personally think that you looked too tense in San Francisco. I think it would be fun for you to race Reyes, Beltran, Sanchez, Floyd, and Wagner in the out field during warm ups and see if you can trow the ball farther than Bradford [we saw him go from the right field line to the warning track in right field catching with oliver yesterday…wow]. The idea is something fun, competitive, but fun. One last thing, have you noticed how all of you pitch sequences for the past 7 games [San Diego and San Francisco] have been 3 inside and low and then outside followed by inside again? A big change from the biginning of the year. Safe travels, get some physical and mental rest, and beat up on Atlanta. For some relaxing, watch this great video of the bottom of the ninth, Game 6, World Series recreated to Nintento Baseball…so talented: http://youtube.com/watch?v=rOOaWDScB-w&search=RBI%20baseball

  535. cubitpipi@yahoo.com

    Wassup Mr.Wright,
    I’m a 17 year-old girl from Forest Hills, Queens, NY. I’ve always been a Mets fan. My brother and I went to a Mets game on April 17th at Shea. I was so excited when you guys won, I jumped out of my seat and began shouting. When I got home, I was so hyper I couldn’t sleep.LOL You guys rock!!!! Thank you for the great games you and the rest of the guys have been playing.

    Best of luck to the best baseball players in the world.


  536. brshamrock@aol.com

    I enjoyed reading how long people have been METS fans. I was young but I was AT one of the ’69 playoff games. YIKES! I get a little nervous when I hear rumors and talk about trades. Just a few minutes ago someone in my office said that he heard that you were traded to the MARLINS. I can only say that I hope you stay here, “Wright where you belong”. I have a 10 year old son and a 7 year old son who I hope someday will brag that they were METS fans when David Wright palyed third base. Lots of good luck!!! Let’s Go METS !!!

  537. jeff_meers@yahoo.com

    Hey David,

    The team looks awesome this year! The defense especially has been incredible. Even Matsui has had a few gems. Anyway, I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that the blog is a great idea. You’re a fluent writer… just don’t be afraid to make it personal. The last few series have been a little rough for you. And I’ve been hearing this and that about groin problems… tell us what’s up. I’m not trying to kick you when you’re down… I just wanted to get inside your head – that’s all. I think you’re the best all-around player/role model in baseball today. Thanks for helping to make the METS something to be excited about again. Oh, and please try and explain to Beltran that we’re sorry and we didn’t mean to hurt his feelings. Atlanta’s going down this year!!!!

    And what’s wrong with “Getting it Wright?” It works. What about “Wrighting it down” or simply “Here’s a few thoughts from the best 2-strike hitter in baseball…”

  538. socomplaya@myway.com

    Hey David

    Just wanted to start by saying CONGRATS to the team for playing so well. I think you guys have been doing a great job. Keep it up and don’t listen to these mo mo’s who love ya one sec and hates ya the next. You guys have true fans out there and I am one of them. Good or bad I will always rock my Met cap and will always root for you guys.

    Good luck and I’ll cya at the park.


    Dave S.

  539. msn131@yahoo.com

    To the class act of New York, here’s to the New York Mets going all the way in 2006 from a transplanted New York Met fan in sunny, South Florida. I have said, I was born a Met, live as a Met fan, and will die a Met fan!

    Have a great yeat, David as you are the talk of the country, not just New York!!

    If you like as well, since I can not view all the games from down here in Florida, I have also started a New York Met database on Yahoo Groups, called the New York Mets, of course. Feel free to check us out at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NewYorkMets/ as it would be great to have you as a member as well to chat more with your favorite fans, the fans of New York!!

  540. mbf61@comcast.net

    Hi David, this is my first time posting on your blog. I am so glad to see the team playing well. Hang in there with your defense. Things will come around. You have had a bunch of tough chances coming together at once. Just relax and be the player that we know you are.
    How about the name “Wrights Wrants” for the name of the blog. I must admit that I do like Wrights Hot Corner which someone else suggested. Good luck

  541. dhernandez75@yahoo.com

    hi david, my name is Doug from jamaica, ny and I have been a met fan since i ever saw Daryl straberry play.
    anyway it’s great to see a young men from ny living many mets fans dreams.

    it’s great as a fan to see a fan turn into a real met future superstar. I wish we we’re all as lucky as you buddy lol anyway best wishes to you, cliff and the the whole mets team. tell as more about what’s it is like to be a baseball player in ny. go mets!!!

  542. jeterchic645@msn.com

    Hey david you look cute 4 your age πŸ™‚ what do you do in your spare time? You look young and very talented i hope you are selected for the all star ballot you can be sure that i will vote for you. Good luck in the 06 season I know you guys are a very successful and You have Billy Wagner as your closer when he was with the phillies I liked him and still do I went to many phillies games I went last year when they played the Bo Sox’s and he was outstanding I will watch your games when they are on b/c I am from West Chester PA

  543. metsfan31188@hotmail.com

    hey just wanted to say good game last night. That’s the way to show them what your made of. Hope you have a great year and go far. I have faith.

  544. wilsonjoseph@hotmail.com

    Great Game last night!! Two dingers, what better way could we start the series with the Braves!!!!! Keep it up the rest of this series and the Braves will be begging for mercy all year long!!!

  545. twumacs@lycos.com

    Glad to see you back. Great name for your Blog would be “wright Reasons”.
    Big Fan,

    Tommy McD

  546. njblueshirt367@aol.com

    I just wanted to say Thank You for the autograph I got from you last year, it made my day. Its great to your as real as you seem. You have a lot of heart and desire, and true fans recognize and respect that about you. Again thanks, and how about
    “David’s Diggs”

    God Bless


  547. bigapple299276@msn.com

    Hey David,


    Blue power = the force behind the team members, strong like the NYPD & Norfolk P.D.

    Orange Twist = the changing of the guard in the National League.


    Bill K. from Fairfax, Virginia

  548. tippytoe90@aol.com

    heyy david, im 16 years old nd im a big mets fan. lemme juss start by sayin u r soooo cute lol. Its soo adorable how u stick ur tougne out when you bat and stuff. Anyway you have been doin a very good job this years and u made up for those three errors with those 2 home runs in the game vs. Atlanta last night. I was so happy becuz u r my favorite player on the mets next to Nady and Reyes. Keep up the good work.THE METS DOIN SOO GOOD THIS YEAR!!!
    i dont have any blog names except for MR.WRIGHT–but i dont think thats a good name for the boys lol

    ~Jovana from Brooklyn, NY

  549. agoldsmi@sas.upenn.edu

    David, you need to stay back on the ball more when you are fielding.

    Most of your fielding and throwing errors are coming when you are going to your left or charging a ball. Most importantly, you are off-balance on almost all of your errors. It looks like you’re about to fall over yourself. Stay balanced, and the errors will go away.

    Have a great season.

  550. madeleine_emmerson@hotmail.com

    Name for your blog – How about “The Wright Stuff”. The Mets certainly have it so far this year, and it honours some heroes in other spheres too. Good luck for 2006, from your greatest fan in the UK.

  551. amazinmatt@optonline.net

    Hey D Wright,

    Hope your having fun out there, i enjoy watching you and the mets. The Mets are my favorite team and i belive that this could be are year, the addition of Wagner Delgado and “X” sure helps put us in elite status to win the Division and hopefully the World Series.

    Have a great year,


  552. danijill3110@yahoo.com

    Mr. Wright-

    I have been a Mets fan forever like everyone else here and just want to thank you for the great job and excitement you bring to this team. I was luck to get to meet you this year at spring training but did not have anything to get your autograph but you waited there while my brother flipped thru the program to sign for him. You truly are a great person. Look forward to seeing what more amazing things you and the rest of the team do. Keep up the great work.


  553. goldglover117@aim.com

    Hey David,
    I’m a huge Mets fan and really excited about the season. You’re already having an awesome year and hearing some MVP chants (some from me and my friends). Im hopin ur able to break outta the mini slump ur having, I think your trying to pull the ball 2 much, everyone believes you will be a great player because of your ability to go to the opposite field and i think you should take advantage of that.

    Go Mets!


  554. aaronr13_us@yahoo.com

    You guys have an incredable team this year. Great to watch. The challenge this year may be to stay focused after you’re 15 games in first place πŸ™‚

    How about:

    Wright’s Corner

  555. aaronr13_us@yahoo.com

    You guys have an incredable team this year. Your greatest challenge this year may be staying focused after getting up 20 games πŸ™‚ How about:

    Wright’s Corner


    Wright’s Mets Corner

  556. wenrod624@yahoo.com

    Hey Mr. Wright(should I keep calling you this or David? U tell me!!=}):I’m supporting u all the way in the All-Star game, and in everything that u do actually. Don’t worry about the little slump ur going thru, just try to stay back and let the ball come to u (that’s what my coach says to me, and it works). U guys are playing great baseball, everything seems to come thru when its time, like in yesterday’s game when Duki hit the ball right to the pitcher, everything worked out and u guys made every Nats fan deflate with sorrow..;]ouch. So keep the dishearten of every NL fan, and snap out of it already; be the awesome offensive player we all know u r. Remember, all the great ones go thru it, so don’t let it get to ur head(sorry about the drama=>). Keep in touch.
    MUCH LOVE(not the obsessed one)

    Wendy R.

    PS: what happen to the name of ur blog, pick mine already(just a suggetion).AWESOMELY WRIGHTEOUS!=>

  557. ponine23@aol.com

    For the first 17 years of my life, I was a Mets fan, then they went and traded David Cone. Since the acquired Robin Ventura, the Mets have been back in my good graces and now that they have you, I will remain a Mets fan. The day you came up, 1050 ESPN Radio referred to you as a “young Robin Ventura” and that’s good enough for me. You have proven to be the next rising star on the Mets and it is well deserved. I wish you success in 2006 and I hope you get to take a Championship in NY.

  558. kenneth

    Wuzzup Dave,

    It is good to see you guys playing so well considering the injuries and all. Beltran with the hammy, your boy Cliff with the rib cage, and Bannister now out. Kaz is back, but I think Anderson was playing just fine that’s just me. Starting to warm up a little, makes hittin the rock a little easier. Overall good April for you and the Team. Keep the bats going and DON”T SWEAT THE GLOVE DOG. happens to us all. to all with no faith in my man’s Defense. 1 word…. ESPY!!!! hit me up Dave. still managing the AMF bowling alley back in Ches. in the off season saw ya come in with pops and asked you to sign a ball for my son. You kinda smiled and said ” you got one on ya.” i said ” yeah doesn’t everybody.” have a good one bro. keep swinging the stick and hustlin on the pads.



  559. tammy_holt@justicemail.com

    Hey David! I am so excited about this season. This is the best Mets team I have seen in a long time. I have been a Mets fan since 1983 when my idol Keith Hernandez was traded from the Cardinals. I grew up and still live near St. Louis and I catch a lot of heat for being a Mets fan and much to the dismay of my family even named my one and only child, my daughter Shea. Hopefully before Shea Stadium is no more I will be able to take her to her namesake. She asks me when we are going all of the time. So anyway, good luck for the rest of the season and please please please when you all come to St. Louis, will you kick some serious butt!!!!!! I would love to have the bragging rights!

  560. mmchesnick07@hotmail.com

    Hey davie boy…i’m going to be at the game on may 7th (my 21st birthday) going to be getting there really early so i can hopefully meet you :)i love you and keep up the good work sexy!!!!

  561. jrf4444coco@aol.com

    To David,
    Hi my name is Julia Fremante. I am 13 years old. I am in eighth grade. I live in Guilderland. It took me along time to figure out how to sign in i wanted to see if it would let me type in 1889 for the year i was born but i just it doesn’t. It takes me a long time to figure out a lot of things but i get all A’s in school.

    I love baseball. The Mets are my favorite team. Your card was the first baseball card. Benny Agbiani(?) used to be my favorite baseball player but know you are.

    JOKES: Why did the person get fired from the bannana(?) factory?

    THINK ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Because he threw out all the bent ones.

    HA HA HE HE!

    Another: Why did the person get fired from the M and M factory?……………………………………………………..

    Because he threw out all the W’s

    HA HA HA!


    QUESTION: Why do baseball players get paid so much for playing thear favorite game while there are starving and homeless people on the street? They never get to play thier favorite game unless thier favorite game is looking for food. Do you help the helpless.

    ADVICE: Never walk out of a game unhappy it will just encourage the other team. Wait till you go to the locker room to explode.

    The one thing i ask of you: that you walk into every game witha SMILE. Do this for me and all of the other Mets fans and those want to be Mets fans.

    Please write back with your own jokes.


    P.S This is the second time i wrote this because by accident i erased the whole thing before.

    P.S.S I am very bad with computers.

  562. cctalkalot@hotmail.com

    David….wow im a big fan…..anyway i was wondering if i could ask you a few questions because im doing an essay in college of being a mets fan. So i would greatly appreciate it if i could ask you a few questions. just email me and ill write you back with the questions. thanks! ~cindy~

  563. wkraman31@gmail.com

    Hi David,
    I grew up in Brooklyn and some of my best days of the summer where spent at Shea Stadium. I was there when Strawberry hit a bomb off the top of the scoreboard at Shea. It was moments like that made me a Met fan for life. I live out in Seattle now just finished school and I watch you guys via the MLB.com. Love the way you guys have started the season and your not even working on all cylinders yet. Tell Cliff to stay lose at the plate and to keep his hands soft and quick, to left field and up the middle. I know that doesn’t mean much from someone who has never played proffessional ball and is 23 but it can’t hurt, nobody wants to see .190 on the scoreboard when Cliff comes to the plate. The real Mets fans are behind Cliff you let him know that.



  564. mets31girl@aol.com

    hey david! im 17 years old and i am a HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE METS FAN!!! i think u are reallllly hottt!!!! (im sure you hear that a lot. lol.) you did really good last night. you and the mets are off to a really great start! how about these names for your blog: david wright is a “wright”eous dude. or david’s got the wright stuff. any of those sound good?
    great job and keep up the great work!

    love, katie

  565. stretchwehrle@yahoo.com

    David, do you realize that you stick your tongue out every time you hit or make a play in the field? Does it help your concentration?

  566. yelena_giselle@hotmail.com

    Hey David:

    My Name is Yelena and I live in Puerto Rico. I am a great fan of the NY Mets and of course you!! On May 19 & 20 I will be in NY to watch the series against the Yankees (And of course you guys have to win!!!) And it will be an honor for me to meet you, it sounds kind of impossible, but I am a big friend of Pedro (Martinez!). I hope and can at least congratulate you on the great job you are doing for the team and your efforts. Today, May 5, 2006 the Mets have a record of 19-9 , keep it going, I wish to see a WS Ring on every one of you !!!

    With Love and Respect

    Yelena G. Hazim

  567. bluesof62stick2u@aol.com


    WATS UP?

    way to break out of your slump last night. Cuz when your struggling so is the team. so umm…. I LOVE YOU!


    WRIGHT TEAM, WRIGHT TIME, WRIGHT GUY. (or you could leave the last one out)

    So keep on keeping the METS in order and i hope i can see all of you in the World Series!!

    or atleast the playoffs.

    like the motto:

    this is our team

    and our time!!!!!!


  568. captsehorn@msn.com


    Love the attitude, hustle and professionalism that YOU bring to this team….keep it up every day…we’re watching and we’re behind you 110% every day.


    Major S.

  569. fiory@millburn.org


    Keep up the good work. I’m only 26 myself and I must say I am so impressed with you. Keep carrying yourself in that professional manner. Don’t stop signing those autographs for the kids, you don’t realize the affect it has on children. Keep working hard, and bring a championship home.

    Good luck,


  570. bigguido420@yahoo.com

    David, I am 23 years old and have been a met fan since birth. though i am too young to remember the 86 series, i am old enough to remember all the losing years that have followed it. You are one of the best things that ever happened to the team and if u ever leave the mets would never recover. Keep on keepin’ on, and if you get a chance, tell Xavier Nady he’s the man and to keep up what he’s doing. Screw the braves, go Mets!!!!

  571. bluesof62stick2u@aol.com

    Hey david its me again, i just wanted to say hi…….
    again….. and that your’e awesome again… so keep up the good work!!

    Before i put in:

    Wright Team Wright Time Wright Guy (or leave the last one out if it sounds *****)

    BUT: heres another:

    no i dont have another

    but pick the first one pleez!!!

    SEE YA

    (chris) (P)E)N)D)E)R)G)A)S)T!!!!

    lets go mets


  572. bluesof62stick2u@aol.com

    Hey david its me again, i just wanted to say hi…….
    again….. and that your’e awesome again… so keep up the good work!!

    Before i put in:

    Wright Team Wright Time Wright Guy (or leave the last one out if it sounds DUMB)

    BUT: heres another:

    no i dont have another

    but pick the first one pleez!!!

    SEE YA

    (chris) (P)E)N)D)E)R)G)A)S)T!!!!

    lets go mets




    Hit a homer 2day for me!!

    see ya

  573. hdarvick@yahoo.com

    David, I’ve been a Mets fan since Spring Training, 1962. It’s been a roller coaster ride and it’s been fun! As I’m sure you know, playing third base for the Mets has been a temporary job most of the time, with only one Met being there more than four years (HoJo). You’ve made it your job, hopefully for the rest of your ML career, because you’re hitting, running and playing third base the Wright way!

    — Herman Darvick

  574. mansoors@hotmail.com

    Hi David,

    Why not call your site CoolShaikh and I’ll gift you my domain coolshaikh.com. My last name is Shaikh and it means a revered old man or scholar. Or in general terms it means revered. Think about it. A Cool Revered Old Man!!!

    Just make sure you credit me for it πŸ™‚

    Oh, forgot to mention, I really like your game πŸ™‚



  575. mmchesnick07@hotmail.com

    hey boyfriend lol…i was at the game sunday formy 21st bday even though you guys got killed i still had a great time… you were like 20 feet away from me when you were signing those autographs…but i didn’t get one ;( but i had these two drunk guys hitting on me and i was telling them that i love you so the went and bought me a framed picture of you and a key chain..lol hopefully next time i go to a game i will get a chance to meet you…LOVE YOU!! and the rest of the mets…i’ve grown up being a met fan my whole life even have a dog named shea..lol

  576. bba24@aol.com

    Hi David,

    Growing up in NY, it’s easy to jump on the Bandwagon and become a Yankee Fan from the onset. Look at their recent and past history and especially their dominance through the ages. Most Mets fan today are not Mets fans because their Parents were Bklyn Dodgers Fans or NY Giants Fans- they are Mets fans out of choice…We are special fans(I’ve been one for 40 years and counting).

    You my friend, will be the reason that many youngters in the next decade will be choosing to become a Mets fan- Just as Mr. Jeter has done for the past decade. I guess that makes you the new Prince of the city. While I don’t know you personally, I can tell, as all NY fans can plainly see, that you have it all, and we are lucky to have you as a Met and you will be the Pride of the City for Years to come. You are the perfect role model!

    One complaint…my 8-year old started shaking his bat in his stance at the plate, trying to imitate you-threw off his timing completely…please come out with a public address statement “Saying kids don’t try this at home! πŸ˜‰

    As for names for your Blog…

    All Wright


    The Wright Stuff

    Wright Down The Line

    Good Luck, G-d Bless and STAY HEALTHY!!!!!


  577. ecawa_4life_03@hotmail.com

    hey David. first of all you are an awesome ballplayer and the hottest one ever,(thats just my personal opinion.) how about ‘wrights writings’ for your blog name? p.s. do you think you’ll be coming to the Bahamas any time soon?
    –Your Bahamian Fan, Eri–

  578. ellenshouse@adelphia.net

    hey David,
    It’s Grant’s buddy Keith….one of the guys you were suppose to play paintball with a few years back…..when the guy didn’t show up and we ate steak instead…anyway, just wanted to say hi and let you know that you have made me a Met convert. I teach 7th grade and I’m constantly steering my athletes-to-be towards wathing you on and off the field and I truly appreciate the example you are setting. It’s great to see a Virginia boy do well in the big leagues. take care and will be in the stands with my dad (who played AAA in the Orioles organization) when you guys visit Washington. Hit one deep in the cheaps seats for us!

    -Keith Ellen

  579. jessicamaldonado@aol.com

    Hi David… congrats on the season so far….Let’s Go Mets..You guys are crushing it tonite here in Philly!!!!! I can smell the Worlds Series already!!!!:)Even though I miss Mikey P…. Lo Duca will do… I gotta suggestion for your Blog title, how about “the hot corner”????? —Jes

  580. meowthrulez@hotmail.com

    Dear Mr. Wright,
    Here are some suggestions,

    ‘Look on the bwright side!’

    ‘Wright Fight!’

    The Wright Site!’

    By the way when you stick out your tongue when you pitch, are you trying to let the batter know that you don’t like them?

  581. islesfan1@verizon.net

    I love seeing all the pictures of you with your tongue out. Do you do that when you are working on something. I have been doing that since I was a kid. I still do it when I working hard on something. My 5 year old son also does it even when he is coloring. He is definitely one of your biggest fans. He always wants to wear your jersey to school. Will you be making any appearances in the near future? Good luck this year.

  582. railroadfanatic@yahoo.com

    I have been a Mets fan since 1986.I live in Emporium,Pa. I am probably the only Mets fan here with alot of Pirates and Yankee fans.I love it that the Mets are on top in the standings.If everyone stays on track and gets out of a slump,the Mets will be unbeatable. I am hoping for a sweep of the subway series. I hope to see the Mets go to the playoffs and win the world series this year.I think this is the year. I miss Mike Piazza but I am getting to like Paul Lo Duca. How about the Wright Thing for your blog.When you come up to bat, I always say “come on David, do the Wright thing, hit a homerun.” a few times you listen to me and do it. Lets Go Mets. I love the Mets.

  583. livelovetechno@aol.com

    Dear Mr. Wright, I am almost eighteen and have been a Mets fan since in the mother’s womb haha, At the age of two I could recite the entire starting lineup including a mini biography of each player, I just wrote to tell you my ideas for your blog and how much I look up to you
    your refined and crucial to this clubhouse and I am glad we have the “wright” man.

    I would love to be the proud creator of your blog name… so here are some suggestions…

    “downwright baseball”

    “In the Dirt”

    “Wright on Base”

    “The Wright Words”


    – Rebecca

    Glen Cove , Long Island, New York

  584. noterd003@yahoo.com

    Yo David,
    My name’s Kieran i live in NJ. I love the mets and ur a vital key to our success this year. I look up to u alot u and ur my favorite player on the team. I STILL CANT GET OVER THE PLAY U MADE WHEN THE BALL IT THE BAG AND U BAREHANDED IT. If thats not a web gem i dont no wut is!!! anyway i guess one suggestion could be “Who’s on Third? The WRIGHT man for the job”

    -Kieran (UR MY HERO!)

    Wyckoff, New Jersey

  585. mcmahonfamily27@optonline.net

    Dear David,
    Like every other Mets fan, I enjoy your enthusiasm and talent for the game. Please don’t ever become jaded.

    I’d also like to tell you that my 89 year old father, who has Alzheimer’s watches every met game. Sometimes we replay the previous night’s game the following day because he doesn’t stay up to see the night games. My mom thinks your great. My 15 year old daughter asked her if she liked you and she said ” I may be old, but I’m not dead!” We hope you continue having a great career. Stay healthy.


  586. iquinn@edgewood.edu

    Dear David,

    I just wanted to stop in and say hey. I got to see you play in Milwaukee on Friday and that was definitely the highlight of my summer even though we lost. I love the way you play the game and the smile you always have while doing it. I have a question though… Over the year I’ve been following your games I’ve noticed that a lot of teams pitch you away. I know much of your power is to the alley in right center. Are the pitches you hit for bombs to right center mistakes left over the middle? And you’ve been taking a lot of called first strikes, is that something you have developed a habit for or is it just good pitcher’s pitches. Thanks and good luck this year bro


  587. eddie361@aol.com

    hey dave can you tell Carlos Delgado to poke a couple grouders down the line ,( especialy with no outs), A double is a double, they aint gotta be pretty, when the other team has that big shift on,that will open up the right side a little (they wont be able to cheat as much), and can you tell Jose to take a smaller lead when they have that big shift on( when Jose is on first)that will cure them of the Delgado shift as well a couple of bad throws will change the other teams stategy, I know Delgado can do it

  588. supa134@aim.com

    This is a beautiful start, but history will tell you its all about the finish. This was a tuff loss to stl tonight, but this is what builds a champion. There are not much really to ask more of yall, but I would like to see more singles instead of swinging for the fences because these strikeouts are getting out of hand. I know cliff floyd is strugglin with the bat, but i know he can hit to the opposite field, look back to last year and study every homerun you hit to left field. Use that as your self help. Matsui, i love the defense. X man, the bat is wonderful but your defensive reastion to the crack of the bat needs improvement. Reyes, i need you to calm down and relax, you rush yourself at the plate. I would like to see you foul seven pitches off on a three two count and get a walk then hit a homerun on the first pitch. : ) Do luca, your wonderful addition but when you have a runner stealing and your feet are not set for a throw dont throw it. Beltran i still think your a number two hitter but if your gonna hit 3, i think you shouldnt have a problem especially with delgado behind you. Beltran your suppose to steal 20 bases and to do that you have to get 20 singles. Beltran id ratha you hit 20 homeruns in the playoffs then 20 homeruns in the season : ) Beltran can you play in some on defense too, singles up the middle i find myself waiting a couple seconds waiting for y ou to pick up the ball. As for pitchin, i dont know if pedro is gonna hold up being undefeated all yea, he might loose one…. Glavin , i think he can win 20. Traschel, i dont know what to say but not to give up 714 to barry bonds if doesnt get it before he comes to town. I know Bannister is coming back, when he does we can call him the comeback kid cause thats what he does best. I think Lima will show today against stl what he has and if its enough to stick around, hopefully he has it because i dont think gonzalez or maine have a better handshake with reyes. . . Jorge Julio, im your biggest fan and i cant wait for you to get into a one run game ans strike out the side. Sanchez great glasses. Aaron heilman, i would like you to start but untill jorge julio strikes out the side , your gonna have to share games with the fifth starter. Wagner, get a smoothie machine for the bullpen since most of the time your jus sitting in there waiting….. Oh the rest of the bullpen feliciano bradford etc etc throw strikes like MTA. Delgado , goodluck on making the allstar game with pujols hitting more homeruns than you have rbi’s

  589. jcamacho622@yahoo.com

    Dear David,
    I started watching the Mets because my ex-boyfriend is and was a die hard Mets fan. Now that we aren’t together anymore I only watch the games to see you (and Pedro and Reyes), but mainly you. Anyway I was lucky enough to get tickets to this sunday’s subway series game on the field near third base, as a gift for my 21st birthday and I am looking forward to watching you and the rest of the team show the Yankees whose house it is.

  590. jcamacho622@yahoo.com

    Dear David,
    I started watching the Mets because my ex-boyfriend is and was a huge Mets fan. Now that we aren’t together anymore I only watch the games to see you (and Pedro and Reyes), but mainly you. Anyway I was lucky enough to get tickets to this sunday’s subway series game on the field near third base, as a gift for my 21st birthday and I am looking forward to watching you and the rest of the team show the Yankees whose house it is.

  591. vzeo6epp@verizon.net

    Dear David:
    You MUST be feeling very good after last night. I didn’t even know what a “walk-off single” was until I looked at the tape. OOH! It was a good night to celebrate the 22nd birthday of my youngest degree, a Penn State MBA!

    Seriously, I wish I could bring your enthusiasm into my own life. Perhaps, you’ll teach me! Obviously, you love playing baseball.

    Ironically, I live very close to Philadelphia, although my hometown is Wilkes-Barre (about equidistant from New York and Philadelphia), so it is hard for me to keep quiet about the Mets while the Phillies are so close in the standings. Perhaps your teammates and you can put an end to such speculation when both the Braves and the Phillies visit Shea soon.

  592. mets31girl@aol.com

    hey david!!! i just wanted to say great job last night on your walk off single! i loved watching the interview that you had with chris cotter after the game. also today, you’re doing pretty good. i’m going to be at the game in august when you guys play the padres. im watching the game right now against the yankees- looking good. (: lets go mets! love, katie

  593. supa134@aim.com

    wagner must not like pitching behind pedro ! tell willie to use julio on pedro saves, maybe pedro can get his 6th win and let Glavine not to make it so obvious he wants to finish his career in atlanta

  594. oibrupor31@aol.com

    Hey David. I have been watching you play since you started on the Mets and I just want to say that you are an extremely talented player. You may be young and inexperienced, but within the next five years at the most, I can tell that you will be the one to help bring about a world series win.

  595. elizakate7@aol.com

    Hey!! I went to your games when you were in Binghamton and i knew that you were going to make it big along with Reyes and Bannister. I havnt missed one Mets game this year and whenever you hit a homerun or base hit i am exstatic. Just last night at the subway series, i sat in a room of all yankee fans and i told them the mets would win and sure enough you guys did. Congrats on your 6th homerun outta the park. Whenever anyone asks me who my favorite baseball player is, my answer is David Wright #5 3b for ny mets. Keep up the good work and remember….Play the game as you did when you were little….just have fun!! Good luck to an already awesome 2006 season. And if you ever want to come back to Binghamton for a visit…you are 100% welcome.

    Your fan,


  596. toom113@gmail.com

    Hey David,

    Hey I’m a huge Mets fan and i just wanted to wish you guys luck on makeing it past the Phillies and the Braves and getting to the playoffs, Your my favorite player, so it means a little more when ypu make the good play or when you hit the Homerun.

    Bye now-Tom

  597. leeangel326@aol.com

    Hey David,
    I have been a huge mets fan my entire life! Even though im a girl lol Baseball is my favorite thing to watch and I am definitely your biggest fan. I love the way you play the game with your whole heart and show emotion. Other players dont even smile when they slam one out of the park, but you cant seem to stop smiling. It shows how much you love playing and you deserve to be on that field. You have definitely proved yourself on the Mets!! The mets have a great team today, and I have such high hopes for the playoffs. I am so happy you came out of that little slump you had with that great play. My favorite thing about watching you, sounds funny but is how you always have your tongue sticking out, whether your on the field or up at bat. I hope you guys keep up the good work. All of the players seem to play real well together and help eachother out no matter what and that is the best thing to have!! I am going to next spring training in Florida and I hope I able to meet you!! Keep playing with your heart!

    Your Biggest fan,

    Lisa, NY

  598. marystella@adelphia.net

    Can this blog be setup to notify interested users of the blog via e-mail when this page has been updated? so we don’t have to keep checking back?

  599. doors28@aol.com

    actually…here’s a new one..either or..

    “wright here, wright now”


    “First and Third” ( or 1st and 3rd)

    as in..mets in first place..and wright at 3rd base.

  600. ohiojen2005@yahoo.com

    Hey David… Great game tonight vs the Phillies… I have never been to a game that lasted so long… I will be extremely tired for work tomorrow but you guys made it all worth it pulling off the win! I loved it when you threw your bat and helmet… shows your true dedication for the game… πŸ™‚ don’t beat yourself up so much, you know you’ve got talent and it will take more than that for your fans to not love you! BTW… do you have any meet and greets for your 23/f fans… Have a great day!

  601. coolkidox143@aim.com

    Hey Wright,
    I just wanted to tell you that you are an amazing athlete but i think that the pressure gets to you sometimes and thats my you slip up… You are still great and you played an amazing game with a great homer tonight! keep up the good work!

  602. amsilva@ablesales.com

    Dear Wright,

    Lifelong Mets fan, here, all the way from Puerto Rico. Not only are you good for the Mets but you are great for baseball. Finally somebody playing with the joy and enthusiasm us regular people imagine we would play with had we had the oportunity to take the field in an MLB uniform. I am glad my kids have you to look up to and that you are doing so well. I wish you a long career in MLB and hopefully with the Mets, the greatest team. Dont ever lose your enthusiasm.

    Sweep the Phillies!

  603. julebear99@aol.com

    David Wright~
    You are the best baseball player ever! I am a huge Mets fan and of course, you are my favorite player. You are so good at playing third base. You rock at batting too. Also,you are VERY good looking. You are an inspiration to all. If you strike out or make a bad play, you continue to hold your head high. You help me, like most other teens, see that life will go on. You are a joy to watch and I look forward to watching you play in every game. Your enthusiam on the field and your friendships with the other amazing players shows me that your a real friendly guy. When I was taken to my first Mets game a few months ago, i saw you and was astonished that I was actually seeing you in person. It was like a dream come true for me. Keep your head high and good luck in the approaching games. KICK BUTT!!!!!


    a huge fan πŸ™‚

  604. metsfan4life5000@netscape.net

    This is Shawn(the guy who sent “Wright Now” as a suggestion for your blog). Thanks so much for picking mine, and I’m glad I could help. Good luck on the rest of the season and the rest of your career! I’ll be right here cheering you on all the way!!

    Your #1 fan,


  605. marystretch@aol.com

    whenever I see you get up in the clutch, I get goosebumps that youre going to get a big hit. Like the time when you had bases loaded aganst Philidelphia, you got a base hit scoring in a run. Plus, that game we won by one run. If it wasnt for you, the game would of went to extra innings. The first game of the season, when you hit a homerun, I knew you were going to have a great season, and you are. Anyway, I will be waiting for you to hit youre next homer.

    To my favorite player,

    Thomas Navarra

  606. marystretch@aol.com

    Youre hitting is improving incredibly. Against the Marlins, you had 4 hits against them in the 2nd game.Plus, youre starting to become a threat to some pitchers. If you keep this up, you might be in the hall of fame.Lets not think too positive, maybe you wont, but I sure hope you do.

    To my favorite player,

    Thomas Navarra

  607. nover002@odu.edu

    Mr. David Wright,

    I just got into this whole blogging thing and I stumbled across yours’. My name is Neal and I am a huge fan of yours and a huge Mets fan. I just wanted to say congrats on an excellent 2005 seasong and an outstanding start to the 2006 season. Back a few years ago, I actually had a chance to play against you on the diamond. I am a graduate of Bayside High in Va. Beach and I recall very well the day that we played Hickory High as a part of spring break tournament and you single handedly beat us very badly. I feel very privleged to have seen such a talented player in action. I have noticed recently that not only has your batting average gone through the roof, so has your consistency. With guys like Reyes, LoDuca, Beltran and Delgado hitting in front of you, your bat is a corner stone to the Mets offense. Over the last month, I have noticed that you have struck out a lot less, and have been able to just put the ball in play and move the runner over when you fall behind in the count (I’m not stalking you, I just like to get my money’s worth out of mlb.tv) Anyways, keep up the good work and best of luck to you in the future. It is obvious how much you respect the game and your level of commitment to the sport is what keeps guys like me interested in the game. DAVID WRIGHT FOR MVP!!!!!!!!!! (If Pujols would stop winning games with one swing of his magic wand)

  608. marystretch@aol.com

    Hey Dave,
    I am so looking foward to Bannister coming back in July. Soler is doing pretty bad. He gave up all 7 runs against Arizona. All Iam saying is don’t even bring him down to AAA, give him to AA. OH, and by the way, tell the new guy, great debut. He went 1 for 4, and that’s pretty good for a first MLB game.

    To my favorite player,

    Thomas Navarra

  609. bluehen_832003@yahoo.com

    Whats up D. Wright,
    Good luck tonite in your game against the diamondbacks. i have been to 3 games this year including the 1st yankees game with your walk-off base hit in the 9th, what a game. anyway, my girlfriend is a yankees fan but she watches all the mets games because she says you are ‘so hot’, whatever it takes to get her to watch a mets game and cheer with me. do you do any fundraisers where you can meet the mets players? we would love to attend. thanks again and maybe i could send you a picture of her!!! You got my vote for the allstar game and thanks for keeping me alive in my fantasy baseball league!!

    -Kev from Jersey

  610. mpalmer01@cox.net


    Just want to say you are doing a great job his season. Your career thus far has been outstanding and will only continue to improve. Just want to let you know all of us in the Chesapeake (Hickory/Great Bridge) area are huge fans.

    Continue the outstanding play

    The Palmer Family

  611. brklynvincent@aol.com


    I just wanted to let you

    know how awsome you are and that you make me proud to be a die hard mets fan. I hope you get the long term contract with lots of money.I know you deserve it.Keep up the great work.You are our my hero dude.

    vinny from bensonhurst Brooklyn

  612. marystretch@aol.com

    The game where Delgado hit in the winning RBI, I bet you if he got on base, you would have scored in the winning run. But I can’ t conplain, we won, and that’s all that matters.

    To my favorite player,

    Thomas Navarra

  613. dwyane_wade_eturn@yahoo.com

    Hey Mr. Wright, Im a huge fan of yours. Im a junior playing high school baseball in Maine, I really admire the type of clean, hard-nosed player you are and i try to somewhat model myself after you. I myself play third base and am trying to play baseball in college and maybe someday play as a profession. I was wondering if you had any advice or tips that helped you along the way that you could pass on from one thirdbaseman to another? Hope to hear from you, keep up the good work.

  614. korean_heather.jung1986@hotmail.com

    You r fire in this season!!

    That’s perfect for the team and yourself. But I just wanna tell you that you should keep yourself away from injuries. I was a softball player, but i got shoulder injury by a car accident. I’m not able to play any sports anymore. I know you r a professional baseball player, so you know what you have to do for yourself. But I just wanna remind you that you should keep yourself away from injuries because all New Yorkers love Mets’ third baseman, #5.. you, David! Let New Yorkers be your biggest supporters! You know how sweet New Yorkers are, right?=)And please remember that i’m praying everyday for you to become a best player in MLB and your healthier season for 2006. Wish to hear from you soon, and thanks for spending time to read my messege =)

  615. fbertie1@ithaca.edu


    You are absolutely fantastic. I was just at Shea for you final game versus the Giants. Although it wasnR