Still plenty to prove


We haven?t accomplished any of our goals yet. We?ve played about 70 games and we?re where we want to be at this point, but there?s plenty of the season left. It?s not even the All-Star break.

Everyone in our clubhouse knows that and nobody?s about to become complacent. We have to continue to push, play good baseball and develop. We want to keep becoming better and get better as a team over the course of the season.

As much as I?ve liked the way our team has performed, there?s no doubt we can become even better.

In New York, you?re always under a lot of pressure. We put a lot of pressure on ourselves, too. But I wouldn?t have it any other way. Being constantly under the microscope, always being scrutinized, that drives me to perform.

The people on the other end of that microscope are the fans. They?re the ones you play for. They can really pick you up and motivate you sometimes. On one of those dog days of summer you?ll hear the crowd and really get pumped up.


My whole approach focuses on doing what it takes every pitch of every ballgame to help the Mets win ?- and nothing else. It?s easy that way.

My biggest fear is letting my teammates down. I want my teammates to have confidence in me and want me on their side. Letting my teammates down is the worst thing that can happen to me on a baseball field.

Following a 9-1 road trip we had lost two straight games at home before tonight?s win. Losing just makes us angry and upset. We hate losing, so it makes us push that much harder. It demonstrates we have a long way to go before we become the team we want to be.

Thanks for reading and root for the Mets.

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    Hey David,
    I just want to say that I think all of New York is glad to have you on our team. You have been an amazing component of the Mets on and off the field. I was there when you hit your grand slam and it just made my summer. Not only because you helped the team win, but because you are such a dedicated, persistant, and enthusiastic player that it was great to see you accomplish something like that. Good luck on the upcoming road trip!



    Man I think your freakin awesome, hands down the best 3rd baseman in MLB right now, Arod? Rolen? who ? those are nothing to what you are and what you will be. As a fan and an athlete I think you are the best role model for future MLB players. It would be real cool if you can send me an autograph baseball.




    Keep playing the way your playing “wright now.” You are the man in New York and will be for the next 15 years. I’m sure you don’t remember, but I met you and Cliff Floyd at a New Jersey Nets game a few months ago and I wanted to thank you because you were both very gracious in signing something for me. Good luck for the rest of the season, and keep pushing everyone on the team to play with the same heart and intensity that you show every day. Even my sister who watches baseball about once a year said on Sunday while she was watching the game with me, David Wright’s going to hit a grand slam. Sure enough, you came through as usual. Take care and keep working hard.


    We are from Great Bridge;My son saw you at the bowling alley over the winter and was too nervous to talk to you. We are planning a 3 game baseball swing in July that includes the Mets at Cincinnati..We have seats near 3rd base.Hope to see you there….Keep up the Great season !! We’re proud of you back here in Chesapeake….Mike



    Don’t even worry about letting your teammates down. Honestly, with the way you’ve been playing this season, and even the last season and a half, you have nothing to fear. Everyone understands that people have off days every now and then, so I honestly don’t think you will ever let them down. Congrats on the Grand Slam on Sunday. That was awesome! Good Luck with the rest of the season, and good luck at the all star game! I just know that you’ll be the starting third basemen! πŸ™‚ (I’ll keep voting just to make sure lol)

    Love you David!!!

    Your biggest fan,



    David, keep up the good work. You still may have goals, but you guys are amazing right now/before/etc. just keep it up πŸ™‚


    I don’t think that you have to worry about letting your teamates down. Just keep playing like you are, cause it’s amazing! And thank you guys so much for sweeping the Phillies. Living out near the Philly area, I got to go to the sweep game and for my first pro game ever, it couldn’t have been better! You’re such a great player, talent, skills, smart, and hard worker. And you don’t let any of it go to your head which just makes it even easier to root for you and the Mets. Keep up the good work and I can’t wait to go to Shea and see you guys play August 20th!

    Also congrats on player of the week with Jose!

    I Love you David!




    The road trip was amazing…..I really enjoyed the sweep of the Phillies!!! That play you made there was amazing! Even my friends from Philly said it was really good! Also I am sure your father enjoyed the grand slam on Sunday!!! I think you guys really have something special this year! Well have a great week and keep racking up the wins!




    Your bat and your glove scream out MVP! You are the epitome of what a baseball player should be. Gettin it WRIGHT is definitely the job you’ve taken on.

    I was up there in the mezzanine when you hit your GRAND SLAM, and I must tell you, you’ve taken a special spot in my baseball memories with that blast to left field! That was the first homerun I’ve seen at a Major League ballpark! To see that it was a grand slam hit by my favorite player made that ballgame very, very special! I was even wearing your number! Don’t let the pressure get to you, you of all baseball players have nothing to fear from the New York crowds, no matter how bad you think you’re playing…that’s how special a ball player you are! Anyways, keep up the good work because, in the end, you KNOW it will pay off! Of course, I won’t forget about all the players on this great ballclub, you guys have done such a great job…Thanks! Let’s go Mets! Our Team. Our Time.


  10. Arielle

    It is good to see you guys win, but I’m afraid that is going to have to stop for a few days when you play the Sox next week. Pedro’s reception at Fenway should be interesting, but I’m expecting applause. He didn’t go to the Yankees after all. He just got a little needy. Good luck until Tuesday,



    Hey I’m one of the few fans down here in Baltimore that loves you and the Mets. I drafted you first in my fantasy league and you have yet to dissapoint me. I vowed to buy an authentic jersey of yours this year but I’m still trying to scrape together the money to buy it. Not only have you turned me into a full fledged Mets fan in B-More, but you turned my girlfriend onto baseball somewhat. (I think you know why) :-), Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that there are some fans outside of New York that love you and the Mets and I know that you will start over Rolen in the All-Star game, you deserve it.



    Hey Dave,

    I live in Salt Lake, a long way from NYC, and my roomies are big time Phillies fans! We’ve been pretty competitive this year especially and I’m so glad the Mets are doing well this year and I’m especially glad for that last series with the Phils. They’re a great team but my heart is true blue Mets all the way.

    Good luck with the season, you’ll do great!

    Don’t be too hard on youself those off days, just be patient and let the game come to you. You have a load of talent and drive and excellent team mates to carry you through. You’re a pretty special guy and player, I could tell that when you came up to the big leagues.

    Thanks for an awesome season so far and good luck the rest of the way!

    All the best –



    Dearest David,

    If things stay the way they’ve been going, you will give your fans a season to remember. You’re still young as everyone keeps saying and probably telling you, but you’ve already shown everyone who’s watching that you can more than handle the pressure of playing in NY when you repeatedly come through in all those clutch situations. I think it’s great that your biggest fear is letting your teammates down, but remember that you’ve already given your fans and your teammates a lot of good reason to have faith in you for the future (both short- and long-term). Keep up the awesomeness.



    hey david

    its angie again, and i just want to say that its impossible for you to let down your team mates! You have been such a motivator for the rest of the Mets and you’ve picked up many of them when they’ve been having bad games. You are a gifted player and the Mets, and NY are happy to have you here.

    I have been able to watch you play these past few games and you guys are doing great! now youre 9.5 games away from the Phils with Atlanta in last with 14.5 games behind you! You and your team are so amazing!!! I cant wait to watch you play tonight…my family is thinking about going to a couple of games before the season is over..i already made a big poster that has your name written all over it lol i hope i get seats by 3rd base so i can see you!!

    Congrats being in first for the 3rd base position for the all star game! I did a lot of voting myself and i shall keep voting until its over. I hope you’re the MVP for the NL league this year…you deserve it, but even if you dont you’ll be my MVP for life! Good look, all of you and lets kick some Cinncinati butt! LETS GO METS!

    ~Love ya David!!!~



    So I got my number 5 shirt and a new Mets hat for the rest of the season. I am good to go, except for the fact that I can’t go see an actual game at shea because I live in Louisiana. That doesn’t stop me from keeping up with you and the whole team. I’m currently reading “The Bad Guys Won” and I think that this is the year again. Let’s have a good 20 year reunion, but just not as rowdy this time. Good luck this week!


    Hey David,

    I’ve been to a lot of games this year, but none were as good as your GW single against the Yankees on May 19. You’ve been Mr. Clutch this year for the Mets and let’s hope that will continue for many years to come. Not only are you a great player, but a nice guy also. You signed a ball for me at two different games. Keep doing what your doing and we’ll make the playoffs for sure.




    Oh ya..I forgot to say that i am a batgirl at my university and I think that today’s major league games are missing batgirls. Sure you have batboys, but I think yall should consider some ladies. Anyway, just thought I would throw that out there. You can throw it right back if you like.



    Hey David,

    I’m making it out to Toronto this Friday and Sunday to see you and the Mets. I’m a huge mets fan and would greatly appreciate it if you could toss me a ball and sign some autos. I will be down around the RF line and your dugout at about 5 30 on friday and 10 on sunday. I’ll have a sign ready for you so your able to recognize me.

    Thanks David! Go Mets Go!


    i was at the game on tuesday against the reds and during the game a fight broke out and everyone was paying attention to the fight until you came up to bat. everyone started chanting MVP MVP MVP…. just wanted to say good job


    Hey David,

    I was at the game on tuesday against the reds. I was sitting right on the third base line. It was so exciting to be there and watch you play. I just wanted to say that you guys did an excellent job on the road trip and good luck on the rest of the home stand. I know you like to do whats best for the team and think of team stats rather than your own but I think you have done an amazing job this season and you deserve the MVP. Good luck making the Al Star Game; I’ve already voted for you=)

    good luck<3

    your biggest fan



    david! i was at monday’s game and now i’ll be there tonight again (yay for 5 dollar tickets.) i bought a “hello my name is mrs. wright” shirt from the mets clubhouse store for the occasion. how weird is it for you that they’re making these shirts now? it may be a lame tshirt, but i’m showing my support anyway. hope you’re great today on the field, i can’t wait πŸ™‚


    Dear David,

    I’m a huge Mets fan, however I don’t get to see many Mets games living up north in Canada. I am happy however that you’ll be comming here for a 3 game set and I have already planned to see 2 of the games (friday and sunday) and hope to see you in action and have another great game. Keep up the great play and hope to see the Mets on top for the entire season.

    GO METS!


    About the whole ‘letting the team down’ thing, I get that.
    And it is the worst feeling. But you don’t let down your team, or your fans, very often.

    Just know I’m rooting for you, whether you strike out with the bases loaded and the Mets losing by a run, or whether you hit a grand slam to win the game. Whatever you do, I, and other Mets fans, will be rooting for you.

    Let’s go Mets!!




    You are the best 3rd baseman in the league not only because you are an amazing player but because you are so dedicated and you care so much about your teammates and your fans. We all love you, you are AWESOME!! Keep doin what youre doin!!

    ~Your #1 Fan




    I am rooting for you to start in the all star game!!! You are the BEST!!!!! Go Mets!!!!!!



    Hi again David,
    Not sure if you’ll read this, but I have to agree with the others who have commented on your thoughts. You’ve been doing what you’re supposed to be. Actually, you’ve given more than 100% to the team. It’s normal to have those days where you’re just off. Those are the days where you just keep the faith, you know? I think you’re doing great and you’re definitely helping the team. Keep it up! I’m gonna see you @ Shea for Fireworks Night!


    hea David,

    You could never let down the team in my eyes. You are such an amazin’ player and you are always there to pick up the rest of the team when they’re having a down day with a hit or a great play. Congrats on winning the player of the week award along with Jose Reyes! You are the best third basemen in the league David. Even with those off days that you might experience you always come back. You continue to improve and everyday show what you can bring to the table.

    You show a lot of maturity for your age and never let the hype get to your head and that says a great deal. I am so proud of how far the Mets have come this year and I know the Mets will go all the way.Good luck with the rest of the year and this serie. Please tell Nady that his two homeruns last night were amazin’. I was completely blown away!_! I’m gonna continue voting for you in the all star vote because I know you deserve it. You are definitely in line to win the MVP award this year.




    David, the Mets are the greatest team in baseball. Not just because of your abilities, but also because of the love you guys have for each other. Because of that bond, and because your boys know how hard you’re working, you’ll never let them down.

    I’ve been to 10 games so far this season, and the next one will be July 4th. I’ve screamed my head off every time and NEVER would I boo my own team!

    Maybe if you’ve got any special ladies in your life (sisters? mom?), you’ll get them my new novel, PICK ME UP, in stores now. It was written by a 100% devoted Mets fan (and Brookyn native).

    Here’s the link to

    Zoe Rice


    Dear David,
    Its great to see how into the game you are unlike other players in MLB.I believe you are a great role model for other people who would like to persue baseball.GOOD LUCK in the All-Star Game you definitly have my vote!


    Hey David,

    Wanna wish you luck in your next few games especially against my home town Jays and I would also wanna say congrats to Jose Reyes for htting for the cycle in tonights game.


    thank you for making the two games i saw in PHX worthwhile and i’m hoping that you heard the cheering. which wouldnt be surprising as the dback fans are not very vocal. just remember to play within yourself, and the rest will happen. (good advice from my HS coach). its nice to see someone actually worthy of their all star vote! continued sucess. ( except during brewers games as i am from MIL, but living in sunny tucson)

    ~~miss lisa, the den mother


    hea David,

    Tough lost tonight but you guys had some great hits. We were robbed and Wagner struggled to get the save. But you know what? These things happen and we just gotta look ahead and get the next one. That homerun by Valentin put us back in there and Reyes’ cycle was an amazin’ accomplishment!

    Lets get tomorrows game before we head off to the raod. This road trip will be a challenge but your fans know that the Mets will pull through. Lets have another great road trip. Nice hitting tonight David. Good luck tomorrow.


    -Lindsy (wifey)


    Yo, you guys did your job and Wagner struggled. It happens and he is allowed to make mistakes he his human (though what kind of 2-strike pitch was that). i totally respect you as a player and for what you do off the field. Tell reyes way to go on the cycle. you and him are my favirote players and i wanna thank you guys for making the game so fun to watch



    We are always behind you and the Mets. We have a great team this year and you have added a great element to it.

    We’ll be watching!!!


    Hey David,
    Tough loss last night!! However, you guys did make it exciting!! You knocking in Beltran to make it 4-3, Valentin hitting that 2-run HR to take the lead, and Reyes hitting for the cycle!! It doesn’t get any better than that!! No matter what the outcome is of the games you guys keep us fans on our feet the whole time!! Should we be worried about Wagner?? 4 blown saves is not like him. Thats one more than he had all season with the Phills last year!! But you really can’t get mad at the guy because he’s one of the best. Hopefully he’ll get his game together so he can assure us that when he comes to the mound, its lights out. So lets get the win today to build up our confidence before goin on a nasty road trip. Keep up the amazin’ work, i know you guys will do great!! ❀ xoxoxox ~Sam


    hey david,
    you guys are playing awesome, i am going to be at your game on Friday night against the Blue Jays. I can’t wait to see you play

    good luck


    Hi David,
    First things first let me say I am a tried-and-true Phillies fan; however, I am quickly becoming a David Wright fan as well. Needless to say being a Phillies fan I get to see you guys play quite a bit. From what I have seen from you so far I am impressed. You have been at lot of fun to watch. You even got my votes for the all star game. I did have to split the votes between you and Scott Rolen, of course! : ) A co-worker recently had me looking at the Mets website and I happened upon your blog. Again, I am very impressed. I think it is great that you take the time to connect with your fans this way. You have done a great job and I hope you will have the opportunity to continue to update it. There is no doubt you have a lot of talent and from what I have read you seem like a truly decent guy. I hope throughout all your successes, which I am sure there will be many, you will remain humble. I have a feeling you will. No disrespect to David Bell, but you are welcome to play for the Phils anytime. By the way I wasn’t feeling the love for Philadelphia in some of the other comments you received! Good luck the rest of the season and I’ll be seeing you at Citizen’s Bank Park!




    Excellent game today…hit a couple for me on Wednesday at Fenway, ok? I’ll be out in the bleachers rooting for the Mets – loud and proud!

    Keep up the good work – love watching you play!



    Hey David! You hit two home runs today in the Mets 6-2 victory over the Reds! Nice job, you should have hit 3 though ;). I was just wondering if you have ever seen the infamous Lastings Milledge facts? Chris Cotter read a couple of them in his report during the Met game today. I think you’ll get a kick out of them!

    Keep up the great work!



    Another awesome game, congrats on the two HRs. (MVP!!)

    Can’t wait to see how you guys play this road trip.



    Hey David,
    You sound kind of down in this blog entry. I love your work ethic — the way that you always push yourself to the limit. Just don’t be too hard on yourself. You have already accomplished amazing things, so keep up the good work!

    Best of luck on the upcoming road trip,



    Hey David!!! Great game today, huh! Anyway i just want to say how happy i am to see you and the Mets having such a wonderful season so far, this team is working so hard and it is paying off. You shouldn’t let the fear of your letting down your teammates get to you, they know as well as the fans know that you are only human and you will have your good and bad days, no one expects you to be “Superman” just focus on the game and when you do have your bad days just remember what the singer Aaliyah said “If at first you don’t succeed dust yourself off and try again” I wish you and the rest of the guys such great luck and a wonderful season!! I know i will be watching!! LET’S GO METS!!!


    Brooklyn, NY


    Hi David

    Congratulations on the 2 homers. You keep adding to those already solid MVP credentials. Keep doing what you’re doing because it’s obviously working, and don’t let fear of letting your teammates down or any negative comments get you down. Like the cream of the crop you’ll keep rising to the top.



    Hey David

    Great Game today man you are becoming the best 3rd baseman in the mlb wow…338 17hr 60rbi keep up the good work..Your right behind pujols for mvp


    Hi David,
    Reading through all the comments left by fans ,I can truly sense their excitement . As for myself too, a native New Yorker and a life long Mets fan its been a long time since I felt this kind of magic at Shea. It goes without saying that you have been a major part of this. I hope you stay a part of this franchise your entire career and help build a great dynasty that will be remembered forever. There is one thing I would like you to remember. When you look into the stands at Shea and see all the youngsters cheering, remember that YOU ARE THEIR ROLE MODEL!!!

    All the best David.



    Hey David,
    As a New Yorker, I could not be more pleased to have you on the best team in the world, The Mets. I was always a fan, but since you have been on the team I have not enjoyed watching as I do now. It’s nice to see a team that plays as a whole and supports eachother in the strengths and weaknesses. As a player, you show that every time you step up to the plate or third base position, you truly love playing the game. You are a role model among young athletes. You give them the drive that they can succeed as you have done in your career. As long as you keep playing, I will keep watching.

    Your number one fan,



    hey david, i was at today’s game too and those two 2-run homers were the greatest thing i’ve seen all week. great job, thanks for not letting us down.


    Hey David,
    Great game i was screaming when you hit those 2,two run homeruns today.I voted for you in the all-star the way #1 fan!!!



    Dear David,
    I just wanna say dat i do not, in any way possible, think u hav ever let ur team or fans down.I think ur da best 3rd baseman eva n i’ll alwayz b ur #1 fan(i reely am ur #1 fan). Keep up da fantastic work…

    P.S. I think ur reely hot!


    Hey David,
    I just wanna say what a terrific job you did playing todays game!! =)Come on 2 homeruns…so far 17 homeruns and 60 RBI’s…whoo hooo…keep it going!!! The way your playing now, i dont think at all that your letting your team or fans down. Your doing real great. =) Your the best 3rd baseman ever and you make some really great plays. I’ll always be your #1 fan!!! By the way, you are really hott! = ) (Write back)


    hea David,

    Great hitting today! You guys did an awesome job and those two run homers were amazin’. It was good to see Pedro get the win today. I am so proud of how far this team has come, especially you David. You are on your way of becoming this years MVP award winner and we all know you desrve it. Great win today. It was a good thing to get this win before heading off to the road.

    I wish the Mets all the luck. I love to watch you play your heart out everyday and I’m glad that your an important part of this franchise. You and Reyes are the future of this team and will take the team far for years to come. You contribute something new everyday to the game and we the fans appreciate that very much. Lets get Glavine the win tomorrow in Toronto.




    Hey David,

    I just wanted to thank you for hitting those two homeruns today. They were an awesome birthday present for me! You really made my birthday great. Congrats on having a great year. Keep up the great work!!

    Lets Go Mets!!!!



    Hey David,
    That was a great road trip you guys had. Today’s game was awesome and I wish I could’ve been there to see your homers. You are doing so well this year with your 17 homers, 60 rbi, and .338 avg., it’s amazing! I’m so glad the team is doing great. I just wanna say I appreciate how you and all your teammates go out on the field everyday and give their all to win. It’s so great to see how pumped everyone gets after a great play, like that dp against the Phillies. I wish you all the best on the roadtrip. I know you’ll do great.

    By the way, congratulations to you and Jose Reyes on being co-winners of Player of the Week. That’s awesome that you guys both got it, and right after Beltran was awarded the week before. It must be pretty cool to be able to share that award with your teammate and friend. LETS GO METS!!!


    The “Brass Monkey” is awesome but we need some “No Sleep Til Brooklyn”. Let’s Go Mets!


    heyy daviddd!
    amazinggg job outt theree, you are absouloutly awesome!

    imm going to the gamee tomorrow so ill def. be there to cheer you on!

    xo alott of lovee ❀

    Stephh =]


    David what can be better for you at 23 years old you are the best third baseman in the league you are hitting near .340 the mets have a 10 game lead and New York is the greatest city in the world to play in. You are making all of the met fans proud. You guys are having an ausume year and I think this team can do iincredible things this year and in the future



    Hi David Wright!!
    I just wanted to thank you for signing my baseball at Wednesday night’s game. My mom worked at Butts Road Intermediate School when you did and she threw you the ball πŸ™‚ My family has liked you ever since we heard about you playing for Hickory High School. It is so fun to watch you play for the Mets now!! Keep playing hard!

    From, Sarah


    Hey its me again,
    i left sum things out ma last time…like i cant believe i still aint got a autogragh from u.n i think itz great u got a foundation 4 ms cuz ma teacher got dat n it makes ha very….cranky.



    heyy david wright, i just really want to tell you my cousin and i are HUGEEEEEE fans. we’ve been true fans of yours since you started with the mets. we also really appreciate your devotion to your fans because we know from experience how much you do care about your fans. my cousin lives in colorado, and last summer i was visiting at the same time you guys were playing there. we got tickets and went. we made an i love wright sign, and you saw it and waved…and we were happy just because you waved and cared that you had fans. but then you walked right up to us and gave us autographs and we just really appreciate that. you had also signed autographs for an entire little league team next to us which shows how much you cared. after this we gained soo much more respect for you than we already had. im really glad we finally get to thank you soo much for those autographs.
    i also attended your promotion for the foundation at atlas park this past weekend, and it was really wonderful. although we were dissapointed you could only sign for 10 fans, you were there for a really good cause.

    thanks for being an amazing player because for me, a true player is those who play well and appreciate the fans they have.

    ps: you really have no idea how much my cousin and i really do love you!!!


    Hey David,
    I have the urge to call you dwright.Well, my friends gave me that nickname after you. They know I idolize you and look up to you and think you’re just an amazing ball player and really grounded. But all I can say is you can never disappoint me. I know that if you’re having a low you’ll pick yourself up because a low is follwed by a high and vice versa. But you can never let the fans down nor you team. You’re an amazing ball player and an amazing person in general. The mets are doing well this year knock on wood but keep up the great work. Take care.

    -Steph, NJ, Dwright


    Hey David,
    I’m a huge mets fan, always have and always will be. You are my favorite player. The mets are off to a great start this season, keep it up! You are doing awsome! Well i kind of have a favor to ask, and if you can’t its okay, you will still be my favorite player. I understand your busy. Well my sisters birthday is the 25th and i have been struggling with somthing good to get her. She is also a huge mets fan so I wanted to get her tickets to a game, but i dont know when she can go and i can’t exactly afford tickets for good seats. I gave her a mets jersey for her birthday last year, so i wanted to get your name and number put on it for her but that never worked out. So i was thinking if i could get an autographed card of yours that would be cool and then maybe a little somthing else mets related. So i was wondering if you would be able to send me an autographed baseball card of yours. I know its a little late seeing her birthday is the 25th, but if it was a little late im sure she wouldn’t mind. So if you could do that, it would be great. If not its okay, I completely understand. Hopefully I will make it to a few games this season and see you. Good luck for the rest of the season! Keep up the good work! I will definitely be watching. Thanks.



    Hey David,
    I never had a favorite player but I can finally say that I do now! I believe you bring a rejuvinated enthusiasm to the Mets and to Met fans. I attended a game on July 21st (vs. Reds) and as I looked around Shea I couldn’t believe how many WRIGHT jerseys children and adults were wearing. Well, I can believe it because you are great and the fans appreciate it!

    ~Francesca, Brooklyn, NY


    Whats up david…man watching u play baseball makes me wanna be a pro more then anything….ive played baseball my whole life…when my dad was growing up my dad was a 3rd baseman also so it encoraged me to play that position…i think your the greatest 3rd baseman ive ever seen in my life…ive never seen someone play a sport and be so good at what they do…im still young so i know i still have time to develope at my skills but every time i get a chance i get on that field and im thinking to myself (man i can be the next david wright)


    I ordinarily don’t read blogs, nor do I post comments on blogs. But the numbers you are posting compelled me to log on and get a behind-the-scenes perspective on your mad season and find out what makes you tick. Whatever it is, keep on ticking, dude.


    hey dave,

    hey i wonder with all the glory u have been getting from the fans, i mean youve basically took over new york forget derek jeter so i was wondering if when people tell you that they love you and all that now if that means as much as much as it did when u started with the mets,because i know after awhile it becomes sort of like a routine to be praised the way u are, even though i know you appreciate all the love but in the back of your mind i know its somewhat of a routine for you rather than a privilige


    Been to a few games so far this year, living only just across the river in NJ and you have impressed me everytime! Never have I been so excited to have tickets to game 2 of the Subway Series on July 1st at Yankee Stadium. Make this transplanted Canadian very happy by kicking those Yankee butts! Keep up the great work..The Mets ARE NY’s team!!


    David –
    Don’t you worry about letting your teammates down. You are doing a phenomenal job and you are making us folks in Chesapeake (Go Hickory!!-even though I’m and IR gal!) very proud!

    My brother, Scott Wright (GB) says hello!!


    Hey David,
    You’re doing great. Nl player of the week, a grand slam, 2 two run homers, awesome defense, you’ve got it all going on. I don’t know if you read your comments, I really hope you do. But between you, Jose Reyes, Carlos Beltran,and really everyone from the starters to the bench, you guys are doing great. I know it’s not the all star break yet, but I’ve been a met fan all my life, through times when the Mets were in a horrendous last. I think Met fans deserve to brag a bit now that the team is doing great. During your next homestand, you should go to a Brooklyn Cyclones game. This year they ****, but the games are tons of fun. Anyway, keep playing and tell all the other players the fans are behind them (and you). so go dominate this road trip and finish it up by destroying the pretty boy Yankees. I love you lots, keep playing.




    hey David~
    just wanted to congradulate you on your TWO homers yesterday. you are amazing! also I graduated eighth grade on the 20th and my parents took me out for dinner. the best present of all that night was that our table was right in front of a tv displaying the mets game! it was an AWESOME game!! you’ve been my favorite player since day one and now while everyone else is amazed by how far you’ve come, i’ve known that inside you had a whole other level of playing that you were waiting to release. AWESOME job this season so far! you rock!

    much love,

    your BIGGEST fan

  70. kotch@enter.nett


    For my 15th birthday, I went to the game on the 14th, you had a HR and the Mets won 9-3. Your amazing. I still remember your debut in June ’04.You’ve been my favorite player since early last season. Now you’ve got 2HR in your 300th game. Your having an unbelievable year. 17HR, 60RBI’s,.338 average and not even half way through the season! Those are MVP numbers. Start the chant: MVP MVP MVP




    You are my hero and my favorite player in sports. Im a young baseball player and I look up to you always. I even now stick my tounge out a little! I have an autographed baseball of yours when you were #72 in the minors, right away you were my favorite player. But behind my back, my dogs ate one of them so maybe if you have time you can give me another one? If not, its ok. I can already see your place in the hall of fame.

    your biggest fan,




    Another great game yesterday. Even though I now live in Colorado I keep up with the Mets through Love watching you play and the Mets win. Can’t wait for you to come play the Rockies in August so I can get to a game.



    Hi David,

    I just wanted to let you know that my kids and I have been Met fans for a very long time and we are season ticket hoders. Last year was very special for my son as a met fan because at one of the games we were at you decided to throw one of your sweatbands into his hands. I wanted to thank you for doing that and let you know how much of an impact that has made on my son. It taught him that even though you are a star you can still be a nice person when you interact with your fans. A few years ago we spent a week in Port ST. Lucie watching the Mets and the players would not even look at the kids. This team is different and you are different. Thank you for bringing this kind of baseball back to NY for the kids, and please stay a MET forever. You guys make it exciting!!!!!


    2 Great Home Runs yesterday!! I went to the game on Saturday, and it definately wasn’t the best game of the season…Buy Hey that happens!! I was really excited to see you though. I got a bunch of pictures of you, even though they are kinda blurry. I was hoping that I would get an autograph but I wasn’t able too. Oh well, I will get to see more of your games this season! Keep up the good work πŸ™‚

    ❀ Jenny




    Just wanted to say great job at the dar board! Second place, man, that’s good! Loved the interview as well! Nice on the 2 homers against the Reds! Keep it up and Go Mets! You guys are amazing!

    I love you David!



    So’re a really goooood player for the Mets and I deffinately don’t think you have to worry about letting your teammates down and of course they want you on their side. A couple errors aren’t gonna change that. You guys are having an amazinggggg season and I reallly hope to make it to a game or 2 this summerr πŸ™‚

    well, Good Luck for the rest of the season and Keep up the AWESOMEEEE work!! πŸ™‚

    –Katie G.


    Hi David..
    I just wanted to say that you are the best baseball player the Mets have had in a looong time. Those are big shoes to fill! You have brought so much life and personality to this time and it shows with every at bat. I know the MVP chants have already begun and I know the season is young but you are every Mets fans’ MVP. Guess this may sound weird, but even though I’m almost 26 years old, oh my god I have such a crush on you! πŸ™‚ Of course I think all of us girls do.



    keep going the way you guys are going.its been amazing watching all of you so far this year.i love watching you especially, not only because of your player status but also your status off the field.your foundation for ms seems to be doing aunt has ms and i very much appreciate what you are trying to do to find a cure.keep up the good work on and off the field. you are an amazing inspiration to me and the whole met community.


    randi b.

    ps. thanks for hitting well when i came to see you play.



    hey david

    ur the man, i love watching you play and almost everytime ur at bat i try to see everything u do, i play third too, but odds are tipped against me cuz im lefty, i wish i was as good a hitter as you, and as good a fielder as you. I look up to you and want to grow up to be like you, plz write back to me, i’d really appriciate it, and it would help me a lot. Thanks in advance,


    P.S. thanks for helping the mets become the team they are now, i voted for you like twenty times for the allstar game, go get em im rooting for you


    hea David,

    Awesome 3 run homer tonight !_! That ball just carried. I am so happy of how this team is playing. You and Reyes are both young but show so much maturity and heart for this game. Congrats on how far you’ve carried this team.

    You are the MVP player in my eyes David and I know all the other Met fans feel that way. I am so proud of you and I’m your #1 fan!! Great win tonight and I hope Sanchez feels better. Godd luck tomorrow.




    even though i dont know

    you personally and i dont even know if you actaully

    read these comments but, i always watch you and the mets

    play, ive met people who

    know you from VA,ive

    listened to fans make comments on you and all i have to say is that that

    you are truely one amazing person and baseball player and watching you be a hero and leader to so many people motivates me to do the same..keep up the great work and don’t let publicity and media go to your headdd, and keep writing in here, its sweetttt πŸ™‚

    i need to ask you an important question about baseball, nothing personal just something id rather not write on this blog, so please email me at my school email if yuo ever get a chance! thank you


    Great job with the homers yesterday and today. My little sister and I follow you and think that you are amazin’!

    Can’t wait to see you again when you and the boys come home again

    Break a leg tomorrow

    -Cait πŸ™‚


    Keep playing hard like you guys are and you wont have to worry about winning, it’ll just happen. Thanks for giving us an incredible season so far. I look forward to seeing you guys win all summer.


  85. annette

    Hi David,

    You and the team are doing totally awesome. Remember you can’t win them all. You are surely doing you part to help the team!

    Everyone has their down days, and I know you want to beat yourselves up when you lose, but remember nobody is perfect.

    You been doing awesome bring the runners home on base in front of you, and that is what counts. Congrats on the Homeruns!!

    Hang in there, you’re doing a great job!


    All in all it is true. There’s lots of season to play so you all need to make sure you get your days off and take each day at a time. This is a marathon not a sprint and the race will be won by the focus per game you have.
    Keep up the good work and Let’s go Mets!


    Want to be a Wrightoholic?

    E-mail me!


    Hey David,

    Request for the blog: I think we have all noticed the great chemistry of this team both on and off the field. Just from watching you guys on TV, there seems to be a shared vision, a camraderie, and a spirit of friendship surrounding the team. And as Jose Reyes likes to say, everyone seems to be “having fun”. This makes the team all the more endearing.

    Would it be possible for you to sharing some anecdotes in the blog about funny stuff that happens in the clubhouse or on the team plane, or great conversations with your teammates, or particularly good speeches from Willie after the game? You know, stuff that happens that mets fans don’t generally get to see? That would be awesome, dude.

    I know there are some privacy issues, but I think we would all love a glimpse at what goes on behind the scenes. It seems like you guys have a blast!

    Thanks David. We’re all behind you, buddy.


    hea David,

    That was an interesting game today. Even though we were down by 6 runs you guys were still able to get some back. To bad on the loss. Lets get tomorrows game. I loved that triple!! Tell Reyes that he’s doin awesome.


    -Lindsy (wifey)


    David, You are the bomb! Best 3rd Baseman in NY and the rest of the country!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love you and the Mets!



    Having you on our team is an amazing experience. Every time there are runners in scoring position and your on deck or up to bat i get soo excited because i know that somehow you will usually get them home…either through a sac play or just a little hit. I hope your looking foward to playing in the all-star game because i think your going to win that title of national league all-star 3rd base man. Thats an amazing feat…only your 2 full year of playing and your already an all-star! Thanks for thins blog

    always a met fan…ALWAYS!



    hea David,
    Great game today. Reyes is on fire and Beltran’s 3 run homer was awesome!! You guys are doing an amazin’ job and are the best. I can’t wait to see you in the All Star game!!Good luck against the red sox on Tuesday.




    I want to start by saying how great it is to have a player with your talent on the team.I have not been this excited about the Mets since the 1986&1988 seasons.

    Sean Higgins

    Long time fan!


    Dear David,
    you are the best player in the majors, and you are truly an inspiration to all. You are definently deserved of the MVP award.


    Hey David,

    Tell the team to keep it going. Like alot of people have probably told you – the vibe were getting as fans feels like the mid-80’s. Even when the Mets were good in the late 90’s and early 2000, the vibe was different. Work moved me to Miami and the Mets are my lifeline back to the city – and trust me it’s whole lot better to watch you guys win. Bad enough I have to deal with the Heat fans down here. Good luck and keep it going. Try not having too much fun being a single superstar baseball player in NYC – LOL.

    Mike Daly


    Mr. Wright you are one of the best thirdbasemen i have ever seen in a mets uniformi hope that you keep growing and being even better than you already are. And i hope that you can continue to improve and lets kick bostons *** take it back to the 86 year david your the best. LETS GO METS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    p.s. i love the way you smaked that ball on mr. closer

    # 42 that was great its even on my voice mail


    Hey David,

    Just wanted to say that you have nothing to worry about letting the team and your fans down. You’re incredible! I’ve been a fan of yours since the beginning, before all of your fame. I know, you get this praise regularly, but once in a while it’s nice hear. You know, I truly feel that you have brought a new light to the team; you are what keep the guys going: you, Reyes, Beltran. You’re all on fire! And you always seem to have a home run up your sleeve… I don’t want to jinx it but… Let’s go Mets, this is our year!!! Just remember, you’ve got a way to go so keep your hopes and spirits up, keep your head in the game, and just take the season day by day, game by game, head on! Good luck in the all-stars and in the rest of the season. Let the guys know we’re rooting for them. See you on the field, MVP.


  97. Zoe

    Hi David and all Mets fans! I never thought I’d see myself on, but MLBlogs central put up such a nice promotional banner for my brand new METS BLOG! The snazzy banner will only be on the MLblogs homepage through the beginning of Monday 6/26, but I hope you’ll check out my new blog about everything Mets! (By which I mean, of course, everything AMAZING!)

    (Thanks to Mark, webmaster of Major League Baseball, who’s an all around mensch!!)



    Your at-bat music is “More Bounce To The Ounce????

    What’s up with that? LOL

    Love your taste in music. Zapp featuring Roger? I love it. You are the man! Continued success this season and in your career. Hopefully, you’ll be a lifelong Met.



    This is the first time I have seen your blog. I found it intriguing to get inside of your head a little. I have always been a Mets fan and have followed them since I was a little girl. I saw a game last season and I have to say that all of the work you guys have put in is paying off. It is great to see you and the team enjoying yourself but striving for more. I don’t think you could let your team down unless you stopped trying and working hard. They are lucky to have you and you are lucky to have them. Keep up your hard work and it will all pay off. We are the same age and its good to know that someone our age can go and do so many good things. Good Luck in Boston!!!!

    Danielle – NY


    hea David,

    Good luck tomorrow against the Red Sox. Please congratulate Reyes for me on recieving Player of The Week again!_! Love you David! Keep up the great work.

    -Lindsy (wifey)


    Hey David,
    Good luck against Boston (Mike Lowell has nothing on you!) Ive been a Mets fan my entire life and its great to a see role model like you. Keep up the amazin’ work!!!


    Hey David,
    Good luck against Boston (Mike Lowell has nothing on you!) Ive been a Mets fan my entire life and its great to a see role model like you. Keep up the amazin’ work!!!


    Dear David,
    You guys are awesome. There’s nothing much else to say. However, as you point out, there is always more that you can do. There is always a way to improve, but I think that you and your teammates should be very proud of yourselves. You’ve given true Mets fans more than a fighting chance against those conceited Yankees fans. You’ve made it fun to go out to Shea and catch a game (although it’s now a lot more difficult to get decent tickets). Thanks for all that you guys do.

    All my best,




    As a fellow baseball player from the Hampton Roads area, I would just like to take this opportunity to elucidate to you how great it is the way you are handling yourself as you develop into this baseball superstar. I had the privelege of playing against you in high school ball (Kempsville), AAU ball, and maybe even Pony league (it’s 3 AM and I just got home from Granby St.) Nonetheless, you have always carried yourself with class and humility. You’re an amazing talent, and will undoubtedly be fun to watch in the coming years. Thank you for representing our area so well, and congratulations in advance on the All-Star nod.


    Matt Hayes


    Hi David,

    I’m from Boston and just wanted to say Welcome. I’ve been looking forward to this series since the 2006 sched came out. Of course I’m a huge RS fan, but the Mets are my fav NL team. I’ll be at all three games at Fenway! Hope you’re looking forward to the series just as much as I!!!





    Hey David,

    Great job these past two weeks. I hope you guys do well in Fenway. Hit some over the monster.

    59 Career Homers.

    -Kevin Schram

    Mendham, NJ


    David Wright!!!!

    You are what every baseball player (and person!) should be- an AMAZIN’ and productive team player yet modest and always striving for the best… thanks for being an inspiration in life and on the field.

    Best of luck this season and beyond…I’ll catch you (and jose reyes!! my 2 favs!) at Shea!


    LI, NY


    hea David,

    Tough lost last night but we still got tonight with Pedro on the mound. I’m glad Reyes is okay because I got scared when I saw the collision. Lets get some homeruns tongiht!_! Good luck David!




    hea David,

    Sorry about the lost tonight. Its a shame Pedro couldn’t get a win because he struggled. Good luck tomorrow night.




    hea Dvaid,

    It stinks that we lost the first two but it’s ok. We still have tonight to get a win. I feel very comfortable everytime Glavine takes the mound. He’s an amazin’ pitcher. Good luck tonight!_!

    It’ll be interesting watching you as the DH David. I still luv you no matter what happens.




    David, we have seen you play since you were very young(my son played basketball with your brother Steven and your mom was my son(Thomas) and daughter’s(Emily) bus driver. I must say it is very exciting to watch you play and to see such a deserving young man achieve his dream-play Major League Baseball. Good luck, and we are proud of you here in Va Beach.


    Hi David

    Wow this thing is cool. = ]

    Well sorry that you guys lost to Boston. Good Luck for your next games…and just shake off these games…u can beat them in the World Series = ] well i really don’t know what to say so umm guess ill comment another time

    hehe = ] bye

    – Nicole


    My two year old son knows how to chant LETS GO METS!. you are simply one of the most complete players in the nl. Keep up the good work.


    hea David,

    Sorry about the sweep but we have other series to win. Lets brush this serie off and look foward to the next with the Yankees. I got mad when Crisp caught your game tying hit. Lets move on and concentrate on the upcoming sereis. Good luck against the Yankees David.




    WOW is all i can say! I think your an amazing baseball player! I am no doubt your biggest fan! I also enjoy whatching the Mets play! I got really into them this year and I whatch the games everytime they are on. I am coming to your game on July 7th. I can’t wait, I’m so excited! I really hope I can get some autographs, especially one from you. The Mets have been doing so good this year! Keep up the good work! Remember I’m your biggest fan! Good luck in future games. Lets go Mets, and DAVID WRIGHT!

    -Your Biggest Fan, Taylor


    Hey David,
    Sorry about the sweep in Boston =/ But dont worry we’ll sweep the Yankees =){hopefully} because i know you will do something really great in these 3 games coming up =) Good luck!! and LETS GO METS!!!!


    hea David,

    Hernandez pitched a good game against the Yankees tonight but there was no run support behind him. The Mets need to get those bats started up again to produce more runs. I know you guys are going through a bump right now but you’ll get through it.

    I also wanted to tell you that you did not go around with the bat when that umpire called it but you already knew that. Just wanted you to know that your fans recognized that.

    That was a bad call on the first base umpire’s part. Good luck with the rest of the serie. I know you guys will pull through!




    David you need to come thru this weekend we cannot have people saying the Mets are secondary to the the AL, especially after that sweep with the RedSox.

    We all know the Mets are in a mini funk and Pedro really messed up our head.

    and you better have a talk with Pedro and make that boy recgonize what team he plays for hes on the METS the team that didnt give up on him the team that built a new era around him and gave him all that he wanted.



    hea David,

    Great game today!_! The Mets got the bats started up again and that’s a great sign. Trachsel pitched a solid game and came through for us. Nice 2 run double David. Everyone did their part today and you were great. Good luck tomorrow night in the rubber match.




    Hey David,
    Great game today! I knew you guys would come back and get a win. = ) Great job hitting that 2 run double! Well 1 more game to go and i know you’ll beat those yankees! = ) Good luck tomorrow night and LETS GO METS!!!!!


    Hi david

    well its me again..

    lol your probably not even gonna see this but i have a question

    well umm the other day i was listening to the radio and they were talking about the day pedro pitched…and people were callin in saying that he was pitchin like that on purpose cause he wants to go back and that stuff….thats not true is it?

    i highly doubt it but i thought i would ask…

    well bye

    – Nicole


    Hey David,
    gr8 game yesterday, go out there and kill the yankees and prove ur point 4 MVP, MVP!


    I stumbled across the site for the David Wright Foundation, and then this blog… I’m very impressed with your attitude and positive outlook. It’s rare and refreshing. I had always heard you praised by a friend who plays for the Cyclones, but was hesitant to believe the hype. You certainly are setting a great example and are a positive role model for so many. Keep it up- I’ll be at the game on 7/3. If you actually read these posts, send me a quick note- would love to chat.



    hey David, I just wanted to say congrats on being elected to the all star game!!!!












    hea David,

    I agree with that the Mets need more pitching. Soler struggled again like always. Is there a deal going on with Dontrelle Willis? I think he would be great in New York. Anyways, this is only a minor bump and you guys will come back. Good luck with the Pirates tomorrow night.Congrats on being in the All Star Game, I voted like 100 times for you and the rest of the guys!




    you win some and lose some right? (i was the one by third base as your cheering section) GO METS!


    Hey David,
    Wow. Thats all i can say about last nights game. What was that?? Im sorry but Willie made a big mistake in not pulling Soler after he didnt cover first to get Giambi out. When that happened, i knew things were going downhill. His head was just not in the game and Willie should have saw that. Unfortunatly we had to pay for those mistakes. What was LoDuca yelling at A-Rod about?? Whatever it was i totally agree with him because i just really hate those Yankees. So hopefully we will get the Pirates tonight and hopefully Oliver will make a great start for us. Congradulations on making the All-Star team!!! I’m soooo proud of you!! Although im sure my voting helped because i voted for you like a bajillion times!! So go get ’em tonight!! LETS GO METS!!!


    David, congratulations on a great start to what will be a great career. You seem like a fine young man and I hope that as you improve from day to day you keep things in perspective and maintain your drive and integrity. I’ve been a Met fan since day one in 1962 and I have to say that you remind me of Tom Seaver with your dedication, hard work and humble demeanor. I hope that in about twenty years or so I can tell my grandchildren that I saw David Wright start, excel and retire a Met!


    Hey David,
    GREAT JOB ON MAKING THE ALL-STAR TEAM! Keep up the great work. I’ve been a Met fan ever since I was born and you are the most dedicated, hard working player everr!!!





    hea David,

    Congratualtions on recieving Player of The Month, being in the All Star Game, and being in the Home Run Derby!! What an accomplishment…I am so proud of you. You are the best player in the NL and the most dedicated David. All your fans and I appreciate evrything you do for this organization. Good luck tonight against the Pirates.




    DAvid Wright,

    I dont know if you read these or not but i might as well give it a try! My sister is a big fan of yours and she got me into baseball and the mets! Tomorrow is her birthday and if somehow you could talk to her. I do not want to put her personal stuff out on the web so i hope you can email me back…..

    Thanks so much!

    You’re Great



    Hey David!
    You are amazing. Its so exciting to watch you play. Even though I play softball, I still try to be like you. You have great numbers and are so succesful at such a young age. You are a huge inspiration to me. Congrats on making the allstar team, and getting NL player of the month, you deserve that and more. Keep up the great work, hopefully Ill get to Shea soon to see you!

    GO METS!

    Your biggest fan



    Congrats on player of the month, the all star game, and the home run derby! Keep playing!



    hey david…
    just wanted to tell you guys to keep your chins up through this rough spot. losing *****, but don’t push yourselves so hard that you mess up even more. new york is still rooting for you all and we’re confident that you’ll get things (w)right (i couldn’t resist!!) later on this week. congrats on the all-star team, the player of the month honors, etc…

    let’s go mets!!




    Yo David

    I know it’s never fun to lose but there no way it’s getting under your skin. You guys are going to turn it around and luckily it’s not really costing you in the standings. Just keep it lose and you’ll win a game.

    And by the waa when you “that’s right David” it’ll be me from behind the thirdbase side it’ll be me, I’ve done it before and you’ve looked over but did see who.

    -all the best, Sam


    Hey, David. Congratulations on making the All-Star team and also being selected to play in the Home Run Derby. Continued success to you this year.


    Dearest David,

    My most heartfelt congratulations to you on accumulating all of those honors and accolades these past several days–NL Player of the Month, All-Star Game, and participation in the HR Derby next week. Pure awesomeness, and you deserve them all! Good luck in the Derby, I just read the article on the front of the page. However you finish, you’ll do all of your fans proud, I’m positive. And who knows, you just might pull off an upset. πŸ™‚ Either way, have fun and enjoy yourself! I’ll be at the game on Sunday, 7/9–I hope it won’t be too hot or humid. I’m so excited to see you again! Oh, and I hope there won’t be rain. Keep up the awesomeness, David!



    Hi David!

    Congrats on making the All-Star team! I know the team is in a slump right now, but given the way you’ve all performed this season I think it’ll pass and you’ll come out swinging again. I’ll be cheering all season long!

    New York is definitely lucky to have you, and I hope you’re here for a very long time.

    ~Tara in CT


    Greetings from Pennsylvania. I am a huge Mets fan and a big fan of yours. My husband and I saw you play once for the Tides before you were called up to the Mets. We saw you play against the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Red Barons a few days before your debut as a NY Met.

    Sadly we don’t get too many games here. Our cable provider does not give us SNY and since we are in the area that SHOULD get SNY, we can’t get the games on the MLB Extra Innings package. Same with MLB Tv. We can only get the games when you play the Phillies or the Pirates but we couldn’t get the Pirates game today for some reason. We also watch when you play the Yankees because we get those games.

    Know that there are many fans here in PA rooting for you…even if we can’t watch. I wish there was a way to get the games…we keep asking our cable company, but no luck so far.


    Do you remember my brother Adam Blackmon You played with him when you were 12 in the Bib tournament. could you please respond back.


    hea David,

    Nice comeback win today!_! You guys palyed great and everyone pitched in. Nady really did good today with those three hits. It’s nice seeing you hit again David. The Mets are gonna overcome this minor bump and get right back on track.

    I got scared after the collision between Reyes and Floyd… I’m glad they’re okay!

    Godd luck tomorrow night in game 3. This Friday I’m going to the game against the Marlins and I’m so excited to see you and the rest of the team.!_!


    -Lindsy (wifey)


    David, this is a prayer my friends and I say in the parking lot before every game. It is entitled: David Wright is My God.
    In the name of David Wright?s father, his future sons, his holy spirit, amen.

    To our father, David Wright: We ask of you that on this day with your boyish good looks and charm, that you bless us with basehits, stolen bases, rbis, homeruns, and stellar defense. We know that you do no wrong, but we ask of you on this day, to please stay calm and collected, for there are thousands of children watching you, hoping to one day grow up to be future David Wrights. This beer we chug, signifies the blood rushing through your veins after a diving stop and throw from the knees. We would give anything in the world to be you David, to be by your side, to tuck you in at night. On this day, on this heavenly ground, we would sacrifice ourselves solely for your advancement in life. May you lead the Mets to copious World Series victories, and may you grow old as the 3rd basemen in Flushing, Queens. David Wright, we love you, and you are our God.

    p.s. Look for us tomorrow in the upper deck with our chests painted “DAVID WRIGHT FOR MVP”


    To all you Met fans that don’t get Met games on Cable: If you can afford it, ORDER DIRECT TV! They have SNY, and have saved my dad and I from our Metless depression. Visit the Direct TV website for pricing and the different packages offered. It is not really that much more expensive than regular cable, especially if you get cheapest package that offers SNY. Also, if you subscribe you’ll be taking business away from the company that won’t supply you with SNY, and maybe, eventually, they’ll be smart and add it to their channels. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE, AND LET’S GO METS!


    hea David,

    Its good that you have a day off today to rest before the All Star Game. I know you probably don’t want to sit out tonight because we all know how you love to take the field every night. Try not to drive Willie crazy like you did last time! lol I wish the Mets good luck tonight.




    Amazing! I think you guys are a great bunch of baseball players! Since the 1986 team I have been craving for a winning team an now is the time, your time kid, mets time and us the fans.

    Lets Go Mets.

    I’ll be there Saturday, July 8 to cheer the Team to a winning weekend before the All-Star break. Keep up the good work!.

    The 2006 Team is the reason I got Saturday season tickets, myself like lots of Fans believe in you guys, and great season to remember.

    LETS GO M..E..T..S.. mets, mets, mets.



    You are one of the most special players this franchise has ever known, and I know I speak for the voice of all Met fans when I say– We are so proud to have you!! Keep up your incredible ethic, sportmanship and efforts–tonight proves just your presence is motivation enough for your teammates. Make us proud at the All-Star game–we may need home field!!




    Hello from Va Beach. Congrats on a great year thus far & on your all-star selection. I was over the judge’s house the other day and heard you’re skipping the espy awards because you’re going to be on the Letterman show, what’s the date? Did you know tonight is David Wright Bobblehead night a Harbor Park? Stay hot.

    Gray Livingston

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